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Open file (578.79 KB 1024x1024 flag.png)
/japan/ ~ militarized easiness Supporter 06/10/2020 (Wed) 07:05:51 No.525
I just remembered that we were invited. No idea how it's supposed to work but I think we just need some names and uniform templates? WIP Roster: dolphin_bat.png gk Kimeemaru cf (captain) GETmelon dmf Marisa Kirisame cb (bronze) Komachi Onizuka cb (bronze) sokunigger cmf Bane amf (silver) Wreckage Brother ss ohayou cb Raymoo ss VIPPER cb Bench: (((Sanae Kochiya))) MITON
>Komachi Onizuka Onozuka* Other bench names: Seiga Kaku Kiguposter Awooji Hatate Himekaidou
Open file (1.32 MB 2048x2048 kit.png)
Welcome! I don't think you can have players that other teams already have.
>>529 Which other teams are stealing our players? www
>>531 Wreckage Brother and Bane are already on /bane/ afaik.
>>532 I own that board, we are friends.
>>534 Good to know.
Open file (1.85 MB 2048x2048 kit2.png)
Is there any way to load a preview of kits for testing purposes?
>>534 >>532 >>531 Regardless of good relations with /bane/, teams can't share players. You'll have to come up with two new ones to replace them
>>549 That's pretty rulecucked. Oh jesus fucking christ I just saw http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Rules . I ain't reading all that shit I'm outta here.
>>550 It seems complicated but it just boils down to having at least 18 players in a team, having 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze, GK's can't be a one of the former and a player can only be in 1 team Also you might own the /bane/ board but I manage the team so purhaps we can make a combined /bane/ and /weeaboo/ team
>>552 I mean, that's what I was trying to do. Didn't know there was 1 lad trying to keep his own team for /bane/.
>>557 >>552 If you guys are willing to work together on /bane/ go for it. I'd rather have one, solidly worked-on team rather than two half baked ones.
>>550 The rules are just there to solve disputes like when /leftypol/ cheated. The gist of it is what >>552 said, just make a roster of characters, assign four medals to them and a captain role and make at least one kit. It's pretty easy, any other addition is on you.
>>536 I think there used to be a tool for previews but I forgot its name. SKF you know it?
>>582 There shall be peace in our time. Swap out a few /bane/ players for /2hu/ & /jp/ ones and it'll be a lot more representative of the current political state of the boards. Maybe rework or swap out a kit and logo too. Key players we have are GETmelon, Kimeemaru, dolphin_bat.png, sokunigger, and Kiguposter.
>>586 >>536 I don't remember there being a specific kit previewer, where you can upload already-done kits and see how they look. Maybe it exists somewhere out there but I don't know of it. >>589 /2hu/ has a team with a rep as well, not sure how you want to work this Voltron-team but I'm sure you guys will come up with something. I'll go slap the 2hu rep in the meantime so he finally makes the thread on this board
Open file (62.00 KB 2048x2048 AWAY.png)
Open file (1.85 MB 2048x2048 HOME.png)
Well I think that's it, I stripped the logos for the away kit.
If we have to go our own way heh I propose the stadium be named "Mister Easy Place". To resolve /bane/ stealing my Fire I would have Wreckage Brother be replaced with The Wreckage and Bane with Big Guy. To settle any other copywrong conflicts, replace Marisa with Melissa McDonalds, and Seiga Kaku with Abyuse. The logo can be the flag in the OP unless I can get off my ass and draw something else. The team captain should also have the gold medal if that wasn't clear. Can you edit the OP to reflect this new info SKF? Fuck it, add ZUN, Arino, Hamada, and Matsumoto to the bench as well.
Open file (146.10 KB 2048x2048 GK.png)
>>649 tbh if you're going to take my kit for the away kit can you at least use the CIA kit instead of the bane kit for it
>>650 Okay, so if I'm reading this right you're going to stay split from /bane/ and run your own roster which looks like the following: dolphin_bat.png gk VIPPER cb Melissa McDonald's cb (bronze) Komachi Onozuka cb (bronze) ohayou cb GETmelon dmf sokunigger cmf Big Guy amf (silver) The Wreckage ss Raymoo ss Kimeemaru cf (gold) (captain) Bench: (((Sanae Kochiya))) MITON Abyuse Kiguposter Hatate Himekaidou ZUN Arino Hamada Matsumoto JBCS Hoopdog Tenko Eating a Corndog Seriously this is mostly /2hu/ with a splash of /bane/, why not just throw your support behind one or both those teams instead?
Edited last time by SKF on 06/22/2020 (Mon) 19:23:45.
>>657 The bane kit makes more sense simply because we crash planes when away. >>660 They are taking too long to respond and I'm lazy. I don't mind if they come back and try to work something out I just wanted to be prepared in case they go and stay go. That reminds me to add a couple more /jp/ names: JBCS, Hoopdog, tenko eating a corndog. You fucked up copy pasting so to make sure you get everything right: Hatate Himekaidou is one person, Seiga = Abyuse, MITONeiga is just MITON, and drop Awooji. I think that'll take us up to the cap of 23?
>>661 >spoiler "They" in this case being /2hu/ or /bane/? Duly noted for the other names, I'll edit the post. You also don't need to fix Seiga because she's not on /2hu/'s roster so I left her the same.
>>662 Seiga is on /animu/ I think, because she is the PLW mascot.
>>525 >dolphin_bat.png gk not that your business is any of my affair, but just pointing out that the term 'dolphin' has pretty much been poisoned now by that autistic glownigger that was trying to destroy the webring.
>>663 fuck me you're right
>>664 That's the whole point.
>>672 oh,that kind of bat kek. tbh the other kind came to mind first. guess i've been lurking /monster/ too long heh.
The /japan/ese playbook has been submitted.
Here are all the mmds I found for the team so far: https://i.fiery.me/SPFUV.7z
Open file (29.63 KB 512x64 japan ad.png)
placeholder banner until someone comes up with something better
>>969 So have these already been imported?
>>1224 Doubt it, the guy I asked to work on shit said it was more autistic than he realized it would be. Apparently they'll be done next week.
/kind/ BTFO
submitted an updated playbook for next week Please correct the starting lineup too. Sanny is supposed to be an optional sub not the starter.
We still have no models and they've been linked for ages, wew. Summoning rigger to help with some last minute imports.
>>1305 https://files.catbox.moe/ta8ic7.7z Someone in the other thread the firey link didn't work and this is more clear for which players which model belongs to. https://files.catbox.moe/eugymd.7z head model i need imported.
>>1427 I got the firey to work (blocked my normal vpn). https://8chan.moe/japan/res/125.html#8544 Sanae and Marisa are finished. GETmelon and Komachi are being finished (the dresses are a pain, it won't be perfect because I've got another 10 models to do after this) Head over to the link I gave quickly if your board has shit taste in which version of Raymoo and Kimeemaru to pick.
We can still make it.
wew, use the updated playbook holy shit
Open file (1.07 MB 2480x1754 Julay's reckoning.png)
Open file (73.88 KB 618x676 tengu.jpg)
Artist sketch of tengufag after /japan/ lost
>>1497 The irony of this image after what happened to (you) faggots is hilarious. >site died in less than a month >got bullied off of prokikewoah because owner got doxxxxxed >got bullied off of kissu >got their own board on blacked.gov deleted /japan/ IS DEAD BUT THE /cow/BOY MARCHES ON now janny my post (you) cowardly pedophile
>>1699 Sorry if it took me some time to get around to this post.
For the next cup, we'll probably keep everything the same unless someone gets off their lazy ass and updates the kits. We should also rep Japan because /librejp/ is kind of hard to communicate with. I don't think they care too much about the cup anyways.
>>1920 The /librejp/ guys made some art about the cup so I think they care
>>1922 That's more than about half the other boards to be honest.
>>1922 >>1923 Might be worth it to have some kind of dedicated OC thread on here for stuff like that.
>>1941 We do. >>20
>>1942 Maybe that should be stickied.

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