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Open file (105.41 KB 600x150 Letterbox.png)
/film/ on Letterboxd Anonymous 09/02/2020 (Wed) 19:26:42 No.608
[JW16 ~ 01/06/2020] https://letterboxd.com/8chanfilm/ /film/ Top 250 https://letterboxd.com/8chanfilm/list/film-top-250/ /film/ Favorite Shorts https://letterboxd.com/8chanfilm/list/film-favorite-shorts/ I'm surprised this account hasn't been shadowbanned or deleted just yet. Will we continue adding films to the top 250?
Why would it be deleted? Because of the 8chan link? Or is gadney/fauxteur posting uncensored Sam Raimi scripts again?
>>608 >I'm surprised this account hasn't been shadowbanned or deleted just yet. Don't believe the smears! We're a model user, bout to get a diploma.
>>608 >Will we continue adding films to the top 250? What should be added?
One of the few sane accounts on Letterboxd. That site is such a shitshow.
>>611 I would add Orozco the Embalmer. It's a documentary about an embalmer in Columbia. Besides being well paced, finely shot, etc. the film is revealing and highly effective. It's easy to get drawn into the story and atmosphere. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2iGFbJfpS7Q
>>611 I would add 'If....' (1968) and one of the Three Colours films, I reckon 'Three Colours: Blue', but it's a divisive question. Then again, I have no taste.
>>611 Let me add also Edward Yang's 'Terrorizers', which is probably the first real film to embrace that hyperlink style A.G.I. capitalised on for 'Babel'. 'The lives of a couple, an amateur photographer and an injured girl intertwine.' Frederic Jameson described it as *the* postmodern film, and I do believe it is one of the more successful examples of this style.
Where to start with films? https://boxd.it/2Hlxq
>>616 Great job!
[End of Dump JW16 ~ 02/26/2020]
I would like to add Mephisto (1981). It's the best Faustian film and also the best film about the price of fame and role of actors in the society.
>>930 It's better than Murnau's Faust?
>I'm surprised this account hasn't been shadowbanned or deleted just yet. Why would it be, we're one of the most sfw boards anywhere, normalfags can't link us back to /pol/ or /loli/ because their bunkers aren't here. They have no ground to ban us beyond "Le imageboard boogeyman."
>>931 Murnau's Faust is surely great but it was an early adaptation, its approach to the story is rather conventional. Newer Faustian movies, in order to avoid what has been done, would adapt the story in different settings or change the plot, turning the characters into metaphors. I like what Mephisto did with the concept.
Open file (116.22 KB 450x666 iraq.jpg)
Open file (137.06 KB 716x1024 download.jpg)
Include "Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak" and "Kurtlar Vadisi: Gladio" >Kurtlar Vadisi: Irak Bold & provocative film, the only film about the Iraq War that you should give a damn about, >Kurtlar Vadisi: Gladio A Hitchcockian "The Wrong Man" style thriller with heavy political elements regarding deep state and Atlanticist order
>>1549 What in the f is the Atlanticist order and the "deep state"?
Open file (36.24 KB 384x288 4At2eLG.png)
Open file (409.22 KB 768x576 qmHaxuL.png)
Open file (467.37 KB 768x576 yijpN8u.png)
>>1555 I'm skeptical that those films should be on the list but Operation Gladio was CIA/NATO terror plots in Europe during the Cold War https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladio http://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=0716EF2A1A37DC28220832C836CE2F9E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwHdQwUMY14 (shitty quality unfortunately)
>>1556 >Already in 1990, it was known that the weapons cache near Velp, Netherlands, while accidentally 'discovered' in 1983, had been plundered partially before. >That discovery forced the Dutch government to confirm that the arms were related to NATO planning for "unorthodox" warfare, arousing speculation that the Netherlands was involved in Gladio. >Some of the stolen weapons, including hand grenades and machine guns, later turned up when police officials arrested criminals John Mieremet and Sam Klepper in 1991. >Johannes Mieremet was killed, 2005, in Thailand after several previous failed attempts, he was a Dutch underworld hitman associated with the Willem Endstra extortion and assassination. >Willem Endstra was investigated in 1992 for allegedly using his business for money laundering the profits of a criminal gang dealing in ecstasy, real state trader by profession via his rich parents. >Mieremet claimed that he was brought into contact with Endstra via Heineken-kidnapper Willem Holleeder. Mieremet also believed that Endstra was behind a recent attempt on his life. >Endstra appeared on the television program Business Class in 2004, saying that after all these years of investigating without finding anything concrete, the authorities should leave him alone now. The day after the broadcast Endstra was shot near his offices in Amsterdam. >Willem Holleeder, nicknamed De Neus because of the size of his nose, is a dutch underworld figure known for his involvement in the kidnapping of Heineken president Freddy Heineken in 1983. >After serving the Heineken sentence, Holleeder emerged as a high-profile criminal leader. Endstra laundered money with him but secretly testified to the police about Holleeder after a fallout in 2003, but was shot dead near his office in 2004. >According to Endstra, Holleeder was involved in 25 murders, including those of hitman Klepper and fellow Heineken-kidnapper Cor van Hout. >American government was directly involved in a hitman-hard drug-extortion-money laundering ring spawning Netherlands and Belgium. And that's just a very specific case i found. Americans are truly the nigger of the world, with a hairy hand and a big nose moving the strings above.
>>1555 Pretty much what >>1556 said but nonetheless It is a rather interesting film tackling the said issues. The film company was later taken under control by the Turkish government just because the US deemed it as a threat to their relationship with their beloved NATO ally -- You can simply pull up the wiki page for "Valley of the Wolves Iraq" literally the only film to portray US war crimes including the Abu-Ghraib prison torture. Billy Zane was blacklisted from Hollywood just for starring in the film and actually defending it. And about the Gladio one, literally portrays the assassination of one of the former Turkish presidents. >>608 Also remove Yilmaz Guney's "Umut" from the list. A literal hack who can't act for shit, never wrote a script in his entire life or directed, he also for shits & giggles literally shot one of his co-stars with a real gun for "realism" just for him to bleed to death in the end. I am advocate of separating the art from the artist but Umut is objectively a bad film, you can see it for yourself as well.
>>1559 >Umut is objectively a bad film, you can see it for yourself as well. Seems plausible. I haven't seen Umut but I was underwhelmed by Yol, another highly-rated film from Güney. The backstory of production from prison while avoiding the authorities is more interesting than the film itself. https://8kun.top/film/res/13094.html#15145
>>1560 Yilmaz Guney is like that, he's more interesting as a character than what he puts out. He's this extremely far-left figure in the country, people really respect and praise him as a "man of the proletariat" despite hanging out exclusively with the bourgeoisie and spending his time in casinos gambling large sums of money away. Think the only reason why Yol even won a Palme D'Or was just some kind of political bullcrap like look at the line-up here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1982_Cannes_Film_Festival Yol over Fitzcarraldo??? come on!
Open file (166.31 KB 220x327 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1556 Have you seen Shooter? Has quite similar themes
BO, should the letterboxd account be updated with more reviews?
>>1823 Sure. If anyone objects to their old /film/ reviews being posted on the letterboxd account, or if you have particular reviews that you want to be added, let me know here.
Open file (64.63 KB 775x874 1628051161152-0.png)
I just visited /tv/ for the first time in a while and noticed they are picking a film from our list this week,
Will we ever make it to 250? War and Peace should be on the list -- it's a phenomenal epic that's been praised here frequently. We've already had it on other lists, but I suggest adding Mother Dao the Turtlelike. It's one of the best examples of unearthing and arranging silent footage to create something fresh and vital. I just wish there was a better restoration of it. I think there should be something from the Sensory Ethnographic Lab. Leviathan is the easy choice but I'm not 100% sure it's the best choice. While I have seen some of their other projects, I can't say that anything beats it. I also suggest including Werner Schroeter in some way. I'm just a casual film watcher so I haven't done an exhaustive study of his filmography, but I was amazed by The Rose King. If it wasn't so homosexual it would be one of my personal favorites. The film is hard to put into words. It plays out like a mood piece with lush visuals that's heavily dependent on the editing.
>>1870 A rare thing they mention us nowadays, back in the day they had a link in their board announcement line. >>1872 I mean we can certainly churn names until we reach 250 but many probably feel to cautious, i do say i have names under my tongue that i would like to see but that will depend on the boss of the list.
Open file (140.41 KB 1024x810 Plague-Dogs-1982-2.jpg)
>>1873 I nominated the theme. I havent posted since 8ch but I was wondering if you consider The Plague Dogs (1982) and Punishment Park or Edvard Munch or some nod towards Peter Watkins.
>>1912 >I havent posted since 8ch Welcome back bud >I was wondering if you consider I'm not the BO but i think he would add any movie as long as you think it's one of your personal favorites, for me i think Punishment Park is a bit of a leaner to one side but the concept itself makes for a compelling work, hell the poster art is still very iconic and one of the main reasons people watch it.
>>1913 I agree on Punishment, so I dont mind if Edvard gets it either since thats also very well done but I need to watch it again to make sure. I have been going through the list and am on Manuel by Raul and so far Ive liked pretty much all of them, I couldnt watch Taigo, Revelateur or The Falls but thats it, so far Satantango and Werkmeister have stuck with me, even if I did not care for his particular thoughts in the latter. Eros was also really good but City of Pirates takes the cake. I have never seen such an effortless film. It just flows between sets and time stands still until its over.
god, i haven't posted since the 8ch days either >>1872 i second something from SEL. i've watched a few from SEL. Sweetgrass, People's Park, Leviathan, Yumen, Manakamana, Single Stream, The Iron Ministry, Caniba. Really interested in the earlier ernst karel stuff, and also i heard they are working on a new film which has something to do with hospitals? not sure if it's out I recommend Leviathan out of the ones I've watched. It's the most well known but also i think the best
>>2152 Welcome back anon.
Open file (1.62 MB 1650x2204 Fábry_Zoltán-1.jpg)
Zoltan Fabri's Merry-Go-Round is a fine film but The Fifth Seal is objectively better. It's basically the difference between an 8/10 vs. the elusive 9/10. What was the justification for this choice? I suppose there are no wrong choices since favorites are entirely arbitrary, but I'm curious nonetheless.
>>2440 The Fifth Seal is a world cinema classic and deserves to be added. We could double up on other directors as well. There's ample room left. I was thinking Peter Greenaway - The Falls is a little different from most of his films so we could include one that represents his typical style.

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