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Open file (271.23 KB 723x725 integralist qtddtot.png)
QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their own Threads Blackshirt 08/10/2020 (Mon) 23:31:45 ID: 35c0e3 No.5128
If you have a one-liner question that won't generate much discussion and isn't related to moderation or requests, or want to post something of interest to /fascist/s but doesn't deserve a thread, post it ITT. Made a new thread because I was sick of not knowing if there were new posts. OLD THREAD >>3 https://archive.fo/Uupqa
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When and why did "larp" become such a common term in WN/Right-wing circles, especially considering how it's usually used incorrectly? Larping is Live-Action Role-Playing, which isn't what you're doing behind a keyboard (like so many people who spout it like to say). Is it just because it's easier to type than "roleplaying?" If that's the case, then I'll stop taking people who use it seriously in any fashion.
>>5156 >t. larper
>>5156 I’m not sure how it caught on exactly, but it’s an interesting case of semantic change. Probably first people liked making fun of cringy roleplayers playing around on Youtube, and then started to apply this to cringy people who appeared in real life at political events (Kekistani faggots, etc) and it gradually became a more general term for pretending to be something you’re not or talking big game behind your keyboard. Sometimes the term is justified in using but usually it’s applied by faggots to doing literally anything.
>>5156 not right wing or wn, but I think it was originally used correctly for people actually doing IRL try-hard stuff like dressing up in uniforms and taking photos but really doing nothing. Then ebin dank memesters who thought they knew what it meant without bothering to check kept using it in the wrong spots. It's the same people who unironically think anything remotely left is called 'SJW'. >then I'll stop taking people who use it seriously in any fashion >then Just stop anyway. It's not laziness (in face RP is even easier to type), it's ignorance.
>>5163 Yeah, this.
>>5165 This type of overextension tends to happen a lot with normalfags who know nothing about politics. I know it’s kind of pointless to complain about since they’ll just keep doing it anyhow, but some other good examples are “communist”, “marxist”, “leftist”, “fascist” and “Nazi”. I’ve been called a leftist for having an in-group preference with my race, and I’ve sure we’ve all heard people string together the labels fascist and marxist in the same sentence before. It’s ridiculous and solidifies my opposition to all forms of democracy.
>actually so autistic you have in depth conversations about buzzwords LARP->people pretending to be what they are not and will never actually be The reason you are called a LARPer->its clear to all parties (even yourself) that you are not and will never be who you pretend to be by virute of you not doing what you say Why you are upset by the word->you are forced to address that you are merely pretending to be or do something you will never actually be or do Try not having autism sometime, LARP is not a technical word used by historians and scientists; also stop LARPing as etymologists.
Tired of this blackpilling, pro-racemixing schlock tbh
>>5173 It’s painfully obvious that you’re the guy from the other thread just here to stir shit
>>5174 >just here to stir shit I just call it like it is instead of being a pseud who thinks buzzwords are worth in depth conversation, yet still cannot understand them hilariously enough.
Can anyone explain why Hitler was such a fan of Schopenhauer? From the little I’ve read of him, it seems almost antithetical to how I understand Hitler’s worldview. Basically Schopenhauer is all about the denial of the “Will-to-Live”, which is some irrational impulse to life which he sees basically as evil, and life as imbued with suffering, and pleasure as something far more mundane and unsatisfying. He talks about boredom revealing the “emptiness of existence” and similar things. Hitler is much more of a life-affirmative figure, more like Nietzsche. Speaking of Nietzsche, I agree (so far) with what he said about Schopenhauer and his ilk in the “Twilight of the Idols” (see pic)
>>5173 >having a discussion is autism Go back to 4chan.
>>5173 >cringe cope LARP pseud >discussion is autism >just fuck Jews and Chinks theory Goodbye, anon
>>5181 Good riddance.
>>5183 He already tried to slither back in. Luckily Integralist-kun has gave me experience
Open file (94.05 KB 540x960 42205740843100510.jpg)
>>5192 >the whole internet is all about censoring dissidents, only allowing globohomo approved narratives >/fascist/ bans shit stirrers and disturbers >YOU CAN'T HANDLE DIFFERENT OPINIONS! Y U BAN ME! WHERE MY FREEZE PEACH AT!?! Look at this uppity nigger, look at him and laugh.
Open file (61.51 KB 500x664 elliotdiner.jpg)
>>5192 The only one getting utterly BTFO are your children
>>5192 You never called me a larper, anon. :)
Open file (69.75 KB 540x564 Based.jpg)
>>5102 I do not want to sound dismissive, but the entire ethnoglobe things sound too similar to the proletarian uprising, a kind of promised event which will serve as the starting point if change, making pre-event action (aside from preparation) non-important as « X is coming ». Most people—most Whites—don't care THAT much about race, and the Globohomo would not risk centuries of subversion just be be impatient, remember that 'till today they have eaten slowly as to not generate a sense of danger or urgency, most likely they will (or already have) establish total dominion in a way that will feel natural for goyim, almost completely eliminating the possibility for revolt. Never expect anything dramatic from life, much less to come by it's own. The only promised day anyone should care about is today. >>5086 Based
>>5200 I see how one could interpret ethnoglobe that way, but I don't think it should be seen as any sort of messianic event that will render the world perfect. It's just like gassing Jews, anyone who thinks that gassing them all will make the world perfect and flawless is deluded and a Utopian. We don't deal in Utopian thinking, ideally. Unlike Marxists, I see that there are certain conditions in our world right now which could lead to ethnoglobe if the right people were to seize control of events. Basically the seeds are there, but this is by no means an ineluctable end, hell our entire survival as a people is on the line as I write this. With communists and their sacred "revolution", as I understand it they view there as being certain "contradictions" inherent within capitalism that will inevitably (?) result in communism. And it's been proven of course by mere comparison that the "highest stage of communism" is no more than a secularization of the Jewish Messianic Age. If anything what ethnoglobe theory is is no more than a racialization of Pentti Linkola's ideas.
>>5105 >The hard part is security, privacy, and resilience against takedowns, which that guide doesn't cover at all. My point with the guide is that setting up a server is way cheaper than a one would think. If I find a good guide that covers the privacy and security aspect better I'll link it in this thread. >It looks like that site just has weeb boards so they don't have anything to worry about since they're not a threat to the jewish system. They had a /pol/ board that was pretty popular in some influential circles. It wasn't advertised on the front page while it was active. I am surprised the management didn't try to release a better guide at some point.
>>5200 A random question but are you a woman?
>>5219 I thought we were all lolis in here >>5204 When put that way it seems more understandable. But I would support the west retreating from the third world, and stop supporting it, only with that kind of isolation we would have the incentive to improve, so far we have always had someone else telling us what to do. However, immediate invasion would spell destruction for my people, so of course I would fight it with whatever dirty means I could. I suppose, the west should be very occupied rebuilding its industrial sector to go conquer random countries, so I would have around a decade to prepare if this ever happens.
>>5224 Cutting off aid to the third world alone would do a lot of good. It's mainly due to the West in the first place that the populations in the places has even been allowed to go so high. Beyond that though it's impossible to say how something like this would be carried out.
Kinda new here, but what does pozzed mean?
>>5229 Thanks!
>>5228 How new?
>>5235 Does it matter?
Open file (152.09 KB 178x188 THE_POLICE.gif)
>>5237 It does now. License and registration.
https://chechar.wordpress.com/ Anybody else run across this National socialist blog? I've looked through some of it and he has some cutting criticisms of American/White Nationalism and a fuck ton of NS material as well as articles covering a wide range of topics. it's really quite interesting and he is a seemingly very well self-educated scholar of sorts, not sure he's White but, in this case I don't care.
>>5247 I've never seen this blog before, but from the first two essays or entries on there that I just read, he seems pretty spot on, especially in regards to this: >As Robert Morgan explained to us, the carved personalities at Mount Rushmore, including the Jefferson that O’Meara wanted to put on us as an inspiring figure, represent ideals that would eventually lead to White decline I myself despise the "Founding Fathers" who planted the seeds for this freakshow we live in today Also good: >That the racialist movement that raises the American flag is schizophrenic is seen in its inability to realise that, with its three anti-White wars—the 1860s, the 1940s, and today’s cold war that is already turning hot—the United States has become Mordor, and that using its symbols is mind splitting. >Don’t be fooled, White nationalists: Since the United States was founded as a worshiping nation of Mammon and the god of the Jews, it is unreformable. The United States can only be repudiated and put an entirely different political animal in its place. >If the American racialist movement were not charlatanic, its proponents would not only begin to rewrite history from Who We Are, but reject both materialistic comfort and Yahweh I'll have to read more later. Thanks for bringing it my attention
>>5249 Not a problem, doing more research it seems he is a more White mexican, And he really is very intelligent, I've read quite a bit of his material but it's still just a fraction, and one thing I really want to see is his edit of Karlheinz Deschner’s "Christianities Criminal History" if he is finished with it, he may not be anywhere near it is ten volumes after all, wonder if there is an English translation out there
Did I miss something or is this just mudshits seething?
>>5268 If you missed something, I missed something as well. I don't use /comfy/ though. My guess is anon is just trying to stir shit to get /fascist/ removed from anon.cafe so they stop getting bullied. >>5249 >the United States has become Mordor While I agree with the sentiment, using this kind of reference to make a point (even to great fiction like LotR) is reminiscient of leftists applying Harry Potter bullshit to reality. I think it's unwise to use this approach unless you wish to attract a..."special" audience.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/12/2020 (Wed) 04:20:04.
>>5270 >My guess is anon is just trying to stir shit to get /fascist/ removed from anon.cafe so they stop getting bullied. Kek, I swear some of these Muslims are masochists with how often they try to inject their bullshit into threads. Beyond them in general though, I see that I’m not the only one who thinks that there is some sort of “plot” (overstatement, I know) to fuck with /fascist/ here on the Cafe. If anons check the logs here they will see that the admin has been dismissing lots of global reports directed at us. Some of them were reports of my own posts in the meta thread BTFO’ing Integralist-kun, others were global reports against someone in /rwg/ saying that mass genocide is necessary . I’m thinking that the loliwife debacle is part of this puzzle. That had been going on for some time before it was pointed out suddenly. Granted, it was against global rules whether we like it or not, but it simply aligns too well in my mind. Either way, I’ve been getting some great laughs out of the loli drama >using this kind of reference to make a point (even to great fiction like LotR) is reminiscient of leftists applying Harry Potter bullshit to reality I was thinking the same thing. He was pretty spot on until there, I had to stop and cringe
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/12/2020 (Wed) 04:20:50.
>>5270 I was meaning to edit my post and add in a reply about LOTR but I accidentally edited it onto your post, that is why it says your post was edited. Sorry about that
>>5273 Perhaps it's related to the Esther thing from a few months back. >>5274 No trouble.
>>5275 Anything’s possible. We know there are watchful eyes on this site who are hostile to us. I’ve said it before, but back at the time of the Slate article /fascist/ barely had 1,000 posts and was on some obscure splinter-off of 8chan. No doubt they’re here. It seems like Esther went for more direct hits against the site though, but perhaps it is easier merely to stir up problems repeatedly and make admins think that a given board is just more trouble than it’s worth.
>>5268 How did /fascist/ ruin /comfy/? I think that this board posted political stuff on a /b/ type advice imageboard. What they fail to understand if that politics is everything. Like I get it - you wanna get away from politics but here's the thing: you never will.
>>5283 I think I found what they might be complaining about, see >>>/comfy/1972. Someone recommends Christianity and an anon replies that it is a “slave moralizing Jew cult”. Christcucks start sperging out, and not long after that Muslims start pouring into the thread. Not sure if there has been any other occurences but that’s all I found, hardly “ruining a board”. Honestly they’re just mad over at /islam/ that they’ve been raided by Tarrantposters a few times
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/12/2020 (Wed) 05:31:25.
>>5286 The niggers over on nein seem to think you're a glowie for being on the clear web and are encouraging Neinmoot to have a talk with you.
Open file (608.57 KB 621x684 tranny nazis.png)
>>5224 We're all girls (male) here. Catboykami reich!
>>5247 Discovered this blog after Christchurch, as I found a few of his posts about it via search engine. To my understanding this guy is a White spic, very antichristian so he's ok in my book. He has a tendency at building his metaphors upon LOTR and Game of thrones a lot though. >>5270 LMAO mudshits are so predictable, several times they came here to promote their shitty "religion" (and their love for pedophilia as well, I bet), been repeatedly BTFO so now they cry to have the bad /fascist/ kuffars removed from their sight. Another place completely overrun with mudshits is cuckchan, which truly became a cesspool.
>>5291 Source? No such thing has been discussed on Nein as far as I know, and no one except occasional disturbers trying to ruin Nein+/fascist/ relationship has ever spoken badly of Fash BO.
>>5283 >>5286 >How did /fascist/ ruin /comfy/? That line was melodramatic (as if /islam/ and /christian/ aren't fighting for second place) but this board is disliked there and it has been for ages. It became a much more notable problem the day the nein refugees came. /fascist/ posters, or at least the ones who thought it appropriate to make it known that they were crossposters, repeatedly attempted to reconcile the two communities as a coping mechanism and bring politics, of all the topics in the world, into /comfy/. They caused far more fights than the Christians and Muslims combined. Imagine if I tried to tell all of you, unironically and repeatedly, that anime is fascist. You tell me to fuck off; it's cartoons for children and escapist degenerage-enabling effeminate garbage and also the jews. I respond that Japan were allies with the NSDAP and that I find /a/ really comfy to post on, so anime is subjectively fascist and I'm welcome here. Repeat the last two lines until everyone yells STFU. I just paraphrased a reply chain from a /fascist/ poster trying to explain how this board is totally /comfy/ despite glorifying mass murder (justifiable or not is irrelevant), religious shit-flinging, propaganda production through deception and ad hominiem-centric fights covering the front page at the time (I believe this was said in the Letting Off Steam thread that was recently deleted). I've seen the same type of people when a hobby board I checked into was still on 8chan; once a fortnight a crossboarder from /pol/ starts making posts pathetically splicing the board topic (inherently liberal, if anything) with national socialism and Qfaggotry. They see two interests and HAVE to cross them over no mater how incompatible they are, like those crossdressing "nazis". They sparked fights regularly which is especially unhealthy for a slow board. If your post makes it clear you are a /fascist/, /leftypol/ or /qresearch/ poster, you aren't being /comfy/. That is why /comfy/ don't like this board and their crossposters. >>5286 That thread only has a couple of bits of evidence in the middle of a rare all-out fight, most other examples are deleted (either due to their overtly political content or incidentally as a result of the Letting Off Steam thread being nuked from orbit) Islam are mad because they got raided again, but you have to understand that this board was already the most hated. You're like /pol/ on 4chan; the biggest and most active board, bringing in refugees and crossboarders who act like jehovah's witness missionaries. There are enough annoying shitheads here to give /fascist/ a bad name. You're basically the jews of imageboards and you need to come to terms with it.
>>5297 Fun fact: all the imageboards with undesired, non-kosher political ideas circulating on them have been targeted for shoading for a while now. After 8chan was shut down, many others followed similar paths (fatpeople, neinchan, julay, 9chan were either shut down, kicked out of clearweb, infiltrated and all were constantly targeted with complaints to registrar, see pic related as example). Now it's /fascist/ turn to being targeted with its shutdown as a goal. I am warning you, BO: someone is trying to simultaneously have the board deleted here on anon cafe, and convince Neinchan owner to delete the bunker as well. As we speak, the cunnyposter who was around here is messing around on Nein /fascist/ bunker, claiming it was you all along cunnyposting both on here and on Nein, and is clumsily calling for Nein owner to remove your bunker board. My theory is that he is doing this because, since Nein is no longer on clearweb, he doesn't have a quick email address where to send his complaint like (((Esther M. Aronowitz))) used to do so easily for clearweb imageboards that were reported to registrars such as 9chan and fatpeople.
>>5283 >politics is everything. It might be if your life is particularly bleak, but I'd suggest getting some other hobbies or interests.
>>5295 >LMAO mudshits are so predictable, several times they came here to promote their shitty "religion" I can understand leftards, mongrel creaturas, non-Whites and other curious ghouls coming to shit up the board, but where the fuck did the goat fuckers find out about it lol. Gotta be some really devoted kike troll.
>>5302 Both /fascist/ and /islam/ were on 8chan, now they are both on anon cafe.
>>5299 wrong post number??
>>5302 I've seen a concerted effort lately to convert the dissident right to islam. What's worse is it seems to be working.
>>5300 Hobbies are the continuation of politics by other means. -Carl von Clausewitz, On Hobbies
>>5308 How the fuck is me cooking food political you nigger
>>5309 What food are you making? What are its cultural roots? Where are the ingredients from? Where were they sourced? Local goods? International trade? For who are you preparing this food? Yourself? Family? Potential family via dating? Friends? Coworkers? Is it healthy? Is it comfort food? For a holiday? What does that day celebrate? Food is deeply political. Just look at one of the big excuses for diversity, foreign foods, muh authentic tacos.
>>5311 Sure, you can shoehorn politics into everything. That doesn't mean people want to talk about it all the time.
Open file (238.51 KB 1018x1046 cyber cuck 2077.jpg)
All of my hobbies got raided by jewish shit. Trading card games injected trannies and niggers. Computer programming injected code of conduct, and renamed technical words to arbitrary nu-jargon. Videogames injected jews, interracial and gay shit. They weren't political battlegrounds before that. If someone wants to get mad about /pol/ pointing it out, they should consider that it wouldn't have even been a point of discussion before globohomo co-opted every hobby and turned them all into meta discussions rather than the business of enjoying the hobby itself. Take /pol/ away and everything is still shit and gay, and just gets shittier and gayer. I wish it wasn't like this, but I don't see it being solved by putting my head in the sand and blaming /pol/ either. The good news is anyone who wants to discuss hobbies without /pol/ viewpoints present can go to every single website on the Internet except imageboards, where they are kickbanned on sight. But of course you'll still be getting /leftypol/ shoved down your throat. Fucking jews politicized every hobby and now innocence is dead because they are coming for us whether we like it or not.
>>5316 Funs are relatively unpozzed... Other than corporations like remington making subpar products compared to the past due to shitty management. Other than constant regulations on what you can buy. Other than getting persecuted for using them or even just holding them in self-defense. Other than how even with all of that, there’s an endless push to take away what little the law-abiding have left to disarm them while subhuman hordes run amok. They are still wholesome and fun, if you can still get ammo for them.
>>5316 >They weren't political battlegrounds before that. Who is Richard Stallman? Programming has been subject to political shitflinging probably before you were born, it just wasnt /pol/itical. Most of the new stuff is just about "this offends people and there is no good reason to use something that unnecessarily offends people, especially when we need more programmers to solve our thousands of bugs". Some of the jargon changes are ridiculous (blocklist is a better descriptive term than blacklist, but the racial argument is fucking stupid) and the CCoC is poorly written and abusable. Its annoying, but it really only affects the very biggest of projects which were never about the fun of the hobby. They were social projects that thrive on community and avoiding fights. You dont go to Debian mail list to call people niggers. GIMP isnt changing their name, those who tried to fork it are being laughed at. TempleOS was a fun and free project its entire life. Personal projects are a hobby, large projects that got the CCoC are mostly professional projects that usually would have banned you for those things anyway before they added or changed their CoC.
Open file (8.89 KB 460x206 1597244526664.png)
>>5299 >As we speak, the cunnyposter who was around here is messing around on Nein /fascist/ bunker I'm one of the cunnyposters and my last post on Neinchan was No. 156. The Neinchan admin asked us to leave, so I respectfully left. In regards to your speculations, do you have any proof to show that it's me or some other loli anon trying to shut down /fascist/ here or on Neinchan? Secondly, I don't think this board is at risk of being shut down unless someone posts CP or sexually provocative content of children and a mod doesn't clean it up in a timely manner. In my opinion some anons are just fear mongering and exaggerating the issue. If this board were to be at risk of being shut down, the admin, if he's decent, would warn FashBO first.
>>5311 >What food are you making? What are its cultural roots? Where are the ingredients from? Where were they sourced? Local goods? International trade? For who are you preparing this food? Yourself? Family? Potential family via dating? Friends? Coworkers? Is it healthy? Is it comfort food? For a holiday? What does that day celebrate? But anon, none of that is politics.
>>5320 Don't care, from post 159 onward it's clear that some motherfucker is fueling the fire in order to have the /fascist/ bunker on Nein deleted. Actually it's not the first time someone tries to spread discord between the two boards, no matter how many times we tell these disturbers to fuck off with their divide&conquer attempts they always come back. Now, since they don't have a host like Cloudlflare to sent their complaints to being Neinchan tor only, they now try ta bait with cunnyposting. Once again I am urging Fash BO to take care of these motherfuckers on the bunker and delete their bait pedo thread.
>>5323 History, culture, and economics all tie together with politics.
>>5319 Every programming site I go to is throwing political correctness in my face every other day now. Anyone who speaks out against it is banned. The range of things that offends people constantly grows, and often introduces breaking changes that fuck up your dependencies and the documentation. Meta discussion is taking up an increasingly large amount of the signal, and it's all one sided. It's true if you are only involved in very obscure projects you can still fly under the radar, at least for now. Better hope that it doesn't gain any traction and come under scrutiny for using a pronoun example that in the docs that offends some shit stirrer, or you use the word Whitelist, or have a master branch. Then you're put on blast with a change request from some rando with a subsequent pile-on, and they call in their horde of flunkies when you don't sufficiently bend the knee to their liking.
Open file (15.38 KB 676x266 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5299 >As we speak, the cunnyposter who was around here is messing around on Nein /fascist/ bunker, claiming it was you all along cunnyposting both on here and on Nein, and is clumsily calling for Nein owner to remove your bunker board. No, I know exactly who this guy is that wants /fascist/ removed and is calling me a glownigger. He's some autist who constantly whines and cries that /fascist/ isn't exclusively on Neinchan and how even having a bunker for last resort there is "mistreating Neinchan" and should be grounds for our removal. He's easy to identify in that he always uses lower case letters. Just see pic related, now not only am I non-White according to some, I'm also a glownigger trying to spread degeneracy top kek. Could be kikery, could not, not sure. Either way I deleted the thread. I hadn't looked since Monday but the laugh-train seems to have ended. >>5302 They just come from /islam/ since it's right next door. >>5300 Politics is everything. The left understands this.
>>5268 >disrespect for other IB cultures >stirring shit on other boards >breaking rules of other boards >constantly injecting ideology on other boards >victim complex maybe you guys should stop being MASSIVE FUCKING FAGGOTS for once. >>5297 /fascist/ literally praises mass shooters and advocates child marriage. /comfy/ was their first victim, it's merely a matter of time before some tarrant wannabe takes down this whole site.
Open file (36.00 KB 647x659 YES CHAD.jpg)
>>5333 >/fascist/ literally praises mass shooters and advocates child marriage Based.
>>5333 There's nothing wrong with /comfy/. What's all this talk about the board being ruined?
>>5335 It's just a hunch, but notice the way he types in light of what BO just said >>5332: > He's easy to identify in that he always uses lower case letters.
>>5335 It's unindexed because of you guys, so it is incredibly slow now. Plus BO doesn't want to put it back on index, notice how comfy doesn't show up when checking the board list. >>5338 Literally who?
>>5341 >y-you killed /comfy/ and MADE the BO delist! >it's sooo slow now! Funny how literally no one knows what you're talking about. Fuck off shit-stirrer
>>5329 I'm confused. Are hobbies getting worse because of how things PC are or because of how non-Whites are into those hobbies too?
>>5333 No, this board does NOT advocate child marriage. Most of the loliposters are shitposters
>>5358 First and foremost it's PC-dom that's the problem. You can't even tell non-Whites, sodomites, trannies and other freaks to fuck off because of the drama that would erupt. If this form of behavioral control was absent, there would be little problem, as people could self segregate as they please.
>loli drama on multiple sites >Muslims crying >shit stirrers stirring >BO laughing >top board on Anon Cafe This board is the best
>>5332 >No, I know exactly who this guy is that wants /fascist/ removed and is calling me a glownigger. He's some autist who constantly whines and cries that /fascist/ isn't exclusively on Neinchan Exactly! I've noticed that mongoloid many times on Nein. >I deleted the thread. I hadn't looked since Monday but the laugh-train seems to have ended. Based. Thank you for always being present.
Open file (1.44 MB 2011x1282 1597256389345.jpg)
>>5324 >some motherfucker is fueling the fire in order to have the /fascist/ bunker on Nein deleted. I know the anon you're talking about now, excuse me. >>5329 I hate that shit. I wanted to learn a new language and saw everyone praising Duolingo. So I go there and one of the first lessons it shows a cartoon of a black man and a White blonde woman with a mixed child. Upon seeing that, I closed my account and just stick to my own Anki decks or old language textbooks from now on. >>5332 >Either way I deleted the thread That's probably the best thing to do to resolve some of this drama. >>5364 >This board is the best Absolutely. I'm grateful to have this place despite the trivial loli restrictions.
>>5370 Duolingo is really overrated in my opinion. Someone recommended it to me a few years ago but I felt like a lot of the sentences that it gave weren't very practical and were too simplistic even once you reach the higher levels of the course. And then there is of course the race-mixing propaganda. Needless to say, I don't use it anymore. I've never used Anki but textbooks and actual classes are the best way to go I've realized. >That's probably the best thing to do to resolve some of this drama. It's all pretty funny, but I'd prefer not to lose the bunker when we have no alternatives, so yeah it was probably the smart thing to do.
>>5296 Thread on the woman question on nein/fascist/, it was there last night right at the bottom.
>>5247 Lol he seems so obsessed with the Greco-Roman world that is is willing to defend pederasty. In the comments he is arguing about the difference between "healthy same-sex unions in the Greco-Roman world and degeneracy". I like the classical world too, but he fails to see that we shouldn't be pushing for a " transvaluation of values" that merely means "returning to classical values", what we should be focusing on is returning to the concept of the Natural Order and harmonizing our societies in accordance with it as much as is possible. The Europeans of classical times were far more in tune with it than our decadent civilization of today, but I'm sick of reading crypto-faggots saying how based and redpilled pederasts were just because it was a feature of Greek and Roman societies. https://chechar.wordpress.com/2020/07/12/puritanical-degeneration/
>>5373 I never said he didn't have flaws and we do know that pederasty was largely discarded and widely mocked as a practice at least circa 300 BCE, but as I said he seems quite informed and certainly isn't a moron.
>>5374 No, I agree. I think it's degenerate, but not meant with subversive intent. It seems like there is more good than bad, one can't throw out a person in whole just because they have one bad view in what is otherwise good.
>>5375 Yeah, and I haven't seen him say the practice should be brought back, just that it isn't as bad as many seem to think it was, I would never engage and would ban and/or kill those who attempt to engage in the practice but knowing the truth of things is important.
>>5333 I'm not saying that it was not some edgy /fascist/ poster, but if I wanted to make /fascist/ look bad I would do exactly those same things, we must always assume multiple reasons for something, but I still lean towards butthurt loli posters
>>5370 Duolingo is garbage. It's half-decent for vocabulary (but Anki is better) and totally worthless for grammar. Niggers aside, it's shit. >>5371 >I've never used Anki but textbooks and actual classes are the best way to go I've realized. Anki is great because spaced repetition is one of the best ways to learn things. >>5333 >anon was a retard >delete this probably unrelated board Wew
>>5373 I question how much of a feature it was of those societies anyways. At certain points in time and certain places maybe, but you can't automatically extend that to the entire civiliation's history without proofs. It strikes me as a whisper down the alley thing that "everyone knows" stemming from propaganda, continued because it fits a narrative that certain pushers have an interest in furthering.
>>5333 >maybe you guys should stop being MASSIVE FUCKING FAGGOTS for once. <maybe you kikes should stop posting accusations without proofs for once. For all we know, it could be you who is shitting up the boards >inb4 who"we" anon.cafe >>5335 >There's nothing wrong with /comfy/. I agree and I like that board. Also, real Blackshirts are not too retarded to realize that different boards have different topics and cultures. >What's all this talk about the board being ruined? (((someone))) is trying to divide and conquer and use false flag tactics to start a war between /fascist/ other boards (apparently, this individual's goal is to crash the /fascist/ board with no survivors) Also, for those who don't browse /fascist/, the only hotheads on /fascist/ are the occasional spergs from nu-/pol/ who complain about the posts being "too long" here on /fascist/ or the /fascist/ board tan (integralist-chan) being non-White anime character (heh) >>5359 >No, this board does NOT advocate child marriage. This. >>5370 >>5371 >>5379 >Duolingo I have tried it a couple of times, and I came to the conclusion that It's just something you can do if you have some time to kill, but you can't actually learn anything from Duolingo alone.
Open file (385.70 KB 626x770 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5378 >I still lean towards butthurt loli posters rent free
>>5380 If you read the comments on the article it becomes clear that he thinks it was more in the lines of experimentation that many here may not admit to but have done in the past and that it was not nearly as common as some seem to think.
>>5377 At the very least I think those who promote it or attempt to normalize homosexuality should be rooted out. I doubt the practice can be totally stopped ever, but we can try our best to prevent it from being seen as healthy or normal (and this is already clear enough from STD / HIV statistics, bug-chasing, the pedophilia connection, etc). Most people are innately repulsed by homosexuality and it is only Jewish astroturfing which has changed this to an extent
>>5386 Experimentation among young boys and among girls will always occur, we cannot stop it, we can only control it.
>>5382 >trying to divide and conquer and use false flag tactics to start a war between /fascist/ other boards This has to be it, especially raiding and spamming in this board's name just stinks of false flag.
>>5389 Although there are still 30 other boards in this cafe, let's see what they come up with lol
>>5390 The shitposting spiked recently (both inside and outside the board) after the first raid so I suspected a false flag troll, but that doesnt erase history. I wonder if admin will look into it. >>5333 >disrespect for other IB cultures A few loud retards, yes. >stirring shit on other boards no u >breaking rules of other boards Rarely. >constantly injecting ideology on other boards Yes. >victim complex Thats pretty normal when a retard or two cause drama for an entire community, but it was already there from the previous takedowns and the ideology itself.
>>5362 Fuck off for being PC or just being themselves?
>>5323 >What food are you making? Who did your money go to? What shops did you support? >What are its cultural roots? Who's culture are you supporting, is it your own? >Where are the ingredients from? Fuck America, I want 5 cents off my hamburger! What do you mean all the workers are niggers now!? >Where were they sourced? See above >Local goods? They imported niggers to pick the vegetables. >International trade? See above. >For who are you preparing this food? Yourself? Family? Potential family via dating? Friends? Coworkers? Multiracial inclusivity always includes food. All humans have to eat and you can get idiots to support other people through food preferences. >Is it healthy? Is it comfort food? For a holiday? What does that day celebrate? Health food industry is a big scam. There is no comfort in clown world. There is no holidays and no reason to celebrate.
>>5412 Both
I wonder what would happen if we de-indexed the board for a bit. I’m thinking our recent spout of problems may have to do more with our constantly visibility on the front page more than anything. We are the first or second largest board and one of the most active, almost always having a few recent posts on the front page, this makes it very easy for shitposters and autists to jump in easily. The only issue is that it cuts off new people coming in, and we do get newfags with questions occasionally. It just came into my head, and I haven’t done anything yet but am interested in hearing other /fascist/s’ opinions.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/13/2020 (Thu) 05:10:15.
What would you guys do if you had a son/daughter that said they were gay? From what I seen, repressing children's sexuality always goes south, and makes them into bigger faggots. Would inaction and obliviousness be the way to go and let them ride it out as a phase? Or try to explain to them the logical nature of why being homosexual is bad?
>>5422 Either accept the fact that people are natually going to have different opinions and embrace the chaotic nature of an imageboard, or close yourself off and die due to stagnation. Meguca did that, and half of the board turned to unironic gay thigh-high sock femboy posting. No matter what sort of shit a newfag or autist has to say, it cultivates and churns the activity of the board, preventing stagnation. Can't have fish in stale water.
>>5423 Ritual Sacrifice to the ancestors. >>5422 I do not know, it seems both have their perks but i lean towards keeping it open as the truth doesn't fear investigation, or shitstirrers.
>>5425 I don’t mind different opinions, it just feels like it’s been a lot more chaotic than usual the last few weeks (and especially days). I’m still interested in hearing from a host of people, but I probably won’t do anything, because stagnation would be bad obviously, especially of a Meguca-like variety.
>>5423 In today’s climate, if they feel the need to “come out” at all it probably means that they’re already a turbo-faggot beyond saving. Bring back honor killing. Just look at this pussy-whipped cuck in this picture. He’s seething with rage at his son being turned into a effeminate freak in a dress, yet he has been domesticated by modernity and Jewish laws. He is ashamed of what has happened to his son and what this says about himself, yet he is utterly powerless and passive when in reality he should be wrapping his fingers around his fragile son’s throat and squeezing, giving his wife a black eye as well. Call me edgy but I’m 100% unironic. I wouldn’t let a freak dishonor me by association
>>5427 >>5430 That's cool, but how would you avoid the police or the qualms of the mother?
>>5432 I’d probably kill myself at that point.
>>5432 The mother would either accept it or be killed herself, as for the cops, if I do have children they won't know they exist.
>>5436 >more seething about Synarchist anon Get a life
>>5436 Not him, but it's safe to assume that all of us are not in some sort of Fascist group. We're all just anons here in their respective lives. I'm sure a person in Azov or Nordfront doesn't give a shit about being on the internet, let alone an imageboard.
>>5422 My suggestion is to extirpate the trolls trying to pollute the board with their baits by immediately deleting posts clearly made by agitators (posts such as >>5398 ) There is no debate to be made with these niggerkikes, they want one thing and one thing only: to completely delete any non kosher place left on the internet. The least we should do is to give them the same treatment and eradicate their shit on sight, no questions asked.
>>5428 Who said anything of this board having the same opinion? We literally let non-Whites post here for crying out loud.
>>5388 What is that supposed to mean?
>>5444 It's simply a statement of fact, at best we can limit the practice, it is not possible to eradicate it.
>>5436 >larp larp larp larp larp And what are you doing?
Open file (305.13 KB 640x974 BZR4VdK.png)
>>5422 >I wonder what would happen if we de-indexed the board for a bit That might be worth a try. Especially because there is a chance that the trolls aren't coming from any of the boards that are hosted on anon.cafe idk, why not try de-indexing the board for a week or so and make a post on the /fascist/ meta explaining the situation? Also, if someone starts spreading false rumors, I think it's important to refute them asap because there is the chance that an Anon believes them (because (((they))) will control the narrative if you let them to) >>5441 this. *** There was a few posts about hosting your own imageboard. I have a few addendums to the discussion from the last thread. >>>/fascist/5096 >http://chen2.org/guide.html <this guide is the tldr verion how chen2 was hosted (Run Debian or Devuan GNU/Linux on your server) >https://www.w3schools.com/ <Learn basic webshit (HTML + CSS + (basic) JS) from W3Fools (also use MDN as reference https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/) (also, you want to learn the basics of SQL and MariaDB) <You need a text editor; use Neovim (https://neovim.io/) or Gnu Emacs (https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ Open Emacs and press Ctrl+h t to view the tutorial) or VScode (https://code.visualstudio.com/ ALSO, remember to disable the telemetry https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/getstarted/telemetry) >(optional) Learn to use Git version control software (https://git-scm.com/ There are more tutorials and references at https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials) >https://invidio.us/watch?v=OWAqilIVNgE <vid guide on how to set up a (basic) website. >get your free SSL cert here https://letsencrypt.org/ >https://wiki.archlinux.org/ <for documentation on Linux programs (even if you don't use Arch) >>>/fascist/3 >the takedowns of fatpeople (aka fatchan) and zchan seem to have succeeded because of -chan suffix which seems to upset jews and boomers because of 8chan. in other words, do not pick a domain name that contains -chan (idk, just use -board or something else instead) Intereting. The takedown of fatpeople.lol happened rigth after they added the fatchan domain.
>>5454 It's probably the same guy that who got banned earlier in the thread saying we should interbreed with chinks and Jews because they're "winning".
>>5441 I'll try to step it up a bit more. To an extent I already have been you'll probably have noticed if you keep an eye on the log activity, but either way I'll try to flush some of these people out. >>5462 I'll definitely keep the de-indexing idea in mind. I'm going to see how things are for a few hours here today before deciding what needs done, and if so I'll do as you suggested with meta and stuff. >Also, if someone starts spreading false rumors, I think it's important to refute them asap because there is the chance that an Anon believes them (because (((they))) will control the narrative if you let them to) Depends what it is, honestly. Past a certain point it's tedious and of dubious value. For example I spent something like twenty minutes in another thread the other day convincing some poster that that I was not banning and rebanning Integralist-kun and that he could just IP-hop whenever he wanted to. In the end he said he was wrong but I can't afford to do that with each and every rumor, I'll have retards pulling me around all day long. Either way though I get the spirit of what you mean.
>>5425 Could you explain the meguca stuff? >>5428 Webring is dying. People are moving to active boards when their home dries up. They shit post because they have nothing of value to add. >>5442 And you shouldn't. It only goes to prove you don't believe in your ideals. You allow yourself to be actively subverted because you don't have the balls to defend what little territory you have. >>5465 Shitty BO being shit again. Rushing into poor decisions on a whim instead of taking the time to discuss it. Delisting the board isn't going to get rid of people trolling you when they already know how to find it. You're on a public forum and can't just vanish once everyone knows where you are. If you wanted to delist it should of been done immediately.
>>5468 On the not letting non-Whites post here, ask BO for that.
>>5468 >Webring is dying >shitposters are leaving <dying You're an idiot. Usually slower boards are higher-quality.
>>5468 > Rushing into poor decisions on a whim > If you wanted to delist it should of been done immediately. Well, which one is it? I haven't done anything, I'm just floating ideas
>>5468 >muh Shitty BO being shit again. FashBO did absolutely nothing wrong. If you are referring to the 8moe episode, he said he wasn't aware of the drama and both admitted and corrected his error promptly.. >instead of taking the time to discuss it Why don't you contribute to the discussion, then? >Delisting the board isn't going to get rid of people trolling you when they already know how to find it. They might use the webring app to hop here to troll (as /fascist/ is one of the top boards atm) >>5472 >Usually slower boards are higher-quality. this. Effort posting takes time and, well, effort (as does reading and digesting other people's posts)
im against fascism but i post here a few times a week for political discussion (mostly in good faith). i use the overboard and if i see something either interesting or dangerously retarded being said, i step in to post. my pov: >if you stay on the overboard, its convenient for me to provide alternate viewpoints and help stop the place becoming an ungrounded echo chamber >if you delist, i no longer have to scroll past gifs of people being killed and annoying propaganda so im fine either way
Let's be real, 99% of the autism is right here in the QTDDTOT. It's not leaking out so there's nothing really to act on. Just do what >>5441 said.
Open file (29.90 KB 1326x220 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5273 It's clearly him, read this if you haven't >>>/meta/13488
>>5481 >mostly in good faith >mostly >implying there are times you don’t act in good faith
>>5492 Yes, once a month I shitpost in the christianity thread.
>>5475 Delist when you get on the site, not at a later date. >>5477 >Being ignorant and handing people to glowies is nothing wrong. >slower boards are higher quality Wrong. Board speed has nothing to do with quality. There is plenty of quality on fast boards. Saying slower boards is higher quality i just a weak cope. I did contribute to the discussion you cock sucking faggot. I pointed out it was too late to delist the board because people wanting to troll it already know where it is. Dedicated trolls don't use the front page if they come back day after day to troll.
>>5475 /comfy/ did it too and the shipposting there went to zero overnight. Trolls will only pour in when activity is visibile.
>>5517 >cope Oh. It's one of you. Go back to your fast home, faggot.
Open file (170.87 KB 647x558 You disgust me.jpg)
Honestly I ignore the true identity of these problematic elements >false-flag sets up a clear and satisfactory motive with an easy way to shift blame >Newfags who put hate over discipline and thus act like niggers make things much more difficult as it is not as easy to discuss with people with very similar points to yourself (these are the stupid ones) >Users unsatisfied with the current board management and wish something to be done, while not having a clear plan. They feel full of righteous anger, but in reality they are closer to angsty teens who do not understand hierarchy While an organized attack gives me a sense of importance I would think we are dealing with the third option; bad apples, not too stupid but certainly misguided. Even if we ignore them they will keep on acting like niggers under the banner of Fascism. Maybe we should also look inward, improve the board in order to separate ourselves from them, hen it would be much easer to explain that we dindu nuffin. >>5383 >A E S T H E T I C S in lowercase >>5437 Anon, please tell me about the butthurt, I missed it but I feed off their bitching. Lolianos may be living rent free on my head, but I have jumped-in and reside illegally into the minds of manny anons.
Open file (17.96 KB 560x645 mishima wojackk.png)
>>5534 >Anon, please tell me about the butthurt, I missed it but I feed off their bitching He was screaming about there being a poster who was an aesthetics-obsessed homosexual who is obsessed with other aesthetics-obsessed homosexuals". I can only assume this was referring to you and Mishima
>>5535 Based
In relating to homosexuals, is it possible to save them? I've always held the belief that SOME homosexuals, especially those who hate their desires and have resisted their urges can be pulled free from their Jewish brain washing. I mainly hold this belief because Rockwell thought he could save some of the homosexuals that were a part of his party. Perhaps it was wishful thinking and both of us are wrong. Anyways, In relation to my question, I had sort of scenario that I wanted to set up. Basically, a family member, let's say for example, a cousin or brother comes up to you and tells you they have homosexual feelings, they lust after men and especially young boys, and admit that they have watched homosexual porn on multiple occasions but have not acted on their urges. They request your help in removing these thoughts and becoming a better person. Do you attempt to help them by giving them sort of some kind of impromptu therapy that you may not be qualified to give or do you simply hand them gun with a single bullet or sharp object and tell them to end it all? 2nd image unrelated
>>5568 I think it's fine to try to save them on a personal level, but I think it would take state action to make real progress on that front.
>>5568 >Basically, a family member, let's say for example, a cousin or brother comes up to you and tells you they have homosexual feelings, they lust after men and especially young boys, and admit that they have watched homosexual porn on multiple occasions but have not acted on their urges. They request your help in removing these thoughts and becoming a better person If I was in the situation, I'd probably tell them to first stop watching pornography all together. I think that some people can saved from it. It's more of a sick fetish in my mind than an immutable "orientation". Just notice how a lot of incels and /r9k/ types essentially become "prison gay" after watching more and more degenerate material. After that, I'm not sure, I'd probably try to introduce him to some nice girls. Do you know what Rockwell tried to do save homosexuals? In the end though, I agree with >>5570 when he says that "I think it would take state action to make real progress on that front." Also, read what I said here: >>4690
>>5568 >I've always held the belief that SOME homosexuals, especially those who hate their desires and have resisted their urges can be pulled free from their Jewish brain washing If their homosexuality was an acquired fetish, rather than an innate orientation, there's a good chance it could be reversed. Especially if they find those feelings to be a problem. For your scenario, if a cousin or brother asked for help, I'd want to know how long they've had those feelings, why they think it's a problem, and if they had any interest in girls. I agree with >>5576 on quitting porn. I experienced something similar to your scenario when I was 15 or 16 and had intruding thoughts of what it would be like to have sex with other guys. I was considering watching gay porn to just see what it was like, but thankfully I never did. The thoughts only lasted a few days and by the end, I realized that homosexuality was disgusting and unnatural.
thoughts on International Relations Theory?
>>5636 Realism is the only sensible position
Greetings, I asked the same question on Nein and an anon told me to ask here again: Can someone give me a clear definition of fascism? Kikepedia and the likes all only list it as basically a form dictatorship, socialistic fascism or communistic fascism. The reason for me wanting the clarification is because the university I'll start studying at is heavily leftists and sooner or later, I'll probably end up in a debate with local antifags and such. Thank you very much in advance.
Open file (312.05 KB 1024x783 mosley blackshirts buf.jpg)
>>5733 Fascism is basically a rejection of liberal egalitarianism and (in some ways) a return to classical political philosophy with its focus on hierarchical and holistic societies. Fascists don't see the divisions of political parties and squabbling factions as conducive to a healthy society, and support the principle of leadership, where the goal is to make sure that the best rule, the most far-sighted and dispassionate and also the most public-spirited rule over the body politic, and yet the criterion for just rule has to be rule for the interest of the entire nation. The fascist state idea is a form of organicism, where society is imagined (or literally interpreted as by some) as an organism, composed of a hierarchy of functions all working together for the greater whole, not fighting against each other. Likewise the state doesn't just exist to allow corporations to sell their shit to consumer cattle, it has an active interest in building the people up along with itself, trying to foster their latent potentials So key features: >nationalism >"united we are stronger" >primacy of leadership >organicism I'd also recommend Cultured Thug: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8ZNFr6idU1Wx/ https://www.bitchute.com/video/jessOBKeBk2A/
>>5733 Read The Doctrine of Fascism by Mussolini for a thorough explanation, it's like 20 pages. Put simply, it's an acknowledgment of the laws of nature that state that we as humans rely on society for our survival, therefore we must put the common good of society before individual good. This society must be based around a nation, by which we mean something like an ethnic group, in order to be prosperous, since we are evolved to be most comfortable in a community of people with a common language and culture. Since it follows the laws of nature, it also acknowledges that in reality people, things, and ideas are not all equal and that the inferior must be rejected so that society can progress. Finally, it believes that an authoritarian state is necessary in order to enforce these things.
>>5733 >>5741 I forgot to mention that Mussolini's fascism and Hitler's National Socialism are similar but not exactly the same. National Socialism places much more of an emphasis on race and the importance of racial purity for the health of society, but Mussolini disagreed on that matter. Realize that as a national ideology, fascism would be applied slightly different for each nation since each nation has different needs. Also university is a scam.
Open file (246.43 KB 500x667 intergralistchan.png)
>>5737 That's probably one of the most beautiful descriptions of fascism I have ever heard. I'm not anon who asked the question but If I ever get into an argument with someone or someone else just asks a question about fascism I'll be sure to give them that answer. >>5743 >National Socialism places much more of an emphasis on race and the importance of racial purity for the health of society, but Mussolini disagreed on that matter. Yeah that's another reason why some forms of fascism are a lot easier to sell to normal fags, at least for the time being. On the subject of fascism that didn't have a racial base, What would Brazil look like today if the Integralists came to power? I thought they were unique in a lot of ways when it comes to fascist groups because they held some of natives with deep respect and considered them the ones who were the true holders of Brazilian culture. >>5576 >Do you know what Rockwell tried to do save homosexuals? I don't actually. I know that he had some members that were homosexuals and he tried to help them but I am not sure what that entailed. I heard this in an interview he had when asked about them but I can't seem to find this again. I wish I had saved it.
>>5761 Brazilian integralists? I mean Brazil's a non White country. So, I guess some of the members were non White.
>>5761 >National Socialism places much more of an emphasis on race and the importance of racial purity for the health of society, but Mussolini disagreed on that matter. It's a hard sell in societies that have already experienced a lot of race-mixing and / or a long tradition of doing so, just like Italy and the Roman Empire. I wouldn't even know what a pure-blooded Italian equivalent to a German Aryan is. As for Brazil, well, Spaniards have seeded themselves all over the place so what can they do there except being integralist.
Open file (224.56 KB 1807x823 italians.jpg)
>>5768 >It's a hard sell in societies that have already experienced a lot of race-mixing and / or a long tradition of doing so, just like Italy and the Roman Empire. I wouldn't even know what a pure-blooded Italian equivalent to a German Aryan is. There is little to no racemixing in italian population. Genetic research proved that current italian population is genetically correspondent to ancient roman/italian population. Moorish/african admixture is extremely low and insignificant. Source in pic rel. Stop believing the kikes spreading "X are not White" divide&conquer propaganda and the schizo drivel by Varg about ancient romans being swedish.
>>5770 >Moorish/african admixture I know this is bullshit just like that clown Varg, if anything invader babies were aborted or thrown off the cliff. My point is that is Italian to begin with? There's a bunch of tribes of them, Etruscans (where do they come from?), some small celtic influence up north and god knows what else, so I don't doubt genetic continuity rather the original mixture already 2,000 years ago. From the way Roman historians describe their adversaries, in particular germans, continental celts, brits, scots, irish, they always make a point who similiar they are like as opposed to Romans themselves but I gotta admit it's really not my special area of knowledge.
>>5770 They also proved beyond doubt both with genetics studies and drawing the hidden pigments out of many Ancient Roman Statues that they aren't the Romans who built Rome, they were largely Blond, or Red haired and Blue Eyed, or put succinctly Nordic. They are Not fully White, just like the Greeks before Alexander did his conquering and led the way for his troops to race-mix by marrying one of the non-Whites he conquered. The Italians today while majority White, in their DNA, would if they want to salvage, and perhaps rekindle what true Nordic heritage they do have, and perhaps rebuild the greatness of Rome in its heyday, subject themselves to using ONLY Nordic Y-DNA to produce children. This would effectively allow the racemixing, voluntary or not, to be removed entirely within a few generations, same for the Greeks.
>>5772 >drawing the hidden pigments out of many Ancient Roman Statues that they aren't the Romans who built Rome, they were largely Blond, or Red haired and Blue Eyed, or put succinctly Nordic This is true, but expect him to ramble at you about being "kike d&c" rather than try to give an actual argument.
>>5774 He's just an Italian or Spaniard who's mad he isn't as White as the Nordic/Germanic peoples, it doesn't bother me. I don't want to kill them, I want them to fix themselves.
>>5761 >That's probably one of the most beautiful descriptions of fascism I have ever heard. Thanks, anon, I'm glad you found it to be an adequate definition. While I thought that it was accurate enough to post, I was having a hard time trying to strike a balance between succinctness and length.
>>5772 >>5774 >>5775 No such thing as "nordic italians", morons. Italians, greeks and spaniards are mediterranean caucasoids.
>>5781 Phenotypically ancient Mediterraneans were much more "Nordic" than today's
>>5781 Go look at the bust with the pigment drown out of Julius Caesar, and all the roman leaders before him, and many of the ancient greek statues that show the same, they may have been a different tribe who separated millennia earlier in one of the numerous migrations all across Europe and evolved adaptations for the Mediterranean climes but they WERE Nordic, the evidence shows it clear as day.
>>5768 It's definitely a hard sell, but if they don't buy it they're the ones who are missing out majorly. While all other political ideologies are based off of groundless desires and demands, it is only National Socialism that is based off of the natural order and its laws in the world around us. People have an in-group preference, people have a will to preserve themselves and to reproduce. There is competition over resources and land between groups, and the fittest groups and individuals will destroy the weaker. Politics is no more than the practice of preserving one's people and forwarding their struggle for existence by various means. If the elite of other groups recognized these truths and organized their societies in accordance with them, they would flourish and grow greatly in power. They would never reach the level of the highest Whites, of course, but they would become much fitter as a people. For us it is good that most of the world is hoodwinked on slave morality and human rights, Whites just need to be woken up from this. Jews understand all of these truths and have clothed this doctrine in religious garb.
>>5786 So you're referring to other races? How does one have hope that other races can rise of out Jewry?
>>5789 It's hypothetically possible but extremely unlikely. Jews are able to manipulate non-Whites with ease due to how they appeal to non-Whites with slave morality and oppression narratives. Non-Whites, having been historically dominated by Whites, are very weak to this sort of appeal. The Jews always appeal to hatred, resentment and envy
I've heard Richard Spnncer is a Fed and a Jew, are either of these things true? and what proof do we have? I know he's a race-mixer and an idiot that fucked up public advocacy for our movement as National Socialists, and that he is also a Duginist but want to know what proof there is of him being a fed.
>>5812 It's best to be suspicious of him. I'm not sure we have direct proof of him being a fed though. The most eyebrow-raising things are of course the one photo of him with Laura Bush, who was of course the daughter-in-law of the former head of the CIA, George H.W. Bush. Now I've heard it claimed that this picture was taken at some fundraiser for a national park though and that Spencer just happened to be there apparently and asked for a picture with her. She is wearing the same clothes in this article picture as in the Spencer picture. https://flatheadbeacon.com/2011/07/18/laura-bush-visits-glacier-national-park/ Unless someone has more proof I'm unaware of, I don't see tons of evidence for him being a fed. More concerning are the support for Duginism and links to Jews such as Paul Gottfried. The article below is a must read, it exposes all sorts of Duginists and crypto-commies associated with Spencer like Keith Woods, another Communism apologist groomed by Spencer. https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/05/18/alt-right-duginism/
>>5814 I have some fucking idiot telling me that ALL "nazis" and National Socialists after the war are Duginists I suspect he's an idiot as he won't read that thuletide article and thuletide does not seem like a liberal, his excuse, from what I can see.
>>5815 That dude sounds retarded. What is his source for this claim about Duginism? If he won't even read an article that would BTFO him it might not even be worth your time to argue about tbh
>>5816 https://imgur.com/a/sP6GA5h This is his proof because the NSDAP worked with the KPD.
>>5817 I can take screenshots of what he's saying on telegram as well, I hate these people who are just trying to do what the Communists do even if they don't know it.
>>5817 I didn't look into the sources or facts behind these, but some of this appears to just be spontaneous activity among the workers. Especially in the first image, it says that "At the street level, the men involved in the strike reportedly had little trouble working together". What is key here is "at the street level". We know today that there are very many people who don't really care about ideology beyond a certain level, and these workers probably thought "hey they support struggle against capitalism too!" Most Communists on the street level during every revolution or period where Communists have major influence have always been just everyday people. The Jews pull the strings at the top and push in poison such as "internationalism" and the like. The second pic seems like Communists being opportunistic, trying to get Nazi students to sympathize with Russia. Also it's worth noting that Ruth Fischer's father Rudolf Eisler "was born in Vienna to a family of wealthy Jewish merchants." So that just strengthens my suspicions. Jews pull out all stops. Radek is another literal Bolshevik Jew, so we can see why he would be trying to make certain people friendly to the Communist cause over the Ruhr issue. It even says in the pic that the Communists only thought that they only became fascists due to social ills, which implies that Radek was trying to subvert them and turn them into Communists. The posters with both symbols seem to be local level stuff again. The seventh picture outright says that they want to subvert and neutralize Nazis.
>>5819 I thought he was a literal retard, and you and those snippets confirmed it. I don't get how so many fall for the traps of "you can find more in common with an honest leftist than your average conservative" like retards.
>>5820 My guess is that the guy didn't even really apply even minimum research to this imgur pics. What I typed up in my last post was from less than five minutes of Wikipedia research for people like Ruth Fischer and some basic knowledge I already had such as Radek being a kike. My guess is that he had some link saved that he posts whenever this argument comes up that he thinks just BTFOs NatSocs who criticize Communists. Basically /leftypol/-tier infographic and quote spam. >I don't get how so many fall for the traps of "you can find more in common with an honest leftist than your average conservative" like retards. People who say this most likely do not have a very deep understanding of leftism or their own ideology.
>>5821 You want to get the most ironic part, this is in a based books chat, https://t.me/based_books, you should be able to see the books they have stored through a browser if you don't have Telegram. it in the chat for that channel specifically
Open file (30.10 KB 367x469 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5822 I can get to this page in my browser but beyond that I can't see anything
>>5823 I can ask for a list if they've made one.
>>5826 >>5827 Seems like a pretty good list for the most part. I might have to save this. It seems like there is a lot of activity on Telegram but I've just never gotten into it. Not sure how much I trust it. I know there is good discussion about Tarrant and others going on too.
>>5828 Yeah, I had telegram from a while back before I became NS it requires a phone number and it doesn't actually encrypt anything that isn't in a specifically secret chat but plenty of people use it among our side and it's sadly one of the places that Chriskike Identity fedniggers seem to be quite active, but at least NRM and it's people in the chats are usually quite good, if not terribly active during American hours.
>>5830 >it requires a phone number and it doesn't actually encrypt anything that isn't in a specifically secret chat Yeah, that's why I've never checked it out. Though I'd bet it glows less than a lot of other places that people use. >It's sadly one of the places that Chriskike Identity fedniggers seem to be quite active Lol don't get me started on them
>>5832 It's not too bad, especially for Americans, and I know AZ uses it as do NRM and shit, so either they glow or they have figured out ways to minimize glowie infiltration, and you can use fake phone numbers for it as well.
>>5833 I'll have to look into at some point and see if there are any good ways to get around the phone-number requirement like you mentioned. I hear Jews kvetch about Telegram a lot so there must be some good stuff to read there.
>>5834 I suspect most use one of those fake phone number apps, and I know you can create an instance of a phone on your computer with the software to run it, and perhaps use that.
Open file (167.40 KB 1344x925 german economy.png)
Can anyone debunk this?
>>5845 Notice how the author in the final post puts economic reasons first as reasons for war and expansion and then cities "Nazi Ideologies" as some sort of justifying factor or secondary contribution. This is how Marxists work. It's called historical materialism: >Historical materialism, also known as the materialist conception of history, is a methodology used by some communist and Marxist historiographers that focuses on human societies and their development through history, arguing that history is the result of material conditions rather than ideals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_materialism He also fails to understand to the vital reasons that expansion into Russia was needed. Autarky was only a single reason. There wasn't enough land in Germany for its growing population, and farmers had far less land per family than in similar Western European nations. Germany was more comparable to places in the Balkans in this respect. In Mein Kampf and his Second Book Hitler repeatedly talks about how world-affairs in the 20th century will be dominated by nations controlling vast amounts of Lebensraum and resources. The lesser powers would be subject to the will of the greater powers. This quite obviously came true. If one disconnects themselves from the Jewish "economics is everything" mindset, and puts themselves more into the shoes of Hitler's worldview, which is dominated by the struggle for existence and cultivating a better race, the picture totally changes. And all of this is ignoring the fact that Russia was occupied by a Judeo-Bolshevik government. B-BUT IT WAS JUST ECONOMIC REASONS The Third Reich's economy was not perfect, but we cannot forget that Hitler brought six million suffering German workers back to work, gave them a livelihood and began to free his country from the grip of (((internationalists))) and disgraces like the Treaty of Versailles. He built roadways which are used to this day as well. Also the part where the poster is kvetching over women in the work place is funny, because one it tacitly assumes that having women working as wage-slaves is a good thing, and two I've read the exact opposite. There were MORE women working in Germany compared to Britain and the United States in the 1930s and during the war. It's possible that the fractions he's giving is relative, I don't know. Hitler did NOT move women out of the workplace though, for better or for worse. I can't dig up the exact sources right now, but it was in Wages of Destruction. This wasn't a debunk really, but mainly a few comments I could think of off the top of my head.
>>5832 But doesn't Christian Identity still advocate what you guys advocate - extinction of nonWhites
>>5868 It’s better than mainstream Christianity, no one can deny this, but it is based off a repudiation of European greatness in exchange for adopting some sort of fake history and identity where we are the “real Jews”. We’re not blacks, we don’t need to pretend to be kangz and appropriate the deeds of others, we wuz kangz in truth
>>5871 It's also infected with kikes, and a shit ton of non-Whites, and they are literally insane i have seen some of their forums, like http://www.Whitenationalist.org , they don't just advocate for killing non-Whites, they advocate for killing all "Non-Adamic" peoples including a large proportion of Whites, including any pagan. They are most likely, in my opinion, a psy-op to associate us and those like us with absolutely batshit insane motherfuckers.
>>5876 They seem obsessed with sperging about dubious etymological connections between Hebrew tribes and European groups, and looking for people with red hair in the Bible. The summation of my experiences with them is “THEY WERE NOT JEWS, THEY WERE JUDEANS”. I haven’t talked with them enough to conclude whether they’re necessarily a psyop but I can hardly believe that they were ever popular in WN circles like I’ve read they were
>>5877 >and a shit ton of non-Whites How is that permitted?
>>5877 http://www.Whitenationalist.org/forum/index.php this is the link i should have put in there
>>5879 I do not know, I only know that there are spics in there and Arabs, I think, other than that i haven't looked any further, don't want to and it would only piss me off more, i'm already on the verge of purging christians with extreme predjudice(in minecraft).
>>5882 >i'm already on the verge of purging christians with extreme predjudice(in minecraft). Based. I have first hand IRL experience that Christianity dulls one’s ability to wake up to the important questions. It is one of the greatest issues that we face as a people. Pierce was right
>>5883 Yeah, thanks, I really cannot stand it whether in it's sheer judaistic bullshit encouraging egalitarianism and racemixing, but for how blind it makes people. The strangest part, though perhaps not that strange, is that the CI niggers are uinironically the ones most likely to push shit like the moonlanding being a hoax, Flat Earth and so on. While many of us won't ever know the whole truth of those matters, unless the archives of the current regime are preserved somehow, it is unlikely the NatSoc scientists the jews took from Germany did not accomplish that.
>>5882 >>5879 >>5877 If CI were to exterminate non-Whites only I'd think you'd be fine, am I correct? On another note I just hate the fact that they think anyone non-White is an animal when in reality they're human with shit attitudes and genetics. They seriously think they're the only humans. Now this may sound like igaf about nonWhites but let's be real here - we don't care what nonWhites do, Whites just need a home and that's all. These CI on the other hand want to go on about the lake of fire and how Yahweh or whatevers going to exclude Adamic peoples in the extermination. Idk, maybe they're based
>>5885 I am a Pagan(I despise the term as it literally means Goyim), in their view, and in reality though my views closely align with Pierce's Cosmotheism, it just doesn't feel right to me, though it would be excellent for lemmings. So, no I wouldn't be fine, nor would most any other christian or non-christian on earth who isn't a non-White. Were they to overtake most of the thought in WN or NS circles, it would spell ultimate doom for the White race fully completing the jewish plot of christianity. the "religion" would end up only sending all remaining members of the White race, if they can even successfully complete their purge, into a completely jewish mindset that would lead to purity spiraling until all Whites are dead or genetically degenerated as if I recall they support incest. No they aren't based, at best they could be a useful tool, at worst enemies within the ranks. My personal opinion is they should absolutely be purged completely, not a single book or writing by any of them, that was ever written should remain not even for historical purposes, the same for Christian Aryanism, it is the same shit with only minor differences.
Open file (761.75 KB 1089x1706 haeckel humans primates.jpg)
>>5885 Many lower non-Whites are closer to primates than humans both in physiology and mental capacity. The best example is that many nigger children can't even recognize themselves in the mirror until they're like six years old. Whites do need a home and this should come first, but non-Whites are dangerous today now that they are able to use White technology and weaponry. This is especially true in regards to the Asian races. The Yellow peril is not a meme. >>5884 The moon-landing is basically confirmed a hoax at this point, let's be real. Concerning Flat Earth, you have to be very careful. Controlled opposition runs rampant. The first thing that pops up when you Jewgle it is "The Flat Earth Society". This group is controlled opposition in the truest sense of the term and is full of shills peddling false and obviously ridiculous explanations. The real Flat Earthers are made as hard to find as possible. I am not sure whether I would say that I believe in Flat Earth, but there is certainly enough info out there that casts doubt on aspects of the globe theory that they sell us. I don't talk about it much though because people can't handle it.
>>5893 >the globe theory that they sell us What about satellites, anon.
>>5894 I haven't researched satellites yet. The main things that have made me skeptical at all involve the natural physics of water, and the mathematics involved in the alleged curve drop, which should be apparently 8 inches multiplied by the number of miles squared. You'd think that would be noticeable. Anyway, I don't know what to think. At this point it wouldn't surprise me if the Jews would pull something like this, but it's not worth making a centerpiece of a political platform or anything. Anyone trying to push stuff like this in front of all-important matters like racial survival and flourishing is acting in bad faith.
>>5895 Yeah I haven't dug into physics much to have a strong opinion on it all, but just from the point of view of looking at computer networks that use satellite links, both Low Earth Orbit and geostationary, I have to lean pretty strongly toward "flat earth" being just another theory that some people find a romantic appeal in contemplating. Certainly at the least it's fun to think about and would make for good speculative fiction. I've heard some other ones with varying degress of plausibility like the chronology of recorded history being way different than is displayed, the supposedly European origins of some ancient peoples on other continents, and of course 9-11 theories. Out of the thousands of alternative theories I wouldn't be surprised if at a handful had a large element of truth to them. But you make a really good point that these pet theories shouldn't be put together as some kind of package deal with racial survival. I've actually heard a lot of these theories from all sorts of political and even racial backgrounds. White leftists, blacks, and hispanics also love far out theories.
>>5896 There's definitely a Romantic appeal in a lot of the alternative cosmologies. Vid related is a good example of why someone could be drawn to such a theory. Same with hollow earth. There would be much to explore and discover if this happened to be true. >you make a really good point that these pet theories shouldn't be put together as some kind of package deal with racial survival. Yeah, Hitler was right in Mein Kampf when he was attacking groups and individuals who were trying to link National Socialism to things that were quite unrelated to the major goals of the movement, i.e. preserving the German people and overturning the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles. Regardless of model, I think everyone can agree on the importance of the 14 Words.
Flat Earth is just controlled operation to "discredit" any notable questioners of Globohomo Reddit Science. Just as how Globohomo does so with questioners of Global Warming/Climate Change by associating them with Corporate Degenerates/Cucks.
>>5901 There's no proof it's controlled opposition regardless of whether it's real or not. Modern day Flat Earth theories were already popping up independently in the 19th century with ideas such as Zetetic Astronomy, the Bedford Level experiment and various different theorists. What is undeniably Controlled Opposition are people like Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere and any retard who allowed themselves to be set up by the Jews in the 'Behind the Curve' documentary. Not surprisingly, the main guy in that doc was a shill I already mentioned. Anyone who has ever used tfes.org to judge the theory for themselves were also browsing a shill site.
Open file (5.22 KB 525x90 Nazbol.PNG)
Open file (20.51 KB 461x436 Nazbol2.PNG)
Open file (28.83 KB 525x501 Nazbol3.PNG)
Open file (36.63 KB 566x479 Nazbol4.PNG)
Open file (40.82 KB 628x557 Nazbol5.PNG)
>>5828 On the subject of telegram shall we see today just how fucking cringe people are and how easily brainwashed many of the so-called red-pilled are? Pics related, We need to think of some way to counter Nazbols and Duginists like Spencer, or somebody needs to start assassinating them.(in minecraft) We might need a thread on this but I don't know where to start. dumping the entire conversation.
Open file (40.28 KB 712x564 Nazbol6.PNG)
Open file (35.93 KB 677x555 Nazbol7.PNG)
Open file (22.84 KB 722x528 Nazbol8.PNG)
Open file (30.23 KB 641x493 Nazbol9.PNG)
Open file (30.62 KB 610x479 Nazbol10.PNG)
Open file (40.92 KB 673x563 Nazbol11.PNG)
Open file (34.98 KB 704x479 Nazbol12.PNG)
Open file (39.43 KB 598x556 Nazbol13.PNG)
Open file (37.10 KB 571x557 Nazbol14.PNG)
Open file (38.57 KB 648x546 Nazbol15.PNG)
Open file (29.58 KB 503x485 nazbol16.PNG)
Open file (31.87 KB 529x526 Nazbol17.PNG)
Open file (28.67 KB 532x531 Nazbol18.PNG)
Open file (29.72 KB 611x469 Nazbol19.PNG)
Open file (35.45 KB 552x499 Nazbol20.PNG)
Open file (34.62 KB 528x555 Nazbol21.PNG)
Open file (36.93 KB 621x490 nazbol22.PNG)
Open file (33.76 KB 595x530 Nazbol23.PNG)
Open file (39.46 KB 557x484 Nazbol24.PNG)
Open file (40.75 KB 825x552 nazbol25.PNG)
Open file (144.75 KB 711x568 Nazbol26.PNG)
>>5907 The end.
>>5908 Aurochs is a retard. Enough said.
>>5909 I agree, the more pressing issue, however, is these fucking people being everywhere, I actually had an argument last night with a couple of dumb niggers who think NS is an outgrowth/ outcrop of Marxism, not even kidding, and this because of the myth of hitler being inspired by Italian fascism, and the fact of Gentile being a little inspired by Marx, which is incorrect as Hitler and Mussolini rose around the same time and the foundations are different..
Open file (112.74 KB 1049x441 ClipboardImage.png)
You're arguing with a delusional retard. I was pretty sure of it as soon as I read him attacking the Saints, but with him calling you (?) and schizophrenic and crying about "muh innocent civilians" solidifies my conclusion. If he was operating off a framework like pic related, he wouldn't be crying about dead communists and invaders
>>5896 >>5899 what is the opinion on tartaria and mudflood theory here? theres a jew on youtube named jon levi who has many videos about it and he makes a lot of good points that theres something very off about the version of history we have been given, going back to only 100-200 years. we should pay attention to these emerging theories because as i mentioned hes a jew, he has a video where he is trying to use the tartaria mudflood theory to blackwash history, saying that tartaria was all niggers and that Whites emerged from africa and stole civilization from niggers. if we dont start nipping these things in the bud they can become dangerous competitors in the culture war within the nich sphere of alternate history conspiracy fringe type stuff.
>>5911 I agree, and yes me. My problem is that we have these dumb niggers infiltrating all over some probably many of us, won't fall for it, but they shill for a brown-red aka NS-Commie alliance, and call anybody who speaks of the necessity for violence and organization for that purpose a fed or schizo, or even racist liberal he is a particularly stupid of course but this shit is there to cause a schism and neuter any opposition.
>>5912 So I just went and watched one of his videos, is he really saying that mountains and stuff are the remnants of past human structures affected by this "mudflood" event? Maybe I misunderstood, but that's sure what it sounded like. I've heard of Tartaria, but never assigned anything special to it. I'll have to look into this more, especially what you said about it being used to blackwash history. Video I watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOmQ_cwQHyU >>5913 >call anybody who speaks of the necessity for violence and organization for that purpose a fed or schizo The best thing to do is to mock them for being an optics cuck, a weakling or in being complacent in letting their people go extinct. They'll still call you a fed, but the few lurkers who aren't total cucks will understand what you are saying if you approach it correctly. Less of "START SHOOTING NON-WHITES NOWWWW" and more "we have to get off our ass and start doing something, whether this organizing or anything similar". It's also good to point out that only people in our circles are cowardly enough to throw our martyrs under the bus. Leftists would openly celebrate someone who gunned down a bunch of "fascists" or even "racist Whites"
>>5893 You seriously think the Earth is unironically flat? I thought White Ethnoglobalists were smarter than that.
>>5917 That's the kind of shit I say, not so much the potics stuff but in general yeah, lol, they just deflect and attack Breivik or Tarrant who accelerated things and acted because they were desperate.
>>5922 Do I think it's flat? Not necessarily, I said in the very post that you are responding to that "I am not sure whether I would say that I believe in Flat Earth, but there is certainly enough info out there that casts doubt on aspects of the globe theory that they sell us". I think it is far less silly than one would first think.
>>5887 How would you not be fine with a non White extermination?
>>5929 I would be, my opposition is to what they would do to Whites in their overriding search for purity, and their Christkikery.
A question regarding Crusius, Why is he so deeply respected on /fascist/ when in his manifesto he says he wants to give land to non-Whites who have been in the US for several generations. He even seems to respect certain non-Whites to some extent and feels pity for those who are race mixed. I am specifically referencing these parts of his manifesto. >I am against race mixing because it destroys genetic diversity and creates identity problems. Also because it’s completely unnecessary and selfish. 2nd and 3rd generation Hispanics form interracial unions at much higher rates than average. Yet another reason to send them back. Cultural and racial diversity is largely temporary. Cultural diversity diminishes as stronger and/or more appealing cultures over take weaker and/or undesirable ones. Racial diversity will disappear as either race mixing or genocide will take place. But the idea of deporting or murdering all non-White Americans is horrific. Many have been here at least as long as the Whites, and have done as much to build our country. The best solution to this for now would be to divide America into a confederacy of territories with at least 1 territory for each race. This physical separation would nearly eliminate race mixing and improve social unity by granting each race self-determination within their respective territory(s). >In general, I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto. This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. Some people will think this statement is hypocritical because of the nearly complete ethnic and cultural destruction brought to the Native Americans by our European ancestors, but this just reinforces my point. The natives didn’t take the invasion of Europeans seriously, and now what’s left is just a shadow of what was. My motives for this attack are not at all personal. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what he said but it seems like he respects some non-Whites. I apologize for any strange formatting from the quotes, I copied and pasted it from a web page that was formatted really weird. Also, another thing, How does Synarchist anon feel about Crusius?
>>5941 I understand where he is coming from partially. The demographic situation here in the United States is far worse than anyone could imagine. I don't mean this in the obvious sense of "non-White numbers are rapidly expanding and they are outbreeding us" - everyone knows that this is a grave problem - but more in terms of the sheer number of non-Whites on American soil. To give one example: Niggers. They're only 13% of the population, right? Can't be that hard to remove them. This is deceptively easy to fall into, until you realize that 13% of the population amounts to some 46 million niggers (give or take a few million). How on Earth can we get rid of 46 million people? This would amount to the largest forced deportation in world history, dwarfing even Stalin's massive transfers of entire ethnic groups. Those who think that niggers can be sent back to Africa are delusional for this reason, because I want to know what would be the logistics of relocating 46 million people and transporting them across the Atlantic Ocean. The other non-White populations are even larger and present similar problems. This raises the question What the fuck do we do with them? One can just say "kill them", but as much as I'd like to say "yeah, let's just kill them all", I think it would be the least likely scenario to occur in real life. What is most likely to happen is something like what Crusius says - complete territorial separation of Whites and non-Whites on American soil. This is would be pragmatic and actually get shitskins out of our territories. It doesn't have to stay that way though. Whites will want all the land back. It would be a temporary solution, and not a bad one. I have no moral qualms like Crusius pretends to have regarding killings and deportations, but I also am willing to try any sort of option that will secure the existence of our people and a future for White children, as long as it does not put us at a disadvantage. It might also be important to realize that he might be trying to argue for the least radical solution that would be appealing to a general White American audience. Not saying I agree with that strategy, but it's very possible.
>>5943 Since this only happens with a civil war, extermination is the only option.
>>5944 Civil war is probably the most likely course of events, honestly. If it leads to the end of this clown world though I welcome it
>>5943 White ethnoglobe. Even if the spic synarchist and I have to die, let it happen. It was supposed to originally be that way until jews gave us technology. A progressive step not warranted by our peoples.
>>5908 >some hole comes in saying "chans" and flaunting that she is a woman on the internet Tell her to post tits or gtfo. How can you even stand to use that shit?
>>5949 Arguments that I, invariably, win, because other people turn to mockery when they don't like what you have to say, I have to keep my skills sharp outside of using cuckchan and it is the only way to network with NS in other countries, short of going there myself, which is not possible at present and may never be if I keep to my principles and ZOG continues to reign. As for, the woman she has like 5 kids, I think, I saw it mentioned somewhere, so she is supposedly doing her part for the White race, that was all she said, and it isn't the "chans" on telegram, women being attention whores is but a fact of life when identity comes into things.
Why did the fascist really lose ww2? Was it just because they lacked natural resources and equipment or were there other issues they were facing with that prevented them from succeeding.
>>5951 Even if she does have five children, I hope they are not young, because she should really be caring for her children and home instead of laughing over politics and browbeating about "le chans". Imagine what a cuck husband you'd have to be to let your wife chat with strangers on an encrypted messaging app. >>5955 Countries like the US and USSR did have a lot more natural resources and manpower than Germany, Italy and Japan. Germany could have taken them on separately perhaps, but the Jews set aside their differences and teamed up, lending each other weapons, equipment and all sorts of assistance to fight Germany, who was the enemy of both the (((capitalists))) and the (((communists))). The two-front war did not help either.
>>5955 It all comes down to Hitler allowing the Allies to escape at Dunkirk and then invading the Soviet Union a few months too late.
>>5983 The source is from my ass because I don't remember where I read it but supposedly the delay was irrelevant because the spring was so wet the roads didn't dry out till then anyways. Even the Russians were waiting for better conditions.
>>5989 It's Allied cope. A large part of the current narrative surrounding WWII has to do with "German aggression" and Hitler's apparently irrational behavior. On he evening of May 24 1940 there was an order from High Command which came at the insistence of Hitler to stop the advance at the canal line. This was a super controversial move apparently, as both Walter von Brauchitsch and Franz Halder were said to have sperged out, but Hitler continued to attempt to stop the war and show mercy to the Allies. He wanted England to be his nation's friend, not its enemy. Personally even the cucked sources that I have read mention nothing about the weather or conditions, they merely depict as a blunder the likes of which the world had never seen, or some sort of "miracle".
Why did the White caste in India failed to prevent mix racing?
>>6000 My theory is that while they had an instinctual aversion to mixing with the natives at first, and a general desire to marry among themselves, as time passed the society may have, as all societies do in time, grown decadent. The rulers became weak and denatured. The fatal flaw in the caste system as it existed back in the day was that it was permissive of hypergamy for lower caste females. A non-Aryan female could marry a higher caste man and the children would be, if I remember correctly, be in their eyes be basically Aryan by their standards. These marriages of a high caste man and lower caste woman were called marriages "with the grain". The opposite, higher born women with lower men, marriages "against the grain" were condemned by law. So while they were smart enough to protect their women from non-Whites, the men were tolerated in race-mixing to an extent it seems. It may not have been celebrated, but it was something men did. I blame this on an ignorance of modern racial science. In a spiritual sense the Aryans of that area were far more advanced than we are today, but in a material sense they were very impoverished. It is not hard to see how people in the past could be ignorant of the deleterious effects of mixing and not realize what was happening until they were completely ruled by mutts and their civilization sinking back into the mud. If you want some specific quotes or references I can dig some shit up later. Funnily enough the Bhagavad Gita warns against race-mixing. If only they had listened.
>>6000 All caste systems lose to entropy. Just like all slave systems lead to mongrelization.
>>6010 That's why physical removal and separation of the other races is so important, because it almost always results in integration and eventual mixing.
>>6012 This. Segregation is not enough, it has to be a complete territorial separation.
>>6016 That's just not possible in America, I think we have top push and keep pushing until we have at least the continental US under our control and ours alone. and then to defend those borders with death as penalty for violating them.
>>6000 >>6002 another theory is that the aryans who invaded and conquered india were mostly male. they came from another area, for some reason left, but didnt bring enough females with them.
>>6034 That's what I thought as well, I think some researchers claim the European invasion. migration or invitation into India was mostly male. IMO I think around the time they conquered India and began establishing the caste they didn't really have a choice, but to mate with the native and local Dravadians females due to lack of European women, although it still doesn't explain why didn't they a form of selective breeding when knocking up a South East Asians such as the child must have light skin, blue eyes, and light hair color which would of made the Indians more genetically and physically White.
>>6036 they probably werent able to enforce that. prabhupada talks about vedic kshatriya culture in his commentaries. they seemed like as well as being highly cultured and very religious, they also were extremely violent, willing to fight anyone at any moment for whatever reason. they were extremely possessive, proud, and territorial. the duties of a kshatriya are described as to manage land and wage war, they needed some land to manage or they just didnt feel right inside. if you can imagine that type of person, of course they would rather move out and conquer the darkie village past the tree line so that they can claim their own kingdom, rather than live under the rule of another person, waiting for him to give away his few precious White daughters, only for a bigger deadlier kshatriya willing to fight you for them. just going off things he would say, marriages were arranged by the father unless he had a very valuable, beautiful daughter, in that case there would be a contest held for her that of course involved kshatriyas killing each other for her. in addition to being polygamous they also had rules and regulations for having mistresses. these people were fucking savages. their sexual and territorial appetites were far to great to be controlled in a regulated manner to prevent race mixing.
>>6030 With the US I think we will have to work slowly to solve our issues. There is great potential here, but solving the racial issue will be a monumental task. I think the reconquest of the continental US will take some time. >>6034 I had not thought of that possibility, but it seems very plausible.
>>6040 im worried US is fucked no matter what. the way its going, civil war is inevitable with jews pushing it on both sides. thats the red flag. the real plan isnt a communist revolution in america, its a civil war to weaken the country enough for the new chosen goyim to roll in, the chinese.
>>6042 Right now the planned civil war is absolutely to destroy America so the Jews can move onto the next country, which like you said is probably China. The burden is on the shoulders of White Nationalists as to which direction this goes. Civil war is inevitable, but whether the Jews are allowed to have it go the way they planned is the key factor.
>>6038 Wait so this is refering to Aryans or dravidians?
>>6047 China would probably be refilled by seeing how Jews destroy America. In fact the chink youths hate their older generation there since china is degenerate with the eating practices and insect mentality.
>>6052 redpilled*
>>6052 >>6053 I don’t know, honestly. The Jews have already caught China in their web, and in fact as we know the whole of modern China is a product of Jewish ideologies. Even if the CCP were to be removed from power, China is still caught in the Jewish web of international finance and trade. Many times the coat of paint changes, but the essence stays the same. Only something as radical as National Socialism, which is antithetical to all materialistic and Jewish ideolgoies, can truly break free and actually threaten the JWO.
>>6047 Im thinking china is leaps closer to the ideal state the jews want goyim living under, and they'll never get america to be like that without a civil war happening. They can use china to subjugate america in a time weakness and then with the antifa commie media programming, implementing their totalitarian state will be much easier where all the gentiles are more like farm animals or ants in a nest instead of people who own land and guns. I remember in the turner diaries the White nationalist revolutionary forces made it a point to take control of nuclear weapons. >>6056 Maybe a redpill propaganda campaign directed towards the chinese people would be enough to weaken jewish control over their country such that they would no longer be able to mobilize china to implement a totalitarian government in america.
>>6051 Aryans. Going by those descriptions it sounds like they would get along with the scythians.
>>6067 What's your thoughts on Bronze Age Pervert?
>>6067 >Im thinking china is leaps closer to the ideal state the jews want goyim living under, With stuff like social credit, I have to agree. Jews would love to implement something like that worldwide. If it were up to them they'd be barring you from services and punishing you if you said mean things online or didn't racemix
I read somewhere that Europeans have something called Neolithic farmer dna which are a band of farmerniggers who have west asian or middle eastern dna. Is there any way possible for us to reduce this and increase the amount of European DNA in our blood stream?
>>6071 i dont follow his stuff. is his basic idea that the conditions of the bronze age fostered masculinity? >>6101 certainly. there is plenty of science and practice of eugenics going back ages. the future of eugenics though is most certainly directly altering the DNA in the womb. it will be a huge leap forward. it will produce some ghastly abberrations for sure, but it will be a lightyears leap forward.
>>6103 >is his basic idea that the conditions of the bronze age fostered masculinity? From what I've seen it's mainly a book about how gay modernity is and how the mindset of the average person in the Bronze Age was more healthy with a splash of Nietzsche.
Open file (176.30 KB 1263x714 ClipboardImage.png)
More D&C on /meta/
>>6101 But I'm definitely sure you guys will support social credit if it served your purpose. Like if you racemic your sc decrewses or something.
>>6105 Well, what does /fascist/ think if this? He's not wrong of the part about this board?
>>6118 Not even sure I should give this stuff attention, but whatever. He's wrong and paints a purposely inaccurate picture of the board. The guy's seething over the fact that this board has gotten more into White Nationalism than it was at the beginning. This is why he is crying about "NeetSocs", some crypto-communist being banned and rules being adopted to deal with literal retard Adolf Stalin (see >>3277). He's also drying to drive yet another wedge in between /fascist/ and Neinchan. They're desperate to break us up. Concerning my shifting my stance, I was into Strasserism when I made this board over two years ago. Now I'm more into National Socialism. Apparently I did this in order to appease a "tiny WN clique". There's no clique here, and I never talk to anyone outside of this board. I probably am fairly incompetent though tbh Concerning the alleged list of "non-White posters: >AESTHETICS mishima synarchist This is obviously a poster here >other mexican anon I think this is an occasional poster >TovarishB00t former /trap/ Someone claiming to be this person was in the meta thread before I banned them for being a faggot >Undyne 8kun/islam/tranny Someone made a thread on this person from 8kun's /islam/ and they found the thread. Poster was banned and thread removed >hongkong anon Literally who >taiwan anon I remember someone on Julay knowledgeable about Taiwan. I assumed they were Taiwanese but I have no idea of their race or nationality, never seen them again >Indian anon Not sure of any actual Indians here >"El goblino castizo de las Américas" Falange poster Doesn't even post here anymore >Bootlicker VidyaMutt Literally who >Poetryfag WhiteFianceMutt Literally who >muslim anon /islam/ shills are not part of this board >Ethnoglobe whiner He is annoying and has shut up since people told him this >/cuteboys/ drawfag Integralist-kun He is banned on sight and hated by everyone here for being a faggot, a troll and a shitskin So among the known non-White posters, three of them are as far as I know active posters, Synarchist anon, other mexican anon (assuming here) and ethnoglobe whiner. One of them doesn't post here anymore openly, some of them I don't even know who they are, and all the rest are shills and people that are banned.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/23/2020 (Sun) 23:01:58.
>>6120 >I think this is an occasional poster I don't post anymore because the topics at hand surpass me, and i get easily recognized too so the replies are not on topic. Still lurk around tho.
>>6103 BAP seems to be someone who encourages masculinity and the ways of ideas of the Bronze age era. I think he may be a pagan considering he has attacked Christians once in one of his tweets on how Christianity reached Europe and in one of his podcast he supports the idea of White supremacy.
>>6105 >RivalFashBO Wow they're going all out
>>6120 >Not sure of any actual Indians here :^)
>>6120 When you said "other mexican anon" did you mean the one who had White and mexican parents?
>>6138 I’m not really sure, honestly. I just remember on Julay there was a guy who was talking with Synarchist anon about various recipes or something in the QTDDTOT. I assumed he was Mexican too but didn’t really pay attention that closely. >>6137 We certainly have India autism but no Poojeets I’m aware of
>>6139 Because if you're talking about one who had a White and mexican parent... I never left (^: I actually do remember than anon. wasn't that thread where synarchist anon was WE WUZing about the pineapple alcoholic drink? anyways the reason why I've been quite and I can imagine that other non-White anons have been quite was because of something that you or someone else said in the /mutt/ threadthat thread was a D&C thread through and through. Basically there were some non-Whites acting like women and flying their race to get attention and the so called "based" status from other anons on /fascist/. I've only really talked about my race a few time, once on the QTDDTOT on julay and I remember how much ass hurt it caused from this one guy encouraging homosexuality and claiming hitler was drug addict, homosexual, and had some sort of secret sexual relationship with stalin. The events I am describing happened about a year ago so I don't blame anyone who doesn't remember them.
>>6142 >I actually do remember than anon. wasn't that thread where synarchist anon was WE WUZing about the pineapple alcoholic drink? That sounds right.
>>6139 >Poojeets I am one but I just don't get why some are obsessed with Hindus.
>>6146 It’s mainly due to the Aryan connection and the fact that it’s at least partially derived from Indo-European religious traditions. There’s a lot one can learn as a pagan from studying the religion. The type of Hinduism admired or even practiced by a few here though is probably a lot different from what actual Indians practice, though. The consensus among anons in our pagan thread here seems to be that it was gradually “Dravidianized” along with the small White population over time.
Open file (1.57 MB 480x480 minecraftautism.mp4)
>>6146 Interesting, are you actually from India? I think some people admire Hinduism for it's teaching and stories it tells.
>>6149 Anon it's best to keep myself anonymous just like yourself. Yes, Hinduism CAN be a tool for guidance and whatnot. I lived in a time where kids were told stories of kings and princes and the problems they had to face. But please do not just use that only. Use like the religion that's definitely speaks for you. Unless you are referring to ancient Hinduism which I guess makes sense since I've seen Aryans (people with White skin) in some paintings in Hindu temples. As for the Dravidians currently, I notice that my parents just worship them as it gives them a purpose in life, even though they aren't strictly religious. I just don't get how they cannot realise that the Aryans hated us and that the religion was not meant for them. Oh, I know you didn't ask for thi but - don't assume every pooinloo is some peace loving guru. The men are eexually frustrated and the women are too feministic.
>>6151 Wow phoneposting's a bitch alright.
>>6151 >don't assume every pooinloo is some peace loving guru. The men are eexually frustrated I’d be more surprised at the opposite honestly
>>6146 All the indo-euro aryan connection stuff aside, its philosophy and view of reality very much so resonates with my experience of life. It is unfortunate that its buried beneath some terrible art styles that serve to steer away many. After studying vedic philosophy for a time i became all the more disinterested in the modern world and losing hope in it. Learning about the true story of hitler and facism gave me hope for the modern world. Afterwords i came to understand about the indo-euro aryan connection and how hinduism was an influence on the nazi party through bhagavad gita
>>6157 I know that Himmler was said to have carried a copy of the Gita around with him, but is there more influence I am not aware of? It would not surprise me, though, since there is much great wisdom in that work.
Does anyone still like Richard Spencer, because I've been having feelings that he has been a fed.
>>6203 Some anons were discussing this recently up here: >>5812, >>5814, >>5815 but there's nothing really conclusive. At the end of the day though, I don't think he's really a positive force for us. He caused the whole heilgate fiasco, he got beat on by leftists and he was linked to debacles like Charlottesville. Not to mention he's overall just kind of faggy. I say all of this, but his old podcasts with Jonathan Bowden were actually pretty informative. https://archive.org/details/BOWDEN
Open file (120.92 KB 1048x410 Faggot.png)
>>6204 Kind of faggy? Nigger he's a full blown fag. He actually thinks western culture was created by gays despite the case being the opposite.
And if I'm correct I think he had a Jewish tutor as well.
>>6204 I also believe at one point he promoted race mixing with Asian women. >>6206 Look, I know we live in clown world but was he being serious with that tweet? Is it possible that he was just joking around? I'm not saying this because I hold some misguided respect for him but I'm just wondering if this was a joke. That's what it really looks like.
>>6208 One can never know with Spencer, but that is the general vibe that the wording of the tweet gives me as well, especially due to “seems to be kind of a...” I’d need to see the context though of course. >>6207 Spencer? Yeah, some Jew named Paul Gottfried was his mentor, even coined the term “Alt-Right”
>>6208 >Look, I know we live in clown world but was he being serious with that tweet? Is it possible that he was just joking around? I'm not saying this because I hold some misguided respect for him but I'm just wondering if this was a joke. That's what it really looks like. Spencer once said this and If I'm correct he had a boyfriend and a communist jew girlfriend along with the support of pedophilia I think? But All I know is that he seems to be a degenerate who thinks White Supremacy means he can do whatever he wants. https://twitter.com/RichardBSpencer/status/528395974666764288?s=20
>>6240 Good video. The Apollonian Germ video mentioned in the video you linked is also worth watching for anyone who wants to learn the truth about (((Spencer))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldQGwGxq6b8
>>6248 Will we ever get a break with these alt-kike "leaders" and well-meaning retards? There's no real leader worth looking up to.
>>6318 I tend to ignore the alt-kike and only view them as communists. But I agree the major problem we are suffering with is the lack of leadership and E-celebs are one thing I want to avoid.
>>6318 >>6319 So long as people see hope in the electoral process, mostly these people are christian from what I have seen, and they refuse to acknowledge that violence is the only way we get out of this situation we will remain here. A truly revolutionary leader is needed, and he will not be tolerant of Christianity or it's degeneracy, because it is at the root of the shit that plagues us now, we cannot move forward if we cling to the recent past and it's life denying and unnatural bullshit with so much fervor that it destroys us, the only way out is to repudiate this entirely and the only way that is done is by repudiating Christianity and all of it's baggage and social mores. We either do this, even if it brings us to the brink of death, or we die because we cannot let go of what our enemies gave us, specifically to kill us.
Why did the Norhern Europeans ended up becoming Christianized? I heard that the Vikings allowed Christians into their lands or even let them buy lands so they could create strong holds and thus forced conversions among the Northerns. What stopped them from banning Christians?
Open file (58.83 KB 980x448 ClipboardImage.png)
We Anon Cafe now
>>6322 See >>5595 and read the book
>>6322 I haven't researched this area in particular, but it's possible that they weren't aware of the dangers of Christianity. All it takes too for the entire region to be Christkiked is for the elite to switch allegiance over to it. I once read a book for a university course (The Christian Tradition: A Historical and Theological Introduction) which noted that while today we tend to think of religious faith as something that is highly personal and individualistic, in the past it was quite different. The conversion of Europe was carried out from the top down. When rulers converted, swathes of subjects were expected to follow suit in short order. People didn't become authentically Christian until after a few generations of it being forced down their throats. It happened slowly and under the nose of most. In the case of the Japanese, they went from never seeing or hearing about an Abrahamic religion in their entire lives, to being faced with the full brunt of Catholicism and missionaries suddenly. It was probably shocking, and it wasn't long before churches were destroyed, Bibles burnt and unrepentant Christians executed. Their reaction to Christianity was so strong that they literally closed off the country for the next few centuries and started registering the population with local Buddhist temples to make sure that they weren't practicing Christianity. The Japanese had the state resources and ability to close off their country too, which the Vikings didn't, given that they were a far less organized and complex society at that time compared to Japanese in the 1600s onwards.
>>6339 I'd imagine race played a factor as well. Presumably, the Christians settling Scandinavia were also largely Germanic, leading to less initial skepticism, while presumably White missionaries to Japan would cause the natives to immediately be on their guard.
>>6322 Northern Europeans became Christians because the elites just like in Rome cucked out the pagans and switched to Christianity, solely, because of economics. The Northern Euros already tolerated the Christians to an extent thus some pagans being a mix of Christian and pagan meaning they believed in Jesus and Odin at the same time. Due to this the Christfags were able to come into Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and subvert and create strongholds within the lands of Northern Europe. Moral of the story is that for some retarded reason, the leaders of the Northerners either weren't aware or were hungry for some gold, because their towns and cities heavily relied on trading resources to obtain food and other valuables they needed or wanted. It was also because there weren't enough spiritualist who could keep the Scandinavians to stay loyal to the faith of Astaru. I would debate the whole reason why the vikings failed against Christianity isn't because of the lack of resources just exactly, but the lack of faith of the desire to stay true to their faith was also kind of a factor especially when you consider how Alfred The Great defeated them and the vikings then saw Christianity as a religion of warriors. >>6344 A lot of the Christians in Scandinavia were Jewish or partly, the Europeans were fully aware of certain physical attributes that were obviously different, so it wasn't just appearances it was also what you preached and how you spoke which made you identifiable and the leaders in Scandinavia who converted to Christianity spoke stupidly, sadly we couldn't have Northern Europeans become the European version of Japan due to harsh conditions and some other factors about the tolerable behavior of the Northern Europeans that allowed this to happen.
>>6320 How do we even take on Christianity, though? I’ve been redpilling someone I know on a lot of topics lately, but criticisms of Christianity literally roll off them like water off a duck’s ass. The mental gymnastics these people achieve is truly impressive. Recently I was discussing several things with the person mentioned above, and in regards to the verse where Jesus calls a gentile woman a dog, “it’s all okay in the end because Jesus helps her anyway”. Regarding the infamous “Salvation is of the Jews” he had no response, but could only scoff and try to talk it away, even insinuating that it may have been added in. Regarding Jesus telling his disciples not to preach among the goyim, he said that this is because “he knew they wouldn’t listen to him”. He seems to have zero rationalizations for the Sermon on the Mount, and merely says that Jesus was willing to use violence with the whip and moneychangers and how he told them to buy swords (of course ignoring context). I used to be a big fedora-tipper back in the day, but the experiences like this are making my negative feelings towards the religious creep back in again. I don’t really identify with the term atheist, but some of these people are just bonkers, you can’t convince them to stop worshiping (((Yeshua))) and ((Saul)))
>>6357 It's indoctrination. we have to find someway of getting in deep. well under the various levels of it if you wish to save these people, personally i would rather kill the lot of them (in minecraft, of course) but want to exhaust any reasonable other options before I commit to that.
>>6367 Something else needs to be given to them though. We obviously can’t just leave them with a gaping void in their soul. Unfortunately their Jewish God is often dear to their hearts. This is one problem I’ve thought about a lot in regards to Christianity, not to mention a lot of major religions. In Christianity though it’s particularly egregious. The vast majority of the beliefs come off more as something that people would *like* to believe to be true, rather than something that is truly in accordance with the reality that they live in. When I say this I mainly mean the following ideas: >benevolent God >God cares for and loves mankind >God is something that can be related to as a person, gives revelation, hears prayer, etc >there is an afterlife better than this life >the evil shall be punished in the afterlife It’s a massive cope, though unfortunately one which has massive appeal regardless of truth value. It’s a shame that ideas such as Cosmotheism are unable to be appreciated by many lemmings, but the main stumbling block is, I think, the fact that it doesn’t give you the “cope version” of reality, but a real one which acknowledges basic facts such as the pervasive and unending struggle for existence among living things, the fact that all of nature is hierarchical, and constantly changing, sometimes improving, sometimes degenerating, though constantly striving for perfection and greater and greater levels of consciousness. Whether it will ever reach a final state is another question, or how, given the fact that the universe is likely eternal, that the final state has never been achieved yet. These are all major questions I have about Cosmotheism, though it is undeniably the best bet we have though, especially when supplemented with fleshed out concepts of the Natural Order and the difference between human law and the Laws of Nature
To all the religious people here - what if we took the core idea of CI only? As in Whites are the only worthy race and the rest should be genocided. I'm pretty sure everyone on this board can definitely agree with that. With that core idea only, we can combine with Cosmothiesm. We can say how Nature benefits Whites only.
>>6370 >Something else needs to be given to them though. There are several alternatives available from Nature itself personified as a singular creator of the universe to Wotanism to the Hindu gods at their Vedic roots, they can take their pick even if it's life-denying, as that, in and of itself, is not entirely negative. >We obviously can’t just leave them with a gaping void in their soul. I disagree here, I think if you wish to replace christianity, you must do this, or create a gaping hole in the physical person. My reasoning on this is that that empty feeling and preserving it for me at least allowed me to open my eyes to the truth, to allow nature to fill that hole with it's beauty, and the beauty of the Natural Order. >Unfortunately their Jewish God is often dear to their hearts. This is one problem I’ve thought about a lot in regards to Christianity, not to mention a lot of major religions. In Christianity though it’s particularly egregious. The vast majority of the beliefs come off more as something that people would *like* to believe to be true, rather than something that is truly in accordance with the reality that they live in. All this is true as is what follows how to fix this, I do not know. I believe we join the ancestors upon death, whom I view as being part of the earth, as if it were a giant computer chip that stores the lives and memories of it's denizens within it's magnetic sphere and Iron core. accessible only and only partially to those who share blood with them. >>6373 That's literally what Cosmotheism and National Socialism is that they don't see this makes them worthy of death in my opiinion.
>>6374 I'm pretty sure CI people understand NS. Besides so what if they believe they wuz whatever. All we need to do is kill nonWhites around the globe.
>>6376 They will kill any pagans including NS, and even Whites who don't conform to their specific view of what White is, lurk their forums and communities, they make this very clear, if you seek to reawaken the White man to his true destiny, you have to fight those fucks.
>>6377 They'll probably kill any nonWhite for the reason of "oh they're not White" only and only that reason. Not because of the multiculturalism.
>>6374 That is essentially my view, and that is what I am trying to lay some basic foundations for in this thread: >>5788. At least from the basic principles I have laid out here, one can conclude that only one's in-group / race ultimately matters, and that the rest should be genocided if needed. That thread was purposely written to align as much as possible with National Socialism and Cosmotheism. I'd like to think about it a little more so that I can make it a bit more rigorous and see what conclusions I can draw in terms of ethics from my presuppositions. >>6374 At least certain aspects of Hinduism are prevented from being as pozzed as they could be by the idea of the castes and dharma having different expressions among different beings. Even if it can technically be claimed that ultimately everyone is atman at their core, the caste system is essential. In the Gita it essentially says the Krishna himself is the creator of this order. I've been watching the channel DharmaNation on Youtube for about a year now and I've gotta say I've been pretty impressed with his style. Not sure if it's something I'd follow myself, but it would be far better than Christianity or any other Abrahamic religion. > I think if you wish to replace christianity, you must do this, or create a gaping hole in the physical person. My reasoning on this is that that empty feeling and preserving it for me at least allowed me to open my eyes to the truth, to allow nature to fill that hole with it's beauty, and the beauty of the Natural Order. I think I see where you are coming from. I will have to think about this a bit more. Maybe I am just afraid of upsetting Christians when I should be rattling them a bit. >I believe we join the ancestors upon death, whom I view as being part of the earth, as if it were a giant computer chip that stores the lives and memories of it's denizens within it's magnetic sphere and Iron core. accessible only and only partially to those who share blood with them. I have always found such a view very appealing. Any ancestor-focused tradition is very powerful, I think. It is a direct link to the past. If you love your ancestors and your Volk before you, it is difficult to become disconnected from your roots, to become atomized. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBtZeumhl6k
>>6118 Is there really any problem with /fascist/ not being entirely, or even majority White? This is an internet community, not a meatspace society and the point of the internet is that people can communicate remotely so if the browns have a genuine interest in the topic and discuss it intelligently then my answer is "No; this is not a problem.". There is no cognitive dissonance between saying "FUCK OFF, WE'RE FULL" IRL and having pleasant conversations with foreigners over the internet.
>>6407 >Is there really any problem with /fascist/ not being entirely, or even majority White? Yes, yes it is shitskin it's one of the reason why there has been zero progress to getting fascism to rise in White countries.
>>6420 Care to explain your reasoning, Mr. Argentina?
>>6420 >with /fascist/ I didn’t know we had so much power
>>6421 >Implies I'm Argentina >Willing to accept more mutts into /fascist/ even after mutts tried to justify homosexuality and some other dumb shit If we don't have an actually authentic White community then this place will just be filled with retarded larpers who come with up low IQ ideas and constantly say stupid shit. Reminder that (((Nazbol))) is filled with the brim with shitskins. >>6422 Except we have little to none because no one in here actually wants to redpill normalfags or build communities where Whites can prosper.
>>6446 Faggots are only in one thread and they are actively being BTFO. Also this board isn't Nazbol, you're probably just some seething retard who expects this board to conform to the standards of Neinchan, not realizing that we are two different boards and that /fascist/ has been run the way it is now for essentially two whole years.
>>6447 >Seething No wonder why this place is gay, you faggots talk and act like cuckchanners who smell their own farts acting like trannies.
>>6448 >Cuckchan invented the term seething
Open file (29.62 KB 618x328 vlozsnivvdfx.jpg)
Open file (998.93 KB 1568x2146 occupy-COINTELPRO.jpg)
>>6446 >implying /fascist/ was made for "Whiteness and Low Melanin Discussion" >implying I give a fuck about the demographics of "Nazbol" But yes I'm sure that a board filled with overcompensating amerimutts doing nothing but rambling about how much they hate niggers and screeching at one other about how White they are would have much better fascism discussion than a bunch of spics discussing why Mexico should be fascist. Pics related.
>>6450 To be honest, it sounds like you're an outsider too
>>6451 ok glownigger
Back to cuckchan
>>6449 Cuckchan uses it as a buzzword, that they don't understand themselves. It often used by egotistical niggers like yourself, I don't see 8chan anons using seething just anyone who comes from cuckchan like yourself.
>>6452 >Everything I don't like is a glow nigger Another example that I'm correct this place has been invaded by schizo trannies.
>>6452 You seem new, fren.
>>6452 >>6450 >>6421 >>6407 I wouldn't be surprised if you just literally crawled in here from Cuckchan. No one posts like this here, and even on top of that, even fewer believe the nonsense you're spewing. You have to go back.
How do you respond when someone you recently met asks you if you're into politics?
>>6517 If I’m asked that sort of thing I’ve usually responded by saying that I try to keep up with what’s going on, but I don’t see myself as aligned with either party (I’m an American, obviously). I’m not afraid to talk about my White Nationalist beliefs but I don’t exactly tell every person I meet. If I get to know the individual enough it will become clear over time too.
>>6517 "Yes, why?"
>>6446 This isn't /pol/, though, this board exists to discuss fascism as an ideology (about which I am sure you know next to nothing).
>>6517 "Yes" and they ask why - "Everything in life is politics".
>>6460 God you're pathetic. Sorry if I'm too "4chan" to dignify some cretin's childish shitflinging with a respectful response. >No one posts like this here Right, but the chinese shill posting wojaks is totally normal. Seems like you're the cuckchanner here, mate. >and even on top of that, even fewer believe the nonsense you're spewing. Oh, sorry I forgot the whole point of imageboards is to have meaningless circlejerks and no real discussion. I'll work harder to make sure every post I make from now on is nothing more than a reiteration of only the most inoffensive, milquetoast views posted here. >>6454 My point was that if he's going to obsess over irrelevant tripe and place that before the board topic and he doesn't even have the decency to coherently explain why it is neither irrelevant nor tripe then that's pretty glowy behaviour. Maybe he isn't a COINTELPROfag. Maybe he's just an autistic idiot. But that's all the more reason to stop being such a goddamn glownigger.
>>6527 You're not discussing in good faith you're whining and flinging shit.
>>6527 Let's be real, if multiple people think that you were acting like a Cuckchan poster, a schizo tranny or a new fren, you probably were. >>6525 >"Everything in life is politics". Based. Not enough people understand this. The left seems to be, but many in our circles (at least among the less redpilled) don't.
>>5370 >. I wanted to learn a new language That's hard to learn a new language, I have practiced Spanish out of necessity. people say i speak Spanish well but after years of practice I came to the conclusion that I will never come close to native speaker, some words are too difficult to pronounce for my native English tongue, maybe I am to difficult on myself but all I know is I need a break.
>>6548 Oh fuck off. I tried discussing something in good faith and all I got for it was schizo ramblings and ad-hominems. >>6550 Multiple people also think the Holocaust happened. But that doesn't make it true now does it?
Open file (420.32 KB 1541x1024 1598590377474.jpg)
>>6587 I've been practicing a new language as a hobby on and off for at least 5 years and have accepted that I'll never be perfectly fluent... and I'm perfectly okay with that. Most native speakers I talk to are extremely kind and appreciate that I'm trying to learn their language even if I make mistakes.
>>6690 What language anon?
>>6587 Our brains are simply not wired to pick up a completely foreign language after it has fully developed. Some freaks might be able to do it but it is very rare. Do not aim to be as fluent as a native speaker, it's not going to happen and that is ok, you should think of language as a tool and you should only aim to be good enough to serve your purposes.
Can someone explain to me why the Spartans failed to keep themselves as the strongest military power in Greece along with continuing to being a major threat to the Athenians?
>>6705 They basically had a demographic collapse and over time there were less and less actual Spartan citizens, and more and more members of the subject population of helots and perioikoi. Already around the time of the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War either Thucydides or Herodotus mentioned that for every Spartan soldier fielded on the battlefield there were like seven helots. And anyone who has read anything about the Spartans and their neighbors knows that they rebelled quite often and had to be kept in line basically through organized terror (Krypteia). It's also possible that their abnormal customs surrounding women contributed in some way to a decline as well. When they were actually a threat to Athens they still had a decent amount of citizens and hegemony over the Peloponnese. Athens was brutal too, so it's no surprise the Spartans were able to get support and that many city-states revolted against Athens. Just look at how Athens apparently exterminated the population of Melos, who had decided to be neutral in the war between Athens and Sparta, and sold the women and children into slavery and then settled the island with colonists. Thucydides has the Athenians depicted as basically saying that "might is right" is the law of the gods
>>6700 You'll never reach full fluency without immersion living in a country talking in that tongue every day, for at least a couple months. But otherwise you can absolutely reach full fluency in reading, and high fluency in listening. But without a high volume of speaking practice you won't get there. However, once you've gotten over that hump of a couple of months of speaking immersion it will be like riding a bike where you never forget it. You might grow a bit rusty but it will all come back to you very quickly once you start using it again.
>>6708 > It's also possible that their abnormal customs surrounding women contributed in some way to a decline as well. I think it's the fact that a lot of noble women were not marrying or birthing children pure breeds and the fear that if the Spartan state did not make appeasement of the powerful females then they would have to face a revolt or funds for their wars. I would debate that the mistake the Spartans made was sending in so many Spartan citizens into war rather than trying to make their population as large as the city of Athens along with accepting some foreigners who look liked pure breeds.
Open file (12.65 KB 630x256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>>/meta/13518 They're desperate
>>6726 I believe it's a psy-op, must be trolls or some shills who are ass mad at /fascism/ for whatever reason, my guess is that it's probably the spics who got banned from here or that gay anon in the unpopular opinion thread.
>>6730 It's definitely one of those, if not all three. They keep trying different methods to see what sticks. My guess is that they either want to annoy BO until he's tired of dealing with it, or they want to make /fascist/ look so bad that they think it will made the global admins remove the board. Best thing to do is to report shills here, and ignore whatever kikery is being pushed in /meta/. I see that BO has posted a notice to report at the top of the page too
>>6726 >>6730 >>6732 >giving trolls attention no wonder this board descend into pure faggotry
>>6733 Learn English, spic
>>6733 >The spics returns Pull a 50%er already you shitskin queer.
>>6726 >that gay anon in the unpopular opinion thread. Not gay but you probably mean me, I'm not that shitposter. I'm not here to troll, I'm here to challenge what I believe to be poorly founded and ultimately counterproductive proposals (like prohibition of alcohol in the US; churches made it sound like a good idea). I've been here since the 8chan years. There's a good chance you've agreed with me in other threads.
>>6730 >>6732 >dumb trollposts on /meta/ are now a psychological operation Is this /pol/ now?
>>6748 >dumb trollposts on /meta/ are now a psychological operation It's definitely not beyond the realm of the possibility, though to me it's clear that it's probably a troll. /pol/ would be me calling you a shill for even posting something that dissents in any way
>>6730 It's /Islam/ being gay.
>>6756 They must be upset that their board is literally dead and the owner inactive. So this is the power of Islam
Open file (901.51 KB 2000x3008 1598676469106.jpg)
>>6699 Russian.
>>6758 I don't know why they want us to be Islamists when those niggers love boipussy when they don't have a dick and dress up as a girl. The inbreds aren't even sending their best.
>>6774 Like any other shitskin group they are desperate for White genetics. The kikes, hispanics, arabs, chinks and nips all have their own version of "mejorar la raza"
>>6774 Islamists, like any abrahamist, are always looking for more power.
>>6774 Universalist Abrahamist religions want to expand wherever and whenever they can and by what ever means possible. Since some people here have radical traditionalist social views, Achmed and his friends apparently think that this is fertile ground for their variety of Abrahamism. >>6787 and >>6790 sum it up perfectly
How do you go about finding a fascist/natsoc/neutral (as in apolitical but doesn't mind your opinions) gf?
>>6804 If you fuck a girl enough she will adopt your viewpoints unless you are very weak.
>>6790 Hypocrite that you are, Blackshirt!
>>6808 Both Fascism and National Socialism are first and foremost nationally-oriented. Particularistic by nature. There is no universal application, therefore we do not look for "converts" except among our own people. >>6804 Basically what >>6805 said. You just need to be confident in what you believe and not care what others think. Don't be a sperg about it and the girl will gradually realign herself. It's best to look for girls that are more conservative of course. Most leftists are damaged goods
>>6805 >>6809 It's just that I'm studying law at my university right now, and I generally do not want to make it widely known what my beliefs are - mainly because I fear that I would get expelled or harrassed. That's why I don't want to just "be open about it" when I know how it could damage my social life. I do have one friend who's quite progressive, and she does think I'm a fascist, but we've known each other for a long time so we have no problems staying as friends. What I'm getting at is that I usually have to know the other part really well before I say anything too revealing.
>>6811 At a university it's smartest just to keep your head down and get the degree. I've heard tales of redpilled guys who have gone to college and spent all of their time challenging and fighting with their professors, only to get low grades, asked to leave the classroom or hit with some sort of disciplinary action. One brutal pill to swallow on this situation though is that it will be next to impossible for you or anyone else to have a proper and mainstream-acceptable social life as a open fascist, to be honest to others what one believes. Even being a normalfag-tier conservative Republican (or whatever the equivalent is for you if you live in a different country) is considered borderline unacceptable in this day in age, let alone a fascist or National Socialist. It's only going to get worse. >What I'm getting at is that I usually have to know the other part really well before I say anything too revealing. That's usually smart. I get tired of living a lie though, sometimes it's liberating just to speak the truth though, regardless of the reactions of others. With everything going on, Whites sometimes need a little push and hearing other Whites talking openly may give them courage.
Open file (99.73 KB 476x245 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6787 What do you mean, they're nationalist on their own?
>>6815 Tarrant didn't suicide himself and clearly went for the path of less resistance. Shot unarmed shitskins and didn't resist against ZOG's blue pigs. And what is this "right way" of yours if you fuck up the rest of your life but totally fail to expose the causes? Isn't this epitome of idiocy? Why would every single wise man under the sun would tell us for thousands of years to look into the root cause of a problem, but your "Saint", just like Breivik, would exactly do the inverse of this and waste bullets on small fish, and yet be considered an example to follow? IOW, Tarrant suckers a teh cringe. You are being blatantly manipulated.
>>5733 In a similar manor to this question, Could someone give me a clear definition of The Ethnoglobe idea and how I could best explain it to someone who is uniformed?
>>6850 I held this train of thought until I found out that the mosque he hit was basically being used as a recruitment center for Al-Qaeda. I forgot where I saw it at, but i distinctively remember the man they recruited had reddish orange hair. it's like me telling you "it's wrong to kill an unarmed spy who is taking your countries secrets"
>>6850 Tbh I think the whole thing is fake and don't think Tarrant is really on our side. I heard that he was able to get into Israel for some reason, but isn't it almost impossible for a non Jew to visit Israel at all? Especially someone like Tarrant?
>>6853 >(((I))) heard muh mossad is tarrant is mossad lelelel fucking idiot kike shill
Open file (44.73 KB 1102x368 ethnoglobe theory.PNG)
>>6837 The Islamic "Ummah" can be seen as a giant transnational civic nationalist group without borders, as paradoxical as it sounds. >>6851 See my first pic. >>6853 It's not much harder to visit Israel than it is any other country. I've heard that angry Jews will sometimes accost goyim and Christians, but they apparently get a lot of tourists. Let's be real, Tarrant was probably visited sites associated with the Crusades and various battles involving Muslims just like he did all over Eastern Europe. https://www.israel21c.org/israel-sets-new-record-with-3-6-million-tourists-in-2017/
>>6853 >>6850 He did nothing wrong.
>>6854 You know for a faggot niggers like you really enjoy shilling Tarrant like a cultist. Tarrant literally did not do a single thing, he only made the situation worst for gun owners in New Zealand and made us look like a public enemy number one. All Tarrant has done is boost your fragile and useless egos. This shit is no different from Unite The Right Rally and how dicky Spencer made us look like pieces of shit and ruined our influence. Does anyone have that screenshot post or an explanation about Tarrant's background? Some anons have claimed that Tarrant had connections that made him suspicious.
>>6870 fuck off spic
>>6870 >Some anons have claimed that Tarrant had connections that made him suspicious. What, that he grew up in a small town, had a dad who was a garbage man and then travelled the world with the money he inherited? The only connections I can think of is emailing Martin Sellner and giving him ~1500 dollars, and hanging around on the edges of White Nationalist groups in Australia >This shit is no different from Unite The Right Rally and how dicky Spencer made us look like pieces of shit and ruined our influence. Spencer is a Duginist homosexual clown with links to the establishment.
>>6871 >Muh spic >Muh Jew Fuck off you homo erectus monkey nigger. >>6872 No there was more than just that it may or may have not been true about him such as he might of been part Jewish or some shit.
>>6852 >I held this train of thought until I found out that the mosque he hit was basically being used as a recruitment center for Al-Qaeda. Most of them are, so what? We know it. Al Qaeda chiefly operates outside our countries, most of the time being an excuse for the ZOG to send troops to control the ground or at least maintain the destabilization and killing of US soldiers for the sake of Israel. But above all, this mosque didn't appear out of nowhere, it didn't get built with pixie dust and the Muslims didn't invade per se. Most of them, if not nearly all of those killed, haven't even broken a single law to step onto Kiwi land. All of this is such an insulting and blatant red herring.
>>6854 Deep.
>>6870 >Does anyone have that screenshot post or an explanation about Tarrant's background? Some anons have claimed that Tarrant had connections that made him suspicious. I'd like to see that since, if anything, I agree with 35c0e3, the most suspicious elements are the attack itself (has the typical false flag red flags) and the "Jews? What Jews?" manifesto. But his life's side is pretty much bland tbh. IIRC there's been a thread at 8kunt that got some interesting developments towards its end, but it's been diving and is gone now. >>6875 >such as he might of been part Jewish or some shit. That never got confirmed. It got pushed on Veteran Today but this website pulls all sorts of shit and is there just to pretend that the (((USA))) can and should be salvaged. Almost like a MAGA/k/.
>>6881 >the Muslims didn't invade per se. Most of them, if not nearly all of those killed, haven't even broken a single law to step onto Kiwi land. All of this is such an insulting and blatant red herring. They are "invaders" in the most literal of senses. Etymologically even, the term "invade" means "to go in" or "enter", especially in a hostile sense. Muslims are undoubtedly hostile to the kuffar, are enemies of racialism and everything that White Nationalists stand for. You say that they have not broken laws - of course they haven't! Law is something relative, the product of humans, and the laws of New Zealand are written and enforced by traitors and Jews. Law should bolster the health of the people, and prevent internal anarchy. It needs to work with the grain of the Laws of Nature.
>>6886 >They are "invaders" in the most literal of senses. Mongols were invaders. Turks were invaders. Our countries didn't want any of them and Whites fought them, and they won, which was good. These Muslims today are not invaders, they're allowed to come in, invited, welcomed, protected. Obviously something or someone has opened the gates and keeps them wide open. > Etymologically even, the term "invade" means "to go in" or "enter" I didn't know I was invading a bus or my car, or even my bedroom. >especially in a hostile sense. If it is hostile then it means it's non wanted and fought against. Which is not the case here. We would do what is necessary to repel them, but the regal powers are not in our hands. You can't have true invaders if everything from national to international laws and relief programs make all shades of migrants some people that must be taken in, helped and appreciated for their cultural added value. > Muslims are undoubtedly hostile to the kuffar, are enemies of racialism and everything that White Nationalists stand for. Sure but they didn't settle in our countries by way of the sword.
Open file (149.22 KB 850x400 tarrant quote.png)
>>6911 >These Muslims today are not invaders, they're allowed to come in, invited, welcomed, protected. Obviously something or someone has opened the gates and keeps them wide open. Yes, we have a Semitic parasite latched onto our nations allowing them to come in. Not just allowing, but but sowing the seeds for acceptance by the populace through the means of the education system, mass media, entertainment, hate speech laws, etc. Of course, the Jews aren't solely at fault. The logic of capitalism is also a great contributor to the present predicament that we find ourselves in. They are invaders. They are a foreign element in our midst being used to replace us. One hundred years ago no one would have allowed this, but through endless and ubiquitous propaganda and the unnatural conditions of modern life we have become sick, denatured, degenerate. Just as a healthy body rejects foreign elements which enter into it, so would any healthy organic society. A sick body succumbs to pestilence. It is quite telling that if one reads scientific works on animal behavior, they will see "organized society" defined as >"A group of conspecific organisms with these five attributes: a complex communication system, division of labor based on specialization, cohesion (members’ tendency to stay together in time and space), permanence of group members (little emigration and immigration), and a resistance to immigration of nonsociety members" Source: Animal Behavior Desk Reference: A Dictionary of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution, Third Edition by Edward M. Barrows. The goal of our enemies is to break down social cohesion in organic White societies and bring about an abstract society of rootless economic units. Genderless, raceless, nationless automatons. With high social plasticity and no kin bonds, they can manipulate you how ever they want. But again, it's not just Jews, the Jews prey upon existing conditions. Industrialization create the climate. >I didn't know I was invading a bus or my car, or even my bedroom. Semantic change. >If it is hostile then it means it's non wanted and fought against. Which is not the case here Again, we would under healthy conditions be hostile to these elements entering our society, but first there was a long period of psychological preparation. It sound schizo-tier, but this is exactly what they are doing when they start subtly putting White women with blacks on television commercials, or when they fill cartoons with homosexuals. Frequent exposure brings about a feeling of normality, lowers ones guard, gradually breaks down bad-goy attitudes. Lemmings can't withstand this stuff. The vast majority of the time they merely follow the dictates of those who rule over them. Sad but true. Your issue is that you can't seem to imagine that invasion as literally anything other than actual armed barbarian hordes. Muslims have waged demographic warfare throughout history. The struggle for existence is carried out in many, many ways.
>>6911 >Sure but they didn't settle in our countries by way of the sword. Does that mean they should be allowed to stay? Even if it was a psyops done by a mossad agent to create bad optics or incite racial hatred for some agenda or whatever, when you strip it down to the basic truth of the act, it was removing something that didn't belong. I won't shed any tears or lose sleep over it. There are plenty of Bushido references all over this place. Looking at it from that mindset it's the same as making something dirty clean, or making something crooked straight.
non-violent invasion is entirely possible. consider how triggered our enemies get over gentrification, ie White ppl and culture moving into an ethnic enclave. they're quick to screech about cultural genocide when Whites expand into non-White areas, but when it's the other way around, we're commanded to accept it.
Anybody got a source on Pagan literally meaning Goyim? I know here is where I ran across it. but not sure where, will check the paganism thread.
Open file (292.19 KB 1256x1190 Pagan=Goyim.jpg)
>>6940 Nevermind found it, it's not quite as i thought but close enough.
>>6943 >>6940 Another meaning of "pagani" is "countryman", i.e. someone who does not live in the cities. Rootless urbanite Christians seem to have disparaged their rural brothers with this term, also using it as a stand-in for "goy" in time.
>>6949 All the more reason we should abandon the term, it no longer has a use.
>>6951 Though that raises the question of what exactly we would call ourselves as a group when we would like to refer to all non-Abrahamists who are interested in or practice pre-Christian spirituality. Unfortunately it seems like the best and clearest term there is. At least in the original Latin that the word comes from, the word is not inherently pejorative. To live away from urban cesspools is nothing to be ashamed of. I've heard "Dharmi" or "Dharmist" before too, but I've never really liked it due to its links with India. I am one of the Indiafags here but it just gives a different vibe than "pagan"
>>6953 You're a pajeet or just into current/ancient Hinduism?
>>6957 I'm just a White American who's interested in it.
Open file (2.54 MB 3225x3082 Grace repulsed!.png)
May I stick around /fascist/ for a bit? If not a royal visit already. By the way, any new /fascist/ OC? t. Graceposter in Self-imposed Exile
Open file (111.30 KB 600x898 integralist poster.jpg)
>>6977 Why are you in exile, anon? But either way, of course, you're welcome here. The newest OC I'm aware of is this pic >>6015, but it looks like you directly replied to that one so you're definitely aware. When I get some time I have been meaning to try to make an image similar to this (pic rel.) into something for the board.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/31/2020 (Mon) 17:40:15.
Open file (88.66 KB 450x509 Grace glare.jpg)
>>6978 >Why are you in exile, anon? temp ban + got tired of /monarchy/ At that point, I decided to part ways.
>>6979 Well, I know you are a fan of /fascist/ OC from the other thread, so I will have to step it up since you're here.
Edited last time by FashBO on 08/31/2020 (Mon) 18:02:05.
Open file (364.07 KB 771x472 grafzeppelinship.png)
Open file (434.50 KB 752x474 grafwateringplant.jpg)
Was Germany ever successful with any of supernatural stuff they were working on in the Second World War? Would it have been better to wait until Graf Zeppelin was finished before declaring war? I hope the first image does not constitute degeneracy, I wanted to include an image of Graf from either the kantai collection or azur lane but I didn't want it to be too lewd. I apologize if you find it to too mature for /fascist/
>>6998 Whoops, I meant spoil the 2nd one. It appear to be the first one on the upload screen. BO, could you please spoiler the images so we do not offend the anti-anime crowd?
>>6999 >BO, could you please spoiler the images so we do not offend the anti-anime crowd? Just let them seethe, I can't imagine being triggered by that picture. >>6998 >Was Germany ever successful with any of supernatural stuff they were working on in the Second World War? I don't know about supernatural stuff, but I've heard about all sorts of claims about German UFOs. Of course we know about the famous "foo fighters" that many Allied pilots reported pursuing them during WWII, which were described like glowing balls of fire which followed their aircraft at high speed. This has been theorized by some to be a secret German device of some type. We also know that in 1950 Rudolf Schriever, a Flugkapitän, was interviewed by Der Spiegel in 1950 where he described how he worked on a type of disk that was capable of vertical takeoff that could read incredible speeds. Then there are of course rumors of the "Miethe Disk" Who knows if any of this stuff ever got into working order outside of the foo fighters, but it is worth pointing out that UFO sightings became a hot topic after WWII. Just see the 1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident and similar stuff. It's also worth noting that Nordic aliens were the main ones described by those who had seen them up close. Just see this lady from the 1950s describe the aliens as beautiful and blond:
>>6998 >Would it have been better to wait until Graf Zeppelin was finished before declaring war? Not really, bigger weapons aren't that useful in modern warfare as just producing a shit ton of weapons, waiting to produce this big expensive ship that could be sunk in the first week of the war to a bomber would just mean the allies could spend more time producing tanks and infantry equipment that could hold an invasion through belgium, there was nothing to gain by waiting the allies were quickly rearming themselves and at a much faster pace than germany, in my opnion hitler should have gone around the maginot right after the establishment of bohemia and moravia, the bismarck was enough to make the brits quake in their boots
Open file (407.92 KB 500x500 graf1999.gif)
>>7011 Wouldn't Graf have been helpful to protect Bismarck when she was being attacked? When the Royal Navy was pursing Bismarck, wasn't it planes that immobilized her and couldn't Graf have protected her if she was there?
Open file (148.32 KB 600x936 5cBNkA1qiod9zo140.jpg)
>>7020 maybe, but for how long, even then i don't think the germans could win the naval war for a sea lion, and even if they did a sea lion would be a massive commitment of supplies and possibly a long campaign and there were many problems still in continental europe like italy fucking it up in greece, yugo autism, partisans, minors in the axis wanting each others lands, the africa campain and the red menace breathing down on your neck, not even counting on the possibility of france still being alive due to the allies being more prepared which would mean the french navy
Why is homo fascism and anti racist fascism a thing on Twitter?
>>7054 Internet politics inevitably leads to one being able to be the biggest weirdo or degenerate possible with zero repercussions, hence why all these retarded meme ideologies flourish. It’s a hobby for these people who do nothing but post about it on Twitter. Now for “homo fascists”, this is just another occurence of sex deviants making their cocklust a core part of their identity. They HAVE to have it accepted and normalized. With self-proclaimed fascists who claim to be anti-racist, I’m scratching my head here honestly. My first guess would be that they are either non-White, racemixers or that for one reason or another they refuse to acknowledge racial differences either for social acceptance or for personal reasons.
>>7054 Because Twitter is retarded and filled with cuckchanners.
Also homo fascism is either a psy-op or retards on Twitter not knowing anything about fascism. As for the anti racism shit varies many reasons, but it mostly has to do with Mussolini not exterminating and accepting certain groups such as gays to an extent and Jews. Italian facism is honestly retarded and was never going to revive the Roman Empire.
>>7058 >Italian facism is honestly retarded ironic is it not? To post that on a board called /fascist/
>>7059 It's not retarded because it's fascist, but because Mussolini didn't see race as something most important and didn't seek to establish a ubermensch.
Open file (754.33 KB 929x1204 1583191780272.png)
>>7059 even more when you realize that was probably the second post on this board discussing italian fascism
>>7065 >BLEACHED
>>7065 I don't know what you hope to accomplish by posting this.
>>7055 >non-White fascist Oh man, that's tough for them.
>>7062 /fascist/ has deviated from the path set by it's creators (ie 3pos discussion). The shitstirrers, shills and faggots did not appear from nowhere, they are the natural consequence of deviation, of not following the set purpose. On another note let us not forget what Odin said about nations mixing, /fascist/ mixing it's branches with /pol/ will eventually destroy it and turn it into another /pol/. >>7066 >>7067 >>7068 REPORT FAGGOTS, REPORT
>>7072 This is still a 3pos board – no one here is a friend of communism or capitalism, and I see more talk about fascist ideas like the organic state than I did in the past. What has changed is that racialist third positionists have become more common for one reason or another. My theory is that in any open environment of discussions, racialism will win out in time. Even Mussolini adopted racial laws and laws against Jews as time passed. What this board is racialist *and* third positionist, since they are obviously not mutually exclusive.
>>7072 He probably only meant White nations mixing. Would he even care for non-Whites?
>>7062 It’s weird, even on 8chan I can’t remember Italy getting that much discussion. Of course there’s Gentile’s book – which everyone should read – but outside of that there’s not much open love for them
>>6977 Fellow Monarchist
>>7054 Mental illness flourishes on Twitter. Also - why are the trannies always Strasserists?
>>7097 Why can't you faggots stay off twitter?
>>7097 Same reason there's trannies and gays advocating Italian fascism, catholic Astolfo lovers, anti racist facists, medcucks we wuz kangzing DNA, nazbol homos, White nationalist gays and queer nationalism.
>>7097 >why are the trannies always Strasserists? Because Strasserists are Marxists and Marxism is fucking gay. The vast majority of nazbol tards are literally homos, , but it make sense that retarded meme idealology end up turning you into a tranny.
>>7097 This pic made me finally go and make the collage I was planning on doing on them
Does anyone have anything that comes directly from Anceint Rome that describes the racial features or anything that proves that the Romans were racist and not Medcucks?
>>7100 Strasserists aren't marxists, but they do have a lot of views that cross over. There's nothing bad with Strasserism in general. But ideologies such as Falangism and National Syndicalism accomplish the same thing and are better written about. As for the trannies that idolize it, I don't know, maybe they like National Socialism but don't like Hitler or the Swastika?
Open file (132.85 KB 456x700 pigmented statue rome.jpg)
>>7103 One of the strongest arguments that they were not Meds is looking at their own statues. These people were not phenotypically Meds. You probably already know that though. Augustus: >Hair: "inclining to a yellow colour" (subflavum) http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0132%3Alife%3Daug.%3Achapter%3D77 >Eyes: "His eyes were bright and piercing" (same source as above), "The late Emperor Augustus had azure eyes like those of some horses" http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0137%3Abook%3D11%3Achapter%3D54#note3 Nero: >Hair: "his hair inclined to yellow" (subflavum) http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0132%3Alife%3Dnero%3Achapter%3D51 >Eyes: "his eyes grey and dull" (same source) Galba: >Eyes: "In person he was of a good size, bald before, with blue eyes, and an aquiline nose;" http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0132%3Alife%3Dgal.%3Achapter%3D21 Lucius Verus: >Hair: "He took such pride in his yellow hair, it is said, that he used to sift gold-dust on his head in order that his hair, thus brightened, might seem even yellower.” http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/L/Roman/Texts/Historia_Augusta/Lucius_Verus*.html Commodus: >Hair: "“His hair was always dyed and made lustrous by the use of gold dust” https://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/L/Roman/Texts/Historia_Augusta/Commodus*.html "“hair naturally blond and curly, and in sunlight as lustrous as if sprinkled with gold dust, or as if reflecting a divine splendor; cheeks covered with tender down; hair of face and head singed because he feared barber […] at times shaved his head and carried a statue of Anubis, Egyptian tutelary deity of the chase.” https://www.jstor.org/stable/4172009?seq=1 It's also worth noting that some of these have been confirmed by analysis of residual pigmentation on statues. The Greeks were not mutt-tier in antiquity either. Again, statues confirm this, as do the Epics. Home describes Menelaus as of "flaming hair" in the Odyssey . Achilles had blond hair.
>>7107 >>7100 It is an obscure-enough ideology (for those who want to feel extra special) which sits in the middle of two extremes, so you can lazily pick and choose between these extremes while still claiming to stand in the middle. It also avoids been seen as too extreme by not been in either extreme, yet you can still claim most of the edgyness that come from NatSoc and Gommunism. Add useless talk about « Muh Class » that appeals to the weak, but also leaves space for you to add your own ideas. Perfect for attention-deprived trannies with no personalities aside from their sexuality. Reminder that using ideologies like genders makes you a faggot >>7109 WIR
>>7100 I would hesitate to call Strasserism as written about by Strasser as Marxist, but it certainly has many other issues. I wrote about some of these back on JulayWorld. See pic. >>7110 >WIR SIND
>>7109 Not only that medcucks think brown hair and brown eyes = their nigger genes. What they don't realize is that many of the Romans and Emperors despite having Aqualine noses they still had light skin, hair, and eyes, it just wasn't blond all the time. In reality mednigs are often a tan or dark skin tone, a hooked or stubby nose, and a short heighted skull. If I'm correct the Romans specifically admired and bloated how light skin and light eyes was a sign of being closely connected with the gods.
Open file (131.00 KB 1100x825 greek turkoid mongrels.jpg)
Open file (72.35 KB 1024x720 salvini med.jpg)
>>7117 > If I'm correct the Romans specifically admired and bloated how light skin and light eyes was a sign of being closely connected with the gods. Yes, this is definitely true. Gods have always been associated with White features and beauty, especially in Aryan mythology. I'm really left wondering why the degeneration in southern Europe was so extreme though.
How do you respond to the fact that much of the ancient Indo-European world accepted pederast homosexuality?
>>7121 I still see it as degenerate even though I have great respect for the ancients. Fortunately for me, I see them in many ways embodying, overall, a far healthier mode of living than we have today, though not one that is perfect and should be aped exactly with no changes. I am in favor of preserving tradition and living in the spirit of our ancestors so long as these traditions were not degenerate and harmful to our people. I am not such a tradcuck that I will just blindly accept something because some Europeans in the past might have done something.
>>7121 1. Pederasty is literally pedophilia considering it was usually done to boys from 10 to 14 years old and was probably mostly likely done by degenerates. 2. Ancient Greeks hated it and banned it from Sparta and Athens. 3. The vases are only like 50-100 out of the tens of thousands vases that aren't gay shit. 4. Ancient Greek priests literally seen homosexuality as a mental illness. 5. Aryans despise homosexuality for it goes agaisnt nature, considering Aryans are admirers and regularly harmonize with nature.
Open file (151.67 KB 600x722 1554305582039.png)
>>6977 I was looking for /liberty/ on the webring but couldn't find it, last I heard /fascist/ had bunkered up with them and /monarchy/, so this seemed like the obvious place to ask: where did /liberty/ and /monarchy/ go?
>>7126 They are on 8chan.moe
>>7125 >banned it from Sparta The Spartans outlawed pederasty according to Plutarch, but he also said homosexuality was accepted there in early adulthood (Life of Lycurgus 17.1).
Open file (1.59 MB 901x1865 Bhagavan_Vishnu.jpg)
How there is no Vishnu parallel in Germanic/Norse, Slavic, Greek, Roman, and celtic mythology?
>>7129 I doubt he said that considering there was no word for homosexuality in ancient Greece
>>7112 *waren KAISER
>>7125 >Ancient Greeks hated it and banned it from Sparta and Athens. Nope. Greece, especially on the island of Crete had it part of its rituals with Zeus. >Greek pederasty was seemingly already institutionalized in Crete at the time of Thaletas, which included a "Dance of Naked Youths".[91] It has been suggested both Crete and Sparta influenced Athenian pederasty.[91] >Cretan pederasty as a social institution seems to have been grounded in an initiation which involved abduction. A man (Ancient Greek: φιλήτωρ – philetor, "lover") selected a youth, enlisted the chosen one's friends to help him, and carried off the object of his affections to his andreion, a sort of men's club or meeting hall. The youth received gifts, and the philetor along with the friends went away with him for two months into the countryside, where they hunted and feasted. At the end of this time, the philetor presented the youth with three contractually required gifts: military attire, an ox, and a drinking cup. Other costly gifts followed. Upon their return to the city, the youth sacrificed the ox to Zeus, and his friends joined him at the feast. He received special clothing that in adult life marked him as kleinos, "famous, renowned". The initiate was called a parastatheis, "he who stands beside", perhaps because, like Ganymede the cup-bearer of Zeus, he stood at the side of the philetor during meals in the andreion and served him from the cup that had been ceremonially presented. In this interpretation, the formal custom reflects myth and ritual.[30]
>>7131 Vishnu was a minor deity in the Rig Veda and probably only came into importance through Zoroastrian influence and monotheistic culture. You could say Slavrog and Belobog are similar, but the idea of a Highest God that isn't associated with weather or daylight like Zeus or Jupiter is much more in line with Christianity and Judaism.
>>7136 >KAISER UND Wow I can’t believe I fucked up the tense >>7131 That’s a good question. We know that some forms of European paganism did advance somewhat down the line that Hinduism did, given the fact that we see statements in works like Julian the Apostate’s that attest to a single supreme creator: >Our writers say that the creator is the common father and king of all things, but that the other functions have been assigned by him to national gods of the peoples and gods that protect the cities; every one of whom administers his own department in accordance with his own nature. http://www.tertullian.org/fathers/julian_apostate_galileans_1_text.htm I’m sure I could find other examples if I lookedZ I wonder if it be wrong to assume that such ideas of a supreme being or highest god are in someway analogous to Vishnu. We do know that even in the Rigveda, Vishnu – although he doesn’t have many hymns dedicated to him – is still afforded a high stature, as can be seen from how Vishnu (like in the story of Vamana) is said to be able to stride against the universe in three steps and that he is the one “Who verily alone upholds the threefold, the earth, the heaven, and all living creatures.” The Rigveda can be confusing though when it comes to the role of deities. https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/rigveda/rv01154.htm Of course though, we must not forget that we got our own Vishnu avatar in Europe for a time last century
Just a note to all anons. r9k mode and mandatory captchas for all posts are enabled temporarily due to a spambot attack
>>7054 >>7097 >>7102 >>7121 Why do you guys keep bringing up faggotry and troonism on every possible occasion? >>7098 >>7099 they are shilling gay shit again, he's probably shilling his own Twitter account for attention.
>>7139 You used wikipedia didn't you?
Do you really believe in Anarcho-primvitism or are you just inspired by Kacznskyi's ideas? Because anarcho-primvitism is honestly retarded just like all the other anarchist idealology.
>>7218 Anarcho-Primitivism is some hippy leftist stuff, read Kaczynski's critique of it to see him dismantle it. The most I can say is that Kaczynski made some very accurate observations, but unfortunately this ride will never end, because anyone who loses face technologically will be destroyed and outcompeted. Might makes right.
>>7220 Okay, I'm just making sure because I seen some dumbass right wingers, nazbol and fascists shill anarcho-primitivism as something great I swear that mental illness is something increasing in all politicalfags.
>>7222 The problem is that people conflate all tech-critical thought under the term "anarcho-primitivsm", which in reality refers to a very specific mode of thought embodied by people like Zerzan, who thinks that language is a bad thing and that agriculture was a mistake. Kaczynski, Ellul and Linkola are all very different, but none of them "Anarcho-Primitivists"
>>7220 >anyone who loses face technologically will be destroyed and outcompeted. Might makes right. How do you justify any kind of anti-tech sentiment at all then? Taken to the extreme, let's say the chinks develop technology to turn themselves into unfeeling, ultra-efficient, literal bugmen cyborgs and start expanding. How do you argue against using the same technology if you're about to get conquered?
>>7224 That's part of the problem. The law of technology is to adapt or perish, regardless of future costs. If some new implement or method is invented that would allow a person to complete a given task or process much faster and more efficiently than the older methods, few would stubbornly keep using the older methods. This is especially true in areas where a failure to adapt spells death. Just think of in the business realm or in regards to a nation. The technology makes itself in effect necessary for survival. This would be no problem if there were no negative side-effects of modern technology. Over time we have more and more thought ourselves outside of the Laws of Nature, openly flaunted them, lived for today, and instant-gratification and materialism, but we cannot prevail against Nature forever. Either we run out of resources and "technological progress" stagnates, we degenerate into subhumans due to our lifestyles and decline in racial purity, or we destroy ourselves with our own technology. A combination of all three of these is likely Already the negative side-effects are clear. Organic societies have been destroyed, family bonds have given away to atomization and social plasticity, all norms are contested, depression and suicide rates are soaring, fertility is declining, Earth's natural beauty is being destroyed. Over-technologization is exceedingly harmful and we will pay the costs in time. Regarding your own extreme example, of course people would adapt to what the chinks did. It's unfortunate, but simply the truth. The problem is that we lack a system of morality that exalts self-control, moderation and harmony. There is merely amoral applied science which will continue regimenting, mechanizing and snuffing out all spontaneity. The entire society today is founded on sacrificing the future to the present, the whole to the part, and the race to the individual. All of this will come to bite us in the ass one day. The only hope would be something like Linkola's "green police" assuming total control, carrying out ethnoglobe and destroying most technology and any references on how to recreate it. And yes, this sounds just as fanciful and insane to me as it probably does you.
>>7141 SCHEIßßßßßßßßE
>>7231 Basiert und rotgepillt.
When we win, how should we go about humiliating our enemies?
Open file (272.95 KB 600x750 zyklon pepe.png)
>>7233 I imagine it will very humiliating for them when we round them up like cattle and seal the doors on the gas-chamber. No wooden doors this time. Overall any necessary exterminations should be carried out as efficiently and as dispassionately as possible. The White man will put more passion into slapping a mosquito off his arm than he will throwing Schlomo in the oven.
>>7234 If you want efficiency and dispassion a bullet to the face will work fine and be much cheaper than wasting huge amounts of resources to build and operate gas chambers just to spite the fuckers.
Open file (85.56 KB 985x1331 Thuringen-1.jpg)
Legit question because, I haven't enough information about the SS, but do you guys have any info or data on how the National Socialists went on about selective breeding or what methods they used to create the perfect superman? I'm quite curious and been thinking on how eugenics would work out and why throughout history it has failed in places like the USA and some other countries that practiced it.
Open file (92.50 KB 797x1080 jew lamp.jpg)
>>7239 Assuming for a moment that "enemies" refers to Jews alone (we know it doesn't, but it still underlines my point), this leaves us with some 21 million people that would need disposed of. Exterminating this many people will require more than bullets. Gas chambers might take some effort to set up, but we'll have an economy of scale in no time. Plus, running an industrial delousing complex like this is much less personal for the people who will actually have to be getting rid of these kikes.
>>7234 >>7239 >>7244 I'm surprised that anons here haven't said something like rape or turning leftists into human furniture or something out of a hentai anime like /pol/ did.
>>7241 Eugenics actually was doing a fine job in the United States. It only became taboo after WWII and due to the fact "racism" came to be saw as something "immoral". The 1921 Immigration Act has been said to have been the product of both anti-communist and eugenic considerations. For a time eugenics was essentially mainstream in the United States. Laws mandating the sterilization of retards and the mentally ill were passed in several states in the early 20th century and state fairs had eugenics exhibits and contests between families to promote eugenics education ("Fitter Families for Future Firesides"). I can only assume that it was similar in other countries at the time. Concerning Germany, I'm unsure of how much selective breeding was actually carried out. I'm not sure anything like this was ever instituted at all or to any significant degree due to the fact that the Third Reich was destroyed. What the Third Reich did take steps towards implementing was negative eugenics, i.e. removing the bad like how a gardener pulls up weeds in his garden to allow the flowers to flourish. This was done mainly through The Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring, which allowed for compulsory sterilizations, and later through the T4 Program which granted doctors the authority to euthanize severely disabled patients. Likewise we know that Hitler criminalized abortion except in the case of detected defects. One positive eugenic measure I can think of is the marriage loans that existed in the Third Reich to support new families. These loans were interest free. For each child born the loan went down by 25%. If you had four children, you didn't have to pay the loan back at all. Of course along with this fitness and health were celebrated all throughout the Third Reich, so we can only assume that more and more measures to build the greatest and healthiest Volk would have been implemented if the Third Reich had survived the war.
>>7247 Interesting, because I always assumed eugenics may have failed in America but it seems that a large number of Americans don't have certain genetic advantages today and beforehand unless I must be incorrect about that as well?
>>7251 >but it seems that a large number of Americans don't have certain genetic advantages today While eugenics had mainstream representation and implementation in the way of compulsory sterilizations to some extent in nearly three states, we never took it upon ourselves as a nation to devote ourselves full-heartedly to eugenic science. We need positive and negative eugenics, selective pairings, the elevation of health and strength to the highest ideals, etc. We flirted with eugenics, but never pursued it to its fullest extent. Only the Third Reich as far as I know implemented eugenics in any sort of systematic nationwide fashion, and even there it never came fully to fruition. Plus, I unironically think that we have degenerated a bit since 1945. Some of it is totally artificial and targeted rather than an actual biological degeneration though, I think. Also, concerning the past, it's worth noting that Hitler saw in his Second Book that America was young and extremely racially healthy in its day due to a high concentration of Germanic people. Those who came to America, he said, were the boldest and bravest, most resolute members of their communities, and as we know, millions of Germanic people immigrated to the United States over time: >The fact that the American union feels itself to be a Nordic-Germanic state and not at all an international mishmash of peoples can moreover seem the way in which the immigration quotas for the European peoples are allotted. Scandinavians—that means Swedes, Norwegians, also Danes—then Englishmen and finally Germans are allocated the largest contingents. Romanians and Slavs very limited; Japanese and Chinese one would rather exclude altogether. The American future was so bright in the late 19th century and early 20th.
>>7246 Why is it wrong to rape and cuck our enemies? IMO I see it as something that should be naturally done to them, but I'm willing to change my mind if someone talk me out of it. >>7258 >While eugenics had mainstream representation and implementation in the way of compulsory sterilizations to some extent in nearly three states, we never took it upon ourselves as a nation to devote ourselves full-heartedly to eugenic science. I personally think that the Romans and the Greeks could of potentially still have started the first eugenic science and accelerated to understand how to create the ubersmench man in the classical era, I just don't know why they failed.
Open file (55.71 KB 972x540 sparta eugenics.jpg)
>>7263 Many of the ancients around the world did practice a natural form of eugenics through practicing infanticide. The deformed and retarded were left to die or were drowned in a bucket. Sparta of course though can be credited with the first type of eugenics carried out by a community. All children were observed by the body of elders, and it was decided whether it would live or die. Only the strong were permitted to survive and procreate.
>>7266 It still sucks that they never wrote a science and looked to expand upon it.
>>7244 I'd say that jews are the only enemy. But do tell on who could be other enemies.
>>7294 Jews are of course the main enemy, but there are many golems of theirs that we will have to contend with as well. Traitors, Muslims and Communists come to mind
>>7295 I get muslims but what about chinks, poos, japs etc.?
If Whites don't get credit for abolitionism, doesn't that alone give them all the reason in the world to not care about being labeled racist?
>>7311 The Chinese are more obvious of an enemy. The others it's hard to tell. Maybe under the right government we could get along to an extent where there would be common interests, if any.
Why do you hate anime?
>>7324 I don't, I just hate ironic weebs.
>>7324 What >>7326 said
>>7121 >much of the ancient Indo-European world Your source? Also, define "much". >>7129 Sounds a bit contradictory unless the "early adulthood" implies boy on boy sex but not senior male on boy sex. >>7139 Your source? >>7258 >The American future was so bright in the late 19th century and early 20th It never was. A nation of Jewed Protestants that wanted to be an empire, all for the wrong reasons. >>7247 >Likewise we know that Hitler criminalized abortion except in the case of detected defects. Perhaps an option should be added: kill it or you're expelled out of the country with your retarded kid. Same thing could go with your mixed race baby.
Also, am I the only one having issues shitposting through tor on 8kun for a week now? It's like going through some public hotline, nothing works. It reminds me of when the admin closed 8chan, there were similar issues becoming more and more regular. Are they trying to datamine users more than usual by, again, locking tories out?
What do you think is better? Republics or Monarchy.
>>7109 >It's also worth noting that some of these have been confirmed by analysis of residual pigmentation on statues. The Greeks were not mutt-tier in antiquity either. Again, statues confirm this, as do the Epics. Home describes Menelaus as of "flaming hair" in the Odyssey . Achilles had blond hair. Doric heritage was restrained to the upper caste even if some of their genes would sprinkle down to lower ones through all sorts of sexual affairs or incapable family members who had to settle for less than what their prestigious pedigree suggested.
>>7387 I've always had trouble with 8kun. It's garbage, and that's why I never post there beyond the occasional thing once a month or so. It's beyond me how they had a fairly functional site with 8chan and now how it is literally falling apart every other day on the technical end. >>7386 >A nation of Jewed Protestants that wanted to be an empire, all for the wrong reasons. There was still a glimmer of hope, but maybe a very distant and faint one, I think, that Americans could have transcended their worst aspects. Occasionally in America truly based figures cropped up here and there, but you are right that from the very beginning of its colonizations, Judaizing Christians flooded the country, and Freemasons laid the foundations for the Constitution and much else.
>>7076 Because the race was not a big thing and a figure like Evola considered that pizzas were not up for par to "get it" and pasta fascism sucked dry olive balls. Plus the military failures make it look like too much med blood had tainted the once greater Aryan blood that maintained the greatness of the Roman Empire (despite all its inherent faults).
>>7389 Monarchy, full stop.
>>7394 Would NS even work under fascism considering Hitler had no plans to establish a monarchy?
>>7395 >Fascism I meant under a monarchy.
>>7395 For all intents and purposes, he was definitely moving into near-monarchy territory. When you go for an empire with such noble values at its core, tied to divine principles and when you're literally fully powered, what are you lacking? A crown? His blood was bluer than a thousand contemporary "aristocrats" combined.
>>7395 He could of just established a constitutional monarchy if he wanted the National socialist to stay in power, although it is possible he could of taken a crown and became Emperor or given it to someone who should represent the Aryan race and establish National socialism as a culture and ideal.
>>7398 >For all intents and purposes, he was definitely moving into near-monarchy territory. Yeah but he still wasn't a monarchist and it's still questionable if a a king would abide by NS or NS would abide by the king. >>7400 >He could of just established a constitutional monarchy if he wanted the National socialist to stay in power, That's what Imagine what would likely occur under a NS monarchy ,but it still conflicts the whole king being apolitical or not needing to be an NS. >although it is possible he could of taken a crown and became Emperor or given it to someone who should represent the Aryan race and establish National socialism as a culture and ideal. Unlikely to happen to be honest unless that king and aristocrats absolutely see that NS and its ideals must be fully implemented into the state.
How do anons here regard the battle for grain and the battle for the lira, two programs in italy that were regarded as a failure, but i don't see it that way, even if they created some problems they also achieved their inteded goal, so the question becomes if the benefits outweight the problems, for the battle of the grain i think it was, even if the bread prices rose, italy became much more self sufficient in grain and because higher bread prices aren't as harmful without foreign competition, as oswald mosley says: >The first act in the building of a new system is clearly to free the people of these islands from the forces which deprive them of purchasing power and to build a home market which rests on the high purchasing power of the people. High wages alone can give the people the power to consume the goods which they produce. The first factor which prevents high wages at present is the undercutting of British labour, even on the home market, by cheap foreign products often far below in price our present production costs. And >If for instance, we excluded nearly 200 million pounds per annum of foreign foodstuffs and produced them here instead, the economic effect would be to increase by that amount the purchasing power of the British farming population. The farmer will make more profits, the farm worker will be employed on the land. If nearly another 200 million pounds' worth of food was produced and sold in Britain, the purchase price of these products would be in the hands of the agricutural population and would be spent by them. and for the battle of the lira i don't think it a was worth it, even if the value of the lira almost doubled, this only meant more international prestige, the export prices rose and a series of measure had to be made to keep italian exports competitible like taxes and wage cuts, the deflation of the currency also brought economic stagnation and should the currency be based on labour like in germany or admnistred by the government?
>>7395 National Socialism wants the natural leaders to lead the people. Any sort of hereditary rule is anathema to it. I guess that would technically be more akin to a republic than a monarchy in the sense we commonly think of it, but Schopenhauer’s points in the text quite readily align with the idea of the Führerprinzip. Instead of “let their be one king”, we should say “let there be one leader”. I do like the idea of an elective monarchy though, though I would never put the election to the masses
>>7413 >Any sort of hereditary rule is anathema to it Nepotism is not an obligation of monarchy, although in theory good blood is good blood.
>>7413 >National Socialism wants the natural leaders to lead the people. Any sort of hereditary rule is anathema to it. Not really. There is always a cut of the population who rules over the rest. Behavior patters, especially those relevant to rulership (impulse control for one) are hereditary and not spread the same within any populations. >>7415 If you don't accept nepotism then I don't want to see how you raise your children.
>>7426 It will play out how it will play out. It’s very likely that a certain segment of a nation’s population will produce a vast majority of the nation’s leadership-worthy individuals, but still the best-suited are who are intended to rule. This is what Hitler means when in MK he talks about the “aristocratic principle of nature”. Especially in the etymological sense of aristocracy as “the rule of the best” this makes sense. The body politic needs a good brain to direct it.
>>7432 All countries in this world need to do this. Except israel.
>>7426 >If you don't accept nepotism then I don't want to see how you raise your children. >Openly promoting nepotism Why is this allowed?
>>7088 Morning. >>7126 Don't feel like meddling with those boards. >>6978 There are two outfits I have here. 1st is an attempt to kinda dress Grace like a Cavalier. 2nd is another kind of royal outfit. I'm leaning towards the 1st one, but I wonder what /fascist/ thinks? 2nd one will likely be revamped/redone a little before anything is decided.
>>7457 I like them both, but I think I'd have to agree with you, I like the first one a little more. What colors are you thinking of making them, if you have decided that yet?
>>7459 Grace probably likes some variety in her wardrobe, so a little bit of variety isn't bad at all! Integralist-chan only has one or two varieties herself, and the only difference is the lack of her overcoat. Either way, I'll be curious to see what you come up with in the end. Also how did you learn to draw this stuff so well
Open file (94.28 KB 680x373 integralist yes chad.png)
>>7462 I've wanted to do the same. I can do some stuff up to a certain point, but it always looks pretty amateurish, especially when it comes to hair and shading. What I like about the drawfag who does a lot of the Grace art is that they look so nice and smooth.
Open file (1.30 MB 2443x2488 hands guide.jpg)
Open file (1.63 MB 1856x5000 oppai.jpg)
>>7467 Thanks for the links, and I was always wondering who exactly was drawing all of this Grace art, but I just never bothered asking. I have a cheap draw tablet as well. It is a Wacom Intuos. At this point, I could hardly go back to what I used to do with my mouse. >>7468 >or do shading/outlines of shapes... Yes, this is what I need to learn. What I do now is draw a line around the area that I want to be shadowed and then just color that in from there. That sounds stupid just typing that, and sure enough it doesn't look as natural as it could. I used to do everything on one or two layers and just paintbucketed to color so at least I have stopped that. I will check out /loomis/, a few months ago I downloaded some stuff that looked pretty useful from there.
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 6 fascist.png)
https://safebooru.org/ https://danbooru.donmai.us/ https://nozomi.la/ https://gelbooru.com/ I think boorus are pretty easy to use. I also tried to get Integralist art preserved on a booru. Oh, btw, if you ever decide to, I should warn you not to try and get gore/controversial/too violent/"too mean" stuff because most artists won't do that
>>7473 I don't know about too many boorus, but I have some experience with them. Your links will set me on a good path though. >How often do you draw? Sporadically, though talking about it makes me want to try to step it up a bit. Usually only if there is something that I want to try to do, or an edit that I think would look good. >>7475 >spoiler Guess that's another impetus to learn haha >I also tried to get Integralist art preserved on a booru. Based anon
Open file (113.02 KB 426x553 tarrant thumbs.png)
>>7478 Yeah I've got the tab opened up still
>>7476 >>7473 >>7477 Popular boorus also have available scripts that let you customize the look and let you mass-download images. Saves you a lot of time and eliminates human error, it can also bypass some account restrictions like age restrictions, and the number of tags you are able to search at once as an anonymous user. I would go with either safebooru or danbooru, no ads. and a very active userbase which makes it have more sripts available
>>7426 >If you don't accept nepotism then I don't want to see how you raise your children. Raising them includes realizing what their true nature is. Forcing them into squares isn't the way.
How did the Roman and Greek cucks fail to save their environments and how do we save today's environments?
>>7542 They failed to see the bigger racial picture. Not that they were absent minded on such topics, but they didn't understand the dire necessity of keeping the whole society pure instead of just the elites. There are many historical references to that, notably in Roman laws, as attempts to move away from the creeping miscegenation that was going on, but the efforts were half arsed, with likely too many hedonistic liberals not seeing a problem in having shitskins doing the chores and growing in numbers. The exact same story repeats itself here, with Jews pushing for this of course, but now mixed to the amplification effect of high technology's mass media. The post-BLM/Knee/Floyd society pushes harder than ever for black-White unions. Jews have now an open allay for this.
4chan's founder was a Jewish weeb 8chan's founder was a crippled midget nanochan's founder was an asian girl What's anon.cafe's founder's degeneracy?
>>7576 I'm not talking about their races, I'm talking about why the hell did they completely fuck up their natural environments and deforestize so many forests instead of chopping down and replanting a crowd of trees, so they wouldn't fuck up the soil in the ground along with other shit they may have fucked up as well. The info European religions specifically all state that there are dire consequences for ruining nature along with their philosophers specifically telling them that they are ruining Rome or Greece by chopping down so many trees and cultivating too much soil.
>>7576 >black-White unions Against kikes, then that would be a different story.
>>7611 It probably happened so gradually that no one realized that they were totally deforesting their homelands in the long term.
>>7585 I pray it isn't a mutt or a tranny, also >nanochan's founder was an asian girl This is news to me >>7611 The thing about Europe and medcuck civilizations is that they are honestly incredibly overrated. The Romans and Greeks knew about environments being shattered and destroyed, but Medniggers and states within Greece just like in Pooland didn't want to acknowledge this even though we have the Roman and Greek Gods warning mortals of their fuckery of forests and Artistole, Plato, Xenophon, etc all mentioning how environments within Greece are detortaiting over time, but the cucks refused to listen or did listen, but utterly failed to revive the forests due to things like Grazing, hills, animals being a supposed obstacle and IMO the absolute negigilance to actually solve the problem rather than looking forward to developing and prospering their cities so they can establish their empires. >>7621 It likely did, considering Mycanae possibly had likely caused many dry lands that created by them to create cities. Some animals are also reported to have possibly went extinct because Minoan niggers and their colonization. The Indo-European failed to prosper and protect nature like they were told to and this the creation of faggotry, stupidity, and corruption made within Rome and Ancient Greece.
>>7542 >How do we save today's environments Plenty of ways such as reforestization, gardening, less cultivating farming, and depopulation.
Open file (486.48 KB 1024x683 soulless hellscape.jpg)
Open file (409.21 KB 1200x797 forest in estonia.jpg)
>>7630 This is sort of beside the point of your post, but I have always wondered why some "conspiracy theorists" (for lack of a better term) seem to think that depopulation is a negative, or that this is some sort of NWO plot that is on the verge of being carried out, often pointing to the Georgia Guidestones. To me, depopulation is absolutely essential. I am not anti-human in the slightest, but if I had to choose between a disgusting international slum inhabited by millions of bastardized "world-citizens" that have completely destroyed nature for their own hedonism and materialism, and beautiful green landscapes, forests, snow-capped mountains free of human habitation, I would choose the latter.
>>7632 I'm neither anti-human either for I see great poetential in humanity, but as humans we are also foolish to think that we are above nature and liberal and communist humanism thinking that a depopulation is unnecessary because muh fake morality and muh economy.
Open file (98.43 KB 785x523 savitri devi.jpg)
>>7635 That is how I see things as well. It seems like Savitri Devi did too. According to her, this sort of attitude that is prevalent today, i.e that of man-centered ideologies, quantity over quality, positive hatred for the eternal Natural Order, etc, are forces of decay and degeneracy, and the followers of it will only sink lower and lower into depravity. Judging by the fruits of this humanistic and materialistic world, I think this is spot on. If there's one Whitepill that exists whether or not we actually win, it is that the Laws of Nature will destroy the degenerate society of today and the future, as their personal hell is unsustainable.
Is it true that women prefer Southern Europeans?
>>7632 Real eugenics are, at least, a form of population control striving to increase quality at the expense of quantity. It could easily move into a soft depopulation pattern at times. In theory.
BTW, what is the onion address for 9? thx
>>7674 If there is any sort of preference it would probably be because Southern European men have not been cucked as hard yet
>>7677 Southern Europeans are cucked as fuck, Italy and Spain are accepting LGBT and immigrants into the country, and what's he talking about are medcucks. I don't see how anyone sensible person would want to fuck the gayest race in humane history.
>>7629 Hold on dude. You're mainly talking about "Aryan" cultures that changed over time and likely greatly deteriorated once the initial conquering Aryan stock mingled too much with the dominated folk. They became extremely exposed to racial mixing and the championing of hedonism. A lot of great countries in Europe have never experienced that level of destruction until the industrial revolution and there too, many countries in Europe have not totally screwed their environment despite all the capitalistic attempts at doing so.
>>7679 I stand corrected then. I must have a very inaccurate picture of that part of Europe in my mind. Granted, I've only visited Western and Central Europe in real life.
>>7674 They follow what the press and TV tell them is better. The ideal man is becoming darker. Today, most ads on TV and in magazines put White women with negroes. This accelerated recently with the doctored BLM fraud. Show them White overmen and they'll wet their panties for any true White Northerner.
>>7678 ty fren
>>7684 Would African TV show African men being the best of the races or do they shoe the White man too? If not, African men (the same ones) have no hope. God made them for no reason.

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