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The /cyber/ sticky 2016+3 edition Anonymous 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:21:14 No.60 [Reply]
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>What is cyberpunk?

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction in a future setting, noted for its focus on "high tech and low life". It features advanced science, such as information technology and cybernetics, coupled with a degree of breakdown or radical change in the social order. - wikipedia

>What is /cyber/?

/cyber/ is a board devoted to the Cyberpunk genre, setting, and ethos.

>I want to post "x". Is "x" cyberpunk?

Lurk for a bit and ask yourself if you think users here would like it.

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Always come back Anonymous 11/22/2022 (Tue) 23:15:04 No.498 [Reply]
Doesn't matter how much time pass, how much the life changed, i always ending here, maybe with a different feeling, maybe i am a different person, i start just a lonely day or night, procrastinating and trying to leave my mind of my house, trying to don't think on real problems, trying to think that the world is so easy that we are the lonely punk hackers that will change the world, that we will win against the big corps, life isn't that i am not the boy of 14 years that discovered this sites, the pandemic shit change everything, but doesn't matter what everything on the web seems to be dead and olvidado, when the pandemic end i left too, i feel sad because of that, but i got very nice months since, life is good when we don't give a fuck, with alcohol, drugs or maybe just a pack of cigarettes, just forgetting the world and the problems, living in the moment, i don't know what i will do in the future, i don't know if i will have time to talk to my dad and trying to fix all the problems, i don't know, i would like to do music but i need to study because i live in the third world and i'm poor, i have fear of being old and then doesn't have the energy to do the things that i like, to just look back on life and feel sad like i feel now and how i was feeling every time that i come back, maybe the next time the things will be better for everyone
Open file (34.05 KB 424x324 1641927954211.jpg)
I feel you, anon. The Internet feels empty , so many site are slowly dying, it is kinda sad. The pandemic sucked extra hard in the third world. hope it gets better.
Open file (69.36 KB 530x520 KittenChickenComfy.jpg)
>>498 We have agency, especially people who give a thought to the world we live in. Most people tune in to TV, Netflix or the like. And yet we can do so much more. I have that a try, not big earthshattering things, just a few things here and there, and then I looked for the results, like rings in water, staying anonymous where I could, pseudonymous otherwise. And the interesting thing is that it doesn't take much to effect a change, make things better, improve life just a tiny bit. It takes more patience and persistence than hard work, something that surprised me a bit. And it still does. And yet it works. Of course there will be resistance and setbacks. Yet you can bear through. In a way it makes sense, for had it not, nobody could have built a civilisation. Kings and emperors are remembered, yet success was built on the backs of nameless people. I know what you mean about growing old and not seeing success. People have written about it more poetically, like "Because their words had forked no lightning". So give it a try, and the next time you return, it will be a brighter place.

Anonymous 06/25/2021 (Fri) 04:51:05 No.188 [Reply]
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One of my favorite weird forums I ever joined
>>188 Nagolbud did nothing wrong!!!!!
>>188 Stop shilling your shitty forum, faggot
Open file (9.58 KB 192x192 kingofagora.jpg)
>>471 I like it when you talk dirty baby.
>>435 Oh Nagolbud. Even when I don't try thinking about him, somehow he comes back in some shape or form

Open file (1.94 MB 500x500 1624852567098.gif)
Fuck lame "high tech" VR and automasturbators Anonymous 12/13/2021 (Mon) 09:27:28 No.263 [Reply]
We live in an era of cyberpunk "lite". All the dystopian components are in place, like behemoth corporate control of govt, mass surveillance, crappy automated services. But there's no space economy, no galactic federation. No exploration. Were stuck. And rather than make the new shit, the powers are instead looking at how to enslave people inside a virtual reality. Why build when you can breed more slaves? Why do anything IRL that can be done with a bit of processing power that fools your mind into believing, releasing its sweet dopamine, which costs essentially nothing, and can be altered or removed at the will of the programmer. And poof its gone, your whole world, all those tokens you earned and sprites you so carefully assembled. Stop. Don't fall for this shitty excuse for a technological world with its bad plot. Seek the truth outside. Its up to you.
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>>486 Interesting. The issue with tech like this always comes down to ethics and openness. Giving people the ability to speak is great until everything they say is being analyzed and they can't afford the cost of repair when their proprietary wetware goes awry.
>>487 Everything you say is already being analyzed Friend. It will be no different for these poor sotts tbh.
>>488 In the vicinity of an active microphone (phones especially) sure, but it is still possible (for now) to say things to someone in person without it being logged.
>>488 In this case we also risk that everything we think will also be extracted and analysed. Even if the readers in here will not do anything as stupid as installing the iBrane from certain lifestyle appliance manufacturers, you can bet your bottom dollar that many will. And what they recall will also include you if you have been in their presence. We already know FB does this with images taken of people without an FB account.
Major security news: >Top Zeus Botnet Suspect “Tank” Arrested in Geneva https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/11/top-zeus-botnet-suspect-tank-arrested-in-geneva/ >Vyacheslav “Tank” Penchukov, the accused 40-year-old Ukrainian leader of a prolific cybercriminal group that stole tens of millions of dollars from small to mid-sized businesses in the United States and Europe, has been arrested in Switzerland, according to multiple sources.

Anonymous 10/03/2021 (Sun) 23:52:45 No.214 [Reply]
This board seems like it has been abandoned, to be honest this whole site may end up as another abandoned corner/layer of the internet i will not be surprised if the owners have left this place, anyway if this is the case then it has been an honour, but i have also come with a question, can it be argued that East Asia is the most cyberpunk place at the moment? Of course it has influenced cyberpunk a lot that is certain, i do not expect many replies if any at all as activity has diminished, but hopefully someone will respond, if not then Godspeed, hopefully we will all meet again somewhere else one day, wherever you all are.
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>>473 Not really, it is just slow. This seems to be the new home of the slowly updated /cyb/ FAQ.
>>474 I see. It's the only place I found for this subject and it's this slow so it's a bit disheartening. May as well try and re-invigorate it :D
>>475 I'll do my bit, by bringing back the /cyb/ News of old.
>>220 Oh man, UnrealSuperhero3, I remember this from way back in the days of pirating Sony Vegas and stuff.
>>491 >UnrealSuperhero3 Ah, so that is what it was called, thanks! It is one of my favourites, along with "Human Race" from "Goldrunner": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gO-MxmvbL5A (variations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpCVTQCDsaY and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1yJI9_3caw) These composers never got the recognition they deserved.

Open file (4.57 MB 360x360 videoplayback.mp4)
tedementa 11/11/2022 (Fri) 05:59:15 No.484 [Reply]
gogo gamno opening

Open file (7.64 MB 590x1660 1.webm)
DEADNET Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 01:07:04 No.461 [Reply]
Комильфо. Чему тут удивляться? Ад прошла. Мне нечего бояться. Страх любви - страданье неизбежно. Страсть других я отклоню небрежно. А потом, как будто так и надо - Неизвестность. Сложность перепадов. Дар Богам. Безумство лихорадки. Рост души и странные повадки. Aнтракт.
Qtox :) 8343BBEDAF52DA31DF22C83F0B61C093D9ED886305E2F6525A3F23E8591F101ECC58DCF01362
Open file (97.65 KB 1024x1023 dnmirc-logo.png)
hi retard come join us in irc and lets talk, msg nano http://dnmirc4ammtmfnwtgomctcl7gdtwrkp2ymkzw6y6xelo5rqaqm3peiid.onion/ if you dont join im gonna kick your teeth in

Intel ME & AMD PSP Anonymous 11/07/2022 (Mon) 14:17:49 No.476 [Reply]
What is the solution? pic unrel
1 post omitted.
>>476 >>477 Don't forget me_cleaner (https://github.com/corna/me_cleaner - keep in mind you might need a fork for newer generations), you don't even need an SPI programmer though it's good to have in case you brick.
>>477 Is that a new 'company on the block?' >>478 Last commit was 4yrs ago though. I'm reading through their wiki and I don't understand anything. Shit I need to study.
>>479 >Is that a new 'company on the block?' RISC-V is a processor architecture like x86 or ARM, but the base spec is open source (though manufacturers can make proprietary modifications I believe). There isn't any consumer hardware to my knowledge but dev boards do exist. >Last commit was 4yrs ago though Yeah, I don't think ME has changed massively since then, the issues page has information about people trying various boards and specific forks that they used. Basically it takes a firmware image and at a minimum can enable the disable bit (telling the ME to shutdown during boot), you can also tell it to strip as much code as possible without triggering the fail safe (power off after 30 minutes). Not every machine supports a full clean and the ME does sometimes manage stuff like energy saving states, which may not work properly after a clean. With a backup of your firmware though you should be able to revert if needed.
>>480 >RISC-V So it still isn't ready for desktop. Still, if I have any electronics ideas, it could be useful. >IME Wow, I really am not knowledgeable, hahaha. Thank you, I'll get to studying; slowly but surely!
>>476 You could try an alternative ISA, ref: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki//aig/_Alternative_ISA_General People have been able to make their machines from discrete components and then port Minix to it. That way you know there cannot be any hidden misfeatures.

Open file (10.63 KB 182x277 1.jpeg)
I am never contributing to a USA company or government projects. Anonymous 10/01/2022 (Sat) 22:21:10 No.462 [Reply]
Giving them technology is a mistake since they're all just gangsters and immediately sell out any tech to the worst enemies of the Western world without any concern about how it will be abused and invite enemy nations to co-opt the country and corporations for personal profit while lying to everyone that it's for world peace and global cooperation; they're actually just selling Americans and the entire Western world out to enemy nations. All the Western universities are the same thing, anything you give them is immediately handed over to China, Israel, Saudi Arabia, etc. for free because they're captured institutions that have been weaponized to steal Western tech. You're insane, absolutely insane, if you are giving technology to USA universities, companies, or government. They need to be shut down because they're just stealing everything from our country for China. These Federal agent spies for China and Israel put other spies in charge of the companies and institutions to steal all our technology and giving them anything is only hurting Americans further by giving rival countries all our tech advantages. The buck stops here. I will not give the USA, its corporations, or universities ANYTHING until they assassinate these spies and lock down technological secrets.And if you're giving tech to them, watch your back because I'm coming after you.
>>462 You will perhaps be happy to hear that several US professors have been tried for undeclared Chinese funding. Parts of te US government still cares. it is not as monolithic as some believe.
>>463 I am happy to hear it, but it's an all or nothing thing and the laws and environment have changed to transfer anything you give to them to rival nations immediately. Either the institutions are secure and won't leak tech, or they won't. As it is the USA's foreign agents have crippled every aspect of the country's tech development they can through government policy. Patents are literally put on a global internet for every country to see, universities publish their studies online for the world to collect, companies sell globally allowing rival nations to reverse engineer it, every university is open to training members of any nation, foreign agent spies like Eric Schmidt are saying that the USA will not gain a technological advantage unless they put foreign natonals into the development projects where they can steal technological advantages, and the enemy nations of the world have been allowed to set up their intelligence and soft power campaign operations right in the country by simply claiming to be businesses or non-profit (often religious) organizations. Multinationalism DOES NOT WORK and multinational institutions are just vehicles for exerting malicious influence and stealing tech from other countries. Whites are their own national group and we shouldn't be supporting in any way these multinational institutions that are working for enemy nations to loot our nation of everything we have. Give something to a US company, to a US school, to the USA government and it will be in China's hands within a week because these multinational institutions are just tech stealing operations on Western soil. So no. If I contribute to anything it's going to be a Whites only organization with a security detail that will covertly assassinate people for just saying they support foreign immigration. We are not 1 nation and the USA Federal government works for enemy nations, not us.
Open file (927.83 KB 1170x1707 1.jpg)
These are the people crafting policy in the Federal government. They are extremely hateful of the Western population, they are openly advocating sabotaging Western economies, and the Federal law enforcement aren't blacksiting them while these foreign agents run terrorism, inimtidation, harassment, and communicatons obstruction campaigns against the Western population. So no, I don't think it would be a good idea to support any of these institutions technologically or otherwise. The Federal government IS NOT serving the Western nations, they're working for the enemy and a few arrests of professors blatantly accepting bribes from China to sabotage the West is not going to change that because transfering tech to China has become Federal government policy, institutional policy, and if a company or institution refuses to allow enemy national spies to infiltrate them, the FBI targets them for "White Supremacy". ZERO technological support for any of these multinational institutions is the appropriate response. The Western nations have absolutely no advantages other than tech, these institutions are working for enemy nations and they need to be shut down and their employees executed for treason where they played a role in facilitating these tech transfer and their descendants' assets seized and citizenship revoked.
Let go of your racist brainworms, and you might enjoy life more. However, other than that you're right. I'm learning Mandarin so I can go work for the future, not for the clowns in Washington. They're so scared by the Chinese kicking their asses in AI that they put a halt on TPU sales. Too little too late if you ask me. It's a shortsighted sanction that will only accelerate China's independence from American technology.
Open file (1.03 MB 2352x4096 media_Fd5nfuxVIAADXtV.jpg)
>>469 What makes you think China is the answer? It seems rather unstable these days, pollution is out of control and I am not sure why you would want to work for them or in China. Why not look at South Korea and Japan?

Open file (42.90 KB 400x372 HACKING TOOLS.jpg)
MASSIVE HACKING TOOLS COLLECTION DOWNLOAD 799MB Anonymous 10/21/2022 (Fri) 22:39:20 No.467 [Reply]
MASSIVE HACKING TOOLS COLLECTION DOWNLOAD 799MB https://archive.org/details/tools_202210

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