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Open file (411.54 KB 256x175 key.gif)
Request & Share Anonymous 09/01/2020 (Tue) 13:51:06 No.277
[JW03 ~ 09/11/2019] Friendly link exchange
Open file (229.23 KB 1280x720 mubi-3221.jpg)
>>2372 You could have just asked for the rip that syncs with the sub to be posted, anon.
>>2366 >Горбачов. Рай (2020) - base64decode aHR0cHM6Ly9tZWdhLm56LyNGIUY1MGttYmFLIWxSMkhxdmFNbDlwekxKNGlJbVZfOGc= no subs though.
Open file (199.80 KB 1280x800 Is.jpg)
elgondolkodtassuk az olvasót. Van amelyik kicsit könnyedebb hangvétel, van amelyik komolyabb gondolkodásra késztet. https://hamtamovie.asia https://hamtamovie.li https://delta3da.co
i'm looking for Andrew Horn's second narrative feature "The Big Blue 1988" https://letterboxd.com/film/the-big-blue-1988/ https://vimeo.com/390245568 anyone?
>>2395 I'd watch that. But I can't find it.
>>2376 Thanks. Is there a way to rip subs from mubi? >>2375 I found it by myself, although the quality could be better. If anon had a good HD version of that cut I'd be interested.
>>2397 It doesn't seem to be streaming on MUBI. If it were, it'd be pretty easy.
>>2162 >>2179 Is this worth watching? After about 20 minutes I'm having doubts. So far the only highlight was a reference to Five Graves to Cairo.
>>2402 >Is this worth watching? Not really. It suffers from a common problem in low budget dramas -- unprofessional actors delivering overwrought dialogue. There are many characters, but most of them sound like the same person speaking with the same cadence. I doubt my screenwriting would be much better. Mark Rappaport probably has better films than Chain Letters. His video essays are usually interesting. I liked this part though.
Hi, a request for this movie. Nowhere be found.
>>2447 Looks like a decently-made comedy skit on Jacob's Ladder >>2458 Deceptively hard to find, seems it was straight to the DVD bin/streaming services so i suspect you might find it in free streaming apps that can be accessed in contemporary "smart" TVs, home centers or Roku sticks.
Very hard to find a quality file of De Leerling (2015) Dutch (50min). I already got a 360p version (maximum quality) from dutch streaming site.
Open file (545.70 KB 1075x772 PatrikS.png)
Is there a decent rip of Fall of Eagles anywhere? The choices I find are each flawed in some way -- 26GB of dvds, shitty xvids, variable framerate mkvs https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0207885/
Helllo my friends, not really a request for a movie but rather a website. I have inherited a bunch of really old and common-to-rare VHS tapes from my recently deceased grandpa. He had already converted the majority of them to DVD and I would love to keep the spirit of his collection alive by uploading them somewhere for movie watchers to appreciate. Thing is: 1) They're mostly dubbed movies (in a language he could speak at least) 2) I don't really know where to upload them. Originally I had a test run with archive.org (given that they're borderline public domain items) and it worked quite successfully, but I would also like to know if there's any other place that you would suggest that does not delete omvies for being ever so slightly under some copyright law, or due to inactivity (I've had a bad time with MEGA).
>>2488 What are some of the titles? Do you think youtube would delete them? You could try odysee.com but it's a smaller site than archive.org.
>>2488 What about a private tracker? Send me an email.
I ended up taking the archivepill cause they were causing me allergic reactions due to all the dust and wanted to get done with them quicker. I'm currently at about 20 movies uploaded. >>2493 >What are some of the titles? Mostly Eduardo comedies and dubs of extremely old American movies (last one I did was Pride of the Yankees, or L'Idolo delle Folle in Italian) but I doubt there's any hidden gem. >Do you think youtube would delete them? Hard to say, I know the theater dramas won't get hit but anything else is a coin toss. It really just depends on how much the tube wants to fuck me over. >You could try odysee.com I heard you need an invite to join it, wouldn't upload them there anyhow cause some of them may or may not fall into public domain and those who don't are just about to, plus as you just said it's a much newer and smaller site and by the looks of it people are mostly interested in using it to reupload youtube videos that had been deleted or privacy oriented content, not really a platform for old fogeys or movie aficionados. >>2494 >What about a private tracker? The complete collection is way too big to keep on my active rig in constant seeding, had it been something more popular I probably would've done it. Thanks for the offer though, I'll send you a mail all the same.
Open file (178.12 KB 852x725 ff3t.png)
There was a western Slavic or Hungarian movie about a guy in the mountains who was exiled from his village for some accident he caused, and wore an eyepatch on account of this accident that came out in the former half of the 60s. I'm not asking for a file but the name of it.
Open file (477.96 KB 799x1124 38x14b.jpg)
>>2499 I really like this film
>>2495 it'd be really cool if you'd share some Eduardo stuff here
anyone have any idea where i can watch this? (Clubbed to Death 1997)
anybody have 'When Women Kill' 1983 ?
>>2513 by Lee Grant
>>2500 What do you like about it?
Is there a place on the internet where commentary tracks are collected?
>>2552 I'd like to know too. There are some on this old tumblr but it's very mainstream. https://thedirectorscommentary.tumblr.com/archive
looking for a good quality file of "Doomed Love (1983)" by Andrew Horn
>>2552 Are there any specific tracks you want?
Does anyone have The Crazy-Quilt by John Korty https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060260/
Open file (23.21 KB 720x544 hhfjgw.jpg)
>>2561 Yes here it is. This version has been around for a while. https://ulozto.net/file/wYziq5VAq/
Does anyone have The Big Blue by Andrew Horn? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094738/
Autumn Days by Gavaldon? Can't find with English subs Thank you in advance
Open file (161.51 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
Open file (167.88 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
Open file (192.12 KB 1800x1080 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
>>2513 When Women Kill (1983) https://1fichier.com/?mj8zvyikt6xr2e916ahx Poorly upscaled 1080p WEB-DL that was streaming on Criterion.
>>2570 A Roberto Gavaldon movie? if you don't find it i might make those subtitles
>>2570 >>2572 Someone at KG started working on subs May 30
Open file (52.47 KB 430x642 Pina Pellicer.jpg)
>>2572 >>2573 Yeah by Roberto Gavaldon. Made after Macario but the wife in that movie, Pina Pellicer, is the lead in Autumn Days. I was impressed with her and I wanted to see more of her limited filmography. Either way, if you do end up making subs, I'd greatly appreciate it.
>>2574 I would've at some point but you seem to be in luck according to >>2573 I still need to finish one but procrastination is severe
Any french movie like Le Samourai, i mean, same quality. I liked a Lot
Open file (3.73 MB 1850x2226 Folder.jpg)
>>2577 Jean-Pierre Melville is still your man although it depends on why you liked Le Samourai, by that i mean if you liked it for its methodical approach, its minimal use of dialogue at times or its overall criminal theme. In terms of criminal themes and methodical approach i can easily recommend other Melville stuff, Les Doulos, Le Deuxieme Souffle and Le Cercle Rouge, even Un Flic is decent enough (maybe not on the same level) if you can ignore the obvious train set scenes which were honestly not as bad as people make it out to be, that movie gets tons of critique i think because people expected the biggest production yet. In terms of minimal use of dialogue then sometimes they get that rhythm but not as quite or continuous as Samourai, Melville usually picked or made dialogue rich material (aside from the "assault/heist" sequences) and did use some of his actors to full use, particularly Paul Meurisse, but when the soon-to-die Alain Delon was around he bended things to make it more deadpan and cold than argumentative or enthusiastic like Belmondo or Ventura were; Delon's cold demeanor was pretty fit for such things. I'd say go for Cercle Rouge although personally (and without having seen Bob Le Flambeur) i think his most compelling crime genre work was Deuxieme Souffle and that's one he didn't even write, maybe that's why :^)
>>2368 Thank you, I watched 10 hours of it and it was a great experience, now I'm starting to get distracted way more easily but I'll get to the end of it. Are his other works as good as this one? I'd like to watch La Commune.
Open file (259.69 KB 1600x958 Screenshot (890).png)
>>2578 Le deuxième souffle is my favorite Melville as well. I remember several of his films are ~2.5 hours long but they never lose momentum.
Does anyone have any Nathaniel Dorsky films -- namely Variations, Threnody, Hours for Jerome, Alaya, or Compline? Thanks!
>>2578 That's exactly what i was looking for. When I was trying to explain me, it was that, the way that the movie can explain a lot without using dialogue, just using scenary and photography. I would love to find another genre but using the same technique, obviously i'm not a big fan of silent movies because, god dammit we are in the XXI century, but is great to show how much you can say without saying anything. Again, thank you bro
Open file (25.54 KB 367x500 51ToqZb+r9L._AC_.jpg)
Open file (22.79 KB 400x225 The Mechanic.jpg)
>>2582 >the way that the movie can explain a lot without using dialogue, just using scenery and photography Back in the day that thing you described was called "good filmmaking", or in a less pretentious and ambiguous way it was "the storytelling via moving images" or simply motion picture. It is the original spirit of movies, or the 3/4 parts images 1/4 words, but with time the producers realized it is easier to express ideas and intentions via the actor saying it than by designing camera and character movements in specific set scenes with specific atmosphere conditions. Nowadays movies vary in its ratio, some are 1/2 images and words ("talkies" or merely the modern normal everyone knows), others are 3/4 words (teletheater) and the only words ones are i don't know, they do exist (07/27/1978) but i wouldn't know how to call them, i guess the name it has for it in single-scene theater productions which i am ignorant about. Only images also happen but they are even tougher to make, if badly done they are defended as video art but if well pulled out they are often called in likewise umbrella terms like art cinema or experimental. For all their silly shenanigans in film theory the french were often found doing this out of purism sometimes, maybe one of the most accomplished examples is Mon Oncle although it's a far cry from the cold crime dramas Melville is known for. If you can catch it i would recommend checking the first 15 minutes of the original version of The Mechanic, has to be one of the best made intros and chapters in action cinema; rest of the movie is quite okay but for different reasons and does a bit away with the purist style it opened with (which is honestly very hard for a full length production). Maybe after seeing Le Samourai you might consider the entire thing as they deal with similar themes.
Fellas, help a brother out. Das Jahr nach Dayton (Nikolaus Geyrhalter, 1997) >A portrait of the first year of peace in Bosnia. This is a human story played out before a background of a war which still makes itself felt, a story of a possible life together, which has on the other hand become impossible in many cases. Rajko, the Serbian mechanic and his family must leave their home for the second time. Nermin, the actor, lost both legs in the war and might have the chance to learn a new role. Halid, a shepherd from the Muslim-controlled region, risks his life to visit friends on the western (Croatian) side of Mostar.
>>2573 Sorry but were these ever finished? If so, how would I find them?
Open file (48.51 KB 918x253 autumndayssubs.jpg)
>>2594 Progress update

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