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ICUP 7 General Thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 Board owner 02/25/2022 (Fri) 22:38:22 No.2934
[this OP has been re-written to keep the conversations in one place] Welcome to the Infinity Cup 7 tournament! This cup will consist of 32 competing teams, playing 3 matches each in the group stage to qualify for the knockout final games. The 32 participating Infinity Cup teams are: /2hu/ - /a/ - /ac/ - /art/ - /bmn/ - /britfeel/ - /christian/ - /cuckquean/ - /dup/ - /egy/ - /eris/ - /fascist/ - /film/ - /fscchan/ - /islam/ - /ita/ - /japan/ - /k/ - /kind/ - /late/ & /comfy/ - /leftypol/ - /loomis/ - /monarchy/ - /monster/ - /otter/ - /pro/ - /retro/ - /server/ - /sp/ - /sw/ - /v/ - /yuri/ Additionally, an friendly invitational match and a bonus match for the winner will take place between guest teams /soy/ and Frenschan after the matches of Round 2. Round 1: Saturday 20 August & Sunday 21 August SEE >>4166 Round 2: Saturday 27 August & Sunday 28 August Round 3: Saturday 3 September & Sunday 4 September Finals: Saturday 10 September & Sunday 11 September All these times could change.
Edited last time by grassstains on 08/16/2022 (Tue) 06:12:59.
[this was originally the OP post] Scroll down on this post for a list of teams participating in the next cup Currently 30 Teams have joined and 2 need to complete their teams to participate Submissions are still open (if a team won't finish their export we will just replace it) but even if we reach the maximum number, extra teams will still see some action! Alright folks, I've waited for what it feels like an eternity and I've yet to receive any message from SKF, so it can be assumed that he's permanently MIA. Given that, I want to have a chat with you guys on the realistic chances of getting this show on the road. For starters, given how low the webring is interconnected compared to the last couple of years, I think it's in our best interests to ignore the "only webrings + 8ch" rule that was previously imposed. This means that we'd unban teams that used to cause problems (/leftypol/, /cow/) as well as allow any imageboard that feels committed enough to participate as their own team (as opposed to individual boards). This would in turn bring us a bit more viewership and participation than the old cup, which basically had just three boards editing wikis and rosters with custom models and whatnot. I want this tournament to feel like a party, not just a circlejerk. Secondly, we lack a lot of resources. To have a tournament, here's the bare minimum we need: >Min. 1 Host, in charge of running and streaming the game >Min. 2 Color Commentators (both to check eventual rigging and to monitor both chat and game), a host could double as a commentator >Min. 2 riggers to check that stats are appropriately loaded in >Min. 1 guy to record >Some anons advertising in a non shilly manner the event I sadly cannot be a reliable host as I can run PES, but the time zones when I could stream are kind of limited so at best I could offer token support. Finally, there's the issue of the game. We could still use PES as our baseline, and just take the exports from previous years and add and modify teams as we please. On the other hand, I think having some other game to use would also help dissociate our group from the 4chan Cup. I say this cause with PES we require a minimum of 8 active teams, whereas I don't know if other games can fit the bill or even allow for easier access to modding tools. Let me know what you guys think of this. --------------------------------------------------------- Tentative list of applicable teams (with links): https://zzzchan.xyz/2hu/index.html - Touhou Project https://smuglo.li/a/ - Animu and Mango https://8chan.moe/ac/ - Latin American Cartoon & Comics https://tvch.moe/art/ - Art Discussion and Shitposts https://zzzchan.xyz/bmn/ - Streaming So-bad-it's-good movies https://anon.cafe/britfeel/ - British board https://anon.cafe/christian/ - Christianity https://anon.cafe/cuckquean/ - Female Cuckholdry https://tvch.moe/dup/ - American Politics [G-CUP CHAMPION] https://endchan.org/egy/ - Egyptian board (https://8kun.top/egy/) https://erischan.org/eris/ - Discordianism (the religion, not the program) https://anon.cafe/f/ - Adobe Flash Player games and animation discussions [4CC 2017 export] https://16chan.xyz/fascist/ - Discussions on Fascism [ICUP 6 WINNER] https://anon.cafe/film/ - (Good) Movie streams and appreciation http://endchan.org/fscchan/ - Indonesian board https://anon.cafe/islam/ - Discussion of the Islamic faith https://alogs.space/ita/ - Italian board https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/index.html - Funposting and Autism https://anon.cafe/k/ - Weapons and War https://2kind.moe/kind/ - Kind friends https://late.city/ & https://anon.cafe/comfy/ - participating as /latecomfy/, anonymous safe for work lounges https://leftypol.org - Leftist Politically Incorrect https://8chan.moe/loomis/ & https://anon.cafe/loomis/ - Artists Hangout, Drawthreads and Collaborative Art Projects https://8chan.moe/monarchy/ - Monarchism and Royalty https://smuglo.li/monster/ - Monstergirls https://otterchat.net/ - Otter appreciation board https://anon.cafe/pro/ - Racoon appreciation board https://anon.cafe/server/ - General discussion, with thread-specific rules and css https://anon.cafe/retro/ - 1990s and 2000s internet nostalgia https://sportschan.org/sp/ - Sports discussion board https://anon.cafe/sw/ - Star Wars https://smuglo.li/yuri/ - Girls' romance board [/OP] >>2934 As a general rule, I'd like for the next tournament to feature at least half the teams from the top 20 most active boards of the Webring / 8chan, in order to ensure at the bare minimum some viewership, as opposed to some matches from yesteryear where we could get anything from ten to fifty concurrent viewers. If we used some other game like a Wrestling one or a Tennis one, where less players need to be edited, we could effectively allow much more boards to participate, as we won't end up with scenarios where an empty board wins against all the major ones all the time.
Edited last time by grassstains on 07/24/2022 (Sun) 04:07:52.
>>2935 If at all possible, I wish we could remove certain teams permanently. Not ones related to a specific imageboard, but those that have boards that no longer exist (/dose/ or /ggrevolt/). I'm in favor of keeping /leftypol/ though.
I think we need to set up rules for teams in general, especially those outside of the webring itself: 1) If a team already exists and its host board is still active, then it should remain in the hands of the host board. 2) If a board (especially outside of the webring) wants to create a new team with the same name as another one that already exists, then either they have to participate jointly with the original board (which takes precedence) or they're given the chance to create a new team but it has to have the name of the Imageboard of origin. For example, if zzzchan's /a/ wants their own team, they must name it zzz/a/.
>>2937 3) If an imageboard outside of the webring wants to compete, we should let them do so but with their own specific imageboard as the team rather than a single board. For example, take Indiachan, they can compete as /india/ or "team Indiachan" but their own /a/ should not compete as its own thing. 4) If a board becomes inactive or its users really don't give a shit about the cup, we should let other boards with the same name to take their place, in order to keep the tournament going.
>>2934 >unban teams that used to cause problems I’m strongly against it. I don’t trust /leftypol/ enough to not have a repeat of their rigging, and plus them being behind the DdoS makes me despise them to the point that they’re off for good. /cow/ is no better, and I prefer they also stay away from the cup, as they are generally a nuisance (see day 1 of icup 6 or their latest spam against Smug). >resources I’ll be honest, I could try and do the recording but I’m not good on how to make OBS not lag my PC (and also /ita/’s manager said he could try and do it; I prefer to be used as a backup). >games For context, I’m the anon who was working on the baseball idea; it’s on hiatus because of lack of motivation and also because editing a 10-year-old game is a huge pain in the ass. I’m not so sure what other games can be easily modded, but I can assure you that the NBA2K games are not. Konami is a piece of shit but EA is not too far behind it. In any case, maybe it’d be a good idea to look back on some of the ideas from this thread >>16 and see if there’s one that can work for us.
>>2938 I would add a stipulation where /b/ styled boards do not really count towards team management. Like if it has some factor that makes it stand out (like /404/ on 8ch that mainly deals with webms) I am okay with it, but 20 off topic boards is kind of too much imo.
>>2939 While I do see your point, it was a rule that was enforced mostly by SKF himself. Generally speaking I agree with the idea that if the host doesn't want to do it, then he shouldn't; and if he wants to do it, there's nothing stopping him from doing it. So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'll never contact /leftypol/ or /cow directly, but if anons from there look like they're interested, I will not stop them from joining if they want to and it will only come down to the host's preferences. Which is why, if anyone is so inclined to make this tourney a reality, they should come forth with a hosting proposition.
Could it be possible to create a thread dedicated solely to new teams? Like, I know that board rules ask teams to create their own individual thread to garner interest, but barring a few exceptions this never really worked. Most anons just post on their own board/website and call us back when they have the roster anyhow.
>>2942 Sure go ahead
>>2941 Okay I see what you mean. I'm just worried that any action coming from either could sour the experience, but I guess we'll have to see. By the way, do you have anything else to say in regards to the other half of my post? Just curious.
Open file (386.65 KB 3717x1089 TheresMoreButIGotBored.png)
>>2939 >I’m strongly against it. I don’t trust /leftypol/ enough to not have a repeat of their rigging This is a silly argument, for many reasons. 0) Trust isn't required from managers. If a team sends an invalid roster, they should be disqualified before the match. Managers can't actually rig. 1) What they did isn't unique or likely intentional. In fact, I went through the ICUP 6 save file with the 4CCeditor's ATF tool (which checks if a team fits the rules) adjusted for ICUP rules. Guess what? The only teams that had a roster without errors were /a/, /co/ and /librejp/, with most other teams having an unfair advantage (in a few cases, ones that could have had significant effects), and some being at an illegal disadvantage. The point being, shit happens, But most importantly: The ICUP wiki itself describes it as a "serious communications failure" on the Infinity Cup 1 page; "A subsequent investigation into /leftypol/'s export found that their goalkeeper had been assigned 77pts for all stats, to the 70 of other teams -- this being the product of a rule change late into planning for Infinity Cup I and nobody checking team exports before the cup began.". 2) It's not even run by the same manager, and (AFAIK) they didn't have any issues in ICUP2 onwards Judging by /pol/eague, they have completely different people running their PES team now, and they've had no trouble with the team, despite it being the designated heel team. So yeah, this argument is ultimately wrong in many ways. >plus them being behind the DdoS I don't think a bunch of infighting larpers could have performed a DDoS (at all, but even then) against a site of that size. Especially not without actually making posts organizing it on their board. I've seen this claim made by a couple of people but never any evidence, or even an argument for their motivation: they were one of the biggest boards there. Why would they deplatform themselves and the other boards they used?
Open file (290.63 KB 474x501 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2937 >Hello, this is Jim Beglin here to give you a warm welcome to the grand final, Manchester United vs. aaa/z/
>>2942 >Like, I know that board rules ask teams to create their own individual thread to garner interest, but barring a few exceptions this never really worked. That, and it caused other teams' threads to get bumped off.
I will do what I can to help. I have sufficient experience with the back end and aesthetics, so I can help with the technical side. Similarly to you, there are timezone issues so I consider my self unable to host for the rest of this year. If we get really desperate I can try and find some compromise, although there could be stream quality issues and I wouldn't be able to participate in commentary in that case (desktop can only be near roommates who like sleep and don't like the words some of the player names have), which is almost a dealbreaker for the host not to be able to commentate as the other commentators get a quick-and-lightweight real-time potato feed where we can't see half of what's really happening. I can take the role of 'rigger to check that stats are appropriately loaded in', a color commentator, and one of the 'advertising in a non shilly manner the event'. >>Min. 1 guy to record Streaming programs often have a local recording option. That's best, in case the streaming site breaks and stops you downloading the final video (this has happened). Just need to make sure there's enough disk space, it's an encoding format that's fast and that it's not a format that corrupts if aborted mid-stream. So one less person needed, just the streamer. >help dissociate our group from the 4chan Cup Never a bad thing to add more sparts, so long as we have the capacity to do it, but I just don't really care about converging or diverging. It's not like SuperTuxKart where they're sick of people calling it a Mario Kart clone, who cares if people notice this cup was an 8chan spin-off?
>>2934 /fascist/ here Although we're not from the webring, we did play games in the cup due to our previous status. Are we still good to go for the next one?
It's cool that you're making a new cup but going around different boards pretending to be a native fan is an even worse form of advertising.
>>2966 Oh God is the autist at it again
Open file (35.38 KB 309x296 nadeshiko cleaver.jpg)
>>2955 >Okay I see what you mean. I'm just worried that any action coming from either could sour the experience It's hard to say, on the one hand /leftypol/ have been shitters, on the other they changed a considerable amount of admins since that time and the userbase might as well be completely different. No idea about /cow/ as I don't look that board up at all. >>2966 >>2967 If it's a copy and pasted message with a stupid picture, it's definitely the cup autist. That was his MO back then at least.
>>2968 I can definitely tell you that >>>/retro/2233 and >>>/film/2348 are the same person. There are likely more as well.
>>2957 >Guess what? The only teams that had a roster without errors were /a/, /co/ and /librejp/, with most other teams having an unfair advantage (in a few cases, ones that could have had significant effects), and some being at an illegal disadvantage. RIGGED All tournaments should be invalidated forever and ever now, 100% By the way where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages >>2958 >Not using the RedCard commentator https://invidious.osi.kr/watch?v=DxY4q4LadTI
>>2938 >4) If a board becomes inactive or its users really don't give a shit about the cup, we should let other boards with the same name to take their place, in order to keep the tournament going. What about a team with a board that is inactive but people like just for the meme? i.e. /bane/ or /test/ >>2960 >I will do what I can to help. I have sufficient experience with the back end and aesthetics, so I can help with the technical side. >I can take the role of 'rigger to check that stats are appropriately loaded in', a color commentator, and one of the 'advertising in a non shilly manner the event'. Godspeed based /eris/ anon, you'll convert me to your religion soon enough
>>2958 Mmh, I was wondering, are there deepfakes for the voices of popular commentators? I know that youtubers have their own voices on services like 15.ai and vocodes, but it might be cool to use one of those to commentate matches or to read certain chat messages and whatnot during the matches. >>2959 We only had a few teams following the rules anyhow.
>>2957 Care to post the rest of these? If we can see the mistakes we can fix them this time.
>>2970 >where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages Not him but I think it was this one https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Pro_Evolution_Soccer_2017/Auto-ATF
>>2957 >>2975 Seconding this request, please.
Open file (80.34 KB 344x344 Manlet_Spy.png)
Been away from this place for ages, what the fuck happened to SKF and Oxford?
I am still here and willing to commentate, assuming you still have my email send me a message, although I might've given it just to SKF. t. Solomon
>>2981 Link it back please
>>2970 >By the way where'd you get that tool? I may be a bit retarded, as I cannot find it on their wiki pages >>2977 is right. Also, the 4CCeditor is here: https://github.com/the4chancup/4ccEditor/releases , I did a quick and dirty adjustment in the source code to change them to our slightly different rules. But as I was looking up that link, I found a result that looks like someone has done the same thing for ICUP already so I'll check that out. It looks better made from a quick glance at the history. If that's the case, we could just send the program to the organizer >>2975
>>2985 q81yba+253a05t5ohjd0@sharklasers.com send something to this with proof that you're the guy i think you are
>>2987 Are you talking about this? https://git.kalli.st/erisian/4ccEditor-ICUP I haven't touched it since planning for ICUP stopped. It's basically what you described with a couple of other convenience changes, like the README says. I've uploaded the compiled .exe, link dies in 23 days: https://lainsafe.kalli.st/files/164618654647311.zip
>>2988 okie dokie
>>2963 I'd imagine so, given that you guys won the previous one. I don't know if the other blackshirts and/or BO are still soured over the whole thing
>>2997 The cup is kind of outside of the scope of board drama Or rather, it oughta be
>>3019 Are you forming a dedicated anti-autist task force?
>>3021 Not really but it's still worth keeping an eye out just because.
Open file (244.95 KB 490x360 vlcsnap-00007.png)
>>3019 I thought the way that post was worded was strange. In any case, if there's room on the docket: /bmn/ would welcome another season of dive grass. Is there anything set in stone for this tourney, or is it up in the air at the moment?
>>2997 What are you talking about? >>2990 Thank you anon
>>3019 Meh, so long as he's not disturbing the board owners, I don't think it's grounds for any worry
>>3025 Glad to have you guys back! You should definitely advertise your movie night on the rest of the webring though.
>>2981 Did they ever contact you?
If you dare forget about us, your defeat shall be slow & dramatic. Anyways, just showing up to say hello guys. Dunno if we'll manage a makeover by the time you set up the next event, but we'll join even with our previous lineup in place. As usual, you can contact us about news in our meta thread or in our icup thread. Now, these are exclusively the current manager's personal opinions: keep leftypol and cow out, keep otter and fascist in, opinions entirely based on relative cuteness.
>>3051 >If you dare forget about us, your defeat shall be slow & dramatic. Are you /yuri/'s rep? >keep leftypol and cow out I think people stated it's all up to the host. What if we just let them play in their own little league so at least one of them loses?
So ist it actually gonna happen now?
>>3057 That's up to the BO and whoever volunteers to do what is described in the OP
Open file (8.10 MB 1280x720 memerson.mp4)
just dumping this here
>>2934 You might wanna head over here >>>/server/1280
Open file (15.15 KB 320x213 clown.jpg)
>>3068 C R I N G E R U
Open file (15.15 KB 320x213 clown.jpg)
>>3068 C R I N G E R U
The autist is at it again
>>3086 Where?
>>3087 For now I've seen him on /a/ and /2hu/
>>3088 And on /agdg/ also
>>3086 Is there a way to advertise it without having to rely on autists? I would REALLY rather our board wasn't tarnished by tards.
>>3092 Unfortunately the only way SKF did so was to basically ask the autist to stop, which didn't work sadly. Or at least make it clear that the cup is not finalised yet.
>>3093 Sorry for doubleposting but he also posted on /animu/ too.
>>2934 /retro/ here If possible could you add us?
>>2934 What's the deadline for team submissions?
>>3096 Currently there is no deadline but ideally we would like to have something around 32 teams, so you can just count the guys who already asked to participate. All it matters is that we find a host, then we will just close submissions as soon as we feel comfortable streaming the event.
>>3095 aight
>>2934 Put us in the thing t. /cuckquean/
/christian/ here, if a new cup is happening can you put us in
>>3101 >>3102 okay I'll add it to the OP later
>>2934 Hey chaim, I checked /film/ and they have no real submission, only a will to participate
>>2934 Add /art/ to the list >>3104
>>3112 righto I'll also change /film/'s status
Sign up /2hu/ please.
>>3118 done
>>2934 /sw/, you know what you gotta do
>>3131 Glad you guys could be with us!
Did /monster/ not join yet? It seems like their thread got knocked off the catalog somehow last I checked. I'm surprised they weren't reinvited yet either.
Open file (144.25 KB 404x293 icup 6 awards.jpg)
>>3138 To clarify, yes, I'm asking for /monster/ to be put back in.
>>3139 and about time too Add /ita/ to the mix please
>>3138 >It seems like their thread got knocked off the catalog somehow last I checked. It's still up: https://smuglo.li/monster/res/15009.html
BO please add /monster/ and /ita/ to the list And also >>3142 as a potential team
>>3145 sorry been outtatown for the week, I'll do asap
>>2934 please put /egy/ in
>>3141 Oh. Never mind, I misremembered us as having our thread here on this board. >>3148 Where does /egy/ even hang out these days?
Open file (1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
We as proud representatives of /monarchy/, wish to submit a team. We are currently working on the details with the assistance of a kit maker anon.
Sorry about the weird colors, I'm trying to edit the CSS to make it jazzier but it's just becoming a bit of a bother to look at
Open file (21.22 KB 538x631 Infinity Cup.png)
/leftypol/ (leftypol.org) are ready!
>monarchy and leftypol together in the cup wew
>>3160 Wait, you the portuguese guy who drew board tans? Can you back up your claims that you are from the board?
>>3161 I-It's not like we like you or anything Grace-tan! Juche isn't even a real monarchy! >>3162 No, I am not the lovely person who drew those tans. I can back up the claims: 'Vaush' wordfilters to Agent Kochinski
>>3163 >'Vaush' wordfilters to Agent Kochinski That means absolutely nothing to me as I don't keep track of anything but my immediate interests But sure let's do this
Open file (399.78 KB 1000x1000 Loomis_logo.png)
Make room for /loomis/! (that is, both boards, but mainly the 8ch one)
>>3029 You say that, but at the same time I agree with >>3092 that if that autist is not stopped he will ruin the board's reputation. I only bring this back because he posted in >>>/l/1402
>>3169 Is there NO END to this autismo machine?
>>3184 I wish I could know how to stop that autist, anon.
>>2934 please add smug/a/ before the tournament's deadline
>>3186 Are you an /a/ poster? You don't sound like an /a/ poster.
>>3187 I saw someone ask it on Smug and rushed to reply once I saw the number of teams already present at the tournament. Speaking of, shouldn't /a/ and the other old cup teams have some sort of assured status when it comes to new competitions? Seems a bit unfair.
>>3188 I don't think so, if you want in at least one person should be here to say so
>>3188 Also, was that on /a/ or on the cum discussion board?
>>3186 I have no idea what this is but it's probably more of the autist's spamming random boards.
>>3193 We have the best investigative team of the Webring lmao Anyhow if /a/ doesn't make a thread, then it's a bust for me
I've thought of a dozen different ways to try and write this. It's all come out sounding dumb and stupid. Life's been shit for plenty of people over the past bit, myself included, so there's no need to go over the details. A lot of things fell to the wayside over that span of time, imageboards were a big one. Some boards have gone dark, or dropped off the webring entirely. It sucks, I'm sorry for that. I feel bad about it because I wanted to work on this Cup as a way to keep things active, strengthen ties with anons and their board, boards with other boards. It can still happen. We've hit tons of speed bumps along the way, this ought to be nothing. I have to be honest that I can't one-man-show this anymore though. I really thought that I'd be able to handle all of the bigger stuff, plus the wiki and keeping up with the goings on the board and team threads. It was just too much. I'm not hashing anything out officially. I know /eris/'s rep, Pope GD has been attempting things from the technical side, there's a couple of Blenderfags around and a few other dedicated anons. We can make it work. Nothing is gone, nothing I have or had has been deleted. All of the videos and recordings are still on my HDD. The work I was doing to create a blank base game for people to test with is all still here. I've been getting back into migrating the wiki. Slowly but surely we'll make it. If you want to know where to find me, I'll be here every few days or so to check in and slowly catch up. I'm usually active in the evening/night on the East Coast, if you want a specific time. And if you don't believe this is me, check for the mod edit below. And check here: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/User:SKF Let's play some divegrass lads.
Edited last time by SKF on 04/11/2022 (Mon) 03:23:05.
I'm just putting this out there, controversial idea, but it is possible to ask for a 4chan Cup Committee person to host a match day, even if we organize the rest of it and bring our own color commentary.
>>3224 (me) I should point out I'm not someone running this thing, I'm just an anon.
>>3224 We could certainly try. Back in the day someone claiming to be a 4CC organizer wanted to do an invitational match with 8chan (before sex change).
>>3224 Do they even care about us? I mean, we could try, but I'm not expecting anything at this point.
>>3230 >>3227 >>3224 It's not an idea that jumps out at me as strikingly good, honestly. If there's an appetite for it, maybe, but we'd probably be better served trying to find Cotton again or something.
>>3230 Sure they don't have a vested interest but I'm sure they'd find it fun or a welcome change from the scheduled programming. >>3231 Of course DIY is best if we can find Cotton or a fan who is capable, but if it comes down to no-one able and waiting another year, I think it's a good compromise.
>leftypol.org - Leftist Politically Incorrect [Exports may be broken, requires host to be willing to make them play, but otherwise team is good to go] /leftypol/ rep here, I am willing and able to update the export and player models (I have the PES 2017+patch installed now). We want to update a few players anyway. Let me know if there's anything else concrete you need before we can enter. What are the blockers, other than sign-ups? Is it just finding capable hosts, or is there something else?
>>3248 Sure pal It's just so I remember to look into the stats sid.of things and to stop being a lazy cunt, but if you have changes you wish to make go ahead and do them / tell me so we can get them in
I'm seeing that the /ac/ guys have everything ready >>3257 BO can you please update the OP?
>>3262 Sure once my shift is over
So, when's the tournament starts?
>>3272 When we can find a host.
sorry it took so long I'm kinda busy
>>3272 Is it possible this summer?
>>3277 I think this question should be left for SKF to answer, but the main problems currently are that no one has stepped up to be the host and the 32-team roster hasn't been reached.
>>3277 >>3278 I think it may be a good idea to scout around for potential hosts on boards, not just sit here waiting for a hand up that won't arrive, if we want things done in summer. I can pick it up in winter but until then, asking around seems smart. Someone above mentioned asking 4CC staff for a one-off host volunteer, I don't think it's a bad idea, probably fun for a change if anything. If you want me to try and establish contact and organize this, I can, let me know. >32 team roster It's easy to add 2 popular filler teams from the legacy roster, so that's a solvable issue.
>>3279 we need 3 more though, but /a/ seems to be quasi interested? Or is it probably just some troll?
>>3279 The only one who seems to be up for hosting so far is the /leftypol/ anon. And once again, the idea of using 4CC staff is not a very good one. Maybe save that as a sort of last resort. >>3280 I don't think so. The way it's written leads me to think it's the autist doing this shit.
>>3280 What are the statuses of /librejp/ (I thought there was noted interest) and /lego/ (always fun, actually made fan-art) ? >>3281 >the idea of using 4CC staff is not a very good one Why not? Cultural differences?
>>3282 >/librejp/ One anon was asking if it was possible to port VRoid models to Blender, and another one was asking if there was a deadline, saying that he'd try to make it to the stream if possible. >/lego/ Last time I checked the board was completely inactive, and seems to be so since March. >Why not? Cultural differences? In part that's one of the reasons, but the other is just me wondering if they still use PES2017 for any other cup besides the main one.
>>3283 >but the other is just me wondering if they still use PES2017 for any other cup besides the main one. That part shouldn't be an issue: most of the skills and tools are the same with PES2021 and installing our 2017 and patches doesn't take long (esp. if you've installed PES before) and we can just send them the DLC and verified teams, and make them aware of any different rules (e.g. live managment).
>>3284 (me) The idea being they're a streamer, rather than an organizer. Host may have been a poor choice of words for this situation.
>>3285 I guess that could work? Still not open to that idea though.
Speaking of finishing the roster, have you tried asking on 8chanmoe boards? what other image board has been recently created.
>>3294 >have you tried asking on 8chanmoe boards? Read the OP, there's a couple of boards from 8moe who are invited. As for new imageboards, no idea.
Open file (363.09 KB 800x800 kindfc.png)
>>2934 /kind/ reporting in. Looks like we are back for the cup. If you don't have the original (not the skewed tactics by ziegel) use them, else I will source them during the next week.
>>3335 I probably have the ICUP5 strats sitting here somewhere. If you can find them before I do, take 'em.
Wouldja add us /comfy/ bros to the mix? It's /latecomfy/ though and I think it's fine like that.
>>3353 Do you know if /late/ is also interested in joining alongside /comfy/?
Has anyone asked their homeboards if someone can act as a host? Let us know which board you've asked. I'll give you a week before I ask on /leftypol/
>>3355 >spoiler Do not.
What the fuck is going on with Hispachan?
>>3358 It seems confusion, they got a new admin 2 years ago after some chagrin and 2 days ago dude posted out of nowhere a site blog entry saying the site couldn't be ran anymore due to costs and that everyone had 3 days left, he then deleted 2 boards without notice. Day later he posted about 8moe being the most plausible place to go, some anon posted an offer about paying the server costs or downright buying the site with some others (he had half of the projected value) and offering him some role in such buy out, admin backed down and said he wouldn't accept it and stopped replying. Now rumors run free and everyone is running headless seeing what to do, let alone the nuked boards were left in thin air or to organize in some other boards, some hours ago the admin also locked many technical boards to have a last-day shelter thing going leaving many efforts in the same catalogue as the farewell threads. A shitshow, Krautchan (one site that names itself as it at least) opened a bunker for them and seems some are shitting the place up discussing things, they had an official backup in 8kun but they didn't seem to check if the site worked so shit is not used, i read there's the 8moe thing going on already but i don't think it will work, they are too varied in terms of topics and nationality jargons to post together in a single board. I checked the old places in Endchan and it seems very few remember they had backup there, i knew the ones who stayed there evolved into their own thing but i didn't realize the Hispa users were that much of newfags to ignore those places in their emergency lists. TL;DR admin decided to close shop out of nowhere, nuked a couple of boards and gave them 3 days to organize but in reality gave them a day and a half due to posting the notice well into the first day and locking many boards in the third day aka right now. Also doesn't accept rescue efforts and wants to redirect to 8moe.
>>3336 Ok, I talked with the person who made the original tactic and she wants to make a new one, but would need some time for that. Is there and estimation how much time do we have until the tactics needs to get submitted? >>3355 I (Ziegel) could go commentating again, but I'm not sure if my setup is able to stream a game, I could try it out though.
Open file (216.01 KB 1531x2334 71Gu8z7Rp1L.jpg)
>>3360 >she
>>3362 Is that the head meido?
>>3363 Beats me but barely anyone else browses their support board
Okay, so with /a/ and /latecomfy/ joining (apparently) I was wondering what would happen with teams like /leftypol/ and /server/ who are missing stuff. Yes, a host too.
>>3360 >>3360 (I am not official) I can't see the cup starting earlier than July, and could easily be later depending on if a potential streamer is found or not. ICUP 6 matchdays started 2nd week of August. Many teams are completely new, so there's definitely enough time to make strategies.
>>3365 Looks like they both now have enough to be included so /a/ and /latecomfy/ joining would make it a perfect 32 league.
>>3365 /leftypol/ anon said he had everything backed up and the 4cc files, no idea about /server/ We could just wait for the various teams to touch up their stuff and accept any new comer that has already finished building their own team.
Open file (148.80 KB 360x450 Adeline.png)
>>3358 >>3359 Hi guys, it's so sad that hispachan had to close. Nevertheless, /ac/ is still alive and healthy, we are now on 8chanmoe, you can check our board; https://8chan.moe/ac/ And since we no longer have geo blocking I hope you would be able to post there more frequently.
>>3373 What happened to your imageboard is downright criminal, glad to see you managed to relocate so smoothly onto 8chan.
>>3374 Thanks man. We might lost some posters during the process, but overall we are doing it very good so far. You can come and hang out anytime if you want, we don't mind people using google translate, hell, we don't even mind posting in English.
>>3360 Which part of the streaming do you think will be a problem? GPU of screen recording and streaming? Internet speed? There are some GPU settings that can improve performance of the game and the streaming, I'm happy to offer advice for testing.
Open file (279.02 KB 800x800 bibendum.png)
>>2934 >CLERMONT FOOT 63 J'ai vu une capture d'un de tes posts sur /late/. J'ai vu le nom d'utilisateur. J'ai eu un petit sursaut. QUOI ?!? Un Clermontois sur les planches à images ?!? On se croisera peut-être au stade à l'occasion si t'es toujours dans le pays. Sinon 8chan.moe/planche/ si tu ne le savais pas. Au plaisir.
>>3381 My bad, it seems it's the default name for all posters ? I'm not familiar with this board so I had to lurk moar before posting. Anyway, I'm not into football but seeing Clermont Foot 63 was quite heart warming.
Open file (42.58 KB 1251x290 ClipboardImage.png)
BO add /late/ in the OP, they've confirmed their participation as well.
>>3382 It's a joke because PES once displayed one of the team's names as Clermont Foot 63 and anons found that funny.
>>3384 OK that was quite funny and unxpected to see them mentionned on an imageboard because it's not a "big team" from a little french city lost in the country (this season they played well in the League 1 championship tho). As I say I'm not into football nor video games but the idea of the Infinity Cup is fun, will lurk. Good games frens.
>>3381 Hey there frog fren As the other person mentioned, the name for the generic anons comes from a weird glitch/oversight that happened in the last cup, our host at the time (SKF) had correctly imported all teams, but for some reason the Indonesian one (which was placed on top of the existing Clermont football team) and the one about shitposting on Donald Trump (which hilariously got mixed with BOURG EN BRESS) had a bunch of settings reverted by the editor, chat loved it so much we just decided to use it for shit and giggles. You're welcome to watch our streams as soon as we get them up and running. Tell your pals too!
>>3385 >As I say I'm not into football nor video games but the idea of the Infinity Cup is fun, will lurk. Good to hear. My homeboard had a few people mention they normally don't like sport but the player jokes and commentary made it a very fun time for them. I hope you find it the same. PS: you can see some old recorded matches on https://archive.org/details/gcup_20220310 and https://archive.org/details/ic6_20220606 , but it's not the same without the fans in the chat room ;)
>>3382 Hey anon, since you know about the team: one question that's been around since it first appeared is what the 63 is for. Do you know what's the 63 in Clermont Foot 63 stands for?
Open file (257.56 KB 2000x1975 63.jpg)
Open file (4.16 MB 4288x2848 Clermont.jpg)
>>3387 I must admit I played PES (at least 10 years ago) with a bunch of friends while drinking whisky and smoking joints. Fun times we had. >>3388 >63 Metropolitan France is subdivised in administrative zones (departments) numeroted from 01 to 95 respecting an alaphabetical order. 63 is for Puy-de-Dôme where is located the city of Clermont-Ferrand. So the 63 in the team name.
>>3383 uh oh better add it to the list
>>2934 At this point it seems really stupid to keep leftypol out of the team roster so I guess unless SKF wants to host and still opposes to it we should add them back on the sure-candidate list
>>3393 Yep, we're ready with new tactics and currently backporting player models to 2017. /server/ just needs to add some more music and that's the 32 teams ready maybe just use the anthem in their thread https://anon.cafe/server/res/678.html#1322 , and a dial-up modem sound for goals until they add some metal or rock for /metal/ and /rocks/.
>>3394 Not quite (e.g. /ac/ need to add more players and music, /monarchy/ need a new kit) but everyone's at a point where they've expressed interest and made a team that can be made valid by anyone within an hour. The list is effectively complete, any outliers can be chased up on their own board at this point. I will start completing this to-do list with the rest of the things we need from team managers. https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do#How_to_edit_this note: I've got 20 teams listed with roster issues, many of them are technically legal but there's no use just having unused placeholder substitutes. So if your team is on the list and you have 'nothing to do', maybe get a head-start on that. I can give more details on request for teams with technical issues, like a player needing more height or having too many cards. (here, on your home board, or via email if an address is supplied, PGP optional)
Here's a potential list of boards that could host ICUP7: /a/ - There's a couple of anime streams done over there plus the weekly r/a/dio. /bmn/ - He does the BMN streams every Saturday. Could give it a try if it doesn't interfere with his schedule. /japan/ - Mostly Soku tournaments but also the occasional stream. /monster/ - The /monster/ wrestling federation. /yuri/ - They do anime streams as well, and they also advertise on /a/. The idea is to post on their boards and ask if they could be able to host the cup. If there's any other board that could jump in that it's not in here let me know. Before you ask, yes the /leftypol/ anon is also an option but I want to try some alternatives before.
>>3397 (me) I forgot that /2hu/ (mainly Oxford) could also host it. Is he still around?
>>3397 >>3398 Good thinking. Do you want to ask them? Otherwise I'll go asking those boards tomorrow.
>>3399 Sure, go for it.
>>3397 Maybe we could get more than one host to stream their half of the tournament, so that we don't offload the responsibility on just a single anon. Also don't forget about the /leftypol/ guy. Or 8/v/ for that matter.
Open file (29.19 KB 245x399 let's stalk ox!.png)
>>3398 I reached out to /monster/ and they gave us two reccs, one of them Oxford. He's certainly alive, I'll try and chat when they're online (might have to wait a day as I'm busy). As a side note, the monster stream is chill. Give 'em a visit. >>3401 Of course having more than one host is ideal, I'm pretty sure that's how most multi-day events are run (this is around 4 game-days long) because anons have lives. There's also the 4CC group but as said before, keeping it in-house is ideal, they should be considered a fallback.
>>3395 /pro/ tic tacs are here >>3048
>>3402 >the monster stream Where's that?
Open file (10.78 KB 1174x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (21.73 KB 569x583 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3401 >/leftypol/ guy Check the spoiler. >8/v/ I have my doubts, mainly because if they were ever sent an invitation (by the autist mostly) they didn't reply. I don't know if they want to host it if they haven't joined the roster. >>3402 Alright, that's good. Hopefully he's still interested in running the cup. >more hosts Besides that list I don't know if the other boards can host. I lurked briefly over /ac/ and I saw this reply (pic related). It'd be possible to ask the other ones but I'm gonna think it over for now.
Open file (67.08 KB 253x247 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3402 Ox has confirmed they are happy to stream! Best availability on Saturdays and Sundays, and he mentioned we should keep looking for more streamers to get a bit of variety and new blood. They also mentioned they don't want to have to handle the EDIT save files and other technical stuff like last time, which is perfectly fine because I've taken responsibility for all the technical setup at this point, I just send across completed DLC so streamers only have to worry about streaming. In that sense, maybe use the word 'streamer' instead of 'host' when asking others to avoid confusion.
>>3408 Hah, I wouldn't mind a simulcast in spanish and english for the cup Maybe we could even get the indonesian, italian and japanese anons to do their own commentary
16chan is down, /fascist/ has relocated to 8moe for now
>>3428 Like, down permanently?
>>3430 Seems like it. Apparently it started as a heavy spam attack but then they got deplatformed from what I'm reading on the meta thread.
Open file (13.47 KB 1168x144 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3428 >>3430 >>3431 Confirmation from BO: 16chan is kill
Open file (1.48 MB 494x360 PARTY HARD.webm)
>>3433 It's always sad when an imageboard dies, I am sad about the Aussies to be honest. Where did they go?
>>3410 Excellent. With that out of the way we just need to find a streamer. I'll try and see if I can make the rounds on their respective threads to ask for one. >>3419 That's an interesting thought there, but let's find some people who can stream the cup first. >Maybe we could even get the indonesian, italian and japanese anons to do their own commentary Sounds a bit cumbersome with all of the different timezones and whatnot. >>3439 I imagine they've moved to the /ausneets/ board on Endchan.
Open file (33.31 KB 256x256 8.png)
I would like to get some proper organization happening to help make ICUP 7 actually work. Chaos is all well and good, but without some framework it becomes useless. The bottom line is, I don't have any way to know if there are 4 or 8 people alive, how to contact them or what they are capable and incapable of doing. Everyone who sees this message and is able to contribute, please reply with: > a name I don't mind if you use a vague throwaway name like 'icup1' that you never use anywhere else. Just give a name that someone can shout to refer to you when asking for help. > best ways to contact Something that you check daily or weekly. Preferably email (PGP optional), or maybe an imageboard or open chatroom (like a weekly cytube), so that anyone can contact you if needed. Even saying '/icup/' is fine, although not ideal, especially between cups when people probably aren't checking here. Do NOT use a throwaway email, unless you know they will forward messages to an inbox that you will still be checking a year from now. Avoid deanonymizing services like Discord. >what you can do Things like streaming, game modding, 3D modelling, image editing for hype material, managing a team, owning the board or wiki or cytube or archive, helping out with the wiki (thank you Icupanon! your effort has been very helpful), anything like that. ----- And yes, I will happily help guide people who want to get involved in aesthetics or managing. At this point I don't know if any one else (excluding SKF, who is effectively inactive for this season) is willing to do any PES stuff, graphics or tactics, resulting in me handling all modding for 32+ teams until other volunteers put their hand up. There is a lot to do, and any help will improve the quality of the cup, or let us run it sooner: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do Depending on who can get involved, it makes sense for me to step up and start ultimately pushing forward in organizing ICUP7 in some official capacity to run some time in the next couple of months. AlphabetSoup has done excellent work creating ICUP7, driving interest and organizing all the team entries, and now we need to start focusing on fixing team strategies, setting deadlines and deciding when exactly we can stream it. We have found one available streamer, a couple of potential streamers, and some time in August I should hopefully be able to stream games as well, along with anyone >>3440 can find. I think we're ready to start setting concrete dates. I will definitely be asking for feedback from /icup/, but my prediction is that ICUP7 will start streaming some time in August, as ICUP6 did. This gives a good balance of allowing time for teams to finalize strategy and rosters, gives me and any other volunteers time to get models for more teams, allows some time for test games, and won't drain hype too much. ----- > Pope Grassstains the Divin' I (aka. grassstains) > best contact: erischan's ICUP thread or email [remove the X's] eriXsian at kalliX.st . /icup/ also works when organizing or running a cup. > I mod PES (editing .bin data, tactics, aesthetics), import 3D models, potential future streamer > pubkey for those who really want to use it in email: -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- xjMEYBDmCxYJKwYBBAHaRw8BAQdAsNIY9QIxk43GoiOYi/1Ucy35COXqq0MTxex5z/dQtnLNGkVy aXNpYW4gPGVyaXNpYW5Aa2FsbGkuc3Q+wosEExYIADMWIQT/QYGevugB7XqavngRqKmGlkp2gwUC YBDmCwIbAwULCQgHAgYVCAkKCwIFFgIDAQAACgkQEaiphpZKdoPKrgEAu42lAv6SXYyW0cIQPVsW EgmhMQYev//HHqt44MFH1IwBAMp9FOTLrKahNDrTosoRNj+KKH+VpT2prFIoMU0p0iQKzjgEYBDm CxIKKwYBBAGXVQEFAQEHQCeOk6bl3LUN56O1K6PAT0tBI7ev54qIsinXjaDExe4RAwEIB8J4BBgW CAAgFiEE/0GBnr7oAe16mr54EaiphpZKdoMFAmAQ5gsCGwwACgkQEaiphpZKdoMdLAD9F9XBpatO Ptmq16iBjXVCnPe9w30veGISUUlMkRaSVJ4BAN+Rg9etm2sC42nqc9oknCeao3w7fOoIgxX1dvkK DHMO =StG5 -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----
Open file (942.30 KB 2000x2000 Grace n Alpha full 2.png)
>>3395 >/monarchy/ need a new kit The kit has been an issue for a while. There was a gk kit submitted, but I recall the color scheme wasn't a pass. But /monarchy/ does have kits. I could change the color of the gk kit, if that resolves the problem.
>>3444 >I could change the color of the gk kit, if that resolves the problem. Yep, that will resolve the problem.
>>3397 If some other board is hosting the cup, should the (meta) A E S T H E T I C S for the cup align with the host or the board that won the previous cup? Because /fascist/ doesn't really have that much to play with besides barbed wire and genocide. Asking for a friend of course.
>>3447 I think they were talking about finding real life people who can act as streamers, and the boards they may be found on, instead of talking about the virtual host board who is traditionally the previous winner. I'm not looking forward to replacing the comfy /kind/ theme with axes and edgelords either, greco-roman RPing or not, but it is cup tradition. Consider it motivation to beat them. What A E S T H E T I C S are there for the host team, apart from the [click start to continue] splash and a custom ball? I don't think we will be expanding beyond the last cup's decorations unless more people contribute.
If oneanon has a chance to check their email, please do.
>>3470 Done, check it.
Open file (54.27 KB 500x500 Egy_logo.png)
I am incapable of posting on 8kun.top/egy/ (comes up saying I'm on Tor when I'm not, .onion link is completely broken), so could someone help out an make this new thread? hey bros سنلعب بطولة كرة قدم أخرى في https://anon.cafe/icup/res/2407.html. بدأ مستخدم واحد هنا بالفعل في إنشاء فريق. http://infinitycup.miraheze.com/wiki//egy/ هل سترون ذلك يا رفاق؟ <> and then reply with this (unless you can write in Arabic): فيما يتعلق بفريقك ، تحتاج إلى إنشاء مجموعة حارس مرمى ومجموعة خارج الديار. أقترح أيضا اختيار أغنية احتفال بالهدف ، ونشيد الفريق ، وتكتيكات الفريق (انظر الويكي أو /icup/) لمزيد من المتعة ، أوصي بتحميل صور عمودية لكل اعب (لاستبدال الرموز الفارغة في طريقة عرض Game Plan) هنا أو يفضل إنشاء صفحة القائمة الخاصة بك: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//egy//Roster ستكون مربعة (تشجيع الشفافية) وحوالي 75 × 75 بكسل في اللعبة ، لذلك ضع في اعتبارك الصور التي ستبدو جيدة عند تقليصها. يمكنك أيضا محاولة العثور على نماذج 3D في حال كان لدينا وقت إضافي لإضافتها. أخيرا ، إذا كنت قادرا على القيام بنمذجة 3D ، أو إنشاء OC ، أو العمل على الويكي أو مجرد المساعدة بأي طريقة ممكنة ، فلا تتردد في التواصل أيضا.
>>3473 Thanks for that. A question that needs answering sooner or later is what to do with teams that show absolutely no interest, and that's something best decided by the viewers. I realize that there are only about 5 people who will view this board this week but that beats 1 of me. There are a lot of teams that are unresponsive. Consider >>>/f/ which is nearly dead and currently unresponsive to important communications. Basically, I don't want 10 teams that have absolutely no spectators or manager. 1) Change nothing, just auto-pilot them and hope they don't all ruin the finals. 2) Give them a warning that their place may be lost, and ask some highly-active boards if they wish to participate instead (especially those with existing legacy teams like /ausneets/, /tg/, /v/). 3) Downsize the tournament.
>>3482 >2) Give them a warning that their place may be lost, and ask some highly-active boards if they wish to participate instead (especially those with existing legacy teams like /ausneets/, /tg/, /v/). Seems to be the right call. Should we order boards by magnitude or by date of participation?
>>3492 I'm not sure. On one hand, highly active boards have a decent chance of bringing a lot of viewers if they know a game is happening. That said, larger boards have more people who could have expressed interest. Some boards (like /egy/ and /fascist/) are slow and haven't been in contact for over a year, so it makes sense to give them the first warnings.
>>2934 Do you have a list of the boards you think should be put in the "warning" tier?
>>3494 This is what I can see at this point. Let me know of any impactful mistake. Three most unresponsive so far highlighted. Board Team validity Contact history /2hu/ Valid Responsive >>3396 /a/ Valid Expression of interest in June https://smuglo.li/support/res/11485.html /ac/ Illegal Responsive as of June https://8chan.moe/ac/res/898.html /art/ Valid Responsive >>3488 /bmn/ 3 subs Responsive as of April https://zzzchan.xyz/bmn/thread/2.html#151 /britfeel/ Valid Responsive as of April >>>/britfeel/4010 /christian/ 2 subs Responsive >>>/chrisitian/13761 /cuckquean/ 3 subs Responsive as of June >>3432 /dup/ 1 sub Responsive https://tvch.moe/dup/res/108666.html#114777 /egy/ Missing kits No responses on boards, no contact since March >>2441 /eris/ Valid Responsive >>3496 /f/ Illegal Somewhat repsponsive, contact from April >>>/f/ /fascist/ 5 subs EoI in March >>2997 , unresponsive to a thread https://8chan.moe/fascist/res/211.html /film/ Valid* Responsive as of April >>3219 /fscchan/ Valid Expressions of interest in March https://endchan.org/fscchan/res/4156.html /islam/ Valid Responsive >>3456 /ita/ Valid EoI in March >>3140 , thread was bumped in April. https://alogs.space/ita/res/811.html /japan/ Valid EoI in March >>3131 . Unsure if responsive: https://zzzchan.xyz/japan/thread/1391.html#1391 /k/ Valid Couldn't find EoI or contact. Didn't have anything to respond to. /kind/ Valid Responsive >>3335 /late[..]/ Valid Expressions of interest in May /leftypol/ Valid Responsive as of June https://leftypol.org/games/res/18613.html /loomis/ Valid EoI in March >>3165 /monarchy/ No tactics Responsive >>3455 /monster/ Valid Responsive >>3410 (/monster/ stream) /otter/ 1 sub Unknown, some kind of EoI >>2991 , will probably run anyway as a fan favorite /pro/ No tactics* Responsive >>3417 /retro/ Valid Expressions of interest in March >>>/retro/2233 /sp/ Valid Fast board. Can't find EoI but surely responsive. /sw/ 3 subs EoI in March >>3125 /yuri/ 1 sub EoI in March >>3051 We might start sending warnings at the end of the week, it would be nice to leave it longer but if we get new teams, they need time to set up. Warning to the least responsive teams and notify large boards on the 9th (3 days), then if they can enter a valid team faster than an unresponsive team can reply, they tentatively take its spot. In response to that, I'll try and send out the current update message to /a/, /ac/ & /islam/-/yuri/ ASAP to see who's responsive, because some didn't have anything to respond to.
>>3496 >/pro/ No tactics* Please notice the /pro/ tactics >>3048
Open file (421.12 KB 2222x3555 planchacopains.png)
Thanks very much for the invite but I don't think we can participate (at least me, BO of /planche/). We don't have this many users and I'm not personally really available. Maybe next time. But I will try to follow the ICUP with interest in my free time. Have you asked to others 8chan.moe boards to participate, I know /v/ has a big community also some /hispa/refugee.
/ac/ here, someone said we were missing 12 more players, so I made a post adding them, could you please check it out? https://8chan.moe/ac/res/898.html#4015 I think now only our strategies are missing, if you could give us a hand with that could be really cool.
/dup/ster fire here, we're having a thread discussing some stuff but I think we can reach some sort of agreement very soon So long as you don't boot us out of the cup we're good btw we already have 23 players check the wiki or are we mistaken? https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//dup/
Dropping by to make sure /tech/ and /ck/ are included. /t/ech thread: https://8chan.moe/t/res/1838.html /ck/ thread: https://8chan.moe/ck/res/588.html
Open file (81.54 KB 600x800 1640590709279.png)
The 'party is working on a team https://soyjak.party/suggest//res/17380.html
>>3503 You know what? If you guys can manage to create 3D models for the soyjacks I may be tempted to vouch for that team in place of whoever else is MIA.
>>3504 this so much this
Open file (116.57 KB 797x451 bombona time.jpg)
Hello, a representative from /arepa/ here, we are currently discussing joining, so keep in mind to not lets us out of the fray please.
>>3499 >>3500 >>3501 >>3502 >>3503 >>3506 Why are all of these posts being made at the same time?
>>3507 We got invited.
>>3506 >>3499 >>3503 I don't recall these invitations being sent, so we can agree that it must probably be some more Autist situation Interestingly though this time it doesn't look like it's just ONE autist, some of the invites don't look like they're his own. Or maybe I've become a schizo.
>>3509 I only invited soyjak.party.
>>3509 We cant join?
>>3511 Finish making a proper entry, and it's possible
>>3507 Someone posted icup invitations on the 8chan's hispachan bunkers so it reminded me there a lot of work to be done in regards or our PES team.
Open file (64.58 KB 1774x189 tkiput1.png)
So... This invite was not official ?
>>3514 No, technically it's not We've been having this issue ever since like three years ago (?) when an anonymous autist would go around posing as part of the /icup/ staff and inviting random boards in, I believe someone even noticed his posting patterns to determine that it's always the same guy but I am sure there must be at least two of them. Anyhow, it doesn't really matter if the invite is official or not, to be honest what matters is that 1) you're willing to create a team that's up to the specifications that SKF made (refer to the other stickied threads for info) and 2) that you can possibly get some people to actually watch the matches so that the riggers don't do all the work without anyone to be there and see them To my knowledge the only like three-four teams that got invited by an official staff member were /2hu/ (Oxfordcoma commentates for them), /v/ (because of board drama), /latecomfy/ and maybe /ita/ (because of a mod but I am not sure anymore). Most of the other teams just kind of found this place one way or another.
>>3503 >soyjack team Okay you convinced me, now I really have to pay attention to this shitty tournament
>>3515 >1) you're willing to create a team I think the subject can be closed because I don't have time nor such anons on my little board to do it. Anyway, I will lurk with curiosity.
>See >>3517 What? >Check the latest posts >The autist strikes again Fucking damn it. Anyways, I'm not an official member nor a host so I can't say for certain if any of the other teams that appeared now will join in any capacity, but I really wish that the autist stops this now. >>3500 Sure, just ask the Blender anon. >>3501 I might be mistaken but I remember that you guys had 2 players called Bannondup, and the To-do page on the wiki states as much: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki/To-do
Hello frens. There is a new altchan that has been around since April of this year called frenschan.org. Can we join the /icup/ games?
>>3519 Follow the standard procedure as illustrated here >>3518
>>3518 Seriously though how do we stop him? I don't even think he means ill will.
>>3518 >I might be mistaken but I remember that you guys had 2 players called Bannondup, and the To-do page on the wiki states as much: Call the reserve player Putler
>>3524 Maybe he doesn't have ill will, but he also needs to know that it's not a good idea to spam lots of boards with invitations (in this case after the roster had already been set). I'll shoot SKF an e-mail just because.
>>3510 Hi. Stop doing this without asking first. There are reasons why invitations shouldn't be sent out without checking: 1) We already have 32 teams. The discussion was clearly saying that open slots depend on if other teams respond, and outlined a timeline for it. You just sent out an invitation to a team that may not be able to enter. 2) A heap of the information you gave in the OP is incorrect, including linking the wrong wiki, implying 16 players is still fine and falsely stating there's no kit limit (it's 9). Adding new teams isn't trivial. Now we have 4 new teams when we don't even know if there will be 1 slot open, and boards will get disappointed because they might have to wait six months.
>>3528 okay
>>3529 Thank you. Look, I certainly appreciate the enthusiasm and it's good to see, but it does complicate organizing when we get this rush of teams thinking there are open slots.
>>3530 Maybe they can help with rigging and stuff
>>3526 In some cases the invites were sent a year or two ago, and it seems like teams just expected they would be in "the next icup". Now that word is getting out, they're remembering.
>>3528 >Now we have 4 new teams when we don't even know if there will be 1 slot open Isn't it just two ? /ck/ and /soy/ being the ones with complete entries.
>>3533 Does /t/ech not have a complete kit from a prior cup? Whoever provided the /t/ invitation also took time to rig a Lain model. Was that not /icup/ staff?
>>3528 Hi, I'm the guy from the hispanic comic and cartoons board, should I tell the people from /hispachan/, /arepa/ and /mex/ (yes he spammed even there) that it was just one guy spamming invitation and we have almost everything already set in?
>>3531 With some luck. You'd hope a community of content creator shitposters would be able to volunteer some time and skill (donut steels or not). >>3533 The invitations lead them to try and make new teams, so we could be looking at more. Additionally, as mentioned in >>3482 , /ausneets/ and /v/ might be potential revivals. >>3532 Everything happening all at once after about a two months of nothing kind of flips the 'conspiracy' switch, which I think is why we're all ready to point fingers at the previous offender, even half of them are probably just chain reactions (see >>3513 ). >>3526 >I'll shoot SKF an e-mail just because. Have fun. CC me if it's important and not already ITT; SKF has gotten busy in real life so I've become the de-facto coordinator this cup. >>3535 Yeah, I think that's a good idea. Main points I'd mention: 1) Unofficial, slots are full and there may not be enough opening up. 2) Wiki is at https://infinitycup.miraheze.org 3) There's probably a cup at the end of the year so can still start. 4) Consider cheering for /ac/, a hispachan team in this cup.
[con't] Also, /ac/, in 1 hour I'll check into your thread re: new players and tactics. Thanks for adding the missing players, your team is now legal! The rest is now decoration.
>>3536 I poked around and didn't see your e-mail or SKF's anywhere. Would you mind posting it so I can reach out and handle coordinating and try to ensure things go smoothly for the next cup? May also be able to find some help for putting the event on.
Also I don't know if AlphabetSoup is seeing this (or if I already talk to them; throwaway emails get confusing very quickly) but maybe adding a small disclaimer to the top of OP about the unofficial invitations and potential lack of slots would help new-comers. I do want to start re-organizing threads at some point but now is clearly not the time.
>>3536 Yo, man, I made this post, what do you think? --------------------------------- Spanish: Hola, soy yo de nuevo. Borré mi post por algunas cosas que están ocurriendo dentro de la icup, resulta que esta invitación >>26137 es no-oficial, la mayoría de equipos de la presente copa ya están listos y todos los slots ya están llenos y ya debería comenzar a más tardar principios de Agosto, por lo que desafortunadamente no van a poder ser incluidos, no queremos que se pongan a alistar sus camisetas y modelos de manera apresurada y que se decepcionen porque no van a jugar, pero no se desanimen, por un lado va a haber una segunda copa a fin de año a la cual pueden nominar su equipo y si quieren apoyar a un equipo hispanohablante, >>>/ac/ estará jugando. <Also La wikia de la copa es esta https://infinitycup.miraheze.org y si quieren enterarse de como organizar su equipo para una futura copa pueden hacerlo en este hilo https://anon.cafe/icup/res/2934.html English: Hi, it's me again. I deleted my last post because of some little things happening on the icup. This invitation >>26137 (link to the spammer post) is no official, most of the cup teams are already done and the slots are taken so it should be starting on August at the latest, so unfortunately, you won't be able to be included, we won't want you to rush on your kits and models and then get disappointed when you won't be able to play, but don't dismay, for one side there's a second cup happening later this year so you would be able to nominate your team and if you want to support a Spanish speaking team, then /ac/ is playing on this cup ---------------------------------
I had a think about this and I assume we're going to be in that awkward situation where we have too many valid teams for a 32 team cup, and too few to add more to groups. But on the other hand, we have potential to stoke interest and we shouldn't let that go to waste. Some boards have expressed enthusiasm. Let's have invitational matches. Before each match day, two non-ICUP7 teams can have a 1v1. That way we can give new teams a taste for the cup while avoiding complete disappointment over these invalid invitations. The normal comp teams have priority for anything that actually takes time to add, and since there is approximately 1 person doing aesthetics, they may end up all having the same face. However basic things like names and kits and tictacs will be fine. Unfortunately I have no idea how many boards were contacted so we can't tell half of them what the situation is until they come here. This is why spamming threads solo is a bad idea! If you do happen to know where to find these boards, tell them that "The organizer of ICUP7 made an update. They probably won't have enough slots to add your team to the main cup, however they said they can have your team play an invitational 'friendly' game before the match day, and you will most likely be able to enter ICUP8 if you have fun in the invitational game." (sorry to hispanon, you'll need to make a reply to update those boards) >>3538 Yep. erisian /at/ kalli , st ( >>3441 )
Just sent the clarifications to /hispachan/ and /arepa/ https://8chan.moe/hispachan/res/22639.html#26290 https://8chan.moe/arepa/res/432.html#9210 Looks like the guy also spammed on /mex/: https://8chan.moe/mex/res/2054.html Nevertheless there isn't a lot of interest on that board, so I won't post anything there until I see people organizing stuff and giving their support to the proposal.
>>3528 The autist generally posts correct information, that's why I'm assuming it must be more than one person doing this shit
>>3539 >Also I don't know if AlphabetSoup is seeing this (or if I already talk to them; throwaway emails get confusing very quickly) but maybe adding a small disclaimer to the top of OP about the unofficial invitations and potential lack of slots would help new-comers. I do want to start re-organizing threads at some point but now is clearly not the time. Sure thing, sugar
>>3542 >Let's have invitational matches. So just like in the G-Cup with the extra teams being relegated to gimmick matches, but maybe without gimmicks? I like this, could be used as a way to break the monotony if /christian/ ends up being the strongest ones again.
>>3548 >I like this, could be used as a way to break the monotony if /christian/ ends up being the strongest ones again. like in 2019? It it the era of the otter now.
What server do you use to stream the matches during the icup? I'd like to re-stream it to watch.8chan the 8moe streaming service.
>>3575 At this point in time, my plan is to use a PeerTube instance (P2P disabled) stream, embedded in a cytube for chat. The main reason I choose PeerTube is because the instances I'm looking at re-encode in different resolutions (so people with bad internet can watch live in 240p, while those with good download speed can watch in 1080p) and aren't botnet to create an account on. It also allows users to replay the match before I download and get it archived. Cytube has known support for these streams, a variety of moderation tools, polls and emotes, but really it's just what we always used. What exactly do you mean by 're-stream it'? As in, just have a separate chat room on watch.8ch.moe? Or something else? I have no issue with that, but dividing the already small viewer count doesn't seem like a good idea, unless they're absolute ragelords who wouldn't mix with comfy kiddos.
>>3576 I sure hope we'll get someone to record the cytube chatroom this year, it's easily one of the funniest parts of the cup Spamming spinning ducks at least
>>3496 So, what's the situation?
>>3496 >>3610 So far the only ones who haven't bothered responding (not even one reply) have been: /bmn/ (though we know BO is okay with playing) /christian/ (or at least they did and their thread is dead, but they'll likely play because they're legacy) /egy/ (unreachable apparently) /f/ /fascist/ /film/ (though board is active) /fsschan/ /ita/ (board is inactive but they've made at least a post on the matter) /latecomfy/ or rather just /comfy/ (they have a post but aren't talking about it) /loomis/ (on either boards) /otter/ (likely will participate and respond) /sp/ (as anon said it's likely they'll reply) /sw/ /yuri/ (likely they'll say yes soon) I think we should have like some sort of date or limit before the slots occupied by the unresponsive teams/boards should open up for the new arrivals (soyjacks and frenschan or any other board Autist notwithstanding).
>>3611 >spoiler Kinda worrying he'll pretend to be all of these boards (again).
>>3612 Wait, I thought he just pretended to be part of the staff? Now he's impersonating managers too?
>>3613 Unfortunately yes, as we saw here >>2969
>>3611 From memory /christian/ responded in their meta thread, and /sp/ and /yuri/ are both confirmed active. Also as mentioned, some of these teams did make an EoI, they just haven't yet polished.
>>3621 when's the deadline? say, when does the tournament begin
>>3625 I'll make an announcement this week, this is just a draft I'm making up right now, but pending feedback I think it will be: Confirm all team entries and basic tactics: 1st August. Teams must be 100% legal and no missing subs by then. Official draw and public test matches: 6th August. No more tactical changes, no excuses: 13th August. Game day 1,2: 20-21 August Game day 3,4: 27-28 August I realize the gap between draw and match day is about a week and a half larger than ideal, but there are a bunch of major unavoidable events I have to work around.
>>3496 /fsschan/ seems to have replied to your message, let me refresh the list: /bmn/ (though we know BO is okay with playing) /egy/ (unreachable apparently) /f/ /fascist/ /film/ (though board is active) /ita/ (board is inactive but they've made at least a post on the matter) /latecomfy/ or rather just /comfy/ (they have a post but aren't talking about it) /loomis/ (on either boards) /otter/ (likely will participate and respond) /sw/ Should we list the potential substitute candidates too?
Open file (47.95 KB 1794x254 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3630 >/otter/ I just received this reply from one of them
>>3634 So, are they a no show then?
>>3635 I don't know honestly. There may be some otter guys lurking here but I can't tell. I would say to use the team still.
>>3636 This. When I asked over there a couple of months ago, some otters replied that they'd be glad to see the team participate no matter the opinion of their overprotective overlord.
Open file (73.54 KB 1280x720 free_man.jpg)
>>3627 I'm already getting HYPE levels like you wouldn't believe
Erisian guy, if you're reading this, please check the e-mails I sent you. No need to rush in your response but just to make sure you've at least received them.
>>3645 Reading them now. Thanks for the notif.
>>3576 >What exactly do you mean by 're-stream it'? By re-stream it I mean to >just have a separate chat room on watch.8ch.moe? Yup, basically that. Back on hispachan we had several problems with cytube channels: Drama, avatarfags, that kind of stuff, that why I want to re-stream it to watch8chan, so we would be able to use a thread as a chat room and we avoid encounters with unwanted users.
>>3655 Right, yeah I have no issue with that, although it would still be nice to have people join the main cytube just so more people can chat to more boards, even if just for the /ac/ matches, or returning if you don't like the chat. The whole point of the cup is to have fun with other sites, and it's mostly quiet and comfy.
>>3655 >that why I want to re-stream it to watch8chan One request I'd have is to attempt and get even more anons to participate on the other hispaboards and nonhispaboards Perhaps we could go back to those glory days on 8chan prime...
>>3656 >>3657 I totally understand that you want more people to hang out on the cytube chat so it would be more fun for everybody but as I said before we had several problems with cytube users in the past I don't want them to drop out and cause trouble. But on the other hand I might be a little too cautious, /ac/ anons are very nice, they know how to control themselves and don't cause drama or try to cause any harm. Let me the think about that and maybe ask to the other anons on the 8moe thread.
>>3496 >>3611 >>3630 /2hu/: Valid, working on player icons. /a/: Valid, working on player icons. /ac/: Seems to be valid now; there's some talk about one of the models. /art/: Seems to be valid but apparently the manager is doing a contest to (probably) change some players. /britfeel/: Valid. /christian/: Some anons were talking about maybe changing the anthem but nothing resulted from it. Otherwise it's valid. /cuckquean/: No response from them (missing 3 subs) /dup/: Did a little roster change and seems to be valid now. /egy/: No response from them (on either Endchan or 8kun). /f/: No response from them (team using 4cc rules, options offered but no one has replied). /fascist/: No response from them and also they're considering options to move from 8moe /film/: No response from them (missing team colors, audio exports and tactics). /fscchan/: Valid. Someone asked if it was possible to do changes to the roster, replied with "Only if you want". /islam/: Seems valid. Someone asked about using a model from the Civ games for a player. /ita/: Roster changed to match the thread but haven't confirmed if that's OK to them. /japan/: Valid. /k/: No word from them might throw a message later /kind/: Valid. They said to use the old tactics because the person who was working on the new ones is busy. /late/ and /comfy/: No word from them yet. /leftypol/: In the process of adapting their work for one of the 4cc cups to ICUP standards. /loomis/: Valid. /monarchy/: Missing teams colors, haven't replied yet. /monster/: Currently in the process of changing the roster. /pro/: No reply from them (missing player cards) /retro/: Valid but there are no replies to the thread. /server/: Posted some suggestions for anthems and goalhorns but nothing further. /sp/: Changed the roster a bit, should be fine. /sw/: No reply (missing 3 subs). /yuri/: Manager replied here, the roster has been changed and it's valid. That's the most recent update to all of the teams thus far. I didn't include /v/ because they seem to be communicating every so often with us.
Open file (17.62 KB 1164x168 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3634 >>3638 >When I asked over there a couple of months ago, some otters replied that they'd be glad to see the team participate no matter the opinion of their overprotective overlord. Seems to be the case.
>>3687 >/monarchy/: Missing teams colors, haven't replied yet. Purple, white, orange. Is that all we need for team colors?
Open file (781.00 B 300x100 colours.png)
>>3693 It would be great if you picked the exact shade of those colours, there are a lot of oranges and purples. Here are some example ones from your logo (otherwise, image or hexcodes are welcome, whichever is more convenient). The first two you choose show on in-game crowd banners, the rest are just for our use in hype material.
Open file (2.86 MB 1200x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3695 >>3698 Tasty!
Open file (690.93 KB 1012x1407 Rita EU.png)
>>3687 Ciao belli, /ita/ here (or what's left of us at least) In regards to our roster, there have been some minor changes, which you can find out here http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ita//Roster I am not the original Pastabro who made them, but I intend to finish the stickers for all the characters. If you'd rather have their individual faces instead, let me know and I'll provide them for you.
>>3707 >or what's left of us at least good news, since /ita/ is run by pedos, like vecchiochan.
>>3708 >good news, since /ita/ is run by pedos, like vecchiochan. All I see on /ita/ is big fat tats,
>>3630 Ideally, should we have a vote on which inactive board to kick off the cup?
>>3710 We already know everyone wants to see /SHIRT IRONING/
>>3711 oh fuck I forgot about that meme
Open file (929.00 B 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3687 I forgot to include /bmn/ in the list, but the BO hasn't replied still (the team is missing 3 subs). >>3695 To help you make the choices for the in-game banner here are the hexcodes for the first pic (second pic has irregular colors due to its texture). >>3707 Thanks for replying. I've taken the liberty to transfer your roster page to the new wiki: https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//ita//Roster If possible I'd suggest you upload the remaining cards there and also fix some problems with the page (description for G. Gabusi, Tifa Lucchettocuore can't wait to see her card and Harrycotter; also Zuppa Romana and Lo Stato Assoluto have the same card). >>3715 I see that besides the cards you decided the substitution strategies and the icons too. Nice work.
>>3710 I considered the idea, but there are many people who just wouldn't see it because they don't use this board, but would still watch the cup. I suppose one could be linked in each board's thread, in the future. There are a few of those boards where it is clear-cut, just no response at all for a month or more despite multiple requests and being on their front page. They will be the first to go. >>3716 >(second pic has irregular colors due to its texture). It does, to pick for the tri-colour image I used an eyedropper tool (in GIMP) that takes an average from many pixels instead of picking just one pixel. Thanks for transferring their roster page so quickly. >>3715 Very nice, I'll be adding those in now.
Ciao bello, as you requested I just finished updating the trading cards (sorry if they're not as good as the older ones) >>3720 Additionally, I have a request: could you get a Tifa 3D model for the Tifa Lucchettocuore player (possibly with her white shirt colored blue/the current color the team is playing with)? It'd be pretty cool. Tell me if you need anything else for the team.
>>3721 Wonderful, I'll start adding the in-game player icons. It would be pretty cool, I'll give it a try. I made a shitty Tifa character in-game with long hair, big eyes and a small jaw. Fortunately it was lost when I didn't properly save that day.
>>3687 Who's going to host if /fascist/ won't join?
>>3749 /dup/ is the last cup winner
>>3749 It would still be them, in absentia. But it looks like we may need a ghost team to make numbers even now that /film/ has confirmed interest, so they're the first pick.
>>3752 Wait, we need to make numbers? I thought we were overflowing with teams.
>>3754 Ambiguous phrasing from me: "to make the team count into an even number", since an odd number would require 'bye' matches, where each week, one team doesn't play their game.
Open file (805.48 KB 1410x1880 ICUP7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 has been announced. This cup is ostensibly hosted by last cup's winners, /fascist/. I haven't made any announcements on each board yet, just to allow a bit of time to resolve any issues you notice.
>>3756 Aw yes we ballin
>>2934 How come /egy/ was kept in? Did they reply?
>>3771 I decided against eliminating those teams in doubt (with the exception of /f/, which was just going to be the 4chan /f/ team and averages less than 1 post per week). /egy/ was the only other one which showed no real interest (the only person there who ever did is uncontactable) but the competition structure gets annoying if we don't add or remove 4 teams at a time, since we use groups of 4.
>>3772 I hope some of them will still watch it. Did you ask on their 8kun board? It seems to be the more active one. It's sad that /lang/ never got invited, but maybe next time.
>>3773 They were contacted in there as well, but they didn't reply either.
>>3774 Where? The last post is from the G-cup.
>3775 Endchan: https://endchan.gg/egy/res/636.html 8kun: https://8kun.top/egy/res/326022.html >The last post is from the G-cup. There used to be another thread made for ICUP 7 but it got deleted at some point, and this one is a remake.
Open file (181.07 KB 720x304 vlcsnap-00106.png)
>>3716 Greetings from /bmn/ Please accept my apologies for not replying to the posts. The last few months have been a mental hell, so I've been behind on a lot of stuff. As for substitute players I've got their names, positions and numbers here. - Diver Dan #35 RMF - >9mm #44 AMF - Tammy's T-Rex #56 LB As for player tactics, I don't have anything special. Like the film we screen, I won't say that this team is well put together. It's half the fun, when it somehow works. I'll add photos to the roster wiki later this week.
When are we going to learn of the matchups? Will it be streamed or rigged in /eris/'s favor chosen offline in a fair and balanced way?
>>3778 Thanks for that! >>3779 >The groups will be randomly determined in a fun draw stream, which is expected to take place on Friday, 12 August. It was moved back to this date due to delays from IRL stuff. Hopefully it won't be pushed back further, but it is a real possibility (or I could try and get someone else to stream it, but then /2hu/ might win the cup).
look at the little redditchan babies, thinking anyone is going to watch their amateur schoolyard "cup" real cup is here, LIVE right now https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/2022_4chan_Summer_Cup
>>3794 soulless
Open file (178.91 KB 654x560 snowman2.png)
>>3795 alive is the exact opposite of soulless about 600 people right now and we're not even into the "good" games yet, where the numbers can reach 1-2k https://cytu.be/r/the4chancup what's the most you had at your peak, like 12?
>>3794 >>3797 Cool, have fun!
>>3794 What exactly is wrong with watching both cups while hosting one? My problem with the 4CC is that I tuned in like three games and while one of them was loads of fun, the other two had an unfunny caster and someone who kept screaming at the top of their lungs.
Open file (382.07 KB 895x503 alcoholic.png)
Open file (622.97 KB 1092x613 friday night slippage.png)
Open file (968.86 KB 893x499 ck boys.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1090x613 kerning vm.png)
>>3801 I think what makes it for me is how much genuine effort goes into this for 4CC. Sure, you have retards that nobody likes commentanting, and the audience is obviously mostly redditors/cuckchanners/normalfags, but the games themselves can be golden. You also get over a decade of lore and statistics to look over, which can't be said for the infinity cup, with how infrequent they usually are(ie they don't run every season, only when the streamers and organizers can be asked to). With the much more limited scope, you also get a lot less neat models and visuals, and the commentators are usually not much better than the lowest pick of the litter from 4cc(minus maybe the screeching part). Teams are literally whomever cares to sign up, if nobody on the board you represent knows how PES works, good luck doing everything yourself These are the screenshots I took of the games just today, there is so much more to go. Has Infinity Cup ever reached this level of PES ascendance at all in it's lifetime? With how niche the whole thing is(with many boards being personal circlejerk rather than representing topics of discussions or ideas one would be interested in) and with how there is nothing really set in stone until the organizers post about it here(versus an entire wiki with all the regularly updated info 4CC has) gives off a very unprofessional vibe that really doesn't make one want to get involved, unless they have been active participants/audience already TL;DR you got to step your game up if you want to be noticed, but with limited manpower and interest, I doubt it will ever happen. This is more of a problem with the sad state the webring is in tho, I think more united and populated boards would likely lead to better all around quality and quantity of events(better choice of boards would help, too, old 8chan had a wide variety of active boards that would serve as more interesting alternatives to what 4CC has) This post doesn't really serve as anything more than a rant, I just wanted to post these images to show off what you're "competing" with
>>3806 Good for you. We're not competing with you, just having fun in our own space. We already know that our boards aren't big and only have a few people to put time and effort into it, so why did you come here? Just to go "4chan big"? If you think your cup is better then go and watch it, I'll be watching ours.
I would never even think of going to the 4CC thread to mouth off about how ICUP is better and they're all losers. In fact I don't even think about them at all. Why do they love us so much?
>>3808 >one of the biggest websites around >can't get more than 5-600 viewers on a cup for all their boards >a bunch of disconnected websites with a shared origin, barely a flicker on Alexa rankings >30 viewers on average If you put it in perspective, we have relatively more people caring about the cup than they do, or probably he just wants to advertise it and get people to watch. Either way I wish him luck.
>>3806 I really admired the 4CC for its ability to bring people together. That's what brought me and a few other anons to organize shit for the old 8chan boards, and it proved rather successful in that we had the time of our lives. I hope that the 4CC keeps on expanding, but I also hope you'll lend us you guys' strengths when it comes to improving this competition. Speaking of, I recall some 4CC organizer coming here once asking if we were interested in a Imageboard bowl with different IBs competing against 4chan boards. Any news on that?
>>3806 >ie they don't run every season, only when the streamers and organizers can be asked to Ackshually, on 8chan prime it was a yearly event and they were even planning of making it once per semester, but the site fell so many times and got broken down in so many pieces that it's a miracle we even get to do this. You cannot compare the two because one is hosted by a website that is almost impossible to take down while the other by a bunch of imageboard being whack-a-mole'd by bad faith actors and feds. And as you said, a lot of content was made over time by plenty of users (which we don't really have in comparable numbers), with many teams having been rigged like three or four years ago and never seeing much modifications on them or their wiki either. >Has Infinity Cup ever reached this level of PES ascendance at all in it's lifetime? Twice. The first time when the Bone Goblin Hotwheels had publicized a match and I believe we got 1k concurrent watchers (who mostly came to talk shit during the gamergoiym era). The second time to me at least was during the G-Cup and previous cup where we got to have an international set of boards to compete with plenty of fun times. It's not comparable in scale, anyhow, I agree with you. It's akin comparing a Champions League match with a local derby in the Scottish Lowlands. The enthusiasm is the same but the stakes are unmatched. Also, we do have a wiki, but since there's only like 10 competent people as far as the organization shit goes (and due to constant migrations) it's impossible to build something on the same scale as the 4cc.
>>3806 Addendum: we also have an issue with the most popular IBs/boards on the webring or otherwise not really putting in any effort. 8chan/v/ barely gave a shit while zzzchan/v/ (which is much smaller in terms of PPH) took it upon themselves to completely overhaul shit. Then you got teams like /eris/, /otter/ and /ita/ who are super niche but took such efforts in making a fun wiki or team while other guys just come in, plop a few players and leave. It's more of an issue of people not really using certain boards as much as 4chan since it's not centralized, and this leads to fewer teams wanting to compete, but those who're here are really giving it their all.
>>3773 >It's sad that /lang/ never got invited, but maybe next time. Same with /lego/ too. Maybe there are just too many potential teams at this point?
>>3806 >minus maybe the screeching part Idk, sometimes I'd like our commentators to be a bit more GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!.
>>3819 No that's fine, I just hate when they Jumpscare scream for no reason
>>3819 The match commentary on the first Cup was really good. https://archive.org/details/ICUP1/1-18+Day+4+-+a+vs.+christian.mp4
>>3794 I loved it when GermanBro hosted the cup, but I lost interest a few years later, it just didnt feel the same anymore and I'm sure its even worse now. I liked when it was just a nice little amateur project and icup feels exactly like that.
>>3819 >>3821 I know what you mean, I'm going to try and bring a bit more enthusiastic energy into the commentary without making it uncomfy or insincere. It's a balance that I think can work. We'll see how the draw/test stream goes. >>3818 I don't know what the case was with /lang/, but /lego/ is a pretty dead board now (6 posts this year). Having imported all their player models, I would have loved to see them here.
Could the board description be updated to something like "ICUP7 starts August 12th"? It may give a sense of urgency to people browsing the webring and seeing that one board with a date in the near future.
Open file (667.23 KB 1280x720 BIG.mp4)
>>3834 Could /lang/ play an invitational match, at least?
>I C U P OMG these guys can see me pee????
Open file (32.73 KB 420x236 47887393-656x240.jpg)
>Mind the Otters, they munch Gonna need some otter proof balls.
Open file (423.97 KB 680x689 awww yeeee.png)
>>3838 hopefully that name was intentional, fucking perfect
>>3837 /lang/ and /lego/ are both dead (/lang/ acknowledges it) but it would be fun to have them as a second invitational match. I'll add that to the schedule.
>>3838 >>3843 The original board on 8chan prime was called /8cc/ and it was going to be basketball related, but when BO left someone else troed to get it and after failing to get in touch with Ron they just decided to create /icup/ as a joke title. I think one of the tags was Water Sports
when's the deadline for uploading the team exports? say, the models and such?
>>3849 The sooner the better, but honestly you can keep making aesthetic changes up until the date, the only issue being I eventually have no more time to test and recompile. Aim for before the draw stream so that I can use that stream to confirm they work.
>>3814 >8chan/v/ barely gave a shit while zzzchan/v/ (which is much smaller in terms of PPH) took it upon themselves to completely overhaul shit. it's crazy, 8/v/ arguably still has more users, but all they do is circlejerk themselves all day like, say, /cow/ and other similar boards. Then you have a scrappier board like zzzchan, which not only genuinely enjoys talking about video games, but also participates in projects like these. Really shows you how little PPH means sometimes Has /icup/ ever thought of doing a crossover with the 4cc? There is always some sort of invitational going on there, obviously they won't allow anyone here to participate in their main cup, but a friendly spar between some 4cc teams and the /icup/ teams, on a neutral pes(I guess you guys are using 2017) would be a blast. /pol/ league did something similar, inviting /leftypol/ 2 years ago and they've been a top consistent team and a great heel for the little invitational, I remember stalin even got a 9.0 in one of his games When both their and your cups are over for the season, you should contact them and ask, I would watch it. I think you can find them on their discord, the main cup has one and every team has one as well, I'm sure their wiki has all the info. They also have a 4/vg/ thread but like everything on cuckchan it is ADHD garbage that barely ever stays on topic, they are also mundo stat/fantasy footbal autists and detest invitationals for some reason
>>3863 >Has /icup/ ever thought of doing a crossover with the 4cc? It has been mentioned about once a year. I'm in favour of the idea, it could be a ton of fun especially as a between-seasons event. >I guess you guys are using 2017 Yep, at this point in time we don't have enough riggers to port upwards by ourselves without burning out or doing a shit hack-job (for perspective, we may have just recently found a second Blender rigger). If it were a small number of teams, like 4 v 4 or 8 vs 8, then an upgrade of them could be done collaboratively. Probably better use of time than backporting 4CC aesthetics (because most of their 2018 exports will be obselete), plus we get a good demo of the benefits of upgrading to PES 2018+. The other hurdle would be different rules (for example, GSBB medals and de-facto no fluid formations or live management to make it fairer to casuals) that will require tactical changes, but that's not hard to resolve. If this cup goes to plan (we incidentally rebased onto the 4CC EDIT template and AET this season) then will have some stability so I'm happy to explore a crossover invitational series for between September and December. I've heard Discord now lets Tor users in virtual machines log in without forcing a phone number so I can try putting on gloves and make contact, but if you're in 4CC chats already then feel free to poll for interest. >I would watch it. Got a few favourite teams?
Open file (326.10 KB 460x680 grace full sketch.jpg)
Open file (191.70 KB 1280x720 dog chernobyl1280x720.jpg)
>>3695 >>3698 >>3716 Graceposter & larper from /monarchy/ This is great. >It would be great if you picked the exact shade of those colours Do the >>3716 hexcodes from here work? I am not too familiar with sports. So tactics I am clueless.
>>3878 >Do the hexcodes from here work? Yep, they sure do! >>3878 >I am not too familiar with sports. >So tactics I am clueless. That's ok, vague ideas like 'defensive' or 'aggressive' or 'controlled' can help me give a bit of personality.
Open file (730.25 KB 2439x3600 Grace no line.png)
Open file (4.34 KB 257x324 Grace MC preview.png)
Open file (722.81 KB 752x869 charles ii.png)
>>3883 >That's ok, vague ideas like 'defensive' or 'aggressive' or 'controlled' can help Aggressive sounds good. My other concern is 3D models. These two pics related are canon full bodies of Grace. It looks like an anon did Charles II of Spain, thankfully.
>>3884 I can add her as a moving 2D image, like Rita (/ita/'s -tan). See >>3816 as an example. Probably works best on an image in a standing position.
>>3885 My only problem is there aren't too many good full bodies to work. I'll have to find somebody to make a 3D model, I suppose.
>>3885 What if I were to get a 3D model? Either from >>3887 VRoid Studio or Blender?
Open file (49.03 KB 995x380 not my screencap.png)
Open file (263.11 KB 543x731 pose.png)
>>3888 Yeah, if you can export to a Blender-compatible format, that would be great. .glb should work. I don't know what posing is like, but if you can, something close to pic 2 is preferred.
>>3889 I'll look into it.
>>3889 >>3890 Update: I was able to get a model. I'll be back w/ it sometime.
/monarchy/ decided to change its anthem. Goalhorn will remain the same. We also have /icup/ art incoming to celebrate.
Open file (190.72 KB 524x865 grace 3D.png)
Open file (165.51 KB 383x820 Grace 3D 2.png)
>>3889 https://filetransfer.io/data-package/CzVY7AZE#link Here is the zip with the .glb & textures. Let me know how it works & if it tests out okay.
>>3905 Great job, maybe we should try that out for some of the other unmodelled board-tans. I'm being forced to touch a patch of grass today but I should have it tested soon.
>>3905 How'd you make this, for reference?
>>3910 >How'd you make this, for reference? I didn't make it. It was a really good one-time comm deal. & then I found someone w/ experience w/ blender and they allegedly fixed animation. That needs to be tested.
>>3866 IMHO you underestimate how important the transition to the fox engine PESes is, I remember doing aesthetics for 17 and as soon as you went outside the routine head model or MikuMikuDance rip everything became pretty fucky and complicated. AFAIK the new tools just let you rip models from whenever and dump them into a PES models by renaming the bones. If I were you, I would also focus on what's important. Ditch the subs for example, you don't have enough manpower to do 23 x however many team's worth of blenders and compilation. (this is also what I would do if I ever were to do a world cup type event, 11 players per team only) I also cannot believe you weren't using the 4CC edit and AET, holy shit that's insane. Just the fact that those things put your IDs in a real, concrete order is a humoungous timesaver. IDK how happy he'd be to collaborate, but you should ask Foreground about the process of porting 17 models to Fox. He's done it for many a team before.
Can't believe it's just one week to go now
>>3914 >I also cannot believe you weren't using the 4CC edit and AET, holy shit that's insane. I dare you to open a pre-ICUP7 export in 4CC Editor. That's how the CLERMONT FOOT and bourgie breggs memes came around; hacks upon hacks occasionally breaking, not helped by me trying to get SKF to shove a .ted in. But yeah it was a pain. Thanks for the contact, my hands are full until the cup is done (August to mid-Sept) but I think you're right, its a move we should start ASAP.
>>3921 >bourgie breggs Huh, did I miss something?
>>3922 It's just another Clermont Foot 63 situation
Open file (607.06 KB 1328x968 Grace icup 3D 3.png)
Open file (640.27 KB 1328x968 Grace icup 3D 1.png)
>>3907 https://filetransfer.io/data-package/IJVTn5pz#link A costume revision for icup Let's use this model since it's the sports clothes. The person who put this together also asked me to mention that the textures should be with the .glb model too as a reminder. I also request to know how this works in a test.
>>3913 who made it then?
>>3927 An artist from disc0rd. & another helped w/ animation. Here is a temp link. https://discord.gg/JsMe5KHA
>>3927 If you use disc0rd-- Panda4Huh#1135 ^ the VRoid model maker You can commission him DesigniChats#2922 ^blender / animation person
Open file (9.41 MB 1920x1080 mon.mp4)
>>3926 This old version of PES doesn't take advantage of the skeleton rigging (and makes long hair is a pain to do) but I think the new one does. So it should look a bit neater next year.
Open file (1.62 MB 3000x3000 grace icup sketch.png)
Open file (191.70 KB 1280x720 dog chernobyl1280x720.jpg)
>>3934 That's great. It looks like it's working. I think I might revise the GK kit and try to figure out how to make the other players more interesting.
Open file (291.34 KB 2048x1152 1547974280838647814.jpg)
>>3687 Final update post before the cup begins (probably): /ac/: Working on porting that model to a more friendly Blender format. /art/: No changes to the roster it seems, team is valid. /bmn/: Filled those three subs missing, team is now valid. /cuckquean/: Still haven't replied. /fascist/: The 8moe bunker has been deleted by the BO and they have moved somewhere else. Still, it looks like they're not as interested as they did back here. /film/: Gave audio exports but they're still missing tactics. /ita/: Changes confirmed, team is now valid. /late/ and /comfy/: Changes made to formation and anthems, they're now having talks about changing the roster. /leftypol/: No updates on their process. /monarchy/: Finally gave the missing info, possibly changing the GK kit as mentioned here >>3935. Otherwise it's valid now. /pro/: Info dump from them with all the missing stuff, team seems to be valid. /retro/: Replied a short while back with the desire to update their logo. /server/: Still missing stuff but they seem to have some interesting plans.
>>3941 (me) I forgot /v/. They are making more models for the players, but I don't know if they have presented any tactics or subs changes. Also want to change their kits.
>>3941 Thanks for that. I'll fix a time for the group draw stream and test matches. Then we can send out notifs to all the non-dead boards on Wednesday. /sp/ thread died (expected) but I think all the others are fine.
Open file (528.91 KB 2048x2048 gk kit orange.png)
Open file (53.72 KB 493x502 Corgi.jpg)
>>3934 Ok, this will be the revised GK kit. As for extra player models, two models. 1st, for King Leopold II, I want a Dark Souls king model: https://filetransfer.io/data-package/wZCksgbP#link 2nd, we'll swap Philip the Fair out with a corgi: https://filetransfer.io/data-package/3IexKz4n#link cb Mansa Musa will now be Bokassa rb Qin Shi Huang will now be Philip the Fair Who will be swapped as rb Philip the Fair with a Corgi as cf If the Dark Souls & Corgi models don't work, then it could be revised again.
Open file (200.81 KB 1230x1144 ICUP7 Draw Stream.png)
The draw stream is going to happen on Friday this week, 18:00 UTC at https://cytu.be/r/infinitycup The attached image shows the start time in various timezones (from https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=1440&iso=20220812T18&msg=Draw%20Stream ). End time is unknown, but it should last an hour or two at least because it will be used to run test matches, and will probably fail catastrophically at some point. I encourage you to share this in the relevant ICUP thread (either an existing ICUP thread or a designated meta thread, do not create a new thread) to your homeboards if it's not already there, because it's a pain for us to message all of the 30 living boards ourselves. If you do share this, include the image, time and CyTube link.
>>3981 Let's gohohoooo >30 living boards Huh wasn't it 32?
>>3981 Sweet! >>3984 Two or three of them are pretty much dead but still participating.
New /retro/ logo, please update it no idea where to post this, sorry
Open file (19.66 KB 500x500 risitas.jpg)
>player tries to pass to the goalie >he watches it roll past him into the goal I hope this happens in the cup once because I never laughed at this game so hard
Open file (42.33 KB 839x513 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.68 MB 670x720 nighound.webm)
Open file (270.14 KB 825x1500 Oga.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 1447x2047 Tamamo no Mae.jpg)
Here's the new roster for the /monster/ team. Please put Wankandan Hellhound in Poli'ahu's position, make Poli'ahu a sub and give her bronze medal to Arachne. For Wankandan Hellhound use webm related as her goalhorn. And add also Tamamo no Mae and Oga-san as subs. Any questions about the roster or the players feel free to ask them.
Open file (43.55 KB 325x635 wank.png)
Open file (43.84 KB 339x650 arach.png)
>>4023 Done. Moving the bronze means that Wankandan Hellhound loses one of these skills (pic 1) and Arachne gains one (pic 2). I've also adjusted the heights as there were some issues with the previous version. I've kept
>>4032 What did long-range drive and first-time shot do again?
>>4032 >I've kept Kept what?
>>4032 I suppose you can get rid of pinpoint crossing for hellhound and give Arachne Acrobatic Clear, then.
Open file (122.51 KB 900x616 drum banger.jfif)
>>4039 Meat Pies [x] Sausage rolls [x] Come on Engruland score sam goals []
>>3921 Fun fact: In their game against Clermont Foot 63, Bourg en Bresse's goalkeeper got a red card. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgblwpgqHCQ?t=158
Open file (11.65 KB 600x450 long range drive.png)
>>4035 >long range drive Allows a player to curl in shots from a reasonable long distance. If you see in the PES games when someone does a really impressive curving shot from the side, that's Long Range Drive. >first-time shot When you kick the ball without having a chance to control it first, such as hitting it directly from a pass or cross from another teammate. This makes first time shot attempts more precise with improved technique. This video is of a different PES version but it seems to show the difference pretty well. I imagine it's similar in PES 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EFMRIg4opY >>4037 That was just going to say I've kept the focus on GKs and backs being tallest.
>>4048 inb4 >my favourite Bourg-en-Bresse player is donald trump
Open file (1.55 MB 1280x720 1362511319480598528.mp4)
where streamer
Open file (40.44 KB 415x670 1637426366731.jpg)
pairings /f/ - /2hu/ /ita/ - /server/ /film/ - /otter/ /yuri/ - /bmn/ /egy/ - /leftypol/ /monster/ - /retro/ /sp/ - /cuckquean/ /fscchan/ - /sw/ /islam/ - /late/ & /comfy/ /pro/ - /fascist/ /monarchy/ - /a/ /kind/ - /dup/ /v/ - /k/ /art/ - /loomis/ /ac/ - /christian/ /japan/ - /britfeel/
Thanks to whoever got the date put in the /meta/ announcement! I forgot to do so. >>4081 wanna bet on it?
>>4082 sorry forgot the groups group a is the first 4 group b is the second 4 etc.
>>4081 Anyone wanna update the wiki page?
Open file (13.30 KB 692x95 ICUP 7 draw.png)
After a disastrous draw stream that started an hour late, we now have the group stage draw. I'm not seeing any of the predicted rivalries. Group B appears to be the Group of Death. Here is the test/draw stream, be warned that it starts off horribly due to a missing noise reducer on the microphone. https://fedimovie.com/c/icup_stream7/videos?s=1 Fair warning, this is a PeerTube instance, so if the P2P bothers you then click My Settings on the left, then unselect "Help share videos being played" (you don't need to login). This isn't necessary for the stream, just the replay. 0:00 - Crappy draw interrupted by fixing audio issues 30:10 - /late/ & /comfy/ vs. /ac/ [crashed] 36:40 - /otter/ vs. /pro/ 50:15 - /monarchy/ vs. /yuri/ 1:08:00 - /art/ vs. /late/ & /comfy/ 1:23:00 - /christian/ vs. /islam/ 1:34:00 - Going through all the teams' rosters and player models, so you can check if anything needs changing!!! 2:11:11 - /leftypol/ vs. /monarchy/ [continues in Part 2] 8:36 - /a/ vs. /otter/ 23:56 - Replaying the draw twice to check the result instead of just ending the stream and doing it afterwards.
Open file (147.86 KB 1674x1674 Smug23.jpg)
Gentlemen, hope you are ready to see /2hu/ rise to the top. This is Youkai country now.
>>4091 Have you finally decided to play good?
In regards to fixing things that were broken: I will be away for the weekend and most of next week, leaving me only one day to make PES-related changes. This will be prioritized on fixing team tactics and editing very simple things like images and text. Basically, if a face or 3D model wasn't in the test games and isn't packaged and tested like /v/'s and those /ita/ ones, it won't be there in Round 1. I will still be able to add the player icon portraits and logos and music. I will create the full schedule soon, but unless many people want it to be earlier, game days will be 18:00 for real this time to 22:00 UTC, with an exhibition match afterwards.
>>4097 many of the players in /v/ were made to display the uniform kit in-game. off the top of my head: >shambler >nethack guy >yoshimitsu whereas some other models were supposed to not display the kit, like the wing diver. i assume most models don't use their revised versions in the .zip file, for example mchunter and the ayy and both onani-san (now kaedocum) and bob page had a finalized model for the occasion try to follow the instructions at >>4069 >>4072
Open file (56.45 KB 490x410 oooook.jpg)
I couldn't watch the stream because it was playing for 2 seconds, then lagging, then reloading, then another 2 seconds, etc... And please please please, balance the volume of all the audio sources. ktxby
Open file (25.13 KB 456x337 1322259941001.jpg)
>>4097 >>4099 seeing helga playing as honey struck a nerve too
here's the 7z in cas you hadn't seen it: filetransfer.io/data-package/GXIHKXTx the kits should be in the root folder, note that they need to be exported into .dds
Hey if team banners are still a possibility, can we of /ita/ ask for some? 1. Sei Furente? 2. Rita, mia vita 3. Cicciapillolato Vive 4. UE UE FUMMO RE
>>4109 judging by >>4097, if you want the model in the model you'll need to do it yourself. follow this tutorial drive.google.com/file/d/1xyxw-P8ggdCi6zd7guqUfbfTBuRA3wIZ/view
Grassstains, thank you so much for making this cup a reality. As much of a train wreck the organization, games and community is, the fact that a bunch of disjointed imageboards could come together and create something like this is incredible and it's all thanks to you, SKF, Cotton, all the riggers, the anons who came up with the teams, me, my men, doctor Pavel here, but not the Autist god no Speaking of please next time include /bane/ just for the memes. >>4091 Oxford is that you? I missed you you magnificent Texan bastard
>>4101 Don't you want Helga's sweet ass? Yeah I'll fix them all, I just chucked all the models I have for /v/ in there because a few I couldn't find the right slot. >>4100 I will try another instance to see if they have lower than 480p/faster speeds (one was a cloud provider so we might have luck), or if someone has a stream key for a better service that I can borrow, that could be tested. But that would have to be tried the day before (unless someone else can test stream!!!) Commentary levels will have to be done on the day before game 1, but team music will be normalized.
>>4110 Absolutely, one of the easiest fixes I can make. /otter/ have also requested some, and I encourage other teams to do so. I think there's a 15 character limit on them, so 3 will probably need changing. >>4114 It's been a pleasure, and hopefully /japan/ will satisfy our Bane cravings for this round.
>>4118 >Helga's sweet ass? you mean helga's fat rack either waym here's the model for kaedocum since the one in the folder doesn't work. can you show me a preview of how he looks and moves? filetransfer.io/data-package/UrxaUB2o#link there are some models that still need some fixing, most notably mchunter, and I believe the most orderly solution is a new version of the team export with all players fixed, so be aware of it in case I send anything else
>>4120 >can you show me a preview of how he looks and moves? No, like I said above I can't test anything until Friday or Saturday. If it works fine with you it should be ok with mine.
how do you get to show off the eleven (the players) before the match in PES2017? I want to show them off now that they're mostly complete
Open file (966.19 KB 1500x1000 group B.png)
>>4090 Group of death huh, we'll see
>>4152 The only group whose team names are all complete words.
>>4152 How did you create those letters?
>>4158 It's just a fancy font with shadows
>>4090 Bit of a mistake I noticed, a night out with the boys is supposed to be 195cm on /pro/
>>4146 Are you in UEFA Championship Exhibition Match mode? They play the national anthem at the start.
>>4146 >>4162 They should show up regardless unless you skip
Are we gonna learn the match schedules soon?
>>4164 ETA 6 hours and I'll post the official full list, but Groups A-D are Saturday, E-H on Sunday, first roundd games are in the order they appear on that draw. Exhibition /lang/ and /Lego/ are end of this Saturday, other exhibition will be next Saturday.
Here is the schedule for this weekend. Please make your own promotional materials to spread around. Saturday 20 August 17:30 [aiming for stream to come online at this point or earlier] 18:00 /fascist/ vs. /britfeel/ 18:30 /egy/ vs. /sp/ 19:00 /japan/ vs. /art/ 19:30 /christian/ vs. /otter/ 20:00 /k/ vs. /yuri/ 20:30 /monster/ vs. /pro/ 21:00 /2hu/ vs. /monarchy/ 21:30 /ac/ vs. /a/ 22:00 [/lang/ vs. /lego/] Sunday 21 August 17:30 [aiming for stream to come online at this point or earlier] 18:00 /ita/ vs. /fscchan/ 18:30 /film/ vs. /eris/ 19:00 /bmn/ vs. /retro/ 19:30 /server/ vs. /kind/ 20:00 /dup/ vs. /loomis/ 20:30 /v/ vs. /sw/ 21:00 /cuckquean/ vs. /islam/ 21:30 /late/&/comfy/ vs. /leftypol/
>>3941 >/fascist/: The 8moe bunker has been deleted by the BO and they have moved somewhere else. Where did they go?
>>4166 Alright cool
>>4167 >>>/shelter/3910 Still, they probably won't be interested
>>4172 Are they even aware it's happening? Don't see anything on that bunker
>>4173 They ignored us the first time around, in fact I assumed frenschan would sub for them
>>4174 Oh wow, why are they in the cup then? Hope they don't win
>>4166 Thank you Rigger-sama, your work is appreciated. I just checked our /icup/ thread and saw there's pending stuff on our manager's end, hope it won't be too late.
>>4181 /cuckquean/ manager here; I've updated our thread at >>4182 - the only thing the riggers need to know is that there are new introduction, victory, and goal horns ready for them to use at https://files.catbox.moe/w2hcz2.zip and that we wish all the teams a great contest!
Just an update, I've found a couple of alternative hosts that do allow 144p instead of only going down to 480p, and have better ping, but they don't have the low latency mode (15 second delay) update, only having 30 second delay mode. I guess that just means I'll be typing a lot more questions in chat and the checking for levels at the start of the game will take twice as long, but otherwise fine.
>>4195 The extra delay is a small price to pay by honestly it would allow people to phonepost
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HE'S DOING IT AGAIN https://anon.cafe/sw/res/6296.html#6296
>>4201 Somebody stop him
>>4201 I think this guy could be related or be the autist himself Evidence A: post made on the /icup/ thread at /ac/ Evidence B: wiki logs showing he created a roster page for /ac/ Evidence C: the roster page for /ac/ is the same one for /co/ Evidence D: No /ac/ page created, just the roster subpage
>>4203 Places he's spammed: /2hu/, /support/ (although including a request for creating the thread on /a/ tough luck), /bmn/, /kind/ (might doubt on this one), /monster/ (also doubt) and /sw/ as mentioned by anon (by creating a new thread instead of using the current one)
Open file (19.70 KB 300x250 dg18H4ppD9-2.png)
>>4203 This is all circumstantial, we need hard evidence for a case >>4204 At least he stayed in an existing thread for most of these posts
>>4206 There's another thing to mention in that regard: he made the roster page at 16:37 and then 5 minutes later he made that post at /ac/ May be still circumstantial, but the tinfoil hat man inside me says otherwise Anyway I won't press any harder the (real) autist still needs to be stopped either way
>>4203 Hey lad, I'm the guy who made both the /ac/ page and the post on their board. I was going through the roster pages trying to see if I could speed up my workload a bit but I quickly realized it was gonna be a bit too bothersome, so I just edited shit around for a bit and then proceeded to post stuff on other boards asking for their help. I am not THE AUTIST, but I see why you'd think that. Please forgive any foul play on my part, I'm bedridden with the coof and need to do something to ignore the coughing fits
>>4211 It's fine, thanks for contributing. The wiki really needs some love.
>>4211 You got a lot of nerve owning up to that horsehit. I would give you a slap if you were in front of me.
>>4212 You're welcome, I could probably do most of the edits myself but I'm kind of flip flopping between being lazy and motivated >>4213 Hey when you mess up you mess up, no need to hide it
>>4211 I deeply apologize for that, I really jumped the gun on you just because I saw someone alerting of the autist's doing and was trying to find clues. Please forgive me for my retardation and keep up that wiki work
>>4214 Im not angry at you, im just really REALLY DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!
You're all taking this more seriously then me. It's just some dumb posts, drama over nothing important. After the cup, I'll rework the stickies to include a basic communication guide. Report any duplicate threads you see (reason: 'duplicate thread by troll' will work fine) and a short explaining post like you've done already is nice, but don't let some tactless spam ruin your day.
Streamer confirmed conscious.
>>4256 Already shaping up to be worse than the test stream
Open file (45.79 KB 453x474 rig-me.jpg)
So much rigged!!
Be advised: /yuri/ has stolen and brainwashed /k/'s goalkeeper repeatedly. As a result, their match has been cancelled and postponed to the 21st of August. Hopefully he will have recovered from the MKULTRA experiments by then.
Open file (61.38 KB 713x455 racoooo.jpg)
you cannot unsee this. sorry frens.
>eris poster hosts >fucks up audio trying to fix minor audio issue >get kicked off platform mid-stream >backup platform is broken >removes the entire operating system disk midstream >can't get a working key from another platform, have to beg for keys >leave microphone off for most of a game >puts bane in /japan/ and crashes it >a fucking goalkeeper goes missing and no-one knows why >and half the teams have fucked strats went as well as can be expected If I find serious integrity issues with teams that gave strats I might consider replaying the matches later in the month, but I will try and avoid that as much as possible. Uploading to archive now, might take a while.
>>4268 exactly the ICUP quality we expect what are the match results btw?
>>4270 These ones I managed to catch: /fascist/ vs /britfeel/: postponed, don't know the score /sp/ 0-0 /egy/ /japan/ 1-0 /art/
https://archive.org/download/ICUP7 The first part of the archive of Day 1 is uploaded as a raw .mkv and the second part is uploading now. I'll have to upload matches as .mp4s later for convenience to get the video player to show up. >>4270 (keep in mind what was said at the end of >>4268 ) /fascist/ 4-0 /britfeel/ /egy/ 0-0 /sp/ /japan/ 1-0 /art/ /christian/ 1-1 /otter/ [aborted] /k/ _-_ /yuri/ /monster/ 0-2 /pro/ /2hu/ 3-4 /monarchy/ /ac/ 1-1 /a/ [exhibition] /lang/ 0-3 /lego/
>>4261 new banner
Open file (41.09 KB 300x100 rig me banner.png)
Open file (43.62 KB 610x348 rig-me.jpg)
Soooo much rigging!
Open file (325.56 KB 1332x1580 alunya_graceball.png)
for anyone curious about the /leftypol/ roster, it's on the 4cc wiki: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki//leftypol/_Roster I'm going to the gym, might copypaste it to the infinity cup wiki when I get back
the stream is fucking awful
>>4295 and the video quality is pretty bad too
Open file (38.43 KB 172x170 loading.gif)
icup day 2: <...loading >rigged <...loading >warez hypercam <...server crash, /server/ wins >tits > ass <...loading >trotsky rigged
Open file (10.99 KB 501x333 trot gf.png)
>>4296 I don't care as much about quality so long as the audio is stable >>4297 stream got iceaxed by a mexican
>>4299 no worries, i'm joking, i loved it :-)
Open file (42.27 KB 300x100 rig-eris-banner.png)
>>4295 Stream is reverse psychology op to try and have us get mad and replace the captive ICUP staff so that they can finally escape. We're not gonna fall for it.
>>4288 Thanks >>4295 It's an Erisian tier stream m8 I don't know what the fuck were you expecting, I petition we go full on Unregistered Hypercam 2 quality if the connection is unstable
Where the archived matches at ;P
What are the results from yesterday?
Open file (348.86 KB 1280x720 2.webm)
Open file (460.28 KB 1280x720 3.webm)
>>4311 This, luuped.
>>4308 waiting.....
>>4312 oh cmon don't make me use that, everyone will be disappointed when I get the stream fixed and they have to watch it instead
>>4315 erisfag please reply to >>4289
>>4312 >>4311 what a beaut
What matches will be played this weekend?
>>4319 isnt there a wiki up with the infos?
>>4319 I will do the checking today to see which matches need to be replayed (was delayed due to illness) and work on fixing broken teams. Those will probably be thrown into the schedule where possible, or played midweek next week if necessary. As far as the base schedule for the weekend, round 2 as normal: Saturday 27 August 17:30 [aiming for stream to come online at this point or earlier] 18:00 /fascist/ vs. /egy/ 18:30 /britfeel/ vs. /sp/ 19:00 /japan/ vs. /christian/ 19:30 /art/ vs. /otter/ 20:00 /k/ vs. /monster/ 20:30 /yuri/ vs. /pro/ 21:00 /2hu/ vs. /ac/ 21:30 /monarchy/ vs. /a/ 22:00 /ac/ vs. /a/ 22:30 /k/ vs. /yuri/ I'll move the /soy/ & /frens/ game to next weekend (round 3) so that they aren't left with the match time as "??:??". Sunday 28 August 17:30 [aiming for stream to come online at this point or earlier] 18:00 /ita/ vs. /film/ 18:30 /fscchan/ vs. /eris/ 19:00 /bmn/ vs. /server/ 19:30 /retro/ vs. /kind/ 20:00 /dup/ vs. /v/ 20:30 /loomis/ vs. /sw/ 21:00 /cuckquean/ vs. /late/&/comfy/ 21:30 /islam/ vs. /leftypol/ 22:00 /v/ vs. /sw/ 22:30 /k/ vs. /monster/ >>4316 Can't look into it for a while, my primary concern right now is fixing teams that are straight-up crashing, and teams with no models.
Edited last time by grassstains on 08/28/2022 (Sun) 10:05:15.
is there a limit on how many subs you can summon throughout the game? other than limiting them to a certain time during the match not exhaust the rigger niggers
>>4325 There's 3 subs per game though subs before the game starts are unlimited
I have done a quick audit (by looking at the rosters, not the game replay, so appeals are welcome) and declared the following 5 games invalid, and probably in need of replay: >/egy/ vs. /sp/ --- (/egy/ had many players out of their position due to wrong formation, but they have no viewer so I might just not replay) >/ac/ vs. /a/ --- (/ac/ had many players out of their position due to wrong formation) >/k/ vs. /yuri/ --- (missing player..... is /k/ just so aggressive they have no keeper?) >/monster/ vs. /pro/ --- (under consideration: both had the same symmetrical issue, one wing fullback was a center back) >/v/ vs. /sw/ --- (/v/ roster had severe issues due to not changing the previous strategy, such as Sundowner remaining the silver player despite becoming a sub) >>4326 Yep. 3 subs once the game starts, and +1 in extra time when we're doing finals games.
>>4340 /pro/ wouldn't be happy about having our first win invalidated. Both sides played well enough, and they had the same issue so it's not like it was unfair.
>>4343 Hang on a second. I just looked at the replay and the issue was only on /pro/'s side. Coati was supposed to be a RB, and wasn't replaced despite having low form. /monster/'s positions were all correct.
>>4346 So the raccoons won decisively despite a handicap. No rematch needed.
Fix to /cuckquean/'s positions: Dear riggers, please see >>4351 - the new correct positions for our benched players are updated on https://infinitycup.miraheze.org/wiki//cuckquean//Roster and our main team page.
The playlist for the individual matches outside of some exceptions are here: https://archive.org/details/ic7_20220825_20220825 I'm currently uploading Day 2, Day 1 will be done in the following days.
>>4367 Cool What exceptions?
>>4377 These ones >>4340
>>4378 Do you still consider /monster/ v /pro/ invalid?
>>4379 You should ask the rigger.
>>4346 >>4379 Tionishia from /monster/ was set as a CB, but was playing as an LB. This is why their stat appears as 73 instead of 82. >>4352 & >>4265 Fix'd >>4340 This weekend (Saturday) I will attempt to replay: 22:00 - /ac/ vs. /a/ 22:30 - /k/ vs. /yuri/ 21:00 - /v/ vs. /sw/ While /monster/ vs. /pro/ did have non-trivial issues, it is within the margin of error ICUP historically considers acceptable, along with a couple of other games in round 1.
>>4382 Thanks.
Open file (108.25 KB 417x341 k.png)
>>4384 /k/ is just fucked right now
>>4386 Zero, how is that possible? Are the players just missing completely?
>>4382 >23:00 - /v/ vs. /sw/ a bit late innit? can you attempt to play it just before the schedule starts?
>>4386 I have no problem with /k/ forfeiting to cute girls. :^) >>4268 >went as well as can be expected It wouldn't be F U N if everything went smoothly. Did you solve the audio crackle though? Because that did rustle my jimmies. Also fyi the board name states round ONE will be played this weekend.
>>4387 >>4403 What I think happened was multiple player had the same ID, either that or an out-of-bounds reference. The old ICUP save had like 30 players or something on /k/ so the import caused an issue. I think I have them fixed now. The gaps in the audio were fixed and I think the excessive mic noise was fixed. If there was crackle, I don't think it was fixed. >>4391 I will probably miss it if I go earlier, I can try 22:00 on the Sunday, otherwise it's going on after round three (not preferable as it kills the suspense)
Edited last time by grassstains on 08/27/2022 (Sat) 04:48:24.
Alright, since we used FediMovie instead of watch-mark, you can probably view the VODs already, until I upload the raws. (Thanks OneAnon for cutting the raws up into matches for us!) https://fedimovie.com/w/hzHq9QZA4yBg5jNi6EXzts https://fedimovie.com/w/wy1ok7ZsC73Rzxq3smJPUE (last couple of games)
>>4439 Doesn't want to load for me, that.
>>4441 Hopefully they'll get it on archive.org & mp4.
Open file (325.47 KB 1920x800 turden.mp4)
The recent /monster/ game had a minor issue of a no LB substitute (as with their game before) but also a major issue of me unknowingly substituting off their Bronze center back Arachne pre-game, and despite their replacement only being one form higher (shouldn't have been subbed on regardless of Arachne's special status). Because of this, I declare /monster/ vs. /k/ invalid and in need of a replay. I will attempt to play it at the end of the upcoming game-day, at 22:30 UTC, after the /v/ and /sw/ replay. I have looked through the game starts of all games so far (Round 1 and 2) and this appears to be the only time that has happened.
>>4446 i would recommend you bothered to care more about the games this is getting ridiculous and hard to keep up with
Fediverse video won't load, plz archive
What are the current standings?
>>4458 My laptop borked while I was editing them
what about the matches, have they been archived? was there a recordfag in the stream?
>>4462 I'm seeding the smaller part of Saturday's stream as a torrent, but the larger part is like 11gbs and has no seeders. >>4451
>>4463 is there no mirror for the sunday stream then? who recorded the stream?
>>4463 Don't bother with that, either use yt-dlp or use the download link. Another thing regarding that instance: the first part of the stream is only available in 480p but the second one has 720p and 1080p versions.
Open file (1.16 MB 336x252 big sweat.gif)
>>4465 what about the sunday stream? where can I find the sunday stream? WHERE IS THE SUNDAY STREAM
>>4466 Keep an eye over here https://archive.org/details/ICUP7 Calm down
>>4467 for an amateur event staffed with two people the waiting is expected I just simply didn't believe there were recordings to begin with. it's OneAnon recording them right? either way mp4s in the archive seem to be duplicate
>>4465 I just checked the first link in >>4439 and the video is not even playing Rigger please upload it to the archive
at this point I wouldn't mind if you simply uploaded the raws to the archive. you can convert it to mp4 at any given time really
>>4472 Seconding. The raws are bigger but I would still be able to download them, whereas if there is nothing I can't download it anyway.
I'll try and upload them tonight. Relations, events and bills got in the way.
>>4474 >tonight what timezone?
>>4474 stop having relations with your cat
Open file (42.06 KB 565x600 dat fugging cad :DDD.jpg)
>archive is currently being updated with day 3 what's the eta on day 4? there was another recording for the chat, right?
/fascist/ is now on zzzchan
Group C keeps up the excitement. >>>/pro/659
Open file (13.24 KB 319x315 tim.jpg)
>>4480 well now you know you'll better be uploading that 4th day soon to find out what other matches need to be replayed
https://archive.org/details/ICUP7/Raw+mkv+files/Day+3+Part+1.mkv Are matches still missing? I can't see the /britfeel/ one.
>>4483 the /britfeel/ vs /sp/ is the second match on that video. i scrolled for a bit and it appeared to be starting around the 37:50 mark
>he opted to upload the mp4s for the 3rd day instead of the raws for the 4th day
Open file (36.13 KB 381x534 cloned mp4s.png)
why are the mp4s being cloned?
Open file (51.97 KB 600x450 we approve.jpg)
>the archive finally contains the entire thing
>>4486 So you can watch it twice if you need to.
>>4484 Day 3 has the Day 1 matches for some reason help me gamers
>>4489 you have to click it twice sometimes
Here's your chocolate pudding, Angelica. >>4480 I agree that this was a combination of critical issues, that that the correct tactics were submitted on time. I will replay the two /pro/ matches. Note: I will start games up to 15 minutes early! This will most likely happen for the first few games as we gradually lose time! Until further notice, the two next gamedays will be: Saturday 1 September 17:00 /monster/ vs. /pro [replay] 17:30 /yuri/ vs. /pro/ [replay] 18:00 /sp/ vs. /fascist/ 18:30 /egy/ vs. /britfeel/ 19:00 /otter/ vs. /japan/ 19:30 /christian/ vs. /art/ 20:00 /pro/ vs. /k/ 20:30 /monster/ vs. /yuri/ 21:00 /a/ vs. /2hu/ 21:30 /ac/ vs. /monarchy/ 22:00 [/soy/ vs. frenschan] 22:30 ? vs. ? Sunday 2 September 17:30 [preparation] 18:00 /eris/ vs. /ita/ 18:30 /film/ vs. /fscchan/ 19:00 /kind/ vs. /bmn/ 19:30 /server/ vs. /retro/ 20:00 /sw/ vs. /dup/ 20:30 /v/ vs. /loomis/ 21:00 /leftypol/ vs. /cuckquean/ 21:30 /late/&/comfy/ vs. /islam/
Can someone confirm if this is the Autist? https://zzzchan.xyz/fascist/thread/114.html
Open file (60.63 KB 640x474 2012_08_revmyungmoon.jpg)
>>4506 >well meaning post to board that already has a team inside the cup I don't think everyone has to be the autist. Still, kind of ballsy to make a thread just for that.
Due to me not updating the save file properly, three /pro/ matches will need to be replayed tomorrow. I will do them at 17:30, 17:30 and 22:00.
Edited last time by grassstains on 09/03/2022 (Sat) 22:30:09.
Open file (296.04 KB 524x511 WaltonSimons.png)
>>4512 >more rematches Jesus Christ, Denton.
>>4512 Are you saying all three /pro/ games will be redone. /k/ is going to be pissed if they lose now, and /monster/ will be even more pissed when they inevitably lose again 3-0.
>>4516 Yes. I'm aware that they will probably be pissed but it's necessary to preserve the little remaining integrity of ICUP 7. did /k/ even show up? honest question.
the /icup/ experience
>>4495 What were the results?
>>4521 /sp/ 0 - 0 /fascist/ /egy/ 2 - 0 /britfeel/ /otter/ 1 - 3 /japan/ /christian/ 3 - 2 /art/ /yuri/ 3 - 2 /monster/ /a/ 4 - 1 /2hu/ /ac/ 0 - 0 /monarchy/ All /pro/ matches will be redone today.
>>4522 Sunday's results?
>>4525 /eris/ 2 - 1 /ita/ /film/ 4 - 2 /fscchan/ /kind/ 0 - 0 /bmn/ /server/ 1 - 1 /retro/ /sw/ 2 - 3 /dup/ /v/ 0 - 0 /loomis/ /leftypol/ 1 - 1 /cuckquean/ /latecomfy/ 3 - 0 /islam/ And as for the /pro/ rematches: /monster/ 1 - 1 /pro/ /yuri/ 1 - 2 /pro/ /pro/ 5 - 0 /k/
Matches are uploading, but 18 GB will take a few more hours.
>>4527 >18 GBs Jesus
>>4526 I'm updating the wiki with the results (don't have the goal scorers because I couldn't make it to the matches), would be nice if someone could fill me in
>>4529 Speaking of which: /bmn/ and /server/ are tied on points and goal difference, however /bmn/ has 3-3 GF/GA and /server/ has 5-5. How are we going to proceed with them? I elected to make /bmn/ go through the group stage since they won against /server/, so they're on top on the matchup side of things, is it the right call?
>>4530 I don't know how it works but they said it's gonna be /server/.
Also what happened to the /cuckquean/ vs /latecomfy/ match? >>4531 I see, I'll modify it then. What was the reasoning behind it?
>>4532 Maybe GF has precedence over match result? I've seen that done before.
>>4530 Isn't that decided by cards?
>>4536 As far as I know we don't have seance sessions to choose match ups
Do we have a meta thread? Either way could you de-bumplock threads? Or make a new one for the cup.
>>4541 This is the ICUP7 thread. Meta thread is >>>1
>>4542 too many stickers tbh
>>4532 Wasn't that a draw?
Open file (48.95 KB 852x652 knockout stage.png)
>>4545 >>4544 Thank you mate I have updated the wiki to include the results of all matches, but it would be nice if someone else could put a link to the archives of the games. This is how the knockout stage looks like (assuming we're not doing random draws).
>>4546 >/bmn/
Open file (199.16 KB 1440x1080 defeat.jpg)
>>4546 >forced to play against /eris/ on the quarterfinals if we win against /cuckquean/ it was nice knowing you all
Open file (46.56 KB 853x605 fix.png)
>>4549 Thanks for pointing that out I fixed it
>>4550 I mean I edited the wiki assuming the placement was gonna be deterministic and not randomic, Grassstains is the one who chooses.
>>4519 Where is the lie?
>>4551 do random
Don't do random.
>>4561 Random you end up with some really stupid pairings, like teams from the same group playing against each other again. Do you really want to see /pro/ vs /yuri/ again? Doing it the normal way is fairer and funner I do say.
>>4563 that's the point desu
>>4569 Well it's not really a point
I prefer to see matchups that we haven't seen before, instead of more replays. So no please don't do a random draw.
Random draw is more work for me, and allows a (non-grand final) rematch. I am satisfied with the sorting method that the lovely wiki friend has implemented. It seems most of the few people voicing an opinion are in favour of deterministic draw, so at this point in time, we will be running the finals as shown in that image.
>>4573 Thank you, Grassstains. I chose the traditional sorting method from old World Cups, with paired groups. Technically I should have ordered both of them A to H but since I was also editing each group it was just more convenient to keep track of everything (and it doesnt really change anything as far as match-ups go).
>>4579 >Technically I should have ordered both of them A to H time to do it again
>>4582 Please don't
what time are the next games
>>4582 But it doesn't change anything, just the way they look on the Knockout stage page. My autism is strong but not that strong.
Can we get a schedule?
For those that didn't guess: Saturday 10 September 18:00 /egy/ vs. /christian/ 18:30 /pro/ vs. /a/ 19:00 /eris/ vs. /server/ 19:30 /v/ vs. /cuckquean/ 20:00 /late/&/comfy/ vs. /dup/ 20:30 /retro/ vs. /ita/ 21:00 /monarchy/ vs. /yuri/ 21:30 /japan/ vs. /fascist/ 22:00 Wooden Spoon match - /fscchan/ vs. CLERMONT FOOT 63 Sunday 11 September 18:00 Semifinal 1 18:30 Semifinal 2 19:00 Semifinal 3 19:30 Semifinal 4 20:00 Final 1 20:30 Final 2 21:00 Third place 21:30 Grand Final 22:00 BOSS FIGHT
What were today's results?
Open file (21.08 KB 398x418 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4648 politics and nations btfo
Can someone else record the chat for today? Just in case my Internet shits itself today
>>4653 how was the chat recorded either way? do you set up OBS to record that part of the screen? where is it uploaded either way?
>>4655 Screen recording with ffmpeg
Open file (512.13 KB 1920x1080 Infinity Cup 7.png)
Infinity Cup 7 is now complete! Congratulations to /eris/ who joins the ranks of champions as they defeated /japan/ 3-1 in the Final! Stay tuned in the following weeks for the award winners. Thank you to every anon who chipped in throughout the Cup, and thank you especially to all the anons who took the time to tune in. We'll see you in the next one!
>>4697 So it really is over, huh What do we do now?
>>4697 Congrats /eris/, you chaotic fucks, on your victory in the tournament!
So I have a question for the head rigger. You mentioned you'd want to change games from PES17 to PES18. Will all the models and edits be automatically moved to that engine with no issues at all? Also, are there any difference in strategies/player cards with PES18? Because if that's the case, not only do we need an updated wiki, but also to notify all managers/boards who will participate that they need to revise their strategies. Additionally, I would suggest that friendly matches have 5 subs per game just to keep things entertaining. >>4698 We let /eris/ bask in the limelight and prepare for the next one, duh
Please give us the archives for the last matches of the group stage and the knockout stages
>>4705 would also like to know ASAP what game we are moving to and how difficult it will be to import models into it
Open file (35.93 KB 343x481 fat cat.jpg)
>>4717 Why are we converting assets into PES18 again? I've been comparing the former with PES17 and I genuinely don't see any reason to update. Graphical wise, the subtlety of PES17's graphics are gone in 18, where every player is incredibly bright, the grass is neon green and the stages look plastic. Moreover, the choice of porting or not porting would entail something like this: Keeping PES17 >new models and stadiums are added on the previous ones Porting to PES18 >time is spent porting the old addons to the new game, little to no time to add anything else So far the only big update to PES18 is that hands finally work. You'll better give me a bigger reason to make us believe we need the newer game.
>>4720 Probably some gameplay changes? I recall PES14 having huge issues with players running into offsides off of a long throw from the goalie, I imagine 17 has issues of its own. Or probably it's because the entire modding scene changed from 17 to 18, which is incidentally what most of the 4chancup modding tutorial are for. I dunno it feels a little random as a change, but the head rigger will do as the head rigger wants.
Open file (5.23 MB 1764x2508 yama go.jpg)
>>4722 however you would put it it still makes no sense to convert to PES18 since we saw no major gameplay issues during any game. whatever major rigger has in mind must be the same most modders have when jumping ship to the newer game regardless of its quality (Sims 3 to Sims 4 or FO:NV to FO4)
>>4723 I dunno, at least the old export isn't going anywhere, so if it turns out it's more work than it's worth we'll probably just go back to 17. With PES it's not even that big of an issue if you're stuck on older games, practically all versions have an active or at least comprehensive modding community.
>>4724 I would need to hear the final say from the head rigger though, lets see if he manifests himself
>>4723 >since we saw no major gameplay issues during any game. conventiently forgetting how /k/'s goalie went innawoods at halftime. twice.
>>4727 How toes PES18 prevent this issue?
>>4727 Those hiccups were due to the way PES handles modded player data. The gameplay hiccups concern strange behavior like fouls (not) being whistled on random occasions, or players being out of position for no reason or tactics being followed in only a vague and general sense. Though I also disagree with the decision of switching over to 18 unless porting 3d assets is a quick patch away.
Open file (175.17 KB 1200x1200 1.png)
Open file (39.60 KB 300x100 prosbanner.png)
Proposed logo and banner from /eris/
>>4761 hilarious
>>4761 I did not expect that logo
Open file (128.57 KB 960x720 dyskaudeough.jpg)
>>4761 I might be Pope Grassstains and I approve of this message.
Open file (97.69 KB 1356x668 chaorunner.jpg)
I've been away for a long time, not even looking at the board. So I've got a bit of reading to do and I might say something that is answered/contradicted by something you wrote already because I didn't see it. I had some IRL big life events and changes immediately after the cup that took up most of my time post-cup, combined with massive burnout and a few minor things pushing me away from the webring imageboards. One more, I'd like to give a special shoutout to many people. Too many to list have contributed artistically and they all know who they are, but a special extra thanks for OneAnon (who helped enormously and long-term for non-tech organization, things like wiki, contacting people and boards, antispam), all the people who helped with the wiki, the /v/ aesthetics manager who stepped in to help reduce the load, and to the commentators Ox and Solomon who were often helping me while scrambling around for working streaming platform, as well as guest commentator Kimeemaru. In many ways, ICUP 7 was a clusterfuck of awkwardness, technical fuckups and unnecessary replays, but without those people it would have been far worse or not even gone ahead at all. I haven't made any plan for another cup, and I can't do the same crazy effort again, but I've come back to say I am happy to help organize, or if necessary run, another cup. But I absolutely cannot see us running one that big with the current volunteer base. 32 teams is just way too big for such a volatile, sparse league when there's just 1 or 2 technical volunteers and very few non-tech volunteers to take the pressure off by handling team strats, comms and wiki. And for the record, some of that is on me for not delegating not-so-technical stuff like image resizing to volunteers. I did make a big yell and shout about porting models to PES18 but unless other people have the capacity to do it (plural, because you will burn out if you're doing it alone in less than a few months), it's too much time to change something which, while not ideal, isn't actually broken. Which does bring me into something important: explaining, understanding, why the last cup was as broken as it was, so that it doesn't happen again: >me trying to reach an arbitrary deadline instead of delaying a month or two to properly test I was eager to do a summer cup, we were excited, and I did inadequate testing. Hosting is different to checking locally, and one test stream isn't good enough. Especially considering entire parts of the save were uprooted, we were using new stream hosts and we had 32 teams in auto-management. >chasing up and respecting dead teams We're in a tough position. We basically have more teams than viewers, and almost all the teams only have 0 to 3 fans. Then you have ones like /soy/ who were VERY hyped and then didn't even show. >limited volunteers/overload We tried to bring more people in to volunteer, to the point I felt I was spamming, but there's only so much we can fight the 1:10:100 rule of content creation and we don't even have 100 viewers. It's a fact until viewers at home decide otherwise and I've come to terms with it. Reducing workload will be easier this cup, but is still something I need to keep in mind as I have a bad habit of trying to do everything. something something hail eris. >fatigue I was doing the Stu Pickles routine for 4 weekends in a row. Doing 5 hour streams is also not ideal. That's a recipe for me misreading strats and getting replays of replays. In light of that, I think if we want to do a new cup: >stay on PES17 for the next cup, and indefinitely until we have the manpower to upgrade >don't be in a hurry to reach a dumb deadline like this winter >cull teams, harshly. it will be easier since many of the teams are already made and their userbase just won't even try to change strats. if we can get down to 16, that's perfect. even if we can't, for some reason, an asymmetrical group stage is better than dead games. (By the way, that doesn't mean no new teams, it means letting go of dead/zombie teams, even if just for this next cup) Let me know what you think, and let us all know if you can help with anything.
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>>4914 Oh hey, you're back. Hopefully you've got a well deserved break after that huge load of work with the previous cup. If you're planning to reduce your role on a tentative new cup, overhauling the tutorials in the Infinity Wiki would help to introduce anons to volunteer and help you out, or at the very least point them to the pages that are already within the wiki. IIRC the modeling pages were the most sparse in spite of demanding a tremendous amount of effort on the 1~2 blenderfags. If anything, someone should spend some time in writing those tutorials so that anyone interested can be told to do it himself. It's more than clear that workload isn't humane for a single person in such a short stretch of time, so I'd advise to help prevent it form occuring again. On those questions at the end of your post: >stay on PES17 for the next cup, and indefinitely until we have the manpower to upgrade I'm not seeing the leap either. I don't mind PES17 for another cup. What's more, I rather PES17 over PES18 in the graphical department. Besides, there's a lot more work to do than say just porting models over, right? Let's call it off indefinitely. >don't be in a hurry to reach a dumb deadline like this winter I wouldn't like it this Winter either, though I wouldn't rather if we had to wait one entire year for the next cup. How about somewhere in May? It's not the long wait for August yet it's not as early as say, January or February. It might also give some leeway for anyone interested to make a sizeable contribution to the cup over say, two months from now. >cull teams, harshly I wasn't exactly thinking of culling them, but if it does help everyone involved I'll have it. In any case, whether it's reducing or maintaining the amount of teams on the cup, there were some serious issues regarding the last competition's roster of teams. For once it's true than, other than for the first few streams, there were more teams than there were viewers. On the ICUP7 teams themselves, one thing that's stood out to me is that, out of all 32 teams and 33 boards represented, 12 (11 if we're excluding /fascist/) of them were anon.cafe boards, that's more than a third of all teams. Rather conspicuous when we're talking about a site that beraly attracts numbers even in contrast to other sites on the webring. Another issue I found with the roster were the regional teams, who (other than /ita/ having a dedicated stream) saw limited interest in anyone chipping in throughout the cup. Makes sense, since the scope of those teams is limited to the country they represent. If there was another cup and I actually tried to make an effort to draw in a large number of anons I'd both focus on boards on the biggest sites of the webring (I'd say smug, zzz, sportschan and plw) and seasoning the cup with the odd team here and there (/eris/ for example); and remove that first come first serve mentality that plagued most of the reasoning in choosing teams. There were plenty of bizarre decisions made by the riggers on the previous cup that I doubt made sense to anyone that was watching it. It's hard to believe that no one could renew /librejp/ (that's a sizeable, distinct regional population of the webring) because /fscchan/ (literal-who board that's not even from the webring whose only commitment to this cup was writing "ok ok" when asked if they wanted their team renewed) had to get it; that /lego/ (that still has the best team in all of the cup) couldn't come back because the board is dead yet /islam/, /film/ or /sw/ made the cut; or that /bane/ (baneposting was a staple on 8ch and would have been a popular team in ICUP7 in spite of the board having reallocated to tvch and thus becoming shit) couldn't bring in friends and yet /egy/ could get in; etc. I'm doubtful you could justify all of these decisions and yet stil claim you wanted big numbers on the stream with a straight face. In between 32 and 16, if you're going ahead with trimming teams, try to go for 24, kind of like ICUP5, and place in teams in friendlies for those who throw a shitfit when the team they had submitted for a board that only one person uses wasn't chosen to be competing (in case preparing the friendlies isn't too demanding). I believe this answers most of the points raised in your post. shouldn't you be posting this on the ICUP8 bread? move these posts there or something
Not available to help with much besides our own team and maybe explaining some beyond-basic-necessities management to interested newcoming managers, but we were screwed and want revenge, we'll be here next time. Whenever that is. Not in our nature to rush things. Agreed on your 3 points there, only thing I want to know is if you have any preference on how to present the changes and organize the team's "database" so it's easier to manage for you. I want to avoid all confusions and I understand it's not easy. So, our thread here or at home, or maybe by e-mail? Gradually, or maybe everything but models in a single .zip? Is just changing the wiki for you to check there an option? Is there anyone still helping with models and other aesthetics? Those kinda things. Next time I might try some changes, if we're gonna lose it should be my fault. Also, hi. Anime lesbians pic pending 'cause I'm at work.
>>4914 Thank you for hosting it. I know the cup ended up being a huge mess but it's appreciated that you took the lead and also because Eris demanded it :^) >>4916 The modelling pages on the wiki would require someone to dump the entire process from the 4cc wiki into those, so if anyone's willing to do it then that's fine. >there's a lot more work to do than say just porting models over, right? The only process that someone not familiar with Blender like me wouldn't have problems with is porting PES17 heads. Creating heads in PES18+ now requires to cover around the neck and I won't even mention FBM because that's just way above my level. As for the schedule, only Grass Stains can say when is the next one happening but I do agree with you that a full year is not a good waiting time. Someone else (I think /yuri/'s manager) said that it'd be great to have two events per year to keep the hype going, although that's more easier said than done. >cafe getting more boards That's partially because of how some boards have migrated here (/sw/, /retro/) and the others have appeared in previous events (ICUP6 and GCUP). >Rather conspicuous when we're talking about a site that beraly attracts numbers even in contrast to other sites on the webring Not really a conspiracy theory and also the webring as a whole has changed a lot but this is not the place to discuss this. >regional teams The regional teams were a consequence of both the GCUP happening (which SKF made because of the Autist spamming a lot of outside boards with fake invites) and the previous BO expressing interest in opening up the event, with the only exceptions being /ita/, /argentina/ and /librejp/. >biggest sites on the webring In terms of boards participating in the cup out of all of the ones on the site only Smug fits and PLW is mostly active because of /animu/ >remove the first come first serve That I do agree with you. This was something carried over from back when we were still on 8chan (the original one) and now with the webring being a thing of its own it doesn't have a point as for the other points about the rigger's decision that's a 50/50 agreement, I can talk about it more if you want >ICUP5 and friendlies I'd agree that we set 24 teams because it's a nice halfway point. As for the friendlies you're basically describing how GCUP went: first two days starting with friendlies and then moving to the actual matches. The only issue is if either the friendly teams or the official teams end up having more than 12. >spoiler I'll make a post linking to it, calm down. Plus this is also feedback from ICUP7. >>4917 >preference on how to present the changes and organize the team's "database" so it's easier to manage for you Are you referring to the PES save file? Since you mention models, the better idea would be to do what /japan/ did and make a .zip file with the folders of the respective models for each player (it'd help with thread organization and also as a backup method). >Is there anyone still helping with models and other aesthetics? For the first part only the /v/ manager, the other one not so sure. With all being said, the only two things I would like to be more strict on are: >teams have to show and keep up interest in the cup >methods to reduce the Autist's damage That's mainly one of the problems that this cup had, that he went spamming places that are not even related to the webring like /soy/. I mentioned this earlier, but here's a DeepL translation of the /mex/ thread OP. I think he's somewhat right in that we need to be more strict in keeping with the invitation rules. If I missed anything or have more things to say please feel free.

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