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Open file (693.50 KB 1622x1628 0478536896.jpg)
Strelok 08/14/2021 (Sat) 00:30:31 No.18078
>CIA >NSA >DIA >CSS >DHS Does anyone know why exactly there are so many three letter agencies all devoted to doing the same vague, classified jobs? I can excuse stuff like ICE, DEA and ATF who have more specific roles (although they should still be being handled by the police or military) but this is different. Are there any I missed? Do you know what the differences are between them and how they interact with each other? Why were the rest of them created despite the fact that which ever one of them came first already existed, and why do they all continue to exist today?
>>18078 From dia.mil/about/faqs:
>>18081 I hate this board software. Ctrl-v has a 50% chance of posting instead of pasting and I have no idea why. >What is the difference between the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency? DIA and CIA are both members of the IC. However, while the CIA is focused on providing intelligence to the President and his Cabinet, we in the DIA are the principal source of foreign intelligence to combat related missions. So DIA is more military focused, while CIA is non-military.
>>18078 The story is long and complicated, but the short and slightly incorrect answer is that FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower (more so FDR and Truman) are some of the most disgusting and genuinely incompetent men in world history that will ultimately have more blood on their hands (some still in the making) than even Stalin or Mao. Generally though, the newer ones are created in response to some unplanned disaster, desire to BYPASS another criminal investigative department, or fuckup that is genuinely a one in a million chance that could be addressed in a manageable fashion by either the US Marshal's Service or the FBI, who are the only two "non-military policing" units that can justify their existence. Politicians like to waste your money in ways that hurt everyone and diminish your freedoms, but make a plurality of constituents vote for them, or at least enough to get reelected.
>>18085 Pretty much. It's a way to act like they're doing something and make stooges feel special or whatever because their patch has different letters and a different insignia.
>>18078 Speaking of glowies, has anyone read "A Decent Interval" by Frank Snepp? I saw it mentioned in a thread elsewhere. Apparently the author was an ex-glowie turned reporter who was in Saigon in the closing days of Nam. The US government sued to try and prevent publication. https://www.mtsu.edu/first-amendment/article/651/snepp-v-united-states This was an excerpt: > From time to time I stopped by the CIA operations room to listen in horror at the radios as stranded Vietnamese agents pleaded over the circuits for help, begging not to be forgotten. Some would be picked up by Air America helicopters that CIA colleagues and I sent shuttling around the city. Most would be forgotten. > At one point a Vietnamese woman who had borne a child she said was my own called to say she would kill herself and the boy if I couldn’t rescue them. I told her to call back in an hour — I’d help her then. But when she called back I was downstairs briefing the Ambassador on another useless piece of intelligence, and she made good on her promise, adding two more deaths to those already weighing on my conscience.
>>18078 Divide and conquer. More agencies means less power is in the hand of one organization, the more shit is running at the same time also means more shit is getting past the rule of law. Additionally the American political system is paranoid about having to run the country with bureaucrats that don't follow the same ideology(because it makes them less likely to break the law in your favor) so what could be better of having replacement agencies who do the same thing just under a different name?
Open file (249.42 KB 381x368 roll.gif)
>>18078 Almost as if this was intended so that no one can outrule the head.
>>19839 I got the 5.56 version.
>>19839 >AK-107/8 is it good
Open file (2.83 MB 1280x720 Russian AK-107.webm)
>>19857 >>19868 >Source: My Ass >Dude trust me
>>20159 I did in fact got it out of my ass. I was polite enough not to stink up the thread but since you insist... the last poster on this thread will have to face the fury of a thousand shits.
So, if I understand this correctly, it's all a giant Ponzi scheme?
>>20159 Unlike this peon I got every single one at the same time, check it.
>>20164 In some cases like the automatic firearms it's a literal ponzi scheme, but otherwise that word doesn't really work in this context. Yes, the existence of so many organizations though is to form a leviathan where even if someone cut off one of the departments, the others would already be doing the same shit. It's part of the reason Democrats are so angry about public health having been kept out of the security branches up until this point. Since it is backfiring.
Open file (15.82 KB 500x274 AKS74.png)
>>18078 It creates confusion and muddies the water, hiding the fact that the three-letter agency they all serve is Z O G.

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