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Open file (297.26 KB 789x940 k.png)
/k/ Thread Supporter 05/07/2020 (Thu) 20:29:33 No.56
Should we use the same roster as the one on the wiki or should we make our own, lads?
>>56 Roster's good, just wish we had our own field.
>>292 It's possible to put one in game. I can slap any old jpeg down in PES and call it a field. As for the stadiums, I'm still in talks with a Blenderfag to see if we can customize the models, but at bare minimum, I can give you a custom field in a stadium.
Open file (117.47 KB 341x547 kkit.jpg)
Open file (475.65 KB 2048x2048 second kit k.jpg)
Open file (168.00 KB 2048x2048 goalie k.jpg)
>>56 Asking to get added to this year's new Infinity Cup now that we have all kits. Same strategies as the last time we could actually join. Additional kits provided as requested.
Open file (1.47 MB 2048x2048 extrakkit.png)
>>1725 Hey lads, just wanted to give you a heads up, we have a THIRD kit as of now. Please put it on our team!
Open file (403.87 KB 434x382 090.png)
>>56 http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//k/#Roster There were some things wrong on our wiki article, so I changed it a bit. Since I don't see any strategy, here's how we wanna run things: Possession Game - Short-Pass - Center Attacking Area - Flexible Positioning - Support Range on 4 Frontline Pressure - Middle Containment Area - Conservative Pressuring - Defense Line on 5 - Compactness on 6 Swarm the Box and Gegenpress as special tactics
>>1897 Stoppan Powah: Defensive Goalkeeper Castle Doctrine: Offensive Full-Back + Man-Marking, Low Lofted Pass Kalashnikov: Extra Frontman + Man-Marking, Low Lofted Pass Poorfag in Flecktarn with GPS: (--) + Man-Marking, Low Lofted Pass ParkourDude91: Defensive Full-Back + Man-Marking , Low Lofted Pass Anya: Hole Player + One Touch Pass, Acrobatic Clear CLANKCLANKCLANK Rioters: Box-to-Box + One Touch Pass, Acrobatic Clear A-10 (Bronze): Classic No. 10 + One Touch Pass, Acrobatic Finishing, Acrobatic Clear Ivan Chesnekov (Bronze): The Destroyer + One Touch Pass, Acrobatic Finishing, Acrobatic Clear Zergface (Silver): Incisive Run- + Heel Trick, Low Lofted Pass, Rabona Strelok (Captain) (Gold): Fox in the Box + CAPTAINCY, Heel Trick, Low Lofted Pass, Rabona, Pinpoint Crossing, Marseille Turn, Cut Behind Turn ----- Cosmoline Candyman: Defensive Goalkeeper Noguns Soccermom: Defensive Goalkeeper Rhodesian in Short Shorts: (--) + Man-Marking, Low Punt Trajectory Mike Vining: Long Ranger- + Man-Marking Squid Loaded up with Molle: Incisive Run- + Man-Marking >/ak/ Gali : Long Ball Expert- + Man-Marking Hickock45: (--) + Man-Marking, Low Punt Trajectory Carik Con : Trickster- + Man-Marking Tacticool: Incisive Run- + One Touch Pass Spam Can: The Destroyer + One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass Hichoc45: Hole Player + One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass Mall Ninja: The Destroyer + One Touch Pass, Weighted Pass
/k/ommandos reporting
Updated ICUP7 data to reflect this thread.
/k/ is now completely valid, except for illegal player heights. You can set them all yourself manually (preferred) or note your preference for letting me set them (e.g. which positions to make the tallest, or to make all sub players shortest)
Open file (359.67 KB 1200x1739 025.jpg)
Well, if anything's clear from what happened in the last streams... It's that horny dykes have good accuracy. Warcrimes that didn't happen aside, as usual, we wish you all the best except against us. In case you haven't been around in the last tournaments, let me tell you our team has the tradition of providing relevant material to our rivals in search of furthering friendship between the members of the communities involved. Considering ourselves a friendly board, we'd like to welcome all of you if you feel like paying a visit to our home back in smug, in your case I'd particularly recommend our own /aku/ thread. Currently mostly hijacked by a seasonal anime of relative relevancy. Link here: https://smuglo.li/yuri/res/18560.html Now without further ado, I'm leaving you a little classical series that I found very entertaining... >(C84) [Takotsuboya (TK)] Yukiyukite Senshadou (Girls und Panzer) [English] [N04h] [Colorized] [Decensored] https://files.catbox.moe/333xx3.7z >(C85) [Takotsuboya (TK)] Yukiyukite Senshadou Battle of Pravda (Girls und Panzer) [English] [N04h] https://files.catbox.moe/he3nv1.7z >(C86) [Takotsuboya (TK)] Yukiyukite Senshadou Kuromorimine no Tatakai (Girls und Panzer) [English] [N04h] https://files.catbox.moe/jdvmxm.7z
Open file (45.85 KB 310x840 mfw.jpg)
>>4492 This is terrorism.

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