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Open file (321.39 KB 579x782 toddcollins.png)
/toddcollins/ Supporter 08/30/2020 (Sun) 19:52:09 No.1545
Coming soon, the great powers of Todd Howard and Phil Collins combine to be the great power of the next cup
I'll phil your colons.
Open file (67.26 KB 250x375 philpilled.jpg)
>>1559 Hot!!!!!!!!!!!
phil pilled in dat skyrim
As a heads up the /toddcollins/ team has been purchased by Microsoft for 6 trillion sheckles, now go preorder the new xbox series X
>>1767 Is /toddcollins/ on the wiki?
>>1545 Do you guys have a board yet?
>>1811 no, because the admin of this site is unfortuantally unbased and not philpilled I hope SKF is based enough to take us in even though there hasn't been /vcollins/ since 8kunt
>>1844 Make a wiki entry that unites both pages then go to 8ch or to zzzchan and make a board there, bada bing bada boom
>>1849 You can also create it over at Endchan, just like /jojo/ did
>>1851 Did they do it and why didn't they make a new team then?

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