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We have finally reached 32 teams for the Infinity Cup! Invitation are closed and anyone who says otherwise is probably just spamming. In the mean time, feel free to keep creating teams, we'll find an use for them somehow.

Storing Music from the Cup CLERMONT FOOT 63 03/16/2022 (Wed) 15:13:07 No.3106
Regrettably, some of the links for the tracks used for the older /icup/ teams have broken links on the wiki. Would it be possible to host them here on a single thread?
>>3106 What songs in specific do you need hosted here?
>>3114 /ita/ has a link that no longer works, that's for sure.
>>3115 Here is /ita/'s music. I'll look for other boards with dead links in the music too and upload them.
>>3116 Thank you so much, anon!
Music for the /2hu/ team.
Music for /a/.
>>968 >>Victory anthem >Cardiacs - Tarred and Feathered
The music for the /fascist/ team.
Here's /bmn/
If /monarchy/ is able to participate, these are the proposed anthem and goalhorn.
Here's /kind/. >>3178 Very nice.
>>3192 Does /kind/ even play though?
>>3195 Yeah, /kind/ plays.
>>3196 They're not in the current tournament though
>>3197 >>3192 Unless I see someone mention the /kind/ team we should be wary of potential Gran Autismo going on.
Here comes the music for /lego/. >>3197 I'm mostly going for teams that have dead links on their wiki pages as mentioned by OP.
>>3218 Thanks for your hard work lads
Here comes /yuri/.
Here come the /otter/s.
Last team with dead links: /wooo/
>>3270 That should be all for now.
>>3178 I want to change /monarchy/ anthem for the sake of a friend. Now it will be When the King Comes Home In Peace Again but the goalhorn will stay the same.

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