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The 12 Guage Project AntichristHater 06/23/2022 (Thu) 18:20:09 ID: 7e619f No.36357
Hi, this is a documentation of my project revolving around the 12 guage shotgun shell and my aspirations to build a slug that will reach out to intermediate rifle ranges (preferably 300 yards), have large amounts of impact shock at those ranges, while still also being capable of creating good tissue damage. To do this i have created a self stabilizing slug shape unintentionally based off the MiniƩ Ball out of a CO2 cartridge that i used as a mold, i have made this "body" out of aluminum and have designed a steel weight/penetrator with similar proportions to a 5.56 M193 ( a little bit smaller so that itll fit in the shell). My goal is to have the aluminum body impact the target, transferring a large amount of energy to the target via direct energy transfer, and then for the steel tip to come apart from the rest of the slug and tumble inside the target. I have already made lead versions of these slugs without the steel weight and at roughly 100 yards they had great stability so im very hopeful for this shape. I have not yet shot the aluminum ones, primarily because i only have one as of right now and am awaiting a crucible to cast more. I also plan on sending these to the youtube channel Taofledermaus so that they can test them at longer ranges and against ballistics gel with their high speed camera. Questions welcome as long as they arent retarded.
>>36357 Do you have any previous experience gunsmithing OP?
>>36380 Gunsmithing? No not really Bullet design? Yes a little bit. Why?
If you don't already, Taofladermause's (or however you spell it) earlier videos have more to do with aerodynamics with DIY ammunition.
>>36357 Does the steel core reach the base of the slug?
>>36404 no, its meant to act as a weight to make the front of the bullet heavy so that it continues to fly straight at sub sonic speeds.
>>36399 yeah, ive already watched alot of them. a couple of the bullets he shot (the Minie ball and the moose round) preform similarly to mine
>>36357 I don't fully understand but this seems pretty interesting. Have you considered doing some tests on you own first? Maybe using clay blocks or gelatin?
>>36411 >Have you considered doing some tests on you own first? Maybe using clay blocks or gelatin? the only tests ive done is with the lead variants with no steel core. To be quite honest im kinda afraid to try out the aluminum ones, its probably irrational but nevertheless im wary to try them. i also dont have any clay or gel blocks at my disposal although i guess i could try on some wet magazines some time although i question how good of a result that would yield. Thats the reason i want to send them off to Taofledermaus who is far more experienced in reloading and safety precaution than me and also has access to those much more cool and useful targets
>>36413 >Thats the reason i want to send them off to Taofledermaus who is far more experienced in reloading and safety precaution than me and also has access to those much more cool and useful targets I don't object to that. I've watched some of his vids and he seems to do a good job of testing all sorts of things. FYI you can get blocks clay from pottery resource shops. It can be a little expensive but you can reclaim the clay and reuse it several times with a little bit of effort to restore it to its virgin state. Assuming you don't splatter it all to hell and back with something like an anti-tank rifle. If you do go that route then just get bog standard grey or red clay so you don't cuck some poor bastard out of his Mississipppi mud or porcelain clay.
>>36417 interesting, thanks.
>>36413 Agar powder is cheap and reusable if you want to make your own blend within a vessel of your choice so long as you have the space to cool it properly. Have any large tupperware laying around? Walmart sells various sizes for really cheap.
>>36441 hmm, ill have to try that out sometime
UPDATE: my crucible came in and after melting down about 2 pounds of aluminum pop tabs ive finally started making slugs. here are the two i made today. Both have tips that are glued in using super glue (the good shit). One of em is sized just right. The casting came out really good for my second time ever casting aluminum slugs and while i was casting i had an idea. Instead of using a steel tip that is designed to tumble why not take a couple 1/4" lead or steel cylinders/balls and put them in there instead with the idea being that upon impact the Newtons cradle effect will take place and theyll act like small buck shot rounds. Idk just a thought.
I just did a test run of one of the slugs against a jug of water and WOW. first off it was LOUD. Probably 10-20% louder than the lead versions i tested last month. 10 minutes later and my ears are still ringing (yes i didnt wear ear pro, it was only one shot) second it seems like it was pretty accurate, it hit a little higher than i wanted but in all likelihood that was probably my fault since i was nervous and it didnt look like it was tumbling. and third, it was pretty damn powerful. Despite it hitting high on the target (and thus not going through as much water) it still did a TON of damage, enough to be comparable to the lead hollow point prototypes i shot a month ago. here's some pics from the shoot aswell as a comparison of the damage.
made the first cast "penetrator" slug. definitely some improvements to the process that need to be made (i think im gonna change the penetrator design to better accommodate the casting). i also didnt test this one, i think im gonna send it off to be tested that way i look at the high speed to see how it preforms. new slug is on the right
finished em, sent an email to taofledermaus and am awaiting a response, may end up messaging him on facebook
>>36357 I'd jacket them in copper via electroforming for a few minutes for better heat transfer and less shock deformation on firing. i.e. the copper jacket would take the beating not the aluminum round. Depends on your tolerances though. Ensure you are using jigs and not eyeballing things like alignment of the sabot. Ensure your jigs are trued. A tiny deviation will cause completely different effects at the Mach number of muzzle velocity = zero repeatability between rounds. >>36548 >it was LOUD. Probably 10-20% louder than the lead versions Welcome to supersonic shock waves! The aluminum is lighter so goes faster for the same energy. >second it seems like it was pretty accurate, See comment above on repeatability. >it was pretty damn powerful. IIRC your basic form is similar to a pellet round that is used to destroy varmints. Hydro-static shock etc... >>37313 I'd never put those in my barrel. See the central penetrator pointing off the longitudinal axis in that last photo? That could gouge the barrel leading to catastrophic failure, particularly if the tolerances aren't tight and round yaws on firing given there are no gas bands. Good idea, just needs finishing like polishing, truing. Two of the same rounds should look like twins - you can't tell which is which. However, yours currently look like cousins. Godspeed anon & fuck the ATF
>>37330 yeah tolerances arent very good atleast not for the drilling, the casting is about as good as you can get minus the molds being dirty. i stuff a torn cotton ball under every round tho so that it creates a tight seal around them while in the wad, that prevents it from moving around too much in the barrel. Even shot a couple of the lead prototypes through a choke (not rifled, idk what it was it was my dads shotgun) and they seemed accurate minus elevation out to about 100 yards. I havent tried any of the aluminum versions with the steel at range yet, maybe ill give it a try soon if i dont get a response from Taofledermaus (which i probably wont). In the future i plan on just casting the hole into the aluminum which will hopefully reduce the tilt on the penetrators, Ill see about making some more soon. Thanks for the support!
glad to see someone doing real world stuff instead of online circle jerking. i do have some suggestions. either work on your mold making, or consider alternative construction methods. some ideas might be turning these on a lathe, getting them SLS printed in aluminum, or machining a steel mold. also considering getting the plans on print, somehow. whether its hand sketches with dimensions in a notebook, or a proper CAD model, i strong suggest you do something for record keeping and documenting progress.
>>38098 thanks
Targets hit: 0 Rounds recovered: 0 (???) Distance/s: 100,75,50 yards Target size: torso Recoil: little Notes: one round was observed hitting high behind the target, windage seemed to be good, elevation was heavily off. Projectile was not recovered. Will begin further experimentation immediately.
Distance: roughly 25 feet Shots: 3 Hits: 2 Notes: projectiles fly very high, likely due to light weight, first shot was aiming at the center and went over target, second shot was aiming at bottom of target and hit center, third shot was aiming at bottom and hit near center to the right, suspected that that was user error. Bullet holes while oddly shaped do not seem to indicate a tumbling projectile bullet holes do however seem to indicate a wobbling projectile although it's too early to say how much this may effect accuracy.

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