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Open file (303.98 KB 800x1200 this piece of shit.jpg)
Thanks, I hate it. Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 18:33:10 No.1288
>Periodically attack the infinite backlog >Consult the spirits >They shit in my mouth For some reason, this was in the back of my mind as a highly rated movie to watch at some point. I read no review, no synopses, save maybe hearing it praised in passing some time around it's release. I got up to the part where the venal harlot begins openly cucking the soy-boy puppet man with his hippie retard pseudo-tranny gf and turned it off, because after being suckered in by the quirky aesthetic and the neat scene dressing like the tiny office, I found all the characters intensely detestable. Not even in a way that was pleasant to watch. Their personalities excite in me a deep gut-feeling of revulsion and hatred. I'm not qualified to be a puritan, but this is definitively a steaming degenerate Hollywood turd, and it has Jewish names all over it. -1000000/10, I hope every name associated with this production is hunted down and fed feet first into an autoclave. Feel free to regale me with tales of movies that you had the impression were rated highly, but turned out to have emanated from a diseased post-op axe-wound.
nice blogpost faggot, now go back to cuckchan
>>1290 Why not talk films with me instead, you dumb cunt? Or do you like the peace and quiet of lurking a half-dead board and frightening off strangers with your autism?
I've seen it a couple of times when i was a kid, it doesn't really have a point of interest or anything to say about anything, it attempts to hold the viewers attention by being wacky. Watch it if you want to get that uneasy feeling of void one gets by trying to appreciate jewish art.
>>1292 It's eerie how such vapid shit is so readily mistaken for "deep and thought provoking". Though perhaps it is the incestuous nature of the film industry and associated press.
>>1291 Maybe the way you used certain informal words to describe actual decent criticisms is what turned that fag off, i felt some of the same things you did with that movie but i did have it in another perspective as i thought it was some dadaist-tier exercise before watching it, so when i finished it i didn't really think i lost my time because i knew it was going to be a little pretentious or nonsensical. But what could offend or cut a proverbial throat of the few posters here is attacking the board soon after for the opinion of a single anon with an unorthodox way of posting in context of the culture around here, i don't think you will court any motivation with those words.
>>1288 Modern jewllywood comedies are retarded to me, they're all vapid and full of obnoxious unrealistic characters. Maybe they're only suitable for the hysteric bourgeois and their ignorant perception of life. I wholeheartedly agree with you. I've stopped watching this kind of movies no matter how much praises it gets (the praises are mostly from hollywood ass-kissers so it's natural not to trust them).
>>1294 Nigger can't tell the difference between a blogpost and a missive written in the first person. I have no expectation that any of you give a solitary fuck about my day, but I invite you to laugh at my impotent rage none the less. If I bit him, it's because he put his hand in my mouth. And stating that the board is half-dead is not an attack - it is a bloodless assessment. I am here, to bring my bantz to market, because a thing that is half dead, is still also definitively, half alive. >>1295 Problem is, in order to discern if a movie is an over-promoted heap of post-modernism nowadays, you either have to watch the thing, or wrangle an opinion out of someone who has. God knows the promotional material will either spoil the main twist, or indicate nothing about the film at all. Sometimes I'm concerned that I'm missing out on some actually enjoyable cinema, but I now default to avoiding anything that gets hyped, on the assumption that they could have spent the marketing budget on making a better film. It's just better that way.
Open file (564.37 KB 1800x1440 confused.jpg)
>>1290 It's a blogpost because he described his feelings? I feel like imageboards also developed psychosis with the rest of the world over the past few years where everyone points fingers at one another about who's gatekeeping or not and purity spiraling over grammar and behavior because of the looming threat of normalfags which has become like a boogeyman. Just take it easy. >>1293 It's the viewers too who, don't want to be seen as dumb while they can't be honest or form an opinion of their own, wait for whatever the critics say before agreeing with them so they won't be blasted for saying the opposite. >>1295 Movies about "normal" people and their lives are only interesting to the rich because they don't have that and vice versa.
>>1305 >Movies about "normal" people and their lives are only interesting to the rich because they don't have that and vice versa. Probably; stylised poverty always appeals to the rich because it's "exotic".
>>1290 you gigantic orangutan monkey gorilla nigger. do you know where you’re at? >>1288 thats sucks you didnt like it and yeah, its jew trash like most movies. but the thing i really liked about it was how detestable the characters were. have you seen Adaptation? if you’ve seen malkovich, you should see Adaptation. >>1293 this
>>1351 you dont fit in by being an edgy teen. Lurk moar.
>>1354 nice try jew
>>1369 This is /film/ not /fascist/ kid
>>1372 lol stay mad jew XD i laugh when your people get murdered
>>1372 /fascist/ here, this nigger doesn't represent us.
>>1372 Remind us then, who owns hollywood? Thats right.
>>1376 Reminds us, how many posts in the board and in its previous iterations are about Hollywood?
>>1377 your response makes no sense. is English your 2nd language or something?
>>1376 kikes that need gassing.
So tired of this anti-semitism. My grandfather died in the Shoah
>>1380 that's a bad thing?
>>1385 not at all
since i didnt see a meta thread on this board, i just wanted to post a PSA about /fascist/. vpn support was disabled on that board today. i dont not know the reason behind this decision since im not a mod but i just wanted to let you all know
>>1384 >>1385 >>1386 Wait until I tell the ADL about this site. It'll be shut down. I have connections
>>1387 You type like the Neinchan admin
>>1389 im not an admin on any site, i dont even lurk nein
>>1387 >since i didnt see a meta thread on this board Jokes aside this is the most egregious thing posted on this thread, it's right there in the first page buddy. Still thanks for the tip, explains the newfriends going around in this thread.
>>1391 no prob, happy to help
Any good movies about jews? The films made during nazi germany are not that great.
>>1393 >nazi NSDAP. nice try nigger
Open file (93.19 KB 460x282 Reb-Tevye.jpg)
>>1393 Fiddler On The Roof? It's a musical.About Russian Jews. You probably know this; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBHZFYpQ6nc >Jew singing a song about money Fucking typical
>>1288 It's one of those "avant garde" 90s pieces where you're supposed to hate the characters, and enjoy hating them. King of the Hill is also written in the same way. It's highly jewish, but that's their sense of "humor." They love cringepuppets.
Open file (135.41 KB 640x480 hank.png)
>>1431 I love Hank tho
>>1431 >>1432 >tfw jews try to make whites detestable, and fail miserably because we're such kind people. yeah, i like Hank too.
>>1431 >King of the Hill is also written in the same way. I don't see it that way other than Hank who is legitimately a shitty person for grilling meat with gas, the rest are also flawed but have redeeming values at the end. The injun is a societal scumbag but one that does support, morally speaking, anyone in his community for nothing in return. The chink/laos monkey is a total asshole of a person but a model citizen in all the technical stuff. Boomhauer is an unintelligible guy who seemingly does nothing all day (until the ending showed his true profession) but is level-headed and pro-active in the betterment of society with small actions. Granpa is also a shit dude, bordering the psychopath label, but one who risked his neck to help the country in need (for ZOG but he didn't knew that) It's a balance and most characters were written that way, whoever thinks they were written to be hated are simply shallow.
>>1431 >king of the hill >It's one of those "avant garde" 90s pieces where you're supposed to hate the characters, and enjoy hating them. I'm not sure, I see what you mean but I did not even grow up with this crap and I didn't really hate the characters kind of like a milder more boring version B&B, I didn't hate the characters there either, they're genuinely funny. It's just shallow eccentric ridicule humor for kicks, with a touch of what you said, but still it's broadly way more innocent than say family goy or american dad or simp-sons or other sewer trash the kikes pump out these days.
>>1288 yeah i dropped the movie really fast, it sucked so much I dont even know what it was about.

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