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Background Anonymous Board owner 09/03/2019 (Tue) 16:46:39 No.1 [Reply]
Welcome to the backup board of 8chan's /irc/. original drop https://archive.is/cm3eg Still working mirror https://web.archive.org/web/20150127143057/http://a.pomf.se/qvfgbc.7z Background of the leak >What the hell am I looking at? about 2 and a half years worth of logs from 4chan's low level staff channel. >How did they get to 8chan? One of the Janitors wasn't happy about Hiro demanding the dox of all volunteers, dropped out and simply leaked that motherfucker in the hopes to show Janny in a better light? >What have you found instead? A mostly absent m00t, and some Janitor spreading their worst practices to everyone while m00t lost 80% of all veterans. >How many people have even read all that shit? Be honest! Only two on the behalf of like 6 boards and hash tag. >Have you gotten any contact to Janny?

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>>46 >commie furry >/hebe/ You think....?

/v/ year one Anonymous 09/06/2019 (Fri) 21:23:37 No.4 [Reply]
Without further ado, let's recreate the Janiteam leaks. Hopefull this thing doesn't fuck me over like Ghostbin has. It will be one calendar week starting with Monday per post. Lynxchan can easily power that. There will be no hot takes, since they are all in the pastes. 22th June 2012 http://batman.gyptis.org/zerobin/?6278248f492214ad#vOs1c/3aDTZ0CbEYwhpdRmRtKaovYAJeBTRcheWU9a4= 23th June 2012 http://batman.gyptis.org/zerobin/?6278248f492214ad#vOs1c/3aDTZ0CbEYwhpdRmRtKaovYAJeBTRcheWU9a4= 24th June 2012 http://batman.gyptis.org/zerobin/?cc2f14fe34ee3b44#FaPwqPvHNw/kVJTRwsEybSb2U5sOqib3BfYBTQ/ovXc=
Edited last time by ppaperman on 07/18/2020 (Sat) 13:29:07.
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