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Open file (616.42 KB 1714x1200 first pic best pic.jpg)
Welcome to /fa/ /fa/scist 10/29/2019 (Tue) 00:00:14 No.1 [Reply]
Welcome to anon.cafe/fa/
This board is for fashion of any and all varieties. Try to keep off topic posts to a single thread.

Global rules apply
Don't forget to dress your best!

Open file (296.86 KB 1064x1064 1672345198203925.jpg)
Supermodel Marisa Miller Got Fat /fa/g 01/03/2023 (Tue) 17:33:03 No.385 [Reply]
Remember her from Victoria's Secret and SI Swimsuit?
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"Just one piece wouldn't hurt."
come on marisa wtf
>>404 post not found let that girl eat
she doesn't have to make up for every meal she missed tho
jealous bitches have been waiting 15 years for this news

Open file (96.09 KB 657x900 mihalkov_001.jpg)
Military Thread /fa/g 10/29/2019 (Tue) 21:59:13 No.3 [Reply]
I've heard you like fascion.
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>>406 >>407 The imperial representative and hydra ones kick ass.
>>406 >>407 Man they really ripped of the penitents, didn't they.
Open file (54.46 KB 371x579 th-1588749700.jpg)
Open file (300.17 KB 600x480 image1.jpg)
>>409 From what I recall they're inspired by the way the Klansmen looked in The Birth of a Nation. I remember reading that the original 19th-century Klan was inspired by the way the "Calico Indians" presented themselves during the Anti-Rent War.
From what I understand the way cops can tell if it's a real or fake Klan incident is by the cloth itself, being that legitimate cloaks are sewed in a pattern that resembles a "K" throughout the cloth. Fake klan cloth is just sewed normally. >>408 Strongly agree >>410 Birth of a Nation is one of the greatest films ever made though Intolerance is the actual masterpiece I hadn't heard that the reason the Klan made their outfits the way they did had anything to do with Birth.
>>414 >I hadn't heard that the reason the Klan made their outfits the way they did had anything to do with Birth. I heard a long time ago that's where the look came from. Most of the robes have that faux-Pickelhaube spike on top like pic related, but I do remember a handful of outfits in the movie that look more like the look the second Klan would eventually adopt with the larger point. Maybe I'm recalling wrong, but it's not like the second Klan itself wasn't inspired directly by the movie. The original KKK never even burned crosses. That was invented by Thomas Dixon for The Clansman. >though Intolerance is the actual masterpiece As majestic of the ride of the Klan at the end of the movie is, I agree. The scale of the Babylon set is pretty mind-blowing. I actually prefer the Civil War section of The Birth of a Nation to the more famous Reconstruction one too.

Open file (106.96 KB 1228x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 1227x1523 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (101.66 KB 693x1280 IMG_20230112_172210_928.jpg)
new pedophile label just dropped be aware
Open file (5.29 MB 1500x2121 ClipboardImage.png)

Open file (262.50 KB 612x612 image.png)
what is this /fa/g 01/26/2023 (Thu) 16:01:38 No.411 [Reply]
only wrong answers

Open file (318.89 KB 1280x1600 1291767.jpg)
/fa/g 05/12/2020 (Tue) 23:25:03 No.177 [Reply]
Researchers at Northwestern University have developed a garment designed to confuse digital surveillance algorithms into thinking you don’t exist >Normally, surveillance algorithms work by recognising a characteristic in an image, drawing a ‘bounding box’ around it, and assigning a label to that object. To interrupt this, the t-shirt uses colourful, pixelated patterns to confuse the technology into thinking you don’t exist. In other words, the clusters of pixels are placed to confuse the AI’s classification and labelling system, making it harder for it to map out your facial features. >“For the physical attacks, the real challenge is to remain undetected during the whole video duration,” says Battista Biggio, assistant professor at the University of Cagliari, and creator of the first adversarial example, which was successful in fooling spam email detection. “When detection is running in every frame, remaining consistently undetected is much harder.” >The researchers recorded a person walking while wearing a checkerboard pattern and tracked the corners of each of the board’s squares in order to accurately map out how it wrinkles when the person moves. Using this technique improved the ability to evade detection from 27 per cent to 63 per cent against YOLOv2, and from 11 per cent to 52 per cent against Faster R-CNN. >However, Lin says it’s unlikely that we’ll see these T-shirts in the real world. “We still have difficulties in making it work in the real world because there’s that strong assumption that we know everything about the detection algorithm,” she explains. “It’s not perfect, so there may be problems here or there.” >In fact, the researchers don’t actually want to help people evade surveillance technology at all. Instead, Lin says that the team’s ultimate goal is to find holes in neural networks so that surveillance firms can fix them, rather than to assist people in avoiding detection. “In the future, hopefully we can fix these problems, so the deep learning systems can’t be tricked.” tl;dr Make pixelated, bright colored, headache inducing shirts to avoid face detection. The people who are working on this aren't going to do it for you. They want to be able to detect you no matter what.
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>>183 Nice post, though as the op sort of mentioned, even if we manage to fool the machine, we won't fool the people, i can see such clothing/makeup becoming illegal in say the UK, because it aides terrorism or something, either that or people wearing this stuff get special focus. For this to truly change the game we'd need a lot of people to do it and i don't see that happening.
>>183 wew thank you for this knowledgeable and well written post. >anti surveillance makeup This is, from my memory, the original way that people figured out for fooling facial recognition. Along with ridiculous hair. Things like black triangles and white triangles above/below the eyes. With half my head shaved I imagine I could fool the recognition for side (profile) shots if I painted the bald part of my head with the odd geometry. >learn more about this You've already done a spectacular job spoonfeeding this information, which I am very grateful for, but I must ask if there's a particular book that you would suggest as a starting point, so that I may not need spoonfeeding again in the future? >>184 >won't fool the people This is true, and while I can't speak for the UK, I believe the government here would have a hard time justifying a legal ban on a shirt. >need a lot of people Agree. That is the ultimate goal here, for me at least. This is why I want to be able to achieve a working design; in order to disseminate such a design widely. The more people that are confident i.e. effay that wear it the more normal it will be considered. If attractive people start wearing it in public more will follow. This is a curve I intend to be ahead of, and luckily I do not appear to be alone in this desire. Thinking about it, for the short term I might try to get a "fake" one printed up, if only to start instilling in others the acceptance of this new, hideous design-type so that once a good pattern is achieved it will be more easily accepted by those that surround me day to day.
Interesting takes anons. The CyberP makey-cakey makes sense now. Thinking about people like native americans, it's interesting to see such facial paint making a sort of comeback. Could such makeup be remnants of a ancient technologically advanced past that got lost post-flood? Really makes your think
>>272 >CyberP makey-cakey wat
Open file (6.00 MB 640x352 obfuscation.MP4)

Open file (2.52 MB 4032x1960 sup.jpg)
effay /fa/g 11/30/2019 (Sat) 08:36:54 No.25 [Reply] [Last]
edit: WAYWT
Edited last time by anon on 12/23/2019 (Mon) 19:59:15.
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i lik rusa
>>308 Was this hosted on the Israel Fashion Week?
>>328 lel
Open file (2.05 MB 1833x1447 1655034211620.png)
Open file (1.93 MB 1410x1880 1666456272833.png)
i am absolutely dripping Waffle House

Open file (176.47 KB 1242x1229 TCG.jpg)
/TCG/ - Teencore General /fa/g 04/22/2021 (Thu) 04:15:51 No.257 [Reply]
Post and discuss teencore fashion. Reminisce on your high school days. Any subculture accepted.
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>>258 what are those pants called? parachute pants?
>>311 those goth jncos? i think they were called trip pants
>>311 Bondage pants.
Open file (39.69 KB 186x547 HATE.png)
>>261 Same.
>>339 >overcoat >black t-shirt >combat boots That was my style alright.

Made in USA shoes /fa/g 03/19/2022 (Sat) 13:30:47 No.324 [Reply]
I want a pair of casual shoes that are made in the USA and under $200. Do these look good? I am fashion blind. https://www.somfootwear.com/collections/casual/products/norwood-classic?variant=32836736286819
Yeah sure, something nondescript and black like that will work with anything, you won't really have to think about it. Looks like leather, too. Both practically and stylistically, leather is good, especially on shoes.

Open file (47.30 KB 688x458 dick tat.jpg)
can I have fighting/military strength while being thinspo /fa/g 12/31/2021 (Fri) 23:59:11 No.310 [Reply]
I want to take the malespo pill BUT:I still want to be able to lift heavy, use guns or swords if neccesary,fight big opponents,etc can it be done? Wouldnt lifting the same as a big guy all the while being thin be double awesome? >I wil do the 10K kettlebell swings challenge. i'll be using a heavy load,it burns kilos of fat and since it's high-reps it doenst really increase muscle mass.
good luck with your look but I'd suggest going to /fit/ for advice on this
It's my first time here, sorry but are you larping? >want to be able to [...] se guns or swords if neccesary,fight big opponents I was about to ask if you practice HEMA or something but guns and swords? Fighthing big opponents? Where do fuck do you live mate? Anyway, about your question: I mainly go for muay thai amateurs fights and I'm like 160cm@55kgs right now. I usually fight at 54.5 or 60kgs and I keep most of my strenght at 54.5 but I can't really beat someone that is heavier than me. At BJJ I can't do shit against someone who is like 4kgs heavier at 54.5 but at 60 I can at least survive against someone at 70kgs >lifting the same as a big guy all the while being thin I dont think that you can be lean and lift heavy without juicing but, hey, try it out.

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