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Aryan Religion Thread Blackshirt 09/20/2020 (Sun) 01:13:23 ID: d892f4 No.8730
This thread is for White pagan religions, or more broadly, non-Abrahamic pro-White religious and philosophical discussion
Open file (765.49 KB 1125x1250 celtic pagan list.png)
Open file (531.22 KB 1100x1100 germanic pagan list.png)
>>8730 we need more well read paganons to balance out the vedanons
>>8779 I definitely agree. Just as we can neglect the paganism of the East, we certainly can't neglect the more well-known varieties of paganism either, such as the Greek, Roman, Germanic, etc. There are many things worth discussing from these traditions, such as of course the gods, traditional guest hospitality, etc. Recently with reading the Odyssey I found a lot of interesting things said regarding the gods, most interestingly how they often visit in disguises to test people. When Odysseus was in Phaeacia, which is basically a utopian island, it is remarked that the gods come down without disguises, showing themselves in full glory. I've heard something similar said regarding the previous yuga, where apparently the gods often appeared on Earth, but since they despise degeneracy and impurity, they hate coming to Earth even disguised today. This would honestly explain a lot. I will have to post more about this stuff to insert some variety here and there
>>8784 anyone have a greco-roman paganism reading list?
>>8786 I don't have any infographs like those shown in the first post ITT, but I can at least provide you with a few reading suggestions that you might find worth the time: >The Nature of the Gods (by Cicero) >Theogony (by Hesiod) >Iliad (by Homer) >Odyssey (by Homer) >Greek Religion (by Walter Burkert) The final book is actually somewhat academic, but very readable and in-depth, it's not just some pop-his trash. Cicero's Roman, obviously, but unfortunately I don't know as much Roman stuff.
>>8550 >the vedic heavens are very much material realms just like this realm is and the beings that inhabit these realms (the gods) are just very powerful beings who live exquisite lives of paradisaical pleasure (they still experience suffering though, wars with the demons, etc). when their lifespan is over they go back to the cycle of reincarnation as we do. So it's essentially turbo-Earth, were everything is MOAR.
>>8793 Lol, i wouldnt think of it like that. I would think of it moreso like the middle realm (where earth is) is like your workplace, and devaloka, the vedic heavens, are like your hard earned vacation package.
>>8793 >>8794 I've heard that the middle realm is actually the most conducive to liberation. When you're suffering horribly in some lower existence, you hardly have time to think about that sort of higher stuff, but in the realms of the gods it is just so materially perfect that it's not really conducive to spiritually.
>>8789 I'd like to add >Five Stages of Greek Religion -- Gilbert Murray >Treatise of Sallustius (included in the above as an appendix) the Murray book is excellent scholarship, written before literature got dumbed down. the Treatise is an ancient explanation/defense of Greco-Roman paganism, written largely in response to the Church Fathers. here's a convenient link: https://sacred-texts.com/cla/fsgr/index.htm >>8799 >I've heard that the middle realm is actually the most conducive to liberation. When you're suffering horribly in some lower existence, you hardly have time to think about that sort of higher stuff, but in the realms of the gods it is just so materially perfect that it's not really conducive to spiritually. yes, that's the Buddhist view: a human rebirth, with its mixture of pleasure and suffering, is the best opportunity to achieve enlightenment. in the higher and lower realms, there's too much of one or the other.
Open file (197.24 KB 878x420 julian national gods.png)
>>8817 You're definitely right about Sallustius, that was a good one too. Another one that I forgot (even though I literally put a coin with his face in it in the OP) is Julian's Against the Galileans. Though it is of course not solely focused on his own religion, we can definitely draw some interesting information about the gods out of it and what Roman pagans were saying about the gods. I'll have to check out that Murray book as well. Older books often seem so much more erudite. Maybe it's just the more out of date style, but I mean in terms of content.
>>8779 What we need is more info about paganism to prove to the dharmistsfags that European religions had the same concepts of ideas of Dharamists. Indo-European are all Dharma.
>>8828 Actually there's plenty of info out there already on this topic. Nearly all ancient traditions were founded on the concept of Natural Law (i.e. Dharma) and each language had a comparable world, I mention a few of them in the third paragraph of this post >>8721. Traditions such as Asatru are sister paths to Sanatana Dharma.
Open file (4.32 MB 2174x2380 helios.jpg)
Open file (1.26 MB 2124x1317 hylas and the nymphs.jpg)
Since Romanticism was the first step towards resurgent paganism, it's only natural that we should post a few pagan-related poems - here is "The Gods of Greece" by Friedrich Schiller, which is essentially an elegy mourning the destruction of the old gods by modern science and Christianity. https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=wu.89067100156&view=1up&seq=98
>>8858 The irony of that is that the old gods would never have been killed by science.
Open file (747.93 KB 799x1349 pandora.jpg)
>>8789 Add in Hesiod's Works and Days too. It has the story of Pandora, and more importantly the ages of men at the beginning. It might be good to see if we can make a list ITT for beginners to set them on the right track.
Explain to me this, were Aryan religions okay with homosexuality or were completely agaisnt it? I keep seeing websites and some fags who claim to be Dharmaists or pagan who all claim indo-europeans were okay with homosex. Is there anything that easily debunks this or enforces this as a truth?
>>8872 We know that Germanic people threw them in bogs. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Tac.+Ger.+12&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.02.0083 With Greeks there was variation. Pederasty, etc. But anyone who tries to equate homosexual practices in the ancient world with the (((LGBT))) madness today is pilpuling you. They're both degenerate, but it's orders of magnitude. We do see Plato taking a harsh line in Laws, saying that homosexuality is unnatural (1.636c) and that those who engage in it are slaves to pleasure. The same speaker, it seems, also proposes laws banning banning masturbation, homosexual acts and fornication, saying that this is in accordance with nature (8.838-839d) http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0166%3Abook%3D8%3Apage%3D838 http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Plat.+Laws+8.839&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0166 http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Plat.+Laws+1.636&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0166 In the Laws of Manu we see homosexuality called an unnatural act which results in the loss of caste (11.68), it's also referred to as an unnatural offense again in 11.175, just saying that the offender "shall bathe, dressed in his clothes". https://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/manu/manu11.htm The best way to dispel all of this debate is to appeal to the concept of physis and nomos. They were very important in Greek philosophy, it refers to the distinction of nature and convention. The laws of nature (physis) were god-ordained, universal, unchangeable, inescapable and eternal while the conventions of man (nomos) were the exact opposite, they were the products of men, particularistic, mutable and escapable if you avoided the authorities. Doing something contrary to nature will bring harm to yourself or your community in the long term. There is simply too much evidence that homosexuality brings STDs, AIDs, cancer, promiscuity, pedophilia, genetic dead-ends and filth into society, and that satisfaction (sexual, life, relationship, and mental health) is associated directly with penile–vaginal Intercourse, but inversely with other forms of deviant sexual behavior. Benis belongs in bagina, simple as. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3490558/
>>8874 Thank you, this good evidence enough to counter any retard using Hadrian as an example that they were gay.
>>8874 This still doesn't explain why Japan who practiced buddhism and Shinto which is supposedly very similar to Dharma allowed homosexuality among the royal classes and priests.
>>8876 Hadrian was just smeared by jews(Christians) I don't buy that he was gay.
>>8880 Well he was given the title "Greekling", and was said to be fond of Greek twinks and had a personal twink who some say was of age and some say he was under 15 named Antinous. This case of Antinous and his existence of being Hadrian personal lover is used as an example of gays in Ancient Rome and Greece and it seems that some fags who claim to be Hellenic use this as an example that male penetration was acceptable. Worst part about it was that Antinous was literally made a cult within Rome for males on male lovers.
>>8880 > I don't buy that he was gay. i always wondered this, because it would be the perfect smear peice to assassinate his character that a jew would conjure about thier enemy. like how hitler had one testical a scat fetish and was trans.
>>8882 We know pederasty was not exactly like they claim it was anyway, It was practiced very differently to how they seem to think, and was supposed and did stop upon the boy reaching Majority.
>>8882 The way I see it is that the Romans and Greeks were not spiritually gay, but the aristocracy and how materialistic they acted were definitely more homo than the priests or the religious class and traditional families within Rome and Greece. Homosexuality being in the upper classes who care more for net income does make sense as an example that states who seek to only prosper themselves their material goods and development of cities will only end up becoming fags. Caesar IMO is an example of this, considering it's rumored that he was a twink for king Nicomedes and in many ways Caesar himself was degenerate. The bisexualism of the Romans, Greeks led to their demise and was an shinning example of the moral decline that was becoming of them.
>>8885 They did it to a great many of the emperors, Nero was just fucked up, and they hold him up as some kind of gay Icon.
>>8888 (double heil'd) Nice digits.
>>8889 >Nero was just fucked up, and they hold him up as some kind of gay Icon. He was mentally unstable and is like the way he was because of his abusive mother. It's the almost self-roast from the gay community.
>>8891 Yeah, it's fucking weird, he should have killed her long before he did or his father should have. To be honest I don't care how gay they were, though I know it's played up just how gay, their value system was still far superior to Christianity even with the gay shit.
>>8888 Nice digits. >The way I see it is that the Romans and Greeks were not spiritually gay, but the aristocracy and how materialistic they acted were definitely more homo than the priests or the religious class and traditional families within Rome and Greece. I can agree to this as well, for it shows how corruption grows within powerful people, perfect example that the upper class most be more spiritual as they are political.
>>8893 >their value system was still far superior to Christianity even with the gay shit. I doubt that Christians didn't have gay shit during the late antiquity and medieval eras. >>8894 >perfect example that the upper class most be more spiritual as they are political. In other words, an enlighten aristocracy?
>>8895 Oh I'm sure those corrupt jewish fucks did.
>>8876 Yes, do not let people try to push that it was uniformly accepted as normal or acceptable. But, like you mention with Hadrian, we can find both. I found this in Cicero's The Nature of the Gods, book 1, paragraph 79: >'Yet what sort of human shape would we like? There are very few handsome people. During my time in Athens, it was very hard to find a single handsome lad in every platoon of national servicemen. I know why you're grinning, but my observation is true. A further point: those of us who take our cue from the philosophers of old, and enjoy the company of young men, often find even their physical defects attractive. For Alcaeus, the mole upon a young lad's wrist appeals; though a mole is a physical blemish, the poet considered it a beauty-spot [...]
>>8879 Religions are only as good as those who practice it, unfortunately. Customs can easily stray from nature, resulting in harm and decadence in the long term. Buddhism is a bit decadent itself.
>>8874 Can you explain whether Ganymede is a real myth or full of shit?
>>8919 Well, we know that the myth appears as early as in Homer’s Iliad. What it explicitly says is this (20.230-34): >And Erichthonius begat Tros to be king among the Trojans, and from Tros again three peerless sons were born, Ilus, and Assaracus, and godlike Ganymedes that was born the fairest of mortal men; wherefore the gods caught him up on high to be cupbearer to Zeus by reason of his beauty, that he might dwell with the immortals. What this said is that Zeus thought Ganymede was beautiful and so made him his cupbearer. This doesn’t necessarily imply a divine dicking from Zeus. https://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Hom.+Il.+20.230-34&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0134 Nevertheless Ganymede became associate with pederasty. The term “catamite” comes from the Latin name for Ganymede, meaning a boy who is in a relationship with a pederast. Interestingly though in the part from the first book of Plato’s Laws that I linked in the post above that you are replying to, the Athenian speaker says: >And we all accuse the Cretans of concocting the story about Ganymede. Because it was the belief that they derived their laws from Zeus, they added on this story about Zeus in order that they might be following his example in enjoying this pleasure as well. “We all accuse?” Plato writes the dialogue here to make this sound commonplace, saying that the Cretans were using this tale to justify their homosexual proclivities / pederast degeneracy. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=Plat.+Laws+1.636&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.01.0166
>>8864 The exact way myths were meant to be interpreted underwent some changes and interpretations, but this was not creating atheists en masse. The existence of the gods (or some sort of divinity) was essentially beyond dispute for them outside of a handful of marginal cases. Scientism is the real problem
>>8872 See it like this, the Aryan religions specifically says that man and woman must only be together. Anyone who thinks that homosexuality is allowed is because of the bad logic of the Romans, Greeks, etc that as long as the male looks, dress, and acts like a female then the twink can be identified as a male. Some might of also had the logic as long as they are young and feminine then therefore it's acceptable for whatever reason. But all of these go agaisnt the Aryan spiritualities about how male love is not sexual but platonic or brotherly and make and female love is passionate and harmonizing and of creation. All Aryan and true Aryans did not want twinks as male lovers no matter their apperance as a matter of fact a male who looks and acts female would be mocked or even toughened up, so his feminine apperance is outsed by his inner and true masculinity and his masculinity is back to being aligned with his spirit.
>>8934 >the twink can be identified as a male. Meant can't be identified as a male
>>8933 I dislike Scientism as a word it's too associated with christcuckery for me but it gets the point across, I was saying that the Old gods as the Romans and Greeks viewed it would have simply been modified with the new information to spread the idea and not just thrown the information out there to interfere with the faith of the plebians/lemmings.
>>8948 >I was saying that the Old gods as the Romans and Greeks viewed it would have simply been modified with the new information to spread the idea and not just thrown the information out there to interfere with the faith of the plebians/lemmings. Ah, I see what you mean, and yes I'd definitely agree with that. >Scientism Christkikes misuse it, but it's in reference to a real thing, that being that the scientific method is the only way to secure knowledge of any kind, or that only scientific claims are really meaningful. Of course, science and religion are yet another false dichotomy that the Jews have forced upon us.
>>8949 I agree that that shit is fucked by they use it for people even pagans who claim evolution is real, partly because they still refuse to see the evidence and even though some of the more intelligent ones go for intelligent design they still misuse and misinterpret evidence, I even saw some dumbfuck yesterday claim that the bible says the earth is not flat and that flat earth comes from "Pagans" and that it knew "scientific facts" before science, when the fact is they just stole that knowledge from Greek and Roman works that have now been lost. That term just feels like hypocrisy even though I know it's an accurate descriptor of many leftists and even some on the right.
>>8919 It was adopted by the Cretans who were fond of homosexuality and was likely created by them to justify it, as noted by Plato. It is completely unique to Greek mythology and no other stories like it are in other Indo-European religion and tales, so it's probably just bullshit.
>>8786 >>8789 Do pagans have the whole become a God thing as well as the vedics do?
>>8952 I just shake my head reading bullshit like you've seen in your post. Abrahamism is truly the bane of this planet. It's low-brow, easily-digestible, offerings comforting lies in face of a harsher reality, and is founded on humbling the strong, intelligent and noble in favor of the weak, dimwitted, wretched. No wonder they have become so powerful. It's intellectually bankrupt and it always has been. Even from the very, very beginning they had to create all sorts of pilpul doctrines and explanations to explain Christianity. One good example of this chutzpah is with Justin Martyr. He claimed that Jesus was the Logos / Divine Reason, and that anyone who had accessed this prior to the coming of Jesus was essentially Christian in some way! Thus they attempted to appropriate Heraclitus, Socrates, Plato, claiming that the latter was a student of Moses. We wuz philosophers! >>8963 We can find a couple of examples that show man's soul to be of a divine nature, but there aren't many examples of a man becoming a god. Think that can be found with a demigod or two though.
>>8934 The thing is I tend to relate to females sometimes. Does this mean I'm doomed? Even though I am not a homosexual?
>>8974 >The thing is I tend to relate to females sometimes. What exactly do you mean by this?
>>8964 >>8952 Regarding brainlet Christians, Nietzsche summed them up pretty well in one section of Will to Power, saying some similar things to what was said by you guys: >The Christian movement is a degeneracy movement com­posed of reject and refuse elements of every kind: it is not the expression of the decline of a race, it is from the first an agglomera­tion of forms of morbidity crowding together and seeking one another out— It is therefore not national, not racially conditioned; it appeals to the disinherited everywhere; it is founded on a rancor against everything well-constituted and dominant: it needs a symbol that represents a curse on the well-constituted and dominant— It also stands in opposition to every spiritual movement, to all philosophy: it takes the side of idiots and utters a curse on the spirit. Rancor against the gifted, learned, spiritually independent: it detects in them the well-constituted, the masterful,
>>8963 Read up on Hercules and Dionysus, both mortals then gods, in short, yes but only for deeds so extraordinary the gods make you one themselves and there are those who viewed, and those who view, the gods as our ancestors and think or believe they all attained divinity through great deeds, who truly knows? >>8964 So do I, I can't even muster the will to oppose their idiocy anymore because not only does it waste time, possibly hours, usually for no clear win or loss on the argument, but it honestly feels like I lose IQ for even doing it, because to do so I have to go through and debunk every point of the "christiansfortruth.com" article or other such bullshit and then they just scripture their way out of it anyway. >>8976 I like Nietzsche's following line: “This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism.” Based as fuck.
>>8981 Nietzsche’s got so many great quotes on Christianity and so many other things. I think he really grasped a lot of things much clearer than a lot of us, not that I agree with him entirely. Another favorite of mine comes from Twilight of the Idols: >Christianity, which springs from a Jewish root and is understandable only as a growth on this soil, represents the countermovement to every morality of breeding, of race, of privilege—it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence: Christianity as the revaluation of all Aryan values, the triumph of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor, the lowly, the general rebellion of all the oppressed, the miserable, the failures, the unfortunates, against “race”—the immortal chandala vengeance as a religion of love . . . >I can't even muster the will to oppose their idiocy anymore The mental gymnastics can be even worse if you’re not starting from a somewhat redpilled /pol/ foundation. See pic related. I overdosed a Republican friend on JQ redpills and I get this text the next day. The only way you could ever possibly conclude that the kikes – the people behind literally everything directly killing our people and spreading filth today – are somehow following the plan of God would be from having nonsense from the Bible clogging up one’s critical thinking skills and a (sub)conscious idea of the Jews still being “Chosen” in some way. Luckily he’s started trashing kikes to me unprompted and has apparently talked to his GF about Jews so maybe it’s not an insurmountable obstacle. With online stuff though it’s basically fruitless, especially with imageboards where you just throw shit back and forth until one stops responding
>>8985 Luckily, it's hardly insurmountable when they remember jews put Christ on a cross, which is how I don't understand how Israel worship ever snaked its way into evangelicals in this country. At least, it was bloody easy for me to start despising them after I learned a thing or two, their whole history as it relates to Christianity is killing every "good jew" (prophet) that walked among them, up to and including the Son of God Himself. The real trouble comes, as pointed out earlier ITT by mister Nietzsche, with certain tenets of Christianity which undeniably lend themselves to notions of racial equality, all being one blood, etc. etc. etc, those are the hard ones to dislodge, since those are commands from the few "good jews." I have a lot of difficulty dislodging those myself, have to practice some doublethink admittedly.
>>8985 >pic related I remember when you talked about this when it happened over in QTDDOT, in fact you brought it up to me and expressed envy over my spiritual beliefs. Yeah, though even with that redpilled /pol/ foundation, the ones I am finding on telegram have rationalized those beliefs alongside their hatred of kikes, etc. that go in direct contradiction of not only the fictional Jesus's words, but all available records on what Mark wrote on his character's sayings. I've just started recommending they read one of the books I posted links to over in the literature thread, called the Fair Races Darkest Hour, it starts with an essay telling the entire story of Rome vs. Judea, Judea vs. Rome, and goes well into the late Roman empire as well as into the split to East and West Rome, and takes much inspiration from Nietzsche, who took inspirations from the Romans themselves. I haven't finished the book yet, but am on Pierce's Who We Are within it, though some parts are omitted, I assume for brevity, the book is 600 pages or so. Hopefully that changes some minds, I may see some results soon, and it will confirm whether some of these people are at all recoverable, or whether they become just another body on the pile of Kalki. >>8988 It's easier to dislodge those things if, like me, you were never indoctrinated into them as a child. I used to wonder, somewhat enviously, why my mother never got me baptised, or went to church. Yet, had me claim to be a Catholic, so I would get last rites and be buried in a Graveyard should anything happen to me. Now, I am very thankful that I wasn't, as to me, it means my soul was never touched by the evil that now pervades over my people. Christian Ethics are hard to undo when the programming was put in early, but it can be done. Maybe, one day, you'll be just like the rest of us here, a heathen to the core.
>>8975 I don't know, that I'm bitchy? Like I don't like things to be too uptight.
>>8988 To me, it's hardly surprising that Israel worship wormed its way in, based on some of the stuff that Paul said >>8064 and due to the fact that Christians keep the Old Testament, and thus everything that is said about the Jews in there. >>8989 I'll have to check out some of those books myself to get a better grasp on the issues we face with Christianity. I'm sure it goes far deeper than I can imagine. Good luck on redpilling those people. >>8990 >I'm bitchy That's the worst female trait I can imagine, so I'd try to exorcise that part of yourself away as quick as possible. Even worse when it is present in a male, because they bad female behaviors are only all the more obvious when exhibited by males. When I was younger I used to bitch and complain constantly, but once I realized what a little bitch I was being, I started to control myself more and just suck it up.
I like how this *somehow* turned into a discussion about christianity
>>9010 Dismantling and investigating Christianity and Abrahamism at large has therapeutic value. In discussing and picking apart Abrahamism, there is much to be learned about true Aryan attitudes and traditions.
>>8880 >Hadrian was just smeared by jews(Christians) I don't buy that he was gay. Are there any antiquity historians who refer to Antonius being a real person and the lover of Hadrian? Most of the accounts of Antonius comes from professors from a bunch of universities and even the busts I believe weren't from Rome itself but made by modern sculptors. I think the whole homosexuality in Rome was common, art depicting homosexuality, twinks being acceptable to extents is one big massive fraud.
>>9013 >Are there any antiquity historians who refer to Antonius being a real person and the lover of Hadrian? Cassius Dio is one historian who was *born* some twenty years after Hadrian died. Not sure when he wrote this work, but here is what he says: >In Egypt also he rebuilt the city named henceforth for Antinous. Antinous was from Bithynium, a city of Bithynia, which we also call Claudiopolis; he had been a favourite of the emperor and had died in Egypt, either by falling into the Nile, as Hadrian writes, or, as the truth is, by being offered in sacrifice. For Hadrian, as I have stated, was always very curious and employed divinations and incantations of all kinds. Accordingly, he honoured Antinous, either because of his love for him or because the youth had voluntarily undertaken to die (it being necessary that a life should be surrendered freely for the accomplishment of the ends Hadrian had in view), by building a city on the spot where he had suffered this fate and naming it after him; and he also set up statues, or rather sacred images, of him, practically all over the world. Finally, he declared that he had seen a star which he took to be that of Antinous, and gladly lent an ear to the fictitious tales woven by his associates to the effect that the star had really come into being from the spirit of Antinous and had then appeared for the first time. On this account, then, he became the object of some ridicule, and also because at the death of his sister Paulina he had not immediately paid her any honour . . . https://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Cassius_Dio/69*.html That paragraph is the only mention of Antinous in the one chapter on Hadrian that Cassius Dionwrote. Sounds pretty obsessive and weird to me, honestly. Another ancient source: >During a journey on the Nile he lost Antinous, his favourite, and for this youth he wept like a woman. Concerning this incident there are varying rumours; for some claim that he had devoted himself to death for Hadrian, and others — what both his beauty and Hadrian's sensuality suggest. But however this may be, the Greeks deified him at Hadrian's request, and declared that oracles were given through his agency, but these, it is commonly asserted, were composed by Hadrian himself. A note to this says: >According to Dio, LXIX.11, Hadrian claimed in his autobiography (see note to c. i.1) that Antinous was drowned in the Nile; he then adds that the true cause of his death was his voluntary sacrifice of himself, apparently in consequence of some prophecy, in order to save the Emperor's life. https://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Historia_Augusta/Hadrian/1*.html Again not a very detailed account. That’s the only mention of him in the two parts on Hadrian’s life and reign in that book. I think it’s interesting to note that both authors offer two interpretations – either Hadrian honored him after death because he was a fag who loved him, or because he had sacrificed his life for whatever reason for Hadrian. There might have been some faggotry involved, but I think it’s telling that both works that I quoted only mention this entire thing in passing, and don’t mention his name outside of that context. Also worth noting what the Wikijew says: >Antinous became associated with homosexuality in Western culture, appearing in the work of Oscar Wilde and Fernando Pessoa. Hmm
>>9007 Feel free, I posted with just calling them essential reading, perhaps I should have written more on their subject matter but I had only read the one called Daybreak at that point, and that spurred me to read FRDH.
>>8921 >From Ganymede go Gaynmed
>>8952 > I even saw some dumbfuck yesterday claim that the bible says the earth is not flat and that flat earth comes from "Pagans" The flat earth was pushed as part of a smear campaign against the Church. I don't think it's even been shown once that the Church adopted this view. Its adversaries made a strawman out of this iirc.
>>8985 >I think he really grasped a lot of things much clearer than a lot of us How old are you all? >The only way you could ever possibly conclude that the kikes – the people behind literally everything directly killing our people and spreading filth today – are somehow following the plan of God would be from having nonsense from the Bible clogging up one’s critical thinking skills and a (sub)conscious idea of the Jews still being “Chosen” in some way. What if the plan is to entertain God? Like all of this is a stage and we're being tried? That the kikes are the proverbial tricksters, the ones who have only one purpose: create as many problems as possible? Imagine that life wouldn't be that important in the end, wouldn't you be enjoying your popcorn? Wouldn't the whole drama be extremely pleasant to watch from your sofa?
>>8985 I've a friend who interprets jews being the "chosen" to mean "chosen to bring about the end of the world." Personally I just think he's trying to reconcile his christcuckery with his disdain for yids.
>>9078 How would he reconcile that with half the stuff in this post >>5764 or the idea that "Salvation is of the Jews"?
>>9080 >>9080 He doesn't believe in the old testament.
>>9084 Ironically even the New Testament is Judeophilic and the more cucked of the two. I hope he is able to overcome it sooner or later.
>>9044 Flat earth was literally stolen by Christkikes from ancient cosmology, it was official position of the church at one point, far more ancient than they knew as both the Greeks and Romans knew earth was an imperfect sphere.
>>8793 From the same post >this doesnt mean that you become a god like in mormonism, where you would go on to create your own universe or planet or whatever. "gods" and "heavens" are sort of poor translations. This idea was from Mormonism? I thought it was from the vedic or jains who believe this.
>>9092 I wouldn't say it is from Mormonism, but the idea can be found in Mormonism in some form. If I remember correctly God used to be a mortal and the universe is made out of eternal uncreated elements
>>9092 The vedics just believe you can become Godly and that's it, you can't become God himself nor a principle deity.
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new asha logos video about the oera linda book https://www.bitchute.com/video/3afMkHPJwAiX/
“For now truly is a race of iron, and men never rest from labor and sorrow by day, and from perishing by night; and the gods shall lay sore trouble upon them. But, notwithstanding, even these shall have some good mingled with their evils. And Zeus will destroy this race of mortal men also when they come to have grey hair on the temples at their birth. The father will not agree with his children, nor the children with their father, nor guest with his host, nor comrade with comrade; nor will brother be dear to brother as aforetime. Men will dishonor their parents as they grow quickly old, and will carp at them, chiding them with bitter words, hard-hearted they, not knowing the fear of the gods. They will not repay their aged parents the cost of their nurture, for might shall be their right: and one man will sack another's city. There will be no favor for the man who keeps his oath or for the just or for the good; but rather men will praise the evil-doer and his violent dealing. Strength will be right, and reverence will cease to be; and the wicked will hurt the worthy man, speaking false words against him, and will swear an oath upon them. Envy, foul-mouthed, delighting in evil, with scowling face, will go along with wretched men one and all. And then Aidos and Nemesis, with their sweet forms wrapped in White robes, will go from the wide-pathed earth and forsake mankind to join the company of the deathless gods: and bitter sorrows will be left for mortal men, and there will be no help against evil.“ My question is how did so many ancients foresee the degeneracy of today coming. The Age of Iron / Kali Yuga is undeniably real
Is it cucked to let men outside of your family see your wife? We know that the Greek house provided women with a separate women's quarters called the gynaeceum, either divided up by partitions or given a separate area of the house. I was also intrigued by the mentions of Penelope being veiled several times in the Odyssey, so I did a bit of searching and learned that there is some evidence from statues and texts that women often wore veils of some kinds in public, and this was in a way seen as an extension of the separateness of women in the domestic space. I've also found some cringe wicca girls wearing headcoverings because of stuff like this.
>>8988 >I don't understand how Israel worship ever snaked its way into evangelicals in this country Sellouts who quickly acknowledged who holds power in the USA and who with a little bit of contortions managed to slightly transform the message of love so that forgiveness should be extended to the Jews too, even going as far as forgetting about the crime (not that I care much about kikes killing kikes), so much that one US Christian can sing the praises of the Jews' ability to save us all. These evangelicals in those megachurches are scary and will certainly represent a considerable problem in our struggle. They're far more pro-kike and pro-Zion than even pro-White, or at best are deluded in thinking both can be reconciled in a fight against the Islamic world. >Jesus, a good rabbi The same who seeks to divide families, to jam a wedge between old faith (likely pagan) and the (((new one))), who wants to spread hatred within the kin but wants all to love him because he claims he's the only way towards his laughable father who got disappointed that his favorites kikes didn't succeed according to his precious little plans? Christian pilpul really is a thing, and that thing is absolutely sickening. >>8989 >Pierce's Who We Are Bloody prime reading material, that one too! With true chunks of ethnoglobing too.
>>9240 >The same who seeks to divide families My favorite part about this verse is that Christians like to quote it as if it proves that Christianity is actually something masculine and willing to fight its enemies, but then when one reads it in context it's actually one of the most cucked and subversive verses in the entire Bible. Pure pilpul>>9240
>>9016 >That paragraph is the only mention of Antinous in the one chapter on Hadrian that Cassius Dionwrote. Sounds pretty obsessive and weird to me, honestly. It depends on what love means, on top of the original context and the exact latin words used. When love can be far more related to fides and deep affection for a good man of value, than anything about sexually infused emotions, the meaning changes. Beyond the mention of love, which Cassius Dio puts as or condition, all the rest of the description is centered on the notion of sacrifice: it is hard to understand how much it was a decision from Antinous himself or was forced upon him. Whatever ensued only testifies of a deep respect of what has been given through this sacrifice. OTOH, the deep affection is... well, very deep, so might have really been something homo erotic going on there. Although I can totally understand weeping like a woman if one were to lose his best friend. For godssake, people can weep for pets and no one is going to pretend it's related to zoophilia, right? >>9078 So Yahweh created a world that he wanted to see destroyed, not because he got disappointed by men multiple times, but just because he really wanted to assblast good old Earth and somehow, at some point, seems to have realized that Jews would be real gud at it. If that is not some king of gigacope. >>9084 A pity, the OT is more based than this trash collection of books called NT.
Are we continuing the discussions started in >>708 and >>10 here?
>>9245 I'm not Latin scholar, but I took a little bit in college, so I thought I'd go and look at what the text said to see if I could shed any light on the issue for us, but apparently (and surprisingly) it looks like Cassius Dio wrote his work in Greek, so that shit is essentially impenetrable to me. Knowing that in the one section though, the phrase "because of his love for him" is used, I went and scanned the text for any of the Greek words for love - i.e. philia, agape, eros, etc. We do see the word ἔρωτα, which is apparently a form of ἔρως, i.e. eros - love, desire of a romantic or sexual type. I wouldn't take this as definitive or anything, just that yeah there was probably something a bit homoerotic going on here. http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/hopper/text?doc=69.11.3&fromdoc=Perseus%3Atext%3A2008.01.0593 >A pity, the OT is more based than this trash collection of books called NT. Agreed. >>9247 I don't think it would be out of place, honestly. It's kind of a mess how we have our religion threads right now anyway. We have this thread, the Dharmic philosophy thread (why the split?) and then that thread. Guess we'll see what the OP of that thread says though.
>>9247 I saw you mentioned >>10 too. For that one, yes definitely, this thread is the successor to that since it hit the bump-limit.
>>9088 I hope so, too, but I don't see it happening. He's a pretty reasonable guy, and I was able to pull him away somewhat from his position of, "Whites aren't superior because all races are talented in certain ways, we just don't belong in the same lands." I think there's nothing wrong with his latter point but I talked him through my view that, just like different animals have evolved to be superior to one another, different races of men have done the same. >>9199 They read more like warnings than premonitions to me. >>9209 I think there is nothing wrong with modest clothing. That said, it's not really a religious question unless the greeks separated women because of their religion. Was this the case? >>9245 >So Yahweh created a world that he wanted to see destroyed, not because he got disappointed by men multiple times, but just because he really wanted to assblast good old Earth and somehow, at some point, seems to have realized that Jews would be real gud at it. If that is not some king of gigacope. I may have to discuss this with him. I'm not sure if he'll come around on it right away but you're right that the logic doesn't follow. Then again, most of the logic in the bible doesn't follow.
>>9255 >Whites aren't superior because all races are talented in certain ways, we just don't belong in the same lands. You'd be surprised to find people in the right who believe this. The nature of superiority and inferiority exists in the races. There are some who would say that he is lucky or glad that he is born White (the only superior race imo) and therefore sees no reason for the other races to exist and would want them exterminated. And that would be the other end of the spectrum.
>>9078 >>9084 That sounds like he is some sort of Gnostic.
>>9255 >"Whites aren't superior because all races are talented in certain ways, we just don't belong in the same lands." I mean I get the logic and its a lot more in accordance with reality than the vast majority of the population, but what I would say would be that diversity by its very nature implies inequality, and this - in one way or another - means that there is a superior and inferior. Since he's Christian he at least shouldn't believe in some sort of insane relativism. In the same way an intelligent White man is inferior to a drooling literal retard who is White, so is the average White man to the black. I'm preaching to the choir here, but who knows, maybe you could draw a new point to touch on in the future. >They read more like warnings than premonitions to me. I could definitely see that. Seeing as how the gods in that poem are said to still be ordaining laws, standards of justice, and meting out punishment upon men when they are wicked, they are obviously not just allowing humankind to degenerate, even if the current race (accepting the story of the poem for a moment) is more imperfect than those in the previous ages of man.
>>9258 He might be, but is unaware of the gnostics if that's the case. >>9263 He has a bit of relativism in some of his other points, yes, but he's not what I would call a moral relativist.
Two things on the Slavs. The first is an encyclopedia of Russian and Slavic myth, the second is a paper analyzing the three-headed god Triglav. If anyone knows of other things that give info on Slavic paganism please let me know.
>>9255 >I think there is nothing wrong with modest clothing. That said, it's not really a religious question unless the greeks separated women because of their religion. Was this the case? It's harder to draw a definite conclusion than one would initially think. As you probably know, in the ancient world there was very little separation between religion, politics and daily life in general. Society was a religious society by definition. We also know that common to almost every Indo-European society is the dichotomy of purity versus impurity. Things such as death, childbirth, sexual intercourse, menstruation and general filth created a miasma that needed to be purified via ablutions to become pure again. In ancient Greece and many Indo-European pagan religions we have more of a culture of shame and honor than a culture of guilt. The honor of a man was linked to the sexual purity of women in his family and this reflected back on how he was seen in the eyes of the community. There's some evidence that even being seen by men outside of the family was intensely embarrassing for Greek women, arousing in them feelings of shame. This was represented by the goddess Aidos, the goddess of shame and modesty. It's likely, in my mind, that they would have been seen as a disgrace to the gods and their families if they dressed like harlots.
>>9265 A degree of relativism on some questions isn't necessarily bad, depending what exactly it would be in regards to, but I think the important thing for him would be seeing some sort of "morality of Nature" / Laws of Nature at work that would show that there is clearly superiority versus inferiority to some degree at work in the world around us.
>>9271 Much obliged for the books. More info on Slavic Culture and religion is always appreciated. >If anyone knows of other things that give info on Slavic paganism please let me know. There is a link in the previous thread that provided a book regarding Rodnevery (the main group(s) practicing the old Slavic ways). >>468 Other than that, sources on Slavic mythology and religion in general are going to be quite scarce, moreso in English. Due to being in a similar situation with the Celts, there was little to no written sources made back then on the exact practices and beliefs. The best sources would be from local folktales in Slavic lands. It may help to study Russian or another Slavic language to better find more sources.
>>9289 Thanks for bringing that book back to my attention. Now that you have linked it, I remember that I had forgotten to download it, so I will do that now and hopefully give it a read here soon. Paganism in Eastern Europe seems to be especially vigorous for some reason, and much larger than in many Western nations. I can only wonder if it was because the peasants were never truly Christianized in total. Of course they adopted things such as Jesus, God, the devil and the like, but apparently the belief in witches, forest spirits, and the like persisted quite strongly. There is even a term in Russian circles called "dvoeverie" or dual faith which attests to this: https://www.encyclopedia.com/history/encyclopedias-almanacs-transcripts-and-maps/dvoeverie
>>8789 >>8817 >>8825 >>8871 Tomorrow at some time I will try to compile these into a reading guide image for future threads and for sharing in general. If anyone has any other suggestions that fit in with the theme of Greco-Romanism paganism let me know
First draft, lemme know what you think.
>>9346 Here is a paper on this. I was unaware of this, and the paper I have attached makes it seem bigger than one would imagine. >Nevertheless, the essentialist message of Makeyev’s interpretation emphasizes the tradition’s connection to the natural world, making the Uatsdin/Æss Din a likely candidate for a ‘nature religion’. ‘The ultimate divine reality is light’, he explains, remecting a notion that can be found in a range of Iranian religions stretching all the way back into pre-history. ‘Unlike in Christianity which separates God from his Creation, we take a collective approach where everything is interconnected’. >Estimating the actual number of those who practice the Ossetian popular religion is impossible, but clearly there are many thousands of sympathizers throughout North and South Ossetia and beyond. Many such individuals can be found within the military, and also among hunters and other sportsmen, no doubt attracted by the sort of values they see remected in the heroic Narts. Some intellectuals also lnd it appealing, perhaps thanks to its valorization of national culture > the Uatsdin movement has triggered strong condemnations and oflcial complaints from Ossetia’s Christian and Muslim leaders. Even the Russian Orthodox archbishop Leonidas in Moscow has sought to silence it by trying to ban Makeyev’s books as ‘extremist literature’, going so far as to call on his personal con-tacts from when he was a general in the Russian state security service, the FSB.
>>9349 > the Uatsdin movement has triggered strong condemnations and oflcial complaints from Ossetia’s Christian and Muslim leaders. Even the Russian Orthodox archbishop Leonidas in Moscow has sought to silence it by trying to ban Makeyev’s books as ‘extremist literature’, going so far as to call on his personal con-tacts from when he was a general in the Russian state security service, the FSB. in the asha logos videos he says that the scythians are the common origin of all indo-european peoples. authentic scythian religion surviving to the modern day? definitely could tell us a lot.
>>9349 >Estimating the actual number of those who practice the Ossetian popular religion is impossible, but clearly there are many thousands of sympathizers >We can't estimate so here is an estimate. Well... >boox How many has this Makeyev written?
Open file (945.98 KB 532x746 kalash girl india.png)
Open file (393.44 KB 680x464 kalash indra.png)
Open file (25.04 KB 699x195 purity kalash.PNG)
>>9358 >How many has this Makeyev written? The paper cites two written works. I doubt for some reason that that is all that he has written, but if that's so it's amazing that so few works could cause Christians and Muslims to chimp so hard. It's a shame that they appear to be in Russian and will likely never get translations. >>9355 You're right that there definitely may be some good stuff in there for us to look into. This is also how I feel about the religion of the Kalash people in Pakistan. Their religion is more or less pure from Dravidian influences. They still even worship Indra as the supreme deity, and have the familiar aspects of Aryan religion like purity versus impurity, animal sacrifice, etc. The Muslim world is impure too kek http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~witzel/KalashaReligion.pdf
>>9362 >It's a shame that they appear to be in Russian and will likely never get translations maybe someone can setup a github for it or something similar to how that old nazi fitness manual was translated about a year ago.
>>9370 Quick rundown - what happened with that? Also we'd have to figure out if we can even find these works online.
>>9370 Da.
>>9362 It would reveal something about the Kalashi's distant past if the warlike and protector divinity became the main one. It would be like Romans going full Mars, yet they didn't despite being a society waging wars every monday or so. >Munjem 'malik' >Lord of Middle Earth Wait. WHAT? >tip of mountains = purest The sea sucks. So do the seagulls. Fresh water, purest up there, right, but sea faring people wouldn't really see much logic in this. I wonder if it still relates to past events where the Kalashi had to seek refuge in the mountains against the Muslims and other shitskins who lived in the valleys: mountains were easier to hide in and defend. So I wonder if the impurity is caused by the geography or by the things that live at the feet of the mountains, or if on a general term, all dead matters go down. >women are impure Not so hot on this one.
>>9377 >Lord of Middle Earth The Middle Earth is the realm which continues humans, animals and the world around us, distinguished from the heavenly realms and hellish realms. The purity of the higher regions is best understood in this way. The gods are heavenly beings, the sky is associated heavens, mountains pierce the sky, thus mountains are the closest to the gods. In Greece the gods lived on Mount Olympus. It may have something also to do with the idea that you mentioned that "all dead matters go down." >Not so hot on this one. You can't view it in an absolute sense. Men can lapse into impurity as much as women can, but women are more impure by nature since they bleed out of their holes every month and give birth - both things which, though natural, are quite the opposite of clean. The impurities can (temporarily) be washed away via ablutions, at most it probably means that a man would avoid having sex with his wife while she is on her period, or contact with women in childbirth (for men, at least), as was the case in ancient Greece.
>>9370 >nazi fitness manual I'd like to see that. Could you post a link to it (or the pdf itself) in /sig/?
Open file (55.31 KB 641x380 IndraVajra.jpg)
Open file (71.52 KB 411x380 sauron.jpg)
>>9377 (check'd&kek'd) >Wait. >WHAT? hmmmmmmmm...... >>9388 the old gitlab link doesnt work anymore. i found out about it on 16chan.xyz. maybe if you search for it you can find it. Nazi fitness manual sounds impressive, and i only skimmed through it, but it didnt look like anything crazy. it was mostly simple exercises based around playing certain sports to promote fitness. it was called Sportvorschrift für das Heer. https://gitlab.com/sportvorschrift-fur-das-heer
I wonder if it would be helpful to identify common features contained within many Aryan religions. Here's what I can think of off the top of my head: >cosmic cycles >purity versus impurity >polytheism (hierarchically organized) >some ideas of Dharma / Natural Law >no divide between the secular and religious >hierarchy of duties and functions in man >particularism over universalism
>>9498 Animal sacrifice
>>9500 Yes, that's definitely a thing that we can't forget that many modern religions, it seems, have moved away from for one reason or another - the reason is beyond me, but might have something to do with humans in general becoming softer and more domesticated. Another thing I think worth noting is that Judeo-Christianity is responsible for individualism to an extent, or at least the seeds of it. Paganism stresses membership in the community, one's role within it, the communitarian bond, and participation in rituals with the community, while in Christianity and similar individualistic religions, the way to salvation is purely individual. One has a personal relationship with God. Solidarity is ruptured with the community. Some Japanese nationalists like Hozumi Yatsuka pointed out how Buddhism and Christianity have been instrumental in destroying Völkisch states in this way.
>>8833 >Actually there's plenty of info out there already on this topic. Nearly all ancient traditions were founded on the concept of Natural Law (i.e. Dharma) and each language had a comparable world Right but, what is important is how they perceived the concept of the natural law. I still wonder how similar Astaru was to Dharma within India and Persia in terms of concepts, ideas, and beliefs instead of just similar names of their gods. One of things that have been bugging me is if the Astaru Nords believed in similar ideas of the Vedic cosmology and held the ideas of Jainism's belief that to obtain the power or gifts out of the gods one must earn the respect or diligence rather than doing simple prayer and if they meditated regularly.
>>9502 >it seems, have moved away from for one reason or another - the reason is beyond me, but might have something to do with humans in general becoming softer and more domesticated. Perhaps the opposite. Obtaining meat by killing an animal according to strict ritualistic constraints, a certain animal with certain features and qualities at a special time and in a special place for a higher purpose (an offering to the gods, elevation to a higher form of life) is more dignified than the disgusting horror of the modern slaughterhouses of modern society; the slaughterhouse is listed as a symptom of kali yuga. The romans and the vedics both held the belief that the animals shouldnt feel pain or fear during the ritual and that it was a bad omen if they did, meaning the ritual wasnt properly performed, mantras were recited incorrectly, etc.
>>9523 You're both right and wrong, paradoxically, I think. While the modern man and woman has undoubtedly degenerated more and more into a disgusting herd animal who can't handle anything that makes them feel uncomfortable, or that makes them feel afraid in any way. Simultaneously while this is true, of course, the society collectively becomes more barbaric and inhuman, it is just hidden away behind the curtain. Out of site, out of mind. These slaughterhouses, especially the kosher ones, are disgusting and need shuttered, along with vivisection, animal testing and other practices. The modern soy-addled person would simultaneously shudder and feel upset if he saw what happened in these slaughterhouses, but is also reliant on them for much of his diet and essentially does not care as long as he does not see the process and gets his meat in the supermarket - just another product, no contact with the source animal or process. Sacrifices use to be big public events for the community, where people would watch the sacrifice and then enjoy a meat meal. Even though the blood of the animal may have spilled and splattered the altar, the modern cuck faggot would much rather put up with the large-scale industrial slaughter and torture of animals
>>9524 indeed. >>9498 i'd like to propose... -astrological elements -monotheism existing with polytheism, without conflict -similar archetypes of gods like the lightning warrior gods zeus, thor, indra -reincarnation/afterlife -ancestor worship -marriage
>>9531 You're definitely right about monotheism and polytheism being able to exist harmoniously. I was originally surprised to learn that historically most monotheists were more in tune with this position than what we consider monotheism today, i.e. just God and no other gods. I'd really like to look more into Aryan ancestor worship. Usually when I think of ancestor-worship I of course think of places like Japan. In connection with what I was saying about Völkisch communitarianism versus Abrahamic atomization, ancestor worship is yet another way to root the people in the blood and soil. When one sees themselves as not merely a rootless individual but a link in a growing chain, the culmination of millions of ancestors, they undoubtedly would begin to think about their actions differently. The state of the future should inculcate this for sure.
>>9498 -spiritual salvation through violence
Open file (51.11 KB 1117x498 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9608 Any examples? One thing that I can think of in regards to warfare in the ancient world was that it often - the further and further one goes back at least - much more ritualistic and aristocratic. The idea of a dharma-yuddha is also a good example (pic). >>9498 To add to my post here, the concept of guest-friendship and guest/host rituals
>>9616 Wow they had rules for this? I'm quite surprised that when the other says "violence" the pic related doesn't seem to convey it. Not that I'm against pic related.
>>9620 >Wow they had rules for this? There are obviously instances of pre-modern peoples exterminating each other and playing dirty, but when one really looks into it they’d be surprised at how ritualised and chivalric much of ancient warfare was. The book I’ve attached in my post talks about how important pitched battles were to the Aztecs, for example, and how warriors sought out equals on the battlefield to take captive and sacrifice. Surprisingly the book also mentions once instance of niggers having some limitations and mutual agreed standards in their fighting for one particular tribe (Nguni). In Homer too we can see a sort of aristocratic form of warfare with all of the instances of single combat between champions, and even with the kikes in thr David and Goliath story. You can thank firearms for ending this type of stuff.
>>9622 If that's even the case, I guess they really didn't want to exterminate each other in their hearts.
>>9616 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valhalla I cant believe nobody thought of at least this one. In bhagavad gita krishns tells arjuna that a war for dharma is like an open gate to heaven. Since if he was vistorious he inherits the spoils of war and if he dies he attains the heavens. In prabhupadas commentary he says kshatroyas who die in battle attain a life in the sun globe
As the thread linked in >>9643 goes over: >"progressivism" does not predate the Axial age and its theologies like Zoroastrianism.
Open file (9.29 KB 420x420 pepe think.png)
Religious tolerance, yes or no?
Open file (163.31 KB 720x477 TmOoV.jpg)
>>9676 That's just one of those things that is beyond human control, people don't control religions, religions control the direction of politics and what we do with science.
>>9682 I guess I should reword it - of course our control over such things only can go so far (same with all laws), but would it be better to give free reign to most religions within the state or to actively discourage the promotion of certain kinds and to actively promote others? I definitely can see paganism (or pagan-like religion) being actively promoted by the state in the future, but that leaves me to wonder about other ones, especially Abrahamic ones, which have been destructive to our people. I actually see Christians being some of the biggest objectors to the future that we wish to build apart from leftists (Jews aside in all this, that's a given)
>>9676 as far as absolute religious tolerance, complete freedom of any religion, this would certainly not be allowed. a religion that worships black bvlls impregnating White women, or even vice versa, goes against natural laws that put the existence of our people in jeopardy. in india and under the umbrella of hinduism there is a great variety of religious freedom, but this has given birth to tolerance of sects like the aghori (homeless degnes who dead bodies and poop), or tolerating muslims when they have a history of attacking and destroying anything non-muslim. the state has to make decisions on religious sects/ideas/practices that are tolerable and in order to make proper decisions on these matters the state has to have a reference point to decide what does or does not belong which religous practices needs to be destroyed, and this then implies the creation of a state religion from which to make these sorts of decisions which of course will be based on natural law in concern of the existential matter of the White race.
>>9735 You've basically summed up my own thoughts regarding the matter as well. Unfortunately for established religions, the vast majority of them, nearly all of them, I think, contravene Natural Law in greater and lesser ways. For example, every Abrahamic religion will likely need to be rooted out and destroyed. Islam and Judaism are a foregone target, and Christianity will most likely have to go as well, unless through some miracle it could be un-cucked. I think this is impossible though, and "Positive Christianity" as a strategy has already failed. The only reason I don't just say "destroy it" outright is because it is much more entrenched. Destroying it can't be done as quickly as Judaism and Islam can be destroyed. Dharmic religions are for obvious reasons much more amenable to our designs, but even if they would be tolerated I do not know if I would make a specific one the center of any state religion. Regardless, one is needed.
https://twitter.com/HoDiadochus/status/1308912078858719232 Source from a user who specializes in Plotinus' writings. Anyway, a HUGE difference between Aryan theologies with other theologies and Abrahamist ones is that men weren't a "center" in cosmology. Whether it's an "atheistic" Buddhism with men but droplets in Maya (with a Buddha one who shattered the illusion), the Greeks where Zeus had men at his mercy with the current men preceded by extinct older men, men were not at all granted the importance they have in Abhramic theology. Which is no surprise since Judaism (the oldest) was tribal supremacist propaganda by the refuse of neighboring lands, Christianity a cult preaching a coming reckoning that was used to maintain a decaying empire, Islam a tool of Arabian armies to grow their numbers and rule over outsiders.
>>9779 If you're going to use twitter then use nitter instead https://nitter.net/HoDiadochus/status/1308912078858719232
>>9779 You're definitely correct that one of the biggest differences between Abrahamism and Paganism is that whether it is man-centered or not. Not only is the life-centered view more in accordance with our current understanding of reality, it is also the pagan view, and the healthier view, I think. To act as if the world exists only for our benefit, only to exploit and try to conquer, is probably no small part of the harmful way we treat the environment and world around us today. It is no surprise that in Mein Kampf Hitler called this view "Jewish". He might as well have called it Abrahamic. Judaism is actually based on the ultimate hubris, and the more we learn the clearer this becomes. Out of everybody in the entire vast universe with trillions of stars, planets, etc, Jews believe that they have been chosen by its creator. Imagine believing that. Also that reading guide for Plotinus looks interesting. I hope to read the Enneads at some point, but I'm still working through Plato personally.
Found this website that covers the divine hierarchy of hellenicism. https://hellenicfaith.com/divine-hierarchy/
What does Non-Abrahamic /fascist/ think of Gnosticism? People like Nimrod De Rosario, Miguel Serrano, generally fall into this category, and have made great ideological works. I personally see it as a means to bridge the Christian tradition to the Hermetic tradition (read, Atlantean tradition, the ones that seeded the Vedic, Aryan, and Hellenic religions)
>>10020 Gnosticism is interesting, especially with how it denigrates the god of the Jews in different ways, whether by making him unrelentingly righteous and merciless (Marcion’s view) or by making him more ignorant and less spiritual than the ultimate God (Valentinus’ view). These are obviously some dangerous thoughts for people to begin entertaining. I definitely see the links that one can make between Gnostic sects and the Vedic tradition, as well as with Platonism and other forms of pagan philisophical systems. I’ve seen some interesting and somewhat believable theories concerning Jesus written by Hindus that take this stuff into account and claim that he was actually more Gnostic or ascetic than Jesus is popularly depicted. Admittedly I am fairly ignorant about the Hermetic tradition, I don’t even know where one would begin with such things. Where I start to *not* like Gnosticism is when it turns thoroughly anti-life. Here is where my Nietzchean side starts to flare up.
Open file (58.50 KB 468x357 buddha bodhi tree.jpg)
>>10022 That's where I remember the wise aphorism of "Not swallowing everything someone says wholesale". I think the 'anti-life' portion is the turning point to proper Hermetic-Atlantean theologica. These things feel right out of the bible, and anyone serious about the Religious needs to know every face of the Divine.
>>10134 Where does one really start with this Hermetic stuff? I'm utterly bluepilled on it.
>>10163 I started with the /fringe/ reading list, but since that isn't available, and I dug out a path of my own, I went something like this >basic understanding/preface that religion and spirituality is real >read Kyballion >Read The Arcane Teachings (The Arcane formulas suppliment these but I never went anywhere with them) >Read Myth of the 20th Century (part 1 should be enough to get a good idea) <at this point, a basic understanding should be had, and certain major points would connect back to certain points you learn in places like this (hyperborea, aryan, mysticism) >read "the emerald tablets of thoth" (not sure how dubious or credible these are, but to me they make a lot of sense) >read the corpus hermeticum
Open file (9.61 KB 220x301 schopenhauer.jpg)
>Schopenhauer identifies Christianity, Brahmanism and Buddhism as "life-denying" >identifies Judaism, Islam and Greco-Romanism Paganism as "life-affirming" Could this explain why some people get confused about Islam receiving praise for some aspects here?
What do you niggers think about the Astral Projection? https://www.reddit.com/r/AstralProjection/wiki/index#wiki_introduction >>10341 >Schopenhauer identifies Judaism, Islam and Greco-Romanism Paganism as "life-affirming" I don't know if Greco-Romanism is life-affirming or not, but I do know that Judaism and Islam being called "life-affirming" is 100% bullshit, considering they also think life is suffering and that the only thing that matters is going to heaven.
>>10346 Basically he sees that Judaism has a type of optimism about human nature in it and a judgement of nature that is more affirmative of the will-to-live. For example, in Genesis 1:31 the Jews have Yahweh look over creation and declare "God saw all that he had made, and it was very good ", and presumably other sorts of more "worldly" ideas such as how the only afterlife in the Old Testament is Sheol compared to heaven or hell (Sadducees believed this, but Pharisees rejected this), or how Jews are chosen out of everything in existence to eventually rule over and dominate the goyim. Christianity, which emerged from an area of several competing Jewish sects, was far more life-denying, pessimistic, viewing humanity as inherently depraved or sinful, even adopting an instrument of torture as its symbol. While Judaism definitely has the roots of slave morality, it only reaches its height in the version expressly meant for the consumption of the goyim. For Islam, it can be called life-affirming to the extent that it doesn't have really any sort of ascetic or monastic traditions, no practicing of celibacy or anything. Having a family and marrying is encouraged, unlike in Christianity where Saul says that celibacy is better than marriage and that marriage is basically for those who can't handle celibacy. More like Judaism, Islam has more politically-oriented versions as well. They aren't content with just "faith". But in a way they're ultimately life-denying as well though, since like you say, the point is ultimately to get into heaven, which gives Earth only a relative value and places the center of gravity of life in some hereafter. Islam has aspects of slave morality as well, even if they are not as developed as in Christianity.
>>10346 I forgot to ask - do you have any experience with astral projection? Honestly I've always assumed it's a meme
>>10348 I haven't actually, I was just wondering if any of you heard of it and tried it before.
the vedic religion has a comprehensive theory and categorization of what reality is, what we are, and our relationship with it. it also has an answer for almost every aspect of life and all these answers tie together as part of a holistic unified system of philosophy. is there anything in european religions that can compare to this?
>>9498 Shame and honor-based culture. A culture of internalized guilt is an Abrahamic idea. It’s been pointed out that Homeric Greece was a shame culture, where the primary concern is enhancing your social prestige and not losing face for various reasons and to avoid indignation from others. This extends outside of the self onto the larger family group. It’s in cultures like these that we see honor-killings, and personal retaliations against being dishonored others. It’s also a morality of appearances, something which Mishima calls “the supreme male view of morality”. Being a cuck isn’t tolerated, you don’t bitch, whine or show weakness because of how you will look in the eyes of others and be treated, regardless of your true thoughts. Believe it or not this will become extremely noticeable when these sort of ideas become mainstream. Women won’t dress like sluts for long if they are berated and smacked for it, neither will soyboys be tolerated. Examples: >Homeric Greece (Indo-European) >Japan >Confucianism >Pashtunwali (Indo-European)
>>10460 I have friends who are fat. Does this mean I should kill them now? I also play vidya. Does that now mean I should just die because of that? I tend to get emotional because of how I hate this world. Should I just kill myself now?I am of the belief that every human has a point in existence (except for gays, trannies). Sluts should be shunned.
>>10462 Name one society on the face of this planet or among the ones that I have mentioned that kills people for being fat. Fatties, gamers and betas need bullied though
Open file (230.46 KB 286x406 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9209 Update on this - I just bought the book in which the evidence for this laid out, so we'll see how convincing it is and whether they had any religious justifications for this alleged practice. I'm curious to see.
Open file (1.06 MB 1419x797 jresb.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzAQ7SklDxo Jew Rogan on theytube with goyim hebrewcock and some soyim talk about psychedelics in ancient western religions. (((associations))) aside, this is very relevant to stuff in this thread. >talks about an ancient greek holy city we arent taught about >psychedelic traditions of ancient european spirituality >psychedelic associations in early christianity, later stomped out by (((the church)))
Is this the thread where we talk about what needs to be added to the recipe for the next Supa Aryan White religion?
>>10690 I was wondering whether the OP of the thread on that topic would make a new thread on that. It's almost out of the catalog now since it got auto-bumplocked when it hit the old bumplimit. If the OP isn't going to make a new thread I think this would be the best place for it.
>>10692 im the OP of that thread, and i just havent been sure how to take the direction of remaking it. it didnt really go the way i hoped and i wasnt sure of the interest in it from people here. i think the best way to get it going would be to compile a list of primary texts from indo-euro religions and have a group of anons all read them, then we try to draw connections and similarities between them, form theories about them. this community is well read and opinionated but we havent all read the same stuff, we need to be coming from the same angle to get anywhere and the best way to do that is if we all come from the same background of having read the same material and there cant be a better material than primary indo-euro texts. we need to get a list of texts 1.) the eddas 2.) bhagavad gita, principle upanishads 3.)????? 4.)??? 5.)?????
>>10702 Man of the works in here are also well worth reading: >>9345
>>10732 What is this guy even well-known for
>>10702 Saints with wings is nigger-tier projection, as if we couldn't conceive of superior forces without literally picturing them as flying above our heads.
>>10735 >Saints with wings What are you talking about?
>>10732 He's a marxist, who tried to claim that Hitler was a fan of Lenin, I think he's a shitskin from pooland, but h might also being a subversive kike just like all the other Nazbols or hell maybe he's both.
>>10749 Sounds like an utter retard. I don't know what it is with these ecelebs, they're literally all freaks
>>10754 Shit like this is one of the reasons why I stopped listening to e-celebs, because they never say anything knowledgeable and so many of them are either shit-skins, a kikes or both. Orbiting e-celebs will not accomplish anything.
Open file (3.64 MB 640x360 varg kick.gif)
>>10766 Yeah, they're mostly a waste of time in 99% of cases. The only ecelebs I really keep tabs on from time to time are Varg, Apollonian Germ and Cultured Thug, and I certainly don't orbit them.
>>10735 are you the anti-wings symbolism anon? whats your deal? arent a lot of depictions of odin with wings on his helment, and doesnt hermes have wings too? what a stupid fucking point to throw an autistic shit fit over.
>>10736 >>10773 Or angels as a matter of fact. Dunno who's that anon is but it's an opinion I share. Odin and Hermes have small ones and this includes very few representations, perhaps more numerous for the latter and almost nonexistent for the former. Are you offended? Yes you are.
>>9349 >>9355 Ossetians need to be independent from Russia.
>>10781 >Are you offended? Yes you are. Offended? I have no idea what you're talking about
>>10735 I think we should stop calling the likes of Brenton and Breivik and Ernst and the like "saints" and start calling them something more Aryan, as we should view the title Saint as an insult,because most saints, are the most pathetic creatures you can imagine, like Saint Theresa.
Open file (2.11 MB 5179x1109 the saints.jpg)
>>10790 I think it of as a positive recasting of the meaning of a saint. Christians hate the fact that we take their iconography and effectively canonize Aryan warriors. The saint of the past was a pathetic slave moralist, the saint of tomorrow is more akin to the hero cults of ancient Greece and Rome. I can't bring my reject the term saint for Tarrant due to how organic it was. People say him go into that mosque and fill those Mudslimes with lead and just naturally proclaimed "This man is a saint!"
>>10793 o understand what you are saying, but there is some serious consideration on the longterm impact of using the term saint. regardless of the opinoin of the user who uses the term, it can be dug up later as a pro-christian, pro-abrahamist and thus pro-jew sentiment.
>>10793 I understand how you view it that way but every example of a saint other than our co-opted use is that of pathetic martyrs and outright fictional creatures like the Saint whose name I bear, I hate the name because it means Christ-bearer but there is a certain irony in bearing that name and being so anti-christian that you think every dumbass who ever uttered the words "i am a christian" should be killed, in our minecraft server, Meinkraft, of course.
>>10802 Both my first name and middle name are kike names, it kinda sucks. Personally I don’t care enough to do anything about my own name, but I will definitely refrain from giving Semitic names to my future children, or having any of them circumcised, since that literally signifies that one is a Jewish slave
>>10803 I may hate my name but I won't change it, as if i chose I could go by my middle which is an ancient name of Roman origin or my last which has several possible origins all coming from the British Isles.
>>10766 Shit skin ecelebs? Lol, do they at least acknowledge the ethnic replacement? Like are they bad for their civnat fucking or it's just bec they're born as not White?
>>10790 >I think we should stop calling the likes of Brenton and Breivik and Ernst and the like "saints" and start calling them something more Aryan patsies
>>10842 Go back to Cuckchan.
>>10842 How about Paragon instead, you fucking coward.
>>10913 >emphasis on personal experience rather than dogma from an institution This isn't pagan at all, it reeks of New Age. He seems to be taking the idea that just because pagan societies seemed to have tolerated a wider range of practices and opinions on certain matters than what came later in Christian Europe, that it was a free-for-all all based on one's personal experience. From what I've read and understood, it wasn't really anything like Europe under the church, but it was certainly not all based on "personal experience'. There might have been a less stringent orthodoxy, but there was an expected orthopraxy that one was expected to adhere to. The role in the community was essential to pagans, and one was expected to adhere to certain duties and practices. It was a fundamentally religious society. I mean, they condemned Socrates to death for "corrupting the youth" via not practicing the Athenian religion properly, and for introducing new gods allegedly. It didn't matter what his "personal experience" was. Christians too were killed if they didn't sacrifice to the gods. And of course there was transmission of information from the older generations to the newer, and I bet if they started muddling with it due to "personal intuition" they'd be appalled at such activity. Along with that we of course had the idea of a Natural Order in many pagan religions. Such laws were immutable and universal in scope. Sad that so many retards spread information about paganism without knowing the first thing. I'm no expert myself either.
>>10917 i really want european paganism to be a viable alternative, but i keep coming up short handed wherever i look.
>>10850 >>10875 Typical one neuron replies. Ring me when your "heroes" start killing prime targets and also bother to avoid capture.
>>8730 Buddhism is the only large religion that is not anti-White at the moment. Interestingly Shingon Buddhism in Japan also honours Hercules. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shingon_Buddhism Herodotus is a good place to start when learning the classics https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/334.html#q994
>>10923 I don’t think we’ll ever really see something like Asatru come into massive prominence, especially as a basis of government, but what I think we’ll see is some sort of pro-White religion that will certainly have pagan elements, but won’t be classically pagan (nor will it be Abrahamic for that matter). >>10931 I like certain aspects of Buddhism. Evola had a good short article on it I read a while back. The site Access to Insight is pretty cool as well. https://www.jstor.org/stable/29753843
Are there any recommended books for Astaru or at least articless that are truthful.
>>10930 Ring me when people like you support them so that they actually can do that, but in my opinion targeting the people who run things won't help because as soon as even one dies they will all flee to their hidden hidey-holes wherever they may be, I've heard at least a thousand different locations, which ones are they or is it even one that's known? It's better to start this from the bottom up because the jews and their far more numerous christcuck allies themselves will never attack us physically they have the non-Whites for that.
Open file (1.16 MB 1280x853 tarrant minecraft.png)
>>10930 >Ring me when your "heroes" start killing prime targets and also bother to avoid capture. I look forward to your livestream. Show us how it's really done.
>>10793 Feds.
>>10965 https://norroena.org/ theres this place. found out about them through dave martels "the bog" youtube channel who i found out about from dharmanation guys channel they have a pretty epic promo video. i dont exactly know whats on their site i havent been able to trawl though it and find out, mostly because its lots of promises and not much delivery. judging by what ive seen of dave martels channel though these people would be anti-pozz.
>>10981 >old tired glowing taunt Hello CIA. Change the bulb.
>>10969 >Ring me when people like you support them >asking me to support the enemy >but in my opinion targeting the people who run things won't help This makes no sense. If you're going to target someone, then target people who have power. Besides, this type of operation would only bring a strategical value if Whites also had a militia. Isolated lone wolf ops will change nothing either. Lone wolves strike in enemy territory, whereas militias secure our own grounds for the most part. > as soon as even one dies they will all flee to their hidden hidey-holes wherever they may be Good news then. Things are actually very organic but people tend to forget this since we're still dealing with humans who fill a vacuum. The illusion cast by networks and medias makes it almost feel like it's all disconnected from biology and the practical reality of our everyday lives and its inherent physical interactions. But it is not. If rats flee, then the power is literally up for grabs. We certainly are not in Minecraft at all. If you push people beyond certain frontiers in the physical world, the net and positive effects are going to be very real. This is easily demonstrated for example when a given politician or activist is captured, isolated or prevents from going back home. Systems work because there are people, preferably competent, who maintain and operate inside the structure with access to the assets and easy-made communications. >It's better to start this from the bottom up The 'bottom up' does not involve the literally valueless civilians, no matter how irritating they are, against which bullets will be wasted and precious warrior lives likely uselessly endangered.
Let's talk about shooters in another thread. Absolutely sick of hearing about them honestly. >>9255 > That said, it's not really a religious question unless the greeks separated women because of their religion. Was this the case? Since I've finally gotten the book where this was spoken about, I'm able to provide a bit better of an insight now, though I have not read the entire thing yet. It was connected with the ideas of purity / impurity so common in Aryan religions, especially miasma / pollution. This dichotomy served naturally as a sort of divider between sacred and profane, and higher from lower. This dichotomy operated in the sexual sphere, a sphere associated with the profane, and women (for a host of reasons) were seen as less pure then men and prone to bringing shame on a man and his virility. The woman was the weak-link in the family chain of honor since she is naturally less rational, less self-controlled and more self-aware than men. Male control over women was thus important for societal structure and the family's honor. Women were seen as more impure due to the fact that they menstruate, and due to the fact that they are inherently far more sexual then men. The book talks about the erotic power of the female gaze. There's some talk about why female hair in particular is seen as needed to be covered in some societies. There's this one quote from an author speaking on purity in Hinduism and Buddhism: >Impurity is not invented by the subtle minds of anthropologists but is a matter of fundamental importance in ordinary everyday life; everyone knows that impurity attaches indiscriminately both to the genital region and to the head. The most typically impure things are faeces, urine, semen, menstrual blood, spittle and hair. There's some talk of a strange head-genital connection that some cultures apparently make, but I have not read this enough to talk about it really. There's also some funny talk about how the Greeks valued women being silent, and how Aristotle complained about women's voices being annoying apparently
>>9255 >Whites aren't superior because all races are talented in certain ways, we just don't belong in the same lands I believed in this too. Then I came to this board and it changed my thinking. I would say that Whites aren't "perfect" but compared to other races, it's the best one. But that's already settled for years now? The question is "now what"?
>>11087 Whites are certainly not perfect, but we are most perfectible. While the other races lived more or less in stagnation (with some variation, of course), Whites are the dynamic element, willing to improve themselves, innovate and create better more organized groups. This is a dangerous game though. We can stray from the path and easily destroy ourselves if we misstep too greatly, but it could also lead us to greater heights than ever before. This is basically what William Pierce was talking about. The Faustian man. Now we just have to destroy the Levantine man. https://counter-currents.com/2013/06/the-faustian-spirit/
>>11088 >Whites are certainly not perfect, but we are most perfectible for me this is why understanding religion is so important. the true purpose of religion is to elevate mankind, to give him a roadmap to follow. to give the common man instructions that take more than 1 lifetime to understand and to provide a purpose that is greater than our current understanding, these are the things that we need to perfect ourselves and evolve. without them we are simply groping in the dark tripping over holes in the ground we cant see until humanity all at once wanders into a cave it may never find its way out of.
>>11088 hh'd The race with the greatest potential is capable of the highest fall.
Open file (689.67 KB 680x1156 pagan galaxy brain.png)
OC >>11093 >>11120 You guys get it.
>>11160 >the age of the gods will return we need to use what we know of ancient pagan traditions not to recreate it but to make contact with the gods, then a true recreation will take place.
>>11196 Making contact with the gods will be very difficult, but worthwhile if successful. As has been demonstrated in previous threads, gods do not just appear before anybody and in any place, especially in our current degenerate age. In order to even get the chance at seeing a theophany, one would have to be extraordinarily pure. If we look at what the Greeks saw as a prerequisite for purity, we will see that it often included ritual washings, abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices, and sometimes temporary dietary prohibitions. This seems pretty regular across cultures. Basically you can't be indulging in degeneracy and sense-gratification and expect a god to manifest before you in some form. The Bhagavad Gita also advises that yogis should seek seclusion and refrain from having a sex-life.
>>11203 >If we look at what the Greeks saw as a prerequisite for purity, we will see that it often included ritual washings, abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices, and sometimes temporary dietary prohibitions. >masturbation and similar practices >similar practices what did you mean by this?
>>11207 I meant basically anything sexual.
>>11218 are you saying masturbation is a way to contact the gods?
>>11224 Top kek, I see how you reached that interpretation, but no – NoFap is. Read it as [abstention from sex, masturbation and similar practices], not [abstention from sex], masturbation and similar practices — with the bracketed portions referring to a single unit

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