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Open file (347.16 KB 400x548 george floyd body cam.png)
Weimerica Thread Blackshirt 08/26/2020 (Wed) 01:36:14 No.6330
News cyclical: >>10910 Since this clown-show doesn't look like it will fade away anytime in the immediate future, it's worth having a thread to cover the happenings here surrounding BLM and other similar events. Last thread: >>816
Edited last time by FashBO on 10/19/2020 (Mon) 17:54:15.
Anyone know of good streams to watch stuff live? There used to be gloomtube and doomtube but they don't seem to be active.
Open file (751.69 KB 844x473 ClipboardImage.png)
I want Tommy Sotomayor to kill all the niggers.
>>6351 Starting with himself
>>6353 yawn >inb4 you support based shitskins Who cares? If anything it's good for them.
>>6361 >for them This is irrelevant though. It is not like they can ever be redeemed.
>>6361 >>6363 Don't you get it? The entire Earth is ours. God didn't make the other races. We are the only race that should've been the chosen one. And we are. We will cuck the other races by taking their land and genociding everything. We are perfect, there's totally nothing wrong with us.
>>6365 No, "he" made the jews unless somehow you think we're jews., which is just categorically untrue.
>>6365 You’re fundamentally right in a sense, but Christian Identity is cringe. You are not a Jew.
>>6366 >>6368 Not talking about CI. I'm just saying that if God is perfect and the White race is perfect, were the chosen race. All the nonWhite posters here, we will not save you. We will murder you. You think you can escape? We are barbarians. We will eat you alive. We hate you because of what you already are. All those muh attitude problem gtfoh. The truth is the nonWhites should die simply because they are nonWhites. That's all. You don't need to be a CI to say that.
>>6369 My main contention with this idea would be saying that the White race is “perfect”. I would disagree. We are not perfect, but we *are*, I think, closer to perfection (if such a state can ever be reached is another question) than the lower races of this Earth. This is probably fairly evident to most posters here, given the fact that the greatest specimens of our people are far more beautiful and far more intelligent and creative than any other thing that we know of in the Universe. Whites, like everything else, are not some static category though, we are changing / evolving. Right now I would say that we are degenerating though due to a whole host of familiar reasons and modern conditions in general. If our people approach this correctly, it will be little more than a rut to step out of and then on to continue our ascent.
>>6371 How are we going to step out of the rut? Ethnoglobe right?
>>6372 Global lebensraum while Hitler himself was unable to pull off regional lebensraum? I'm not hopeful on that point. I think the best course of action is to decommission all European governments and go guerilla in the woods, let the turds of the world nuke each other and hit from sides as convenient.
>>6386 >Hitler himself was unable to pull off regional lebensraum He could only be stopped by other aryans. The only thing that can hold us back is our own people.
https://www.ar15.com/forums/General/The-Great-Bolivian-Bogaloo-of-2019/5-2336897/ Not happening currently, obviously, but parallel to events today and later, showing how things can get spun up, how people will gather, etc.
>>6396 >investigating those who defended themselves rather than the rioters Do people still need proof the cops ain’t on your side? There it is.
>>6403 >Git 'is ayus <gets shot Ha. Good.
>>6372 Ethnoglobe is a noble future goal, but first we must reclaim our own countries before trying to reclaim the entire world. To get out of the rut we just have to do everything that we can to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. Refuse to bend to degeneracy, redpill people around you, and find like minded people.
>>6426 >>6408 More and more proof by the day that Antifa and these niggers are virtually a protected class, not that we really needed much more proof at this point. They're likely afraid that if they were lenient on this guy - even if he was engaging in self-defense - it will make Whites more willing to stand up for themselves. At the end of the day, these riots are being allowed to happen.
>>6427 >They're likely afraid that if they were lenient on this guy - even if he was engaging in self-defense - it will make Whites more willing to stand up for themselves. But going harsh on them can only hurt their cause because if the White people who only try to defend themselves get jailed and the rioters go free the White people will lose all faith in the justice system and you would think that the last thing they would want is for the White people to go full on fuck the government mode.
>>6430 Time to look for some more ammo.
>>6430 I think the kikes are setting themselves up for a massive backlash. Whatever they do right now is a bit dangerous for them, it seems.
>>6434 I mean most of the police are quitting now because the job has become don't enforce the law for niggers or you go to jail while they fucking attack you constantly in their new found immunity to the law and White people have been the only ones really standing up for the police. Imagine if White people also turn on the police. They are all gonna fucking quit their jobs because not only will you have niggers attacking them constantly you're going to have goddamn White people ambushing them for failing to protect their right to defend themselves which they only have to do because the police refuse to enforce the law for niggers. If this is part of their plan then they are fucking retarded because they are just going to redpill every White person in the world and lose their enforcement arm in the process.
>>6436 > If this is part of their plan then they are fucking retarded because they are just going to redpill every White person in the world and lose their enforcement arm in the process. I know, I have been confused as to what exactly they are doing for some time, especially in 2020 with (((Coronavirus))) and now these endless riots. It's almost like they are overeager or something, accelerating everything like this. They see victory approaching, so the Jews, eyes filled with glee, decide to turn up the heat on the frog that they've been boiling for decades. What they doesn't seem to realize is that this frog will hop out if they turn it up too fast. It's important not to let this moment go to rest.
>>6439 >It's almost like they are overeager It's also the worst time in history to accelerate their plans because they made everyone quit the bread and circus cold turkey with all their race baiting bullshit they inserted into it so now EVERYONE is paying attention to everything they do. It's starting to feel like they just said fuck it at the worst possible time to do so.
>>6440 It's always important to remember that in Mein Kampf the final stage of Jewish infestation listed by Hitler was nothing less than the Jew destroying himself. Whether we're seeing something like this or not it's impossible to know, but I'm interested in seeing what the fuck happens next. I can only expect chaos surrounding the election. I've been thinking I need to start getting involved with WNs IRL though, because all the big events are gonna pass me by if I sit around for much longer.
>>6442 >It's always important to remember that in Mein Kampf the final stage of Jewish infestation listed by Hitler was nothing less than the Jew destroying himself I don't know if they are actually intending this though it kind of feels like their golems got away from them again because I seriously doubt they would be fucking stupid enough to fuck with the bread and circus intentionally. I don't know though maybe each successive generation of jews gets even more retarded because this is the most nonsense shit I have ever seen it feels like they are just more comically evil than a Captain Planet villain.
>>6443 I've said before that Jews are a lot dumber than most people think. They like to brag about their high IQs, but the main achievement of that is being skilled in pilpul and tricks rather than anything of any true value. It's chutzpah. Thinking themselves "Chosen", they think they can get away with anything and that the goyim will just take their shit over and over until they're finally bled dry. Of course, it's come back to bite them in the ass over 109 times now, but they never learn, in fact they seem to completely incapable of learning from their mistakes.
Open file (608.51 KB 515x553 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6465 Bring it nigger.
>>6440 But they were pushing for this. They are accelerating because they so much want to realize that sweet Zionist project of world domination, the rabbis pressure Netanyahu on a regular basis for this, and their own religious time table tells them it's soon over: they literally have a clock ticking so they're going all in. They simply cannot go back, which means they're prone to go too fast because they have to go fast, especially considering the rise of racial awakening. Their current plan is to create so much chaos that they will be able to move out while all other groups are at each other's throat. They always force nations to fight against each other while at the same time securing their own survival and power, made mostly mobile by control of capital. They want to retain enough control over our nations at the moment in order to make sure they can bring enough migrants into our countries, so that when the right time comes and all explodes, we Whites will be totally neutralized and Eurasians (Russia-China), their freshest allies, will even be able to cast their own influence and grab some land in our own territories. In due time, they'll organize something similar for those countries since the end goal is destruction of everything, with no more opposition to Israel. Jews can simply not reasonably believe they can maintain control over our nations. Their tyranny gets more blatant day after day. It will take more time for them to subdue all Asians, unless they manage to trick China into doing their bidding, because Jews have almost no Asian-looking members to infiltrate Asian countries. They'd need to send their own women to marry some gooks and corrupt Asian cultures and beliefs. This could take two or three generations but they'd get really close to the end of the 6000 years calendar. But they might try to push NATO into a war with Eurasians. If they manage to pull this off, they might obtain all they wanted in an even shorter schedule. But for this to succeed, they'd need to double down on the manipulation of the masses and the iron grip, which again is not working out so well today. This is why I believe Jews are betting on a collapse of the Western world, devoured by Muslims and other mystery meats, while already planning something similar in the near future for Eurasia. With tools like Putin, it might not be so hard to achieve. >>6443 >I don't know if they are actually intending this though It has nothing to do with intent but with their nature. The parasite will destroy the host, but once the host that maintains civilization (White man) is destroyed, the Jew is autopwnd. They still are at risk of being swarmed by sandniggers, and if they fail to maintain some form of power over nations that could be capable of lending military support in the Middle East, Israel would fall apart. Besides, Jews often overreach, rarely realizing how despicable they are to us.
>>6445 They are evil. Incapable of honesty. Incapable of learning. They continue to do today what they did in bible days. Cause problems, get into trouble, beg for forgiveness, are shown mercy, repeat. The high IQ isn't real. its the same phenomenon we see in China where they only let upper class/smart people take IQ tests while in most White countries it is a tool to measure people who are having problems. Chances are if you're american and have never had issues in school and had never been diagnosed with a learning disability, then you likely also have never taken an IQ test. However in israel/china its exclusively given to gifted students.
The only Jews who have IQ scores higher than the 90s are the ones with massive European mixture. All the other Kikes are just shitskins.
>>6445 Heck any other race is better than them.
>>6465 Jesus, someone tell her to control her spit.
>>high IQ Their "high IQ" is almost completely from their European admixture
Fucked up my post and someone else said the same thing about. Have a colorized Adolf as penance.
>>6488 That is what I think as well. It is the one case where their intentional intermixing with the locals has not totally destroyed them. For example in India with the Cochin Jews, or with the Lemba Jews in Africa, they themselves have become little better than poos and niggers. White admixture was a step up. >>6490 He wears that stache pretty good as well honestly.
>>6492 The only thing that stops Israel from being a shithole is that they can take Whitey's gibsmedats.
>>6508 I hope Palestine or whatever country takes care of them.
>>6512 Not gonna happen if Americans keep meddling in the area as cannon fodder.
IDGAF if the police are on our side everyone is cattle including the Jews
>>6521 Once American support stops they will be powerless to stop arabs from flooding in and mixing with them. Then they will lose their remaining European admixture and become full semite subhumans again.
>>6551 >Once American support stops Far-fetched, and still the jews are crazy enough to use their small nuclear warheads if open war happens, that would justify a world intervention thus WWIII. A long-game squeezing on them is more plausible but that would only move the noses to Europe or America as "refugees", which is just as bad as a WWIII for some countries.
>>6546 The only people who are on our side are Whites quickly waking up to the threat of nonWhites, and even then they are mostly anti-nigger only. The vast majority of cops are traitors doing it for a paycheck. On another topic: https://national-justice.com/kenosha-all-three-anarchist-rioters-shot-have-histories-violent-crime At least one confirmed jew, and the other two are very suspicious.
Open file (120.22 KB 1024x526 merchant irl.jpg)
>>6570 >Huber >Grosskreutz >Rosenbaum It wouldn't surprise me if all three of these were Jews. Some of these could just be German names, but I can't help but stop and wonder.
>>6576 Even if one or two are not, they’d still be traitors and deserve the worst as well.
>>6577 Agreed. Anyone who associates voluntarily with BLM and Antifa, especially if they are dedicated enough to actually go out to riot and loot, are basically assisting in the active destruction of our people. I have zero sympathy for Whites who work to undermine their own out of guilt or in a pathological drive to "help" niggers
Any intel on how kenosha went last night? I heard it was calmer, maybe something to do with three idiots getting shot. I wanted them to hit back harder but at least shit is still happening in places like minnesota.
>>6581 It doesn't seem like much happened in Kenosha last night. Like you, I was wanting (and expecting) a much greater backlash over the shootings. In Minnesota we had some nigs looting a Target (again) and of course the other dude (Who was a homocide suspect) who blew his brains out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6CDJwTaNcI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1n_Lz4wMtkU
Open file (18.40 KB 640x295 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (977.18 KB 937x524 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (14.99 KB 630x217 ClipboardImage.png)
Even the Jew York Times now is saying that Kyle was shot at first https://www.nytimes.com/2020/08/27/us/kyle-rittenhouse-kenosha-shooting-video.html
>>6585 Still being charged with murder to appease the mob. Fuck the cops.
>>6445 The expulsions were to protect them not something that bit them in the ass.
>>6591 Do you mean that the rulers of a given country or area kicked them out in order to protect them from the masses? It's definitely possible. Many of the European rulers were caught up in the Jews' web through usury, and really went the extra mile in attempting to protect the Jews from the people (pic related). I assume that some rulers occasionally kicked them out because they personally became aware of their tricks though
>>6570 >even then they are mostly anti-nigger Huh, what else you'd want them to be?
>>6439 I think they're truly panicking and are trying to go full speed ahead to make Whites afraid to go out and vote so they can get Harris in office so they can really go pedal to the metal without another 4 year wait. With mail in ballots it's almost certainly going to be rigged in their favor COVID was their saving grace and that's why they've overhyped it for nearly half a year.
My Democrat-voting father is complaining about “niggers” getting the NHL games tonight cancelled. I guess your people can get replaced for years on end but if you cancel Whitey’s sports games he’ll turn racist
>>6576 They're all jews. Your pic is a felon that shouldn't have had a gun, The first one shot had sex with a minor, and the 2nd one was a wifebeater.
>>6638 In order of who got shot btw >>6637 It's pretty fucking sad. My father atleast hates sports and niggers getting paid millions for it while the rest of us toil our whole lives to not make half as much. Sadly most boomers don't open their mouths about any of this until it interrupts their dopamine rush like absolute fucking lemmings.
>>6597 More like the plebes had enough and the king/prince could not risk some severe discontent or complete uprising; not that the population could do much in most cases, but there were other chads eyeing the thrones.
>>6639 >Sadly most boomers don't open their mouths about any of this until it interrupts their dopamine rush like absolute fucking lemmings. Pretty much. At this point I've heard more Whites in real life complain about Cops and Live PD being cancelled and Aunt Jemima than issues that really matter. The one Whitepill hidden within that though is that this gives people like us an opportunity to get people thinking differently, and to slip in redpills when appropriate. I've had great success steering someone I know towards our views lately off these sorts of openings.
>>6630 Anti other nonWhites too, especially jews. Too many of them see jews as White, just like niggers, or see them as God's Chosen people or a part of some end-times prophecy or something.
>>6659 Idk about you anon but I think they're starting to realize that kikes and Whites have different facial features. Some of them. That's why the redpilling is important for anybody.
>>6663 It helps that the kikes in congress are being so obvious.
>>6636 Considering the (((pure luck))) that the israelis were developing a corona vaccine just before the pandemic, I don't think it was a mere saving grace for them.
>>6637 That's why this recent shoehorning of the propaganda into the bread and circus is so confusing. Most of these retards would happily plod along to their own people's death as long as they could watch their sports ball. Why they would fuck with that is beyond me.
The waters are being muddied as we speak
Open file (372.79 KB 1440x2159 white bricked.jpg)
This is the future for White Americans https://streamable.com/ch5t29
>Trump said that Biden was being controlled by "people that you've never heard of. People that are in the dark shadows. They're people that are in the streets, they're people that are controlling the streets.” >The president added that funding for a “revolution” is coming from “very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won't, they would be thrown to the wolves like never before.” >“He's a hairsbreadth away from just pushing Illuminati, Freemasonry, and Rothschild conspiracy theories,” View tweeted. “Trump kept the identity of the ‘shadowy’ enemy vague, so conspiracy theorists can fill it with their favorite villain. Some choose China, the Deep State, or ‘Elites.’ Though some prefer the stronger antisemitic twang of ‘banking families.’” https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/wxqyaw/trump-just-went-full-qanon-in-a-fox-news-interview SHUT IT DOWN This would be amazing to hear if Trump himself wasn’t a bonafide Jew puppet
>>7085 Trump mystifies me in a way few political figures do, he's kind of fascinating.
>>7513 Same for me. Sometimes it seems like he knows exactly what is going on, but then he goes ahead and does all of this spineless, weak, pro-Jewish nonsense that shatters all illusions to anyone who has a brain. He's an enigma at times, but I don't think there is anything that he could do to win me back over at this point short of going full WN (which will never happen) Still always a good laugh to watch though
Open file (20.57 KB 1162x183 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (252.30 KB 979x727 1564317398857.png)
>>6476 Excellent post. I only want to add a mere observation about how much the kikes have been kvetching in the last year about the danger of right wing accelerationism, meanwhile adopting accelerationism for themselves. This alone should make you understand how so called "wignats" were right all along, while dumb conseriviMIGAtards were shitting their pants about muh optics and political solutions.
>>6984 >video removed Kill yourself for not just posting the video yourself nigger.
>>7513 He's not on our side but because of what he is meant to be and represent, he is forced to adopt some of our codes. This allows us to push our message into the greater world of flesh and thoughts. His usefulness rests only in our ability to consolidate our user base and improve on our preparedness for what is to come. The greatest windows of opportunity are the elections because this is exactly when Trump must wear the pro-US and largely pro-White hat, although it should never be forgotten that the United States are a malevolent entity that needs to go down. You don't stand for this rag of a flag full of stars and stripes but for your kin. In due time, better flags will be flying above our public buildings.
>>7085 >>The president added that funding for a “revolution” is coming from “very stupid rich people that have no idea that if their thing ever succeeded, which it won't, they would be thrown to the wolves like never before.” counter-currents.com/2013/10/wall-street-and-the-march-1917-russian-revolution/ It is however a half truth as a revolution is certainly needed, but nothing like what most people still think of.
>>7582 Trump doesn't push anything besides retarded boomer bullshit. Hillary was the accelerationist vote back in 2016, but Trump is the accelerationist vote today. What consolidates people is enemies and threats. We just happened to get ridiculously lucky this year and are heading towards a contested election, and by god will it be glorious.
>>7584 No, I think Trump will win handily. Most of the time Americans re-elect, and Biden is such a nothing candidate (a lot like Mondale in the 80s, even down to picking a VP with a hole) that he doesn't have a shot. But a contested vote would be great, I agree.
>>7590 It doesn't matter whether or not he will technically have more votes or win the election. With the massive voter by mail turnout the election results are said to be delayed significantly, perhaps by weeks. Both parties will claim to have won long before the results are finalized and all out war will break out.
Open file (609.36 KB 3000x1875 trump law and order.jpg)
>>7584 Trump was good for at living paying lip-service to certain ideas that were basically unthinkable before, such as deporting illegals en masse, banning Muslims, ending birthright citizenship, etc. At the very least he gave those sort of ideas a boost in prominence in the minds of the population, giving us a good starting point when we work on redpilling normalfag Republicans. Trump has pushed many people further right, but the negative to all of this, of course, is that many of his supporters function like a cult. They still suck his dick even though he has betrayed everything that he stood for. Even if he was a stooge the entire time (likely), it is annoying that they don't even seem to notice or care, but that's lemmings for you I guess > heading towards a contested election, and by god will it be glorious. This would be best case scenario now that I think about it.
>>7584 >>7605 I agree. The most accelerationist thing to happen in my opinion - the one that would possibly bring more chaos not only in USA but possibly worldwide - would be long months of both dems and reps arguing on who has won the election, with the losing side (realistically, Biden) refusing to recognize the results, then have Trump finally being sworn in and after a while have a lunatic antifa or nigger murder him.
>>7618 I can see it being Biden refusing to recognize the results easily as well. Already they have been running various narratives about how Trump is going to tamper with the election (just think of the "disappearing mailboxes" narrative). It's also worth noting that they've been trying to get the military involved or against Trump, see: https://www.rt.com/usa/499379-milley-military-trump-election/ And then of course just this week they are trying to drive a wedge between the military and Trump with the anonymous source saying that he "disparaged the war dead" or something
Open file (2.02 MB 720x720 1598886487565.mp4)
>>7584 >Hillary was the accelerationist vote back in 2016 t. Correct The Record Shill. Retarded opinion. Hillary wouldn't have accelerated anything. She was for the status quo. Everything would have continued the way it was with Whites slowly decaying. They would have likely accelerated Syria and finished the air defense plan for israel. The only silver lining would be 8 more years under the status quo would create another borderline candidate like trump, but better which is literally "dude, just wait for Hitler!" which is the opposite of acceleration. The only possible way Hilary would have accelerated anything was if in her election alone, Trump actually did something to have her investigated for fraud, and if it turned out she cheated in large enough numbers to turn a loss into a win (which voting for her would have actually contributed to the opposite) But as we've seen from his presidency we know he wouldn't have done anything anyway which now with 20/20 hindsight it makes the fact you fags were wrong in 2016 even more obvious.
>>7605 >Even if he was a stooge the entire time (likely), it is annoying that they don't even seem to notice or care, but that's lemmings for you I guess If they hadn't found imageboards at all this wouldn't be quite as irritating, if any evidence that he's a kike puppet gets posted when a q cultist happens to be observing the thread then it will immediately get flooded with walls of schizophrenic diatribes.
The best acceleration would be a destruction of the economy and/or a hit in the taxation IRS system. We should organize for a global refusal to pay for libtards, banksters, retards and niggers. This needs to be grouped though because isolated individuals will be crushed (Gordon Kahl iirc).
Open file (236.10 KB 773x1000 1584392078383.gif)
>>7692 Is taxation still an issue in a situation where they just push a button and create trillions literally out of nowhere?
>>7695 It's a bit more complicated than that. Something to keep in mind is that in some ways (but this is also complicated and weird, because the actual Fed board is populated by academics rather than proper bankers) the Fed isn't really what it's presented as to the public, it's more of a cartel of private banks rather than a singular entity. To my understanding, what is actually meant by "printing money" is that the Fed creates a deposit in the reserve account of the "primary dealer" member banks. That money doesn't actually enter circulation until loans are made by said banks. Of course, rules would probably bent or broken in a catastrophic funding scenario, but presently there isn't really any legal mechanism to fund the government with Fed funds. The actual day to day workings of the banking economy are mind-bendingly complicated. I've been trying to educate myself about these issues but it's incredible how opaque it all is. Even professional economists don't seem to really understand what's going on, watching an expert struggle to explain why overnight interbank lending rates spiked to unprecedented levels this time last year is both amusing and unsettling.
Everyone should read this long article by a Jew talking about how bad goyim are reacting to BLM and Covid. It's hilarious https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-ethno-nationalists-are-cheering-on-blm/
>>7646 I did not say Hillary was an accelerationist, I said voting for Hillary would have accelerated the west into radicalization faster with the information we had at that time. Trump's election turned a riled up voter base docile and lame. None of that matters now, but the point is that voting for Hillary, assuming votes mean anything, could easily be argued the accelerationist move. Today voting for Trump is the accelerationist move.
>>7892 Just because the more right leaning people were riled up doesn't mean they would have done anything had Hillary actually won. I mean for fucks sake they endured EIGHT YEARS of king nigger and didn't do shit about that what makes you think they would have done anything under Clinton?
>>7942 It might have accelerated the inevitable. I doubt people would have done anything, but the pozz would be amplified to a higher degree much sooner. Trump's presence in the White House makes boomers and generic Republicans feel like /theirguy/ is in the White House fighting for their interests. The more Democrats fuck things up, the angrier people get, and the harder it gets to ignore the obvious.
>>7944 >The more Democrats fuck things up, the angrier people get, and the harder it gets to ignore the obvious. Right but I would argue that they wouldn't be fucking up as hard or as fast if they didn't feel threatened by people not voting in the FISRT WAMEN president. Trump may not be Hitler or even close but if anything the very act of voting for someone who espoused for the saner positions of yesteryear has put (((them))) into a frenzy to the point where they will actually try and kick off a race war. Now why they think a race war will help (((them))) is a mystery to me but I have to believe that jewish shortsightedness is coming back to bite them in the ass.
Open file (48.83 KB 961x403 hysterical jews.png)
>>7950 It definitely seems like Trump is making our enemies absolutely hysterical right now. Is this just Jewish 4D chess? Possibly, but at some point the mental gymnastics get ridiculous with explaining how exactly Trump is in reality doing just what the other oligarchs want. Don't get me wrong, he is a kike-puppet, but for some reason he is not opportune, it seems, for whatever (((they))) are planning in the long-term. I've had a theory that ZOG is comprised of various factions of Jews and Judaized elites more or less in agreement on certain issues, but they differ among themselves on certain things like implementation or timescale. None of them are /ourguys/; they all want NWO and White genocide, but they can be utilized to our benefit. Just look at this headline, this is nuts. >Now why they think a race war will help (((them))) is a mystery to me but I have to believe that jewish shortsightedness is coming back to bite them in the ass. The way I have been thinking of it is that they are approaching their goal. They see it in their sights, and they are getting increasingly giddy and reckless, wanting to get there even faster and faster. As they do this, they are becoming less careful and more prone to making mistakes. This is why they tried to fool us all with this Coronavirus Psyop, and why all of the major corporations and media have aligned themselves with rioters, communists and Marxist BLM. Now and into the coming months is our time to capitalize on this rising chaos and mistrust in any way we can. Even redpilling people alone is a step in the right direction.
>>7951 >that pic I have seen multiple similar headlines, so it is clear that the next step in their masterplan is for the dems to refuse the vote result in case of Trump victory and fuel the agitators nationwide into an actual civil war, until they will reach their goal to eliminate the so called "Trump regime". It's a mystery as well to me why Trump is seen as such a danger by this accelerationist wing of the ZOG.
>>7976 I was listening to MSNBC in my car yesterday I love to torture myself and they were going on and on about how safe mail-in voting is, and how Trump is spreading so many lies about it. They also stopped to mention that "it's normal" or "to be expected" that counting the ballots in November could take several days and that it could come down to a razor-thin margin. It's very possible that the Dems could dispute the result if Trump wins since they were already priming the goyim with their narratives about disappearing mailboxes and Trump allegedly saying something about "voting twice" (haven't cared enough to investigate the background of this, I'm sure the words are twisted). The stage is set for an all-around shitshow and disputed result claims from both sides.
Does anyone have the pictures of recent arrests of rioters? There was one "White" with a huge yakub head, and a bunch of other really ugly faggots.
>>8020 the pictures are easy to find, they're all over facebook too. there are several dozens.
>>6369 >gtfoh that term is majority used by niggers....
>>7951 Who do you "coup d'etat" when you're (allegedly) the one in charge? Retards, in any other scenario it would be called "structural reorganization" or the like.
>>8023 https://antifawatch.us/ check this place out
Open file (2.17 MB 2880x3000 antifa subhumans.jpg)
>>8023 Physiognomy is real. "Monstrum in fronte, monstrum in animo" -- "Monster in face, monster in soul". These leftists are routinely hideous, and they even go out of their way to look as ugly as possible with their piercings, tattoos, neon-colored hair and fat bodies. I don't know if it's just me, but I can tell these people are leftists just by looking at them. >>8026 I always take these dictionary sites with a grain of salt but it appears that the term "coup" can apply to something like. I think it's a bit odd though, I don't know if I'd have used it like that myself. >a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics > the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coup%20d'%C3%A9tat
>>8058 If you're weak, defective and generally hideous inside and outside it's only natural to adhere to an ideology that relies on the bottom of the barrel of humanity to survive. Being a mess and indulging in your own putrefaction is much easier than self improving for the betterment of both the individual and whole society. Funniest thing is the amount of projection these creatures rely on to divert from their inner failure: remember that these are the people coming here or on /pol/ calling anons ugly incel losers.
>>7978 I think it was a campaign ad or a twitter post but he directly said vote twice, as in once in the mail and once in person.
>>8090 It's funny, back in 2015-16 I would have spent hours digging into this shit and preparing talking-points against normalfags, but I've lost all fervor for digging into what the media is claiming about Trump nowadays. It's more worth my time to redpill people on White genocide.
>>8061 Fucking hell. Just a passer by but this explains so fucking much. For a moment I was going to suggest that the hatred was likely because their oldest enemies were these incredibly fit, healthy people but it's likely because they know that even working on themselves to the same level, their genetics leaves thempredisposed to asthma, bad stomachs, etc. I'd go as far to argue that they couldn't become what their enemies were.
Open file (261.89 KB 959x1280 nietzsche 1.jpg)
>>8104 A lot starts to make sense once one understands the type of stuff talked about in posts like >>8058 and >>8061. Nietzsche was spot on when he says that this type of mindset (i.e. slave morality) springs almost entirely from feelings of resentment, envy, inferiority and weakness
Open file (409.99 KB 595x398 SUBHUMAN.png)
>>8109 That's why non-Whites can't improve.
>>8138 It's also why they will never be satisfied regardless of how many concessions Whites are forced to make by the Jews. They will devour the entire society and still want more.
>>8139 But will they ever improve? Maybe some. The rest will try to bring them down.
>>8143 That raises the question as to whether they even have a standard of 'improving' compatible with White standards
Open file (103.54 KB 1024x842 kneeling cop.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 1125x2436 ClipboardImage.png)
Fire is clearly being used as a weapon to terrorize the small towns along the highways. It’s an act of war.
>>8256 Everyone should read this article too. There's just too many arson cases. That guy is only one of many it seems like. I wonder how this is being organized. Very strange, but not surprising. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/sources-series-of-wildfires-may-be-coordinated-and-planned-attack/ https://twitter.com/StayAway_Music/status/1303852706365190144>>8256
>>8256 I've seen the (((FBI))) quickly dismiss this as fake news, a literal Comey appointee in Portland said this and I don't even know how could an exhaustive inquiry could even have started yet, let alone arrive to conclusion. But to be honest I am not a burger so I am not following the arsons matter closely. Are there actual proofs, like some of these antifaggots caught red handed? Is this Lopez guy proven antifa "activist"? I recall many burger saying that these commies would get rekt if they tried in White suburbs the shit they did in libtard cities, so this arson strategy might be just another step to add to their anarchist agitation 2 months before the election.
>>8195 >White standards should be about Whites only in White counties and states. Whether niggers evolve or not is none of our concern as long as they remain on the side of the frontier/wall/gun.
>>8259 It's a dangerous game though. One side tries to show that Trump is powerless, but the other side could really pour fuel on the conspiracy side of things and really point fingers at dems/antifas/leftykikes trying to bring this country down right before the elections. Also, if White areas are mainly targeted, it's going to weaken their voting power by disturbing the voting process. This, on top of the already well documented rigging that's been going on in this country for ages now.
>>8262 I agree. So long as niggers are not in our territories and not threatening our interests I don't care what they do. Don't know if I'd leave them wholly untouched though, they need their population kept in check.
>>8259 There’s been multiple arrests, some of them clad in black like antifa. They don’t have an official uniform or etc so there is plausible deniability but it’s totally commies doing this.
You can't make this stuff up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hk6OHHqwxJw
Open file (1.16 MB 768x956 1600171972185.png)
Really makes me think.
Open file (218.15 KB 1104x1129 bt39.png)
>>8385 I swear 2020 is the year of the never-ending ruse
>>8385 That map doesn’t track canadian or mexican wildfires. If you found one that did, there would be a lot less than in the us, though, for sure.
>>8433 This should be shown to any faggot who claims the GOP is a good vehicle for Fascism. They'd sooner elect tranny anarchists than an upstanding White man who wants to preserve his people.
>>8409 There is no mexican wild fires, our sierras are well maintained and there's always workers burning the underbrush like normal, civilized forest keepers and they are all cartel members/technicians
>>8470 Spic synarc anon is that you?
>>8409 It's pretty much nothing by comparison. At least at the moment.
>>8470 Some forest fires should be allowed to happen, they rejuvenate the forests.
>>8470 >and they are all cartel members/technicians Well yeah you can't have wild fires burning up all your drug crops.
>>8483 no >>8493 Exactly, it always happened but in some forests things get out of hand, and then there's California where they are batshit insane and refuse to do any kind of forest keeping along with flammable as fuck non-native trees. It goes against all conventions, even Smokey the Bear said fires happen but they are controlled. Honestly this all looks like mass forced plantation of flammable trees in obvious hot desertic state to burn huge chunks of territory unpunished and justify real estate/realtor shenanigans and sell more land by the rockies. Same happened in Israel where the jews planted eucalyptus into difficult border areas besides the red sea, they burned and the winds fucked a little with the natives on the other side, also blasted tons of holy cedar hills in the process. This was to push the border line further because they can't bulldoze their way in somewhat remote areas. >>8617 You are catching up. Imagine all that weed burning, nobody could work for days and birds would fly into people and inside houses.
>>8654 Trump has only appointed goyim so far to the Supreme Court. Will they really allow him to allow Jewish control of the Supreme Court to drop below 33%?
>>8654 Unfortunately a zionist is in charge so I'm sure he'll find some other jew to replace her.
Open file (66.90 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>8656 He's mentioned pic related.
>>8663 >mother is 3/4 irish 1/4 italian >dad is some dirty cuban no wonder he looks the way he looks, the ebin results of race mixing ah well, I can't think of a single person to put in who's actually fascistic so it's all the same to me who gets it at this point, since it's just either someone actively pushing every vector of gay imaginable or someone else silently assenting to it all.
>>8621 >Exactly, it always happened but in some forests things get out of hand, and then there's California where they are batshit insane and refuse to do any kind of forest keeping along with flammable as fuck non-native trees. >It goes against all conventions, even Smokey the Bear said fires happen but they are controlled. Honestly this all looks like mass forced plantation of flammable trees in obvious hot desertic state to burn huge chunks of territory unpunished and justify real estate/realtor shenanigans and sell more land by the rockies. Same observations made about Australia. There's probably a video or two about this still left on yidube. From the top of my head, I remember talks about samples showing ground and trees covered with strangely flammable substance; areas not being cleaned like they should be and have been for ages; reduction of the natural flow of water ways by big companies; aquifer sources being damaged too; Prime Minister playing his part in being the obvious useful troll who goes on vacations when his country burns and says all sorts of stupid things and also denies climate change in the most stupid way so then anyone who has logical and intelligent doubts about the anthropological climate heating is immediately associated with this buffoon; enormous amount of fires started all at once; exceptional drought which might have been related to former weather manipulation (easily done) to prevent rains from reaching the land. >Same happened in Israel where the jews planted eucalyptus into difficult border areas besides the red sea On the side of the Red Sea? Not the Dead one instead?
>>8670 >I can't think of a single person to put in who's actually fascistic so it's all the same to me Until the day I see these justices overturning major rulings like those on abortion, interracial marriage, gay marriage and sodomy laws they're worse than useless. They're a brake at best but silently assent to the advance of the pozz nevertheless like you said. And I'd eat my hat if the courts ever even turned over Roe v. Wade, which in our current demographic situation would actually be horrible for Whites
Open file (108.86 KB 1182x424 top kek 2.png)
>>8654 Time to celebrate
Open file (194.99 KB 494x225 anudda shoah.png)
>>8710 >todd, i think i might have another job for your uncle
Open file (969.75 KB 658x4046 rbg jewess.jpg)
Open file (13.83 MB 1280x720 WfEF2jorJ591q-Xe.mp4)
>>8738 Women were a mistake
>>8738 is sammy back? Miss that fella.
>>8740 women, by nature are attracted to the status quo, the only way to change this is through force.
Open file (178.52 KB 220x354 ClipboardImage.png)
Two innocent Whites were murdered by a nigger wearing a "Justice for Breonna Taylor" shirt. This will never get mainstream attention in America. Dey be good boys who dindu nuffin https://www.rt.com/usa/501232-louisville-shooting-suspect-blm-shirt/
>>8740 Nah, don't discount all women just because of the actions of a few mentally ill womynz. There's some good women out there. I'm sure there's even some leftist women who can be converted if you slowly red pill them.
>>8902 You're not wrong. Where women are truly a "mistake" is having them involved in these sorts of political circuses. They can't handle it.
I can’t wait. Get comfy
>>9017 Quick rundown for a non burger?
Open file (123.13 KB 1098x650 breonna taylor.jpg)
>>9025 The police got a no-knock warrant for some niggers for some narcotics investigation, but they decided to knock anyways since they weren't considered to be much of a danger. The police kept knocking, and no one answered. After they announced themselves, they broke down the door, and the nigger boyfriend shot at the police, causing the police to shoot back, killing the negress. https://archive.fo/PSvTc https://archive.fo/ATvPw https://archive.fo/M2C61 https://www.rt.com/usa/501426-louisville-breonna-taylor-charges/ Now just over an hour ago one of the officers were charged with wanton endangerment, and all of the others got off with nothing. Niggers are about to go beserk, Kentucky National Guard is activated, shops are boarded up. Major chimpout likely
>>9032 You forgot how the family of the dead nigress got 12M for her being goodified.
>>9046 >12 M >not 6 M Srsly? >:(
>>9086 Glad I have prepared to defend my home recently.
Open file (120.20 KB 878x577 happening.png)
>>9097 fuck if the police returned fire then we really would get something but I guess nothing is going to happen
You know what?Nothing is going to happen the exact samething happened in the 1960s nothings going to happen the only difference is looters not being shot as much and covid
>>9101 Barring unforeseen acceleration of some sort, you’re right. It seems as if the bullshit people are willing to put up with is without limit. https://www.bitchute.com/video/KDSkQh4T4lHh/
>>9104 Maybe if the police did shoot back at the protestors something big would happen but they didn't we all have to see and wait for the election sense the left is bitching more and more about how trump said he won't abdicate he properly misunderstood the question that's why he said it
>>9104 Absolutely based podcast by Pierce as always. I agree with everything he said. Fuck the American middle class, especially the fucking baby boomers. Those faggots have never taken a stand against the evil which we are facing and they deserve everything that is coming to them. I'll be rooting for the niggers just like Pierce said towards the end of the video because at the end of the day that's all baby boomers and most lemmings in general seem to care about: their own wallets. Lemmings should get a large dose of reality, fuck their bread and circuses. Bread and circuses are gay.
Open file (43.74 KB 594x402 pierce cat 2.jpg)
>>9107 I agree, that Pierce video is spot on and needs spread as much as possible for people to wake up and see the connections. The exact same thing is happening today. Whites keep thinking they can appease blacks, but what we desperately need to learn is that they will never, ever be satisfied. That dose of reality you speak about is coming for Whites, and they'll ever continue to be cringing cowards when blacks are roving through their neighborhoods, or they will grow a spine at last. This channel by the way has uploaded all of Pierce's broadcasts up until his death, a lot of the videos are spot on, and he predicts so many things happening to us today: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/51tzsGDicpWB/
>>9117 Thanks for the bitchute channel brother, I appreciate it. The problem with the cowardly Whites way of thinking is that you will never be able to appease the blacks because at the end of the day they will always be black and you will always be White. The inferior creature will always resent and envy the superior creature. I haven’t read any of Nietzsche’s work yet but I think this has something to do with what he called slave morality. Niggers and other shitskins know deep down that they’re inferior and that they’ll always be inferior to Whites no matter what they do, and they resent us for that. They know that their people have always been slaves, they’ve never been KANGZ, and that they’ve never invented anything. Basically, shitskins know that they are genetic trash and that they’ll never be equal to us despite what the media tells them. They know this deep down, but most of them try really hard to hide their self hatred and they put on a mask of false bravado and confidence. But boy oh boy does that “confidence” disappear instantly as soon as you call them a nigger because it reminds them of what they’ll always be no matter how hard they try: an unevolved piece of shit whose behind Whites in the evolutionary game by millions of years. Shitskins will never be pleased because our very existence scares them and angers them. They know deep down of the violence we are capable of, which is why so many of them seethe at the mention of a saint like Brenton Tarrant. Tarrant reminds them that they are next in line. I know that my existence triggers shitskins. I see it on their faces every time I go out. I have shitskins staring at me with angry faces and I stare right back into their soulless eyes. Mind you I am not a freak of nature, I am an average White man. Our very existence pisses them off and they want all of us dead. At the end of the day Whites will have to decide whether they value more their own existence or the existence of shitskins. We cannot coexist. It’s either us or them and I doubt most Whites will pick the other side despite the Jewish brainwashing. No amount of kike brainwashing can change the instinct of self preservation. When Whites are cornered with no way out, they’ll snap and exterminate everyone who isn’t them.
>>9125 >The inferior creature will always resent and envy the superior creature. I haven’t read any of Nietzsche’s work yet but I think this has something to do with what he called slave morality. Niggers and other shitskins know deep down that they’re inferior and that they’ll always be inferior to Whites no matter what they do, and they resent us for that. Yes, that's one-hundred percent correct. Like Nietzsche says in Twilight of the Idols, when we speak of values, we are speaking under the inspiration / perspective of a certain kind of life, and life forces us to establish values. Niggers, leftists and other assorted subhumans push their view of the world as "the truth" in order to cope with their subhumanity and to condemn their "oppressors" (i.e. everyone better, higher, more intelligent, more beautiful than themselves). Other people aren't just different and superior than themselves, no, they're evil, immoral, and must be humbled, made equal, assimilated into the herd. KANGZ rhetoric too is just a cope. I hate using Cuckchan speech, but that's truly what it is. They have no history and have never done anything of value, just as you say, so they pretend they were the REAL HEBREWS or were pharaohs, etc, while in reality they were living in mudhuts and enslaving each other for millennia before the White man unfortunately pitied them enough to pull them out of the mud. > I know that my existence triggers shitskins. I see it on their faces every time I go out. I have shitskins staring at me with angry faces and I stare right back into their soulless eyes. Mind you I am not a freak of nature, I am an average White man. Our very existence pisses them off and they want all of us dead This is why Whites have zero excuse but to be in good shape. Even most White who are not really fit but aren't out of shape mog shitskins in terms of natural aesthetics, but the closer you look to a Breker statue the more they will resent and hate you for being above them.
>>9104 Economic collapse. More people are becoming redpilled, but there's the missing kickstarting force. Jews will try to control the destruction of wealth so that it never snowballs. There is a surprise coming though. >>9117 Pierce is an essential figure. The tragedy of our current times is how great men, great thinkers, seldom see the fruits of the revolutionary ideas and burning honesty they shared with us. When we will be through this, we'd better pay them our dearest respects. Whites have to be exposed to violence and racial tension. Everyday I see the shitskin feeling more and more confident, daring in their ways. I got a proper reminder of this no less than four days ago. It is undeniably getting worse, we're loosing ground, so there is no point beating around the bush, we need to be proud racists, loving our people and our cultures.
Open file (304.32 KB 994x1042 hitler peace.png)
>>9165 >Economic collapse. This would do it. There's no quicker trigger for people to get fed up with the entire system than them becoming affected materially. The Covid psyop is doing this to an extent, but if it got more intense the redpilling would accelerate beyond anything we've ever seen. Everything that is happening now is a mere prelude to bigger happenings though, as you seem to say yourself. With Pierce, I agree. He's destined to be one of those figures whose true legacy blossoms posthumously. Nearly twenty years after his death the kikes seethe over him in article after article for his writings and influence. This might sound more far-fetched too, but I think that true appreciation for the most subtle aspects of his thinking, such as Cosmotheism, will have their day in the sun as well. >Everyday I see the shitskin feeling more and more confident, daring in their ways. I got a proper reminder of this no less than four days ago. It is undeniably getting worse, we're loosing ground, so there is no point beating around the bush, we need to be proud racists, loving our people and our cultures. Well said. Love your race, no one should hide it, or shy from saying the truth. https://www.bitchute.com/video/qIw9nKaGAh8e/
>>9165 >we need to be proud racists, loving our people and our cultures. >>9176 >Love your race, no one should hide it, or shy from saying the truth. How do you express love for your race?
>>9192 The best things that one can do are to never feel White guilt, not bend to Jewish lies, and to awaken others to the issues that we as a people face. One can also join or involve themselves in IRL groups, and just generally cultivate good relationships with other Whites, especially one's own family and neighbors. The only thing I don't do in what I have listed is group stuff, and one day soon I hope to change this.
Open file (1.56 MB 3456x2304 maple.jpg)
>>9195 I see. I just feel as though there's much more I should be doing to express my love for my race. I'm not a very social or vocal person IRL but try to share my opinions when directly asked. Also I definitely agree about not feeling White guilt. It's usually easy to spot spineless White men who feel guilt, even if that man's a stranger you've never met. On the other hand though, it's easy to spot Trumpcucks who only care about beer, guns and freedum (I guess similar to the middle class Whites that Pierce was talking about in the Bitchute video).
>>9197 I feel the same way, I want to do more, that is why I want to find something good IRL that is actually pro-White and Fascist, and not a farce full of LARPers and losers. Outside of this there is not much more I can think of that is a good way to express one’s love for their race, or to forward our cause — one should of course being in good shape, or they could start a family too, as having children is perhaps the greatest expression of the love for one’s race, and an affirmation that yes, we will exist in the future. In the past I have not been super vocal either, by nature I am a reserved person, but the few people that I have began to open up with regarding the problems we faced has given me new energy. I want to become more vocal. >It's usually easy to spot spineless White men who feel guilt, even if that man's a stranger you've never met. On the other hand though, it's easy to spot Trumpcucks who only care about beer, guns and freedum I’m convinced that physiognomy is true to some extent. I laughed very hard seeing how many of the Antifa people arrested in Oregon were to no one’s surprise, complete and utter subhumans. The one anon said it the best here >>8058 “monster in the face, monster in the soul”. There might be a fascist phenotype too kek, I remember a few years ago I was talking with some guy when he said that I look like the type of guy who would said that he’s proud to be White. He certainly wasn’t wrong.
Open file (41.97 KB 404x187 15714962558.jpg)
>>9112 >How do you express love for your race? Other fine anons gave you wholesome and rightful replies. The ultimate expression of love for your race would be personal sacrifice and martyrdom, but only few in a billion have the strenght and courage to do such a choice and pursue it to its extreme consequence.
>>9201 That's always an implicit response, but it's important that people are best put in a role most suited to their natures. Some people do burn for action of this kind, while others are more suited to the organizational or familial fronts.
Open file (47.01 KB 644x388 protestor car.jpg)
YOU CAN'T JUST RUN PEOPLE OVER "O-oh..." Lol their bravado evaporates so quickly when a White man with balls appears https://www.twitch.tv/videos/750802285
>>9210 Good. Hope a few of them were more than injured.
>>9198 WTF I LOVE PRETTY WHITE FAMILIES NOW Oh wait, I already did
Open file (1.06 MB 1920x1080 big white family.jpg)
Open file (529.72 KB 2534x1690 big white family 2.jpg)
Open file (1.49 MB 1134x1280 white family seethe.png)
Open file (2.84 MB 1245x1280 white family.png)
>>9217 White families are the best
Open file (1.61 MB 298x269 jaws.gif)
>>9198 Tell me about your phenotype.
Open file (259.71 KB 727x662 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 1238x808 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9223 >Tell me about your phenotype. Pics related is the best I can offer. I dress normally too, so I don't have any sort of gay "fashy haircuts" and am not a skinhead.
>>9201 Wait. Anon, there is a huge difference between renouncing a life that you know would be good since you believe a sacrifice of yours in a meaningful way will change the course of history in bettering the life of your people, and on the other hand nurturing a true life-denying thought for which even the idea of sacrifice would be meaningless as there would be no point in trying to improve what you reject and wish others to follow you too.
>>9218 >no brunettes, no redheads Don't overdo the blonde thing though, it's stupid.
>>9224 >eye scores Are retarded (and have obviously been changed from the initial chart, whatever it was too). Green eyes are rarer and could score even higher than blue and gray ones ares are left out. Brown eyes with real White around and no sickly yellow (like in niggers) is also largely found in our people. >hair color Should probably give more points because men tend to have darker hair than women. >size Isn't exactly the decisive factor it would appear to be (although when looking at Meds who tend to be smaller, it does have merit). These days I find tons of niggers who are very very tall, taller than the average White dude.
>>9232 It's weird, until you pointed that out I hadn't even realized how many blonds are in those photos. I don't even really have a blond obsession. Brunette and red-head fan here myself. I will have to diversify my collection
Open file (76.34 KB 760x570 rage n rebel.jpg)
>>9210 >that sudden change in tone in the cameracuck's voice when he realized he was wrong HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA God I wish I could drive through these crowds in a monster truck at 200 mph. Something we should look into for the future. RIGHT WING CAR SQUADS NOW
Open file (97.71 KB 750x1333 1601087440270.jpg)
I've always considered light-colored eyes with a dark and defined limbal ring to be a strong trait in Europeans. >>9198 >one should of course being in good shape Agreed. One who loves their race would strive to have superb strength, posture, and athletic ability. I would also add that one can show love for their race by being well-mannered and polite especially to other Whites. >I remember a few years ago I was talking with some guy when he said that I look like the type of guy who would said that he’s proud to be White. Whether he said that to either praise you or attack you, that's a fine compliment to get, lol. >>9233 >Brown eyes with real White around and no sickly yellow (like in niggers) Hm? Are you talking about the sclera, the White part outside the iris?
>>9251 >cars of peace why let the Muslims have all the fun?
>>8058 Honestly, most of these people could be quite attractive if they got off the drugs, ditched the ugly SJW fashion and started working out. A6 and C6 are still quite attractive in my books, they just need to clean up. D4 looks like he could have been quite the looker in his prime.
>>9257 I agree. drugs especially take a toll on people.
>>9257 That's the thing. Leftism is a self-destructive path. You can be a perfectly normal man or woman, but then you get sucked into leftist politics and adopt the ways of your peers. You start hating yourself, engaging in destructive behaviors, etc. and it all manifests on your body. You either become fat, tattooed, dyed haired, full of piercings, a tranny or a mixture of all of these.
>>9218 >>9232 >>9235 >Image 2, 3, 4 >fatty eye sacks >thin upper lips >no philtrum These are all jews. Most if not all of them have died hair. Not saying that jews can't be blonde. You Amerimutts really have no sense of race.
>>9218 Image 1 looks like filthy blonde goyim to me who didn't need to dye their hair.
Open file (95.71 KB 600x399 jewish family.jpg)
Open file (619.45 KB 2048x1340 jewish family 3.jpg)
Open file (57.40 KB 640x400 muslim jewish.jpg)
>>9278 >>9279 They look nothing like kikes.
>>9280 There are different degrees of mixture, nigger.
>>9262 What's funny about FTM trannies is that they tend to believe in the feminist delusion that men in the west are privileged so they think they will end up living like gods after their 'transition'. And then once they start looking like men, they realize how much more difficult life is as one, especially a small and weak-looking one. At least with MTF trannies, I can kind of see where they are coming from because they just recognize that women are getting handed down everything on a silver platter in the west and they are willing to sacrifice their self-respect for a piece of that cake. I'm not trying to excuse their degeneracy just to be clear, it's just interesting to notice the contrast.
>>9283 That reminds me of that one woman who went undercover as a man for a period of time and could hardly take the pressure or could hardly adapt to the difference in the way people treated her. Women have had it great for most of human history. They were protected and provided for by a man and the sons they produced, they tended to the home and watching the younger children while the men were doing their daily tasks, and basically had a free ride for life. I don't see anything wrong with that of course, so long as a woman does stuff like that for me I'd be willing to work for the two of us and any children produced. But instead the kikes implanted the lie that this was the most oppressive thing on the planet, and that (((liberated))) women were wage cucks who submitted to their bosses instead of their husbands. Sad stuff.
https://www.zerohedge.com/political/president-trump-unveils-platinum-plan-black-americans-designates-antifa-kkk-terrorist Niggers get yet another handout after half a year of riots. Whites get shit on. Disgusting niggerlover.
Open file (71.52 KB 500x500 migatard.jpg)
Open file (227.24 KB 531x701 cucked as fuck.png)
>>9286 The floundering of 4D chess fags on this one has been very fun to watch. Niggers rape, steal and kill every single day and have been rampaging through our cities for months now, and this ZOG puppet goes and proposes to make things like the meme-holiday Juneteenth a national holiday, giving niggers 500 BILLION dollars in investments to their shithole communities and attempting to give them all sorts of other things, praying and begging for the votes that will never come. Disgraceful.
So when the fuck do we start actually organizing? I mean this is probably the best fucking time to do it..in fact it is the best time, and the only time we'll have to start actually organizing. But we can't look like Atomwaffen edgelords and shit anymore - go full fucking uniformed, orthodox, establish rules, and create the modern blackshirts, then start organizing fucking marches. More and more normies out there are just basically wishing we'd fucking do something - we're basically living in the days of modern Weimar, but aren't doing a goddamn thing. Too many moderate right-wing militias.
>>9288 >So when the fuck do we start actually organizing? I mean this is probably the best fucking time to do it..in fact it is the best time, and the only time we'll have to start actually organizing. When we decide to. This is not the best time nor the only time, the feds and police are on high alert right now, they are waiting for us to do something. This is evidenced by how fast they jump on mundane shit like Rittenhouse, and those few others who have defended themselves, this situation will calm, at least publicly, that is the time to act. >But we can't look like Atomwaffen edgelords and shit anymore - go full fucking uniformed, orthodox, establish rules, and create the modern blackshirts, then start organizing fucking marches. While I agree on the atomwaffen edgelord shit, as pierce predicted we will never be able to do what Hitler did, not until the war is explicitly open and that's still a long way off by my estimation and we will never march for the public never they are far too brainwashed by one side or the other to be anything useful, there will never be a mass awakening, if anything, this is just waking up those who would have anyway and even then we are more than 9% off from pierces 10% prediction if you believe fox news on that 4 million or 1.15% or so, of Americans think like "neo nazi's" and this is by no means necessarily exclusive to Whites. >More and more normies out there are just basically wishing we'd fucking do something - we're basically living in the days of modern Weimar, but aren't doing a goddamn thing. They are not, and we are worse than weimar and have been for over a decade. >Too many moderate right-wing militias. This is our biggest issue, so many enemies who might at first seem like allies.
>>9290 I partially disagree with the concept that there aren't normies waiting for us to do something in a positive light - but yes, I will acknowledge that the feds and police are on high alert and they're still out there saying we're the 'greatest threat to American stability' and the largest terror threat there is despite Communist clowns burning cities down, so I give that. But if anything, I refuse to believe we're that 'far away' anymore - I believed that a year ago, and things continuously accelerate, and as they do the situation becomes more and more untenable and quickly, at that. Mass awakening? No. Imminent collapse that we must take advantage of somehow? Yes.
>>9288 (heil'd) I don't think now is a horrible time, honestly. If we're going to sit around for a perfect moment, we will probably end up disappointed and surprised when such a perfect moment never comes or passes us by completely. This said, organizing is difficult. It shouldn't be so hard to find at least some good quality people who aren't total LARPers or who aren't compromised in some way. From what we see on the Internet, we have thousands of people at minimum who put in the big talk, but not the walk. Now this is a hypocritical statement from me, since I don't do the walk either, but if I saw an opportunity I'd go for it. I completely agree with what you've said regarding Atomwaffen. Not only are they edgy, they've been nothing but a laughingstock with members converting to Islam and killing each other and other nonsense. I'm not a fan of their aesthetic either. It's too dark and (I hesitate to use this) gives off an "evil' vibe. I see National Socialism and my personal ideals as something life-affirming, natural, good and beautiful, and I don't get that feel from Atomwaffen and those who have taken inspiration from them.
>>9292 Problem is where the fuck we start - we basically have to start online with centralized groups, maybe use Telegram or some shit, and try to work from there; I think most of us don't really 'walk the walk', friendo, because we don't even know how to start walking or where the fuck to start walking. As for Atomwaffen aesthetics, eh..I don't mind the concept of intimidating/scaring degenerates, but they eventually took the aesthetic too far into some edgelord, Satanic realm which just made them look fucking asinine and retarded - granted, they've basically disbanded, but, still.
>>9293 Figuring out where exactly to start is a real problem. Nowadays most things will probably form online and, if they're super lucky, eventually manifest in real life. I think besides gathering people into centralized online groups, another thing is making sure we can actually get people to meet up in some way in real life. If this isn't done it's obviously useless and we've only established a centralized namefag chat group. Obviously not everyone has to be in the same location, but if at least a few aren't, there's not much to go off of, especially in a place as big as the US. >I think most of us don't really 'walk the walk', friendo, because we don't even know how to start walking or where the fuck to start walking. Agreed. Regarding Atomwaffen again, I will pull back a bit now that you said it, it depends on the audience. If some provocative poster in the right spot would make some Jew shit his pants I could hardly complain. It just wouldn't be my main aesthetic.
>>9295 IMO, should set something up online, and create an orthodox ruleset like I said - some sort of vetting process and some sort of internal response to edge-tier faggotry and LARPism, keeping it out of our fucking groups..more we do that, further those degenerates will distance themselves from us and find some other weird shit to attach themselves to. They're as bad as any other edgelord on any other spectrum in the sense that they'll get pissy and quickly turn on the hand they mimic if the hand they mimic starts smacking the shit out of them. After we actually have a core userbase in that group and we've managed to really solidify that 'vetting' process (whatever the fuck it would be, I have some ideas but yeah.), only then can we worry about 'RL' activities and how to set them up. And as always, keep an eye out for glowing - the glowniggers have more problems than us now obviously but they'll still fuck with us too, given the opportunity.
>>9296 Setting up a vetting process and a basic rule set would definitely be necessary. I can of course think of some obvious things to be on the look-out for, but I'd be interested in hearing what type of ideas that you have. Generally speaking it would be fairly easy, I think, to weed out degenerates and LARPers of various kinds. Even if we may vary in what exactly constitutes a form of degeneracy, there is a basic common line that I think any man or woman of good character can assent to (no homosexuals, no bisexuals, no trannies, no non-Whites, no Jews, etc) Regarding glowniggers, if anything took off even a little bit they'd be swarming this shit. It would be necessary to think of ways to identify these people. There are a few obvious ways to spot someone who may be one of these people (excessive and unwarranted D&C, openly suggesting obviously illegal activities, attempting to get people to verbally support illegal activities, etc) but they may be trickier than one would think.
>>9293 >Problem is where the fuck we start Settle in White areas, push for pro-White racism, find the lemmings who would be glad to spill the juice to the authorities, create both a militia and a whole set of implied rules with surprise happenings to those who would think life under the ZOG could be charming. At least you will know that in such an area, you are safe from pozz. The ideal would be to network all these areas and isolate them as much as possible from the System's influence. Meanwhile, some people would need to use racial dialectics to push the Overton window towards us as much as possible. Obviously, the attack on feminism, egalatarianism, democracy, christianity, capitalism, communism, subraces, and most importantly jews and traitors; all of this has to be made clear. No point going in with guns blazing against random packs of creatures if you can't even expose the true enemy. I'd rather you keep your bullets for a better time, prepare minds, prepare and amass resources for the troubles to come.
>>7978 > "voting twice" Unless I'm retarded and completely misunderstood what he said, he just said to vote through mail, and then to go to the voting booth and make sure that they got your vote.
What's really funny is people think that they'll be allowed to make official groups. It doesn't matter how above-the-board everything is, how legal everything is, and that should be obvious by now. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/wray-claims-White-supremacists-make-largest-share-racially-motivated-terrorists-us-blm-burns-businesses-ground-video/ The director of the FBI stated this year that White supremacists are the largest group of racially motivated terrorists. He still has his position and wasn't reprimanded for his statements, showing the administration will let him continue. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/president-trump-unveils-platinum-plan-black-americans-designates-antifa-kkk-terrorist Note that not only is trump pandering to niggers by giving them handouts, he named the KKK a terrorist organization. "But anon, we're not the KKK!" You can easily be labeled it, or also declared a terrorist organization just for being pro-White (see above link). Also note that trump didn't name BLM a terrorist organization. By not doing so while naming antifa and the KKK a terrorist organization, he shows he will not act against them in an organized fashion, at least for now. If your group isn't attacked at the outset just for promoting Whites and their values, it will be very soon no matter how much you want to avoid "larpers"/"glowniggers"/etc who want to screw the optics. Even if you weed them all out, they can just do a false flag with someone claiming to be a part of your organization, push it through the media to stir up some hate and bam, you're all terrorists and getting Waco'd (or they lie about you and Waco you without bothering to do a false flag). Nothing wrong with informally organizing, like a hiking club or a paintball crew, but know that inaction is death, formal, legal organization is easily twisted and destroyed.
>>9297 >openly suggesting obviously illegal activities, attempting to get people to verbally support illegal activities This is necessary, or at least will become necessary in the not so distant future. Trying to shut down the conversation by screaming "glownigger" won't change that.
>>9311 Of course these things will be necessary in the future, but glowniggers have gotten people arrested for this exact same stuff in the past. Matt Hale is jail for forty years for saying for telling a federal agent NOT to kill someone.
>>9313 Two men in South Carolina, Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, were arrested for killing a nigger in self defense after he attacked them when they confronted him for robberies in their neighborhood. Kyle Rittenhouse was accused of murder for self defense. Jake Gardner was driven to suicide after being accused of murder for self defense and losing his business and no public fundraising to defend himself. A driver recently got attacked by rioters, who was chased by them in their own vehicle...and was arrested after managing to escape. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/breaking-black-lives-matter-rioters-hollywood-chase-attack-driver-shocking-video/ Who does the DHS think is the biggest threat to the US? White Supremacists. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/09/dhs-memo-names-right-wing-extremists-biggest-terror-threat-portland-despite-four-months-leftist-riots/ You're worried about arrests? You'll be attacked by the government no matter what you do, assuming you survive the nigger hordes.
>>9316 we're living through anarcho-tyranny. this is a regime in which laws are selectively enforced, so that rioting/crime is protected by the State, and you're punished for defending yourself. this is far worse than pure anarchy, where at least you're free to fight back. the only solutions to anarcho-tyranny are to either dismantle the State, or to leave its territory. since they can't do the former, it's safe to say that law-abiding people, businesses, investment, etc. will run for the hills, and cities like Seattle and Portland will implode.
>>9291 >I partially disagree with the concept that there aren't normies waiting for us to do something in a positive light - but yes, I will acknowledge that the feds and police are on high alert and they're still out there saying we're the 'greatest threat to American stability' and the largest terror threat there is despite Communist clowns burning cities down, so I give that. I am of the opinion that many, if not most of the "normies" will end up as soldiers of our enemies, and many of those who claim to be NS or Fascist will oppose us over the simple matter of Christianity, I sit in several groups on Telegram and So many of them are fucking retards, people who call themselves and me, SS elite material, while repeating the same mistakes of the past. Not only do they want to do this peacefully they outright oppose doing things the way they now need to be done, to Win a revolution and actually have a National Socialist group come out on top, requires doing things very few want, or are even willing, to do, because they are so comfy, even now, in the midst of Fires and riots that are primarily affecting the cities, and some choice suburban locations. A study came out the other day stating that 54% of the population thinks the "far right" is causing the riots and the left wing is just getting caught up in the moment, the other side obviously just think's it's the left, but that says nothing about their awakening, Yeah things seem bad right now, and yes we absolutely must organize and I am sure we have similar Ideas on vetting but the chief concern for any such organization is not following the law, or avoiding "edgy talk" as if you are smart you will meet only in person, or through forms of communication that can be secured completely but to organize properly and not this loose lonewolf or small wolf pack bullshit either like AWD or NSO. >But if anything, I refuse to believe we're that 'far away' anymore - I believed that a year ago, and things continuously accelerate, and as they do the situation becomes more and more untenable and quickly, at that. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have give or take a year, about seven years before this begins in earnest. It's a gut feeling of mine, backed up by some kind of intuition that flows out of my spine as a sort of cold sensation if i hit on the truth and seven years with a little wiggle room feels right at least as things are going now, believe me or don't. Civil war is not coming to us for a while yet, not even if Zognald were to be assassinated, they absolutely have a plan for that I am sure and one that will only take the spirit for conflict out of the populace. >Mass awakening? No. Yeah, That was never likely and it is interesting just how many fucking retards still count on that, especially Christcucks. >Imminent collapse that we must take advantage of somehow? Yes. Yes it is imminent, by a given definition of imminent, but only if we are in a position to act to neutralize whatever they may do that will redirect or otherwise cause it ourselves through some means by which we would not be blamed. I am going to reach out here, in about six months, once I've settled into my new place, and job, anybody here who happens to live in the same state can feel free to meet up with me at say a gun range? and can discuss all sorts of things like organizing properly.
>>9318 My gut feeling has been for a while now that by 2030 things will have begun. I’ve heard similar sentiments from others. Seven years is likely a very accurate prediction, if not even sooner. >I am going to reach out here, in about six months, once I've settled into my new place, and job, anybody here who happens to live in the same state can feel free to meet up with me at say a gun range? and can discuss all sorts of things like organizing properly. If you’re the guy moving to Ohio from the QTDDTOT I’d potentially be interested in something. I’m currently a nogunz college student but I’ve got spirit.
Open file (890.19 KB 2795x3122 cuckchan loves niggers.jpg)
Cuckchan loves Trumps choice for the Supreme Court
>>9339 >Board overrun with shitskins, kikes, leftards and /ptg/ shills love niggers color me surprised
Open file (376.11 KB 342x342 518.gif)
>>9339 >9/10 of posters are americans
>>9339 >It's literally ok if she's Christian Christians need wiped out.
Open file (59.10 KB 576x507 1508213297.png)
>>9339 Holy shit.
Open file (27.05 KB 504x380 vomitinducing.jpg)
Open file (576.21 KB 2800x1500 virgin 4cuck vs neinchad.png)
>>9339 Everyone who browses cuckchan at this stage is a nonWhite soyboy piece of shit. When I take over this world I will wipe out all cuckchanners. Their literal subhumanity disgusts me.
Open file (111.92 KB 756x567 edit nein.png)
>>9379 Based Neinchad.
>>9379 as if there aren't any nonWhites who browse here
>>9394 It’s a board dedicated to fascism in the broadest sense. Come back when you find this place praising the adoption of niggers and telling us to be empathetic cucks. I’ll wait
>>9322 I am that guy from the QTDDTOT, so sure, and one can always change their nogunz status.
>>9395 What's that supposed to mean?
Open file (1.92 MB 962x578 dabbing tarrant.gif)
>>9404 It means GTFO shitskin, /fascist/ is a White no-go zone now. The BO originally made the mistake of allowing shitskins to come here and post freely, but I believe now the BO has realized his mistake in doing so after months of shitskins shitposting with their low IQ's something along the lines of "DUDE BUT I'M A B-B-BASED MUTT, I'M REDPILLED!!!" I honestly don't even understand it, like, if you're not White then why the fuck would you post in a place like here (or any /pol/ for that matter) when you know you're not welcome here and we will never see you as an ally. If you're a mutt and you post here, you're essentially an Uncle Tom. I hate Uncle Tom's. I hate them because: 1. They're still niggers (you'll never be able to wipe the shit off your skin no matter how hard you try) 2. They're bad for accelerationism (thug niggers chimping out on the streets of America are great for accelerationism) 3. They're cowards and traitors to their own people, something that is simply not respectable or admirable in the slightest (niggers have more respect for Natsocs than they do for White cucks) We won't need any uniforms in the upcoming race war. Your skin and face will be your uniform, and those were selected for you at birth. You civic nationalist cucks make me laugh. Ethno-nationalism is the only form of nationalism that can work. ONE CULTURE, ONE NATION, ONE RACE As far as I'm concerned you're either White or you're fertilizer.
>>9406 BO ostracized White posters for a diminishingly small number of attention seeking magical browns. The core is undermined to cater to the exception. >when you know you're not welcome here and we will never see you as an ally They are welcome though. Giant tiddy brown whores is board culture. The board has a fundamentally civic nationalist character, a tone set by the BO.
>>9407 >>9406 >>9394 >REEEE WHY ISN'T /FASCIST/ A CLONE OF NEINCHAN???????
>>9407 >The board has a fundamentally civic nationalist character, a tone set by the BO. I don’t think people who say this understand the intention behind /fascist/ at all. /fascist/ was created for the discussion and the sharing of information on fascism and the third position wherever it has popped up in the world. It is like what Mosley said in his 100 Questions book on what Fascism is – he said that Fascism is one movement which manifests in different expressions in each nation according to different cultures, conditions and racial characteristics. Being a fascist myself, I want to learn more about fascism and talk more about fascism, therefore /fascist/ exists. /fascist/ exists because I was unable to satisfy this desire on 8/pol/, so I created a board for to attract likeminded people who were willing and able to discuss these kinds of things on a board that wouldn’t just be endless one-liner shitposts, and it has worked for the most part with a few bumps and retards here and there along the way. The board is mainly aimed towards White /pol/ users, and this is reflected in the fact that it’s mostly NatSocs who use this board. In fact I think /fascist/ is more NatSoc and amenable to the views of people like you and the other critical posters ITT than ever now, so you would have hated /fascist/ in 2018 Another inspiration for this board was Cultured Thug. I love how he reads so many books from different fascist and third position thinkers and makes detailed breakdowns of the works. I tried to create something like this in board form. This is part of the reason why there is discussion of fascist and third position movements from all over here. If someone wants to talk about fascism online I’ll do it with them, because it’s what the board is about. That doesn’t change what I believe in real life. Every non-White person needs to be removed from America, or at the very least some sort of compromise must be reached to stop the demographic decline and to secure the existence of our people. Race war is coming, I have no doubt about this. In real life if I were involved in a group it would be totally different. There I’m not here to “talk about fascism”, I’m dealing with the actual demographic situation in my country, and the fact that it is being destroyed by muds and Jews.
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I am a grown ass man redpilled less than a year ago and because of how everything constantly being shoa'ed from the internet I have been pushed so far. But there is nothing in real life! They have kept me isolated in my house from fear of glowniggers. I just needed to bitch.
>>9417 Based. German National Socialism is where specific attention to the preservation of your volk's race was born. But fascism and third position per se are not synonymous with White "supremacism", which is an expression with pejorative meaning invented by the kikes. Every country and every people can adopt and apply a fascist government and a third position approach to economy and society into their own country. Hypothetically, Nigerian people could adopt fascist doctrine to rule their own country - they could also adopt National Socialism specifically developing a "black supremacism" that would fit to benefit their land and volk. Similarly, if a brazilian, nigerian, filipino you name it wanted to come here and learn about fascism as a political and economical doctrine he could (and probably should) do it and frankly I don't care. The problem is that often non White posters either get triggered by our focus on preservation of our race (as the majority of posters are White) or get recognized for stuff they post from their point of view as non Whites. So, when held up to public recognition, they reply in a triggered fashion or start shitposting and that disturbs the fruition of the board. Since it's physically impossible to stop non Whites from lurking here, they should stick to strict anonymity when posting (same goes for women, if you make yourself recognizable for the things you post or openly declare to be a woman, it's normal to cause a reaction in a place that relies on anonymity of posters, unlike social media built around attentionwhoring). Of course this applies to lurkers genuinely interested in fascism, disturbers coming here to nigpost just for provocation should expect anything less than instant ban.
>>9104 The music is so annoying here, the sound is too loud compared with the volume of dr Pierce's voice, it makes difficult to listen to his words especially for non english listeners. What are the best channels/ archives of dr Pierce's speeches? Can I find them in some other thread here?
>>9424 This channel on Bitchute has uploaded all 200+ of Pierce's speeches and radio broadcasts. Since the guy behind it has finished with Pierce he's started to upload other stuff, but if you scroll down you can find the broadcasts, no music, just Pierce: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/51tzsGDicpWB/ >>9403 >and one can always change their nogunz status. Very true. I plan to eventually.
>>9417 >The board is mainly aimed towards White /pol/ users You say that out of one corner of your mouth but then out the other you're plastering this crap all over your board. What a lot of shit.
>>9422 I even wonder how much non-Whites care for Fascism. Current world conditions make it far more beneficial for non-Whites to accept large aspects of the modern liberal / Cultural Marxist ideology than ideas such as Fascism. This is because non-Whites as a whole are uniquely susceptible to slave moralities due to their palpabaly inferior status relative to Whites. Envy, hate and resentment are easily manipulated emotions, and play right into the hands of the Jew who promises equality, levelling of all differences and restitution for past “injustices”. Basically what I’m trying to say is that there is little risk of non-Whites going Fascist. I don’t think they’ll do anything with the information. They don’t feel the risk. White people are being garroted by the Jews, and if we don’t do something very soon, we’re going to go extinct and lose our countries, racial integrity and cultures. This is why Fascism (National Socialism in particular, I say) is absolutely necessary to preserve the existence of our people and a future for White children. It is the last truly revolutionary worldview left today and the only way. But like you said if someone wants to post some good info or on topics to discuss, I literally don’t give a shit for the reasons said above, and because I’m not going to spend every moment of my life hunting for posters to root out. If they shut their mouths and just post, I don’t care. Lije you said, same goes for women. This is the reason why the guy who cries about being genocided has shut up because I started deleting his posts, and why a certain other shitskin or troll has been crying for months now about how he has banned.
>>9427 That board-tan literally exists to trigger low-brow /pol/fags who can’t the message here >>9417, and I’ve said that before. There’s been two years of sperging over pics like that and it’s hilarious.
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Open file (472.98 KB 680x486 tiresome.png)
>it's the weekly spergout
>>9425 Thank you. >>9428 You are correct. Fascism is based on the betterment of individual and society for the common good of the people, so it's unlikely that low IQ populations would engage in such an arduous task - it's much easier to jump on the kike's train and wait for Whitey to hand them 500 billions in reperesciuns. But in a merely hypothetical frame, fascism as a doctrine can be applied by any population willing to adopt that type of worldview.
Open file (136.02 KB 1000x1000 stonetoss.jpg)
>>9428 >I even wonder how much non-Whites care for Fascism >there is little risk of non-Whites going Fascist Yes so why water down the board to cater to groups that will never embrace fascism except in a tiny minority, and even among them most just do it as some kind of fetish toward Whites. I don't see what is high brow about posting shitskin whores like we are bombarded with every day from TV, social media, the government and in the workplace. This is like the "I was just pretending to be retarded" meme. You think anons don't get the message but they do. The message is set by what you broadcast and prioritize which is contrary to what you say. If this place is a joke fine, but don't be surprised when called out for being a joke either.
>>9435 It's strange how an universal ideology based on regional preservation and work gets many detractors because some adherents are not from a certain region.
>>9435 >Yes so why water down the board to cater to groups that will never embrace fascism except in a tiny minority There is no catering to non-Whites. The board is mainly populated by Whites and that is just the way I want it. It’s about Fascism, and I want to learn and discuss Fascism wherever it has popped up so I and others here can become more educated on it and maybe one day further the interests of our people. >I don't see what is high brow about posting shitskin whores like we are bombarded with every day from TV, social media, the government and in the workplace. Top kek, you think I think Integralist-chan is high brow? It’s a shitty anime image I worked up for a shitpost thread on 8chan /fascist/ and it stuck around from there, especially because it was funny and some people started making art independent of me. If someone can’t handle some anime image, that’s on them. It’s stupid, ultimately and I don’t attach importance to it. >This is like the "I was just pretending to be retarded" meme. I made the original image so I think I know the history and intent.
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>>9435 >sperging about a cartoon
Open file (31.57 KB 400x500 1572469629439.jpg)
>ONE CULTURE, ONE NATION, ONE RACE American hands wrote this post, what else could produce such a simplistic doctrine
>>9416 neinchan best chan
>>9479 Non existent issue, pure (((media))) fearmongering. Lolberts and conservicucks do not have a spine to do what has to be done to solve the situation. They're middle class as superbly described by dr Pierce in the speech posted above ITT >>9435 >purality spiraling over the skin color of a poorly drawn anime looking character Come on now. >>9483 I agree Nein is the best /pol/ currently around, but this doesn't mean this place is not good for discussing the specific topic of fascism. Stop the divide and conquer, faggot.
>>9489 >I agree Nein is the best /pol/ currently around Excuse me for the newfaggy question but what is the link for neinchan?
>>9490 >location you need a Tor-browser (https://www.torproject.org/download/), nein's not on the clearnet http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol >>9489 >I agree Nein is the best /pol/ currently around, but this doesn't mean this place is not good for discussing the specific topic of fascism. /fascist did "split" already from 8/pol because /pol boards tend to be more rough around the edges and not exactly friendly for in depth discussions. It's just fine that /pol and /fascist each are the way they are.
>>9489 im the one you replied to about nein to me personally I would rather have this chan a little less extreme then nein to me this chan only problem is not banning obvious shills while nein bans anyone that is not extreme af
>>9499 Why do you type like a retarded nigger?
>>9491 >you need a Tor-browser (https://www.torproject.org/download/), nein's not on the clearnet You don't need to use Tor browser actually, Brave Browser lets you use both clearnet and onion links. And thank you for the link. This place honestly seems more interesting so I guess I'll just continue posting here instead.
>>9503 Neinchan's best for keeping up for Tarrant OC and discussing mass shooters.
>>9503 Brave is not very secure. It runs on an out of date chromium build and phones home. You really want JavaScript disabled, too. But at least as a VPN techlet you serve as a buffer by being lower hanging fruit for our enemies to go after first.
>>9501 because I have been typing like this for so long and never corrected my self/never tried learning to type correctly
>>9511 White men can self-improve. Ganbatte, anon
>>9429 Just admit you like big tiddy brown wymin2d only of course :^)
>>9515 Based and mix-pilled
>>9515 From no matter what angle you look at it from, irrationally or rationally, White women are objectively the only choice worth pursuing. There’s a reason they are universally desired as the epitome of beauty, womanhood and why shitskin women desperately strive to Whiten their skin through various products.
Open file (158.26 KB 813x979 heil girl salute.jpg)
>>9521 Anyone who disagrees with this should be gassed unironically
So it’s beyond dispute that Trump is a Zionist puppet, but how can we explain why he again refuses to condemn White Nationalists? Does he want our votes or know that some of the more cucked ones support him to an extent? I just don’t think we’re a big enough demographic to hold the line for, and it only makes him look bad to normalfag eyes. Thoughts?
>>9546 He has repeatedly condemned us, he's just trying to keep those who are still brainwashed with hium or do I really have to go and look forr the video where he directly condemns White Nationalists and "Neo Nazis".
Open file (1.03 MB 1280x1280 img1.jpg)
>>9546 >political candidate tries to appease as many voters as possible to get re-elected Anon, come on.
>>9546 >(((Greenblatt))) I don't know who's jewing who anymore
>>9548 I believe you, I’ve seen footage or tweets where he directly condemns our ideas. The aftermath of Pittsburgh, Christchurch and El Paso alone prove this. Trump is anti-White, and he has made this very clear through these actions and his deeds. I just can’t see why you wouldn’t take the easy route here and condemn it, even if it is a vague notion in the context of the debate. Even though it’s strange >>9549 is probably onto something.
Open file (434.02 KB 1966x1331 pregchan.jpg)
>>9553 The honorary jew up for election always plays both sides. Pic unrelated.
>>9554 That’s the only other think that could make sense, that for some reason or another either Trump or his handlers see greater benefit in answering the question that way, possibly because of the media shitstorm it obviously creates. Basically a Jewish version of 4D chess
Open file (35.04 KB 782x521 enrique tarrio.jpg)
People should also remember that pic related is the chairman of the Proud Boys. They're civnats and from the very top it's undeniable.
Open file (203.74 KB 1962x1520 site debate proud boys.jpg)
>>9562 Imagine the smell
>>9564 >SITE Those kikes are so stupid, along with other groups like Bellingcat who spend all day reading our shitposts. Some "intelligence group" they are. I wonder if they lurk here.
>>9554 >pregnancy porn is only a carrot on the stick of Fascism.
Open file (499.69 KB 636x474 pregnant asuka.png)
>>9554 >board dedicated to healthy natalist sexual interests are full of fascists and "neo-Nazis" Makes me think Impregnation is based
>>9562 The founder of the organization, Gavin McInnes, filmed himself putting a dildo up his ass to prove that he was not homophobic or something, that already says enough about how generally 'right-wing' the group is.
Open file (176.03 KB 1680x1050 based proud boys so trad.jpg)
Open file (49.79 KB 678x381 trad.jpg)
>>9590 >when you sodomize yourself to own the libs
>>9578 >board dedicated to healthy natalist sexual interests ...not quite. It's degeneracy in disguise, they even embrace pedophilia.
>>9602 Not surprised. Ultimately every form of jacking off in front of your computer is degenerate.
>>9602 so? if they're pure White then nothings wrong.
Open file (1.73 MB 1358x1182 1601470254430.png)
Open file (119.40 KB 1280x720 1601471953425.jpg)
>>9565 >Those kikes are so stupid, along with other groups like Bellingcat who spend all day reading our shitposts. Some "intelligence group" they are. I wonder if they lurk here. They probably do. Then they produce extensive reports for the fedniggers to use and for the media to autistically screech against "the dangerous rise of fascism". I challenge you to bear to read more than two (2) paragraphs of this word diarrhea. https://archive.vn/UKksD I did and regretted those lost minutes of my life. Here the tl; dr version >REEEEEEEEEE stop making fun of things, stop liking what I don't like bigots! Pic related got paid to produce this, while normal people with normal honest jobs get told their business has to close because of a faux pandemic. I want off this ride so bad you wouldn't believe.
Open file (447.51 KB 1018x487 LEVELS ONE AND FIVE.PNG)
>>9625 >if they're pure White then nothings wrong. Actually to think that places like that are full of Whites is even worse than any alternatives. >>9627 >Take the “OK” hand gesture. To some self-identified trolls, it has been a good joke to hoax the mainstream media into reporting that something so innocuous is a White-supremacist symbol. (Do you find that funny?) But then a theme-park employee in Orlando, Florida, made the sign while posing for a photograph with a 6-year-old Black girl. (Still funny?) And then a mass shooter made the sign in the dock after killing 49 people in New Zealand with a rifle inscribed with the number 14, having left behind a manifesto about “the great replacement” of the White race. (Still funny?) STILL FUNNY?????? Absolutely fuming. And it is pretty funny. I was pretty surprised to see that this was a new article. I was sure that this was something from like 2017 or 2018, but apparently I was wrong. They must be absolutely terrified of meme magic and its power to redpill people like no other.
Open file (39.02 KB 788x246 top kek hospital.jpg)
What brings more acceleration? >Trump victory >Trump death >Biden victory
>>9728 Biden victory will make all but the most insane leftists complacent. Trump victory will make all the right but people who have views like ours complacent. Trump death gives us the electric fence for president for a while, possibly for four years, which would be good for acceleration since even Trump fans know Pence is a cuck. So, Trump victory into Trump death is the most acceleration.
>>9730 >insane Poor choice of words on my part. "Militant" would have been better.
>>9730 >>9731 Trump being in office definitely does seem to make many of the leftists overplay their hand and show their true colors. Being faced with four more years of Trump would probably only underline this and radicalize the militant and more milquetoast leftists alike more. What I'm worried about are all the MAGAtards who are being wooed into complete complacency like you said though. They think Trump is their guy and is fighting for their interests (which are implicitly White interests to an extent), but in reality he's not doing anything for Whites and is basically a de-radicalization candidate. Trump dying would be an interesting wild-card. Doubting we'll see it, but since he's old and fat it's definitely not completely out of the question. We'll see.
>>9733 lukewarm kosher controlled opposition groups get a lot of hate from more informed anons but i think they show we are winning. i see them less as a death trap for the unwise like many here speak of them and more of an appeasement to relieve the valve so to speak, an anti-acceleration measure. as long as we keep doing what we've been doing their appeasement will basically have to become hitler 2.0. these "lukewarm" conservative groups are pipelines to accepting "far-right" ideology and there wouldnt be any other reason why they are attacked so viciously by the left as being nazi's themselves. trump being up for relection, has done one thing for White people in shutting down the teaching of critical race theory to secure the vote and favorable propaganda of 4chan type anons. he's had 4 years to do this, but he chooses to do it at election, its just to regain support, but its still a victory to us. there are many Whites who are unwise to the race situation and now have become aware of it moreso because of appeasement actions like these.
>>9728 Trump victory. Most of Trump's supporters are boomers who romanticize him as the next Reagan which means they won't do anything. The youth is where the focus should be on, more leftist violence and pushback against young White men is going to push them into our arms with the added benefit of showcasing how inefficient this system is for governing a populace.
Open file (1.26 MB 1146x643 FAHKING_BASED_XD.png)
>>9593 B A S E D Democrats are the real homophobes.
>>9728 It's possible he isn't even sick. Talk radio was predicting Biden would pull the corona card to get out of the debate. Maybe Trump played it to stop the media from demanding him to denounce White people or be called a racist constantly. Even less likely, but more entertaining, is the possibility that Trump is pulling a Kim Jong Un and is trying to smoke out rats and bait bad actors into hasty action by appearing weak.
>>9764 Some people on Cuckchan were theorizing that he faked it to get a lot of the bad coverage off his back as he enters into October. I'm not sure if I believe it, but seeing how the media is just endless coverage about Trump having Coronavirus and the latest news on that instead of "muh $750" and "Drumpf failed to denounce White supremacists" it wouldn't be totally impossible. I tend not to fall for 4D chess narratives anymore, but we'll see.
Open file (2.23 MB 204x360 BasedELMO.mp4)
Absolute state of murica
>>9829 I never knew Elmo was so based
>>9829 After getting replaced on Sesame Street by a diversity hire, Elmo started to take Oscar's rants a little more seriously.
RBG died and they held a nomination party. Pic related. Now the expected incubation period is finishing. Let's count how many circles start showing up.
Open file (2.65 MB 1200x1024 added the fattie.png)
Open file (199.23 KB 263x308 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9834 Added Chris Christie
Open file (116.37 KB 940x629 come join us.jpg)
>>9839 >mass gathering of cosmopolitans whose job is to constantly meet a shitload of people from all over the place >no n95s just ghetto cloth masks and a few surgicals
>>9843 At least a few servants of ZOG might kick the bucket if we’re lucky
>>9590 >the plug, in the ass, on TV Kalki now pls
>>9764 I heard some people saying that there were attempts on his life and the corona diagnosis was just an excuse to get him out of the public eye so they have a harder time trying to kill him.
>>9903 I doubt there's any 4D involved here but Trump would still think about saving his ass no matter what. Is going off the radar weeks before election day even a good strategy? Can't wait for the chimpouts. With all the BLM riots, many outraged people who were fence sitters might decide to drop a paper in the ballot box. Not that I care much about democracy, I only crave mindless IRL sitcom fun now.
https://twitter.com/SomeBitchIKnow/status/1312552844231421955 Giant thread going over BLM's actual foundation rather than the one sold to the rubes.
Open file (19.61 KB 483x329 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.27 KB 960x704 12038016367471.jpg)
>>10107 YIKES.
>>10114 weres the poll?
>>10118 I hate to even allude to the ear-lobe meme but he has some funky looking ears. Is that some kind of genetic disorder? Maybe some ethnic trait?
>>10142 I never really noticed that before, but you are right, those are some weird ears. I did a little bit of research on his background but didn’t find anything too weird. His last name is of French origin. Apparently he’s a racemixer though. He fell for the yellow fever meme
A few guys in Michigan were planning to storm the capitol building of the state and were stopped by feds. Said they wanted to instigate a civil war by attacking the capital, killing zogbots and kidnapping the governor. From what I have seen they sound like libertarians, calling the governor a tyrant for her rona restrictions, but that is a rumor. Anyway, it appears that tensions are rising, so I hope anon is ready or willing to get ready for the situation to continue spiraling downward. https://archive.is/fxm98
>>10189 >From what I have seen they sound like libertarians, calling the governor a tyrant for her rona restrictions, but that is a rumor I've seen articles claim different members of that small group as having their own incentives, I think the leader was anti-rona restrictions like you said, two felt the dems gon take there guns, etc. If I got the right website (I think so but not certain) the militia itself seems tame and anti-whatjusthappened. Not right nor left, in American terms anyway. Very much' Let's Enforce the Constitution, we don't care who you are' flavor politics. https://web.archive.org/web/20200918154110if_/http://mmcw.org/MMCW%20HANDBOOK%202011%20_2013_.pdf
>>10189 Non burger here, might it legitimately be some glownigger false flag to blame on right wingers or White supremacists?
>>10197 of course, the militia movement is full of glowniggers inciting the very things they are supposed to fight, it's probably safe to say it's literally run by the FBI at this point
Open file (1.17 MB 738x806 1602225253862.png)
>>10198 It's funny when you think the major point the shills screech when speaking about White resistance is that every action is useless, that violence and terrorism don't work and that Breivik and Tarrant "hurt the movement" by targeting civilians and that it would be more useful to target high profile politicians. Surprise: targeting the high politician will still be called "bad for the movement" or organized by glowniggers. I wish Pierce could rise from the tomb and crush all these motherfuckers with a giant hammer.
>>10199 >conservatives actually resisting the state I did not expect that
>>10199 >Surprise: targeting the high politician will still be called "bad for the movement" or organized by glowniggers. Those people will never be satisfied. Others have said it before, but even Hitler would be slandered as a glownigger today if he was from our time. Either way, this is a good event, because it proves that acceleration is not a meme. Even this being foiled will raise tensions and put the idea of CIVIL WAR into the heads of the people. >>10189 >Six of the men, who face federal charges, contacted a Michigan militia for help in their efforts, but a member of that group agreed to become an informant out of concern that the conspirators planned to kill police officers. Do we need anymore proof that "blue lives matter" lemmings are completely useless and are traitors just waiting to sell actual revolutionaries out to the feds? On one hand these BLM riots have been a boon to redpilling people, but on the other the Jewish false dichotomy between police and rioters needs to be 100% rejected. Cops are system-enforcers. The system is kiked. Cops will be on our side, ever.
>>10198 "you're a fed" is "you're a class traitor" for the right.
>>10205 Kek, I hadn't thought of it like that before, but it's true. I don't know how much you guys look at Bunkerchan, but glownigger accusations constantly fly around there too. It's utter cancer and poison to any positive action.
>>10209 >bunkerchan I go there from time to time, they are the most delusional people I've ever read. They have zero self awareness, they sound like children making an effort to sound adult and have no clue about reality whatsoever. The fact that they think the feds are against them is just hilarious.
>>10222 (checked) That's my basic impression of them too. They're joke and half the board is regurgitating TL;DR quotes or peppering their posts with buzzwords like "dialectics", "historical materialism", "class consciousness", etc. They're fun to subtly troll though by pretend to be even more far left and using their type of rhetoric.
>>10201 >Cops are system-enforcers. The system is kiked. Cops will be on our side, ever. Absolutely this. (((They)))'ve also been frenetically working to purge army from potential "right wing" individuals, to avoid any possibility of mutiny. When time will come for army to be used to catch, intern and finally execute civilians (=political dissidents at first, White people in general later) (((they))) want to be sure to have loyal servants that will obey orders. They are filling army with goblinos, faggots and women for this specific reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRqCOIsTx8M
Open file (168.13 KB 1024x587 police redpill.jpg)
>>10224 Many police agencies here in the US also explicitly filter out those with IQs above a certain level. They want the police to be loyal golems who just follow orders and don't question anything. Now, do I think that this is inherently bad? Not necessarily, but in a system like ours that is explicitly geared towards the degradation and eradication of healthy White people, this is a serious problem.
>>10199 https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/not-making-headlines-alleged-right-wing-militia-member-arrested-plot-gov-whitmer-black-lives-matter-protester-sympathizer/ At least one of the “plotters” is an anarchist and another is a niggerlover. It’s safe to say a rat heard some venting, set them up and sold them out to the FBI, who then, along with the governor, used the incident to accuse Whites of terrorism. The rat was probably already getting paid to be an “informant” and told to set it up before he did.
>>10256 The nigger-lover is cucked, but I have to hold back on the "anarchist". There is such thing as right-wing anarchism, and it is usually some form of support for decentralization or tribalism, but who knows. Either way, it's safe to say that these guys weren't /ourguys/ obviously, but I wouldn't have cared if this event took place as they plotted, that is, if it wasn't just a glownigger-instigated plot to entrap people.
Open file (33.76 KB 526x479 tazebookdees.jpg)
>>10256 There is literally nothing wrong with wanting this diseased system destroyed, problem is from what i gather these boomers were just talking major shit online over a couple of beers, thats how utterly maniacally paranoid our jewish enemies are; the boomers didn't actually do anything criminal, or commit any violence. They were arrested on suspicions and now in court schlomo has to prove to the NPC jury about "oy vey muh intent goyim" and so on. Meanwhile they are displaying it and mking it like some WOW showtrial case with their media. Additionally in the light of past events, 911, waco ruby ridge, the charlottesville chevy guy, and many more who got LIFE + 419 years for driving irresponsibly just killing one pulmonary obstructed fat toad with breathing difficulties and sentenced by a stacked jury of hard core communists just show that it's not even worth caring about what essentially now THE JEWS SERVICES IN AMERICA claim when they arrest some based boomer for "plotting" basically disagreeing with a slight twist. Meanwhile of course system antifa burn down buildings, mass robbery, gunfights in the streets and the Jew tranny services such as the fbi are intentionally looking the other way, because they're looking out for their own, namely (antifa blm epstein, podesta, pedophile jews corrupt kikes you fucking name it) fuck these kikes anything they say is worthless and is an intent to demoralize us now quite literally. It means nothing but ZOGGED.
>>10284 I'd like to know how far long this alleged "plot" actually was. Of course the Jews make it seem like it was some sort of event that was just barely averted, but in reality your version of events where boomers are just talking shit is much more likely. This entire event actually comes at the perfect time, just before the election (which itself will be entertaining and possibly a pretext for major false flags perpetrated by people played off as enraged GOP boomers or potentially even White Nationalists - though in this former case it could go either way, since false flags and accelerationists accelerating are both very understandable events). They also want to divert attention from the controlled chaos of the riots - "Look at these White terrorists plotting to kill a governor of a state, oy vey, these rioters are peaceful!"
Open file (647.81 KB 1777x622 shooting denver.png)
Open file (855.09 KB 742x487 ClipboardImage.png)
More blood flowing in the streets. It looks like some Antifa goon shot some Trump boomer to death in Denver. >The incident occurred after a man participating in what was billed a “Patriot Rally” sprayed mace at another man. That man then shot the other individual with a handgun near the courtyard outside the Denver Art Museum, according to a Denver Post journalist who witnessed the incident. https://nitter.net/livesmattershow/status/1315060656857468929 https://www.denverpost.com/2020/10/10/denver-protests-saturday-civic-center-park/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaS77Zrj5xI
>>10286 Far enough that they started recruiting and later changed the target location. They were srsbsns about it for sure. >oy vey, these rioters are peaceful! Jews are the ones getting looted, apart from the ones in the media sector fanning the flames on both sides. Pro-protest jews smells a bit like the retarded 'jewish communists' argument.
>>10296 >Pro-protest jews smells a bit like the retarded 'jewish communists' argument. Nice bait.
Open file (6.91 KB 190x265 index.jpg)
>>10296 <"m-m-muh poor totally divided poor jooz that totally care about the US it's not like they can just escape to their israeli ethnostate they are hellbent on depriving other nations of constantly at any given time!!! lol chaim
>>10296 >la jooz dindu nuffin and da tru victimz !11!! >Over 2,000 rabbis have already signed this national letter urging our elected officials to welcome refugees to the U.S. https://www.hias.org/2000rabbis >600+ Jewish Organizations and Synagogues say: Black Lives Matter https://medium.com/@jewishorgssayblacklivesmatter/jewish-organizations-and-synagogues-say-black-lives-matter-a1a0f7ea6da7
>>10291 This antifa fag (jews claim "security guard") with antifag tattoo just killed totally unprovoked ""protecting"" some enraged monkey sambo quadroon 56% bacon grease mutt. Lol the jews are pathethically covering for antifa saying hes a "security guard" and not antifa gunman because they know how bad it would make them look holy shit lmfao, and you just know that mutt was there to instigate against 5 people bigger than it, so he could shoot or get a story about "muh evil trumpsterhitler kkk-ers". Didnt even say a fucking thing, that was simple murder. This low down scummy backstabbing rat faggot. These fags are such scum, See im all for we go battle it out in the streets and end these pricks but not this, If the ZOGbots werent so busy literally protecting their fucking diaper wearing soy asses 247 with roadblocks and everything to keep their bed wetting little narrative-drone sock puppets safe vigilantes would 100% storm out and fucking destroy these arsonist terrorists at night and you just know they'd get fucking annihilated by 1 boomer who's owned and used guns for 20 years, while these fucking litle faggot wimps bought their shitty little glock 20 days ago.
>>10301 >space invaders against racism Imagine associating yourself with literal space aliens who wants to genocide the whole humanity and not only "Racist White cis people". This reminds me of hologram woman from Doom Eternal and the PC language she use to convince the humans that demons are the good beings. And marxists still don't see the reason why they can't meme.
>>10301 I can't for the life of me figure out what the meaning of a symbol like that would even be. I get that it's some old video game, but I fail to see the connection. It's literally meaningless and soulless like most leftist symbolism, and no surprise these subhumans get it tattooed on their body. Also, it's kinda sad that the boomer died, as stupid as these people can be. Imagine ending your life at some Antifa street-circus when you get blasted by a soyboy with a space invaders tattoo. Honk honk. If the moral of the story is anything, it's carry a fucking gun, not mace. Pull a Kyle Rittenhouse if you're forced into this situation and kill some of them, it's obvious enough that even boomers and GOP faggots won't completely condemn you even.
Open file (362.55 KB 646x447 boomer.png)
Does any other picture sum up American conservatism so well?
Open file (99.07 KB 1080x642 2040's republican.jpg)
>>10325 no, no it doesn't. This one is a close second. Baby boomers are all liberal faggots who love sucking nigger dicks. An amerimutt """""""""""""conservative"""""""""""""" is just some cuck who is behind the degeneracy curve by like 10 years at most. We should unironically kill all baby boomers, maybe then the people will be ready to accept fascism.
>>10343 Once the boomers start to die out White Christcucks and Republicucks will hopefully become less influential.
>>10199 Good, upstanding men.
>>10448 The eight being "right wing terrorists" is a media narrative. They were anarchists.
>>10473 Still wish they succeeded, let's be real.
Open file (448.42 KB 416x480 nig.PNG)
‘We Wept Together’: Barrett on How George Floyd’s Death Affected Her Black Children >Democratic Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin brought up the video of Floyd, a black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for several minutes, video of the incident showed. Durbin asked Barrett if she had seen the video and what impact it had on her. >“As you might imagine, given that I have two black children, that was very, very personal for my family,” Barrett responded. >“We wept together in my room,” she said. https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/10/13/amy-coney-barrett-describes-how-george-floyds-death-affected-her/
While out for my daily walk I saw about 20 retards protesting at my local PD. In my town the worst a cop will give you is a warning, nothing happens here because it's almost entirely White. What could they be protesting?
Open file (840.34 KB 908x1024 blm.png)
>>10492 It'd be fun to have walked up and asked them, but the last thing I'd want to do as a White man is to approach a mob of leftist goons and ask them what exactly they were protesting. I've seen a few people like that in my town sitting in a parking lot in front of a strip mall holding up cardboard signs at passing traffic. They're literally all White girls. Bizarre stuff. I almost feel like it's some sort of "surrogate activity" in Ted's sense. They want to be involved in something bigger than themselves, and since the Jewish media and corporations are all telling them that this is a noble and righteous cause they get puffed up and self-righteous and go out and protest. People like this would be literal fascist blackshirts in a parallel universe if the media told them differently.
>>10493 The one token black family (that recently moved here as I have lived here all my life and never saw them growing up) was there along with a handful of Whites. They had these signs that said something like "no matter where you are from we are glad you're our neighbor" in english, spanish and arabic and "we are 1%" (no idea what this means - 1% nonWhite maybe). The irony of the first sign is that all their neighbors are White...anyway, I think "surrogate activity" is a good way to put it.
>>10496 Get ready - in my personal experience blacks gradually seep into White communities once one family moves in. My town is apparently 80% White as of 2010, but growing up in the suburbs there were hardly any blacks at all. As I got older, more and more niggers started filling the student body of my school, the principle was replaced a nigger and they started really forcing stuff like "black history month" and hanging up African flags in the cafeteria during that month. But in regards to my area in general, gradually more and more houses in my suburb have either gone up for rental and become occupied by blacks, or have been bought up by blacks, who instantly turn the property into a dump, one parks their car on the lawn, most don't mow the lawn hardly ever, yell at each other with no regards to people around them and just behave like disgusting animals. I've also noticed more and more race-mixing couples. I can hardly go on a walk without being disgusted. It seems like nice White neighborhoods are established, niggers ruin it, and then the cycle begins anew. Hopefully your town will escape this fate.
>>10497 Almost no towns will escape the fate, your only hope is to move into the country
>>10499 plenty of Whites have moved into homesteads being ran out of towns and cities because violent crime if this trend keeps going and we don't revolt the White race will die out in another 50 to 100 years it's so disgusting i don't know what really to say driven out of towns and cites and into the forest the White man will some day have no were to run
>>10497 So far there have been a couple of failed attempts by niggers to infiltrate, but seldom do they last. That's not to say it can't happen of course, but it's sitting at 91% White right now. My town (at a glance) doesn't suffer from a lot of the widespread problems the rest of the US does, though - divorce rates are low, single parenthood rates are low, and I almost never seen miscegenating couples outside of the grocery store, and people come from out of town to that store so that doesn't mean much. Generally the Whites are republicans or center-left at worst, it's an interesting microcosm of the America of 20 years ago, which has its ups and downs - I can't convince many people of how bad things really are since they only see what is ostensibly "good old White America" outside their homes.
Open file (128.19 KB 1200x1200 ipa alpha.jpg)
>>10500 Yes you are basically describing South Africa and parts of South America. Unfortunately we are bottlenecked by our lowest common denominator. All of the yes-men who sell us out and yell "racist!" when we speak out against being conquered by the horde. Only to score social brownie points with fags, kikes, and their fellow soyim. "The nail that sticks out gets hammered" is their motto, with the death of our race as the externality cost.
>>10499 I’m sympathetic to escaping out into the country, but the other anon is right unfortunately. It’s ultimately just running away. As long as ZOG still exercises power there in no safe harbor anywhere. We might live a comfy life away from the degenerate civilization, but our future children will have to deal with it, or on the slim chance that they somehow get by, almost certainly their own children will be among the last Whites. Jewish civilization is like a cancer too. It doesn’t remain contained within its boundaries, it’s malignant, spreading, destroying and wishing to fill every inch of land with suburban neighborhoods, stripmalls, parking lots and section 8 nigger housing. Race war can’t come soon enough. America is an abomination
>>10510 Too bad I'm not rich enough to travel
Open file (19.13 KB 579x560 1556854791476.png)
>>10500 >White man will some day have no were to run There is nowhere left to run now.
Open file (4.73 MB 1500x1248 Gv0TsnY.png)
>>10534 In one of his recent videos, Asha Logos said that the entirety of history is a constantly repeating cycle of White flight and it really does seem like that way when looking at the fate of all these historical peoples. The pre-Islamic Persians, Egyptians, pre-Soviet Russians, Central-Asians, ancient Anatolians, Tocharians, Ancient Romans, the Aryans of the Indian subcontinent etc. were all subdued by subhuman hordes after which everything they had created was destroyed. The entire history of civilization is Whites create something good, a horde of mentally ill subhumans comes along and are able to destroy their accomplishments only because they have superior numbers and then maybe some of the remaining Whites are assimilated into the horde so a few descendants of theirs can boast about having blonde hair centuries later.
>>10539 What video was this? I have had similar thoughts before. >>10534 That is the best passage in TGR.
>>10543 >What video was this? I have had similar thoughts before. https://www.bitchute.com/video/AF7KP5y70CU6/ He only posted it on bitchute because he deemed it too controversial for youtube.
>>10544 Thanks.
>>10320 The game is called Space Invaders and it's ironic that they are branding the alien with Antifa. Maybe they are comfortable with letting their mask slip a bit.
Open file (26.82 KB 326x362 cannabis boutique.jpg)
Open file (107.65 KB 796x579 wat.jpg)
Not very related but i was watching a video from some dude walking somewhere and a silly business front appeared in it. I mean come on, and reading further about it just makes things look like a cartoon. A canadian nigger chink peddling refined drugs calling himself the Merchant and promoting a commie ideology while positioning himself as a business owner. I don't know, i just found it funny... okay... bye, for now.
In this time of nog attacks and overall chimpout, the following article from National Vanguard could not be more appropriate. >nationalvanguard.org/2015/11/White-survival-and-the-rise-of-the-black-warlords/ >White Survival and the Rise of the Black Warlords >Why did New Orleans blacks shoot at rescue workers? If you know how they think, it’s easy to understand. >What really happened is the rescue workers’ vehicles were attacked by the first warlord gang to notice them, the supplies seized, and the volunteers abused in various ways. >That’s why trying to help blacks in such a crisis is a very stupid thing to do, unless you first send in military forces to kill the leaders of the armed factions that form spontaneously among them after law enforcement has broken down. >To reestablish enough order to aid the remaining blacks, you must first demonstrate to them that your soldiers can kill their soldiers, and the demonstration will necessarily be a lively one. >Those blacks didn’t suddenly choose to be predators. They were born predators. For years, law enforcement suppressed their natural behavior. >Then came the hurricane, and law enforcement was swept away. The gene-coded behavior natural to blacks instantly reappeared. >First, Whites who are caught among, and outnumbered by, blacks in a disaster situation had best flee if they can, otherwise they must hide until they can flee. >Fortify your homes with food and weaponry ahead of time, and remain at home until a chance to get away from the disaster area appears. >Under no circumstances should you go into any government-assigned “safe zone” or refugee camp. >These will be full of the most violent, meanest, and most depraved Negroes of the city. >You will be robbed, raped, beaten, stabbed, repeatedly insulted and humiliated, and ultimately murdered >— unless someone in authority chooses to put moral decency above the insane federal “racial equality” rules and helps you escape. >If there had been no federal program to evacuate the remaining blacks from New Orleans, the Negroes would have squatted in that flooded city until they starved, >by which time they’d have eaten every scrap of food they could find — and the search would be a thorough one — as well as engaged in much cannibalism. >However, future disasters might find blacks more inclined to migrate in armed bands, perhaps with transportable provisions that could see them across a few days of walking. >Therefore, fifty miles (80 kilometers) should be considered a minimally safe distance from an urban disaster such as Katrina. This reminds me of what Mr. Norman Lowell said about the territorial strategy to be applied in South Africa: >In Africa, a 4,000-mile cut-line from Bangui to Djibouti, fifty miles wide, will forever separate the Negrids away from the All-White-South. >An electronic cut-line, where not even a lizard could cross undetected. We will organise huge, free-food depots and millions of bio-gradable, 5-litre gin bottles >— and gradually move these centres northwards, fifty miles at a time. >Those of us who have been in Africa, know very well that the Kaffir will walk hundreds of miles for a free meal. Pot shots, it's all I think of. Going back to the NV article; >Fourth, expect that everything blacks say about their circumstances and about the causes for them are lies. >You will get a more accurate picture of events if you assume that blacks always speak the very opposite of what they believe the truth is. This is important, do not make the mistake of thinking that they're simple minded naive brutes. They know to lie. >Fifth, if you are White, you’ll be called a racist no matter what you do, and no matter what you don’t do. Get used to it. Learn to like it. Once you realize that racism is a good thing — because it is the truth about race — you’ll find that you are no longer bothered by the “racist” label. It becomes a badge and a laurel, when it has become a fact. This is the next evolution and it's going to surprise a lot of people. You are racist and you are proud of it. Racism is about loving one's race first and foremost. You know that the survival of the blood is of the utmost importance and in no way should this be exchanged for thinly veiled slavery either! >Katrina proved (again) that Whites and blacks do not behave in the same ways in a crisis. >In Louisiana, St. Bernard Parish took the direct hit from the hurricane; New Orleans did not. >The destruction and the flooding in St. Bernard were more complete than in New Orleans. >St. Bernard is mostly White (88.9%). New Orleans is mostly black (72.8%). >Federal rescue and relief efforts passed through St. Bernard, without stopping, on their way to New Orleans. >See how ridiculous are the Negroes’ claims that they were slighted by the government due to their race? >If you are within 50 miles of a major urban area, you should move farther into the countryside. >If you haven’t stocked up on survival essentials, you must do that soon, and maintain those stocks, until the day the Apocalypse begins in earnest
Next to Blacks, Don't Relax.
>>10300 >rabbist >lists They did that??? URGENCY URGENCY Is there a way to extract all the names of these rabbis and synagogues (each one has at least an attached head rabbi)? Any autist who could do that?
>>10301 >literally against EVERYTHING that defines a sane society That kind of tattoo is a death wish in my book.
>>10627 Goddamn, why has no one thought of this yet. I will have to look.
>>10314 >And marxists still don't see the reason why they can't meme. Can't meme with lies. The point of memes is that they deliver truths in the most brutal and laugh/chuckle-inducing way that makes all mental barriers vanish as if they never existed to begin with. Shitposting and memes were our weapons in this revolution of the mind. >>10320 I fail to explain it too, but if this is the honest output of an assembly of leftist minds, then it tells you a fucking lot about the totally alienated nature of their consciousnesses: They are literally anti-logic, inhuman. >he didn't carry That's the moral indeed. And why commies don't want us to have weapons. Fuck them, we'll double down on the acquisitions, black market or not. Time to organize into militias too and use cunning.
Open file (735.60 KB 776x1008 JEW POURING FILTH.png)
>>10630 >>10627 Conveniently, some kike has listed every single name put down in the NYT ad. It should be simple enough to look through this entire list and find out either addresses or, more to what you were asking about, information on the rabbis in charge of these organizations and synagogues. Photos would be quite interesting too. I don't have the time to dig through ~600 items right now, but I'm gonna look through the first ten or so right now and see if it yields any fruit https://medium.com/@jewishorgssayblacklivesmatter/majority-of-american-jews-in-full-page-new-york-times-ad-unequivocally-black-lives-matter-60ae44e7c305 https://archive.fo/5Ml1i
>A Wider Bridge 2912 Diamond Street #348 San Francisco, CA U.S. Executive Director: Alan Schwartz https://awiderbridge.org/ >Adas Israel Congregation 2850 Quebec St. NW Washington, DC 20008 https://www.adasisrael.org/ Rabbis: Lauren Holtzblatt and Aaron Alexander >Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation 7727 Persimmon Tree Ln, Bethesda, MD 20817, United States http://www.adatshalom.net/ Rabbis: Fred Dobb, Rachel Anne Hersh >Adath Jeshurun Congregation 10500 Hillside Ln W, Hopkins, MN 55305, USA https://www.adathjeshurun.org/ Rabbis: Harold J Kravitz, Aaron S Weininger >Agudas Achim Congregation 2908 Valley Drive Alexandria, VA 22302 https://www.agudasachim-va.org/ Rabbis: Steven I. Rein >Agudas Israel Congregation 505 Glasgow Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739 https://agudasisraelsynagogue.org/ Rabbi: Rachael Jackson >Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School 5235 S. Cornell Avenue Chicago, IL 60615 https://akibaschechter.org/ >Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Community 19520 Darnestown Rd, Beallsville, MD 20839 Rabbi: David Shneyer https://www.am-kolel.org/index.php >Am Yisrael Congregation 4 Happ Road, Northfield, IL 60093 Rabbi: Debra Newman Kamin https://www.amyisrael.org/ >Ansche Chesed 251 West 100th St. New York 10025 Rabbi: Jeremy Kalmanofsky https://www.anschechesed.org/ >Arizona Jews for Justice Rabbi: Dr. Schmuly Yanklowitz http://www.arizonajewsforjustice.org/ >Augusta Jewish Federation 898 Weinberger Way Evans, GA 30809 President: Robin Brig­mon https://jewishaugusta.org/ >Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center 20400 NE 30th Avenue, Aventura Florida 33180 Rabbis: Guido Cohen and Jonathan Berkun https://www.atjchome.org/ >Avodah 125 Maiden Lane, #8B New York, NY 10038-5041 https://avodah.net/ CEO: Cheryl Cook Here's most of the As. I included ones I could find good addresses or that didn't appear to just be the website for some sort of nebulous "alliance"
Open file (155.96 KB 610x321 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10632 I remember years ago A. Wyatt Mann making colored versions of those. Anymore of them?
>>10624 >This is the next evolution and it's going to surprise a lot of people. You are racist and you are proud of it. This can’t come soon enough. The only real obstacle is that such opinions are punished when voiced. People lose their jobs, they lose friends, they are attacked by mobs of leftists, etc. Some people might not care, but materialistic lemmings are very concerned about such things. Though, there are signs of change in the air already, as people have talked about both in this thread and the previous BLM one. The Jews are certainly creating more racists through their anti-White hatemongering than anything else. There’s an aphorism in Andrew Rankin’s book about Mishima where he is quoted as writing “Call a man a fascist, and he becomes one” (paraphrasing). This is just as true for a racist.
Open file (89.57 KB 540x960 hunter-biden.jpg)
Is no one going to mention the photo of Hunter Biden smoking crack or is this not the right thread for that?
>>10667 I know it happened, but honestly I can't bring myself to care. We already know that these people and their families are freaks that should never have been allowed anywhere near the seats of power. Even if it harms Biden's campaign in some way, a ZOG puppet will win no matter what
>>10668 >We already know that these people and their families are freaks That is true but this might be the first time that the public sees explicitly what they are doing in their free time which I found to be interesting. We can assume that most of the US elite consists of pedophile rapists but we've never seen any photo or video evidence of that (I'm not saying I want to see that but you get the point).
>>10669 >I'm not saying I want to see that That would be great to see, honestly, because they would be discredited forever. Normalfags haven't been brainwashed to the point where they will try to rationalize literal pedophile child-molestation. Any sort of clear and undeniable evidence of such a thing would be a godsend. I'd like to think that lemmings would be lynching these people in the streets, but what is more likely is that the Jews hold such a grip on the country that they'd make sure it'd never see the light of day, they'd call people who tried to spread the evidence guilty in distributing child pornography and they would call it a deepfake or some shit.
>>10667 I thought that was the dude from House.
>>10634 >Jews, eternally overreaching. >Holy list Good job anon. I hope other people outside of this board and chan are aware of the effort.
Open file (80.80 KB 777x960 jewish atheism.PNG)
>>10688 I'm not sure whether I should keep going, given the fact that there are literally six hundred different kike organizations to dig through and compile the info on. Not sure whether it's worth the cost for the little benefit that it will probably bring. One thing that I did realize in looking through those over a dozen different synagogues and orgs is that nearly all of them have some sort of politically-charged stuff on their sites. They talk about tikkun olam, helping the poor and oppressed, or how they are an "egalitarian" synagogue or congregation. Quite redpilling - obviously I'm aware that Jews are mostly atheists and love politics, but I think I'm developing a theory that the real religion of Jews, especially the more liberal ones, is just sheer politics and nothing else.
>>10695 My theory is that Jews are slowing falling into a state of decadence like the rest of the west
>>10695 Finish the list and compile it as an infographic. Then anyone can take it and locate targets in their area of operations when the time comes
Open file (218.38 KB 662x510 bowers shotgun.png)
>>10719 They undoubtedly are to an extent. Jews just destroy and undermine with no concern for the future, this is why they destroy the environment, destroy the racial foundations for their success in the West and routinely make the same mistakes over and over again. Some Jews are becoming decadent, others are merely changing the expression of their kikery through re-interpretation (pic very much related) >>10721 I'll do the B names right now. If I manage to do this all myself it will take a while, because I'd rather break it up, but I'm sure others understand.
>>10719 They were always decadent, figures like Jacob Frank or Freud's promotion of degeneracy amongst their own kind prove this. Jews have also always been a very matriarchal people. They are no strangers to either sodomy or pedophilia among their own kin, there are many cases of Orthodox Jewish children being sexually abused in some way. Then there is their obsession with feces... They simply are a mentally ill group of people.
>>10634 B Note: Only Jewish organizations with a clear central location and named rabbis / directors are included. Some names were so generic that there multiple places w/ the same name, and I did not include them >B'nai B'rith Colorado 300 South Dahlia Street Denver, CO 80246 President / Board Chairman: Frank Goldman https://bnaibrithcolorado.org/ >B’nai Jeshurun 257 West 88th Street New York, NY 10024 (synagogue) 270 West 89th Street New York, NY 10024 (community house) Rabbis: J. Rolando Matalon, Felicia L. Sol, Rebecca Weintraub https://www.bj.org/ >B’nai Shalom Day School 804-A Winview Drive Greensboro, North Carolina 27410 Head of School: Susan Siegel http://bnai-shalom.org/ >B’nai Sholom Reform Congregation 420 Whitehall Rd, Albany, NY 12208 Rabbi: David Katz https://bnaisholom.albany.ny.us/ >B'nai Adath Kol Beth Yisrael (BLACK JEWS) 1006 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, New York Rabbi: Baruch A. Yehudah https://bakby.org/ >B’nai Portland Congregation 552 Blackstrap Road Falmouth, ME 04105 Rabbi: Laura Boenisch https://www.bnaiportland.com/ >Baltimore Hebrew Congregation 7401 Park Heights Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21208 Rabbis: Andrew Busch / Elissa Sachs-Kohen https://www.baltimorehebrew.org/ >Beis Community (Jewish intentional community) 587 Fort Washington Avenue Washington Heights NYC 10033 https://www.beiscommunity.com/ >Beit Ahavah Reform Synagogue of Greater Northampton 130 Pine St Florence, MA 01062 Rabbi: Riqi Kosovske https://www.beitahavah.org/ >Bet Shalom Congregation 13613 Orchard Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55305 Rabbis: David L. Locketz, Jill E. Crimmings https://www.betshalom.org/ >Beth Am Synagogue (Baltimore, MD) 2501 Eutaw Place, Baltimore, MD 21217 Rabbis: Daniel Cotzin Burg, Kelley Gludt https://bethambaltimore.org/ >Beth El (Bethesda, MD) 8215 Old Georgetown Road Bethesda, MD 20814 Rabbis: Greg Harris, Fabian Werbin https://www.bethelmc.org/ >Beth El Congregation (Baltimore, MD) 8101 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21208 Rabbis: Steven Schwartz, Dana Saroken https://www.bethelbalto.com/ >Beth Emet the Free Synagogue 1224 Dempster St, Evanston, IL 60202 Rabbis: Andrea London, Amy L. Memis-Foler https://bethemet.org/ >Beth Israel Congregation (Ann Arbor, MI) 2000 Washtenaw Avenue, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Rabbis: Nadav Caine, Robert Dobrusin https://www.bethisrael-aa.org/ >Beth Meyer Synagogue 504 Newton Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615 Rabbis: Eric M. Solomon, Jenny Solomon https://www.bethmeyer.org/ >Bethesda Jewish Congregation 6601 Bradley Blvd, Bethesda, MD 20817 Rabbi: Elhanan “Sunny” Schnitzer https://bethesdajewish.org/ >Bolton Street Synagogue 212 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore, MD 21210 Rabbi: Andy Gordon https://boltonstreet.org/ >Burbank Temple Emanuel El 1302 N Glenoaks Blvd, Burbank, CA 91504 Rabbi: Tsafi Lev https://www.btee.org/
Open file (393.17 KB 427x371 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (419.26 KB 392x385 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (214.25 KB 287x284 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (302.81 KB 393x451 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.57 MB 850x620 ClipboardImage.png)
I've looked at so many rabbis and kikes just going through the first two letters of the alphabet and holy fuck these people are literal goblins and rats
>>10725 I can do the C names, give me some time, anon.
>>10728 That would be great. I might as well give you the rundown on my inclusion process then. If there are multiple places with the same name and it is impossible for me to discern which Jewish organization / synagogue it belongs to, I skip over it. If it is an organization with no clear center or one that encompasses dozens of synagogues nationwide, I skip it. If no rabbi is clearly mentioned, I include it anyways. If no address is mentioned at all, I skip it. Most of the websites are set up pretty similar. Rabbis are found under "clergy". Addresses can sometimes take a bit more digging, but often I've found them at the bottom of page, or in the 'about' or 'contact' sections of site. Make sure their not just P.O. boxes, otherwise that's grounds to skip for me. If you can't find it on their site sometimes it's on their kikebook account. That sounds complex but once you get in the rhythm you'll move through this stuff pretty fast.
>>10725 C names, Part 1: >California Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism 2027 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, D.C. 20036, U.S. https://rac.org/ Rabbis: https://rac.org/about-rac/leadership-and-staff >Cambridge Minyan 355 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA www.cambridgeminyan.org Rabbis & others: http://www.cambridgeminyan.org/pages/participate.htm#leadership >Camp Tawonga 131 Steuart Street, Suite 460, San Francisco, CA 94105 https://tawonga.org/ Assistant Director: Kiyomi Gelber https://tawonga.org/about/contact/ >Cantors Assembly 55 S. Miller Road, Suite 201, Fairlawn, OH 44333 https://www.cantors.org/ Rabbis: https://www.cantors.org/officers-and-staff/ >Carolina Jews for Justice P.O. Box 1344, Durham, NC 27702 https://www.carolinajewsforjustice.org/ Rabbis: https://www.carolinajewsforjustice.org/our_board_and_staff >CDEEP Post Office Box 430, Jemez Springs, NM 87025 https://www.rabbishefagold.com/about/c-deep/ Rabbi: Rabbi Shefa Gold >Center for Jewish Nonviolence https://cjnv.org >Center Square Minyan Central Square Minyan, Central Square, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11 7AH, UK https://www.centralsquareminyan.org/ Rabbi: Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum >Central Conference of American Rabbis 355 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017 https://www.ccarnet.org/ Rabbis: https://www.ccarnet.org/about-us/staff/ >Central Reform Congregation 5020 Waterman Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63108 https://www.centralreform.org/ Rabbis: https://www.centralreform.org/rabbisusan/ https://www.centralreform.org/rabbirandy/ https://www.centralreform.org/rabbikaren/ https://www.centralreform.org/rabbidaniel/ https://www.centralreform.org/rabbijsg/ >ChaiVillageLA 8844 Burton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 https://www.chaivillagela.org/ Rabbis : https://www.chaivillagela.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=599592&module_id=204216 >Challah for Hunger -Can't find phsysical adress for now- https://challahforhunger.org/ Rabbis: https://challahforhunger.org/team/ >Charleston Jewish Family Services 176 Croghan Spur, Charleston, SC 29407 https://charlestonjfs.com/ Rabbis: https://charlestonjfs.com/staff/ >Chicago Jewish Labor Committee 205 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601 https://www.juf.org/guide/detail.aspx?id=20196 Rabbis: https://www.juf.org/juf/contact_us.aspx >Chicago T’ruah Cluster 266 W. 37th Street Suite 803 New York, NY 10018 https://www.truah.org/join-a-truah-group-near-you/ Rabbis: https://www.truah.org/contact-us/ >Chizuk Amuno Congregation & Schools 8100 Stevenson Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208 https://www.chizukamuno.org/ CEO Rabbis: https://www.chizukamuno.org/about/meet-our-synagogue-leaders/ >Chochmat HaLev 2215 Prince St, Berkeley, CA 94705 Rabbis: https://chochmat.org/youth-family/staff/ >Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life 1720 I Street NW, 8th Floor, 20006 Washington , DC http://www.coejl.net/ >Coastside Jewish Community (San Francisco Bay Area) Coastside Jewish Community Post Office Box 1729 El Granada, California 94018 https://www.coastsidejewishcommunity.org/ Rabbis: https://www.coastsidejewishcommunity.org/about-us/spiritual-leadership/ >Community Shul of Montecito and Santa Barbara 524 Chapala Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 https://jewishsantabarbara.org/community-directory/community-shul-of-montecito-and-santa-barbara >Congregation Agudath Achim 9 Lee Boulevard, Savannah, GA 31405 https://www.agudath-achim.com/ Rabbis: https://www.agudath-achim.com/our-professional-staff/ >Congregation Agudath Israel 20 Academy Rd, Caldwell, NJ 07006 https://www.agudath.org/ Rabbis: https://www.agudath.org/cai_leadership >Congregation Anshe Tikvah 251 Milwaukee Ave suite 142/143, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 http://www.anshetikvah.org/ >Congregation B’nai Israel (Basking Ridge, NJ) 40 Whitenack Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ https://www.cbibr.org/ Rabbis:https://www.cbibr.org/contact-us >Congregation B’nai Torah 700 Mount Vernon Hwy, Atlanta, GA 30328 https://www.bnaitorah.org/ Rabbis: https://www.bnaitorah.org/our-rabbis >Congregation B’nai Yisrael 2 Banksville Rd, Armonk, NY 10504 https://www.cbyarmonk.org/ Rabbis:https://www.cbyarmonk.org/community/staff/ >Congregation Beit Simchat Torah 130 W 30th St, New York, NY 10001 https://cbst.org/ Rabbis:https://cbst.org/content/about >Congregation Bet Haverim (Atlanta, GA) 2074 Lavista Rd, Atlanta, GA 30329 https://www.congregationbethaverim.org/ Rabbis: https://www.congregationbethaverim.org/staff >Congregation Bet Haverim (Davis, CA) 1715 Anderson Rd, Davis, CA 95616 https://www.bethaverim.org/ Rabbis: https://www.bethaverim.org/about/leadership-and-staff/ >Congregation Beth Am 26790 Arastradero Road, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022 https://www.betham.org/ Rabbis:https://www.betham.org/our-staff.html >Congregation Beth David 19700 Prospect Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070 https://www.beth-david.org >Congregation Beth El (Norwalk, CT) Congregation Beth El, 109 East Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851 https://www.congbethel.org/ >Congr
>>10738 """C names, Part 2 """: >Congregation Beth El of South Orange, NJ 222 Irvington Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079 https://bethelnj.org/ Rabbis:https://bethelnj.org/who-we-are/our-staff/ >Congregation Beth El of the Sudbury River Valley 105 Hudson Road, Sudbury, MA 01776 https://bethelsudbury.org/ Rabbis:https://bethelsudbury.org/administrative-staff/ >Congregation Beth HaTephila (Asheville, NC) 5065 High Point Rd, Atlanta GA 30342 https://www.bethtefillah.org/ Rabbis: https://www.bethtefillah.org/about-us >Congregation Beth Hatikvah (Summit, NJ) 36 Chatham Road, Summit, NJ 07901 https://www.bethhatikvah.org/ >Congregation Beth Israel (Fayetteville, NC) Community Center 2204 Morganton Rd Fayetteville NC http://bethi.org/ >Congregation Beth Israel (Skokie, IL) 3601 Dempster St, Skokie, IL 60076 http://tbiskokie.org >Congregation Beth Israel (Worcester, MA) 5 Jamesbury Dr, Worcester, MA 01609 http://www.bethisraelworc.org >Congregation Beth Israel Judea (San Francisco, CA) 625 Brotherhood Way, San Francisco, CA 94132 http://bij.org >Congregation Beth Shalom (Bloomington, IN) 3750 E 3rd St, Bloomington, IN 47401 https://www.bethshalom-bjc.org/welcome >Congregation Beth Shalom (DeKalb, IL) 820 Russell Rd, DeKalb, IL 60115 http://bethshalomdekalb.org/ >Congregation Beth Shalom (Overland Park, KS) 14200 Lamar Ave, Overland Park, KS 66223 https://www.bethshalomkc.org/ >Congregation Beth Shalom (Pittsburgh, PA) 5915 Beacon St, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 https://bethshalompgh.org >Congregation Beth Shalom (Seattle, WA) 6800 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115 https://bethshalomseattle.org/ >Congregation Beth Sholom (Providence, RI) 401 Elmgrove Ave, Providence, RI 02906 http://www.bethsholom-ri.org/ >Congregation Brith Sholom (Bethlehem, PA) 1190 Macada Rd, Bethlehem, PA 18017 http://www.brithsholom.net/ >Congregation Dor Hadash (San Diego, CA) 11860 Carmel Creek Rd, San Diego, CA 92130 http://www.dorhadash.org/ >Congregation Dorshei Tzedek 60 Highland St, West Newton, MA 02465 https://www.dorsheitzedek.org/
>>10739 """C names, Part 3""": >Congregation Eitz Chayim (Cambridge, MA) 36 Magazine St, Cambridge, MA 02139 https://www.eitz.org >Congregation Emanu-El B’ne Jeshurun 2020 W Brown Deer Rd, River Hills, WI 53217 https://www.ceebj.org >Congregation Emanu-El of San Francisco 2 Lake St, San Francisco, CA 94118 https://www.emanuelsf.org >Congregation Har Shalom (Potomac, MD) 11510 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854 https://www.harshalom.org/ >Congregation Kerem Shalom (Concord, MA) 659 Elm St, Concord, MA 01742 https://keremshalom.org/ >Congregation Kol Ami (Elkins Park, PA) 8201 High School Rd, Elkins Park, PA 19027 https://www.kolamielkinspark.org/ >Congregation Kol Ami (Elmira, NY) 1008 W Water St, Elmira, NY 14905 https://www.kolamielmira.org/ >Congregation Kol Ami (Kansas City) 4501 Walnut St, Kansas City, MO 64111 https://www.kolamikc.org/ >Congregation Kol Ami (Spark) 308 4th Avenue S Kirkland, WA 98033 https://www.kolaminw.org >Congregation Kol Ami (West Hollywood, CA) 1200 N La Brea Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90038 https://www.kol-ami.org/ >Congregation Kol Shofar 215 Blackfield Dr, Tiburon, CA 94920 https://kolshofar.org/ >Congregation M’kor Hayim 3888 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718 https://mkorhayim.org/ >Congregation Mishkan Israel 785 Ridge Rd, Hamden, CT 06517 https://www.cmihamden.org/ >Congregation Nahalat Shalom 3606 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 https://www.nahalatshalom.org/about >Congregation Ner Shalom 14010 Spriggs Rd, Dale City, VA 22193 https://www.nershalom.org/ >Congregation Netivot Shalom 1316 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702 https://netivotshalom.org/ >Congregation Neve Shalom 250 Grove Avenue Metuchen, NJ 08840 https://www.neveshalom.net/ >Congregation Nevei Kodesh 1925 Glenwood Dr, Boulder, CO 80304 https://www.neveikodesh.org/ >Congregation Or Atid of Wayland, MA 97 Concord Rd, Wayland, MA 01778 https://www.congregationoratid.org/ >Congregation P’nai Or of West Hartford 134 Flagg Rd, West Hartford, CT 06117 https://jewishrenewalct.org/ >Congregation Rodef Shalom (Denver, CO) 450 S Kearney St, Denver, CO 80224 https://www.rodef-shalom.org/ >Congregation Rodef Sholom 170 N San Pedro Rd, San Rafael, CA 94903 https://rodefsholom.org/ >Congregation Sha’ar Zahav 290 Dolores St, San Francisco, CA 94103 https://shaarzahav.org/ >Congregation Shaare Emeth (St. Louis, MO) 11645 Ladue Rd, St. Louis, MO 63141 https://www.sestl.org/ >Congregation Shaarei Shamayim 900 University Bay Dr, Madison, WI 53705 https://www.shamayim.org/ >Congregation Shaarey Zedek 27375 Bell Rd, Southfield, MI 48034 https://www.shaareyzedek.org/ >Congregation Shaarie Torah 920 NW 25th Ave, Portland, OR 97210 https://shaarietorah.org/ >Congregation Shir Tikvah (Portland) 7550 NE Irving St, Portland, OR 97213 https://www.shirtikvahpdx.org/ >Congregation Shomrei Torah 2600 Bennett Valley Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 https://www.shomrei-torah.org/ >Congregation Tifereth Israel 354 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43205 https://www.tiferethisrael.org/ >Conservative Synagogue of the Hamptons 2429 Montauk Hwy, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 https://synagoguehamptons.org/ >Cuba America Jewish Mission 6601 Bradley Blvd. Bethesda, MD 20817 https://www.jconnect.org >Cultural Leadership 3030 S. Grand Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63118 http://www.culturalleadership.org/>>10725
>>10738 >>10739 >>10740 Nice work, thanks for the help. I'm going to go do D through G here soon
Forgot to mention though - how exactly should we make this compile this information at the end? I had a few ideas - one of them being just throwing this stuff in a pastebin and distributing it to anons in other places such as Neinchan and other boards which might be interested. Another idea would be a lot more difficult but could be a good idea - that would be taking pictures of all of these rabbis and organization heads that are available and making some sort of massive picture that includes pics of their heads and information about their synagogues and orgs
D (Appears to be all orgs / alliances with no clear center) E >East Bank Havurah Pikesville MD Rabbi: Zalman Shachter Shalomi https://www.facebook.com/EastBankHavurah/ https://www.meetup.com/East-Bank-Havurah/ >Elon University Hillel 100 Campus Drive Elon, NC 27244 https://www.elon.edu/ F >Fabrangen Havurah 7750 16th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20012 https://www.fabrangen.org/ >Flatbush Jewish Center 327 East 5th, Brooklyn NY 11218 Rabbi: Lev Meirowitz Nelson https://flatbushjewishcenter.org/about/ >Fort Tryon Jewish Center 551 Fort Washington Ave, New York, NY 10033 Rabbi: Guy Austrian https://www.ftjc.org/ 'G >Germantown Jewish Centre 400 W Ellet St, Philadelphia, PA 19119 https://germantownjewishcentre.org/clergy-staff-lay-leadership/our-rabbis/ https://germantownjewishcentre.org/ >Goucher College Hillel Rabbi / Executive Director: Josh Snyder https://blogs.goucher.edu/hillel/ https://www.facebook.com/gouchercollegehillel/ >Greenwich Reform Synagogue 92 Orchard St, Cos Cob, CT 06807 Rabbi: Jordie Gerson https://www.grs.org/
Open file (72.24 KB 800x480 USA_States.png)
>>10742 Another idea is to take all of these orgs and put them unto US map, sorted by state/county.
>>10744 That could definitely be a good idea as well. I like it.
The Negro Lottery https://nationalvanguard.org/2016/08/the-negro-lottery-and-the-controlled-medias-continued-coverup-of-black-crime/
>>10695 >tikkun olam In typical pilpul, they repair the world so it would suit the Jews, but they hide this objective in their public discourse by using a universalist message.
Be careful with the listing. There is no question of targeting anything here. We're a board of peace. It's mere curiosity. We don't want this place to get nuked because glowies did their thing.
>>10747 Interestingly I've seen some more conservative Jews point this out. He framed it as a "distortion" of Tikkun Olam, but we on the outside who are redpilled on this matter better understand the use of Tikkun Olam by less traditional Jews as an even higher form of Tikkun Olam. Marxism, White Genocide, etc - all are ways of "repairing the world" for the benefit of Jewish domination
>>10748 As one of the original listers myself, I was wondering if it would be smarter to move this over to Nein where we'd have more leeway.
>>10756 OPSEC you nigger
>>10751 Yes.
Open file (235.48 KB 1440x1080 shrug.jpg)
>>10777 If I thought it was a risk to say I wouldn't have said it.
ATTENTION LIST ANONS ATTENTION LIST ANONS ATTENTION LIST ANONS ATTENTION LIST ANONS I've made a thread over on Neinchan for us to resume our collecting of information. I'm gonna do some more tomorrow. http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/37944.html http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/37944.html http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/37944.html http://vvadkyuldkwon6za.onion/pol/res/37944.html
>>10750 >Jewish domination >Nah bro it's White domination
>>10539 I don't know I mean we are experiencing things that have never occured before in human history, globalism for example, and we aren't being invaded in the traditional since either. Don't get me wrong this is very worrying, but things are very different
>>10786 >www.hias.org/2000rabbis >2000+ rabbis >@page bottom: "search all signers" field Assuming a little program that would try all possible Jewish names, I suppose one could virtually search their database.
>>10844 Good catch, this is some good stuff.
>>10848 Must hurry b4 they lock it. I wish I were into DDOS and hacking.
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