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Iranian Cinema Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 15:17:57 No.366 [Reply]
[JW05 ~ 05/10/2020] Iranian cinema warrants its own thread as the style of them and their directors are distinct enough to stand out and level up with Europeans. The 5 movies here are classics or well-known to start with. The Death of Yazdgerd recalls the kangaroo court upon a family of accusing the refuging last shah of the Sassanian dynasty. Where Is the Friend's Home details a child trying to give his friend his homework he took on accident lest his friend be expelled. Atom Heart Mother is some paranormal mystery thriller during the recession I didn't have subtitles for it. Ballad of Tara is about a women giving away her grandfather's possessions to her village as she can't keep them but finds no one who will accept his shamshir. The Night Bus is about an Iranian prisoner convoy of Arab POWs in 1983 during the Iran-Iraq War.
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Open file (75.22 KB 1000x563 1998002.jpg)
I watched سیب (the Apple) last night which is a docudrama like Close Up about two girls locked in their house for their whole lives so they end becoming feral children and the movie details or reenacts their first time outside playing while the father is forced to confront the choices he made by the welfare officer lest she takes the girls from him. >>1311 >>1312 Why did you open your mouths on a topic you knew nothing of?
>>1318 I was agreeing with the post... You seem confused
Open file (1.41 MB 800x988 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (781.53 KB 681x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1307 >On an interesting genetic aside, the director Bahman Farmanara has blue eyes and looks almost white. That's not so weird, for example pic related is the speaker of the assembly, another is Leila Hatami, if she came to me speaking french i'd take her for a french woman no problem. I wonder what's the Iranian view on the matter.
Open file (457.77 KB 844x480 whitemeadows.png)
Has Mohammad Rasoulof made anything good? I thought Manuscripts Don't Burn was mediocre so I haven't watched anything else, but White Meadows looks interesting.
Heard from an Iranian friend that the gov is looking into a nationwide internet shut down...

Open file (902.10 KB 500x369 kinoeye.gif)
Comment on the last film you watched Anonymous 09/04/2020 (Fri) 05:38:31 No.682 [Reply] [Last]
What was the last thing you watched, and what did you think of it?
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>>1221 Thanks for this post Anon. Downloaded and watching it now. BTW, do you know where I can find subtitles for it?
Open file (134.47 KB 569x800 151.jpg)
>>1234 Thanks! Something else to add to my bucket list to learn about. :^)
Mario Monicelli's La grande guerra (The Great War) stars Vittorio Gassman and Alberto Sordi as a couple of slacker Italians recruits fighting the Austrian army in the muddy trenches of WWI. Although this film is a consensus classic with impressive battles scenes and a uniquely inspiring ending, I was never fully engaged with La grande guerra. The story is episodic without a strong through-line, so it's not always clear if events are fleeting diversions or the building blocks of something important. I suppose the different episodes are a way to explore the characters, nonetheless I think some of the filler should have been cut. The film was rather long and sometimes felt rudderless.
When a woman ascends the stairs (1960) Complex and bleak film about a bar hostess who really shouldn't be a bar hostess. Basically she starts out the movie with possibilities, hesitates over them then discovers they are a poison chalice or fraudulent, she desperately tries something as she runs out of time and ends the movie with no possibilities. I think maybe the director thought the bar hostess scene was awful. Other than that you get some of the best use of location based story-telling I've seen in a long time, great acting and a well worked theme about appearances. I thought about it for a week after watching it so there's definitely some substance here. Love Exposure (2008) I've meant to watch this one for years but the runtime put me off. It was great. You get the novel pacing/editing/character/plot decisions and high concept playful genius that the best of Japanese media seems to have. I mean you have a cult called the church of zero, their logo is a 0 with a crucifix over it and their interaction with the main character is to try to prevent him from getting an erection when presented with a view of his love interests panty clad crotch. Similarly if you ever heard someone pretentiously explain that a camera is voyeuristic you'll probably get a kick out of half the movie being about voyeuristic panty shots, including a guy telling people that their eyes are like cameras, cameras to take panty shots with. Anyway, I just wanted to say the 4hours is not that bad and I probably should've watched it years ago.

Open file (6.05 KB 214x300 piero.jpg)
Film Composers Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 02:46:48 No.1414 [Reply]
Who are your favorite film composers and which film has the best score in your opinion?
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>>1451 Then how about a re-refried post to begin the streak of music webms i've been posting recently? which will get me banned by the admins because they take too much site's resources Joe Hisaishi has been a big shot for a long time now, making the bulk of his scoring career with Studio Ghibli films, but one of his niche appeals are his 7 scores for Takeshi Kitano ranging from 1991 to 2002. Here's a quick shot at 5 of them, and while these are a little campy for some folks i think they are worth a shot, especially this one for 1993's Sonatine and its title track variations. The interesting part that really caught me was the shifting droning background in some of the songs (1st, 3rd and 4th webms) that appear as a silence replacement in scenes either at night or in moments of emotional investment were time passes in a flash, creating a somewhat dense atmosphere as the movie version is more evident. The omnipresent soft echo adds to the flavor, especially in the piano pieces. The film's overseas distribution is a good story itself, a funny series of benign accidents on enthusiasts and foiled malicious plans of plagiarism by directors.
Returning a little into a more soft and juvenile side there's 1991's A Scene at the Sea, or That Summer, The Calmest Ocean... in its translated original title with a prolonged subtitle available in the poster and cover art here, seemingly coming from one of the surviving protagonists. Very sweet yet melancholic vibe going on, i believe the director wanted to make clear the impression that the entire story was being told as a memory recapitulation instead of a real-time event, that something in the nostalgic music exacerbates this feeling very well. A well done exercise in terms script too, trying to move a slow-burning story with 2 mute characters. Now jumping a short later after Takeshi's mysterious bike accident it's 1996's Kids Return, an ambiguously semi-biographic coming-of-age movie without the man himself starring anywhere. The playful and explicit tones give away the nature of the characters and the movie early on, which quickly turns into frustrated shuffles when some of the kids some? i mean all of them start stumbling with the hardships of a demanding recession-ridden Japan of the 90's. There's a lot of mood swings but the explosive title theme takes the cake mainly for its timely appearance, pretty rad guitar too.
A year later the man would go on to win the once-coveted Venice Golden Lion (formerly Coppa Mussolini) with Hana-Bi aka Fireworks, competing against rivals like Yimou Zhang's Keep Cool, Pedro Costa's Ossos and the russian gem The Thief. The movie itself is gluttonous for misery, a sure-fire catnip recipe when the jury is composed of women, and the dramatic score for strings gives an elegant and poignant accent to all the mishaps and event successions around the personal life of a beat cop, interpreted by no other than the director, again. The mix of dry and absurd humor coming once in a while is a much appreciated aspect that i found to be a little lost recently, especially from movies where everyone is dragging themselves in an emotional swamp plus the precise allocation of such segments gives places to a strong contrast effect when the movie is about to drop someone. And speaking of misery and prizes, Kitano wanted to go at it again in 2002 and made a little shining gem called Dolls, a cinematographer-driven film about lovelessness in different japanese social groups such as salarymen, yakuza and otaku men, along with trying to visually and ideologically explain the meaning and appeal behind the old japanese puppet theater; such attempt done in a successful way in my opinion. The score is subdued but pretty dramatic at one point, its titular theme being the juicy cherry of the mix with the inclusion of the old familiar percussion from previous projects. The film was entered into its respective Venice Film Festival edition and faced stiff melancholic competition like Chang-Dong Lee's Oasis, Konchalovsky's House of Fools and bleeding edge The Magdalene Sisters by Marx Engels Mullan. The latter being a woman-beating hellhouse story it became a hit among the female jury, which did not forgive and gave the edge in the split decision. Obviously this is not or shouldn't be about the prizes nor immediate recognition, i just found the clear trends behind jury decisions funny like Del Toro convincing the Netflix-involved jury members to vote for his friend and co-producer Cuaron ...Yeah anyways hope these weren't a big camp, here's a couple of links if someone fancies them the ∞/film/ moniker is from back then, not a slap on anyone here >A Scene at the Sea https://mega.nz/#!GI4SGCSJ!1J8f4XPi_U38yptZw7zYWoRghxsoepmFZse1YyYQjGw >Sonatine https://mega.nz/#!3EwiBQCb!Yl0LRlJSbSz5hQ8dtEF8zO9OoUNNkAVAp1xqrjjqfZU >Kids Return https://mega.nz/#!aU4ElIhY!1FT0D_8IloUk7Isl5J6VIB8OmZ14rdh6bB-BoNYP_Sg >Hana-Bi https://mega.nz/#!yQ5UEQ6B!UDWIxmKkf8qXaeZnRbm_eij-y5lHu02aPWqBW2-uKfI >Dolls https://mega.nz/#!WUwmgCKD!18V5QOL4ndh_6dxqPb98oJyF6jDDigLelOxfwXwnkSw

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>>1452 >Sonatine Very patrician
>>1454 Thank you so much for this! Ive never heard anything in my life!

Open file (247.56 KB 438x329 snapshot0.png)
Documentaries Thread Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 22:43:44 No.542 [Reply] [Last]
[JW02 ~ 04/16/2020] A thread to post and request good documentaries on the variety of subjects. I'll start with some choice docus on ancient Egypt. All are selected for quality of presentation, study of subject as well as absence of current year agendas, we wuz kangz niggers etc. Romer's Egypt (3 episodes; 1982) and Ancient Lives (4 episodes; 1984) – the finest and quintessential ancient Egypt presentation; a soothing, in-depth look into ancient Egypt’s life and culture. It has that unmistakable classy 80s look that elevates it above the rest. https://www.invidio.us/channel/UC4gF7P8JKlJ9xAz8MF6AhFw/videos https://www.invidio.us/user/xinistri/videos Egypt: Beyond the Pyramids (4 episodes; 2001) – somewhat similar to Romer’s; not as in-depth or classy but still an enjoyable watch. https://www.dailymotion.com/search/Egypt%3A%20Beyond%20the%20Pyramids The Robot, The Dentist and the Pyramid (1 episode; 2020) – an excellent amateur documentary about the latest attempt to explore the shaft of the Great Pyramid. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=rhsddHgybTo Immortal Egypt (4 episodes; 2016) – despite being modern and hosted by a wommyn, it surprisingly manages to somehow avoid the current year pozz and is very much watchable. Probably the best HD series on the matter.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>1382 >It's funny a porn site has so many interesting documentaries. Well, it's not really a porn site per se, rather an offshoot of this https://biqle.com/ with a dedicated porn UI. I use that one because it actually works better. But ultimately it's just an uncucked video hosting site with a fuckton of different stuff uploaded to it over the years. Kinda like youtube of old. >Do you usually watch streaming versions or do you download these documentaries from another site? Yeah I usually download stuff from private trackers. But I always want to include a publicly available link so that anyone could watch it easily if they're interested, as it should be with documentaries.
Open file (15.06 MB 1280x720 cantgetyou.mp4)
Open file (72.96 KB 766x768 adamcurtisbingo.jpg)
THE RISE OF A WORLD WITHOUT MEANING A preview of the new 8-hour Adam Curtis project that drops Feb 11 Curtis usually has an interesting take on things, although despite his unorthodox framing of many topics, his underlying worldview is frustratingly conventional. https://www.newyorker.com/news/letter-from-the-uk/adam-curtis-explains-it-all https://archive.is/CbDDL This article pulls back the curtain on his creative process, explaining some of his methods for unearthing all those wonderful archival nuggets and arranging them into a sublime montage with music and ideas. >At the BBC’s main archive, in Perivale, which contains sixty miles of shelves, Curtis doesn’t just order up news items about the Mau Mau uprising, in British-ruled Kenya, but entire nightly bulletins or anything else shot in the region during the same period. He seeks out odd keywords, uncatalogued films. He craves the unseen. “I don’t know if you play computer games. But it’s like going up a level,” he told me. “There’s the stuff that everyone can get at. Then the stuff that hasn’t been digitized or anything, which is still on film, which I can get. Then, beyond that, there are really strange tapes.” >At one point while we were talking, Curtis left the kitchen and returned with a cardboard box containing fourteen hard drives of everything shot by BBC film crews in Russia since the sixties. Not the finished news stories—the rushes. “That’s everything from the Russia bureau for the last fifty years,” Curtis said. “Thousands and thousands and thousands of hours of unedited material.” Where does he think we are headed? >He wants to show how most contemporary societies have given up on unifying narratives, with the result that we are all compulsively disoriented and anxious, managed and overseen by our latter-day imperial administrators in big tech and high finance. Toward the end of the series, Curtis indicates that he thinks that there are two ways we can go from here. One he associates with the work of B. F. Skinner, the behavioral psychologist, who asserted the principle of reinforcement—continual shocks and positive inducements; likes, shares, nudges, and surveillance—as a way of controlling twenty-first-century societies. “China’s already started, and we’ve sort of started,” Curtis said. “You manage people as a mass, by monitoring their behavior, anticipating their needs—because the data, the patterns, time and propinquity can predict what you want.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (1.59 MB 1280x720 Bible Hunters.png)
Bible Hunters (2 episodes; 2013) – a pretty good two-parter about the Bible hunters of the 19th century who were on a quest to find the earliest version of the New Testament. Set out to validate the Bible, they would, ironically, dismantle it in the process instead. As I'm somewhat familiar with the subject this is actually surprisingly in-depth for a general overview and covers all the basics rather well. There's a useless host but he isn't too annoying and speaks to the point at least. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x27vpkx
>>1427 Posting here so I don't forget it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1bX3F7uTrg >In 1992, a strange and brilliant That's Life researcher with a Skinny Puppy CD embarked upon a career of producing documentaries about how ideas can spark social movements. Adam Curtis believed that 200,000 Guardian readers watching BBC2 could change the world.
Open file (12.87 MB 1280x720 clouzot trailer.mp4)
Le scandale Clouzot (2017) A French TV documentary about the career of one my favorite directors, Henri-Georges Clouzot. His persistent ailments as a young man profoundly affected him. He wasn't sure he'd survive and he felt helpless to change his fate. This mindset carried into Clouzot's scripts with characters experiencing body terror, loss of control, and a sense of impending doom. Clouzot began his career working for the Vichy government's Continental Films. After the war he was blacklisted until 1947, even though his previous film Le corbeau was an obvious attack on the snitch culture of the occupation. (It's surprising how the French enthusiastically ratted out their fellow citizens even while their country was ruled a foreign power. The occupation authorities were deluged with more letters than they could possibly read.) This documentary glosses over Clouzot's later life, probably because another documentary L'enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot covered that period in detail. I would have liked to see more about Clouzot's reaction to the New Wave and his critics within it, as well as his dazzling final film La prisonnière (which is completely ignored here). Link w/o subtitles https://vimeo.com/249521368 alternately you may be able to find Le.Scandale.Clouzot.2017.DOC.FRENCH.720p.BluRay.DD2.0.x264-KINeMA.mkv

Open file (245.50 KB 256x180 verticalroll.gif)
Open Thread 08/31/2020 (Mon) 21:01:08 No.34 [Reply] [Last]
[JW01 ~ 08/24/2019] There aren't many people here, but this bunker needs more content. Post something interesting that doesn't fit into other threads.
Edited last time by Lensman on 09/02/2020 (Wed) 21:33:59.
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A woman faces the danger of a Retvrn to Natvre with her tradchad boyfriend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmNlmcXtQPI
Open file (98.86 KB 1024x698 vivian-kubrick_4.jpg)
Open file (492.80 KB 676x697 vivian.png)
How it started / How it's going
>>1444 Q is cringe though
In Memoriam: Giuseppe Rotunno, ASC, AIC (1923-2021) https://theasc.com/news/in-memoriam-giuseppe-rotunno-asc-aic-1923-2021 >Of course, because we were shooting in Technirama in 1962, the lens was not so fast, and we needed a great deal of light. The candles were basically props; my light was over the chandelier. I made a wooden crown on the chain between the chandelier and the ceiling, and I reproduced the candlelight exactly. I put some light in the foreground for close-ups, but with three cameras, it was almost impossible to light [ anywhere but from above] — we had mirrors everywhere, and there was practically no corner of the set that was out of the shot. All of our lights were on dimmers, and we used as little light as possible, because it was really, really warm; it was summertime, and we had all of these people enclosed in various rooms with candles. As we moved from one camera to the next, I got many drops of wax on my neck, and so did Visconti. I had trained the whole crew for days to put out the candles when the scene stopped. There were a thousand candles, so everybody had his section, including me. I felt like a priest in a church!
Is there any Marguerite Duras film that's not talky? "Wordy" is probably a better descriptor because her scripts tend to be one long narration, never a fast-paced back and forth between characters. She approaches films like she's writing a novel. You could say that's her style but I don't think raw literature works well when dumped into a visual medium. The images are a distraction. There's good reason no one else does this. If you do not speak French, it's hard to enjoy 90 minutes of intensive subtitle reading. In most cases I'm skeptical her writing is even worth the trouble.

Open file (238.58 KB 600x399 Nollywood_9.jpg)
Nollywood & Other Emerging Film Industries Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 18:59:27 No.585 [Reply]
[JW14 ~ 01/22/2020] I have recently watched a couple Nollywood films, and was curious what is /film/'s take on Nollywood? Personally, I love how enthusiastic they seem to be about making movies. I believe in a decade or two, they could begin going through a sort of "new wave", and start producing some real quality films.
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>>592 True but topic says "Other Emerging Film Industries" Bangladesh has some films with crazy high imdb ratings. The film about their independence is probably inflated by nationalistic pride. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5510934/ https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0383177/ I would like to see this one https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374812/ Lalsalu AKA Tree Without Roots (2002) <In this tragic-comic study of religious hypocrisy, a disreputable cleric convinces villagers that their community is home to a famous holyman's grave.
>>593 Havent seen the first one.But Aguner Poroshmoni isnt good and I wouldnt recommend it.The same guy Directed Ghetuputro Komola which is a better made film.Havent seen the last one fully but the book is very well regarded.There hasnt been a better Director than Tareque Masud so after his accidental Death there hasnt been that many good films made.In recent memmory Kingdom of Claysubjects was a pretty decent film.There was also a good Mystery flick named Aynabazi.Bangladeshi films Has been a hit and miss for me.Although not Bangladeshi I would recommend Ritwik Kumar Ghataks(he was born in bangladesh) films.Recently Critereon released The Cloud Capped Sky.I am not Sure if I would call bangladeshi Film industry to be an emerging film industry.Its been there forever Growing and stagnating.Some would Say it doesnt have its old glorious days(commercial cinema).After Decades of stagnation films like Aynabazi seems to grow a local interest in films though.So I would probably not be calling it an "emerging" film industry.
>>593 Reminds me of Turkey, they always inflate their ratings as it was a popularity contest. Cannot trust anything from there, not even N. Ceylan's works.
[End of Dump JW14 ~ 03/31/2020]
African cinema: ten of the best https://www.theguardian.com/film/filmblog/2012/sep/03/10-best-african-films https://archive.is/pRS9M An older list from Mark Cousins with some common titles and some others I haven't seen. This bisexual comment regarding Cairo Station was surprising to me. I don't remember that being relevant to the film at all, but perhaps there's a subtext that I completely missed. >If Alfred Hitchcock had been Egyptian and bisexual, and had himself played Norman Bates, Psycho might have been something like this.

Open file (303.98 KB 800x1200 this piece of shit.jpg)
Thanks, I hate it. Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 18:33:10 No.1288 [Reply]
>Periodically attack the infinite backlog >Consult the spirits >They shit in my mouth For some reason, this was in the back of my mind as a highly rated movie to watch at some point. I read no review, no synopses, save maybe hearing it praised in passing some time around it's release. I got up to the part where the venal harlot begins openly cucking the soy-boy puppet man with his hippie retard pseudo-tranny gf and turned it off, because after being suckered in by the quirky aesthetic and the neat scene dressing like the tiny office, I found all the characters intensely detestable. Not even in a way that was pleasant to watch. Their personalities excite in me a deep gut-feeling of revulsion and hatred. I'm not qualified to be a puritan, but this is definitively a steaming degenerate Hollywood turd, and it has Jewish names all over it. -1000000/10, I hope every name associated with this production is hunted down and fed feet first into an autoclave. Feel free to regale me with tales of movies that you had the impression were rated highly, but turned out to have emanated from a diseased post-op axe-wound.
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>>1288 It's one of those "avant garde" 90s pieces where you're supposed to hate the characters, and enjoy hating them. King of the Hill is also written in the same way. It's highly jewish, but that's their sense of "humor." They love cringepuppets.
Open file (135.41 KB 640x480 hank.png)
>>1431 I love Hank tho
>>1431 >>1432 >tfw jews try to make whites detestable, and fail miserably because we're such kind people. yeah, i like Hank too.
>>1431 >King of the Hill is also written in the same way. I don't see it that way other than Hank who is legitimately a shitty person for grilling meat with gas, the rest are also flawed but have redeeming values at the end. The injun is a societal scumbag but one that does support, morally speaking, anyone in his community for nothing in return. The chink/laos monkey is a total asshole of a person but a model citizen in all the technical stuff. Boomhauer is an unintelligible guy who seemingly does nothing all day (until the ending showed his true profession) but is level-headed and pro-active in the betterment of society with small actions. Granpa is also a shit dude, bordering the psychopath label, but one who risked his neck to help the country in need (for ZOG but he didn't knew that) It's a balance and most characters were written that way, whoever thinks they were written to be hated are simply shallow.
>>1431 >king of the hill >It's one of those "avant garde" 90s pieces where you're supposed to hate the characters, and enjoy hating them. I'm not sure, I see what you mean but I did not even grow up with this crap and I didn't really hate the characters kind of like a milder more boring version B&B, I didn't hate the characters there either, they're genuinely funny. It's just shallow eccentric ridicule humor for kicks, with a touch of what you said, but still it's broadly way more innocent than say family goy or american dad or simp-sons or other sewer trash the kikes pump out these days.

/film/ Meta Anonymous 05/13/2020 (Wed) 12:13:48 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
Is this our home now?
Edited last time by 11811 on 09/14/2020 (Mon) 06:12:37.
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>>1411 I didn't know that shitting on kikes was low quality, sorry BO!
>>1412 I'm really torn between thinking you are legitimately retarded and thinking you're a glowie trying to make us look bad by acting as obnoxious as possible, the problem is that you're far from the only anon that leaves me like that.
>>1413 God damn you are the most Jewish and complaining piece of shit I have ever met.
Why the fuck the board is still hidden? Can you not fuck up for one month straight?
>>1418 See: >>1412 Long story short some low-effort/joke threads were made (duplicated from TVch, i know because i shitposted in it there) along with some quick shots from pseudo-fascist/tarrant-tier faggotry that also does happen in the /tv/ site, but here they got a bit heavy handed and gave nothing to the thread. Some decisions were made until they dissipate. I've seen some new controversy in /fascist/ regarding another site having a strange controversy regarding the userbase's attitudes towards certain topics central to them, some of them got here and soon after these fiery and mainly off-topic comments started appearing in a thread but in a very instigating nature, quite different from the OP who was confrontational but not really in the same manner as the others, at least he discussed something. I don't think anybody in this board or site can defend the jews in good conscience but these comments come up as false-flaggy or downright odd in their context, BO saw fit to stay under the radar for a while and i think that's fair. Honestly those who want to post here already know the board and i am seeing it in the webring tab anyways.

Open file (12.32 MB 904x664 IMAX of the 1890s.1.mp4)
Silents & The Birth of Cinema Anonymous 02/03/2021 (Wed) 03:32:49 No.1355 [Reply]
[JW15 ~ 11/16/2019] Lately I've been watching nonfiction content from the silent era -- found footage, documentary, early fragments. This excellent video from the Museum of Modern Art captures a lot of what attracts me to these films. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBNwiPgknn8 >It's not so much being seduced by a story, it's the thrill of seeing in itself. I'm just disappointed that it's often difficult to find quality versions of this stuff. Watching anything potato quality youtube or even DVD doesn't do justice to the footage, and you lose the experience of time travel if you can't see clear details.
8 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>1363 That looks very interesting. Could you upload it here by any chance? It's evading me a bit.
Open file (324.02 KB 760x576 plague.png)
>>1364 Here's a torrent although the file is large (8GB) https://rarbg.to/torrent/ru2gk95
Open file (16.65 MB 916x716 New York 1911.mp4)
>>1365 >scene rips aren't so ba-
[End of Dump JW15 ~ 03/23/2020]

Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277 [Reply] [Last]
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
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Open file (104.20 KB 800x1064 61026H5N4mL._AC_SL1087_.jpg)
Open file (55.49 KB 440x587 16797.jpg)
>>1136 Hell sorry about that lack of spacing. >good taste with Rene, who is? I named it Rene.jpg for Renegade, tons of stuff to talk about that fast food show, the chick is the aforementioned protag's girlfriend and the main plot of the show is him searching who wanted to kill him but got her a steel point to the head instead. Everytime he's about to score with a lady (which is very often) he will have a nasty flashback about either banging her on the beach or getting shot thus limiting his libido dramatically. Funny how almost all that footage of the beach bumming never repeats, implying they rolled lots of film to use, now that's a sweet job. Her name seems to be Deprise Brescia and looks like she was a premium piece of eye candy for commercials and Aerobics videos back then, and yeah i remember seeing a commercial made by the gay jew Ritts that had her around. They simply don't make 'em they used to.
>>1130 >If you keep having trouble i can fix you another joint, probably Mega but those put 1GB+ limits on downloaders, i'll think of something. I recommend MegaDownloader if anyone is having trouble grabbing Mega links. I don't remember hitting a GB limit for downloading just one film, but this program should wait and resume if you do. I use MegaDownloader to limit download speed so Mega doesn't monopolize my internet connection. http://megadownloaderapp.blogspot.com/2013/02/download-links-english.html
Open file (54.11 KB 607x143 benigni.png)
This is a strange request but it's been haunting me because I had the video in my hands and I didn't download it in time before they took it down for uuuhhh... political reasons? I guess Benigni angered alot of religious people by giving a speech about sex in the bible (most of the Italian populus is religious) The entire thing was displayed in HD on the RaiPlay website, 30+ minutes, and I think they took it down after a day or two. This was back in February so I was hoping someone had archived the thing or downloaded the upload. The only evidence there is of the upload is the dead link and this MSN website (pic related) that linked directly to the RaiPlay upload, it even shows the original length. www.raiplay.it/iframe/video/2020/02/sanremo-2020-roberto-benigni-il-cantico-dei-cantici-99002db8-7f1c-4266-88d6-489da47261a0.html
Open file (427.92 KB 400x222 film2 (1).gif)
Requesting the source of this fucking gif lol HOW does no one know where it came from?
On the subject of film ID, does anyone know the source of these files (from the old board)? webm is slightly lewd.

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