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Rules / Moderation / Request / Meta

WELCOME TO /FASCIST/, PLEASE READ RULES BEFORE POSTING Anon Cafe on Tor: tew7tfz7dvv4tsom45z2wseql7kwfxnc77btftzssaskdw22oa5ckbqd.onion/fascist/ Neinchan Bunker (TOR ONLY): vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/fascist/catalog.html Tertiary Bunker: /fascist/ is a board for discussion of fascism in its various manifestations and, in a more general sense, third-position ideology (e.g. Strasserism, etc). Though this board is centered around the discussion of fascist movements, leaders and ideology, non-fascists are permitted to post here regardless of political beliefs as long as they respect the rules of this board! This thread will also serve as a thread for requests to moderation (currently just me), banners and general bitching. BASIC RULES 1. Global rules apply (see ) 2. Literature requests should go in the proper thread >>4 3. Threads with basic questions not conductive to discussion should go in the QTDDTOT 4. No avatarfagging without reason 5. No self-advertising. No Discord shilling. 6. No degeneracy* 7. No spam, flooding, serial double- / triple posting 8. No fedposting** * Note on 'No degeneracy' For purposes of this board, this means no unspoilered gore, no pornography, no advocating for race-mixing, transgender ideology, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexualizing prepubescents, etc. ** Note on 'fedposting' Fedposting will be defined as posts that actively attempt to rouse users into carrying out terrorist attacks or acts of violence. Speaking positively about Breivik, Tarrant or similar individuals does not count as fedposting, think more of ""Hey kid, you wanna bomb a federal building?" type posts --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT TYPE OF CONTENT WE WANT Here on /fascist/ we want high quality on-topic discussion and threads. If a major news event occurs (e.g. war breaks out, major terrorist attack, migrant crisis 2.0, another 9/11-tier event), go ahead and make a full thread. WE ARE NOT A NEWS BOARD, generally speak. We don’t care about what Trump did today or muh Republicans and Democrats. That should go to the /pol/ of your choice. LOW-EFFORT THREADS ARE DISCOURAGED This means we don’t want here on /fascist/ shit-tier threads which do not foster any interesting discussion or contribute anything of worth. This style of thread will in most cases be locked after being directed to the QTDDTOT or outright deleted. Examples of this type of thread: >what do fascists think of X Y Z >can gays / blacks / trannies / Jews be fascist? IS FUN ALLOWED HERE?? Of course, but the main objective of this board is to foster actual discussion about fascism, third positionism and related ideologies, movements and literature. Some archives of the old boards:*/*/

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Fascist and Third Position Books

Post good works that you've read and ask for recommendations ITT. UPDATED 8/19/20 BASIC READING LIST National Socialism: >Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler) The most reliable translations are the Stalag edition and the Thomas Dalton translation. >Hitler's Second Book / Zweites Buch (Adolf Hitler) >The Program of the NSDAP (Gottfried Feder) >The Manifesto for the Breaking of Interest Slavery (Gottfried Feder) >Hitler's Table Talk Black Front / Strasserism: >German Tomorrow by Dr. Otto Strasser >Deutschlands Erneuerung by Dr. Otto Strasser (in German only) Savitri Devi >The Lightning and the Sun (Savitri Devi) >And Time Rolls On (Savitri Devi) >The Impeachment of Man (Savitri Devi) Iron Guard / Romanian Fascism: >For my Legionaries by Corneliu Zelea Codreanu British Union of Fascists (BUF): >Fascism: 100 Questions Asked and Answered (Oswald Mosley) >Tomorrow We Live (Oswald Mosley) >My Life (Oswald Mosley) >Fascism v. Jewry (William Joyce) >National Socialism Now (William Joyce) >The Coming Corporate State (A. Raven Thompson) >Spring Comes Again (Jorian Jenks) Italian Fascism: >Origins and Doctrine of Fascism (Giovanni Gentile) >CasaPound Italia platform: Miscellaneous Secondary Literature Worth Reading: By "worth reading" I mean not totally kiked garbage. These are not fascist authors. >The Wages of Destruction (Adam Tooze) >Holy Legionary Youth (Roland Clark) >The Nazi War on Cancer (Robert Proctor) >The Occult Roots of Nazism (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke) >Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity (Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke) >Japan's Holy War (Walter Skya) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cultured Thug is also a good YouTube channel for overviews of fascist literature: Helpful Links:

R: 546 / I: 108 / P: 1

QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads

If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. That last thread went super fast. OLD THREAD >>5128

R: 2 / I: 1 / P: 1

Polygamy Vs Monogamy

The title says it all gentlemen. This should be a heavy topic that can generate a lot of conversation. Polygamous vs monogamous could drastically change the culture, genetic composition, and thus the destiny of a nation. I think that a mostly monogamous society that accepts polygamy, for higher value males, would be ideal and would most accurate reflect the natural breeding design of men vs women. Common misconceptions is that polygamy wouldnt respect the ritual of marriage (marriage would still be a thing) and that if 1 person becomes polygamous or wants to be monogamous then suddenly everyone has to be. I dont know how to quote a post from another thread but anon in the book thread dropped a bunch of pro monogamy resources and theres anons derailing the dharmic religion thread over this right now.

R: 220 / I: 92 / P: 1

All-Purpose Dharmic Philsophy Thread

About time we had one. I'll begin with an interesting tweet thread going over how proper Buddhism has nothing in it that encourages social justice:

R: 294 / I: 87 / P: 1

All-purpose interesting links or sources thread.

I don't recall us having one. As the title says, post any links or sources that'd be interesting for this board from as many relevant subjects as you can. I'll start:

R: 150 / I: 58 / P: 1

Fascist News General /fng/

This thread is for discussion of recent happenings that may be of interest to users of this board. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, news involving fascist parties around the world, info related to government / corporate responses to White nationalist / fascist activities, and events that are likely of interest to users here, such as declining race-relations, anti-White policies and Jewish-related scheming. This thread existed on 8chan, but it's gonna be here on a trial basis. If it attracts too many outsiders, it will be deleted. If it results in garbage-tier discussion not healthy to /fascist/, it will be deleted. This is still /fascist/, not a free-for-all area. PLEASE ATTEMPT TO ARCHIVE CONTENT, VIDEOS AND USE ALTERNATIVE SITES WHERE POSSIBLE, THANK YOU Twitter alternative:

R: 347 / I: 51 / P: 1

Unpopular Opinions #2: The Autism Continues

Last thread is about to hit bump limit. Post ‘em.

R: 172 / I: 328 / P: 1

A E S T H E T I C S . T H R E A D

For the discussion, sharing, development, nurturing and use of A E S T H E T I C S

R: 66 / I: 21 / P: 1

Golden Dawn Thread

HAPPENING TOMORROW IS THE VERDICT FOR 68 MEMBERS OF THE GOLDEN DAWN ON MURDER AND RACKETEERING CHARGES >In proceedings both dramatic and banal, 68 people, including the party’s entire leadership, have faced charges of operating a criminal organisation while at the same time posing as a political group. Police officers who allegedly supported the far-right party are among those in the dock. >The accusations have been vigorously denied. Only Giorgos Roupakias, a Golden Dawn operative, has confessed to the stabbing of Pavlos Fyssas, a popular anti-fascist rapper whose death triggered the group’s unravelling. >MPs who represented the xenophobic bloc until its electoral defeat in July 2019 are accused of attempted murder, possession of weapons and employing violence to eradicate perceived enemies. Like Nikolaos Michaloliakos, a Holocaust denier who founded the neo-Nazi movement in the early 80s, they claim to be victims of political persecution. >Yet nearly five and a half years after the trial began, Athens’ normally divided political class is united in the belief that this week’s decision will be as cathartic as it is decisive. Writing in Saturday’s Syntakton newspaper, leaders from across the spectrum rejoiced in “the end of Golden Dawn”. >The verdict is expected to be the denouement of Golden Dawn’s terminal decline. Riven by feuds, defections and factional infighting, the group has all but collapsed since narrowly failing to cross the 3% threshold into parliament in 2019. Yet no country in modern Europe has come as close to an overtly Nazi group strutting the national stage.

R: 271 / I: 78 / P: 2

/sig/ - Self Improvement General

The quote attached to my post is apparently a fake quote, but the spirit of it ring true to my ear. A healthy body and a healthy mind are key components of fascist living and a perfect balance shall be a key component of any fascist resurgence to come just as it was in the Third Reich and other societies. Some books: >Convict Conditioning (Calisthenics) >Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima (Attached)

R: 319 / I: 116 / P: 2

>twitter posting thread

What the title says. Post whatever twitter stuff you find that's relevant and/or interesting.

R: 196 / I: 53 / P: 2

Aryan Religion Thread

This thread is for White pagan religions, or more broadly, non-Abrahamic pro-White religious and philosophical discussion

R: 224 / I: 119 / P: 2

Japan Thread

This thread is for the discussion of Japanese culture, religion and similar aspects of this nation. Of all the non-White countries of the world, I admire Japan the most for their collectivism, aesthetics and extreme fanaticism in war and selfless dedication to a cause they believe. The ideas of bushido and makoto (sincerity, purity of motive) are all very much worth studying for anyone. Some book suggestions (abbreviated and expanded from >>2998): >Hagakure >The Way of the Samurai (Yukio Mishima - this book is on the Hagakure) >The Nobility of Failure: Tragic Heroes in the History of Japan (Ivan Morris) >Shinto: The Kami Way

R: 26 / I: 15 / P: 2

Bought this just now. $7usd ebook. Looks a lot like what we've all been talking about for the last several years. I'll look into what is required to de-drm it so I can upload it here (too new for libgen and b-ok to have it) for you, but failing that it's cheap.

R: 55 / I: 39 / P: 2

Aesthetics Thread

>inb4 there's already one thread about this But I think this time we should do one with a focus on topics like tutorials for basic things like political bracelets, best color combinations for uniforms, materials for uniforms, haircut styles according to the shape of the face and a long etcetera.

R: 168 / I: 132 / P: 2

/fascist/ OC general

For OC and /fascist/-related content.

R: 86 / I: 23 / P: 2

Political Evolution Thread

How long have you considered yourself some sort of fascist? How did you get to this point? It's interesting to hear the stories of different anons, because while there are often some broad similarities, every story is unique.

R: 324 / I: 94 / P: 2

Christian Fascist Thread

Am I the only Christian here?

R: 212 / I: 88 / P: 2

Ecofascism, Tech Critical

I think it would be best this time around to merge deep ecology and anti-tech into a single thread since there is so much overlap. Old thread archives: CORE READING >Technological Slavery by Theodore J. Kaczynski (2019 edition) >The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul >Industrial Society and Its Future by Theodore J. Kaczynski >Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How? by Theodore J. Kaczynski >Can Life Prevail? by Pentti Linkola >Man and Technics by Oswald Spengler >The Collapse of Complex Societies by Joseph A. Tainter A good channel with a lot of videos on Ted Kaczynski, Linkola and Ellul:

R: 418 / I: 164 / P: 3

Weimerica Thread

News cyclical: >>10910 Since this clown-show doesn't look like it will fade away anytime in the immediate future, it's worth having a thread to cover the happenings here surrounding BLM and other similar events. Last thread: >>816

R: 102 / I: 125 / P: 3

The Coming Family-State

>tfw you realize that "family values" fags are correct but that they don't realize that capitalism and feminism is destroying the family-structure The strengthening of the family is essential for the future. Effective familial relations are the root of both community and state. The family's are the ultimate source and ground of the political order. Atomized individuals and broken families are symptoms of a sick and degenerating society. The society has grown top-heavy. The individual finds face-to-face with the state with no intermediary associations. This too is unnatural. A truly strong state needs strong families, strong local communities and finally a strong and capable national leadership. The weakness of any of the three above is harmful for the others. How can the family be strengthened in future fascist societies? I think inculcating the people with Confucian-like ideas of role ethics, guidelines for conduct drawn from concrete familial and social roles would be one helpful educational policy, but the real problem is that Whites are totally spooked on the idea of the abstract autonomous individual, abstract universal principles and the idea of the state as something that restricts them.

R: 61 / I: 26 / P: 3

Propagandizing Fascism

I know we have a thread on propaganda in general, but I think this is at least worth its own thread for visibility reasons alone. How can we spread awareness of fascism, National Socialism and related doctrines either online or through other means while maybe also advertising this board? I've been thinking that it could do us good if we attempted to produce various forms of content such as infographs, flyers, pamplhets and other forms of media — as long as they look appealing to the eye and are well-made and informative. With all of the shit going on recently I've been energized to do something, so I figured that it might be good to start from a small and manageable project as a board for those interested. If anyone has good tutorials for gimp, photoshop and the like on producing infographs or posters or whatever else could be useful to anons, post it ITT. I'm sure if we put our minds to it we could make some neat stuff.

R: 36 / I: 11 / P: 3

The Natural Order

How exactly is the Natural Order defined? How do we discern its laws? Should we always adhere to the Natural Order when it conflicts with human conventions? NatSocs like to mention this concept a lot, and while I myself consider myself a NatSoc and refer to this concept quite often, I am thinking that I need to flesh out my idea of what exactly this implies and how exactly it should be interpreted. We know that Hitler correctly pointed out, as have many others, that man is an integral part of Nature, never able to truly divorce himself no matter how hard he may try to “conquer” it. He remains subject to its laws regardless of how much he may protest their “injustice” or “cruelty” according to his moralistic humanist view. It seems to me that the Natural Order is primarily defined as the essential nature of things in general, more narrowly human beings and their behavior, independently of social engineering, nurture or anything else, referring to what is natural and healthy to us. Given this definition which I adhere to, degeneracy or decadence is anything contrary to this. What exactly does this imply (certainly not exhaustive): >inequality between races, men, men and women, etc >hierarchy (rule of the strong over the weak) >life defined in terms of struggle Is it always good to live in accordance with this? From my view it seems to imply that the Jews are ‘rightfully’ (according to natural justice) in power now, but this power is not absolute and inviolable, as life is struggle. The weak being ruled by the strong is natural justice. The weak are often utilized by the strong in their plans – sidestepping, I think, Socrates’ objection to Callicles’ claims in Gorgias. Sheep are guided by shepards, rarely do they spontaneously do anything en masse. Of course we are left to define what is meant by the strong – clearly not physical strength alone, intelligence, charisma, perhaps technical organization – all constitute qualities of the strong today. Technics are merely tactics of living in struggle which is identical with life itself. I rambled a bit but I think there’s some things to discuss.

R: 18 / I: 7 / P: 3

All-purpose anti-wrong ontology/metaphysics/history views thread

It's about time we had one. In this thread, we take on wrong or misguided views when it comes to ontology and metaphysics and history. Examples of such: >"Materialism" as peddled by your Dan Dennetts and your Richard Dawks with it being framed in opposition to "idealism >The notion of there being "separate, floating, atomized, souls/brains" as opposed to something like Plotinus' teachings. >The Big Bang and other cases of stealth Abrahamic metaphysics And so on. Any and all info or sources is acceptable.

R: 42 / I: 8 / P: 3

Woman Thread

How will Fascism or National Socialism fix relations between men and women? Is there any fixing what has happened, or is it largely a case of removing the muddlers and the natural relations will restore themselves as a matter of course? What is essential: >ensuring a father can support an entire family, getting women out of the work-force >encouraging and supporting large families through incentives, loans, etc >encouraging men and women to marry earlier >making divorce more difficult >banning pornography >domestic discipline

R: 46 / I: 9 / P: 3

Cosmotheism: Wave of the Future

This thread is for the discussion of Cosmotheism, the religious philosophy of Dr. William Luther Pierce. To sum it up as simply as possible, Cosmotheism is a form of evolutionary pantheism. The Universe—identified with God—is no static entity, it is dynamic and evolving. This evolution is not directionless and random, it is purposeful, evolving towards the self-actualization and self-perfection of the Whole, i.e. the Universe. This is the purpose of the Universe, as well as the Purpose of each and every constituent Part of the Universe, humans included. The Urge towards higher and higher forms of consciousness, higher and higher forms of complexity, has resulted in the emergence of life from inorganic matter and the evolution from unicellular life to complex multicellular lifeforms. The immanent consciousness of the Cosmos is more evolved in some places than others, this is the result of the blind groping and trial-and-error process undertaken over millions of years here on Earth. The crowning achievement of this—so far—is the Aryan man, who stands at the threshold between subhuman and superhuman. Given that the Purpose of the Universe is an upward path towards higher and higher forms, it is incumbent upon us to genetically isolate the White races from lower humanity and to work at the perfection of our people in concert with the purpose of the Whole, creating in time a Higher Man. And this Higher Man is not merely an end in himself, but a step, just as man was a step, a step towards an even higher man, extrapolated out into infinity towards a state that can only be described as godhood. READING AND WATCHING LIST The Cosmotheism Trilogy: Our Purpose (Pierce clip) The Meaning of Life (Pierce clip) The Cosmotheist-esque Sentiments of Savitri Devi THE COSMOTHEIST CREED There is but one reality. That reality is the Whole. It is the Creator, the self-created. I am of the Whole. I am of the Creator, of the self-created. My purpose is the Creator’s purpose. My path is the path of the Creator’s self-realization. My path is the path of divine consciousness. My destiny is godhood.

R: 203 / I: 105 / P: 3

Race War General - /rwg/

This thread for the discussion of pro-white resistance, past or present, from an onlookers perspective, especially focused on people such as Anders Behring Breivik, Brenton Tarrant and the various copycats that we've seen since March 2019. Are they doing what has to be done? Is it more harmful than helpful? Are they all false flags? Discuss! Memes should go here: >>858 >The Breivik Archive >Manifestos >>823

R: 17 / I: 6 / P: 3

Raising Children

What should the government policy towards raising children be? Where does the responsibility lie on raising children in the fascist ethno-state, on the parents or the state? What would you change about the education system? When is someone considered an adult and no longer a child? What is a marriageable age/age of consent for sexual activity? What rights should children have at all, if any? I would like to see less dependence on government schooling and more emphasis on parental responsibility on producing healthy children. Raising unfit children should be considered child abuse/neglect. i think that children are taken from their parents too early and they stay in school for too long, and that not every child needs higher education.

R: 44 / I: 4 / P: 3

Fascist Misconceptions and Errors

What do you think are the biggest misconceptions or falsehoods commonly spread about fascism even among those who claim to fascists themselves? We all know what normalfags think (or don't, more accurately), but it could be interesting to learn where even people here often go wrong with fascism or the third position (in a broad sense). One thing that I have noticed is that liberal and individualistic attitudes die hard. Even here on /fascist/ I occasionally see individualists in denial, or those who whine about how a certain measure would be "totalitarian", when of course in reality we are openly and proudly totalitarian as fascists. It is definitely hard to outgrow the liberal and individualistic assumptions pushed into our brains since birth.

R: 34 / I: 6 / P: 4

Ethnoglobe is Likely Inevitable in a Pro-White Future (and that's a good thing)

Ethnoglobe became inevitable by 1900 at the latest. The superiority of Western Europe and North America in the second half of the 19th century in economic, military, financial and political spheres was based on our monopoly of industry. The rest of the world absorbed the products of the White world, not producing themselves. Colonies were founded for resources and new markets. Production usually remained situated in the White world. Then began the dissemination of industry, motivated by greed for greater profits by bringing the production to the area of marketing. Secrets, processes, methods, engineers, managers, etc all given to non-Whites. Within thirty years of Japan modernizing from its feudal state, they had a defeated a European power in battle, Russia, something which shocked the world. Non-whites, unaccustomed to the comparative luxury of the White world, worked for low wages, bringing their rising industrial might into fierce competition with non-Whites. Gradually, gradually, the center of gravity of production shifted into non-White hands, becoming the weapon of the exploited world against the White industrial core. While all of this was happening the population explosion continued unabated, propped up by artificial grain surpluses and modern medical technology, all given to non-whites by the benevolent and foolish White man. They, with the collaboration of greedy capitalists and jews, shattered the power of the White world and helped balloon their numbers hundreds of times larger than was naturally permitted by Nature. Non-whites, brainwashed by materialistic thinking and looking for better lives, were drawn to the West, which badly needed labor after WWII. They begin to settle, invited by the victorious Jews and the Allies. The great replacement begins, and the enormous growth of the population is the chief cause of the impending collapse. Bearing millions of useless bodies permanently is unsustainable, especially at Western standards. With the coming of modern technology, whether this be in regards to communication, transportation, etc the world has become a smaller place, and shitskins are able to come into our lands (where they can live wasteful and unsustainable consumerist lifestyles too!), build (but not innovate) their industrial power, nuclear weapons, destroy the environment, etc. Racial struggle is the driving force in history, not class. In a given multiracial and multicultural environment there is always a struggle for dominance, whether open or hidden, violent or peaceful. The locus of struggle has become truly global in scale. The situation is unsustainable. Ethnoglobe is the only option. "What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes and only one lifeboat, with room for only ten people, has been launched? When the lifeboat is full, those who hate life will try to load it with more people and sink the lot. Those who love and respect life will take the ship's axe and sever the extra hands that cling to the sides of the boat."

R: 36 / I: 9 / P: 4

What do you think about many socialist and ex-socialist states are being so hardcore conservative not like the western sjw lunatic fags being so dumb and degenerate specially many reddit and twitter leftists. Like we have the example like about the eastern Europe where homosexuality is hated among all. And homosexuality doesn't exist in north korea. And why do internet tankies larp harder about sjw shits even they would have sent to 5 yrs of hard labor for homosexuality>

R: 14 / I: 17 / P: 4

Italian Fascism Thread

ITT: Discuss Fascist Italy, post books, pics, videos and more! When I really think about it, I realize that my knowledge of Fascist Italy is truly embarrassing, not to mention that /fascist/ doesn't seem to talk about it much, so it seems like a good topic for a thread.

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 4

What are the /fascist/ thoughts on genetic engineering.

1. What are your main thoughts about genetic engineering? 2. What is the main difference between genetic engineering and eugenics? The second question is actually more important than the first because I couldn't give a coherent answer to myself.

R: 383 / I: 135 / P: 4

Brenton Tarrant Thread

Post news about Brenton Tarrant, as well as memes, images and general discussion.

R: 12 / I: 3 / P: 4

You don't need a tradwife

What do you need is a loyal woman of the same race that is willing to have a decent number of children (4+). If you want a 'trad' lifestyle, then become Christian, have values and fundaments, have a decent source of income (like a having a business). The unique thing that you need for this it is a Large house for a family of the desired number, things like food or diapers, the clothes can be passed from the older siblings to younger ones. If you want a 'varg trad' lifestyle then buy a land and make a farm. Homeschooling is recommendable, but also is Religious/Military education. >Thing that you must NOT do >Send kids to laic schools >Send kids to universities >Buy your kids things like Phones or Computers >Living in degenerate places like states where the democrats are mainstream or there's (((LGBT))) parades STOP LARPING AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE, IMPROVE YOURSELF (and if you ask, yeah, i copypasted this from my 4chan thread)

R: 35 / I: 7 / P: 4

Is this board active enough to have real discussions about politics? Does this board allow a broad range of political opinions or if the mod disagrees with you you are getting banned? Looking for somewhere to talk about current events, but the mods on are just ban happy and delete your posts if they disagree with you. Its getting to the point where you can't even use the website.

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 4

Fascism and National Socialism

To what extent are they truly different? I have recently realized that I hold two views simultaneously which are potentially contradictory - namely that, like Mosley said, Fascism (which he also called National Socialism) is a name for a movement with similar characteristics that takes on slightly differing forms depending on where exactly it springs up according to different local cultures, racial differences and political situations. While I agree with this and often cite this definition, I can't help but feel that National Socialism is simultaneously much more, given the fact that it bases itself in applying racial and evolutionary science, preventing the degeneration of a people and in general looking to Nature for guidance. This is why some National Socialists like Savitri Devi have said that National Socialism cannot be reduced to just another "ism". To try to reconcile these, it can definitely be said that there is much overlap between Fascism as a general term for a political ideology, and then National Socialism, which in many ways goes beyond the political. National Socialism is almost religious if one takes it to its extreme, while we never see the same with Fascism. Either way, I'd be curious to read other anons' thoughts on the matter, whether they are just plain Third Postionists or NatSoc

R: 90 / I: 42 / P: 4

/fascist/ for the Infinity Cup 2020!

Hey guys, I don't recall if I asked you yet, but would you be interested in joining us for the Infinity Cup 2020? All you've gotta do to enter is: 1) Create a thread on with your team 2) Create a logo and at least one kit 3) Just join the fun when the cup starts!

R: 78 / I: 100 / P: 4

Fascist Architecture General

What architectural style does /fascist/ prefer, ornate classical architecture, or the more austere "stripped classicism" favored by Speer?

R: 15 / I: 5 / P: 5

Can Fascism/National Socialism have a militia or armed populace?

Not a lolbert faggot, but I don't know everything about NS/Fascism, obviously by the title. Obviously Hitler was pro-gun, however I think it was limited to party members. My main concern would be, what is keeping such an authoritarian regime from being corrupt once the dictator dies and is succeeded? If this were to happen, wouldn't it be necessary to go full Murrica on the guy? Please share your thoughts, I think this is an interestijg question.

R: 114 / I: 33 / P: 5

Converting leftists

It's no secret that eventually we will come across actual leftists with an interest in real class warfare instead of pseudo socialist radlibs with retarded notions of opposing a system that supports them wholeheartedly. It's important that we convert them and add their revolutionary spirit to the fold. Convince them of the ills of such materialist ideology and if failing that convince them of the merits of the third position and the standard of living it would bring to millions of lives. Avoid faggots like Vaush and if you were a leftist before converting posting ideas itt palatable to our unawakened comrades would be greatlty appreciated.

R: 9 / I: 2 / P: 5

Big list of imageboards easily sortable Enjoy

R: 12 / I: 7 / P: 5

Women in Politics

Why didn't any of you fuckers tell me a woman this cute existed and she shared some of my values? Anyways, this gets me on an interesting topic. In an idealized state, would women be allowed anywhere near politics? If you want my opinion, I'd say no since I understand how politics usually end when women get involved (a sex that focuses more on emotion rather than empirical/objective logic); however, I often hear the counter-argument that such a perspective is akin to how Mudslimes treat their women. I don't want women to be forced to wear full hijabs but I do want them to be forced to dress modestly. The problem is that I don't know how this can be enforced legally. From the victorian era, if I remember correctly, women dressed how they did because of their husbands/fathers, rather than the state actually having anything in place. Forcing women out of politics could potentially be something that can be enforced legally - if someone sees a potential downside please let me know, I could be overlooking it - but other rules like how women should dress or behave may be best left to their parents. First, of course, men and women alike would need to be instilled the values of modesty for this to ever really be enforced in a family hierarchy, and for that I think religion would need to be a stressed virtue - particularly Christianity. We could get into how difficult nourishing religion widely in society would be in a different thread. The scope of this one is to discuss where women should sit in matters of politics

R: 506 / I: 160 / P: 5

Indo-European Religion / Paganism Thread

Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, Asatru, Rodnovery - whatever you like to study or even practice, post about ITT. Channels: Survive the Jive: DharmaNation: Partial ThuleanPerspective Archive:

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New Age Pan-Religious Esoteric Mystic Ethno-Monotheism Is The Way Forward

After reading the amazing, mature and insightful religious discussions here, i have concluded that this is the answer. We can all feel this, that we NEED this, and we are all desperately searching for it in different religions. Sadly though we must be bold enough to admit, every religion out there does not fully align with all of our values and does not stand up to intellectual scrutiny. Because of this, any current religious system can only carry with it the danger of subversion to the movements we hope to establish in our lifetime. One religion will provide proper guidance in one area, while failing in another, either not being explicit on some matters or worse yet giving the worst stance possible such as denial of race which should be the most egregious sin possible. I will attempt to breakdown each term in the lengthy title i have given to this. i hope these explanations will give understanding enough that arguments and criticisms stemming from confusion of terminology wont arise here. >New Age By new age i dont mean crystals and hippies and loony rich white people. By new age, i mean overcoming purist and dogmatic viewpoints pertaining to a certain religion. They are all bad and need to be abandoned. i will briefly cover this here for each one i can think of. >Paganism - Most of it is destroyed and forever lost - At best a re-enactment, otherwise known as LARPing - phallus worship, human sacrifices, other barbaric acts - at best a fucking LARP - failed to preserve itself from christianity - a LARP >Christianity - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult - pozzed by thousands of nigger believers, not exclusive to the white race. >Islam - Explicit tenets of racial universalism, this should immediately disqualify it, nothing could be more subversive and dangerous - Non-White Origin - Not racially exclusive, millions of nigger believers - strong roots in judaic world - End of the World Doomsday Cult >Buddhism - Racially Universal - Not racially exclusive - Nihilistic - Anti-Existence - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Vedic - Racially universal - Not Racially exclusive - Lacks explicit instructions regarding race - fails to explicitly condemn lots of immoral acts, such as homosexuality - been pozzed to hell and back by dark skinned dravidians and possibly jews. - End of the World Death Cult - Anti-Family, Anti-Procreation >Zoroastrianism - Excludes anyone not already born into it, making it a larp - failed to preserve itself from islam. - End of the World Doomsday Cult When i say New Age i mean a new system that does not yet exist and a rejection of a dogmatic purist belief in any of the old currently existing religions. >Pan-Religious Despite what i just wrote, the new system of belief that we need will be built from a perceived common thread in all religions. the already extant religious systems are not all bad and they all have something good in them that each anon here is attracted to. Fortunately it is not the worst of these elements that anons are attracted to and rejecting the worst elements in no way collapses the good in them. I doubt that anyone was attracted to Zoroastrianism or Christianity because it contains a doomsday prophecy where everything we ever worked for was for nothing and the whole world and our race is destroyed by the will of an unverifiable god who we are supposed to love for doing so. >Esoteric Mystic This ties in to the pan-religious element. Esoteric meaning hidden, Mystic meaning mystery, This means rejecting literal interpretations of all existing religions but instead using a rational inquiry looking for a hidden truth placed within the legends and stories and statements of each one that coalesce into one truth. This is entirely possible and has been tried already by many people such as serrano, laying a foundation for this work. >Ethno-Monotheism Ethno-Monotheism means that the race and the monotheistic element are intertwined. The 14 words is our holiest mantra, but being aware of dysgenics and eugenics, a monotheistic metaphysical principle that is based on the values of strength, beauty, and truth is the best way to safeguard against degeneracy and dysgenic drift. The form of the Aryan Ubermensch should be seen as a manifestation that is closer to the monotheistic principle and the untermensch seen as drifting away from it. This is in no way a rejection of polytheism and polytheism can be embraced, each deity worshipped should somehow be a manifestation of the central metaphysical principle, or a certain individual who exemplified those values such as hitler or odin.

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Absolute Dedication

Lately I’ve been thinking that what is lacking most in our people – White Nationalists in particular, that is – is an absolute and unwavering dedication to our cause. If a non-Muslim insults or depicts Muhammad in a negative fashion, this person fears for their life. Some of them are so dedicated that they will blow themselves to bits in one act that brings zero benefit to himself (from a non-religious viewpoint). We can see similar behavior in WWII among the Japanese. As the Americans approached the home islands, young Japanese men eagerly volunteered to hurl themselves into aircraft carriers in airplanes. The whole country would have likewise rather collectively sacrifice themselves than allow American troops on their soil as an invading force, it seems. Today it seems, Whites are like beasts that trample over each other at the first sign of danger, terrified of actually risking anything in pursuit of their values. A lot of this applies to WNs too. Why is this so common among even the people who claim to uphold the 14 Words? Is it because there is no overarching Purpose? Is biological survival not enough to motivate people? Has the “comfy life” propaganda sunk too deep? The specific examples above of suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots are beside the point, and they were purposelly chosen for how extreme they are. Today most Whites would call them “brainwashed” for not being utterly self-absorbed rats. Even 10% of this dedication among the most active WNs in doing organization and similar important tasks IRL would be a night and day difference.

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Jewish control.

Let's start the Jewish-satanism redpill.

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FIX YOUR FUCKING SEC YOUR CYBERSEC YOUR OPSEC YOUR PHYSICAL SEC CyberSec This will be a novel, if you are impatient here is what you will do. Buy a spare/burner laptop, 2x usb drives, install GNU/Linux (Devuan/AntiX) toit. If wifi does not work, purchase a Linux Compatible wifi usb to plug into it. Follow the installer, watch videos on how to install one or the other with FULL DISK ENCRYPTION. And then use Tor to talk to your internet nazi frens. If you can't get a second computer, just install Tails to a usb and only talk to your internet frens through that. THE NOVEL Operating Systems, you have a lot of choices, none of them are Windows 7, 8, 10, 95, ME, XP, or OSX, or Android/ChromeOS. Your choices are BSDs, GNU/Linux Distros of varying types, research OSes for supernerds, and things that are beyond brainlets. Here is a list of recommended Operating Systems In all of your choices you want these two things, FDE (Full Disk Encryption), and no systemd. OpenBSD - Secure by DEFAULT, there are some functional losses of operation, but it is the most secuire Operating System out there, VeraCrypt support is iffy (come back and check this). Tor-Browser is one pkg_add torbrowser in the command line away, and other useful tools for security. Install XFCE or Mate for a desktop environment from the command line and you're solid. Ethernet is required for people who can't into command line wifi. FDE offers keydisk option for advanced users. GNU/LINUX Devuan - Debian without systemd, braindead simple to install and run things on. Everyone makes things for Ubuntu/Debian, almost everything that runs on them, will run on this. Project WebSite Download Link AntiX - Debian, without systemd, run by leftists, but is a very good project. Project WebSite Download Link Void - Advanced users only, high performance, BSDlike GNU/Linux distro, no systemd. Project WebSite Download Link Artix - Arch without systemd, advanced configuration required for FDE, but still doable. Project Website Download Link Gentoo - Advanced users only, sakaki guide recommended for hardened gentoo. Sakaki Install Guide Project WebSite Dowlnoad Portal Whonix - Secure by design, runs in a VM. The Whonix wiki is a great resource. Only inculded for people who cannot into anything else. SystemD is not an issue because it can be virtualized in a secure system. Project WebSite Download Portal Whonix Wiki - Recommended Reading Alpine - Advanced users only, performance based Linux designed for servers, useful for virtual machines and webaspps. Not really a desktop system although it can be. FDE is for advanced users only, no systemd. Project WebSite Slackware - Advanced users only, fde is difficult to accomplish, but can be done, a truly patrician choice. Project WebSite Sourcemage - Advanced nerd users only. Project WebSite Software Browser - Torbrowser, Iridium, Ungoogled Chromium, Hardened-DePozzed Firefucks, Palemoon Chat - IRC(with gpg plugin), Mumble, Element/Riot Additional Important Software - tor, torsocks, macchanger, virtualbox or qemu/kvm, gpgp, openvpn Desktop Environment/GUI/Shell - XFCE, Cinnamon, Mate, LXQT, LXDE(for weak computers) Hardware CPUs Simple - Use a pre-sandybridge Intel Processor or an AMD processor for computer. Or, use a Raspberry PI with sufficient power(RPI 4, 4gb of RAM) Complex - Use a non x86 processor(advanced), use a librebooted x86 Processor(Advanced). Recommended Devices IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, Dell Latitude, Panasonic Toughbook, GETAC, HP Elitebooks. OPSEC Everything before this was primarily software you should be using, now it is time to explain things you should and should not use. Some verbiage. Verbage Telemetry - The thing that tells Amazon you're looking to buy shoes or a video game. It is packets of information made in the background of your computer, without you knowing that can give away who you are, or where you are. Mirror - A webpage you download utility software from Javascript - A programming language that used to decorate modern websites, and can collect telemetry or introduce malicious code to your browser. Not all JS(Javascript) is bad, but not all JS is good. PGP - Pretty Good Privacy, this is used to authenticate information, and encrypt information so that people can not read the contents of a conversation. GPG is the GNU implementation of it. G

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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads

If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. Made a new thread because I was sick of not knowing if there were new posts. OLD THREAD >>3