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On the lack of an Infinity Cup CLERMONT FOOT 63 Board owner 02/25/2022 (Fri) 22:38:22 No.2934
Scroll down on this post for a list of teams participating in the next cup Currently 30 Teams have joined and 2 need to complete their teams to participate Submissions are still open (if a team won't finish their export we will just replace it) but even if we reach the maximum number, extra teams will still see some action! Alright folks, I've waited for what it feels like an eternity and I've yet to receive any message from SKF, so it can be assumed that he's permanently MIA. Given that, I want to have a chat with you guys on the realistic chances of getting this show on the road. For starters, given how low the webring is interconnected compared to the last couple of years, I think it's in our best interests to ignore the "only webrings + 8ch" rule that was previously imposed. This means that we'd unban teams that used to cause problems (/leftypol/, /cow/) as well as allow any imageboard that feels committed enough to participate as their own team (as opposed to individual boards). This would in turn bring us a bit more viewership and participation than the old cup, which basically had just three boards editing wikis and rosters with custom models and whatnot. I want this tournament to feel like a party, not just a circlejerk. Secondly, we lack a lot of resources. To have a tournament, here's the bare minimum we need: >Min. 1 Host, in charge of running and streaming the game >Min. 2 Color Commentators (both to check eventual rigging and to monitor both chat and game), a host could double as a commentator >Min. 2 riggers to check that stats are appropriately loaded in >Min. 1 guy to record >Some anons advertising in a non shilly manner the event I sadly cannot be a reliable host as I can run PES, but the time zones when I could stream are kind of limited so at best I could offer token support. Finally, there's the issue of the game. We could still use PES as our baseline, and just take the exports from previous years and add and modify teams as we please. On the other hand, I think having some other game to use would also help dissociate our group from the 4chan Cup. I say this cause with PES we require a minimum of 8 active teams, whereas I don't know if other games can fit the bill or even allow for easier access to modding tools. Let me know what you guys think of this. --------------------------------------------------------- Tentative list of applicable teams (with links): https://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/index.html - Touhou Project https://smuglo.li/a/ - Animu and Mango https://8chan.moe/ac/ - Latin American Cartoon & Comics https://tvch.moe/art/ - Art Discussion and Shitposts https://zzzchan.xyz/bmn/ - Streaming So-bad-it's-good movies https://anon.cafe/britfeel/ - British board https://anon.cafe/christian/ - Christianity https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/ - Female Cuckholdry https://tvch.moe/dup/ - American Politics [G-CUP CHAMPION] http://endchan.org/egy/ - Egyptian board (https://8kun.top/egy/) https://erischan.org/eris/ - Discordianism (the religion, not the program) https://anon.cafe/f/ - Adobe Flash Player games and animation discussions [4CC 2017 export] https://16chan.xyz/fascist/ - Discussions on Fascism [ICUP 6 WINNER] https://anon.cafe/film/ - (Good) Movie streams and appreciation http://endchan.org/fscchan/ - Indonesian board https://anon.cafe/islam/ - Discussion of the Islamic faith https://alogs.space/ita/ - Italian board https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/index.html - Funposting and Autism https://anon.cafe/k/ - Weapons and War https://2kind.moe/kind/ - Kind friends https://late.city/ & https://anon.cafe/comfy/ - participating as /latecomfy/, anonymous safe for work lounges https://8chan.moe/loomis/ & https://anon.cafe/loomis/ - Artists Hangout, Drawthreads and Collaborative Art Projects https://8chan.moe/monarchy/ - Monarchism and Royalty https://smuglo.li/monster/ - Monstergirls https://otterchat.net/ - Otter appreciation board https://anon.cafe/pro/ - Racoon appreciation board https://anon.cafe/retro/ - 1990s and 2000s internet nostalgia https://sportschan.org/sp/ - Sports discussion board https://anon.cafe/sw/ - Star Wars https://smuglo.li/yuri/ - Girls' romance board Boards who applied for team status but are still missing something leftypol.org - Leftist Politically Incorrect [Exports may be broken, requires host to be willing to make them play, but otherwise team is good to go] https://anon.cafe/server/ - General discussion, with thread-specific rules and css [Missing audio files]
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 06/13/2022 (Mon) 08:16:26.
>>2934 As a general rule, I'd like for the next tournament to feature at least half the teams from the top 20 most active boards of the Webring / 8chan, in order to ensure at the bare minimum some viewership, as opposed to some matches from yesteryear where we could get anything from ten to fifty concurrent viewers. If we used some other game like a Wrestling one or a Tennis one, where less players need to be edited, we could effectively allow much more boards to participate, as we won't end up with scenarios where an empty board wins against all the major ones all the time.
>>2935 If at all possible, I wish we could remove certain teams permanently. Not ones related to a specific imageboard, but those that have boards that no longer exist (/dose/ or /ggrevolt/). I'm in favor of keeping /leftypol/ though.
I think we need to set up rules for teams in general, especially those outside of the webring itself: 1) If a team already exists and its host board is still active, then it should remain in the hands of the host board. 2) If a board (especially outside of the webring) wants to create a new team with the same name as another one that already exists, then either they have to participate jointly with the original board (which takes precedence) or they're given the chance to create a new team but it has to have the name of the Imageboard of origin. For example, if zzzchan's /a/ wants their own team, they must name it zzz/a/.
>>2937 3) If an imageboard outside of the webring wants to compete, we should let them do so but with their own specific imageboard as the team rather than a single board. For example, take Indiachan, they can compete as /india/ or "team Indiachan" but their own /a/ should not compete as its own thing. 4) If a board becomes inactive or its users really don't give a shit about the cup, we should let other boards with the same name to take their place, in order to keep the tournament going.
>>2934 >unban teams that used to cause problems I’m strongly against it. I don’t trust /leftypol/ enough to not have a repeat of their rigging, and plus them being behind the DdoS makes me despise them to the point that they’re off for good. /cow/ is no better, and I prefer they also stay away from the cup, as they are generally a nuisance (see day 1 of icup 6 or their latest spam against Smug). >resources I’ll be honest, I could try and do the recording but I’m not good on how to make OBS not lag my PC (and also /ita/’s manager said he could try and do it; I prefer to be used as a backup). >games For context, I’m the anon who was working on the baseball idea; it’s on hiatus because of lack of motivation and also because editing a 10-year-old game is a huge pain in the ass. I’m not so sure what other games can be easily modded, but I can assure you that the NBA2K games are not. Konami is a piece of shit but EA is not too far behind it. In any case, maybe it’d be a good idea to look back on some of the ideas from this thread >>16 and see if there’s one that can work for us.
>>2938 I would add a stipulation where /b/ styled boards do not really count towards team management. Like if it has some factor that makes it stand out (like /404/ on 8ch that mainly deals with webms) I am okay with it, but 20 off topic boards is kind of too much imo.
>>2939 While I do see your point, it was a rule that was enforced mostly by SKF himself. Generally speaking I agree with the idea that if the host doesn't want to do it, then he shouldn't; and if he wants to do it, there's nothing stopping him from doing it. So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'll never contact /leftypol/ or /cow directly, but if anons from there look like they're interested, I will not stop them from joining if they want to and it will only come down to the host's preferences. Which is why, if anyone is so inclined to make this tourney a reality, they should come forth with a hosting proposition.
Could it be possible to create a thread dedicated solely to new teams? Like, I know that board rules ask teams to create their own individual thread to garner interest, but barring a few exceptions this never really worked. Most anons just post on their own board/website and call us back when they have the roster anyhow.
>>2942 Sure go ahead
>>2941 Okay I see what you mean. I'm just worried that any action coming from either could sour the experience, but I guess we'll have to see. By the way, do you have anything else to say in regards to the other half of my post? Just curious.
Open file (386.65 KB 3717x1089 TheresMoreButIGotBored.png)
>>2939 >I’m strongly against it. I don’t trust /leftypol/ enough to not have a repeat of their rigging This is a silly argument, for many reasons. 0) Trust isn't required from managers. If a team sends an invalid roster, they should be disqualified before the match. Managers can't actually rig. 1) What they did isn't unique or likely intentional. In fact, I went through the ICUP 6 save file with the 4CCeditor's ATF tool (which checks if a team fits the rules) adjusted for ICUP rules. Guess what? The only teams that had a roster without errors were /a/, /co/ and /librejp/, with most other teams having an unfair advantage (in a few cases, ones that could have had significant effects), and some being at an illegal disadvantage. The point being, shit happens, But most importantly: The ICUP wiki itself describes it as a "serious communications failure" on the Infinity Cup 1 page; "A subsequent investigation into /leftypol/'s export found that their goalkeeper had been assigned 77pts for all stats, to the 70 of other teams -- this being the product of a rule change late into planning for Infinity Cup I and nobody checking team exports before the cup began.". 2) It's not even run by the same manager, and (AFAIK) they didn't have any issues in ICUP2 onwards Judging by /pol/eague, they have completely different people running their PES team now, and they've had no trouble with the team, despite it being the designated heel team. So yeah, this argument is ultimately wrong in many ways. >plus them being behind the DdoS I don't think a bunch of infighting larpers could have performed a DDoS (at all, but even then) against a site of that size. Especially not without actually making posts organizing it on their board. I've seen this claim made by a couple of people but never any evidence, or even an argument for their motivation: they were one of the biggest boards there. Why would they deplatform themselves and the other boards they used?
Open file (290.63 KB 474x501 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2937 >Hello, this is Jim Beglin here to give you a warm welcome to the grand final, Manchester United vs. aaa/z/
>>2942 >Like, I know that board rules ask teams to create their own individual thread to garner interest, but barring a few exceptions this never really worked. That, and it caused other teams' threads to get bumped off.
I will do what I can to help. I have sufficient experience with the back end and aesthetics, so I can help with the technical side. Similarly to you, there are timezone issues so I consider my self unable to host for the rest of this year. If we get really desperate I can try and find some compromise, although there could be stream quality issues and I wouldn't be able to participate in commentary in that case (desktop can only be near roommates who like sleep and don't like the words some of the player names have), which is almost a dealbreaker for the host not to be able to commentate as the other commentators get a quick-and-lightweight real-time potato feed where we can't see half of what's really happening. I can take the role of 'rigger to check that stats are appropriately loaded in', a color commentator, and one of the 'advertising in a non shilly manner the event'. >>Min. 1 guy to record Streaming programs often have a local recording option. That's best, in case the streaming site breaks and stops you downloading the final video (this has happened). Just need to make sure there's enough disk space, it's an encoding format that's fast and that it's not a format that corrupts if aborted mid-stream. So one less person needed, just the streamer. >help dissociate our group from the 4chan Cup Never a bad thing to add more sparts, so long as we have the capacity to do it, but I just don't really care about converging or diverging. It's not like SuperTuxKart where they're sick of people calling it a Mario Kart clone, who cares if people notice this cup was an 8chan spin-off?
>>2934 /fascist/ here Although we're not from the webring, we did play games in the cup due to our previous status. Are we still good to go for the next one?
It's cool that you're making a new cup but going around different boards pretending to be a native fan is an even worse form of advertising.
>>2966 Oh God is the autist at it again
Open file (35.38 KB 309x296 nadeshiko cleaver.jpg)
>>2955 >Okay I see what you mean. I'm just worried that any action coming from either could sour the experience It's hard to say, on the one hand /leftypol/ have been shitters, on the other they changed a considerable amount of admins since that time and the userbase might as well be completely different. No idea about /cow/ as I don't look that board up at all. >>2966 >>2967 If it's a copy and pasted message with a stupid picture, it's definitely the cup autist. That was his MO back then at least.
>>2968 I can definitely tell you that >>>/retro/2233 and >>>/film/2348 are the same person. There are likely more as well.
>>2957 >Guess what? The only teams that had a roster without errors were /a/, /co/ and /librejp/, with most other teams having an unfair advantage (in a few cases, ones that could have had significant effects), and some being at an illegal disadvantage. RIGGED All tournaments should be invalidated forever and ever now, 100% By the way where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages >>2958 >Not using the RedCard commentator https://invidious.osi.kr/watch?v=DxY4q4LadTI
>>2938 >4) If a board becomes inactive or its users really don't give a shit about the cup, we should let other boards with the same name to take their place, in order to keep the tournament going. What about a team with a board that is inactive but people like just for the meme? i.e. /bane/ or /test/ >>2960 >I will do what I can to help. I have sufficient experience with the back end and aesthetics, so I can help with the technical side. >I can take the role of 'rigger to check that stats are appropriately loaded in', a color commentator, and one of the 'advertising in a non shilly manner the event'. Godspeed based /eris/ anon, you'll convert me to your religion soon enough
>>2958 Mmh, I was wondering, are there deepfakes for the voices of popular commentators? I know that youtubers have their own voices on services like 15.ai and vocodes, but it might be cool to use one of those to commentate matches or to read certain chat messages and whatnot during the matches. >>2959 We only had a few teams following the rules anyhow.
>>2957 Care to post the rest of these? If we can see the mistakes we can fix them this time.
>>2970 >where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages Not him but I think it was this one https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017/Auto-ATF
>>2957 >>2975 Seconding this request, please.
Open file (80.34 KB 344x344 Manlet_Spy.png)
Been away from this place for ages, what the fuck happened to SKF and Oxford?
I am still here and willing to commentate, assuming you still have my email send me a message, although I might've given it just to SKF. t. Solomon
>>2981 Link it back please
>>2970 >By the way where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages >>2977 is right. Also, the 4CCeditor is here: https://github.com/the4chancup/4ccEditor/releases , I did a quick and dirty adjustment in the source code to change them to our slightly different rules. But as I was looking up that link, I found a result that looks like someone has done the same thing for ICUP already so I'll check that out. It looks better made from a quick glance at the history. If that's the case, we could just send the program to the organizer >>2975
>>2985 q81yba+253a05t5ohjd0@sharklasers.com send something to this with proof that you're the guy i think you are
>>2987 Are you talking about this? https://git.kalli.st/erisian/4ccEditor-ICUP I haven't touched it since planning for ICUP stopped. It's basically what you described with a couple of other convenience changes, like the README says. I've uploaded the compiled .exe, link dies in 23 days: https://lainsafe.kalli.st/files/164618654647311.zip
>>2988 okie dokie
>>2963 I'd imagine so, given that you guys won the previous one. I don't know if the other blackshirts and/or BO are still soured over the whole thing
>>2997 The cup is kind of outside of the scope of board drama Or rather, it oughta be
>>3019 Are you forming a dedicated anti-autist task force?
>>3021 Not really but it's still worth keeping an eye out just because.
Open file (244.95 KB 490x360 vlcsnap-00007.png)
>>3019 I thought the way that post was worded was strange. In any case, if there's room on the docket: /bmn/ would welcome another season of dive grass. Is there anything set in stone for this tourney, or is it up in the air at the moment?
>>2997 What are you talking about? >>2990 Thank you anon
>>3019 Meh, so long as he's not disturbing the board owners, I don't think it's grounds for any worry
>>3025 Glad to have you guys back! You should definitely advertise your movie night on the rest of the webring though.
>>2981 Did they ever contact you?
If you dare forget about us, your defeat shall be slow & dramatic. Anyways, just showing up to say hello guys. Dunno if we'll manage a makeover by the time you set up the next event, but we'll join even with our previous lineup in place. As usual, you can contact us about news in our meta thread or in our icup thread. Now, these are exclusively the current manager's personal opinions: keep leftypol and cow out, keep otter and fascist in, opinions entirely based on relative cuteness.
>>3051 >If you dare forget about us, your defeat shall be slow & dramatic. Are you /yuri/'s rep? >keep leftypol and cow out I think people stated it's all up to the host. What if we just let them play in their own little league so at least one of them loses?
So ist it actually gonna happen now?
>>3057 That's up to the BO and whoever volunteers to do what is described in the OP
Open file (8.10 MB 1280x720 memerson.mp4)
just dumping this here
>>2934 You might wanna head over here >>>/server/1280
Open file (15.15 KB 320x213 clown.jpg)
>>3068 C R I N G E R U
Open file (15.15 KB 320x213 clown.jpg)
>>3068 C R I N G E R U
The autist is at it again
>>3086 Where?
>>3087 For now I've seen him on /a/ and /2hu/
>>3088 And on /agdg/ also
>>3086 Is there a way to advertise it without having to rely on autists? I would REALLY rather our board wasn't tarnished by tards.
>>3092 Unfortunately the only way SKF did so was to basically ask the autist to stop, which didn't work sadly. Or at least make it clear that the cup is not finalised yet.
>>3093 Sorry for doubleposting but he also posted on /animu/ too.
>>2934 /retro/ here If possible could you add us?
>>2934 What's the deadline for team submissions?
>>3096 Currently there is no deadline but ideally we would like to have something around 32 teams, so you can just count the guys who already asked to participate. All it matters is that we find a host, then we will just close submissions as soon as we feel comfortable streaming the event.
>>3095 aight
>>2934 Put us in the thing t. /cuckquean/
/christian/ here, if a new cup is happening can you put us in
>>3101 >>3102 okay I'll add it to the OP later
>>2934 Hey chaim, I checked /film/ and they have no real submission, only a will to participate
>>2934 Add /art/ to the list >>3104
>>3112 righto I'll also change /film/'s status
Sign up /2hu/ please.
>>3118 done
>>2934 /sw/, you know what you gotta do
>>3131 Glad you guys could be with us!
Did /monster/ not join yet? It seems like their thread got knocked off the catalog somehow last I checked. I'm surprised they weren't reinvited yet either.
Open file (144.25 KB 404x293 icup 6 awards.jpg)
>>3138 To clarify, yes, I'm asking for /monster/ to be put back in.
>>3139 and about time too Add /ita/ to the mix please
>>3138 >It seems like their thread got knocked off the catalog somehow last I checked. It's still up: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/15009.html
BO please add /monster/ and /ita/ to the list And also >>3142 as a potential team
>>3145 sorry been outtatown for the week, I'll do asap
>>2934 please put /egy/ in
>>3141 Oh. Never mind, I misremembered us as having our thread here on this board. >>3148 Where does /egy/ even hang out these days?
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
We as proud representatives of /monarchy/, wish to submit a team. We are currently working on the details with the assistance of a kit maker anon.
Sorry about the weird colors, I'm trying to edit the CSS to make it jazzier but it's just becoming a bit of a bother to look at
Open file (21.22 KB 538x631 Infinity Cup.png)
/leftypol/ (leftypol.org) are ready!
>monarchy and leftypol together in the cup wew
>>3160 Wait, you the portuguese guy who drew board tans? Can you back up your claims that you are from the board?
>>3161 I-It's not like we like you or anything Grace-tan! Juche isn't even a real monarchy! >>3162 No, I am not the lovely person who drew those tans. I can back up the claims: 'Vaush' wordfilters to Agent Kochinski
>>3163 >'Vaush' wordfilters to Agent Kochinski That means absolutely nothing to me as I don't keep track of anything but my immediate interests But sure let's do this
Open file (399.78 KB 1000x1000 Loomis_logo.png)
Make room for /loomis/! (that is, both boards, but mainly the 8ch one)
>>3029 You say that, but at the same time I agree with >>3092 that if that autist is not stopped he will ruin the board's reputation. I only bring this back because he posted in >>>/l/1402
>>3169 Is there NO END to this autismo machine?
>>3184 I wish I could know how to stop that autist, anon.
>>2934 please add smug/a/ before the tournament's deadline
>>3186 Are you an /a/ poster? You don't sound like an /a/ poster.
>>3187 I saw someone ask it on Smug and rushed to reply once I saw the number of teams already present at the tournament. Speaking of, shouldn't /a/ and the other old cup teams have some sort of assured status when it comes to new competitions? Seems a bit unfair.
>>3188 I don't think so, if you want in at least one person should be here to say so
>>3188 Also, was that on /a/ or on the cum discussion board?
>>3186 I have no idea what this is but it's probably more of the autist's spamming random boards.
>>3193 We have the best investigative team of the Webring lmao Anyhow if /a/ doesn't make a thread, then it's a bust for me
I've thought of a dozen different ways to try and write this. It's all come out sounding dumb and stupid. Life's been shit for plenty of people over the past bit, myself included, so there's no need to go over the details. A lot of things fell to the wayside over that span of time, imageboards were a big one. Some boards have gone dark, or dropped off the webring entirely. It sucks, I'm sorry for that. I feel bad about it because I wanted to work on this Cup as a way to keep things active, strengthen ties with anons and their board, boards with other boards. It can still happen. We've hit tons of speed bumps along the way, this ought to be nothing. I have to be honest that I can't one-man-show this anymore though. I really thought that I'd be able to handle all of the bigger stuff, plus the wiki and keeping up with the goings on the board and team threads. It was just too much. I'm not hashing anything out officially. I know /eris/'s rep, Pope GD has been attempting things from the technical side, there's a couple of Blenderfags around and a few other dedicated anons. We can make it work. Nothing is gone, nothing I have or had has been deleted. All of the videos and recordings are still on my HDD. The work I was doing to create a blank base game for people to test with is all still here. I've been getting back into migrating the wiki. Slowly but surely we'll make it. If you want to know where to find me, I'll be here every few days or so to check in and slowly catch up. I'm usually active in the evening/night on the East Coast, if you want a specific time. And if you don't believe this is me, check for the mod edit below. And check here: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/User:SKF Let's play some divegrass lads.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/11/2022 (Mon) 03:23:05.
I'm just putting this out there, controversial idea, but it is possible to ask for a 4chan Cup Committee person to host a match day, even if we organize the rest of it and bring our own color commentary.
>>3224 (me) I should point out I'm not someone running this thing, I'm just an anon.
>>3224 We could certainly try. Back in the day someone claiming to be a 4CC organizer wanted to do an invitational match with 8chan (before sex change).
>>3224 Do they even care about us? I mean, we could try, but I'm not expecting anything at this point.
>>3230 >>3227 >>3224 It's not an idea that jumps out at me as strikingly good, honestly. If there's an appetite for it, maybe, but we'd probably be better served trying to find Cotton again or something.
>>3230 Sure they don't have a vested interest but I'm sure they'd find it fun or a welcome change from the scheduled programming. >>3231 Of course DIY is best if we can find Cotton or a fan who is capable, but if it comes down to no-one able and waiting another year, I think it's a good compromise.
>leftypol.org - Leftist Politically Incorrect [Exports may be broken, requires host to be willing to make them play, but otherwise team is good to go] /leftypol/ rep here, I am willing and able to update the export and player models (I have the PES 2017+patch installed now). We want to update a few players anyway. Let me know if there's anything else concrete you need before we can enter. What are the blockers, other than sign-ups? Is it just finding capable hosts, or is there something else?
>>3248 Sure pal It's just so I remember to look into the stats sid.of things and to stop being a lazy cunt, but if you have changes you wish to make go ahead and do them / tell me so we can get them in
I'm seeing that the /ac/ guys have everything ready >>3257 BO can you please update the OP?
>>3262 Sure once my shift is over
So, when's the tournament starts?
>>3272 When we can find a host.
sorry it took so long I'm kinda busy
>>3272 Is it possible this summer?
>>3277 I think this question should be left for SKF to answer, but the main problems currently are that no one has stepped up to be the host and the 32-team roster hasn't been reached.
>>3277 >>3278 I think it may be a good idea to scout around for potential hosts on boards, not just sit here waiting for a hand up that won't arrive, if we want things done in summer. I can pick it up in winter but until then, asking around seems smart. Someone above mentioned asking 4CC staff for a one-off host volunteer, I don't think it's a bad idea, probably fun for a change if anything. If you want me to try and establish contact and organize this, I can, let me know. >32 team roster It's easy to add 2 popular filler teams from the legacy roster, so that's a solvable issue.
>>3279 we need 3 more though, but /a/ seems to be quasi interested? Or is it probably just some troll?
>>3279 The only one who seems to be up for hosting so far is the /leftypol/ anon. And once again, the idea of using 4CC staff is not a very good one. Maybe save that as a sort of last resort. >>3280 I don't think so. The way it's written leads me to think it's the autist doing this shit.
>>3280 What are the statuses of /librejp/ (I thought there was noted interest) and /lego/ (always fun, actually made fan-art) ? >>3281 >the idea of using 4CC staff is not a very good one Why not? Cultural differences?
>>3282 >/librejp/ One anon was asking if it was possible to port VRoid models to Blender, and another one was asking if there was a deadline, saying that he'd try to make it to the stream if possible. >/lego/ Last time I checked the board was completely inactive, and seems to be so since March. >Why not? Cultural differences? In part that's one of the reasons, but the other is just me wondering if they still use PES2017 for any other cup besides the main one.
>>3283 >but the other is just me wondering if they still use PES2017 for any other cup besides the main one. That part shouldn't be an issue: most of the skills and tools are the same with PES2021 and installing our 2017 and patches doesn't take long (esp. if you've installed PES before) and we can just send them the DLC and verified teams, and make them aware of any different rules (e.g. live managment).
>>3284 (me) The idea being they're a streamer, rather than an organizer. Host may have been a poor choice of words for this situation.
>>3285 I guess that could work? Still not open to that idea though.
Speaking of finishing the roster, have you tried asking on 8chanmoe boards? what other image board has been recently created.
>>3294 >have you tried asking on 8chanmoe boards? Read the OP, there's a couple of boards from 8moe who are invited. As for new imageboards, no idea.
Open file (363.09 KB 800x800 kindfc.png)
>>2934 /kind/ reporting in. Looks like we are back for the cup. If you don't have the original (not the skewed tactics by ziegel) use them, else I will source them during the next week.
>>3335 I probably have the ICUP5 strats sitting here somewhere. If you can find them before I do, take 'em.
Wouldja add us /comfy/ bros to the mix? It's /latecomfy/ though and I think it's fine like that.
>>3353 Do you know if /late/ is also interested in joining alongside /comfy/?
Has anyone asked their homeboards if someone can act as a host? Let us know which board you've asked. I'll give you a week before I ask on /leftypol/
>>3355 >spoiler Do not.
What the fuck is going on with Hispachan?
>>3358 It seems confusion, they got a new admin 2 years ago after some chagrin and 2 days ago dude posted out of nowhere a site blog entry saying the site couldn't be ran anymore due to costs and that everyone had 3 days left, he then deleted 2 boards without notice. Day later he posted about 8moe being the most plausible place to go, some anon posted an offer about paying the server costs or downright buying the site with some others (he had half of the projected value) and offering him some role in such buy out, admin backed down and said he wouldn't accept it and stopped replying. Now rumors run free and everyone is running headless seeing what to do, let alone the nuked boards were left in thin air or to organize in some other boards, some hours ago the admin also locked many technical boards to have a last-day shelter thing going leaving many efforts in the same catalogue as the farewell threads. A shitshow, Krautchan (one site that names itself as it at least) opened a bunker for them and seems some are shitting the place up discussing things, they had an official backup in 8kun but they didn't seem to check if the site worked so shit is not used, i read there's the 8moe thing going on already but i don't think it will work, they are too varied in terms of topics and nationality jargons to post together in a single board. I checked the old places in Endchan and it seems very few remember they had backup there, i knew the ones who stayed there evolved into their own thing but i didn't realize the Hispa users were that much of newfags to ignore those places in their emergency lists. TL;DR admin decided to close shop out of nowhere, nuked a couple of boards and gave them 3 days to organize but in reality gave them a day and a half due to posting the notice well into the first day and locking many boards in the third day aka right now. Also doesn't accept rescue efforts and wants to redirect to 8moe.
>>3336 Ok, I talked with the person who made the original tactic and she wants to make a new one, but would need some time for that. Is there and estimation how much time do we have until the tactics needs to get submitted? >>3355 I (Ziegel) could go commentating again, but I'm not sure if my setup is able to stream a game, I could try it out though.
Open file (216.01 KB 1531x2334 71Gu8z7Rp1L.jpg)
>>3360 >she
>>3362 Is that the head meido?
>>3363 Beats me but barely anyone else browses their support board
Okay, so with /a/ and /latecomfy/ joining (apparently) I was wondering what would happen with teams like /leftypol/ and /server/ who are missing stuff. Yes, a host too.
>>3360 >>3360 (I am not official) I can't see the cup starting earlier than July, and could easily be later depending on if a potential streamer is found or not. ICUP 6 matchdays started 2nd week of August. Many teams are completely new, so there's definitely enough time to make strategies.
>>3365 Looks like they both now have enough to be included so /a/ and /latecomfy/ joining would make it a perfect 32 league.
>>3365 /leftypol/ anon said he had everything backed up and the 4cc files, no idea about /server/ We could just wait for the various teams to touch up their stuff and accept any new comer that has already finished building their own team.
Open file (148.80 KB 360x450 Adeline.png)
>>3358 >>3359 Hi guys, it's so sad that hispachan had to close. Nevertheless, /ac/ is still alive and healthy, we are now on 8chanmoe, you can check our board; https://8chan.moe/ac/ And since we no longer have geo blocking I hope you would be able to post there more frequently.
>>3373 What happened to your imageboard is downright criminal, glad to see you managed to relocate so smoothly onto 8chan.
>>3374 Thanks man. We might lost some posters during the process, but overall we are doing it very good so far. You can come and hang out anytime if you want, we don't mind people using google translate, hell, we don't even mind posting in English.
>>3360 Which part of the streaming do you think will be a problem? GPU of screen recording and streaming? Internet speed? There are some GPU settings that can improve performance of the game and the streaming, I'm happy to offer advice for testing.
Open file (279.02 KB 800x800 bibendum.png)
>>2934 >CLERMONT FOOT 63 J'ai vu une capture d'un de tes posts sur /late/. J'ai vu le nom d'utilisateur. J'ai eu un petit sursaut. QUOI ?!? Un Clermontois sur les planches à images ?!? On se croisera peut-être au stade à l'occasion si t'es toujours dans le pays. Sinon 8chan.moe/planche/ si tu ne le savais pas. Au plaisir.
>>3381 My bad, it seems it's the default name for all posters ? I'm not familiar with this board so I had to lurk moar before posting. Anyway, I'm not into football but seeing Clermont Foot 63 was quite heart warming.
Open file (42.58 KB 1251x290 ClipboardImage.png)
BO add /late/ in the OP, they've confirmed their participation as well.
>>3382 It's a joke because PES once displayed one of the team's names as Clermont Foot 63 and anons found that funny.
>>3384 OK that was quite funny and unxpected to see them mentionned on an imageboard because it's not a "big team" from a little french city lost in the country (this season they played well in the League 1 championship tho). As I say I'm not into football nor video games but the idea of the Infinity Cup is fun, will lurk. Good games frens.
>>3381 Hey there frog fren As the other person mentioned, the name for the generic anons comes from a weird glitch/oversight that happened in the last cup, our host at the time (SKF) had correctly imported all teams, but for some reason the Indonesian one (which was placed on top of the existing Clermont football team) and the one about shitposting on Donald Trump (which hilariously got mixed with BOURG EN BRESS) had a bunch of settings reverted by the editor, chat loved it so much we just decided to use it for shit and giggles. You're welcome to watch our streams as soon as we get them up and running. Tell your pals too!
>>3385 >As I say I'm not into football nor video games but the idea of the Infinity Cup is fun, will lurk. Good to hear. My homeboard had a few people mention they normally don't like sport but the player jokes and commentary made it a very fun time for them. I hope you find it the same. PS: you can see some old recorded matches on https://archive.org/details/gcup_20220310 and https://archive.org/details/ic6_20220606 , but it's not the same without the fans in the chat room ;)
>>3382 Hey anon, since you know about the team: one question that's been around since it first appeared is what the 63 is for. Do you know what's the 63 in Clermont Foot 63 stands for?
Open file (257.56 KB 2000x1975 63.jpg)
Open file (4.16 MB 4288x2848 Clermont.jpg)
>>3387 I must admit I played PES (at least 10 years ago) with a bunch of friends while drinking whisky and smoking joints. Fun times we had. >>3388 >63 Metropolitan France is subdivised in administrative zones (departments) numeroted from 01 to 95 respecting an alaphabetical order. 63 is for Puy-de-Dôme where is located the city of Clermont-Ferrand. So the 63 in the team name.
>>3383 uh oh better add it to the list
>>2934 At this point it seems really stupid to keep leftypol out of the team roster so I guess unless SKF wants to host and still opposes to it we should add them back on the sure-candidate list
>>3393 Yep, we're ready with new tactics and currently backporting player models to 2017. /server/ just needs to add some more music and that's the 32 teams ready maybe just use the anthem in their thread https://anon.cafe/server/res/678.html#1322 , and a dial-up modem sound for goals until they add some metal or rock for /metal/ and /rocks/.
>>3394 Not quite (e.g. /ac/ need to add more players and music, /monarchy/ need a new kit) but everyone's at a point where they've expressed interest and made a team that can be made valid by anyone within an hour. The list is effectively complete, any outliers can be chased up on their own board at this point. I will start completing this to-do list with the rest of the things we need from team managers. https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do#How_to_edit_this note: I've got 20 teams listed with roster issues, many of them are technically legal but there's no use just having unused placeholder substitutes. So if your team is on the list and you have 'nothing to do', maybe get a head-start on that. I can give more details on request for teams with technical issues, like a player needing more height or having too many cards. (here, on your home board, or via email if an address is supplied, PGP optional)
Here's a potential list of boards that could host ICUP7: /a/ - There's a couple of anime streams done over there plus the weekly r/a/dio. /bmn/ - He does the BMN streams every Saturday. Could give it a try if it doesn't interfere with his schedule. /japan/ - Mostly Soku tournaments but also the occasional stream. /monster/ - The /monster/ wrestling federation. /yuri/ - They do anime streams as well, and they also advertise on /a/. The idea is to post on their boards and ask if they could be able to host the cup. If there's any other board that could jump in that it's not in here let me know. Before you ask, yes the /leftypol/ anon is also an option but I want to try some alternatives before.
>>3397 (me) I forgot that /2hu/ (mainly Oxford) could also host it. Is he still around?
>>3397 >>3398 Good thinking. Do you want to ask them? Otherwise I'll go asking those boards tomorrow.
>>3399 Sure, go for it.
>>3397 Maybe we could get more than one host to stream their half of the tournament, so that we don't offload the responsibility on just a single anon. Also don't forget about the /leftypol/ guy. Or 8/v/ for that matter.
Open file (29.19 KB 245x399 let's stalk ox!.png)
>>3398 I reached out to /monster/ and they gave us two reccs, one of them Oxford. He's certainly alive, I'll try and chat when they're online (might have to wait a day as I'm busy). As a side note, the monster stream is chill. Give 'em a visit. >>3401 Of course having more than one host is ideal, I'm pretty sure that's how most multi-day events are run (this is around 4 game-days long) because anons have lives. There's also the 4CC group but as said before, keeping it in-house is ideal, they should be considered a fallback.
>>3395 /pro/ tic tacs are here >>3048
>>3402 >the monster stream Where's that?
Open file (10.78 KB 1174x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.73 KB 569x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3401 >/leftypol/ guy Check the spoiler. >8/v/ I have my doubts, mainly because if they were ever sent an invitation (by the autist mostly) they didn't reply. I don't know if they want to host it if they haven't joined the roster. >>3402 Alright, that's good. Hopefully he's still interested in running the cup. >more hosts Besides that list I don't know if the other boards can host. I lurked briefly over /ac/ and I saw this reply (pic related). It'd be possible to ask the other ones but I'm gonna think it over for now.
Open file (67.08 KB 253x247 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3402 Ox has confirmed they are happy to stream! Best availability on Saturdays and Sundays, and he mentioned we should keep looking for more streamers to get a bit of variety and new blood. They also mentioned they don't want to have to handle the EDIT save files and other technical stuff like last time, which is perfectly fine because I've taken responsibility for all the technical setup at this point, I just send across completed DLC so streamers only have to worry about streaming. In that sense, maybe use the word 'streamer' instead of 'host' when asking others to avoid confusion.
>>3408 Hah, I wouldn't mind a simulcast in spanish and english for the cup Maybe we could even get the indonesian, italian and japanese anons to do their own commentary
16chan is down, /fascist/ has relocated to 8moe for now
>>3428 Like, down permanently?
>>3430 Seems like it. Apparently it started as a heavy spam attack but then they got deplatformed from what I'm reading on the meta thread.
Open file (13.47 KB 1168x144 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3428 >>3430 >>3431 Confirmation from BO: 16chan is kill
Open file (1.48 MB 494x360 PARTY HARD.webm)
>>3433 It's always sad when an imageboard dies, I am sad about the Aussies to be honest. Where did they go?
>>3410 Excellent. With that out of the way we just need to find a streamer. I'll try and see if I can make the rounds on their respective threads to ask for one. >>3419 That's an interesting thought there, but let's find some people who can stream the cup first. >Maybe we could even get the indonesian, italian and japanese anons to do their own commentary Sounds a bit cumbersome with all of the different timezones and whatnot. >>3439 I imagine they've moved to the /ausneets/ board on Endchan.
Open file (33.31 KB 256x256 8.png)
I would like to get some proper organization happening to help make ICUP 7 actually work. Chaos is all well and good, but without some framework it becomes useless. The bottom line is, I don't have any way to know if there are 4 or 8 people alive, how to contact them or what they are capable and incapable of doing. Everyone who sees this message and is able to contribute, please reply with: > a name I don't mind if you use a vague throwaway name like 'icup1' that you never use anywhere else. Just give a name that someone can shout to refer to you when asking for help. > best ways to contact Something that you check daily or weekly. Preferably email (PGP optional), or maybe an imageboard or open chatroom (like a weekly cytube), so that anyone can contact you if needed. Even saying '/icup/' is fine, although not ideal, especially between cups when people probably aren't checking here. Do NOT use a throwaway email, unless you know they will forward messages to an inbox that you will still be checking a year from now. Avoid deanonymizing services like Discord. >what you can do Things like streaming, game modding, 3D modelling, image editing for hype material, managing a team, owning the board or wiki or cytube or archive, helping out with the wiki (thank you Icupanon! your effort has been very helpful), anything like that. ----- And yes, I will happily help guide people who want to get involved in aesthetics or managing. At this point I don't know if any one else (excluding SKF, who is effectively inactive for this season) is willing to do any PES stuff, graphics or tactics, resulting in me handling all modding for 32+ teams until other volunteers put their hand up. There is a lot to do, and any help will improve the quality of the cup, or let us run it sooner: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do Depending on who can get involved, it makes sense for me to step up and start ultimately pushing forward in organizing ICUP7 in some official capacity to run some time in the next couple of months. AlphabetSoup has done excellent work creating ICUP7, driving interest and organizing all the team entries, and now we need to start focusing on fixing team strategies, setting deadlines and deciding when exactly we can stream it. We have found one available streamer, a couple of potential streamers, and some time in August I should hopefully be able to stream games as well, along with anyone >>3440 can find. I think we're ready to start setting concrete dates. I will definitely be asking for feedback from /icup/, but my prediction is that ICUP7 will start streaming some time in August, as ICUP6 did. This gives a good balance of allowing time for teams to finalize strategy and rosters, gives me and any other volunteers time to get models for more teams, allows some time for test games, and won't drain hype too much. ----- > Pope Grassstains the Divin' I (aka. grassstains) > best contact: erischan's ICUP thread or email [remove the X's] eriXsian at kalliX.st . /icup/ also works when organizing or running a cup. > I mod PES (editing .bin data, tactics, aesthetics), import 3D models, potential future streamer > pubkey for those who really want to use it in email: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- xjMEYBDmCxYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAsNIY9QIxk43GoiOYi/1Ucy35COXqq0MTxex5z/dQtnLNGkVy aXNpYW4gPGVyaXNpYW5Aa2FsbGkuc3Q+wosEExYIADMWIQT/QYGevugB7XqavngRqKmGlkp2gwUC YBDmCwIbAwULCQgHAgYVCAkKCwIFFgIDAQAACgkQEaiphpZKdoPKrgEAu42lAv6SXYyW0cIQPVsW EgmhMQYev//HHqt44MFH1IwBAMp9FOTLrKahNDrTosoRNj+KKH+VpT2prFIoMU0p0iQKzjgEYBDm CxIKKwYBBAGXVQEFAQEHQCeOk6bl3LUN56O1K6PAT0tBI7ev54qIsinXjaDExe4RAwEIB8J4BBgW CAAgFiEE/0GBnr7oAe16mr54EaiphpZKdoMFAmAQ5gsCGwwACgkQEaiphpZKdoMdLAD9F9XBpatO Ptmq16iBjXVCnPe9w30veGISUUlMkRaSVJ4BAN+Rg9etm2sC42nqc9oknCeao3w7fOoIgxX1dvkK DHMO =StG5 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
Open file (942.30 KB 2000x2000 Grace n Alpha full 2.png)
>>3395 >/monarchy/ need a new kit The kit has been an issue for a while. There was a gk kit submitted, but I recall the color scheme wasn't a pass. But /monarchy/ does have kits. I could change the color of the gk kit, if that resolves the problem.
>>3444 >I could change the color of the gk kit, if that resolves the problem. Yep, that will resolve the problem.
>>3397 If some other board is hosting the cup, should the (meta) A E S T H E T I C S for the cup align with the host or the board that won the previous cup? Because /fascist/ doesn't really have that much to play with besides barbed wire and genocide. Asking for a friend of course.
>>3447 I think they were talking about finding real life people who can act as streamers, and the boards they may be found on, instead of talking about the virtual host board who is traditionally the previous winner. I'm not looking forward to replacing the comfy /kind/ theme with axes and edgelords either, greco-roman RPing or not, but it is cup tradition. Consider it motivation to beat them. What A E S T H E T I C S are there for the host team, apart from the [click start to continue] splash and a custom ball? I don't think we will be expanding beyond the last cup's decorations unless more people contribute.
If oneanon has a chance to check their email, please do.
>>3470 Done, check it.
Open file (54.27 KB 500x500 Egy_logo.png)
I am incapable of posting on 8kun.top/egy/ (comes up saying I'm on Tor when I'm not, .onion link is completely broken), so could someone help out an make this new thread? hey bros سنلعب بطولة كرة قدم أخرى في https://anon.cafe/icup/res/2407.html. بدأ مستخدم واحد هنا بالفعل في إنشاء فريق. http://infinitycup.miraheze.com/wiki//egy/ هل سترون ذلك يا رفاق؟ <> and then reply with this (unless you can write in Arabic): فيما يتعلق بفريقك ، تحتاج إلى إنشاء مجموعة حارس مرمى ومجموعة خارج الديار. أقترح أيضا اختيار أغنية احتفال بالهدف ، ونشيد الفريق ، وتكتيكات الفريق (انظر الويكي أو /icup/) لمزيد من المتعة ، أوصي بتحميل صور عمودية لكل اعب (لاستبدال الرموز الفارغة في طريقة عرض Game Plan) هنا أو يفضل إنشاء صفحة القائمة الخاصة بك: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//egy//Roster ستكون مربعة (تشجيع الشفافية) وحوالي 75 × 75 بكسل في اللعبة ، لذلك ضع في اعتبارك الصور التي ستبدو جيدة عند تقليصها. يمكنك أيضا محاولة العثور على نماذج 3D في حال كان لدينا وقت إضافي لإضافتها. أخيرا ، إذا كنت قادرا على القيام بنمذجة 3D ، أو إنشاء OC ، أو العمل على الويكي أو مجرد المساعدة بأي طريقة ممكنة ، فلا تتردد في التواصل أيضا.
>>3473 Thanks for that. A question that needs answering sooner or later is what to do with teams that show absolutely no interest, and that's something best decided by the viewers. I realize that there are only about 5 people who will view this board this week but that beats 1 of me. There are a lot of teams that are unresponsive. Consider >>>/f/ which is nearly dead and currently unresponsive to important communications. Basically, I don't want 10 teams that have absolutely no spectators or manager. 1) Change nothing, just auto-pilot them and hope they don't all ruin the finals. 2) Give them a warning that their place may be lost, and ask some highly-active boards if they wish to participate instead (especially those with existing legacy teams like /ausneets/, /tg/, /v/). 3) Downsize the tournament.
>>3482 >2) Give them a warning that their place may be lost, and ask some highly-active boards if they wish to participate instead (especially those with existing legacy teams like /ausneets/, /tg/, /v/). Seems to be the right call. Should we order boards by magnitude or by date of participation?
>>3492 I'm not sure. On one hand, highly active boards have a decent chance of bringing a lot of viewers if they know a game is happening. That said, larger boards have more people who could have expressed interest. Some boards (like /egy/ and /fascist/) are slow and haven't been in contact for over a year, so it makes sense to give them the first warnings.
>>2934 Do you have a list of the boards you think should be put in the "warning" tier?
>>3494 This is what I can see at this point. Let me know of any impactful mistake. Three most unresponsive so far highlighted. Board Team validity Contact history /2hu/ Valid Responsive >>3396 /a/ Valid Expression of interest in June https://smuglo.li/support/res/11485.html /ac/ Illegal Responsive as of June https://8chan.moe/ac/res/898.html /art/ Valid Responsive >>3488 /bmn/ 3 subs Responsive as of April https://zzzchan.xyz/bmn/thread/2.html#151 /britfeel/ Valid Responsive as of April >>>/britfeel/4010 /christian/ 2 subs Responsive >>>/chrisitian/13761 /cuckquean/ 3 subs Responsive as of June >>3432 /dup/ 1 sub Responsive https://tvch.moe/dup/res/108666.html#114777 /egy/ Missing kits No responses on boards, no contact since March >>2441 /eris/ Valid Responsive >>3496 /f/ Illegal Somewhat repsponsive, contact from April >>>/f/ /fascist/ 5 subs EoI in March >>2997 , unresponsive to a thread https://8chan.moe/fascist/res/211.html /film/ Valid* Responsive as of April >>3219 /fscchan/ Valid Expressions of interest in March https://endchan.org/fscchan/res/4156.html /islam/ Valid Responsive >>3456 /ita/ Valid EoI in March >>3140 , thread was bumped in April. https://alogs.space/ita/res/811.html /japan/ Valid EoI in March >>3131 . Unsure if responsive: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/1391.html#1391 /k/ Valid Couldn't find EoI or contact. Didn't have anything to respond to. /kind/ Valid Responsive >>3335 /late[..]/ Valid Expressions of interest in May /leftypol/ Valid Responsive as of June https://leftypol.org/games/res/18613.html /loomis/ Valid EoI in March >>3165 /monarchy/ No tactics Responsive >>3455 /monster/ Valid Responsive >>3410 (/monster/ stream) /otter/ 1 sub Unknown, some kind of EoI >>2991 , will probably run anyway as a fan favorite /pro/ No tactics* Responsive >>3417 /retro/ Valid Expressions of interest in March >>>/retro/2233 /sp/ Valid Fast board. Can't find EoI but surely responsive. /sw/ 3 subs EoI in March >>3125 /yuri/ 1 sub EoI in March >>3051 We might start sending warnings at the end of the week, it would be nice to leave it longer but if we get new teams, they need time to set up. Warning to the least responsive teams and notify large boards on the 9th (3 days), then if they can enter a valid team faster than an unresponsive team can reply, they tentatively take its spot. In response to that, I'll try and send out the current update message to /a/, /ac/ & /islam/-/yuri/ ASAP to see who's responsive, because some didn't have anything to respond to.

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