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Open file (131.47 KB 1945x1521 thicker_cuckquean-fc.png)
Open file (420.78 KB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_home.png)
Open file (274.16 KB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_away.png)
Open file (2.30 MB 2048x2048 icup2020_cuckquean_gk.png)
/cuckquean/ Supporter 06/30/2020 (Tue) 06:56:25 No.746
We're in. Or rather, our men are.
Lineup On the Field GK: COCK OR GTFO LB: Star Butterfly CB: Emma Jung CB: Toni Wolff RB: Mero DMF: Better Tits DMF: Firmer Ass CMF: Bicorn (bronze) LWF: Our Catgirl Maid (bronze) RWF: Tonight's Plaything (silver) CF: Cuckquean-tan (gold, captain) On the Bench GK: NOT CUCKQUEANING [may also be deployed as a sweeper if needed] LB: Kanna Tanigawa CB: Mary Hutchinson CB: Maria Huxley RB: Eto Fujiko DMF: Tighter Pussy CMF: Momo Deviluke LWF: My Sister RWF: My Best Friend Anthem and Goal Horn (from 0:43 to 5:10) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btBSxtKzF6Q (also attached as audio file) There are a few twenty-second chrouses in this file that would have maximum effect as goal horns, each one used in sequence of goals (>implying we'll score): >1:27~1:49 >2:33~2:54 >3:49~4:09 >4:10~4:25 >4:25~4:45 If we're doing walk-on or some other introduction themes for the start of the match, this thirty second verse would be appropriate: >0:43~1:15 (can be extended out to 1:27 if more is needed) And for victory, a longer and heavier version of the walk-on: >1:50~2:21 (and on if needed; no need to cut) Both of these would also work as goal horns. Any of the other segments are suitable for use as well, except the bridge from 2:55~3:49, which is not suitable. Okay! I think we're set?
>>747 Audio file isn't posting properly. Here it is, in MP4 AAC at 256kbps: https://files.catbox.moe/ziooxy.mp4
>>746 And here's a better v2 for the goalie kit, because I fucked up a couple of things in the original.
>>746 Fantastic! Really digging the aesthetic. Make a wiki entry (even just an empty one with the logo), though you're already an official team as is right now.
Might someone who has the game be able to show us what our kits look like on players? We’ve no way to know whether the kits are going to render correctly or not. Does PES 2017 have female player models? Perhaps there are some custom ones floating about? I can’t blend so I can’t make any myself. It’ll be strange for these names to be attached to futbal mans, though it’s all part of the fun. >>752 >you're already an official team as is right now. Hooray! We shall begin training for the postgame riot. I’ll put up a wiki entry in the coming days.
lel, your logo is much much better than the shitty one I made for you lot last time
>>753 >Might someone who has the game be able to show us what our kits look like on players? Later. >Does PES 2017 have female player models? Not natively. Can be modded in, though. >I can’t blend so I can’t make any myself. It’ll be strange for these names to be attached to futbal mans, though it’s all part of the fun. I might be able to, though I don’t have much of a reference on any of your players.
>>753 I can add them to the game and show you. I should post footage within 12 hours. >Does PES 2017 have female player models? No girls in default PES >Perhaps there are some custom ones floating about? There are a few from 4CC. A ton of anime girls, there might be a few real women in boards like /cgl/?
Open file (396.44 KB 724x724 sakurafish.jpg)
>>767 >>765 >>753 There's an option to add breasts to a body model I think, or at least, you can make a blender model with tits on it. Here's Sakurafish from /a/, note her mammaries.
>>769 Marvellous mams.
Open file (18.07 MB 1280x720 cuc_turnabout.mp4)
I stuck your wonderful kit onto /2hu/ and filmed it. You can change or remove the number and text on the back (not sure what ICUP policy is on that). >>769 >There's an option to add breasts to a body model I think Never heard of it and doubt it since PES has no women players. You could add them in Blender, I don't know how easy or hard it would be with a detailed shirt like /cuckquean/ have...
Open file (18.57 MB 1280x720 cuc_intro.mp4)
Open file (17.58 MB 1280x720 cuc_home.mp4)
Open file (16.71 MB 1280x720 cuc_away.mp4)
>>779 If /cuckquean/ wins, I petition to rename it the ICUCK for the next tournament
Open file (148.66 KB 480x600 Cuckquean_lineup.png)
The wiki page is up at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//cuckquean/ including a full roster page at http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//cuckquean//Roster that explains who our players are and why they're there. I've also put up our formation, which is an aggressive 4-2-3-1: >/cuckquean/ slips in fast and hard with an energetic, dynamic, and oh-so-flexible frontal 4-2-3-1 formation equally capable of playing hot and heavy or spinning a game out as long as they like. A frontal strike team of one 'quean and two vixens blows past the opposition, a discriminating harem coordinator with strong foundations provides enough engine power in the midfield to keep the team grinding until the very end, all while a firm, bouncy, plush defense of famous 'queans and vixens ensure that any attempts at penetration bottom out well before they hit goal - in, out, in, out, in, out! >>778 >>779 >>780 >>781 Oh my goodness! Thank you! I can see I'll have to tweak the GK kit a little to make sure that some of the important panels are still visible. Expect a v3 in the coming days.
>>783 that's a 4-3-3
Open file (55.34 KB 250x250 what are birds.gif)
Before I submit a new version of the kits: Is it possible to suppress the player numbers and/or names that appear on the kit? If so, can we suppress it for some players and not others? Can names and numbers be suppressed separately? I'd prefer the GK uniform be completely visible.
Open file (453.42 KB 862x1078 lineup mk2.png)
Here's another idea for a formation. What's this one in formation number nomenclature? Will this get us smashed? I don't know anything about divegrass, so let's find out. Critique very welcome. CF - Tonight's Plaything (Silver, Style: Fox in the Box, Cards (4): First Time Shot, Fighting Spirit, Knuckle Shot, Acrobatic Finishing) SS - Cuckquean-tan (Gold, Style: Creative Playmaker, Cards (6): Early Cross, Fighting Spirit, Rabona, Pinpoint Crossing, Scissors Feint, Track Back) LWF - Catgirl Maid (Bronze, Style: Prolific Winger, Cards (3): Incisive Run, Fighting Spirit, Scotch Move) LM - Better Tits (Style: Solid Player, Cards (2): Marseille Turn, Outside Curler) RM - Firmer Ass (Style: Solid Player, Cards (2): Cut Behind Turn, Long Range Drive) DMF - Bicorn (Bronze, Style: The Instigator, Cards (3): Long Ball Expert, Weighted Pass, Low Lofted Pass) LB - Star Butterfly (Cards (2): Flip Flap, Long Range Drive) RB - Mero (Cards (2): Weighted Pass, Long Throw) CB - Emma Jung (Cards (2): Man Marking, Malicia) CB - Toni Wolff (Cards (2): Man Marking, Acrobatic Clear) GK - COCK OR GTFO I assume it's OK to have both an ordinary player style and a COM Player Style on the same player? I can't tell whether it's redundant to have both the Prolific Winger and Incisive Run cards active, for example.
>>917 Let's see, team strategy... Attacking Styles: Counter Attack Build Up: Long Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Maintain Formation Support Range: 6 Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment: Middle Pressuring: Conservative Defensive Line: 4 Compactness: 4 Attack 1: Wing Rotation Defence 1: Tight Marking (by both fullbacks of opponent's forwards) Substitution Strategies: Sub off most tired non-medal midfield at 65' Sub off most tired non-medal defender at 75' Sub off Catgirl Maid at 75' if trailing Sub off most tired non-medal at start of Extra Time
>>919 >>917 Duly noted! >>916 It is possible, on a kit by kit basis. I don't know if PES forces there to at least be a back number on the kit, but I know you don't need to use names, shorts numbers, or chest numbers.
>>916 >Is it possible to suppress the player numbers and/or names that appear on the kit? If so, can we suppress it for some players and not others? I know you can make the letters and/or numbers texture 100% transparent, hiding them. I don't know anything about setting it for individual players though. >Can names and numbers be suppressed separately? I think so. Definitely if you are removing all player's letters or all player's numbers.
>>926 You can definitely make only the keepers' invisible though, 100% sure of that.
>the harem coordinator scored wew Thank you for arranging the stream and complimenting our kits, I'm glad some people like them. Do you guys want us to change some player names to make it easier for the commentators? Thought they'd get some mileage out of making euphemisms with the midfielders but I can see that our bombastically sexual bent is causing some problems with four dudes on one mic. If the names cause lockup then we're better off thinking of something else. I'll also cut up our goal horns for you; it's only certain sections of that track that apply and I know you're busy. Better that you have it all cued up as convenient audio files than five seconds of hasily-cued silence and the song's slow start. I suppose we'll also need to update the wiki with >>917 and >>919 to make it official enough to appear on the field?
Also, if we wanted to put MMD models in, how would we do it and what would we need to keep in mind? I see on the wiki that there are instructions for making DLC and all that, but the player modelling instructions are "learn Blender". Should we just throw them up on a file upload site and hope that a rigger donates some time to help out?
>>987 >but the player modelling instructions are "learn Blender". The modelling part of the wiki sucks. If you are willing to DIY, there are great tutorials over here... https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Blender_tutorials ...including a video tutorial of an MMD example (basically using Blender to put it in the right position and pose, then transfer the motion rigging weights from an existing model over) t. self-taught from implyingrigged wiki
Here are our goal horns all cut up and ready for use in AAC format! https://files.catbox.moe/vmoxkn.zip Please let me know if they work or not.
>>986 >Thank you for arranging the stream and complimenting our kits Oh! Also, whoever adjusted the names and fonts for the player kits did a wonderful job, especially the shortenings like "Catgirl Maid" to "Neko Meido". With the font we saw on this stream, I think I'm happy to have the names and numbers remain on the players (no shorts numbers though), and no name or number on the GK kit. Will that be alright?
>>986 >Do you guys want us to change some player names to make it easier for the commentators? No no, we'll find a way to power through. Also for the formation, if you want to use the formation from >>917 go ahead and update it, but the team strategy and player cards don't actually need to go on the wiki. I just need to put them in-game and that's it. >>987 I take full responsibility for that. I just cannot into Blender, it makes my brain literally hurt trying to figure it out. Other anons have found success using the old tutorials from the half Cup >>988 but I genuinely can't write tutorials on things I can't figure out. If someone who understands it can slap something together, please do.
We're looking forward to the Bicorn Derby. I just noticed that our player cards only cover the players on the field. For the bench players, please give them the same cards by position.
Open file (624.97 KB 605x857 Cuckquean FC - Bicorn.jpg)
Open file (647.90 KB 1200x800 on wall.jpg)
We have delivered our pre-game greeting to /monster/ so the only thing left to do is to get fucking HYPE Y P E
Can we change our formation? Much as I love our stupid formation that all the commentators sigh at, it hasn’t turned out to work the way I thought it would. We’ll have to change back to the old one. If we edit the wiki will the riggers pick it up?
>>1463 >If we edit the wiki will the riggers pick it up? I doubt it, posting here or emailing skf@8chan.co is probably best.
Open file (395.26 KB 768x960 cuckquean lineup mk3.png)
FORMATION, PLAYING STYLE, AND STRATEGY CHANGE FOR TODAY'S GAME We're changing to a 3-5-2, as in pic related. (Or is it a 3-4-1-2? I don't know.) I hope this change isn't too late! Please change: - Cuckquean-tan's playing style is now (blank). - Tonight's Plaything's playing style is now Goal Poacher. - Catgirl Maid's playing style is now Classic No. 10 (even though she's not No. 10) - Better Tits and Firmer Ass playing style is now blank, since I think that there are no playing styles that apply to wing backs. But if possible, I'd like them to be geared to offence (like the Offensive Full-back style). - Star Butterfly and Mero's playing styles are now The Destroyer. Team Strategy is now: Attacking Styles: Possession Game Build Up: Short-Pass Attacking Area: Center Positioning: Flexible Support Range: 6 Defensive Styles: Frontline Pressure Containment: Middle Pressuring: Aggressive Defensive Line: 3 Compactness: 5 Attack 1: Tiki-Taka Defence 1: Tight Marking
>>746 Is the team going to play the G-Cup?
>>1918 What's the G-Cup? I thought that was for country boards only?
>>1975 The recent announcement at >>1913 says they will allow non-country boards to play one-on-one exhibition matches. >"But what if my board doesn't represent a nation?" Worry not anon, I'm also opening the floor to teams willing to participate in exhibition matches. Select another board the square off with, or leave it up to random chance. These friendlies will serve appetizers on match days before we get to the G-Cup games that "matter".
>>1979 We'd be happy to play a few exhibition matches. Can we try out our new formation details at >>1475? No sweat if it's too much trouble for a side-show.
Made a Christmas card for /icup/ but don't know where to put it, so I'll put it here. Merry Christmas!
>>2122 Thank you lad
>>2122 Thank you and Merry Christmas!
/cuckquean/ was asked whether this >>1475 change was to be permanent on >>>/cuckquean/3584 so I'll respond here as the manager. We're happy to have the change be permanent if the riggers are happy to make it. We got dragged last time for asking because it wasn't clear that changing formations mid-series was a lot of work and therefore not allowed. Ditto our goal horns, which we were roused on for accidentally making too short. Would the riggers like us to find longer horns this time? If so, what's a horn's desired length (in seconds, not inches)? There's also an updated goalie uniform upthread at >>751 but if there's no time to update it then the mk1 goalie uniform is fine. As always, our >>986 offer to make some player names less obviously sexual for the benefit of commentators stands.
>>3405 We've got plenty of time to do changes, I have no problem doing big stuff, in fact now is the perfect time. >longer horns Longer is better, I made mine optimized for 45 seconds (because some was kind of meme music) but playable for longer, but if the riggers do a custom replay for cool goals that falls far short. I can come up with some better numbers later but my best advice is watch the old games and play your anthem over the top just to get the feel and timing. If you heard my team's music, you know I didn't give a fuck about the riggers' opinions so I'd be a hypocrite to expect different from others ;)
>>3405 My to-do list for /cuckquean/ to make sure I'm not missing anything: >- update GK kit (done) >- disable player number on back of GKs (done) >- attempt to add mammaries to... everyone except COCK OR GTFO ? (not done yet, experimental) >- add models in >>987 (I don't have them so please upload to a site, except Star, there's already a better model available that I have) >- verify tactics match this thread
>>3411 The Mero model has since disappeared from the Internet, but the catgirl maid was updated to include a more detailed body. She's an MMD model, so I'm not sure if she'll convert or how it works. Here she is: https://files.catbox.moe/fqdt6t.7z >attempt to add mammaries to... everyone except COCK OR GTFO ? Does this mean making the players men with tits, or changing them all to female models? If the former, please don't; I don't think anyone would enjoy that. If the latter, woohoo! Also, COCK OR GTFO is conceptually a female player as well, since she represents kicking out posters who loudly declare themselves men rather than being a man herself.
>>3422 Here's another model I found: https://files.catbox.moe/1rs89j.zip Perhaps she might work for Better Tits? I can't tell which types of model format can be used and which can't, so searching is a little difficult.
>>3423 All the major formats can be imported into Blender, and most others have plugins for converting, so assume they all work. I'll give it a shot when I'm next at the desktop.
Open file (506.28 KB 252x352 KK_141373.png)
>>3422 >The Mero model has since disappeared from the Internet Not only that but there are also no archives, which sucks. Unfortunately there aren't any other MMD models of her that I could find so I've decided to use the alternative of a Koikatsu model, and this is the only card I could find of her (pic related). As for the export, it's possible to do but it requires a bit more effort. I posted this in the icup thread on /yuri/ but here's a channel that walks through that process. https://invidious.esmailelbob.xyz/channel/UCW42ATNaxcVmlFwIX7Y2Rrw
Open file (606.87 KB 866x973 cuq.png)
>>1475 In the process of updating to this. There is a contradiction: Better Tits and Firmer Ass are positioned where a Left/Right Midfielder would play, but are labelled Left Back and Right Back. Do you want a LB and RB with Offensive Fullback (requires them to be placed behind the DMFs), or is the image placement correct and you want an aggressive LMF/RMF (Hole Player or Box-to-Box)? I'm guessing the second from the description. Bicorn has dropped back to CB, but based on the name, play style and stats I assumed you still want them the same: Long Ball Expert, Weighted Pass, Low Lofted Pass. Also, there are 3 remaining spots on your team for substitute players.

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