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29:64 "This worldly life is no more than play and amusement. But the Hereafter is indeed the real life, if only they knew."

Open file (36.20 KB 1024x512 Flag_of_Jihad.svg (2).png)
فلان 06/20/2023 (Tue) 14:30:05 No.839
How and Where I can join the ISIS?
>>839 Why do you want to do that?
Doubt anyone here has that info bro, srry
fed spotted ?
>>839 ISIS is dead at this point and it's leaders are not loyal to Islam. Consider Joining the Taliban instead.
>>876 >ISIS is dead at this point Active cells all over the world and holding land in Africa >and it's leaders are not loyal to Islam. In what way? >Taliban lol
>>877 ISIS is not holding land in Iraq and Syria. The movement have failed. Anyone with a gun and loyalty to Islam wouldn't attack Taliban, they battled the infidels and managed to establish an Islamic government. If ISIS leaders care about Islam then they would have allied with the Taliban or at the very least not fight them.
>>878 It's not IS"IS" anymore. The state has become a global movement which holds territory and is active in more than one part of the world. Besides that fact, there are still thousands in Syria and Iraq doing operations like prison breaks against the fragile Kurdish occupying state. Look at the huge prison camps they are barely managing to hold all of the IS members. It is a ticking timebomb. Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, then they put down their weapons and settled into their seat of Westphalian power. They do not want to restore the Khilafah. They protect the "religious freedom" of the mushrikeen in Afghanistan and guard their shrines and temples. They got friendly with non Muslim powers like the Russians and communist China, who invade Muslim lands and murder the Muslims. They even wanna sit in the UN and let their government be "recognized". This is not from an Islamic rule, as it is clear to anyone who examines the matter and is not blinded by euphoria from the Taliban's victory in 2021.
>>879 And if IS cells emerged what would prevent NATO from bombing them? Afghans were starving, Taliban had to do what is called diplomacy, you gangster. No one can restore the Khilafah in current circumstances, if Taliban tried to restore it they will starve or be overwhelmed by Iran Pakistan Arab countries and NATO.
>>880 Will NATO keep the whole region under control with their bombs? Is it necessary for survival to become a partner to the disbelieving world powers? You overestimate their power. But all might and all power is with Allah. No one is able to restore the Khilafah? The Muslims are incapable of forming our own state? You underestimate our power. But all might and all power is with Allah.
>>883 Try putting yourself in Taliban's shoes, they are relied on importing food and puppet governments which are not loyal to Islam won't help them. You can't jihad on an empty stomach. Restoring Khilafah is not possible these days because most Muslims don't understand its importance, that is why it's better to try convincing them rather than putting on a suicide vest. Muslims will suffer more until restoring the Khilafah is their desire. We know from the Hadiths that Khilafah will be restored, no doubt brother.

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