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Open file (248.42 KB 900x1154 eisenstein.jpg)
Anonymous 12/12/2020 (Sat) 10:08:50 No.967
How does this board compare to /film/ on 4chan.org/tv? I can't stand the lack of actual discussion on a topic and there's only arguments about taste and whatnot. Feels like elitism to me.
>>967 >lack of actual discussion on a topic and there's only arguments about taste and whatnot Are you talking about 4chan /film/ thread or here? This board used to be more active on it's original site 8chan, before 8chan (now 8kun) was shut down multiple times. You can see there are a lot of topics archived on the 8kun board. You're free to repost them here to discuss as you wish. This board is a small bunch of people who likes cinema, you can talk about any film here, even Transformers if you have a point. Though we tend to focus on lesser known films, we're not elitist. 4chan /film/ contains too much shitposting and autism for me. Here we just want normal, civil discussion.
>>968 I should have been more specific, 4chan /film/ thread is the one that lacks any real discussion, elitism there still pisses me off. I remember saying that I preferred Andre Bazin's theories and literature to Godard's films, and got shit on by people who never read any literature anyway. Example >prefers theories over films SHUT THE FUCK UP
>>970 Yeah they're just shitposting edgelords, no serious discussion can be held there. The last time I checked that thread out there were a fight between Nolan and Fincher fanboys
>>971 How will you deal with the eventual wave of newfags discovering this (me, for example)?
>>967 Fuck off back to cuckchan, faggot.
Open file (342.47 KB 640x480 6d5ocidq_o.png)
>>973 Did this board get spammed on 4chan? We have had waves of new people in the past but they gradually drift away because of the slow pace
>>970 But if you don't like Godard maybe you're in the right place
>>973 You're fine, I welcome more people as long as they're not just shitposters
>>973 >>975 It does make sense, we've had more activity in the last week than in some months and some comments seem odd in contrast to our normal demeanor in the usually purist imageboard culture, someone probably did mention the board somewhere. I don't want to behave like a hard boiled outsider here like i do in other boards, so i hope they at least know the basic rule of lurking and homogenizing a bit before brashly posting.

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