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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Strelok 07/15/2022 (Fri) 11:12:30 ID: 8c632f No.37583
Another month, another thread. Things happening: >Russians took Severodonetsk. Just walked in into the center unopposed >Ukrainians claimed to perform a heroic counterattack and pushing Russians out in brutal city combat out of the city. This has never actually happened. >Russians took Lysichansk unoposed >Russians currently attacking all over Siwiersk-Bakhmut line, Ukrainian lines completly collapsing >Russians shelled off Snake Island >Ukrainians shell Doneck, as in the city, with all sorts of munitions without targeting any military targets. >HIMARS and other ukrainian missile systems they stockpiled since the beggining of the war went into action, destroying several ammo dumps >Ukrainians conscripting women now >Ukrainian counteroffensives in Kherson get repelled time and time again >last one was burned out with kilometers of white phosphorous >both sides make a deal with Turkey to move grain out of ports Link Dump: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/traduzir-paginas-web/ https://web.telegram.org https://fotoforensics.com https://trashchan.xyz/finance/ https://yandex.ru/news Maps: https://mobile.twitter.com/Suriyakmaps https://militaryland.net/ukraine/deployment-map/ https://militaryland.net/tag/maps/ (Daily updates) https://liveuamap.com/ http://defensepoliticsasia.com/Ukraine/ https://militarymaps.info/ (requires Russian social media account and Russian payment processors) https://maphub.net/Cen4infoRes/russian-ukraine-monitor (Intentionally up to a week old) https://opermap.mash.ru/ (Russian propaganda map) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Russo-Ukrainian_War_detailed_map Channels: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTq5KxoyKuquatzn2iF0Pg (Numbers and brief overviews of the day's news; no bullshit) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUnc496-PPmFZVKlYxUnToA ("Breaking news" Belarusian take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgGHiivhFq7M_1MLemh-cjg ("Breaking news" Singaporean take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/MilitaryandForeignAffairsNetwork (Military and foreign affairs network; slightly pro-Ukrainian and uses militaryland maps allowing him to cover more specific military groups and pockets at the cost of less breaking news) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP2QApi8G2TKc8NZmeDWSUg (Least biased "breaking news" Reddit "OSINT" take on the war) https://www.youtube.com/c/PatrickLancasterNewsToday (Patrick Lancaster reporting from Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/GrahamPhillipsUK (Graham Phillips less personal more professional reporting from the Russian side) https://www.youtube.com/c/AlexanderMercourisReal (Alexander Mercouris; Discusses the geopolitical issues of policies and their effects) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHqqf2BwNM4Oih-a_ikbWww (French Zoomer Historian/Comedian covering the war) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0EnYUt8dJUYcDgHUFG8vYA (Covers Economic matters in regard to Ukraine, updates on the frontlines, shorts, and other things; mild Russian bias) https://www.youtube.com/user/Itapirkanmaa2/videos (Z) https://www.youtube.com/c/DjukiSan/videos (Z2) https://www.youtube.com/c/RoadHomeMotorcycleVlogs (Ukrainian propaganda channel)
>>37582 Yes, please. And thank you.
>>37583 Pastanigger here, someone told me to repost so sure >>37527 >This shit is just weird. All of these people pushing this propaganda have to know that Ukraine is a lost cause so you would think they would be steering the propaganda entirely in the direction of "Ukraine is being genocided by those mean Russians" instead of "Ukraine is about to win and Russia is panicking and incompetent." That is exactly what our lugenpresse started doing about a week after Mariupol fell. It's so eerie watching US news and social media claim the Ukrainians are blasting 100k Russians per minute while our own news agencies run one sob story after another about poor doggos and babushkas left to die. >It's like back in the 2016 US elections where the media said Hillary was a shoe in and then when she lost people were freaking out and having mental breakdowns. That Joker quote about people losing their minds if a crisis doesn't go as pre-planned might be cringy, but it's not an incorrect statement. Normalfags want stability above all else, they'll throw their rights in the gutter if it means their lifestyle won't change dramatically.
>>37547 >>37558 Actually, the President of Italy just told him that he's gonna be sinking with the ship as its captain. It's pretty simple, really. The Italian government has been ruled by non-elected officials for at least 4 years by now, every year they run into some crisis and reshuffle ministries around until enough of the elites are satisfied. What happened with Draghi was the sum of three individual fuckups: -M5S (five star movement, "populist" but really just a bunch of non-politicians, intellectuals and a bunch of spies for the (((Partito Democratico))) mafiosi), which is the largest parliamentary group as of today (but who are expected to lose up to 20% of their seats next elections) decided by themselves that Italy should not oblige any NATO treaty if it means the selling or gifting of weapons (their intentions are not noble, they're just posturing). The Minister of Foreign Affairs, DI Maio, who is also from M5S, heavily disagreed with this stance, thus he split from their party to form a new one with a bunch of other M5S politicians, but crucially he did not leave his post. This means that anything the Minister of Foreign Affairs say won't be backed by the government, in the middle of a fucking European war theater; -Draghi (unelected Prime Minister) had been personally appointed by the President of Italy in order to push even more globalism and European values onto the populace, as well as to create unpopular legislation with the prospect of a cushy pension in exchange for his tarnished reputation (this has been happening at least another two times since Italy joined the EU, whenever tough times are ahead the President elects a neutral banker PM that is basically the fall guy so that Italians won't revolt but rather keep voting the same people that screw them over). However, unlike previously, the situation in Italy is dire enough that only by pushing extreme indirect taxation like rising minimum wages, gibs to non-working family units and more fiscal pressure on industries could keep the government from collapsing. Since M5S is the biggest party and they wanted even more gibs for the unemployed and migrants (again, not because of their policies, but to save face before the next elections), they refused to vote on the motion, sending a clear message that from now on any political reform won't be passed. Draghi tried to GTFO and Mattarella promptly told him that he won't accept it, since otherwise the one losing face in front of the international community will be the President. There's also rumors that Draghi was offered some NATO job, which would be doubly ironic considering the previous point; -No one on the Italian government wants to hold the next elections. Due to a referendum passed like two years ago by now, the number of Senators and Parliamentarians must drop by about one third. While on the one hand this means that whoever is elected rules with tighter control on the country, on the other literally no political party barring (((Partito Democratico))) in Bologna and Firenze and Lega Nord (cuckservativs, pro Northern independence) in Veneto will be able to hold any significant political power. Plus they won't be able to get even more unelected officials to grab as much cash as possible from the Italian coffers. No one wants to deal with that nightmare, so you have a coalition that goes from Communists to quasi Fascists, from populist centrists to conservatives all trying to stave off the possibility of going on another election before they've pilfered enough money. M5S is the only party retarded enough to try and jeopardize that situation and everyone has been trying to work around their unreasonable demands for years. Addendum: apparently M5S have decided to just leave their ministries as well, meaning that come October we'll probably have no government and will be forced into more sham elections.
>>37582 >Would anons be interested if I made a 7z file of all the videos I've downloaded over the war? Yeeeah buddy
Open file (979.98 KB 1908x2052 Mumbai_Port_Trust_02.JPG)
==Mumbai Port Authority objects US consulate letter to block Russian Ships= India has taken exception to the suggestion by the US consulate (Mumbai) that Russian ships should not be allowed at Mumbai port and has asserted that it is New Delhi’s sovereign right to deal with global partners on national interests. The surprise move has raised eyebrows at the South Block here as the US Consulate General in Mumbai wrote directly to the Mumbai Port Authority last month asking it to not allow Russian vessels to dock at the port because of American sanctions against Russia. The Mumbai Port Authority has, in turn, written to the Directorate General of Shipping, which has asked the Ministry of External Affairs for instructions. Sources told ET that it was India’s sovereign decision to engage with countries in national interests. The US later said the conversation with India was a private one. But sources here pointed out that such diplomatic conversations are not private. Members of the diplomatic community told ET that the move by the US consulate was unnecessary. Expressing reservations against the US move, Derek J Grossman from the RAND Corporation and a keen watcher of India-US ties tweeted: “Seems Biden admin has shifted tactics when pressuring India. Instead of speaking directly to New Delhi, US consulate in Mumbai writes a letter to Mumbai Port Authority to bar Russian ships. Of course, New Delhi found out. Silly move by the US.” Read more at: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/india/india-objects-to-us-consulates-direct-letter-to-mumbai-port-authority/articleshow/92817818.cms?utm_source=contentofinterest&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=cppst
Open file (2.62 MB 1280x942 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.23 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.53 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.52 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.42 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
captured armored car
>>37587 I have no clue what any of this means except that it sounds like Italy is a clown car with too many clowns.
Gauleiter Kim complains that this morning the only shipbuilding university in Ukraine was destroyed in Nikolaev.
>>37593 Italy has largely been run by people who aren't elected for half of a decade or more now. M5S, the largest party and the one previously heralded as populist but turned out to be in name only, makes impossible demands of the rest of the government for show. The Minister of Foreign Affairs became fed up with this after they demanded that Italy should follow no NATO treaty that requires arming other countries/groups, and he formed a splinter party while still holding office, meaning Italy's foreign face doesn't reflect the face of its government. The PM appointed a banker as President and is now trying to resign because of how bad the situation is getting. Bad enough that the only way to recover the government's popularity would be to send the economy into a freefall with socialist policies. However, the President won't let the PM leave to save face for himself, and the PM is rumored to have been offered a job at NATO. Compounding the previous two events is the fact that Italy has, by referendum, voted to make its congress 1/3 of what it previously was and will have to enforce this in the next election. However, this both hurts the Italian people by consolidating representation and power in regional groups (i.e. Lega Nord, a pro-independence party for the North) and well funded groups (i.e. Partito Democratico) and sitting politicians because they can't embezzle more state funds by appointing their friends and fellow party members. This has led to a situation where everyone of every non-status quo group is holding together an impossible coalition before they can bankrupt the country. M5S is no exception to these practices but is willing to metaphorically shoot itself and everyone else if their demands aren't met. They've taken this a step further and are going to collapse the government by leaving any ministry they've been assigned to.
Open file (2.20 MB 995x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Russian OSINT enthusiasts from @vatfor compared the areas of interest of the Western and Chinese satellites in Ukraine. 4 Digital Globe satellites were mostly taking pictures of the front line and certain points in the rear. Hardly can be defined as business-as-usual. In other words, 4 satellites (at least) are used almost exclusively to satisfy Ukraine’s intelligence needs, at least from June 1 to July 14. Four Digital Globe devices (GeoEye-1 and WorldView-1 -2 -3) have been recently busy filming the front line and various objects in the rear. The top screenshot shows publicly available images from June 1 to July 14, 2022.
Mercouris analysis https://youtube.com/watch?v=nztSJJASql8 >If the Kherson offensive doesn't succeed, Ukraine has six weeks >Serbian president is implying WWIII will break out if Ukraine denies the peace negotiations after Donbass is secured (or at least a Russian mobilization) >He agrees with the general analysis that Ukraine wants to blow up the Kherson dam and flood Western Kherson >The EU chose the worst option with Kaliningrad because it lets Russia secure food while sending military supplies by sea >Additionally the treaty is not being abided by so Russia has a legal claim down the line >Implication being Lithuania is next on the chopping block some time in the near future (maybe a year, maybe in ten years) >Compromising instead of saying a hard yes/no makes it clear the EU can be pressured >And that they don'y have Lithuania's back >More importantly that the implication is the EU is making the decisions and not Lithuania (therefore the EU can be held liable by Russia) >The EU basically passed the buck to NATO for their actions and it's gonna backfire >Biden's trip doesn't matter because the Saudis can't replace Russian oil production even if they wanted to (My interpretation) >An Israel-Iran war is inevitable now in the next two years before Biden is out of office because of the Israel-American statement >That war will disrupt oil trade even more likely driving it above and beyond the current $11/gallon figure predicted for America by November >You will eat the bugs on the Green New Deal and you will like it >COVID lockdowns were just a test run for petrol shortages (End of personal interpretation) >Mercouris is both frustrated and amazed that America has picked the worst possible option on every single diplomatic front >China says that America is on their red lines and needs to step the fuck back >If America sanctions China that's game over for Burgerland and Germany who exports heavily to China >Main concern is that America might do something "catastrophic" when they are losing on multiple fronts (launch nukes)
>>37596 So the Italian government isn't just the circus but a clown college?
>>37598 So... time to stock fun supplies?
Working on making a summary of DPA's hour-long summary but incompetents at work are making it take longer than planned since I keep having to pause the audio. >>37600 I think the time to stock fun supplies was 2-4 years ago, anon. Time to make last-minute adjustments to your supplies; funs or otherwise.
>>37600 No its time to fuck off to Argentina or Greenland.
Russia doing its traditional evening cruise missile cuisine. Possible 'Kinzhal' usage, but can't say for sure since Russia has several hypersonic missile models in service.
>>37601 >2-4 years ago, anon I live in a no-fun zone, something of my own is better than nothing because i cannot play with multiple people using only a point metal stick thing even when i train to be better at it. Saying because fun is expensive so getting some means a huge chunk of savings gone, it's a once or twice in a lifetime decision.
>>37602 >Argentina >im-fucking-plying This place might be able to get under notice and avoid atomization, but it's not exactly a great place to run to. Have you fucking SEEN who is in charge of it lately, what they've been doing to its economy for the past few decades?
>>37597 What does this mean please be patient I have autism >>37598 >If the Kherson offensive doesn't succeed, Ukraine has six weeks God I fucking hope so, we can all go back to shitposting for another winter >Main concern is that America might do something "catastrophic" when they are losing on multiple fronts (launch nukes) My opinion is that if POTUS indirectly declares war on China or Russia, Vladimir and Xi will likely fund covert operations to get Trump back in office.
DPA summary: https://youtube.com/watch?v=AZ5Db0Y02aE >Russians are shelling near Sumy region suggesting they are testing the waters >The most hated bridge in Ukraine has been repaired >Ships are beginning to export Ukrainian grain along the Romanian-Ukrainian river border >Pro-Russian sources suspect the ships are dropping off military supplies for Ukraine in secret >DPA is now using shelling to determine parallel world frontlines >Most notably Oleksandrivka is invalidated and given back to the Russians >Ukrainians have managed to create a buffer once more on the Zaporizhia front >Russians have entered Soledar >Have taken the Gypsum mine giving them a vantage point over the city for artillery control >Ukrainian MOD may be using shelling as propaganda to claim control of areas (see Spirne) >Russians have now (officially) entered Siversk proper >Siversk is linked to Liman by rail so Russian supply lines will stabilize linking Siversk to Belgorod >Izium front is a bigger clusterfuck than my factory floor right now There's four minutes left in the video but I think he's just talking about the Istanbul summit.
>>37606 Argentina maybe, but Patagonia is basically unpopulated desert, innit?
>>37607 >What does this mean I don't know for sure but I think the implication is those are international satellites being used exclusively for Ukraine. Which would justify Russia using missiles to blow up military targets in space.
>>37609 Yeah, if your plan is to hide innawoods to escape the chaos of the world there aren't many better places to do so than the southern tip of south america, personally i think Chile is a better option.
Open file (2.85 MB 2482x1755 en.jpg)
The Ukrainian command deployed one M142 HIMARS MLRS launcher in the vicinity of the city of Sumy. The latest attacks on supply depots in the Kherson and Donetsk regions proved that the Ukrainian army has extended-range ammunition - at least ATACMS Block II (up to 140 km). Even taking into account the deployment in Sumy, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be able to reach Kursk. Existing suspicions are confirmed by the increased activity of commercial satellites for remote sensing of the Earth (ERS). The @vatfor team analyzed data on which areas were filmed by Western remote sensing devices . Increased attention is paid to the border areas of the Kursk region and Kursk itself. >>37597 related n addition to possible missile strikes, several military personnel trained in sabotage activities were sent to the border in order to penetrate Russian territory. Back in May, @rybar wrote that sabotage and reconnaissance groups are being trained under the guidance of American instructors at the training center in Trostyanets in the Sumy region.
>>37598 The end result of this will be worldwide nuclear proliferation because it's become clear that neither NATO, the US, nor the EU will do shit besides thoughts and prayers, and delivering a handful of largely antiquated/downgraded weapons. And after that, either we achieve total world peace, or total nuclear annihilation. No in-between.
>>37609 You can live in the Atacama. The Indians did once upon a time.
>>37614 >And after that, either we achieve total world peace, or total nuclear annihilation. No in-between. Is there really a significant difference between those?
>>37614 From a certain perspective total nuclear annihilation is total world peace.
>>37613 Could attacking Russia proper be a billion IQ play by the Ukrops? At that point Putin will have to raise the alarm from "SpeZial Military Operation" to full scale war, and the propaganda would have a hard time explaining the Russians why their own cities are getting shelled by a country they've supposedly rekt. Wishful thinking obviously, this looks more like throwing a tantrum when you've lost in an RTS so you just bumrush your units into the enemy HQ to spite him of a quicker victory.
>>37618 I think it's more that the only way Ukraine has a fighting chance is either if they take Kherson or they disrupt Russian supply lines, so they are opting for the latter.
>>37618 No. They've been bombing just over the Russian border here and there for months now. 1 HIMARS with a 140km reach isn't going to change anything. But it will look good for the next Kharkiv Twitter counter offensive.
>>37592 >Ford Sensiblechuckle.webm
Open file (106.84 KB 1000x562 The Economist Cover.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kow85wiEsM8 Alexander saying today (yesterday?) was the bloodiest day of the entire war so far. According to Russian sources. >Questioning whether the missile strikes are to disrupt/disturb the Ukrainians in Kherson in order to prevent the counteroffensive or in order to prepare for a Russian invasion heading West Answer: Probably both >Some indications Russians are prepping to encircle Kharkiv >This would be extremely ambitious without additional troops >Russians bombed a civilian center in Poroshenko's former power base in Western (central) Ukraine >Russians insisting they bombed a military officer's club so it's a valid target >And that they targeted it because of a meeting among senior Ukrainian officials and representatives of foreign (Western) arms suppliers (again according to the Russians) >If true they would be Western military officials or military industrial complex officials sending a clear message that Russia will target noncombatants helping Ukraine (a significant escalation) >HIMARS systems are allegedly equipped with guidance signals from the US >According to Indian officers corroborated with satellite info (allegedly) >If true that would be a step towards active participation in the proxy war >Based on this the warehouse struck could have been from American guidance >Meaning the attack on Вінниця might have been a Russian response >This all could be a work of fiction but it's consistent with Russian responses in Syria to American aggression >It would explain the pause in HIMARS missile strikes >Head of Russian space agency has resigned >Replaced by former deputy defense minister >Guy was previously in charge of Russian military industrial complex >Industry minister has been appointed to the military industrial complex to fill the gap This is a good switch-around. >Russian defense industry will no longer operate on market principles (they won't offer bids, they will take national security into account, so expect corruption but more efficiency) >The commercial economy will continue to operate commercially >Basically a one economy two systems method the Chinese use in their defense industry and what America did prior to the 90s >Suggests the Russians are gonna produce a lot more weapons >Two more ICBM submarines and two cruise missile fleet submarines have been commissioned by the Russian military >Duma having an emergency session today to discuss Ukraine and Putin having an emergency security council meeting >Russians and Chinese openly working together allegedly >Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt are considering joining BRICS >Saudis have been importing Russian fuel for domestic use to allegedly be able to export more Saudi oil to the West >UK is in a blitz to see who will replace Boris >Macron in France is struggling to get laws through Parliament >He's managed to unite the Left and Right against him because of COVID and Ukraine >French army is PISSED at the politicians over Ukraine selling their artillery to Russia >1/3rd of France's long-range artillery has been shipped to Ukraine >Italy stuff that's already been discussed in-thread >Mercouris is skeptical whether European leadership will do anything until the entire system collapses >Shits on The Economist for pic related
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TrI7pEaBCHI >According to Brazil Russia may stop along the Donetsk border to try and negotiate a peace again (Serbia doesn't think it will happen) >US embassy of Ukraine has updated to "do not travel" on the 12th of July >On 13th of July America stopped all embassy services in Kiev and have retreated back to Lviv like they did at the start of the war >ReFeReNdUmS are back on the table to make the Donbass part of Russia (which would turn this into a full-scale war if Ukraine keeps attacking afterwards) >Russians attacked artillery brigade near Zaporizhia and some infrastructure was destroyed >Covered the Vinnytsia thing Mercouris mentioned >Dima seems pretty upset about it >One source is saying Russia is already in Siversk and other source is saying they're still in the suburbs outside of Siversk >Bellingcat shelling map suggests it's the latter >Either way Ukrainians are leaving Siversk (some are saying fleeing, others saying retreating professionally) >Seem to be moving to defend Soledar >"Who will defend this territory?" >"Of course, nobody." Heh. >This is the final Donbass battle forming >Even Dima is saying that Ukraine is just a Western puppet now Dima's not really been saying anything new lately and seems to be taking a more pro-Western stance which is kind of annoying, but things are gonna get spicy after Donbass is taken by the Russians.
>>37587 > a coalition that goes from Communists to quasi Fascists, from populist centrists to conservatives all trying to stave off the possibility of going on another election before they've pilfered enough money. M5S is the only party retarded enough to try and jeopardize that situation and everyone has been trying to work around their unreasonable demands for years. May it be because M5S have another source of money, so "before they've pilfered enough money" is only everyone else's problem? >>37607 Why? USA is on the verge of an open civil war anyway. >>37611 > blow up military targets in space. This opens a big can of worms, however. Also, not necessarily missiles - in the spirit of "it's not a war, it's a big field test". >>37622 > >According to Indian officers corroborated with satellite info (allegedly) Speaking of which. IIRC, lighter-than-air aircraft is against convention if used for delivery of actual weapons, but not any other military uses? Like scouting... or signal warfare. I mean, concentrating swarms of jammers and cloud dispensers pretty much directly on the satellite's beam path. Intercepting stratospheric targets is expensive, and will show the hands of NATO blatantly. Changing orbits is even more expensive, and ultimately futile.
>>37611 >Which would justify Russia using missiles to blow up military targets in space. >slav on slav war leads to an ablation cascade wew
Open file (77.83 KB 905x415 I'm not mad.png)
Open file (76.78 KB 695x1200 FXvcasFUsAAZa9p.jpg)
Semi-related to Ukraine. But one of the most famous Twitter warriors, James Vasquez, who ran away from Ukraine after taking enough tourist photos to scam hundreds of thousands of people into thinking he's a fighter, lost a street fight to a nigger in New York today/yesterday. And now he's mad about it. Pics related. Also Rumble video: https://rumble.com/v1cf56r-ukraine-war-james-vasquez-the-famous-tiktok-mercenary-in-ukraine-got-his-as.html Context is James white knighted for a negress that the nig was yelling at because the negress scuffed the nig's sneakers. Fight starts at 1:40 and ends at 2:40. The video title makes the fight sound more severe than it really is. It was more of a scuffle than a fight, really.
>>37628 >James white knighted for a negress that the nig was yelling at because the negress scuffed the nig's sneakers Wish i had the "Americans Worship..." pasta right now
>>37628 He didn't win that fight but he hardly got his ass kicked from what I saw in the rumble video. That was just an everyday scuffle in NYC. Reddit idiot shouldn't have picked a fight with a nog in the first place tbh.
>>37585 >>37590 >Get to 90% completed upload >Forget I'm uploading and swap VPN locations >anonfiles errors out and lose all progress Guess I'll upload to mega for now and upload to anonfiles overnight to post a link tomorrow. Alright well after seeing first vid related I stopped bothering trying to filter weeb stuff accidentally saved to my Russia folder while drunk, some Afghanistan stuff that got saved in the wrong place, and Canadian trucker protest stuff, so here's an archive of (roughly 80% probably) Ukrainian war stuff I've saved. Folder is a little under 4GB. >There's no context for a lot of these! How will I know where it is from/what happened? Don't care. Fuck off. I don't like archivists but I understand the value of spreading good content. I'm providing you with what I got based on videos I found interesting. I just saved the things I found entertaining or historic so this is definitely not comprehensive. Lots of pro-Russian videos since those tended to be more entertaining, not gonna lie. https://mega.nz/file/ikNnTKBT#Xu17SPUSaclxtYxJxc43fg9_OVghH9b21VfiavKYI2A PW is "Russia" to keep out bots and scalpers. If you share the link outside of /k/ I ask that you credit anon.cafe /k/ for the collection.
>>37583 >>37607 >Vladimir and Xi will likely fund covert operations to get Trump back in office >implying they are not already >>37618 >hard time explaining the Russians why their own cities are getting shelled by a country they've supposedly rekt. 'murca did it - simple as. If anything this helps galvanize the population, maybe even justification for full mobilization. >>37620 >>37622 >pause in HIMARS missiles strikes How vulnerable is it to cruise missiles/counter artillery/drones? How do these things even survive after letting off a volley, based on trajectories of multiple missiles plus and all the targeting electronics it must be glowing pretty bright and obviously high value targets. Even if the complex tries to relocate immediately after the trucks aren't exactly stealth vehicles. >>37622 >Head of Russian space agency has resigned >Replaced by former deputy defense minister Hmm are we about to see a pivot to militarization of space or was it just Rogozin being a particularly useless shitlord recently? >>37623 >which would turn this into a full-scale war if Ukraine keeps attacking afterwards Little more than a formality/semantics at this point. It's just wild to me that Russia has been able to keep the SpEcIaL oPeRaTiOn message going for so long, literally 2+2=5 tier. >>37626 >Why? Insurance?
>>37636 >How vulnerable is it to cruise missiles/counter artillery/drones? Extremely. >it must be glowing pretty bright and obviously high value targets. They launch them from far enough away from the conflict zone that artillery can't reach them without spending too much time dialing in/drones would be shot down, then like you suspect they immediately move them afterwards. When launching the HIMARS rockets they typically launch a massive artillery/missile barrage on Russian positions to use up Russia's anti-air capabilities and then use the HIMARS systems afterwards, since otherwise the rockets would be shot down. The Russians are getting pretty good at playing cat and mouse with these systems which is why the Ukrainians are asking for the longer-range variants since people are drawing parallels between Russia's competence and America's incompetence in the 90s doing something similar in the Middle East (which led the Americans to believe this cat and mouse tactic would work in the first place). >Hmm are we about to see a pivot to militarization of space or was it just Rogozin being a particularly useless shitlord recently? From the sounds of it the Russians wanted the ministry of Industry to take over the military industrial complex so they had to find a new position for the Deputy Defense Minister to fill. >Rogozin’s exit occurred on the same day that NASA and Roscosmos reached terms on a new agreement to collaborate on International Space Station missions >Rogozin sparked concern earlier this year after he bizarrely suggested that the International Space Station could plummet from the sky if Russia withdrew its cooperation. >Rogozin has also frequently touted Russia’s nuclear strike capabilities during the Ukraine war and once declared that cooperation with Western officials was “impossible" >Rogozin evidently got “rightsized” out of Roscosmos because of poor performance. >Putin went very public with his fury over corruption at Vostochny. The reasons for Borisov’s demotion from the position of deputy prime minister are similarly clear. In the wake of his disastrous Ukraine invasion, Putin is clearing house. Like Rogozin, Borisov failed to perform, instead enriching himself at the people’s expense. According to the Moscow Times, “Borisov vacates his post amid the failure of the state rearmament program, which affected the course of the war in Ukraine. Under him, the Russian defense industry received 2 trillion rubles annually, but the Russian army entered Ukraine on old equipment, with paper maps, and in three months it had practically exhausted its stock of precision-guided missiles.” Admittedly they're Western sources, but from what I can gather Rogozin, despite being Putin's friend, may have embezzled funds one too many times so he is getting shitcanned and sent to some administrative duties in Ukraine as a demotion since Putin cares more about cleaning house than about maintaining friendships right now. Either way he's probably gonna appear in some Ukrainian administrative bureau so it's just a matter of whether Putin is "saving" him from his own corruption, or "giving him one last chance in Ukraine" depending on who you ask. >Little more than a formality/semantics at this point. While I agree, formalities/legalities are a big deal for the Russians since they want to maintain the image of legitimacy domestically so they can broadcast it abroad later. The Ukrainians when shelling/sabotaging Russia proper have stuck mostly to military centers and logistics lines, so it would mark a "new stage" in the ware if they openly attacked "Russian territory" regardless of the legitimacy or illegitimacy of those two words.
>>37636 >Hmm are we about to see a pivot to militarization of space or was it just Rogozin being a particularly useless shitlord recently? The word on the grapevine is that Rogozin will be overseeing the former Ukro regions integration process from now on.
>>37622 Reminder that The Economist is a Keynesian publication, and thus objectively wrong on anything ever >>37636 >'murca did it - simple as. If anything this helps galvanize the population, maybe even justification for full mobilization. Aren't Russians supposedly against mobilization but a-okay with combating in what they think are Russian lands?
Open file (788.78 KB 1058x1550 pastalavista3.png)
>>37593 Yeah, that's correct. It's been that way ever since Berlusconi was booted out by the rest of the elites for being too successful, too charismatic with the lower classes (big mistake in Italy) and too neutral (no one will bring this up, but Berlusconi was a huge friend with Putin and a lot of talks between West and other entities happened thanks to his support). What makes the Italian left boil is the fact that usually the pasta government is run by two coalitions who collude with each other in keeping the power balance as stable as it can be (similar to Republicans vs. Democrats). You usually have a progressive, leftist party which compromises on a lot of socialist issues in order to grab dat bread, and you have a conservative christian-democratic like party that tries to keep up traditions and work for entrepreneurs, but in reality it's much more progressive than the usual idea of a conservative. Then came mafia-backed, lolbertarian Berlusconi and he disrupted the entire system. All of a sudden the right HAD to be for small and big industry Italy is a bit different to other nations in that in-between mom and pop's and large companies there's thousands of small scale, regional companies, sometimes made up of artisans, that contribute immensely to the economy, the left HAD to be progressive, he basically did the unthinkable: forcing wops to get off their asses and work. But then when he started acting like the Watermelon Seller and basically having influence on or friendship with all kinds of foreign powers, the left (and bits and pieces of centrists and even right wingers) used the Judicial System against him to prop up a case of alleged sexual misconduct in order to take him down for unrelated corruption and fraud cases, basically assassinating his character and to this day his party has not recovered. Mind you, I'm not some Silvio boi, he's clearly done a lot of shady shit, but no shadier than (((Partito Democratico)))'s goons have done and certainly his policies helped Italy as a whole in a turbulent phase. >>37596 Well, to be quite honest they got almost 35% of the vote because they were seen as a force of nature strong enough to disrupt the usual PD / FdI "great coalition" governments that had kept the country in a political stalemate and economic stagnation for 20 years. In the beginning, especially thanks to the political expertise of Lega Nord, they were able to enact a lot of reforms that were considered almost impossible to pass a couple of years prior, but all of this only lasted for about a year, then it was business as usual. You do not undertand how fucking powerful being in "the Opposition" really is in Italy. The ruling party might as well have the power of Discord moderators during times of crisis. >Bad enough that the only way to recover the government's popularity would be to send the economy into a freefall with socialist policies. Yet it's not even socialist policies, it's full blown Soviet style systems of gibs and govt jobs. Technically, we never had any capitalism to begin with, considering that some professions have to pay up to 52 Percent of their income to the State.
https://yewtu.be/watch?v=DlEjMEk4h-8 I'm not sure how much of the footage is actually newly released, but it's interesting to see the GM-94 in use, and both the Kord and the AGS-30 shows up.
As much as I hate using ISW as a source. >In the next 72 hours, the Russian armed forces will expand their offensive operations in Donbas, as evidenced by ground strikes northwest of Slovyansk, southeast of Seversk, along the T1302 Artyomovsk-Lysichansk highway, southeast of Artyomovsk and southwest of Donetsk. >As of July 15, according to ISW US military analysts, Russian forces are coming out of an operational pause. >“RF units can carry out heavy attacks for several more days, taking short breaks between them, before staging a really powerful offensive,” the ISW report says.
>>37635 Thanks man. >I'm providing you with what I got based on videos I found interesting. I just saved the things I found entertaining or historic so this is definitely not comprehensive. Is that even valid? i don't mind that at all but if so i think i have a folder around about the stuff uploaded when the Vegas shooting happened, saved as they were coming from the generals. >>37622 >>37623 Also greatly appreciated bud, doing God's work.
>>37622 >tfw the only form of communication between two superpowers in this conflict are missile strikes We are so fucked. I dont think that the world was so close to WW III even in the highest point of cold war.
Open file (813.44 KB 1280x580 himar.mp4)
>>37645 >I dont think that the world was so close to WW III even in the highest point of cold war. The upcoming Global Warming is sure to result in a massive Climate Change ushering in a new Cold War.
>>37635 https://anonfiles.com/ffOevdyey8/IRL_7z >Set it to upload overnight >Wangblows update-restarted overnight and had the gall to disconnect me from my VPN, but reboot my browser on the anonfiles webpage >Had to upload it a third time while out and about Muu... Anyways here's an anonfiles link for anons who hate mega. >>37644 >Is that even valid? My brain might just be retarded but I don't know what you mean. It's mostly Ukraine war stuff, but when digging through a few folders that I know I had saved Ukraine stuff in, I also had some other related happenings saved so they probably got mixed in is all. The vast majority of the content is Ukraine though.
>>37648 I read that URL as "oy vey" at first.
Open file (31.27 KB 800x450 OOPSIE_WOOPSIE.jpg)
>>37648 >Wangblows You can only blame yourself.
>>37630 Best I can do. I think this may be the original pasta as well.
Kamyanka captured: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpoOZWagrnQ Ukrainians pushing back the Russians at Izium front: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwR6YF4UJFE Russians took Nahirne securing a better position to push to Bakhmut's North, a commenter said it means "Settlement on the mountain" suggesting it's a major position for scouts/recon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THlkenM8Fzw >Russians continue cross-border shelling to prevent Ukrainians from leaving Chernihiv/Sumy for the Southern front >Chernihiv and Sumy are probably a logistical nightmare right now because of damage by the Russians still left unrepaired >The one million strong army is mostly stuck at border posts in non-combat regions because of paranoia of a Belarusian/Northern Russian invasion >Went on a nearly 10 minute spiel shitting on his userbase for driving away the pro-Ukrainian crowd/explaining that he uses both Russian and Ukrainian sources (even though his userbase knows this already) >This comes after a rant yesterday about being shadowbanned >Avdeevka is probably going to hold out for a little while longer until the Russians can properly encircle them (probably by taking Bakhmut) >Russians are facing an uphill battle for the last bit of Donbass because of entrenchment, and he disagrees with the rhetoric of other channels that it will fall quickly >Sources claim that Russians have operational encirclement (fire control/artillery control) of Soleda >DPA is concerned by how long the Russian operational pause has been/how conservative the Russians have been in their few active fronts >This 10 day operational pause allowed Ukraine to set up new defenses which should have been the last thing the Russians wanted This summary was pretty milquetoast and had more virtue signaling/preaching than actual updates which was a huge put-off since I usually like DPA's analysis more than the others.
>>37654 Strange for DPA, Dima, and Mercouris to recently to sound like they may be getting cold feet about a possible Russian victory. I wonder why? Too much unbiased research and now they may partly believe some of Ukraine's lies?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBleD1DPpZw >Dima covers Russian MoD's calculations of Ukrainian casualties (much less than independent sources) >Parallel worlds where DPA is saying Ukraine is holding Donbass hard while Dima is saying Ukraine is tactically retreating or flat-out collapsing >Ukrainians announced the Kherson offensive and launched HIMARS attacks to force Russia's attention away from Siversk (seems reasonable based on Ukrainian gains in Izium) >Covered Soledar being under attack >Trying to encircle the Power Plant near Donetsk but admits there's a lot of mechanized brigades located there so it's unlikely any time soon >Disputes DPA's claims of Russia taking Kamyanka (reports are 8 hours apart so it's possible) >Russians still have the road separating Avdeevka from the Northern front, but he thinks this may be a bad idea if they don't take Kamyanka soon >Seems the Russians are pushing to attack Avdeevka from the North/Kranagorivka form a pincer >Essentially Russia is trying to cut the supply roads/go around the trenches and starve out the Ukrainians >Otherwise it's been a slow day (or maybe a really busy day that's being kept under wraps) >He's expecting a simultaneous attack on Siversk, Bakhmut, and Avdeevka all at once >Russia killed some high-ranking officers South of Kharkiv but that's about it
>>37653 Pretty sure that pasta isn't a pasta, but from a book that was written by an anon from /lit/ where of 55k words 11k were the word nigger.
>>37658 >Parallel worlds definitely, and they seem to be drifting further apart. as an anon pointed out last thread, >>37580 >Once Russia pushes through these last couple towns in the Donbass region, there's no geographical defense lines until the Dnieper, or the troops to build tactical defense lines, so Ukrainians are probably going to start getting pushed back to the cities and lose a lot of land very quickly unless they sue for peace (which for Russia will probably imply total surrender at that point). The slow grind is because of the rough terrain and fortifications in the Donbass. As he says, once that region is consolidated, the Russians can break out and make rapid gains in the wide open rural areas. Once this happens, the propaganda machine might shift towards annudah shoah, or it might completely decouple from reality and lie about the Russians being bogged down in the Donbass while they're capturing half the country. we'll see
>>37653 >>37663 Niggers.
>>37654 >Kamyanka This doesn't make any sense. Isn't Kamyanka deep withn Russian lines?
Seversk front Sergey Shoigu ORDERS MILITARY to INCREASE COMBAT ACTIVITIES on ALL FRONTS in SPECIAL OPERATION IN UKRAINE to prevent Kiev's forces from further attacking civilian areas in Donbass and other regions.
1) Footage of the crash of the Ukrainian An-12 cargo plane in Greece The plane flew from Serbia to Jordan and crashed near the city of Kavala. It belonged to the Ukrainian airline. Before the crash, the pilot gave a distress signal and informed the dispatcher about the engine failure. It can be seen that the plane caught fire while still in the air, and after the fall there was a powerful explosion. It is reported that 3 crew members were killed. Electricity supply was interrupted in nearby settlements. rest is Odessa
1-2) Dipro 4) How some Odessans avoid mobilisation into the Ukrainian Armed Forces 5)Dmitry Medvedev deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, said that if the Crimean bridge is attacked by the Ukrainian military, "the day of judgment will come for them all."
Open file (112.21 KB 600x900 unnamed.jpg)
EU Stalls on Ukraine Aid as Fears Spike of Gas Crisis at Home The European Union is falling behind on its high-profile promises to deliver a substantial aid package to Ukraine at the same time the bloc is confronting the prospect of severe economic pain at home. It was nearly two months ago when European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposed sending 9 billion euros ($9 billion) in emergency loans to Ukraine. So far, the bloc has only managed to agree on an initial tranche that covers a ninth of that target. Heading into the traditionally sleepy summer period in Brussels, the EU will face new challenges as the specter of a total cut-off from Russian gas and the tightening of monetary policy risks pushing the region into a second recession in two years. For Ukraine, the needs are urgent. The war-torn nation faces a budgetary gap of $5 billion per month to cover expenses and other urgent bills as it tries to fend off Russia’s attacks. Ukraine’s central bank remains the biggest source for financing the government’s budget and increasingly is raising alarms about the limits of its ability to provide cash through sovereign debt. “We hope we can convince all the partners that Ukraine really needs these funds and we will receive macrofinancial assistance by the end of the year,” Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said in a statement. The European Commission also committed in May to finance the bulk of the reconstruction of the country, which could amount to $750 billion, according to Ukrainian government estimates. That could prove an even thornier debate for the EU as there’s no agreement over how to raise the funds. The commission’s offer scared some member states, wary of the massive effort required to rebuild the country and potential corruption issues, people familiar with the discussion said. The impact of the war’s economic consequences is weighing on EU governments as they begin to worry about the risk of waning popular support for Kyiv in the coming months, particularly if energy becomes scarcer and pricier. Home Front When EU finance ministers discussed Ukraine aid at a meeting Tuesday, around a third of the 27 member states warned that new measures would be needed to support the most vulnerable groups inside the bloc affected by the ongoing crisis to prevent disaffection toward Kyiv, people familiar with the discussion said. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-15/eu-stalls-on-ukraine-aid-as-fears-spike-of-gas-crisis-at-home https://archive.ph/22jQE
Hungary Has Plan In Case War Reaches Transcarpathia - Hungarian Foreign Ministry >Budapest has a scenario in case Russia's military invasion "reaches Transcarpathia." However, Hungary prefers that these measures are not needed. This was stated by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in an interview with Hirado. >The Hungarian government will continue to pursue policies aimed at ensuring that the likelihood of Hungarian involvement in the war remains minimal. He also explained what Budapest would do if "the war reached Transcarpathia." "We have prepared scenarios for war, and the withdrawal of the Hungarian military from the border protection is partly part of this," the official assures. >However, the Foreign Minister did not explain how his words should be understood. Note that the Russian occupiers have already launched missile attacks on Zakarpattia region in early May. from Ukie state media https://ukranews.com/en/news/869303-hungary-has-plan-in-case-war-reaches-transcarpathia-hungarian-foreign-ministry I can't archive it.
Open file (438.34 KB 414x532 dumpire_laff.gif)
>>37693 >9 billion euros ($9 billion)
>>37694 I can explain it: currently the Hungarian army is kept busy as plain border guards on the south to help catch the occasional group of darkies coming from the Balkans. If the Russians get closer they will instead send them to the Ukrainian border to do fucking nothing. Do note, there is a good chance that the current government won't last till spring, so his words are rather meaningless.
>>37695 Yeah I saw on my local news that airlines are overbooked because Americans are flying to Europe. the Euro is becoming worthless but the Euro prices on hotels stayed the same so it's becoming very cheap to travel to Europe for now.
>>37684 Apparently not. At least the Kamyanka near the power plant just outside of Donetsk.
>>37690 Planes don't explode like that without munitions on-board...
>>37695 >>37693 Honestly I'm impressed you all can get together and agree to 1 billion Euros while our country across the ocean went and sold out $60 billion like a bunch of cocksuckers. >>37694 I'd think if Russia decides to dissolve Ukraine that the most intelligent option is to give ethnic minority border regions to their respective host countries in a show of goodwill. I still think the Russians will stop at the Dnieper minus the Black Sea area and possibly connecting to Transnistria. >>37696 You keep saying that anon, but I'll believe it when I see it. Somehow I feel like anyone they replace Orban with would be exponentially worse.
>>37690 >>37699 Current reports say it was a Serbian plane bound for Bangladesh, and was carrying "illuminating mortar mines" and "training mines" that Bangladesh had purchased. Given what these threads have said about Slav use of the word "mine" I suspect that it refers to mortar shells, and not "mines" as we think of them, and Bangladeshi officials deny landmines were aboard.
>>37698 >every third place in Ukraine is named Oleksandrivka or Kamyanka They had zero imagination when naming places Now that I've checked, there's one Kamyanka above Donets, but the map that I use to track progress sparked it as Ukrainian controlled for months now, never changed hands. There's also one Kamyanka just south east of Iziyum, I thought that was the one referred to.
Open file (6.38 KB 898x111 Oleksandrivka.png)
>>37703 >thought you were joking Good Lord.
Isn't a platoon in Russia like 20-30 men? That's impressive for a 19 year old.
Open file (425.24 KB 960x641 Russian Kharkiv Flag.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjhTf7jQl40 >Reported on the airplane that crashed >Thinks it was from them not doing maintenance, not any hacking rumors >Sergei has ordered increase of military groups/operations in all operational areas >Allegedly to stop artillery strikes from the Ukrainians >This information did not appear on Russian MOD in any form >Russians can't really do much without bringing in more troops >MoD is getting lazy with reporting shelling >Russian airforce pushing further into Ukrainian lines suggesting Ukraine might be running out of makeshift aircraft >More planes being shot down by Russian airforce instead of surface-air missiles >No real news around Donetsk >No news around Soledar >Russians shooting down aircraft over Siversk suggesting Russians walked into a trap/Ukraine has launched a counteroffensive >Russians sprung a reverse-trap bombing the rural areas to the West of Siversk where Ukrainians were gathering >Either Ukraine is using transport craft as assault craft or Russians are shooting down a lot of transport craft >Russians raised a new flag (pic related) in Kharkiv outskirts suggesting they intend to annex Kharkiv Oblast (DPA doesn't believe they will)
>>37709 Thats a shit flag.
>Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovojt: "Our military began to carry out combat missions within the framework of the SMO on the border of the Glushkovsky district, in the Sumy region. That is why shots are heard here. I ask citizens to remain calm." So, are Russians expanding their combat operations or is this more of a skirmish with DRG?
>>37711 I believe the idea was to imitate the DNR/LNR flags, but I wonder why they didn't just use the 2014 version.
>>37714 Just replace red with that pink tbh.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssi1PY4ZsgM >Ukrainian casualties are higher than anyone expected after a verbal slip-up by the departing Russian Deputy Defense Minister (around 100k dead, unknown wounded) >Ukraine is walking back their million man army claims after Western sources asked to see it >There isn't even going to be a counteroffensive apparently (or rather the current counteroffensive is the counteroffensive) >"Confirmed" the officer's club that was bombed was talks between Ukrainians and Western military contractors >Allegedly they were talking of supplying Ukraine with aircraft and advanced weapons systems >This is corroborated by one of the dead being a high-ranking officer for the Ukrainian airforce >Russia is sharing the information on Western arms and artillery they've captured with their friends >US is to supply the 300km missiles to Estonia as a cover to supply them to Ukraine via Estonia >Shoigu has taken to the battlefront apparently >Shoigu is telling the Generals they need to stop fucking around and secure Donetsk already before continuing the military operation >Continued incremental gains around Kharkiv >Mercouris claiming Siversk is falling/Russians are making major pushes there while Ukrainian sources continue to say Russia is nowhere near the town of Siversk >Russians aren't storming Siversk because they are busy disrupting/destroying military deployments in the region >Russians are basically laying groundwork for a big "final battle" >Russians have to have a referendum to make Donbass part of Russia since they need a legal justification to continue invading Ukraine (for their own people and trading partners) >West expected to tell Ukraine not to accept any peace deals when Russia proposes them >This is normal in war to give reasonable terms (to the international community) knowing the enemy will reject them in order to continue a war (such as in the American civil war) >Russia expected to win the 15th of July and had to postpone announcements >Saudi Arabia has opened official commercial airline traffic with Israel after an American visit >Rumors that this is in preparation for a joint Israeli-Saudi-American invasion of Iran (or Yemen) >Expect gas to hit $20/gallon if when this happens >>37711 I thought it was kind of cute, to be honest.
Zelensky just fired his prosecutor general and the head of the Security Service, because "more than 60 employees" of those departments stayed in territory taken by the Russians and started working for them, and hundreds more have been accused of treason.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ21n0UFJ_E Military summary is mostly doing an advanced breakdown of military casualties to explain the ground situation. If he starts talking about things I'm interested in I'll do a greentext reply.
Open file (227.83 KB 1024x683 Untitled-1.jpg)
>>37715 Not bad.
>>37717 So we've entered the witch hunt phase to blame anyone except Zelensky and Ukraine's parliament?
>>37713 Basically, from what I understand, ukrainians are threatening russian territory with long range missile strikes on cities. These past few days are Russia saying >NO FUCK OFF and peaking up tempo again
>>37721 >>37713 Would Ukraine really be silly enough to give the Russians casus belli on the international stage for a bigger offensive? Up until now the attacks on Russia proper have either been sabotage groups or attacks on military targets using artillery/aircraft, right?
>>37722 >would humans be stupid enough to do x YES
Open file (1.31 MB 946x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
I was starting to get worried but it seems Patrick is alright.
>>37722 Doesn't matter what Casus Belli, legitimate or not, that Russia has. It'll be spun by NATO as proof Russia has designs on Europe if it were to officially declare war on Ukraine. The figureheads, like Biden, can say whatever they want like they don't want to send Ukraine long range missiles capable of reaching Russia. But it is obvious they'' give it to them if it forces Russia's hand to act more aggressive.
>>37728 >It'll be spun by NATO They aren't trying to justify their actions to NATO (other than maybe Turkey) they're trying to justify their actions to India, China, and South America. As it stands most countries outside of Europe think NATO is a giant joke and everything America is saying is a lie (in regards to this conflict).
>>37648 >but I don't know what you mean I meant that if it would be okay for me to upload a similar achieve (most relevant videos, no names or things organized aka RAW) but of the Vegas thingy. >>37681 Das it mane >>37716 >Rumors that this is in preparation for a joint Israeli-Saudi-American invasion of Iran (or Yemen) That's major fuel for WWIII, or at least a paranoid World Cup/Qatar seeing Saudi cities burning with major representatives from around the world asking what the hell is going on.
>>37730 >Of the Vegas thing I'd be interested, I'm sure anon would be too. >or at least a paranoid World Cup/Qatar seeing Saudi cities burning with major representatives from around the world asking what the hell is going on. If anyone deserves it it's probably the Saudis so sounds good to me.
>>37731 I predict that Iran will strike a deal with the Taliban, and then expand westward. China, Russia, and now Persia are making a comeback. And honestly, I'm all for it at this point. The Western world has essentially lost the mandate of heaven by becoming so thoroughly kiked.
>>37693 >9 billion euros ($9 billion) At this point why even pretend the EU isn't some sort of woke American social experiment >>37691 >4th Draft dodger or just a hobo? >>37700 >I'd think if Russia decides to dissolve Ukraine that the most intelligent option is to give ethnic minority border regions to their respective host countries in a show of goodwill. I don't even think the Russians will have to do anything in the peace deals. Most likely scenario, Eastern European nations and EU will just flat out occupy the rest of Ukraine "to prevent further war escalation" while slowly eroding their nation-building efforts. IIRC Poland was already eyeing a bunch of villages that were having a similar treatment to the Donbass (removal of Polish/Russian influence and culture). Odessa is too important to fall to the Russians so I'm fairly sure the international community will just declare it an open city and eventually lead it to become Hong Kong-lite. >and possibly connecting to Transnistria I think that'll be a red-line once Moldova is pressured into joining NATO. As I've already said, all that the EU cares about is the grain fields and Odessa, they won't be parting ways with either but they won't mind creating a patchwork of countries in the region otherwise.
>>37703 >>37704 Why are you this surprised? It'd be more interesting finding out a country that isn't lazy with naming conventions for smaller villages. >>37709 >>37714 Are they just picking random color hexes from random.org and replacing the white with them? I agree that the green would have been much better considering it's the symbol of the region. >>37716 >Saudi Arabia has opened official commercial airline traffic with Israel after an American visit This by far has been the biggest news, it indirectly means that the West intends to keep Russia a hermit state even after the fall of Ukraine for the foreseeable future. If you didn't know, Europe closing down their airspace to Russian commercial airplanes fucked tourism real hard since the usual route between East Asia and Western Europe has to go through hostile territory now. Israel and Saudis cooperating means that travel, while still costlier than it was, is at least achievable. >>37717 Comedian faggot should just get deposed by the military at this point, regardless if they sue for peace or continue to battle they'll at least be more competent.
Open file (3.21 MB 1280x914 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.39 MB 1280x923 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.41 MB 923x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.63 MB 1280x943 ClipboardImage.png)
>>37737 >Wagner's hiring of convicts and formerly blacklisted individuals The French Foreign Legion's playbook. These Westerners are so obsessed with condemning the guilty that they forget condemnation needs to be paired with a means of redemption; which Wagner Group is supplying to such men as expendable infantry.
1-2 ) massive strikes on AFU facilities in Druzhkivka 4) Ukrainian armed forces mine border with Belarus. 5)Artemovsky direction Vasily Malyuk has been appointed acting head of the SBU.
Open file (439.80 KB 610x385 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (6.29 MB 464x848 IMG_4117.MP4)
Open file (2.25 MB 1280x851 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.32 MB 1278x845 ClipboardImage.png)
1-2) Russian Federation Air Force Su-34 lost near Alchevsk yesterday as a result of friendly air defence fire with a MANPAD.
>>37743 How does that even happen? Did they see the plane was blue and just assume it was Ukrainian?
>>37745 I'm gonna have to read up on this more. Russia would be dumb to cut off supply chains before October since they didn't cut them off from the start last February. Force Majeure just means Gazprom doesn't have to honor the contract because of extenuating circumstances, not that they won't supply gas.
>>37745 RIP Germany. You shouldn't have elected a demon and stopped Fuchur from making a sequel. Maybe Germany will experience a sustainable retreat and just end up looking like gothic Bavaria like in all those old Hammer movies. That wouldn't be so bad.
Open file (528.10 KB 758x478 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (4.55 MB 848x464 IMG_6038.MP4)
Open file (681.30 KB 352x640 IMG_3594.MP4)
Fighters of the 2nd Lugansk Corps took a fighter from the Kraken
4) warehouseof the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit by arty
2) ukies using ambulance as transport >>37758 the first video happened near st peters apparently
Open file (2.94 MB 1280x720 1658155617845397.webm)
Open file (2.95 MB 592x1080 1658151055155667.webm)
Open file (362.00 KB 596x1216 ClipboardImage.png)
Counterballance: >MSTA-S getting destroyed Earlier today russians killed polish Krab so it is revenge of sorts https://twitter.com/UAWeapons/status/1548745254421028866 >ambush on russian column staring TOS-1 >snowgerians getting BTFO in siwiersk
>>37737 Of all the US nationals i've seen, it's funny and sad to see more than half of them are black or asian lol It's like in the learn english school books, US people are portrayed as gold-chained blacks or bald white dudes wearing shorts.
>>37760 I posted the second video with sound and longer >>37759
Open file (76.13 KB 302x282 naruhodo.png)
>>37745 Alright, I got a chance to look at some other sources and this is indeed zerohedge being bombastic as usual. https://archive.ph/thYZc In laymen's terms, Gazprom has not met their quotas for the last couple months which could legally allow debt collectors in, for instance Germany, to commandeer and auction off Gazprom infrastructure. By claiming force majeure Gazprom is giving a legal excuse for why they have been unable to fill quotas. What this means for Germany is that the German government Uniper and RWE AG must go through their court system (complete with appeals process, etc.) in order to insist that the Russians violated their contractual obligations and were also capable of fulfilling them. Failing to go to court would put the German government (well, Uniper and RWE AG) on a sort of blacklist when dealing with other gas-exporting nations in other countries who would see the seizures of Gazprom's assets as a nonlegal action which would decrease investments into the German economy (something Germany can't afford right now). Obviously this also allows Russia to implement pseudo-sanctions against Germany as a sort of threat if they do decide to seize Gazprom's German assets or work against Russia further. Right now that would be the smartest move for Germany to rip off the bandaid in order to apply a real bandage. It also gives Gazprom legal justification to further reduce the amount of gas they are supplying since they are claiming inability to fulfill the contract, but it's not a hard "stop" on production. After Nordstream 1 is functional again I'm hedging my bets on Russia going back to supply gas to Germany at an increasingly small but present trickle until winter.
>>37764 What do you think, what are chances of Russia actually cutting off Germany from gas? There has been a lot of speculation on this, but so far, Russia seems content on selling energy to west, especially since higher prices kinda negate reduced volume.
Open file (246.35 KB 1695x847 ClipboardImage.png)
>>37765 The economic sanctions have so far "backfired," (hurting Russia but hurting Western Europe worse), but the monetary sanctions really have been hurting Russia and forcing them to play nice with countries they don't get along with (China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia). I think if Russia officially declares war and invokes article 4 of the CSTO against Ukraine they will cut off the gas it's why Russia wants to annex the Donbass region as fast as possible since it could let them invoke it. Or with Russia gradually decreasing gas production to their benefit they will have to start cutting countries off to sell to the highest bidder at which point Germany is the first on the chopping block come this winter. Unless Until Germany does something really retarded, the Russians will be content to continue selling them gas at below replacement levels, but the pipelines are all going to be used as blackmail to threaten a cold winter across Europe. People freezing to death was a common winter threat for most of human history that humans have only recently forgotten in the last couple generations is a serious issue. Same with starvation. In that respect I am lucky my parents grew up in abject poverty before "breaking into" the middle class since they know the real threat of death that comes with winter. Russia is understandably pissed, but the oligarchs don't hold Putin's zeal for ideology over profits.
>>37766 Nice read, thanks for your point of view. >Oligarchs What's the status of that particular strata in Russia? Haven't they been decimated by the west? I've read they allegedly wanted oligarchy to throw wrench in Putins political machine, but it backfired massively and actually further consolidated Putin, as jow basically no one with any sort of influence opposes him.
Open file (776.96 KB 1280x720 synchronized sniping.webm)
Open file (11.01 MB 1280x720 nuatym.mp4)
>>37766 I dont think so, at this point, cutting off gas would result in more economic damage to euros then trickling it in. The turbine maintanance is a good enough. Basically fuck knows, we will know on 22 if we are fucked but the chances of russia not fucking us over at this point are abysmal.
>>37737 >no allen key terrible meme >>37765 My question is, wouldn't Russia just lose a ton of money not sending the gas in the first place?
>>37776 >My question is, wouldn't Russia just lose a ton of money not sending the gas in the first place? That's what I've been thinking too. Also, they have to pay transit fees to Ukraine, which is kinda funny since they're in part financing Ukrainian war effort
Open file (2.46 MB 1900x1666 EN-01.jpg)
>So, a couple of days ago, a convoy of five trailers for oversized cargo headed through The very fact of deliveries of American military equipment to Ukraine has not been surprising for a long time. However, the transfer to Burgas indicates the supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the sea corridor, which was recently opened allegedly for the export of agricultural products from Ukraine.North Macedonia towards the Bulgarian port of Burgas. The vehicles carried American-made M777 155mm howitzers. >Where was the delivery from? There are no M777 howitzers in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, or Greece, so they could only be sent from the American military base Bondsteel in Kosovo. Another option is to deliver by sea through the Greek port of Igoumenitsa and then by land route through Bulgaria.
>>37729 >They aren't trying to justify their actions to NATO (other than maybe Turkey) they're trying to justify their actions to India, China, and South America China and India are already set. It doesn't make any justifiable sense for those two countries to reverse course on Russia. Especially when they have the means to oppose NATO; China too economically connected and India is supposed to be the counterweight to China. Turkey is always on its own agenda but it is also on everyone's shitlist. Would make sense to go for some diplomacy and prevent Turkey from being overtly aggressive, but it certainly cannot be relied upon by either side when it is always attempting to expand its reach. Though with how it somewhat has NATO's balls with Sweden's and Finland's NATO membership, I would assume Turkey would not be so retarded as to completely switch sides when it can grab a few concessions. As for South America, their economies are more important then a war in Europe simple as that. I believe the world stage is already set. Russia can continue justifying its actions, but I believe it already has the support of previous allies or countries that prioritize their economies over the war. The real danger is that NATO continues to escalate things simply to appear strong in the face of Russia reacting strongly against a NATO provocation. . Even if NATO is a joke it still has enough power to take many countries down in a depression or WW3 scenario to save face.
>>37628 >>37789 Well at least he didn't also get memed on by a pink bunny vtuber.
Open file (1.69 MB 315x240 jadna suverena.gif)
>>37783 >they could only be sent from the American military base Bondsteel in Kosovo
>>37777 (lucky quads) but that's the thing, this whole shebang started because NATO wouldn't let neutral countries stay neutral, nations next to Russia posturing and having skirmishes has been nothing new for two decades
>>37705 So /k/ what ware you doing when you ware 19?
>>37798 >what were you doing at 19 Masturbating to cartoons and playing vidya, like a true member of the aryan race!
>>37798 Masturbating to cartoons, playing vidya, and voting Democrat.
>>37798 Working a job that I hate, so I can go to collage and learn shit that couldn't care less about. Somehow these two anons >>37800 >>37801 got it far better than me.
Open file (639.36 KB 680x675 Cursed Brute.png)
>>37798 masturbating furiously and playing vidya all day. occasionally attending classes but not making any friends in the process. regret.
>>37798 Trying to get in a girl's pants and graduating high school while skipping half my classes.
>>37798 Studying in a college designed to expel you as fast as possible because their money maker was getting as much students as possible and churning out as few as they can. Developed crippling labor-related anxiety issues but also learned tons of topics to distract myself from this plus learned how to manipulate with verbal skills and how to somewhat remain calm when brawling for petty issues.
Open file (166.66 KB 1200x871 shutterstock_57641440.jpg)
>>37798 playing guitar all day because fuck school and fuck everyone else. I just want to shred. Now I just have my electric just sitting somewhere in the basement untouched for years,
>>37798 I was busy getting a useless degree, and was in the process of discovering that getting drunk and trying to pick up girls is an activity I am simply not suited for. Also, I was getting into anime, and I think I wasn't 20 yet when I played through the first Neptunia Re;birth game. Fuck, I wish I didn't have an useless prole of a father, I could be living a much better life if I had someone to give me some guidance and advice.
>>37798 Getting friendzoned.
https://archive.ph/gByZA >US Signals Ukraine It Can Use HIMARS Against Russian Targets In Crimea >The State Department on Sunday implied that Ukrainian forces are allowed to use US-provided High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) against Russian targets in Crimea, which Russia has controlled since 2014. >When the US first announced it was sending HIMARS to Ukraine, Biden administration officials said they received "assurances" from Ukrainian officials that the rockets won’t be used to target Russian territory. >When asked if the ban on Ukraine using the HIMARS to target Russian territory applies to Crimea, a State Department spokesperson told Antiwar.com, "Crimea is Ukraine." https://archive.ph/aLrlO >Russian Military Given Formal Order To Target Ukraine's Long-Range Weapons From US >Russia's defense ministry has issued a formal order for Russian troops to target Ukraine's long-range weapons and artillery supplied by the West, specifically the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) provided by the United States. >In Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu publishing the order on Monday, the Kremlin is sending one of the most provocative messages to Washington thus far in the war, signaling the two powers continue stumbling toward direct confrontation. >"Army General Sergey Shoigu... instructed the commander to use surgical strikes and crush the enemy’s long-range missile and artillery means," the Russian Defense Ministry said according to TASS. >... >Also likely behind the Kremlin's rationale for stepping up targeting against the HIMARS and other long-range munitions is the potential for missiles reaching deeper into Russian territory. On Saturday, for example, a Ukrainian intelligence official openly declared the military should begin striking at Russian facilities inside Crimea, going so far as naming the HIMARS as capable of that. This is fine.
>>37798 Squad Commander.
>>37812 We are reaching levels of imminent "finding out" that shouldn't be allowed to happen but i want to witness anyway
>>37812 I for one, welcome thermonuclear holocaust. Better to go out with a bang than with a honk
Open file (543.06 KB 512x512 miko98906607.gif)
>>37812 This is ok. Time to see who's been bluffing more and who's been fucking around too much and needs to find out. The Biden administration is going to depopulate the earth by force, aren't they?
>>37812 >"Crimea is Ukraine" At this point, there's no way this is deliberate. This is so stupid they must actually believe it.
>>37818 The greatest danger of misinformation is that you will start believing it yourself.
>>37818 Even if they really really want it to still be part of Ukraine and even if they think it's unfair that Russia took it they still should logically accept that it's currently not Ukrainian territory anymore and operate off that new reality for as so long as it holds.
>>37812 Sheesh, if the USA and Russia want to bomb each other so badly, then they ought to just do it already. This waiting for WWIII stresses me out more than the possibility of WWIII.
>>37821 >if the USA and Russia want to bomb each other so badly, then they ought to just do it already. Yeah I don't understand it either. The only thing I can figure is that neither side wants to go first so that they can claim moral superiority about it. I'm not sure what value that would be in the atomic wasteland, but I guess it's something.
>>37812 >deeper into Russian territory >Ukrainian intelligence official openly declared the military should begin striking at Russian facilities inside Crimea ZeroHedge confirmed as a pro-Russian propaganda outlet. Crimea is Ukrainian territory currently occupied by pillaging foreign hordes from Russia. Only Russian propaganda claims it to be Russian in any way, shape, or form. Ukraine has a natural right to expel invaders from its borders.
>>37821 As with most things in life, crossing a boundary is harder than handling the situation after it has been crossed. It's why threats are so effective on weak-willed individuals. Especially those with something to lose.
>>37824 Crimea doesn't belong to Ukraine either. It belongs to the Tatars if you want to make that assertation and should be an independent country/buffer zone.
>>37826 >russia stole crimea from ukraine >ukraine stole it from tatars >tatars stole it from huns >huns stole it from goths >goths stole it from sarmatians >sarmatians stole it from the greeks >greeks stole it from the scythians >closest existing ethnicity to scythians are ossetians >who are part of russia >thus crimea is rightfully russian
>>37827 Fine by me as well. I'm just pointing out that the Tatars have a better claim to it as an independent state than the Ukrainians do.
>>37826 Technically speaking this anon is the most correct.
>>37785 regardless, it's still useful to provide a legal rationale. >>37798 I did some really questionable but fun things back then. I won't get into details. >>37817 Ukraine could've limited the scope of this war, but instead, it escalated into a proxy war between Russia & GAE. I'm all for Ukraine giving casus belli for a full-scale annexation. >>37827 well said. irredentism never settles things, but this is the best answer.
>>37828 >>37826 How do tartars have claim to anything? I thought it was some kind of fish sauce.
>>37836 >I thought it was some kind of fish sauce Even as a joke it doesn't work because tartar sauce is not fish-based, it's a french fresh cream, served with cold meats, made out of preserved supplies, like pickles capers grain-mustard, and mayo. Who knows what sinful aberration americans eat with that name. Also the tartar naming is french, americans just went with it because it was served in the tartar steak which was originally called "a l' americaine" and some americlap got butthurt >>37827 Didn't the ottomans stole it from the italians at some point?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-Fh6JF7tQ4 >Ukrainians lost their headquarters at Kramatorsk >Ukrainians breaking rank near that power plant around Donetsk >Ukrainians don't care and keep sending more reserves anyways >Claims that Russian military losses seem to be about 1/3rd of Ukraine's (some other channels think that is a bit high) >Russians are shelling everywhere like crazy but aren't really pushing forward right now >There's a meeting among Western leaders about what Ukraine will do next tomorrow so Ukrainians are holding the line as hard as possible for brownie points in order to get more gibs >>37840 It might be more accurate to show things the Ottomans didn't steal from the Italians with how much they stole.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tElkLZyq-E >Most hated bridge in Ukraine, recently repaired, is struck again (results unknown) >Ukrainian MOD has given up reporting where was shelled in Chernihiv and Sumy due to quantity >Shoigu has stated to give priority to destroying long-range systems over everything else (Russians admitting the artillery/rockets are giving them problems) >Donetsk getting fed up with the daily shellings since Ukraine keeps targeting civilian structures >Bakhmut front has become the Siversk front until Russia takes Siversk >No major updates from Izium to Kharkiv >Russian MOD released their first map in months Link: https://t.me/mod_russia_en/2818 Link for those without telegram: https://nitter.net/DefensePolitics/status/1549357854796107776
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ttc8OgGQZzo >Seems that a Ukrainian general tried to retreat from Siversk and Zelensky forced another operation in Siversk >Ukraine has been continuing to launch artillery/rockets at dams and bridges in Kherson >You either need a big explosion or consistent repeated shelling to destroy bridges/dams >Ukraine is being forced to hold unsustainable positions because of political pressure >Mercouris suspects that holding Siversk/orders to attack Kherson are the only reason Ukraine hasn't lost their external backing by other countries >Russians are gathering their forces for a "final push" on Bakhmut-Siversk line >If Russians prevail, Mercouris thinks the Russians will be along the Dnieper by mid October >At least 28 officials have been sacked in the last couple hours >Some Western countries are starting to worry that Zelensky is going insane >Ukraine isn't gonna get the funds they want from the West >Putin's holding many meetings in Moscow >Especially about R&D of military tech >Little sign of Russia running out of microchips or artillery shells >Within 5 years he expects Russia to be producing its own high tech goods >Rants about the lingering belief that Russia are backwoods slav hillbillies in regards to logistics and R&D >Russia looking to defuse the Iranian-Saudi conflict in order for the Saudis to join BRICS >Is trying to soften tensions with Iran across the Middle East >Trying to integrate Turkey into the Eurasian system >Because of the sanctions on them, Russia is starting back up trade with Iran/as a middleman between China and Iran >Norks recognized LNR/DNR >North Korea construction workers are going to start rebuilding the two republics >Normally America would sanction this but they have no means to do so because they already did it >"When things are done in haste, they are not done well."
Open file (53.43 KB 610x680 Russian shitposting.jpg)
>Wall-E became much happier when he was finally accepted into the Russian Armed Forces Lmao
>>37836 https://invidious.kavin.rocks/watch?v=PK86_enw5pU Tatar is the original name of the Mongols before Genghis Khan decided that it's not cool enough.
>>37846 yes, the old books I've read would refer to the "Tatar Yoke" to describe the period when the Golden Horde dominated Russian lands.
>>37834 >I'm all for Ukraine giving casus belli for a full-scale annexation. So you want ukraine to get fucking nuked to oblivion?
>>37851 At this point the only one not wanting ukraine to be nuked is putin.
>>37817 Reminder that according to THEIR OWN POLLS Biden is the least liked POTUS since the beginning of tracking efforts. In a single year he managed to drop approval ratings worse than Trump on January 6th. I wonder if it's not just a giga brain tactic to get Kamehameha Harris into office early. >>37845 If anything I hope the West learnt that shitposting can be used as a massive offensive weapon. >>37843 >Some Western countries are starting to worry that Zelensky is going insane This fucking war is such a huge demonstration of the Sunken Cost Fallacy that at this point it should be used in Economics classes. >North Korea construction workers are going to start rebuilding the two republics I find it so weird that all communist/socialist shitholes have horrible cut-costs buildings and infrastructure but apart from their power grid the Norks are some quality craftsmen. 90% of the world's classical statues and buildings are backed by Nork firms.
Open file (844.98 KB 1600x900 Cropped-Ukraine.png)
I have a question for all the /his/pilled anons lurking /k/: why exactly was Ukraine enlarged by the Soviet Union, and what exactly did the Soviet Union gain from giving lands from Russia to its Soviet Republics? How much autonomy did these Republics have that they could barter land for resources? >>37852 >>37851 The EU should just give up trying to save that land and forcibly annex the rest of the country into neighboring regions to be honest, would save a lot of civilian lives.
Hungary no longer objects to transit of weapons to Ukraine through its territory >Hungarians are ready to pass through their territory all the assistance provided by other countries to Ukraine, including military, Deputy Minister of Foreign Economy and Foreign Affairs of Hungary Levente Magyar said during a meeting with mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy, Lviv City Council reports. >“We are amazed by the events that are happening here, we really sympathize with you. Over the past 200 years, we have fought with Russia three times. These wars were of a life and death struggle. Unlike many Western partners, we felt for ourselves that this is such a confrontation with this huge eastern state. At the same time, Hungary itself will not supply its weapons – this is our strategic position. However, third countries can use our territory,” the press service of Lviv City Council quoted Magyar as saying on Tuesday. >In addition, Hungary is ready to accept Ukrainian children in its resort facilities and camps. The Hungarian delegation also offered to help in the treatment of civilians and military in their medical institutions, and also assured of their readiness to provide 1,000 scholarships for Ukrainians at their universities. from Ukrainian state media since nobody else is reporting it. https://www.kyivpost.com/europe/hungary-no-longer-objects-to-transit-of-weapons-to-ukraine-through-its-territory.html the way I understand it is that Hungary still won't allow weapons to transport directly to Ukraine but will allow transporting materiel to Romania or Poland.
Ukrainian army appoints chief rabbi to assist troops and boost morale >Between brit milah ceremonies, and providing tefillin kits from Israel to the frontier, Cohen also finds time to make yarmulkes — which are very popular among the troops — with the inscription "Jews protect Ukraine" >"Even non-Jewish Ukrainian soldiers ask me for yarmulkes so they won't be accused of Nazism like the Russian propaganda tries," Cohen said. "While I was helping rescue Jewish refugees in Ukraine, I began to receive requests from Israelis and Ukrainians regarding military aid," he said. "There was an Israeli whose brother was drafted into the army, and I helped him obtain a helmet and a vest from Israel. I also purchased 20 helmets and 20 bulletproof vests from a friend in the country and gave them to a group of Jewish soldiers who trained in Kyiv." Slowly, rumors about Rabbi Cohen's volunteer work spread by word of mouth, and he was approached by people who sought to enlist in the Ukrainian army but were rejected. That's how he made his first contact with senior Ukrainian military commanders. Last weekend, when he returned from the front in Eastern Ukrainian, Cohen was told he his appointment as the chief rabbi of the Ukrainian armed forces had been cleared. >Rabbi Cohen says that no one supports him financially. He has a wife and nine children who left the country two days before Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in late February. As a result, he divides his time between Israel and Ukraine, spending one week in the former for every three weeks in the latter. When he last visited Israel, Rabbi Cohen purchased special cases for the tefillin. The cases are designed to survive under harsh conditions of combat, heat, wetness, etc. When asked about the duties of a military rabbi, Cohen said that "the duty of a military rabbi is to raise morale and to help the troops through the difficult situations. In the Ukrainian army, there are approximately 1,000 Jews, which is actually a significant minority among the 800,000 soldiers who serve." >"I just got back from the front. It's hard out there. The front spans hundreds of miles, and sometimes soldiers lack basic necessities. As one of the commanders told me, sometimes a shovel can save lives. A party was under Russian artillery attack, and those who had a shovel dug a ditch and were saved, while soldiers who did not have one were exposed to artillery and died." Besides the special kits, Rabbi Cohen also provides soldiers with spiritual teachings. "War is no time for deep Jewish literature, but a time to cite prayers that can lift the spirit of the troops." https://archive.ph/WDn7K https://www.ynetnews.com/article/ryp0g5z29
>>37853 >I wonder if it's not just a giga brain tactic to get Kamehameha Harris into office early. I think she's even more hated than Biden is.
>>37854 >what exactly did the Soviet Union gain from giving lands from Russia to its Soviet Republics? In the case of Ukraine i think it was to jump the bureaucracy in the Crimean island and just transport goods to ship it ASAP. Khrushev worked as an inspector or some sort of oversee in the Ukraine region so he had first hand accounts on seeing the retarded transport shenanigans that happened so when he landed the big job he gave/loaned/transplanted Crimea to their jurisdiction for much more efficient work. When Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union they interestingly forgot about this but Russia didn't mind that much because both governments projected themselves as longtime allies AFAIK. When Russia saw Ukraine leaning west they merely asked it back, didn't receive reply and when they had justification to take it they went for it. Many people don't scare away from naming the battles of Odessa and Sevastopol as russia's cold hours but conveniently forget a minute later they were russian hubs not long ago, even within their lifespans.
Internet chatter gives me the feeling that HIMARS is the Wonderweapon to top all Wonderweapons in this war. And so what’s the Wonderweapon after the HIMARS for when Russia defeats the HIMARS?
Open file (1.13 MB 1920x689 ClipboardImage.png)
>>37853 >I wonder if it's not just a giga brain tactic to get Kamehameha Harris into office early. From what I've read Kamehameharam is even more disliked than Bidup both among the Party and the Public. >>37866 Bet it's an Ukrainian special edition of the F-35, if Hohols can get advanced burger missile artillery why not planes too? It has a touchscreen so training will be easy and logistics will be handled by the US/NATO anyway, any hangar explosions from fuel coolant circuit failures can just be blamed on Russian missile strikes. Shitposting aside why the fuck hasn't anyone in this war uploaded footage of air-to-air engagements taken from participating aircraft?
>>37866 Currently? still 300 km range himars rockets. Also f-15 and f-16 Please note that after initial week of shelling the volume of fire has already visibly decreased, even cuc/k/ is only sperging out about, like, one explosion today + shelling of kherson bridge
>>37855 >Hungary still won't allow weapons to transport directly to Ukraine but will allow transporting materiel to Romania or Poland. In that case nothing changed, the government just tries to play both sides by taking such half-measures. The only difference is that now they are more public about it in order to get good goy points, so that the EU will give them the funds they are currently withholding. You see, Orbán was running a campaign of gibsmedat, and managed to empty the coffers to the point that they cannot balance the budget without that money.
>>37856 >Ukrainian army appoints chief rabbi to assist troops and boost morale >Hiring an expert jew will cure the rampant corruption damaging morale Good luck to him raping their wallets. I hope he's charges them in $hekels/hour. Every penny wasted is one less towards rockets landing in the Donbass. It's free money anyway, it comes from clueless Western taxpayers that deserve to get fleeced.
>>37768 >What's the status on oligarchs? IIRC the ones that backed Putin have held onto their power while it's a bag of mixed nuts for the rest with a general trend towards "being less relevant" than before. The oligarchs exist and aren't being politically purged, but they are being forced to work for the state instead of for their own interests internationally. Some are satisfied with this arrangement since they care about their power more than the money, while several others are not since they can't live like kings any more. >Haven't they been decimated by the west? Take the beef oligarch who opened Russian McDicks as a good example. Before he was exporting his beef and petrol, but now he is using it domestically. Overall he has less power than he did before, but he has more power "internally" than he used to and the Russian government is giving him tax write-offs to keep propping up the Russian economy.
>>37785 >They can just do it Russia doesn't want to build an empire on "might makes right" they want to build an empire on "rule of law" like the Carolingians did. America didn't become a great superpower on taking land when they felt like it (ignore the brief stint of imperialism in otherwise irrelevant nations), they became a great power on applying a set of principles/legal precedents in their negotiations with other countries. It was separating from the past precedent of rule-of-law that led to (is leading to?) the collapse of the American global empire. Russia isn't just taking Ukraine and justifying their actions, they are setting up the playbook that Asia and Eurasia will play by moving into the next few decades, so they are covering their own ass in the process.
>>37845 Heh. >>37846 >>37847 Russia makes a distinction between the Mongolian golden horde and the Turkish golden horde that was fleeing from the Mongols, hence "Tatars." >>37851 I think Putin is the only one who doesn't at this point. Apparently >>37852 stole the words right out of my mouth. >>37853 >I wonder if it's not just a giga brain tactic to get Kamehameha Harris into office early. People like her even less than Joe. Funnily enough they have more dirt to impeach her than Joe from what I've heard, but nobody wants to do it because then they might get a competent vice president in office. >Nork craftsmen There's a lot of technologies that got lost in the age of technology, but the North Koreans only upgraded their tech along specific fronts (militarily) while still doing shit like harvesting fields by hand or with tractors from the 50s. They've managed to maintain either "lost arts" or "overly expensive arts" in the rest of the world.
Open file (55.80 KB 1181x825 ClipboardImage.png)
>>37854 >why exactly was Ukraine enlarged by the Soviet Union, and what exactly did the Soviet Union gain from giving lands from Russia to its Soviet Republics? I'm not /his/pilled, but the way a Kazakh (ethnicity) Russian language teacher explained it to me, the Ukrainians were extremely religious (which was frowned upon), and Lenin legitimately believed the Soviet Union would last forever. Therefore since they were all "brothers" to the Soviet Union, borders didn't matter and the idea was that those territories would be better served by local governments than by a Moscow central power. Ceding the territory also gave them the excuses they needed to send Russians into other countries (not to ethnically replace in most cases but to act as first-generation craftsmen and teachers who were supposed to interbreed with the locals; they were sent as exiles in a sense so that they wouldn't get in trouble for wrongthink back home but could still be put to use for the Soviet Union). >How much autonomy The Soviet Union granted a lot of autonomy to most of their exclaves. Ukraine was something of an exception in this regard largely because of German PoWs post-WWII who couldn't be sent back. Or so I was told. >Annexing parts of Ukraine Honestly at this point Russia probably wouldn't have any problems with splitting up Ukraine along lines similar to pic related. They'd leave Kievan Rus "Ukraine Proper" as a demilitarized buffer state and cede some land to Belarus as a reward, Romania so they don't panic about ethnic Romanians in Ukraine, and Moldova to make them play nice in exchange for sea access, while leaving the other regions to be fought over by the rest of Eastern Europe (maybe helping out the Hungarians in exchange for trade deals).
>>37880 >Moldova to make them play nice in exchange for sea access What about Transnistria? Moldova keeps asking for trouble while the former always played ball with the russians.
>>37855 Nevermind. Hungary is cruisin' for a bruisin' it seems. >In addition, Hungary is ready to accept Ukrainian children in its resort facilities and camps. Oh. It's just an excuse to deal with the failing tourist industry while getting some tax payers down the line. Nevermind. The transport part is probably just a technicality for Ukraine to agree to this deal. >>37856 >"Even non-Jewish Ukrainian soldiers ask me for yarmulkes so they won't be accused of Nazism like the Russian propaganda tries," Cohen said. In other words the Ukrainians expect to be captured and are afraid of being tried like Azov dogs. >>37866 The best part is Ukraine had Eastern European HIMARS equivalents at the start of the war, they were just all destroyed early in the conflict. Russia's running into problems because the Ukrainians are launching salvos of all involved weapons, not jsut the HIMARS systems. >What's the next Wunderwaffen Probably military aircraft since they're starting to run out of SU-25s that can be built from scratch and are already asking for aircraft specifically. >>37867 >Spoiler I stopped following engagements and started following the big picture a couple months ago. If the anon who posts videos doesn't know where to look he's probably not going to find them. >>37881 >What about Transnistria? The only reason Transnistria exists as a pseudo-Russian exclave is because of a Russian power plant that currently provides energy to most of Moldova and Russia not having direct land access to it. If Russians have direct land access to said power plant, they would probably be willing to "solve" the ongoing conflict in exchange for Moldovan neutrality. Moldova has shown they are practical in the past playing both the Russians and the Romanians when it suits them, so the little country known for hookers and human trafficking would probably agree to a neutrality deal with the Russians in an instant in exchange for sea access and preferential trade deals with Russia (and Russia would agree to it in exchange for a buffer state between them and Romania who hates them). That's all speculation of course.
>>37880 This sort of partitioning theory never makes sense to me because I don't see how countries like Hungary or Poland could ever agree to it. Accepting the territory would be implicitly legitimizing Russia's actions. Their alignment obliges them to say "you have no right to offer us that land since it belongs to Ukraine", and to reject it since accepting would make them complicit in violating Ukraine's territorial integrity. Whether they want the land or not, accepting it would be a political nightmare.
>>37883 Is not about them accepting it, is about them sending "peace-keeping forces" to un-stable ares that just happen to align with historical, cultural and strategic areas of influence and to deter further Russian aggression, with time those areas could be slowly integrated into Poland/Hungary...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hA2uantEc-M >Ukraine lost a lot of armor and artillery near Kherson possibly grinding their offensive to a hault >Ukrainians have stopped sending supplies to Siversk >Russians are claiming towns by virtue of the towns no longer existing near Siversk >Some sources/rumors claiming Russians are approaching Bakhmut from the south >The fighters given leave/rest after Lysychansk are being sent back to the front line near Bakhmut >According to the UK, it sounds like the Russians are aiming to hold the heaviest fighting areas in place in order to whittle down Ukrainian numbers >Possible, but Russia won't be able to encircle them until October/November following what the UK thinks (and the UK has been wrong repeatedly) >Ukraine needs to return offensive control over Kharkiv, Kherson, and the Enerhodar power plant in order for the West to continue to support them >There was a suicide drone attack on the Enerhodar nuclear power plant by Ukraine and several workers were injured >Ukrainians doubling down on destroying the dam (but Russian MOD is insisting they are trying to destroy the railroad, not the dam) >Dima thinks Ukrainians will start offensive operations in Kherson area as soon as the bridges/dam are destroyed >He thinks this is an inevitability rather than a possibility >>37883 I think that partitioning theory is based on those countries invading Ukraine in a last-ditch "peacekeeping" operation rather than it being given to them by the Russians.
Open file (156.27 KB 1120x630 Farenheit451.jpg)
>>37885 >There was a suicide drone attack on the Enerhodar nuclear power plant by Ukraine and several workers were injured Just launch the nukes already god damnit, Anons are getting tired of waiting.
Open file (384.83 KB 950x950 Facepalm Tenshi.jpg)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15Xyux0XJTk >Mercouris thinks using HIMARS to destroy the dam near Kherson is a load of shit >But they are trying to damage bridges to prevent resupply >Russians damaging bridges near Odessa/Mykolaiv in kind >Russians are stating that Russian demands will be on tougher terms in any future peace talks >West is getting mad about Zelensky's purges >There's rumors there were assassination attempts on Zelensky prior to the purges >Some of these look credible but they haven't been officially mentioned yet >West is worried about how stable the Kievan government actually is >Ukraine has been given daily briefings to the Americans >Officially confirmed that Western powers have been tightening their supervision of Ukraine/directing Ukrainian actions >Mercouris is curious if this DC-London micromanagement will make things better or worse >Calls out the "Putin isolated therefore Iranian ally" rhetoric as bullshit >Sympathy in the global South is tilting to Putin >Erdogan shat on the US over Kurdish support during the Iran-Russia-Turkey meeting about Syria >Russians and Iranians have agreed to a major energy package in spite of world sanctions on Iran >Gazprom now working with Iran to develop Iranian natural gas fields/pipelines much to the Saudi's chagrin >This gas will be supplied to Eastern countries; mainly India via Pakistan (presumably to lessen tensions between Pakistan and India via Iranian/Russian intervention) >Gazprom is now saying that Iran->Europe gas pipelines are no longer viable >Iranian foreign minister was received by the same entourage as India's prime minister in New Delhi >New Iranian president seems determined to make Iran a local interconnected superpower in Eurasia even at the cost of losing some religious backing >Turkey seems to be sucking up to the Iranians expecting this as a success >India and China are both clamoring to support Turkey and Iran to get them against the other country >All this is making Biden's visit to Saudi Arabia even more comedic since so much is happening without America's involvement >Iran is pretty much giving America the middle finger pissing off Israel who is becoming irrelevant in Middle Eastern politics >A war is likely >Iran will not be by itself but the West doesn't believe this or doesn't care >Saudis have gone out of their way to downplay diplomatic negotiations with Israel/commercial airspace opening after the Iran-Gazprom gas pipeline deals >Saudis realizing they are being left out to dry by Israel/America and trying to remain neutral with Iran to prevent backlash via Yemen >Putin continuing his game of FUD with Europe over gas >A heat wave in Europe is fucking with the entire energy supply >Energy system is buckling without Russian gas >During a time when they were hoping to boost energy reserves >Inflation in Europe is even higher than in America which is fucking with their centralized/protectionist NatSoc wet dream economy >Germany talking about deindustrializing >Green party is seeing their popularity rise in Germany because of favorable press >Mercouris is amused by this and awaits a mood shift come Winter >tl;dr- Europe is about to get hit with sanctions known as "market corrections" without a single sanction being signed into law
>>37887 >Officially confirmed that Western powers have been tightening their supervision of Ukraine/directing Ukrainian actions I pray for Zelensky to get such a high from cocaine/paranoia/being the Chosen that he purges Americans from being the de facto Ukrainian government. I cannot think of a funnier way to end the war.
Open file (2.59 MB 640x492 Fat fuck.gif)
>>37887 But remember guys, EU is totally not a USA vassal state.
Open file (181.23 KB 2000x1734 The whole village.png)
>>37885 >>Russians are claiming towns by virtue of the towns no longer existing near Siversk Yeah. That's one way to do it.
>>37864 >When Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union they interestingly forgot about this but Russia didn't mind that much because both governments projected themselves as longtime allies AFAIK. When Russia saw Ukraine leaning west they merely asked it back, didn't receive reply and when they had justification to take it they went for it. I see, so this is sort of like Italy and Austria when it comes to South Tyrol, or Belgium as a whole? A situation where as long as open borders or alliances stand neither side gains much from starting shit over borders? >>37878 >Russia doesn't want to build an empire on "might makes right" they want to build an empire on "rule of law" like the Carolingians did It's funny cause if you forget the fact that one is a Social Democracy and the other an Oligarchy, Canada and Russia have more policies in common than Canada and the USA. Both are countries whose people want stability, justice and social order at the expense of individual freedom and fringe ideals. Heck, even the cuckservatives in Canada lean more to the left than anywhere else in the world, so it might as well be a one party state too.
>>37880 >Ceding the territory also gave them the excuses they needed to send Russians into other countries (not to ethnically replace in most cases but to act as first-generation craftsmen and teachers who were supposed to interbreed with the locals; they were sent as exiles in a sense so that they wouldn't get in trouble for wrongthink back home but could still be put to use for the Soviet Union). This isn't exactly how an Ukrainian friend of the family taught us that the whole story went. This is like a few years back and she didn't give a shit about either Ukraine or Russia, but the way she told us this migration was pre-planned by the State to make sure that ethnic tensions could be quelled by outsiders. Basically, when forced into conscription, soldiers from like Kazakhstan would be sent to be stationed in Ukraine, or Ukrainians in Tajikstan or Tajiks in Tannu Tuva or whatever else. They would shuffle them around so that the people with guns and the eventual nationalists would be of two different races, in order to prevent stuff like what ended up happening in Romania. IIRC this is also why Russia was the country that fell the most easily and painlessly, since the soldiers stationed in Moscow were ethnic Russians and didn't really want to shoot at their own people. Another fact conveniently left out of the history books is that the foreign Gulag PoWs that swore by Communism (or that were already known as communists but were forced to enlist) were offered Soviet citizenship for their troubles. Mind you, I fucking hate the commies, but it's an interesting fact. >Romania so they don't panic about ethnic Romanians in Ukraine Wouldn't that be indirectly the death of the EU? If Romania accepted a deal like that, then all the other countries would start eyeing each other's clay since the rest of the EU didn't veto the annexation. >>37882 >Moldova has shown they are practical in the past playing both the Russians and the Romanians when it suits them, so the little country known for hookers and human trafficking would probably agree to a neutrality deal with the Russians in an instant in exchange for sea access and preferential trade deals with Russia (and Russia would agree to it in exchange for a buffer state between them and Romania who hates them). That's all speculation of course. Moldova holding Odessa would be such a hilarious maneuver, it's like giving a mansion to a Gypsy.
>>37884 >Is not about them accepting it, is about them sending "peace-keeping forces" to un-stable ares that just happen to align with historical, cultural and strategic areas of influence Pretty much this, Kuwait is an example of this being a successful tactic. >>37887 >Officially confirmed that Western powers have been tightening their supervision of Ukraine/directing Ukrainian actions I'm starting to think that the only solution to this would be to just cede the land to other countries, they really can't do jack shit >Germany talking about deindustrializing This deserve that "sad Spongebob music" treatment
>>37879 >Russia makes a distinction between the Mongolian golden horde and the Turkish golden horde that was fleeing from the Mongols, hence "Tatars." That makes sense. >I think Putin is the only one who doesn't at this point. Apparently >>37852 stole the words right out of my mouth. It would be entertaining. But I don't really want Ukraine to get nuked, although destruction is inevitable in proxy wars between great powers. Ultimately it's for the better, though.
>>37887 > >Officially confirmed that Western powers have been tightening their supervision of Ukraine/directing Ukrainian actions A contradictory chorus: >> https://web.archive.org/web/1/twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/1535051571746476035 > US intelligence agencies know everything about the US proxy war they created in Ukraine. The fact that they are now pretending not to know what’s happening is a strong indicator that the war is going badly for Ukraine. Damage control won’t work just like it didn’t work with Iraq. So, those with a shred of sense written off the whole thing by now.
Open file (448.23 KB 900x826 1631149426806.png)
>>37906 >So, those with a shred of sense [have] written off the whole thing by now. See, this is what confuses me. What the fuck did they THINK was gonna happen? I mean, I get that this is part of a larger plan by the Jews to sideline the US in favor of the Chinks as their new (and, as they see it, greatly improved) chief golem/shabbos state, but who in the fuck on the diplomatic/glownigger side of things could've looked at this at the outset and thought "yeah, that'll ride"?
>>37910 I think they drank their own koolaid and came to believe that the Russian front would collapse with in just a few weeks from western weapons hitting them from the front and western sanctions hollowing them out on the home front. Maybe aided by an oligarch coup of Putin or something. Or hell maybe I'm completely wrong and the purpose of this from the very beginning was to maneuver Russia into a compromising position and force them to use WMDs and that way the west could respond in kind and they could get the Great Reset of to a bang, literally. Only as it turns out Russia is more than competent enough with conventional warfare, especially when they fight like Russians and don't try to play US-German style blitzkrieg games or what ever it was they were doing in the first weeks of the war. Now all the glowniggers are stuck with the fact that Russia will eventually win and all those western arms funneled into Ukraine have basically just been thrown down a bottomless pit and have strained western military stocks at a time where the economy might not let them replace them quickly. Or worse those weapons are now out in the wilderness just waiting for some insurgent to bring down a commercial airliner or possible even one carrying some head of state of one country or another. They did not think this shit through.
Open file (217.74 KB 1577x1669 1635970272296.jpg)
>>37918 >or possible even one carrying some head of state of one country or another. Deuce volt and inch holler bro. >They did not think this shit through. I'm starting to get that, kek.
>>37918 >Now all the glowniggers are stuck with the fact that Russia will eventually win and all those western arms funneled into Ukraine have basically just been thrown down a bottomless pit and have strained western military stocks at a time where the economy might not let them replace them quickly. >Or worse those weapons are now out in the wilderness just waiting for some insurgent to bring down a commercial airliner or possible even one carrying some head of state of one country or another. You're forgetting that Russia is capturing some of these weapons, allowing them to reverse-engineer and learn how to defend against them, and possibly build new weapons that borrow from Western tech. They've already captured a damaged m777, and they'll probably get an intact model down the line; that's on top of drones, javelins, and other shit. >They did not think this shit through. The increasingly hysterical & delusional wave of propaganda speaks to this. They tried to play Russia as a pawn, and now their plans are backfiring.
Open file (917.98 KB 885x978 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.64 MB 1280x720 1658421901210539.webm)
Kherson bridge will make the front interesting.
>Dima drops 11 minutes long video >nothing is happening or if it is we do not have any information about it >thats it
>>37924 In my opinion, it will matter far less than expected. The example for this is that one World's Most Hated Bridge on the Romanian border that Russia has bombed, what, ten times now? Because Ukraine/Romania still somehow manage to keep repairing it enough to be at least minimally useable.
>>37933 And by that I mean Russia probably has a similar to plan to continuously repair the damage due to how important the bridge is.
>>37930 More or less, but he does mention that S400 systems that showed up are taking down HIMARS rockets in Kherson easy peezy.
Open file (34.80 KB 493x387 Laughing.jpg)
>>37944 >3rd vid >ukrop forced to pick ukrop (dill) Sublime IRL shitposting.
>>37924 Is this going to be this war's Dragon Jaw? If the Russians can repair it quickly enough and have low casualties over its attacks, it would have the Ukrainians ultimately wasting precious resources.
>>37944 good shit. but as for the 4th vid, George Soros disturbs me, I get an evil vibe off of him. none of the other videos affect me that way. >>37945 kek
Open file (584.23 KB 877x490 ClipboardImage.png)
I don't usually recommend him because the jokes/timing are dry, but History Legends is on a roll with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nbu40cNwx2Q Some key takeaways... >History Legends thinks they are using Kherson as a decoy to push in Kharkiv >Ukraine is reduced to 3 days of training for new conscripts >Every scrap of Western equipment is being sent to the front >Front lines are complaining about having nothing but constantly jamming rifles >Shelling is making them spend more time cleaning AKs than shooting them >Huge disconnect between Ukraine government and military >Suggests it's independent generals not listening to one another rather than Zelensky playing HOI4 Would explain the rampant corruption and black market sales. >Russians have adapted to the HIMARS >Russians are using way too expensive of munitions to take out railroads >Ukrainians are setting up fake ammo depots >Questioning why Russians refuse to attack major bridges >Suggests Russians can't destroy them (makes sense) >Ukraine is running out of artillery stockpiles >Suggests Ukrainian MILITARY sold French artillery in exchange for ammunition, not some corrupt commander >Explains why Russians shouldn't have given soldiers a break until after Siversk (pic related) >Explains why Bakhmut will probably fall first >Ukraine is preventing an Izium-based encirclement of the front lines >Thinks Avdiivka will be the first place attacked if the Russians get through Bakhmut >But Avdiivka is basically like Azovstal in terms of interconnected bunkers >Could be a Popasna 2.0 if Russia takes it >If being the key word
Mercouris released his blog super late at night so I'll try to review it tomorrow if there's anything of importance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CNOn5HiHm4
Open file (736.94 KB 2048x1536 1634020908115.jpg)
>>37948 >George Soros disturbs me, I get an evil vibe off of him. That'd be your uncanny valley instinct talking. Vaguely human-looking, but not quite human. I've had a sneaking suspicion for a while now that this instinct is actually an ESS Jewdar dating all the way back to when they were still literal Neanderthals preying upon your women and children. >yfw yids are about
1) a large number of ukies captured at near Seversk 3) Caesar targeted by russian drone. 4) ukies shelled the Lisichansk Oil Refinery 5) More than 48 THOUSAND grams of TNT seized by Russian security forces in Kherson, South Ukraine, and the surrounding region from TERROR groups operating locally, one of whom was receiving DIRECT orders from Ukrainian intelligence to BLOW UP railway.
Open file (1.89 MB 1280x586 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.61 MB 1280x590 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.68 MB 1280x720 IMG_6153.MP4)
1) video geolocated **I can't find the video 2) Russians having fun 3) strikes on industrial college Artemovsk 4) An armored column on the move near Brest, Belarus. (music warning)
Open file (3.21 MB 1280x1213 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.95 MB 695x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.55 MB 960x567 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.15 MB 961x713 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.75 MB 780x795 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.76 MB 960x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 961x1280 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.70 MB 828x828 ClipboardImage.png)
4) Seversk
Open file (9.63 MB 1280x608 IMG_9749.MP4)
Open file (13.81 MB 576x1280 IMG_6904.MP4)
Open file (1.71 MB 352x640 IMG_6902.MP4)
Open file (1.57 MB 720x1280 n50OMc15O1uLrMba.mp4)
1) Ukies prepared to blow another bridge, I don't know the location
Ukraine, Russia sign U.N. deal to export grain on Black Sea ISTANBUL (AP) — Russia and Ukraine signed separate agreements Friday with Turkey and the United Nations clearing the way for exporting millions of tons of desperately needed Ukrainian grain — as well as Russian grain and fertilizer — ending a wartime standoff that had threatened food security around the globe. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Ukrainian Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov signed separate deals with U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres and Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar. The ceremony in Istanbul was witnessed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “Today, there is a beacon on the Black Sea,” Guterres said. “A beacon of hope, a beacon of possibility, a beacon of relief in a world that needs it more than ever.” “You have overcome obstacles and put aside differences to pave the way for an initiative that will serve the common interests of all,” he said, addressing the Russian and Ukrainian representatives. The deal will enable Ukraine to export 22 million tons of grain and other agricultural products that have been stuck in Black Sea ports due to the war. Ukrainian and Russian military delegations had reached a tentative agreement last week on a U.N. plan that would also allow Russia to export its grain and fertilizers. Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to Ukraine’s president, stressed Friday that Ukraine and Russia would sign separate agreements, saying Ukraine “does not sign any documents with Russia.” Guterres said the plan, known as the “Black Sea Initiative,” would open a path for significant volumes of commercial food exports from three key Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea: Odessa, Chernomorsk and Yuzhny.” It would “bring relief for developing countries on the edge of bankruptcy and the most vulnerable people on the edge of famine.” “It will help stabilize global food prices which were already at record levels even before the war – a true nightmare for developing countries,” Guterres added. Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil, but Russia’s invasion of the country and naval blockade of its ports have halted shipments. Some grain is being transported through Europe by rail, road and river, but the prices of vital commodities like wheat and barley have soared during the nearly five-month war. The deal makes provisions for the safe passage of ships. A control center will be established in Istanbul, staffed by U.N., Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian officials, to run and coordinate the process. Ships would undergo inspections to ensure they are not carrying weapons. Podolyak insisted that no Russian ship would escort vessels and that there would be no Russian representative present at Ukrainian ports. Ukraine also plans an immediate military response “in case of provocations,” he said. Guterres first raised the critical need to get Ukraine’s agricultural production and Russia’s grain and fertilizer back into world markets in late April during meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Kyiv. He proposed a package deal in early June amid fears that the war was endangering food supplies for many developing nations and could worsen hunger for up to 181 million people. Russian and Ukrainian officials have blamed each other for the blocked grain shipments. Moscow accused Ukraine of failing to remove sea mines at the ports to allow safe shipping and insisted on its right to check incoming ships for weapons. Ukraine has argued that Russia’s port blockade and launching of missiles from the Black Sea made any shipments unviable. Ukraine has sought international guarantees that the Kremlin wouldn’t use the safe corridors to attack the key Black Sea port of Odesa. Ukrainian authorities have also accused Russia of stealing grain from eastern Ukraine and deliberately shelling Ukrainian fields to set them on fire. In Washington, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the U.S. welcomes the agreement in principle. “But what we’re focusing on now is holding Russia accountable for implementing this agreement and for enabling Ukrainian grain to get to world markets. It has been for far too long that Russia has enacted this blockade,” Price said. https://archive.ph/E15oP https://apnews.com/article/russia-ukraine-middle-east-global-trade-a2c89d94a0f8473b40a1fcde5710bda8
>>37963 How long until an Ukrop ship runs on a Ukrop mine? Will they cry Rosskie sabotage?
>>37963 I like how Russia is gritting their teeth for brownie points/global stability while Ukraine is acting like a stubborn mule about this even insisting on a separate treaty. >>37964 The more likely scenario is that Ukraine will ship weapons an Turkey will look the other way while Russia loses their shit.
>>37951 >Western leaders can't answer if there is a point where too much has been given to Ukraine >Polish document leaked >Shows Ukraine has lost most of their trained troops, officers, and training personnel >Ukrainians are not using the m777 howitzers as "artillery snipers" like they were designed but for artillery barrages >He listed Russian casualties but he listed a dozen different numbers back-to-back and I'm not rewatching that >Ukrainians getting desperate between the bridge and nuclear power plant strikes >Lavrov: "We don't have any deadlines for the military operation" >"Putin made it clear, denazification and demilitarization, which means no threat to our security from Ukraine" >"Geography-wise our last assessment assumed Ukrainian peace talks at Istanbul which didn't happen" >Lavrov says Kherson, Zaporozhia, and "other areas" are now on the table >Mercouris interprets some other interview questions as "Russia will push West until Lviv, until Zelensky is dead and a friendly government is installed, or until Russian public opinion shifts >Did not rule out Africa-Russia summit in Odessa next year >Russia is using Western response to justify their actions internationally >It's working if the Saudis are anything to go off of >It's making other nations cold against the West as much as it is justifying Russian responses and further annexation of Ukraine
>>37967 >Ukrainians are not using the m777 howitzers as "artillery snipers" like they were designed but for artillery barrages Can they do any sniping without those fancy digital fire-control units?
>>37968 It was brought up in previous threads that the fire control units are only necessary for the extended ranges of the howitzers. So it's "good enough" if you're looking at ranges most guns can do but that's going to put them in jeopardy of counter battery... which is not good for a towed gun.
Seeing much more videos of Russians using kamikaze drones of Lancet 3 and KUB variants. Have they picked up the production pace of those drones or what?
>>37977 The big thing holding back Russian drone production was the Defense Industry's insistence on only using parts made in Russia (whether the chassis, the microchips, etc.). Russian drone production began this last winter and they got their first working assembly line running in March. They're probably finally getting the supply chain quirks worked out and have started serialized production now.
>>37983 Basically exacly what I've been hearing, you hit nail on the head.IIRC Russia has a law in place that dictates all military drone production must be made within Russia because security concerns. Which is why the whole Iran drone rumor trip kinda confused me. Russian defense industry seems to be picking up the pace, between the new T90 deliveries and now, increased drone production. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
Mercouris explains some of the more political aspects of Putin and Lavrov's actions. Not gonna do a summary for this one but someone else is welcome to if they think it's worth mentioning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjd9LK53grk
>>37964 Yeeep. Shenanigans are already starting and it's not even a week after the document signing. A missile strike on Odessa this morning hit a tugboat and at least one other small military boat. Pro-Russian sources are justifying the strike by saying local intelligence reports that the the Ukrainian military used the signing to immediately begin shoring up defenses, and this strike is a warning from Russia to not play Fuck Around and Find Out (paraphrasing.) But Russia denies having anything to do with the strike, and Turkey is taking a neutral stance as Russia investigates the incident.
There are at least two (maybe three) parallel universes in Kryvyi Rih area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epMOVlcc2OQ Russians allegedly pushing at Zaporizhia front again. Probably to put pressure on Ukrainian forces near Bakhmut/Kherson. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TItr0BDiWcc Donetsk remains a clusterfuck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKQL5TfLNbo 10 out of 12 HIMARS (minus the 4 on their way from America) are accounted for according to Russian sources. All 4 in Donbass are kill (hence American replacements). Kharkiv systems being moved towards Donbass. This doesn't actually invalidate one of the last 2 being sold to Russia unlike DPA misspeaking, but it does put pressure on that story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7oKEc3h2FE Which he corrected here. Now all but 1 HIMARS has been accounted for (minus the 4 on their way from Burgerland), reinforcing the story of Ukraine selling one to Russia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRgNNiVATs0
>>38014 tbh amount of himars launchers matters less then the ridiculous amount of rockets it has.
In other news, this guy apparently acts as a counter-Z to the one in the linkdump in case anon is interested in that kind of thing: https://www.youtube.com/c/UkraineCombatFootage/videos I am not.
>>38015 The HIMARS systems were just meant to replace the MLRS systems destroyed in February so I don't really know why everyone is treating them like a wunderwaffen, but I'll report what I see anyways. And you're not wrong, but the ridiculous amounts of rockets may not be that big of a deal when Ukraine keeps using a ridiculous amount of munitions. Russians use an even more ludicrous amount, but the Russians have functional supply lines/factories to supply them.
Is DPA okay? He's getting more and more cringe on twitter last couple of days.
>>38021 He's pissy about being shadowbanned on jewtube and with getting fed false information by some of bis sources, so he's just taking it out on people in traditional Chinese (Singaporean) fashion.
Open file (158.70 KB 352x640 88QEqARJAiS4hngX.mp4)
Open file (923.04 KB 854x480 i8QHH6-JADCX7Z3O.mp4)
Open file (3.12 MB 720x1280 PMtbx-kDpRtaDcrm.mp4)
Open file (2.96 MB 1280x720 RmoSeBXu5UkIyypN.mp4)
Open file (1.43 MB 640x352 BRRp_GNSGiR205JV.mp4)
Open file (1.52 MB 854x480 aWf5aZNsSnq1_p62.mp4)
Open file (2.10 MB 464x848 ZkmT8p45jF2HwCJQ.mp4)
Open file (1.56 MB 720x1280 zc1k_bn4iS-A1hZV.mp4)
Open file (551.70 KB 368x640 Zgyyblyxm0BpxiRE.mp4)
Open file (3.05 MB 640x352 kS-3UicZViq70pfX.mp4)
Open file (3.67 MB 848x464 YijKkSd2910UsVde.mp4)
Open file (2.26 MB 960x720 rKEtKkgoICSrzjC-.mp4)
Open file (4.50 MB 1280x720 NW9X66_dgu6gH1sa.mp4)
Open file (1.26 MB 688x1280 uQTUCSKYypxxz2Mn.mp4)
Open file (6.94 MB 1280x720 yRjWqzIAomSD-3Mt.mp4)
>>38022 How does youtube shadowbanning work? I can still find videos through invidio.
>>38032 I think it just doesn't recommend the videos, sometimes not even notifying subscribers, you'll find it if you look for it though.
There are all these people fighting for their dear life, all those cities and towns and villages being flattened, and I'm sitting in my room, thinking how it's so boring that seemingly nothing's happening.
>>38040 Assuming the rumors of NATO directly intervening by late August/early September turn out to be just rumors, I'm willing to feel that NATO's rule will end in a squeaky whimper rather than a big bang.
>>38041 I certainly hope so. >>38040 As it should be. Be glad the fighting isn't near you.
>>38040 Other people's problems are not your problems and if you tried to care about all the suffering happening everywhere you would never get anything done domestically. That being said, other people's problems make for one's own entertainment when they emotionally detach from said problems taking place. That is the nature of war and conflict. After all, what's a war board without a conflict?
Military Summary update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpyX09eWpDA Russians either getting pushed back or unable to advance along the front lines. Nobody actually knows if these gains are a change of pace in the war or pyrrhic victories. Dima will be "live" with this week's projections in about 20 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkIxdUEy7cQ
DPA launching war games to try and get more activity on the channel if you want to check that out: https://www.youtube.com/c/DefensePoliticsAsia/community War game mapping: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?entry=yt&mid=1Fq95gZhN9JnJTOzytQyqh1avY-P2FIs >Since the war is very slow we will wage our own virtual war Heh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N82OVuVAehM >Kanatovo Air Base was struck in central Ukraine >Talked about Odessa strike right after the treaty >Zelensky is fuming over the port strike in Odessa and ragging on it like a new holodomor >Ukraine says Russians bombed Oleksandrivka (which was confirmed under Russian control five days ago) >Ukrainians seemed to be lying about Kryvyi Rih front, but there's a lot of action there >Russians also have shit maps in the area though >Humanitarian situation emerging over the water supply in Mariupol >Everything from Zaporizhia to Kharkiv is fucking slow >Lots of Russian shelling along the border to keep Ukrainians in place >Troop rotations are beginning on the Russian side which would explain how silent the meat grinder has been >The Chechens have been incredibly silent and may not be on the frontlines any more >Complains about how one-sided the virtual war games are going since most of his viewers are pro-Russian
>>37967 >It's making other nations cold against the West as much as it is justifying Russian responses and further annexation of Ukraine If Zelensky keeps this shit up pretty soon there won't be a Ukraine soon enough.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=EptKPpDFUv0 >Great Ukrainian Offensive began >And reports turned to a trickle shortly after it started as it failed >No bridges were destroyed >The British are the ones pushing this operation near Kherson >British MOD pushing unsound claims about Ukrainian progress in Kherson >EU is making exceptions to Russian aviation sanctions in exchange for titanium which is in short supply >"There will be no sanctions on food and pharmaceutical products from Russia or on any party that transports it." >This also effectively ends the sanctions on Lukashenko >EU has extended the exemptions on oil sanctions >The treaty on food exports basically gets rid of most of the most important sanctions on Russia >And gives the EU/NATO a means to quietly pull out of Ukraine without losing face >Ukraine has defaulted on its foreign debt this week >Actual default not "Russian-style default" where there are legal challenges in American courts because of sanctions forcing a default >Otherwise just blustering about economics
Allegedly there's deep shit happening over in Moldova with the opposition party trying to kick out the pro-Western government. The Ex-President of Moldova (arrested on treason charges and supposed to be under a gag order) has more popularity than the acting president or prime minister and is calling for the current government to resign. Shenanigans seem to be afoot. The vice-chairman of the pro-Russian opposition party was apparently thrown in jail as well and there were protests over it. The Western government apparently pissed everyone off with a pride parade in Chisinau as well. I verified bits and pieces through some Western sources that were buried that it wasn't flat-out propaganda, so have a Russian news article: https://archive.ph/wmh5Q CHISINAU, July 24 - RIA Novosti >Supporters of the opposition Shor party are protesting in front of the General Prosecutor's Office in Chisinau, demanding the release of the arrested vice-chairman of the political force Marina Tauber, RIA Novosti correspondent reports. >The demonstrators also demand the resignation of the leadership of President Maia Sandu , accusing the government of persecuting the opposition. The picketers are holding banners and chanting "Freedom to Marina Tauber", "Hands off the Shor party", "Stop persecuting the opposition". >Earlier, prosecutors charged the politician with knowingly receiving party funding from an organized crime group and falsifying a report on the financial management of a political party. The day before, Tauber was arrested for 30 days. >The head of the National Center for Combating Corruption, Iulian Rusu, spoke on the TVR channel about Moldova about the likely liquidation of the Shor party, if it is proved that this political formation was illegally financed. He acknowledged that the investigation became interested in the situation around the protest on July 19, which was organized by the Shor party in the central square of Chisinau . >The "Shor" party organized and held a protest under the slogan "New Life" in the center of Chisinau on June 19. More than 40 thousand people (of a population of 3.2 million) took part in the action. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the rise in prices in the country and the inaction of the authorities. >The day before, the police did not allow the organizers to set up a stage for speakers. As Tauber stated at the time, the Shor party planned to share the stage with the organizers of the concert, which was planned after the protest. The concert itself was to be held with the participation of Russian performers - Philip Kirkorov , Dava, Ivan Dmitrienko. However, the event was disrupted by the police, who blocked the transport carrying machinery and equipment for the stage.
Open file (509.35 KB 3500x1447 20220629125117.jpg)
The general consensus of the update videos posted ITT is that Russia has had Ukraine on the back foot for months, are there pro-Ukranian accounts/channels that agree with that current state of the war?
>>38057 Sounds like it's time for a purg- >The Western government apparently pissed everyone off with a pride parade in Chisinau as well Never mind, Cykas welcome What's the more likely scenario though? Russians invading or Romanians invading?
>>38066 of course not. they're all dedicated to propaganda & fake news, building up their audience's hopes to eventually get shattered.
In other news: When I went shopping today, German beer prices were back to pre-war levels. Looks like no happening after all.
>>38066 No, and there never was. There was one for a couple months into the war, I forget the name, that at least reported Russian gains instead of completely ignoring them. But after Russia started making huge gains in Mariupol/Izium it went full retard like every other channel. >>38071 Russia is building a big, beautiful war in Ukraine, and the USA and Europe are paying for it.
>>38047 Are you badass enough to win this wargame for ukrainians, /k/?
>>38066 It depends on how you interpret the statement, but there are a few pro-Ukraine realists in the linkdump (Military and Foreign Affairs channel, War in Ukraine channel).
>>38068 >What's the more likely scenario though? Romanians being allowed in by the failing Western government as "peacekeeping operations" that were "welcomed by the people of Moldova."
>>38057 >The Western government apparently pissed everyone off with a pride parade in Chisinau as well. Anglos and their influence have been a disaster for the human race.
Open file (4.99 KB 225x225 3tuo0d.jpg)
>daily DPA/Byelorussian man summary anon is late
Open file (699.81 KB 1560x1303 4k-drone.png)
>4k drone sales by hohols The videos with Ukrainian front line soldiers complaining about pay cuts and no ammo weren't larping. Their commanders are running a Walmart for NATO military hardware! (Pic related) Coke head clown Zelensky firing his intelligence officers means they're even selling info to make up for their unexpected pay cut. kek! What an utter shit show!
>>38091 >Late Sometimes when things are slow I don't bother listening in on what's going on since it's going to be 10% news 90% speculation anyways and I won't miss much waiting a day or two. Some days like today I'm building prototypes so I have to actively listen and can't have an earbud in. The reports right now are mostly going to consist of... >Russia took out a large number of Ukrainian soldiers >This doesn't matter short-term but will continue to whittle down Ukraine long-term On days like those time is better spent listening to Mercouris' speculation on treaties and the like. Just for you though... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-tmHuA6y7k >Ukrainian special forces were sent to steal Russian planes >Found a pilot >Turns out the "pilot" was Russian special forces masquerading as one >Ukraine gave them classified information on a clear pathway around their anti-air systems >Gave the Russians the money >Russians used this information to destroy anti-air systems all over Southern Ukraine while laughing their asses off >Zelensky dismissed the people involved in that special operation >Russians allegedly established a bridgehead in Novolugansk towards the power plant (again?) >Russians claiming control over that power plant near Donetsk >This paves the way for shelling Kurdiumivka cutting off Ukrainians along the Southern Donetsk front from supplies LiveUA is corroborating these claims of success near Vuhlehirsk power station so I'll believe it for now. This is pretty huge if true since it means Russia is two/three towns away from having full rail access from Moscow to Donetsk and can launch an attack from the South heading North (soon).
>>38095 >Just for you though... What can I say, you spoiled us anon. Thanks for the spoonfeed. I heard about the whole plane thing, pretty funny if true, a lot of channels were posting about it, in combination with Zelensky firing some SBU fags so the story might check out. There's also some reports of another Isonzo Kherson offensive in the works
>>38095 >Russian special forces masquerading as one A spetsnaz working as intelligence? doesn't that mean the special special forces?
>>38093 Nice fake webpage, vatnik.
>>38095 >f true since it means Russia is two/three towns away from having full rail access from Moscow to Donetsk and can launch an attack from the South heading North Realistically wouldn't this be GG? Like unless the Ukros can somehow manage to drum up enough support (and with the news of Donetsk Ukrainians going back to their captured hometowns because of being promised their pensions back and having nowhere else to go this seems unlikely) I don't see how this whole thing won't end up in more bloodbaths.
>>38119 >Realistically wouldn't this be GG? Yes and no. No because it'll be like the LPR phase of the war, where Russia is positionally in a GG moment, but Ukraine still somehow finds enough bodies to slow the Russians from closing out the victory. Ukraine will be able to hold on, until it can't. Though the head of the DPR says liberating the DPR won't take longer than the end of August. I wish I could know what he knows to make this claim. >>38095 It may be something lost in translation, but the Telegram version of the spy story also says Ukraine had plans to poison the Russian pilot after delivery of the plane. >Possibly luck out in finding an enemy that will sell you very valuable secrets. >You want to kill him anyway because fuck Vatniggers. What a hopeless gaggle of kikes lol.
pretty sure "vatnik" is an astroturfed forced meme.
>>38121 Vatnik is like normie. Any self-respecting anon (outside of ironic use) would just say vatnigger the same way one would say normalfag if they don't glow. It's actually a very useful filter.
Open file (16.18 MB 1280x720 TPP.mp4)
>Video from the Uglegorsk TPP, which was liberated by Wagner Group Other than that, not much news last few days. There was a story of some encirclement of 2000 Russian troops at Kherson front, few days ago, but it turned out to be another lie.
>>38121 It's not forced at all, it's a term used to describe russian nationals online because of the jackets they often wear. It's just that now because russia is the bad goy on the block "vatnik" has become the new "fascist".
This conflict seems to be quite comparable to the second Sino-Japanese war. Of course, I don't mean the manpower and resources aspect, because in that regard Russia is more comparable to China, but the overall feel with the Western sanctions and support is somehow similar.
https://archive.ph/5ub2w >Russia Will Now Help Ukrainians "Get Rid Of Regime," Lavrov Says I wonder if Zelensky ever wishes that he had just stuck to comedy?
>>38132 I dunno. But if I was Zelensky, I would absolutely feel like being chosen by the West to spearhead a crusade against Russia is one of the most sublime comedies of the century.
>>38132 It just proves that Putin will not stop until all bow to him or he and all his cronies are removed from power. The restoration of the Ukrainian borders cannot be our only goal, it must be the total removal of the Putin regime from any position of influence at all. No friend of Putin can have significant private property or government positions, or military, or police, or justice positions. Only then will this end. Give them the Napoleon solution: Banish them to an uninhabited island far away from their home country under heavy guard.
>ukrainians use Switchblade on border post, targets a man in visibly civilian clothing >they claim its FSB agent >turns our it's a trucker for Moldova I don't know man, if I had all the western supplied tech, I'd use it against actual enemy combatants, and not a bunch of civvies in Donetsk or some dude in civilian jacket at a borderpost
>>38135 Switchblades are literally useless though.
Open file (12.12 MB 1280x702 sba.mp4)
>>38136 True. So far they've been underwhelming. Basically only useful on open ground, seen several videos where it did jack shit against even minimal cover.
Open file (53.30 KB 752x640 Manhack.jpg)
>>38136 >>38137 Speaking of switchblades, has there been any good footage of those switchblade drones mentioned a few threads ago? I haven't heard anything about them since.
>>38138 >manhacks are just switchblade drones >hopper mines are just russian tank killers can't wait to see how headcrab shells get worked in
>>38138 I've seen a few on Telegram, unfortunately didn't save any. Two did absolutely nothing, one hit electrical wire while on terminal velocity to strike Russian tank crew that were out of their tank. The video cut off once it hit the wire, so it might have done some damage, might have done nothing dunno. And now this one. Seen several ones that got caputed by Russians. Apperantly they're noisy so you can hear them coming and take cover.
>>38134 >Putin: fuck around and find out >hohol anon: OBVIOUSLY THE PROBLEM IS THAT WE HAVEN'T FUCKED AROUND HARD ENOUGH Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
>>38132 This comes right on the cusp of Russian-trained Ukrainian Brigades being battle ready come September.
>>38136 >>38137 Switchblades were developed for American soldiers to deal with insurgents who use DIY IED hit and runs. Not for use in active combat with a modern power.
>>38142 I'm a German. It's not only ukes, nobody likes Putin. Fuck Putin, can't wait for Russia to have a Nigeria-tier economy after Europe switches to renewables/nuclear thanks to the current shitshow.
>>38145 I hate you but I am glad you are here.
Open file (145.46 KB 512x512 file_94678776.jpg)
>>38145 >I'm a German Get ready for a fun winter anon!
>>38145 I'm sure on some planet your use of "nobody" is quite impressive. But your weak link is, this is Earth.
>>38147 Always have 2 years of firewood stocked up and a wood oven ready. As anyone sensible should have. That and 10 months of emergency food, and a well in my yard, and vegetable gardens, fruit trees, etc. I'll be alright. I'd worry more for the urbanites, both in Russia and the West. Those guys can't really prepare to the same extent.
>>38145 >after Europe switches to renewables/nuclear remind me again how "new" your newest nuke plant is?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=SuzCSOARRAk >Ukraine brigades will be ready by September if they started training in March >At the last cities of phase 2 of the war On the economic/political side: >tl;dr- (Austrian economic) libertarians were right about what will happen and central planners can get fucked >The gas situation will never improve now because Russia is trading to India via Iran instead to counterbalance China >The Italian dude is smart but dishonorable (discussed that situation in greater detail) Other stuff too but those were the main takeaways since I couldn't jot notes while watching today.
>>38145 >I'm a Germ- Stopped right there.
>>38145 >/nuclear The Great Reset/New World Order would like to have a word with you about how they can't allow that since it would stabilize the slave- er, civilian population.
>>38145 Hi you doin krautsperg, was getting worried of not seeing you around
Open file (316.48 KB 640x360 Putin Laughing.mp4)
Poland & Czech Republic suffer labour shortage due to blue collar Ukrainian workers being conscripted and deported back to Ukraine! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JO3PscgC44 About a quarter of the 800,000 Ukrainians working out-of-country have either gone back or been forced back.
Open file (2.40 MB 848x480 1658872231257384.webm)
Kherson bridge got shelled again, results of the shelling are unknown
>>38157 And I still cannot find a job.
>>38122 >>38128 I see, thanks. I wasn't entirely familiar
Military Legends did a short video explaining how it was mostly NATO training that has kept this war going so long, and also why the Ukrainians have had shortfalls whenever they have to rely on their old Soviet playbooks because of the training falling short or not being used with conscripts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzQVG2Pyny4
>>38127 Post Zmeynij Ostrov, pidorasha
>>38145 The majority of people I know want Putin to win, out of sheer spite for the shitters up top. >can't wait for Russia to have a Nigeria-tier economy after Europe switches to renewables/nuclear By that time OUR economy will be Nigeria-tier and we still have a winter in front of us with gas most likely getting heavily rationed and both conventional stoves & wood pellets already being bottlenecked. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that Prussoids cheer on while their government shits up the economy. I take you'll just continue beating every single mud country in immigration statistics here and move over to help drag us down with you?
Open file (1.05 MB 963x1143 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 848x464 1658908562718875.webm)
>>38158 State as of now. Pretensioned cables it was using (or something dunno not a bridgologist) are fucked too.
Open file (69.72 KB 869x561 Avdeevka.jpg)
Some shenanigans goin on at Avdeevka, Russians have been conducting intensive artillery barrage since 0500. There was a rumor a week ago that they planned to attack Avdeevka in order to prevent UAF from shelling civilians in Donetsk. This could be it.
Open file (4.00 MB 1280x720 Avdeevka2.mp4)
Another footage from Avdeevka this morning.
1) ukies attack another Russian border guard Troebortnoye checkpoint Bryansk region 2) Ukrainian soldier with his head and hands cut off. 3) ukies set up defenses at Slovyansk 4) ukie surrender 5) The first Chinese army tank train arrives in Russi
Open file (10.27 MB 1280x720 IMG_6447.MP4)
Open file (1.58 MB 828x827 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.56 MB 828x605 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.22 MB 828x1016 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 828x616 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38170 1st video alleged footage of the Antonovsky bridge being hit, rest are the dead ukies at Uglegorsk TPP
world Econ is reporting that Ukraine state gas company NAftogaz has officially defaultedbecause they were unable to pay the interest on 2019 Eurobonds https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAIsY1u-OUU
>>38176 I forget we had flags.
Open file (13.17 MB 1280x720 Buhanka-chan's March.mp4)
>"The Russians are advancing because they simply don't know what to do. They don't have a defense strategy" -Arestovich I'm starting to like this guy
>>38174 Is it just me or do the chinese tanks look like upsized cheap plastic toys?
>>38181 For a split second I thought Russians want to show off their Armatas, then realized that they are not those at all. I think it's mostly due to the camouflage, they look bright green, and those ˝futuristic˝ angles do resemble some 90s toy.
>>38134 >>38145 Julian Röpcke posts on /k/?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-90#Russo-Ukrainian_War >During the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, the T-90 faced modern anti-tank missiles such as the American-produced FGM-148 Javelin and the Anglo-Swedish NLAW, which have been known to be able to defeat these tanks.[36][37] Russian forces attempted to counter these top-attack missiles by adding improvised steel grilles—sometimes referred to as "cope cages"[38] due to skepticism from military analysts over their effectiveness—to the top of the turret.[39][40][41][42][43] British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace describes the "futile use" of cope cages by Russian forces as "nothing short of tragic... their commanders' failures to adapt before entering them into such a conflict is criminal". Wikipedia at its finest.
DPA did a good summary of Lithuanian-Russian economic warfare up until this point. Apparently it's getting religious. Greentext would be too long for a niche topic but it's worth a watch if you want the history of their conflict since the end of June. https://youtube.com/watch?v=h0oSSMjTRoM
>Zelensky is speaking out in favour of Boris Johnson, urging Britons to not let him "disappear" from British politics and for him to continue to hold political positions I didn't think Boris had any allies left at all, and for Zelensky to be the one still sticking by him is even weirder.
Open file (409.19 KB 640x360 desperate.mp4)
>>38189 That's what desperation does to people strelok.
Open file (184.36 KB 1920x1080 Britain.jpg)
>>38189 >And Zelensky supporting him is weirder Not really. I've said from day 1 that it was LONDON then Bulgaria/Romania/Poland, then America supporting this war in Ukraine. Boris Johnson was one of the heaviest advocates of UK involvement in Ukraine and was happily sucking Zelensky's cock in order to fulfill the Crown's hate-clit over Russia.
Open file (1.53 MB 498x280 tenor.gif)
>>38180 >The Russians are too stupid to not know how to advance. I... What?
>>38180 I mean he's not wrong. When Ukraine has exhausted all means of negotiation that don't involve Russian surrender, and Russia is "winning," then Russia's only option is to continue the beatings until Ukraine does the regime change themselves (coming in September, maybe October).
>>38192 Kek, maybe it's some sort of reverse psychology psyop? >betcha can't stop the offensive, only smart people would do that >>38193 [BEATINGS WILL CONTINUE UNTILL MORALE IMPROVES]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Nbu40cNwx2Q French Zoomer shits on both militaries.
>>38196 >zoomer How to out yourself as a newfag in one easy word.
But seriously fucking up this bridge is the only real threat to russian advances and it is the only thing ukrainians succeeded in in this conflict so far. Its very important. Perhaps not as important as ukrainian economy getting kill and Zelensky screaming that western banks need to be prosecuted for warcrimes >>38196 This has been posted already. >>38175 Yeah its different angle I didnt post it because well it is the same thing but one looks nicer.
>>38149 >I'll be alright. Do you have ammo to kill all the muslims that will try to steal your shit?
Open file (217.75 KB 680x680 Buhanka Chan V.gif)
All wars could be avoided, but this one is so fucking retarded I don't know where to start, the 90s or 2014. What's more disgusting is the Ukies dying by the thousands due to their fucking retarded government and their kike head while NATO and the USA shit out weapon and oil deals to the direct detriment of Europe.
>>38202 At this point Urban Progressives are probably a bigger threat than Muslims, anon.
>>38203 Don't forget how the Saudis and the Turks seem to be the only non-Russia-aligned countries benefitting from this catastrophe. Well, even that is debatable since the Saudis and the Turks have been cozying up to Russia the last few weeks.
>>38157 I am amazed at how Globohomo govts saw Covid's market come to a screeching halt due to stuff like this and didn't even think of boosting up domestic worker quotas. >>38168 Most people in Europe just want the war over full stop. It's a massive issue too since the majority of the governments play the "Hawk disguised as a Dove" role of sending military and economic aid to Ukraine when the people are clearly telling them to stop if they don't gain a thing from it. >>38185 >cope cages Based, and dare I say it, vatpilled
>>38185 >Wikipedia at its finest. It really is pretentious, mediocre trash. It pisses me off because I've always been an autodidact, and if it weren't retarded, I would thrive on there. Instead, it's a MMORPG for mediocrities & autists to feel smart & powerful, ruling over articles with an iron fist because that's their only source of power in life. The overall culture and social norms are just shitty. Maybe in the future, Wikipedia can be used to springboard a far better project. I think a fundamental problem is that there's no editorial board like real encyclopedias have. There's no authority to appeal to for deciding content, it's all just crowd-sourced, which leads to biased garbage. "Consensus" and "reliable sources" can easily be gamed. Pardon me for going off, it's just something that's irked me for awhile.
>>38207 It would not be any better under editorial boards. Governments or financial interests would simply seize power then and you'd be none the wiser. For a better project, you need a social class of, and I hate to say it """empowered intellectuals""" to kick out such things for their own self-interest and I don't see that happening in the near future. Or, you know, you could just do what people did in the past and make priesthood/elders in charge of that.
>>38210 yea, all that is true. an editorial board would only be better in theory, in practice it would get kiked. I guess ultimately, Wikipedia reflects the shitty state of our intellectual culture.
Open file (415.23 KB 456x598 1624772612228.png)
>>38207 >>38210 >take the hampill >establish mesh nets >??? >PROFIT That's the only way out of this I see in the short term. The technical barrier replaces the "puters are mysterious" phenomenon that kept most normalfaggots from doing much more than word processing for school or work back in the day; the fact that it's explicitly against Federal law to use amateur radio for commercial purposes (and you can actually sue the Feds if they don't enforce their own shit -- I don't know the details, but apparently ecohippies do it all the damn time, so it seemingly does work) should keep (((corporate America))) from meddling too much long enough for the Great Collapse to render them irrelevant. At the very least, it would be a welcome reprieve. Remember, normalfags haven't *actually* gotten any more technologically adept; tech companies have just wrapped it up in colorful foam padding and slapped a giant pair of training wheels on it for them. And *that's* our opening.
Open file (603.33 KB 1261x885 gup_winter_trench.jpg)
Cold showers as German city of Hanover reacts to Russian gas crisis https://archive.ph/7Hz93 >In a bid to save energy, Germany's northern city of Hanover has decided hot water will no longer be available for hand washing in public buildings, or in showers at swimming pools, sports halls and gyms. Public fountains are also being switched off to save energy, and there will be no night-time lights on major buildings such as the town hall and museums. Mayor Belit Onay said the goal was to reduce the city's energy consumption by 15% in reaction to an "imminent gas shortage" which posed a significant challenge for big cities. The rules apply to heating, too. Public buildings will not have any heating from April to the end of September each year, with room temperatures limited to a maximum of 20C for the rest of the year - with some exemptions. The city is also banning portable air conditioners, heaters and radiators.
Open file (1.12 MB 229x300 Bird.gif)
>>38215 post yfw not german
https://youtube.com/watch?v=wTB8UJyWNc8 Belarusian man update: >Ukrainians have begun moving agricuktural equipment away from Northern Donetsk suggesting they are preparing for retreat and robbing everyone on their way out >Russia allegedly made a massive breakthrough in central/Southern Donetsk along the heaviest trenchlines that were supposed to hold for another month >This comes almost immediately after a report of 18 officers killed in that area >"If Pirske falls the nearby villages will be easy pickings" >Comments say Somali volunteers broke through Pirske >Avdeevka in operational encirclement >This could stop the entire Kherson offensive on Ukraine's side since they will have to reinforce Donetsk area now
Open file (94.43 KB 800x900 mfw_not_kraut.jpg)
Open file (302.04 KB 694x590 1638723930264 (1).png)
>>38217 Wait, what the devil are Somalians doing mixed up in this shitshow to begin with?
>>38220 Not literal Somalis anon. Somali battalion. It was nom de guerre of a battalion that Givi commanded. When the first battles in Donbass broke out almost a decade ago, that battalion was poorly equipped in the beginning, which is they they often jokingly said they fought like Somalis with rusty AKs. Now, Somali battalion on one of the most famous and accomplished battalion withing pro Russian forces in Donbass. Also, not sure if you're being sarcastic
Open file (63.85 KB 562x632 1628242043282.jpg)
>>38222 Ohhhh, okay, that makes a little more sense kek. >spoiler No, I wasn't, I promise; I just haven't been paying that much attention to this war.
Open file (1.25 MB 854x480 qrt9pRMlpIIFNwQH.mp4)
Open file (1.76 MB 464x848 KmMvfLL9XUn8dbmj.mp4)
Open file (19.38 MB 704x1280 uP8cm5lH21wEY4nY.mp4)
Open file (1.00 MB 720x1280 3N532QEV1L6upWLJ.mp4)
Open file (393.30 KB 1280x960 FUPDAkFWAAA1O9S.jpg)
>>38217 b a s e d >>38220 gotta get your pirates from somewhere.
>>38207 Yeah as it turns out maybe we shouldn't have ditched traditional encyclopedias after all.
>>38219 does the name transpunk mean anything to you
Open file (421.57 KB 606x869 1621785641498.png)
>>38225 Fuckin' A, last I checked, only World Book was still in print. And even that's probably pozzed with (((idpol))) by now. I just gave my old childhood set to my brother-in-law to aid in homeschooling their kids, and I'd be lying if I told you I don't miss them at times. Feels bad man. >>38226 No, I'm sorry, it doesn't. Please tell me that's, like, "across" or "beyond" punk, and not some fucking tranny bullshit.
Please stay on topic, with kherson bridge down, ukraine defaulting and russians making a breakthrough on Donetsk line we are entering very interesting, possibly final, moment of this war.
>>38217 Today's update was mostly just speculation and minor gains with the West finally admitting some Russian gains. At the end he mentioned that Poland is indeed preparing to annex Western Ukraine sending in Polish peacekeeping forces so that Ukraine can redirect their military police to the front lines. https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZtnTYMpsfAk
>>38225 You say that, but several prominent dictionaries are changing definitions of Woman to be trans-inclusive.
Open file (116.29 KB 275x363 mein kampfy bed.png)
>>38216 >mfw I'll probably be freezing a little this winter too. But at least I'm not German.
>>38217 >Avdeevka in operational encirclement Wow. That's fast. I thought Avdeevka was supposed to be one of the hardest places to crack in all of Donbass, because that's where most of the Ukrainian artillery is. But then again, Avdeevka was set up for killing civilians and fighting militias, and not against a regular army.
>>38231 It's been within an angel's kiss of 100 degrees here for two months, I'm looking forward to freezing.
>>38228 >we are entering very interesting, possibly final, moment of this war. Are we really at that point? Will US and UK try and pull off some last minute bullshit to prevent Ukraine from falling and the war ending or will they just wash their hands of the whole thing?
Open file (185.72 KB 1148x445 commercial_ecwcs_lvl1.png)
>>38231 Buy yourself some ECWCS my Euro nigga. It makes a world of difference, trust me. Even just the base layer would help a lot if rationing gets your apartment or house down to like 10 C. Also a kerosene (paraffin if your a Bongaloid) stove might be a prudent investment if shit gets *really* entertaining over there. /k/ should have this shit already, except those who live in the tropics or whatever I guess, but I'm just throwing this out there for anyone who "hasn't gotten around to it yet", or to whom it might simply not have occurred to do so. >>38230 Honestly, seeing actual women get taken down a peg here and there is the only silver lining of this plotless slasher movie we're living in. I mean for me, at least. Sucks that it's hitting the kids, though.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=E-tLEPsH5Eo Alexander mostly talked about how the Western response right now is the fault of intelligence communities trying to save their skins, and how America is cruisin' for a bruisin' with China.
Open file (81.34 KB 940x486 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (100.14 KB 911x591 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (95.04 KB 936x593 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (829.57 KB 900x506 ClipboardImage.png)
Apparently there is another parallel universe developing (or perhaps some serious Copa Cola) as Pro-Ukrainian sources are insisting that the Antonovsky bridge is completely destroyed and intelligence agencies are claiming 75,000 dead Russians (mere weeks after different intelligence agencies said there were maybe 15k dead Russians and that was a liberal estimate) with at least 80 HIMARS rockets launched. They're also falsifying headlines (first two pics): https://archive.ph/bdiBz Meanwhile the Pro-Russian sources are saying the bridge's superstructure is fine and there were only about 30 HIMARS rockets launched (still a fuckhuge amount, don't be deceived). Russian countersource as an example of what the Russians are saying: https://archive.ph/RvrIV >>38232 >Wow. That's fast. Most of the summary channels are late or struggling to keep up with what's going on.
>>38214 >hampill You mean the one where boomers fucking dox you for forgetting your callsign or, god forbid, shitty micspam?
>>38228 It won't be the final moment of the war but it will be the defining moment of the war. >>38234 >Are we really at that point? US and UK intelligence agencies are begging for just one more month because of complete loss of faith in them by Western leaders. If China decides now is the time to fuck with the Burgers, it could be the final countdown for this war as America is forced to drop support or face a "two front" war. Russia has already stated when they finish taking Donbass they will give Ukraine a final offer (some say they already gave it to them) and if they refuse they will raze the country to the ground East of the Dnieper (phase 3) before sending ethnic Ukrainian insurgents/brigades into Ukraine proper to enact regime change and install a pro-Russian government (phase 4). I don't think it's quite that bombastic right now, but it's clear that the Russians have run out of fucks to give about Ukrainians and Europe as a whole. Whatever happens within the next month will pretty much determine whether the rest of the war will go the way Russia wants or not short of direct military intervention from another country. It's the "final moments" for Ukraine to have a change to turn it around, but maybe not the literal final moments of the war unless there is a citizen's uprising before the Russians can force regime change.
>>38232 >Wow. That's fast. Russians have been working on encircling it from the north for a few good weeks. This conflict is all about positioning and taking a single hill can and will lead to opfors defeat in that area. >>38234 I have seen articles about germany sending 100 panzerhaubitzen, these are genuinely good and might buy ukrs some time. Of course if they ever arrive. I dont think brits and burgers can pull some bullshit out of their assholes fast enough, but we can never know.
Open file (86.03 KB 375x1024 1648513991719m.jpg)
>nobody mentions anything about the recent castration video showing vatniggers being vatniggers >avatarfagging /chug/trannies continue with their agitprop
Open file (149.80 KB 1280x1340 1629040397879.jpg)
>>38238 Yes, that one. I'm still quite new, but from what I've learned so far, various packet and RTTY-derived modes (and, I'm sure, others of which I yet remain ignorant) render both concerns moot; GPRS at least automatically appends your call sign, and EDAC exists. The use of encryption is forbidden, unfortunately (though in some ways understandably); but hypothetically speaking, there might be ways around that if one happened to live under some sort of oppressive regime, ways which would render your communications a garbled mess to outsiders without technically being encryption. Thank God I live in the Land of The Free™®℠©, and would never have any use for such unhealthy paranoia. Oh, and there's also the fact that local/regional nets could be linked to one another around the world through Internet gateways, which, as far as I know anyways, *can* use encryption on the Internet side without running afoul of any regulations (at least in Burgerstan).
>>38242 >words words words words words words Z
>>38210 >For a better project, you need a social class of, and I hate to say it """empowered intellectuals""" to kick out such things for their own self-interest and I don't see that happening in the near future. They tried that before wikipedia, it went exactly as badly as any other institution driven project. Academia might be more ego driven than government but it's no less petty. It's especially a field where ritualistic praise for ritualistic work is prioritized. Everything shitty about wikipedia (their system for sourcing, for instance) is taken from the midwit academics they were aping.
>>38242 >He hasn't been pinning every video of Ukraine executing Russian PoW's on Russia already. Low effort. This is not how you whip up the Western niggercattle into believing stopping Vladolf Putler and the modern Axis of Evil means giving away all the tax dollars to Israel and then starting a nuclear World War III.
>>38244 >I CAN'T READ I'm sorry you were dropped on your head as an infant.
>>38242 >nobody mentions anything about the recent castration video showing vatniggers being vatniggers By all means share with the class. Lead by example.
>>38242 >recent castration video showing vatniggers being vatniggers You mean doing the exact same thing ukros got caught doing earlier in the war, if it's even true? Oh the evil evil orcs, how devilish.
>>38242 >burning alive, torturing, slitting throats, eye stabbing, kneecaping are all fine, as long as they're Russians You reap what you sow, hohol. Finally the Russians are coming to the natural conclusion for what must be done to all hohols and hohol lovers.
What if we agree that committing war crimes is nigger tier no matter who does it? Mind you i have no idea if the guys deserved it.
>>38256 It is nigger tier. But neither is there true justice in the world by ignoring the most fair and equitable law of "This for that." just because it would make a nigger out of somebody.
>>38256 Well yes that's a given. Tit for tat and "an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind" are both correct, however one side has committed considerably more atrocities and is still advocating committing more while the other is a story of the frog and the scorpion and at least pretends to be professional about such things when supervised.
Viktor Bout will soon be prison swapped for the basketball nigress basketball that got arrested earlier in the war. Also Blinken will soon speak to Lavrov personally about the prisoner exchange and grain exports agreement
>>38256 But you don't understand! [Side I don't like] is literally the Devil and deserves to be exterminated! It's not like taking sides is pointless and both sides are the same shit coming from different assholes. [Side I like] is totally saintly and wholly justified in purging side I don't like, and totally aren't just as Jewish as the other side! Friendly reminder that Putin is no Hitler and certainly no renegade fighting against le globohomo. He is most certainly controlled opposition, since he's a part of the WEF Young Leaders. While I can admire the Russians, the fact is they're being marched to fight against their brother Slavs for their kike masters up high just as much as the Ukrainians are.
>>38263 >He is most certainly controlled opposition I don't know about that. I think he may have gone a bit rogue. At least as far as his assigned position in the (((rules based world order))). Seems that he possibly may have wanted to reshuffle the deck to try and obtain a better place in the pecking order. China is watching this play out and may decide to do the same, depending on how it goes.
Open file (79.63 KB 216x234 not this shit again.png)
>>38263 >Western institutions lose their shit >"He's working for Israel!" >Israel comes out and condemns Russia after failed emergency negotiations >"He's working for China!" >China is pissed because they wanted Russia on their leash and this Western fuckup has reversed the order of operations >"He's working for the WEF!" >WEF comes out and denounces Putin and Russia forms stronger ties with Iran who is basically the WEF's Satan country >"This is all a big ploy between Jewlensky and Poutine!" >Russia comes out calling for regime change >"Putin is just working for the West!" >Mass supply shortages expected across Europe as Russia expands Eurasian trade of their limited supplies denying the West from ever getting them unless they repair ties (and even then they will be more expensive than before) >Mass resignation of Western politicians >"He glows in the dark!" >CIA and other intelligence agencies are showing they are panicking internally as Western leaders threaten to make heads roll over their continued fuckups >"He's controlled opposition!" For fucking who? At what point do you faggots decide that Russia isn't "secretly working for [Mysterious being X]" and realize this has been one giant shit show?
>>38265 Don't you know, anon? Putin is working for the lizard people.
>>38237 I mean, we have photos and video clips from that bridge, even if the pretensioned cables are fucked it does not mean that pillars are rekt, in theory there is nothing preventing russians from just putting pontoon bridge segments on top or something. >>38242 its a war and we had castration, mutilation of corpses, outright execution, burning alive, using civilians as meatshields before. Hell wasnt castration passed as a state policy towards russian captives at one point? And even torture is not as terryfying as getting turned into mincemeat by artillery. >>38266 Brits are working against putin though
>>38265 And also: >Russia's chiefest rabbi flees country citing pressure from government officials to support the invasion. >Russia fully shuts down Jewish Agency, a migration agency for Jews moving to Israel, sometime after forcing it to stop processing migration applications around the same time as Russia begins its industrial mobilization.
Open file (200.21 KB 608x477 sad hitler.png)
So the ukros apparently shot a fucking POW camp in DPR with a HIMARS, killing more than 50 of their own soldiers in process , wounding almost 150, including a lot of captives from Azov. Russian sources assume it's because the prisoners started to talk.
>>38274 That sounds like an anglo/american old-time prime time tactic
>>38274 Could it be they mistaken it for Russian barracks? I wouldn't put it past Ukrainians to actually knowingly hit their own, either way. Also, Russians are retarded to put large POW camp within striking distance of Ukrainians.
>>38273 I think Putin put on his good goy hat for awhile, just as a Machiavellian tactic to consolidate power before making his move. But now he's gone rogue and rebelled against ZOG, which is the only way to explain the hysterical response to this.
>>38240 >100 PzHs Unlike existing deliveries to the Ukraine these vehicles will be shipped fresh from the factory line, given the absolute state of NATO industrial supply chains I highly doubt the Ukrops will see much if any of those Wunderlafetten before the war or world ends.
Open file (984.92 KB 640x360 tanya-evil.mp4)
>>38276 If Russians put it in ukro striking distance intentionally on the off chance to outsource the executions to their own compatriots that would be quite the dastardly move.
>>38279 Oh those pesky Russian hackers soldiers
Open file (13.28 MB 480x848 6218392257.mp4)
Russian cuts off ukrainian balls and penis
>>38281 I wonder what he did to get gelded?
Open file (19.05 KB 500x367 R (1).jpeg)
>>38281 That's pretty nuts
Apparently therr is now a passenger/car ferry to Mariupol and they had a concert recently, so it sounds like things are getting back to normal there.
Open file (172.14 KB 819x1024 1655295016618m.jpg)
>>38267 >ukranians video themselves kneecapping and executing russian POWs Proven to be a Russian fake. >ukranians video themselves stabbing a knife through a russian POW eye Proven to be a Russian fake. >ukranians psychologically torture russian mothers with phonecalls Compassionately notify Russian mothers when the Russian MOD refused to. >38274 >Russian sources Gonna stop you right there, chief. Practically everything that has come out of the Russian's mouth has been non-stop lies.
Open file (102.79 KB 500x500 bizarro.jpg)
>>38285 >Proven According to who?
>>38274 >Hire a Jew to whitewash Neo Nazi extremism. >The Jew backstabs your Nazis by first ordering them to defend indefensible positions. >Then promises them help that never comes. >Then bombs them in their sleep after calling them heroes to the international community. Lol. Lmao. Rofl. Classic Israel. Zelensky is the greatest comedian of the century.
>>38289 And a top model this pic is not a joke or shop.
>>38276 >Russians are retarded to put large POW camp within striking distance of Ukrainians. Anon...
>>38279 >>38276 >Russians They struck an LNR camp. Those are ethnic Ukrainians putting their own within their own territories. Russians are sending their PoWs to the LNR/DNR and only keeping international criminals in Russia proper.
>>38290 Gotta keep Ukraine relevant to normalfags who only understand "Russia bad" somehow when inflation is through the roof and the president is blaming the war, anon.
>>38274 I'm going to need a source on this if you can get it. If it's true this will basically be used as the new holocaust like they did with all the POWs in WWII that died from typhoid and starvation because of the allies carpet bombing supply lines.
>>38286 >>38287 Don't reply, they get paid for every reply to their posts they get.
>>38294 It's been all over the Russian telegram channels this morning, not sure if there's a good English summary anywhere yet.
>>38295 Honestly if "they" are getting paid then good on them so long as anon holds the conversation and responds legiimately. If holding it is impossible or they deflect I filter and ignore at that point.
Open file (45.43 KB 1024x755 1659091328416111m.jpg)
>Chechen war was almost 3 decades ago >everything that Dudayev claimed back then about Russia and the Russian army still is completely true https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MvyNbhtCDg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvwObW0sGD4 turns out the non-Kadyrov chechens were correct the whole time, Third Chechen War when?
>>38294 It's being reported in Western media too. It's being reported as both sides "trading blame", with Ukraine calling it a false flag to hide evidence of torture. Here's the BBC's take: >Russia and Ukraine have blamed each other for a rocket attack that killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners of war in the occupied part of Donetsk region. >Ukraine says the prison was targeted by Russia in an effort to destroy evidence of torture and killing. >For its part, Russia said the prison camp in Olenivka was hit by Ukrainian precision rockets. >Unverified Russian video footage of the aftermath shows a tangle of wrecked bunk beds and badly charred bodies. >An adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky said the scene looked like arson, and that a missile strike would have scattered the bodies. >Those detained are said to have included members of the Azov battalion, who were the last defenders of Mariupol and whom Russia has sought to depict as neo-Nazis and war criminals. Russia "sought to depict" Azov as neo-Nazis, wew. >Ukraine's new Prosecutor-General Andriy Kostin said he had opened a war crimes investigation into the blast. His office added that it believed about 40 people were killed in the strike and 130 were injured. >Daniil Bezsonov, a spokesperson for the Russian-backed separatist Donetsk People's Republic, said the strike had been a "direct hit on a barracks holding prisoners" and the number killed might increase. >Russia's defence ministry said the strike had been carried out with US-made Himars artillery and it accused Ukraine of a "deliberately perpetrated" provocation. The ministry produced fragments of what it said were rockets fired by the Himars system. >Russia accuses Ukraine of being willing to massacre its own prisoners of war, saying Kyiv insisted that prisoners from the Azov Battalion be housed in this particular warehouse. >With independent journalists not able to access the site, there's little anyone can do at the moment to verify the claims. Ukraine says it has a mountain of evidence, including an intercepted radio conversation between Russian-backed separatists, in which they talk about a series of explosions deliberately engineered by the rebels themselves. Other Ukrainian sources blame mercenaries from Russia's Wagner group. >Mykhailo Podolyak, another adviser to President Zelensky, said the Russian allegations were "a classic, cynical and elaborate false flag operation" designed to discredit Ukrainian authorities. "We demand a reaction from the UN and international organisations," he added. Andriy Biletskyi, a founder of the nationalist Azov Battalion, said a number of the unit's soldiers were among those killed.
Open file (228.80 KB 930x1024 1659117642460818m.jpg)
Open file (147.52 KB 452x583 sigh.png)
>>38300 Here are aftermath photos of Olenivka. Russians claim it was a HIMARS strike, even showing debris. But this is not what an unitary warhead explosion looks like. They don't set things ablaze unless it's fuel or ammo, which makes it pretty obvious that russians are lying, unsurprisingly.
>>38301 What does a unitary warhead explosion look like in the case of HIMARS?
Open file (10.04 MB 480x360 Hello Tourist.mp4)
Open file (212.52 KB 1280x720 getting over it.jpg)
The National Bank forbade money changers to display currency exchange rates on street signs >National Bank of Ukraine tightened the requirements for money changers and forbade them to display their exchange rate outside the cash registers, "attracting additional excessive attention to them with any digital values or symbols." >The NBU announced this on the evening of July 29. >Also, in order to control how money changers follow the order of currency exchange, there must be video surveillance cameras on their premises. In addition, information about the cash register (CRA) used by exchangers will be transmitted to the National Bank — this will make it possible to strengthen tax discipline because exchangers practically do not pay income tax. The obligation to submit information to the Register of premises in which currency transactions are carried out has also been restored for exchangers. >Such a decision was made in order to reduce speculation on the course and create a truly competitive environment. These changes do not apply to banks, as today, practically no abuses in the field of currency exchange have been recorded by them. If it is recorded, similar restrictions will be introduced. >The NBU explained that money changers artificially increase the exchange rate on the foreign exchange market, thereby actually supporting the existence of "ATM tourism". At the same time, demand and supply in the non-cash segment of the foreign exchange market stabilized. Thus, the National Bank believes that the exchange rates set by non-bank exchangers in recent days are based on a speculative principle. >On July 21, the National Bank changed the official exchange rate of the dollar in Ukraine for the first time since the beginning of the full-scale war. It grew by 25% and now stands at 36.5 hryvnias per dollar. It was explained as follows: "This step will allow to increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian manufacturers, bring exchange rates closer to different groups of businesses and the population, and support the stability of the economy in the conditions of war." Accordingly, the increase in the exchange rate of the hryvnia against the dollar will also affect the increase in prices in Ukraine — by 2-3%. from Ukrainian state news https://babel.ua/en/news/82228-the-national-bank-forbade-money-changers-to-display-currency-exchange-rates-on-street-signs https://archive.ph/pCGIz
>>38303 It basically just makes a hole in things with a very slightly scorched outer ring. The pressure wave from the explosion is strong enough it smothers any fire it could start before it can start except in the case of fuel or ammunition, which essentially lights after the pressure wave, and it doesn't last long enough to set fires after the initial blast (unlike thermobarics). The primary weaponized effects of a unitary explosive warhead is the pressure/blast wave itself and the fragmentation of the casing and the debris from whatever they hit. Note, unitary warheads on their own are also weaker than equally sized HE warheads because they are low collateral penetrator warheads designed to punch through buildings, not have the greatest damaging effect. The Russian photographic 'evidence' very clearly depicts the result of thermobaric warheads... which won't even fit on a HIMARS... and is predominantly used by the Russians in this conflict, because the US/NATO hasn't deployed their own over there precisely because of things like this.
Open file (88.74 KB 666x500 hohololdomor.jpg)
>>38277 >he's gone rogue and rebelled against ZOG, which is the only way to explain the hysterical response to this. Unless, and Im just throwing this out there as a wildcard possibility, this entire war's sole purpose is to distract normalfags from the Great Reset. Every great movie needs a great villain, after all.
>>38308 Why would the russians blow it up using thermobarics when they could just as easily and quietly make them disappear without a fuss? Blowing it up themselves makes no sense since russians know the western media would never report that anyways. It's absurd to think they would expose themselves to obviously avoidable controversy when they don't need to. This is like the Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people bullshit to try and get US involvement in Syria.
Open file (143.99 KB 1242x930 wait what.jpg)
>>38308 So Russians either false flagged themselves or Hohols used some captured/glowniggered/old Soviet stock thermobaric/incendiary warhead to enact retribution onto disgusting traitors who dared to surrender to P*tler instead of dying for Khazaria?
>>38301 Yeah sure, just as russians made major breakthroughs and azov prisoners started talking, a castration video goes viral. Then on another day russians bomb their own prison so that nobody will want to surrender and make their job easier. Clearly they have been torturing the prisoner all the time and now killed them to hide evidence of their warcrimes. >>38311 Or maybe he had a phone and battery exploded.
>>38311 >or Hohols used some captured/glowniggered/old Soviet stock thermobaric/incendiary warhead It is worth pointing out that Russia could be lying about it being specifically a HIMARS strike even if Ukraine was responsible. Better to blame it on the one the West is supplying, to have something to point to and say "look what you did".
Open file (839.50 KB 1024x577 ClipboardImage.png)
And if it were thermobarics virtually all corpses would be cremated.
>>38307 So in laymen's terms, after Ukraine officially defaulted on their debts they are now trying to use the age-old trick of inflation to try and stay afloat and prevent hyperinflation, and money changers were making it harder to hide this. Correct?
What are the chances of a war starting between the USA and China next week, now that Nancy Pelosi is still intending to visit Taiwan next week? I suppose it depends on whether or not China has a way of saving face if it doesn't follow through with its explicit, repeated, and prepared for threats of military action?
>>38317 Zero. The banks are trying to flee to china to preserve their wealth while escaping from western financial collapse. It looks like however china's economy is just as bad or worse, so it looks like the international banks are going to take it on the chink.
>>38318 >country's economy being crappy means it won't go to war I'm not sure I follow.
>>38308 It wouldn't surprise me either way, but what if the high explosives didn't cause the fire but triggered an electrical fire or something similar after they were kill? I know you mentioned thermobarics but anyone who's lit aerosolized components knows that those have a pressure blast too. In fact, thermobarics have a longer-lasting blast wave than traditional munitions.
>>38318 >you will live to see el Salvador became el Singapor
>>38310 Russians aren't always the smartest with propaganda and I'm not ruling out a Russian strike, but the Ukrainian story has more holes in it than an underaged Bavarian hooker after meeting a radicalized Wahabist.
>>38317 This seems more appropriate for the China thread so I responded to you there: >>38323
>>38321 Didn't they lose like 30% of their reserves some months ago? they traded lots of it for Bitcoin and it crashed a month later.
Open file (51.51 KB 870x710 1656098431005.jpg)
>>38312 >Yeah sure, just as russians made major breakthroughs
>>38329 >Russia takes Ukraine's second most important power plant post-Enerhodar reality >Laughing at gains Uhuh.
Open file (2.55 MB 478x854 1651249193200.webm)
Is it just me, or is this entire war in desperate need of a Brazzers watermark?
>>38309 It's an added benefit for the elites, definitely. I also think it's to take the blame for the planned and deliberate famine. It wasn't food processing plants and farms being sabotaged, it was the Russo-Ukrainian War.
Open file (13.07 MB 6500x4000 74799974_p0.jpg)
>>38335 Take good care of your men and your nuclear families this winter, brother. You are not alone. Disregard bots, acquire canned meats.
>>38309 >>38335 Maybe Putin is controlled opposition, or maybe he really did go rogue, and ZOG is opportunistically using this to push forth their Great Reset plans, which have been brewing for many years. I'd go with the latter personally. >>38338 indeed, we must be prepared. I for one will not live in slavery.
Open file (88.00 KB 591x768 fs2.jpg)
Open file (38.22 KB 591x501 fs1.jpg)
>The video of the "Russian" soldier castrating the Ukrainian soldier has been revealed as a fake >The sneakers that the alleged perpetrator wears were only given to the Ukrainian army in limited quantity, not to the Russians >Besides, why would a Russian soldier wear sneakers that have the color pattern of the Ukrainian flag? >And why are they all wearing Ukrainian camo pattern uniform? Now, I'm not sure if the video is fake or not, but I found this circling Russian telegram.
>>38345 Seems like a mistake to me for Russian audiences to bother with this. Who, as a Western leader, is going to give the tiniest shit about Ukraine lying about the war? And Russia already well knows Ukraine lies more than not. It also tells me Russians are vulnerable to optics cucking.
>>38347 True, I think they're pissed off because they have gone about of their way to portray themselves as relatively gentle, by not bombing power infrastructure, sanitary and all the bridges across Dnieper, and now all of their 'hard work' is backtracked by a possible fake. Which raises the question as to why do they even try to begentle with the Ukrainians in the first place. "The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility"
>>38345 You're right, both the victim and perpetrators have Ukrop camo. If I had to guess, I'd say they caught one of their own committing rape or similar. >>38348 They're too honorable for their own good. This tends to be a problem for us Whites.
>>38345 >How can a soldier of an army famous for stealing anything that can't run away and raping anything that can be wearing things not issued to him A puzzle for the ages.
>>38345 If I wanted to play devil's advocate, if I wanted a couple of guys to castrate an enemy soldier on camera, I'd might as well tell them to dress up as the enemy, so that we can spin the footage a few different ways. Of course, if I was on the other side, and two of my soldiers did this to one of their comrades for whatever reason, and they were dumb enough to film it, I'd immediately call it out for being enemy propaganda, and say that they were just wearing our uniforms. So again, this war is just too confusing, and I just want it to be finally over so that we can see what comes next.
>>38347 >Who, as a Western leader, is going to give the tiniest shit about Ukraine lying about the war? They keep lying, and people keep believing. It's sad and funny at the same time. >>38352 >I just want it to be finally over so that we can see what comes next Sure, we just have to wait a decade or five to get even slightly objective analysis of this war. Speaking of which, you guys think David Glanz is too old to research and write a book about this war in few years time? Man is pushing 80s
>>38352 And in the end it doesnt even matter with the amount of deaths and suffering present in this conflict everyday. One thing that gives me to think is that ukrs are claiming to have stalked the guys performing castration in this video yet I do not think that there was actually enough shown in there to actually do it.
>>38338 I pray I'll be able to help fight for my family as much as posible, and I pray we'll all make it through. >>38342 You're right. In the end, who Putin is or isn't doesn't matter, what matters is (((their))) plan. Let's all big big enough guys that, when the fire rises, we'll all be able to escape from the wreckage, even if it's extremely painful for us.
>>38345 It's interesting but not conclusive. Footwear is a big deal in war and I'm sure it's common for soldiers to take boots or shoes from the dead, whether friendly or enemy, if they're in better shape than their own.
Open file (18.80 KB 131x84 castrationbracelet.png)
Open file (126.64 KB 275x441 castrationhat.png)
Open file (303.81 KB 720x720 1631414266621.jpg)
>>38345 He was rocking a weird hat and bracelet too. >>38352 This smells like glowniggers to me. My source is intuition from studying too much horrible footage. >>38355 I think that's the best Bain post I've ever seen.
Open file (1.38 MB 1309x791 ono.png)
Open file (123.36 KB 1270x831 blayat tzu.jpg)
Alleged pictures of Chinese volunteers singing up to go to Donbass. No idea if the picture is legit or it was caputed earlyer or on some other unrelated event.
>>38362 Russians are holding wargames in the eastern part and I think chinks are invited too.
>>38363 >>38362 Probably has something to do with the fifth video in >>38174. China and Russia are conducting joint military exercises in Russia. Dunno if they're going to Donbass or not.
>>38363 >>38364 Shit, I forgot about those exercises. Could be some formal singing and shit then. The source did say they also don't know if it's true that they're singing up for Donbass. Guess Taiwan might get hot too.
>>38362 Hell, it probably beats living in China right now with all the lockdowns. I'd go to fight for Russia too if I was a bugman since it would be better than staying at home and starving.
>>38174 >Vid 1 >That one guy getting the fuck out of there Heh. Damn. >>38175 I wonder if they used the rain storm to help cover their tracks and avoid Russian air defenses. Would be kind of funny if it was successful because of rain.
Open file (916.70 KB 501x648 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38359 It's this guy apparently, i think there were some pictures of him that clearly shows he's a Russian soldier.
Open file (100.85 KB 1080x730 cancer.jpg)
>>37798 Being an uppity drunk private with a severe case of patriautism and who also wasn't aware of AIPAC.
>>38256 How about we agree the only crime in war is losing?
>>38391 The first thing to perish in war is truth/justice, however I would rather a society that tries to meet an ideal and fails over a society that never pursued the ideal in the first place.
>>38387 >Give it to Ukraine Russians are
>>38398 Are those Hohols or Vatniks? I still can't tell them apart
>>38400 Russians. Ukrainians have been dropping anti-infantry mines into the center of Donetsk city because fuck children and civilians. And ukrainians have tan cammo
>>38400 Technically they are both Hohols Those are DNR troops clearing Kievan petal mines.
Western search engines are trying to bury the story with sportsball news, however it seems that Serbia is going through some shit. Air-raid sirens sounded in northern Kosovo https://archive.ph/7dlEG >Air-alarm sirens sounded in northern Kosovo, in Kosovska Mitrovica, in the evening of July 31, Serbs are building barricades at Rudare, on the Pristina-Leposavic highway and near the town of Zvecan, the Vecernje Novosti newspaper reported. >It is noted that about 200 Albanians have gathered in the southern part of the city near the bridge that leads to the north side. There, according to the newspaper, the Serbs plan to march en masse to the place where barricades are being built. >Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said July 6 that Belgrade had refused to sign an agreement with the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo on mutual recognition, despite resolutions and calls from the European Parliament. >Starting from August 1, the documents, issued by the Serbian authorities, will no longer be valid in Kosovo. The authorities of the self-proclaimed republic announced the date of termination of the Serbian documents. >Serbian Foreign Minister Nikola Selakovic stated recently that Albanian authorities were planning to "arrange hell" for the Serbs living there by cancelling the documents issued by Belgrade. He also added that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic will meet with representatives of Serbs in Metohija and Kosovo, who are in a difficult situation, "which will culminate from hour to hour. >Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that at midnight the Kosovo Police will start a force operation against Serbs, RIA Novosti reported. According to him, the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic will block entry to citizens with Serbian documents and demand that vehicles be re-registered with Kosovo license plates. >The head of state stressed that Belgrade would try to keep the peace at any cost and urged citizens not to react to provocations. He also appealed to Western countries that supported Kosovo's independence and called on them to influence the authorities of the republic. >Police in Kosovo blocked the administrative crossing point "Brnjak" in central Serbia, reports "Vecernje Novosti". >It is noted that this happened after 6:15 p.m., thus blocking the movement of vehicles, passengers and cargo through this crossing point from the territory of the province. >Local media also state that numerous fighters from the Rapid Response Units have gathered in front of the new base of the Kosovo Border Police, armed with automatic weapons, helmets and bulletproof vests. >Police in self-declared Kosovo said they had closed two checkpoints because of the blockage of routes by Serbs. >Petar Petkovic, director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo and Metohija (KIM), said that the ban of the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic of Kosovo on entering the region with Serbian identity cards and Serbian-issued license plates from August 1 was unacceptable and was aimed at expelling Serbs from the region. >The Serbian Defense Ministry denied reports about military entry into the territory of Kosovo and Metohija >Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on Pristina to stop provocations and called discriminatory the rules of forced replacement of personal documents of Serbs as of August 1 >The diplomat stressed that Belgrade will not remain indifferent when it comes to a direct attack on their freedoms, and Kosovo, knowing this, deliberately aggravates it. Serbian Defense Ministry denied reports of confrontation with Kosovo police https://archive.ph/ZaMDu >The Serbian Defense Ministry issued a statement saying that the Serbian army had not crossed the border with Kosovo and was not involved in tensions in the partially recognized republic. Tonight, sirens and gunshots rang out in Kosovo, and Kosovo Serbs began blocking roads and building barricades. >"Due to the large amount of misinformation that the Pristina administration deliberately broadcasts and which is spread through fake accounts on social networks and some websites claiming that there has been a conflict between the Serbian Armed Forces and the so-called Kosovo Police, the Defense Ministry states that the Serbian Army has not currently crossed the administrative border and has not entered Kosovo and Metohija territory in any way," the Serbian defense ministry said. >Today, July 31, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the situation in Kosovo has become very difficult for Serbs. Earlier Albin Kurti, the prime minister of the partially recognized republic, announced that Kosovo Serbs need to re-register their cars according to Kosovo norms by September 30. In addition, Pristina intends to ban entry with Serbian documents from August 1.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1U6tw0OWJU >Fighting at Lomakovka >Russian KA-52 shot down deep in Ukrainian territory >Russian Naval day canceled in Sevastopol after a UAV strike on the naval base (allegedly an insider launched the drone strike) >Russians struck a train station in Pokrovsk >Antonovsky bridge is being repaired >Alleged offensive at Mykolaiv Oleksandrivka (according to twitter keyboard warriors) >Some fighting at Davydiv Brid Front >Russian fighters shoot down a Ukrainian Mig-29 over Kryvyi Rih suggesting a lack of air defense or ammunition on Ukraine's side >Ukrainian forces allegedly captured Olhhynye near Kryvyi Rih >Ukrainain recon is rampant in Kryvyi Rih >Nothing fucking happening in Zaporizhia >Donetsk is a meat grinder still >Bakhmut is still a meat grinder(Russians making slow but steady Popasna-tier gains) >Fighting picked up in Izium suggesting Russians intend to encircle the Ukrainain defenses >Ukrainian positions on the Eastern bank near Kharkiv are invalidated because the Russian MOD is untrustworthy >Ukrainians insisting they own Rubizhne still >Happy front is not so happy right now
>>38391 There's a middle ground between being a white knight paladin vs being an African nigger warlord. You also have to fight fire with fire, because being honorable while fighting a dishonorable enemy puts you at a disadvantage. I think the Russians have shown too much restraint, hopefully >>38401 will convince them to take it up a notch. >>38403 more kebab removal?
Open file (186.63 KB 665x453 ClipboardImage.png)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKOFTc0LV5w >Military Summary discusses petal mines >Russians forced to stop offensive operations in order to demine Donetsk so I guess that's a major success for Ukraine by committing war crimes >Suggests Ukraine is getting desperate >Spent the summary mostly fixing LiveUA's map >Russians are hunting down the mechanized brigades near Donetsk >Russians may be moving 16 new battalions to Kharkiv to encircle it before the winter
>>38405 >more kebab removal? Not yet. From what I can tell, it's the kebabs who took the initiative and it's looking like Serbian removal (for now.)
>>38408 >mudslimes striking first so they can show some puppy dog eyes to western retards when the reprisals come Oh so just like last time then.
>>38403 Serbs are subhuman gypsies, they will cry about hating nato and Kosovo being serbia but will take millions in aid money from USA and still be a 3rd world shit hole. You faggots only like them cause stupid internet memes, when in reality they are the biggest kurve in existence. They all leave their country to live in the west while simultaneously crying about everything. They will launch unsuccessful military campaigns then celebrate the losses. They will also bomb and genocide neighbour's but cry about nato bombing. Ask any serb about his opinion on Nato bombing, he will never tell you WHY they got bombed. Just like how the jew cries as he strikes you, the serb will cry victim as he kills others. I legitimately hope USA lets Croatia roll their shit. I can't wait to see Albanians steal Serbian tanks lmao (if they have any)
>>38411 >You faggots only like them cause stupid internet memes, when in reality they are the biggest kurve in existence. They all leave their country to live in the west while simultaneously crying about everything. They will launch unsuccessful military campaigns then celebrate the losses. They will also bomb and genocide neighbour's but cry about nato bombing. Damn, that sounds just like my fellow poles. You made me feel kinship towards serbs.
>>38412 >t. kacap
>>38403 Happening's canceled. Apparently Serbia cucked out and acquiesced to demands that return the problem to the negotiating table.
>>38411 That's practically how it is with all Slavs. They act all tough and stronk but when it comes to actual fighting they get blasted by their opponents and then they'll cry about it for years while no one else cares or at best pities them.
>>38411 By the way you type, you're honestly not much better.
>>38414 >Happening's canceled I really hate people who expect happenings to happen overnight like in some fucking movie. The US has been in a happening since 9/11, Russia and Ukraine were in a happening long before 2014, the world is one big happening and your short insignificant life is nothing compared to any of it, happenings move on god time not gay internet retard time.
>>38421 >I really hate people who expect happenings to happen overnight like in some fucking movie. Live a little strelok.
>>38422 The hell is that supposed to mean? I'm not living because fags who cry nothingburger when they don't get instant gratification from geopolitics are annoying?
Open file (223.23 KB 1000x1232 vinnning.jpg)
>>38420 >gets entire country and capital glassed and bombarded into surrender >b...b...buh we shot down t..three of your planes
>>38425 For a military with about 5-10 operable fighters and a few dozen 60s-vintage SAMs, two F-117 kills is pretty damn impressive.
>>38426 Let alone that most of the U.S. targets were civilians as the serbs went trench soon after NATO entered the scene, not much of a conventional fight.
>>38423 It means exactly what it says, strelok. I'm sorry you can't read.
Looks like Taiwanese authorities have received notification that Pelosi will visit Taiwan whiting next 48 hours. With the China's being adamant about not allowing Pelosi to visit and posturing last few days, you guys thing will be getting some fun in the pacific also?
>>38429 I give it 50% chance of starting ww2
>>38430 Anon... I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but WW2 happened and we lost.
>>38425 The Empire was always going to bomb the Serbs regardless of whether they shot down their pseudo wonder weapons or not, so at least NATO got a black eye for their trouble. >>38428 He's wondering what schizophrenic free association bullshit is going on inside your head that makes you think the two concepts in question have any conceivable relation to each other. I'm wondering the same if you're not just gaslighting.
>>38432 The same schizophrenia that has me seeing two different ID’s as the same strelok, strelok.
>>38431 Technically it would be WWIV if you ask the slavs (Many slavic nations consider the Golden Horde to be WWI).
>>38435 >everyone I don't like is samefag Get a grip.
On topic >Fighting in Soledar proper after Wagner broke trough layered Ukrainian defensive lines and mauled Ukrainian mechanized brigade manning it >Intensified positional battles near Krivy Rih >DNR intensified combat around Avdiivka and Marinka, Russia has been supplying them heavy artillery in recent days. >Russia in control of Nova Husarivka, situation of Bairak unknown. >Ukraine allegedly preparing yet another Kherson offensive >Ukraine allegedly set to receive ATACMS with 300km range in near future >Kherson bridge still not destroyed or callapsed but damaged and usage is suspended untill repairs are complete according to newer reports. Slightly off topic >Chinese military build up in provinces directly across Taiwan >The Taiwan Ministry of Defense canceled vacations for military personnel and announced the mobilization of air defense forces to "prepare for war." >Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong left port and headed in unknown direction >USS America headed towards Taiwan >Japanese navy put on high alert 2022 just keeps on giving
Since anons keep using the Russia thread as WWIII general anyways going off-topic, should I make a WWIII thread to split the topics up and get this thread back on-topic?
Open file (1.60 MB 1000x1000 1628241893321.png)
>>38444 >/ww3g/ dew it
https://youtube.com/watch?v=6tOTN1THez4 >Ukraine moving some tanks towards Izium front >Russians seem to be abandoning Siversk in favor of reinforcing Kherson (counter-counteroffensive?) and Bakhmut >Russians lost an important bridgehead near Izium front >Ukraine lost some artillery in Zaporizhia >West is full of shit about Kherson as always while ignoring actual Ukrainian gains elsewhere since they would have to talk about them I think I forgot something but that's because I didn't take notes while watching.
>>38444 >>38445 We already have a China thread for Taiwan issues etc, so between that one and this I don't think we need a /ww3g/ yet.
Open file (77.49 KB 600x697 Sauce.jpg)
>>38442 sauce for the china shit?
>>38426 >>38432 >this level of serbnigger cope
>>38450 That would be fine if China talk could stay in the China thread when not about Ukraine, but anon wants to use this as a general for everything.
>>38452 Just what I gathered off multiple sources from multiple website saying the same thing. Can't guarantee 100% accuracy but they can't al be wrong at the same time.... r-right?
Why is spergkraut butthurt about everything all the time?
Open file (396.68 KB 626x360 Activate it.mp4)
Looks like dhit is starting in nagorno karabah again. I dont like the idea but we might need ww3 general >>38431 Really? Sorry, I overslept.
>>38461 >Really? Sorry, I overslept. it's ok, it happens. go to bed in poland, wake up in east germany. many such cases.
>>38442 I wonder what the odds are that the chinks will attack and then embarrass themselves without any direct US intervention at all, but with more US warships also being sunk by Australian cargo ships in the meantime. I want both of these countries to publicly humiliate themselves in front of the entire planet at the same time. With Russia looking retarded for not having swallowed the entire Ukraine as fast as they were bragging about seeing the other two major powers shit their pants over an island would be the icing on the cake for 2022.
>>38482 About what? Some idiot whining because happenings don't cater to his time frame?
I'm not sure if this theory was posted before but i have a feeling that putin is stalling on purpose to make sure that EU runs out of gas and then during the winter he will similtaniously shut off the pipe and try to take over the entire country, hoping that EU will be pre-occupied with internal issues to react in a meaningful way. I just have a feeling that if Ukrainian government were to collapse the country would be split between Hungary, Poland and Russia.
>>38554 >Putin is Stalin on purpose If only anon, if only.
>>38554 Doesn't really work that way, the gas issue in Europe is blown out of proportion (probably on purpose to gain support for conflict in the population). Even if Putin does that it won't actually cause enough of a disruption for this plan to work
>>38554 I'd say it's more likely that the gas issue is to just pressure Germany to support negotiations since Ukraine can't do anything on it's own.
>>38554 Things would be a lot easier if that was the case. Instead everything is in a state of slow rot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYzpy0WatAg No real update from Belarusian man. Most everything is in stalemate and will probably stay that way for a week or two. There are now enough Russians in Kherson to launch an offensive operation on Nikolaev. Russians are setting up to encircle a few small chunks of Ukrainians on the Eastern front hoping to form a new bulwark to get around Ukrainian defenses. I don't think the Russians are stalling for EU gas reasons but I do think they are stalling to prevent casualties since the Ukrainian soldiers are starving in several areas based on videos posted to social media and propaganda channels. The guys near Donetsk are especially having issues getting basic supplies which will be exacerbated come winter since most of them are sleeping outside, but winter doesn't really start in Ukraine until late November. Attrition favors Russia at this point unless a third player gets involved in a meaningful way since hungry soldiers under constant artillery fire are soldiers likely to flee their posts or surrender.
>>38565 Not in Germany, it's gonna get fuckin wild as soon as winter hits, and heating prices skyrocket. Besides, a good chunk of electricity here is generated by gas powerplants. Another big issue is the fact that the rich russian gas is used as a precursor to many chemicals produced on an industrial scale in Germany, some of them being fertilizers, important for the effective agriculture of entire nations. Heck, German agriculture is built completely on nitrate fertilizers, and without it, they won't even be able to grow corn for their biogas reactors, so double fuck. Gas is no joke, and Germany is going to be in deep shit this winter.
>>38455 >Redditor: The Post
Open file (463.65 KB 900x536 cancer.png)
>>38425 Serbia 2022: >Has improved it's economy tremendously to the point that it's on it's way to becoming a major power in the balkans >Has built it's own successful arms industry to the point that it no longer needs foreign help to arm itself (except for aircraft) >Is a homogeneous country despite having gypsy and mudslime minorities living in it >Young Serbs are starting to have children America 2022: Pic related
>>38598 >(except for aircraft) That's a pretty big fucking except and the primary reason Ukraine has gotten their ass kicked in this war.
>>38554 I think that if Putin completely shut off energy and/or food flow to the West, Europe would no joke attack any hostile nation to grab resources. And no I am not talking the way that shell companies and middlemen have been able to keep commerce between the two nation up kind of shutting down, I'm talking about a complete stop. >>38598 Serbia is 50-50 split between Russophiles and Europhiles though.
Open file (73.56 KB 500x752 1648927383998.jpg)
>>38608 I got the impression that it's a city vs rural issue as in most places.
Something happening on Donetsk front. Reports say DNR forces manage to break trough main defensive line at Peski and Marinka, also some advance at Avdeevka in the last two days. Advance is significant, since that was considered as quiet front and Ukrainians have been fortifying both Peski and Avdeevka for the last 8 years. Waiting for further information.
Mercouris confirming >>38628 while Europe has apparently started to consider a diplomatic approach finally now that they realize Ukraine as a country is on the brink of collapse right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHDHeUhBZs8
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmfZZA0j5IQ Not too much happening, or rather the same slow Russian gains as always. Zelensky referring to Donetsk fighting as "hell on earth." German journalists wrote an open letter begging Zelensky to stop as apparently the Russians are slamming Pirske with roughly 4.5 artillery strikes per minute (roughly one strike every 13-14 seconds, or 6500 per day). Ukrainian morale there is plummeting after some Ukrainians tried to retreat and were killed by friendly fire while no body cleanup teams have been sent in several days due to the shelling. Ukrainians reporting that the Russians are reducing sets of fortifications into ruins roughly every 10 minutes. Imagine being stuck in a trench with no food, with intermittent artillery rain overhead, and rotting likely burnt corpses of your comrades all around you. Zaluzhny is begging Zelensky to send artillery back to Pirske but it's apparently needed for the Great Kherson Counteroffensive™. LiveUA updated in the middle of Dima's update on the region showing Ukraine losing a fuckton of Pirske which got a good chuckle out of him. Allegedly if Pirske falls that will be it for Avdeevka and he suggests that the soldiers there would be better retreating since nothing good will come to war criminals. Marinka is collapsing because they have no artillery. Ukrainians tried a couple counter-offensives in different Eastern regions and mostly just succeeded in losing several hundred soldiers.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va1UG5NAAUk I didn't actually watch DPA's update but skimming through the chapters it looks like he's not got anything particularly new. Still probably one of the better analysis if you're looking for a multi-day summary.
>>38607 That's actually a good question, and possibly one for it's own separate thread but, How "primitive" of an aircraft could a country get away wit producing that could still hold up against an enemy in a war? Does newer tech absolutely trump old tech when it comes to aircraft or could you say build 10,000 MiG 19 or Starfighter clones or half a million Ohka's or something as part of your Fuck Around And Find Out Airforce and it function as, at least, a deterrent force? What's the least modern planes you could get away with?
>>38459 >Why is spergkraut butthurt about everything all the time? Why does fire burn? >>38423 >The hell is that supposed to mean? >>38432 >what schizophrenic free association bullshit It's a friendly suggestion that you'd be better off indulging in the light-hearted speculation on happenings, or otherwise to avoid getting worked up over other people's (re)actions - especially people you interact with on an anonymous internet forum. >>38461 >shit is starting in nagorno karabah again. As is tradition. Russia was rather anemic last round even when their chopper was shot down, now they basically have nothing to lose diplomatically, interesting time ahead. >>38580 >issues getting basic supplies which will be exacerbated come winter Supposedly this winter is supposed to be brutal based on climate patterns and cycles, hoholodomor 2.0. >third player gets involved in a meaningful way Poland? (mybe Belarus too but not counting them as an independent player) >>38594 >heating prices skyrocket Yup, even if there's enough gas to meet demand the energy price hikes will be doing the real damage and shitshow, never mind the remaining inflation. >>38675 >Ukrainians tried to retreat and were killed by friendly fire Accidental or barrier troops? >>38681 >Does newer tech absolutely trump old tech when it comes to aircraft Absolutely, UAVs are the future. Old tech required putting a pilot in the seat and pilots are fragile and expensive to replace.
>>38681 Ukraine made good use of Su-25s at the beginning of the war, but eventually you run out of trained men/volunteers and every launch becomes a suicide mission. It's a good deterrent early on but it won't win you a war if the enemy is intent on shooting them down with AA batteries. >Accidental or barrier troops? Depends who you ask. The "official" story went something like... >Soldiers appealed for more supplies >Were told no >Said they were going to flee >Barrier troops called their bluff >Said they were going to flee for real by [date] >Get laughed at >Follow through because they have nothing left to lose >Ukrainian artillery "mistook them as Russians" because "nobody was supposed to be there and they weren't given retreat orders" >Proceeded to shoot them down It's likely that only the commanders on the ground know the truth and will take it with them to their graves.
Open file (41.63 KB 972x821 ur2.png)
Open file (45.85 KB 945x848 ur1.png)
>>38675 Ukrainian report in text
>The armed forces of Ukraine withdrew from part of the occupied lines near Avdeevka and in the direction of Artemovsk. Stated in several sources, but no definite confirmation yet.
>>38718 That would be the most reasonable course of action if Pirske has fallen, which is the only reason I have doubts since Ukraine isn't reasonable.
>>38727 >since Ukraine isn't reasonable bayonet charges when?
Open file (4.21 MB 2492x2018 04-08-EN-1.jpg)
From Rybar >The situation in the Donetsk direction by the end of August 4, 2022 >The forces of the People's Militia of the DPR, with the support of Russian artillery, army and tactical aviation, are conducting successful military operations in the Donetsk direction, destroying the enemy's manpower and expanding the security zone around the Donetsk agglomeration. >The most intense clashes continue in Avdiivka, Marinka and Pesky. The allied forces are fighting in the street, entrenched in the settlements. >In Pesky, the 11th regiment of the NM of the DPR completed the cleaning of the southern shore of the ponds. Enemy resistance remains only in high-rise buildings in the northwestern part of the village. >Due to the losses suffered, the Ukrainian units partially retreat from their positions. To strengthen the defense in this sector of the front, a territorial defense battalion is expected to be transferred from Mirnograd. >To slow down the advancement of the NM of the DPR, cannon artillery crews and MLRS 53 and 110 OMB of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are firing at the areas of Donetsk, Avdeevka, Novoselivka II, Horlivka, Yasinovataya, Valerianivka, Vladimirovka. >In the vicinity of Novgorodsky, the reserves of the force of the mechanized battalion of 72 ombr and 95 odshbr are accumulating. Ammunition is being transported and damaged equipment is being repaired before the counteroffensive. >The military personnel of the 66th Ombr defending in Marinka are not able to hold back the offensive of the allied forces. In case of significant territorial losses and manpower, the option of withdrawal from the settlement is considered. >Mortar crews, cannon artillery and MLRS, aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces strike at the areas of concentration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ugledar, Avdeevka, Pavlovka, Kurakhovo, Novgorodsky.
Hearing reports of Wagner group entering Bakhmut.
>>38734 They were on Bakhmut's outskirts yesterday so it's likely.
Apparently Amnesty International has come out officially decrying Ukraine for its indiscriminate use of civilian population center infrastructure such as hospitals. More specifically their blatant refusal to evacuate civilians when using said infrastructure. It suggests that the West is trying to distance themselves from Ukraine since Amnesty International is something of a Western mouthpiece. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poQH9b6qCGY
https://youtube.com/watch?v=Y739fm1rhp8 >Russia claims they found evidence at a Ukrainian biolab in Rubizhnoiya that America intentionally spread COVID and Monkey Pox to the world >LiveUA backtracked and now insists Ukraine is still in Pirsky after the press from Dima's last video >Mechanized brigades are deserting (mechanized brigades are some of the best-treated in Ukraine's army) >Russians are done and just ruining the towns along the frontlines with artillery fire instead of trying to fight it out in response to Ukraine's forceful retreat of civilians >Russians pushing along Izium again to apply pressure >Russians allegedly control Bairak and are pushing towards Husarivka to encircle the benis at Myrna Dolyna >If Russians take this, the nearby forces to the South will be cut off from supplies over a fuckhuge rural area behind the forests they are fighting in >Russians still have a BTG density of 1BTG per 6km in Kherson >This is pressing down Ukraine from helping the East because if they leave Nikolaev is fucked >If Ukraine stays they can't launch a counteroffensive because of this troop density >Basically Russia lost a little land on the Northern front in order to call Ukraine's bluff and pin down their forces
Open file (789.92 KB 355x355 spurdoe_soldiers.gif)
>>38752 >encircle the benis at Myrna Dolyna
Open file (441.59 KB 2500x1667 harold-0.jpg)
>>38749 I am patiently awaiting the day for when Zelensky loses so much more of his mind that he puts Europe and the USA on the "Enemies of Ukraine" list, when the Western aid dries up.
>>38766 Likely sooner than you think according to Mercouris' analysis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fu4SHroJiag
>>38749 And within days Ukraine is claiming Russia has artillery stationed at the Zaporozhe nuclear plant to use it as cover, to shell civilians. Claims which get more mainstream coverage than that Amnesty International statement. I've lost count of the number of times Ukraine has tried to deflect that way, where any time they get criticized they immediately respond by accusing Russia of the thing they got criticized for.
>>38809 >the Ukrainian cries out as he strikes you Wait a minute....this sounds familiar
https://youtube.com/watch?v=h2iv_zPBMjo Russian MOD fixed their map so DPA did an update about it.
Open file (3.68 MB 800x450 1H864cDxNyq0Xpsh.mp4)
Open file (3.03 MB 1280x704 xmVC0ECTfStCGTVg.mp4)
Open file (5.31 MB 1280x720 zg-wb5eRf_VQjeQ0.mp4)
Open file (6.55 MB 1280x720 wiGGwIfvm_b-hrbw.mp4)
Open file (1.13 MB 576x1024 h4XQt-ygGSK8vtnU.mp4)
I wonder if towns such as Marinka or Peski will be rebuild after the war. Some of them have gone through Verdun tier bombardment.
>>38811 Now Ukraine is claiming that two Russian rockets struck and damaged the nuclear plant. So far, Ukrainian officials seem to have offered no explanation for why Russian artillery supposedly attacked itself.
>>38823 Even 80's cartoon villains aren't as stupid and evil as what Ukraine is portraying Russia as.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I51kuwW11Cc Zaluzhny confirmed for next on the chopping block after saying the fall of Avdeevka will be Zelensky's fault for pulling artillery out of the East and for letting America/Britain determine the engagements instead of him. Poor guy.
>>38829 One of the commenters mentions that prolonging a clearly-lost war for the sake of spitefully harming the enemy is a war crime. What's the actual law/treaty there? It's hard to look that sort of thing up because any "list of war crimes" is a list of war crimes that have been committed, not a list of things that are considered war crimes. Of course, that's probably because the de facto definition of war crimes is "whatever the enemy does, even though it doesn't count when I do the same thing", so it might make people get uncomfortable or start asking questions if de jure acts-based definitions were too prominent.
>>38830 >What's the actual law/treaty there? They are probably referring to article 6(a) from the Nuremburg trials. >Article 6(a) of the London Agreement of 8 August 1945, the statute of the International Military Tribunal, defines crimes against peace as “planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances, or participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the foregoing” You could reasonably argue that continuing a clearly-lost war is in violation of the Nuremburg trials.
Open file (2.04 MB 1200x720 80mm rocket pod.mp4)
I wondered how effective helicopter ballistic trajectory rocket strafe are. Not terribly accurate, but if you want to saturate an area with 82mm mortar shell equivalent, it gets the job done.
HistoryLegends shits fire down Ukraine's throat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evV-ef2lsAc
>>38836 Much like fire control, it probably keeps Ukraine pinned down even if it doesn't cause a ton of practical damage.
>>38842 I look forward to Zelensky eventually getting captured by the Russians while the country collapses. The salt will be glorious to behold.
>>38845 you've been claiming that for months now, and reality speaks otherwise. give it a rest
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a-cvcYF4GQ Apparently civilians are refusing orders to evacuate so Ukrainian soldiers are just killing them.
I believe Dima was drunk while recording this based on his slurring.
Open file (57.01 KB 800x800 smiling neanderthal.jpeg)
>>38837 Great video for giving context to the war in a pretty engaging way. Any war can be boring if you can't discern what's going on.
>>38846 invading a large country takes time, especially when you're proceeding with caution and trying to minimize civilian casualties.
Open file (79.02 KB 719x798 1638458788620.jpg)
RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR LOG FULL UTF-8 7/30/2022 MIRROR ONE: https://archive.ph/czlmw MIRROR TWO: https://paste.jupaiter.web.id/raw/zwsFUaaIn2 All Russia-Ukraine war log archives since 02/24/22, sourced anonymously from image boards. Texts are UTF-8 encoded. Approximately 731KB (~0.7MB) data logged since 02/24/22. Download the raw UTF-8 compression here: https://rpa.st/download-archive/FAVK6EHY4GZ2JRLZPQAUGDHX3M
7/30/22 The escalating regulatory attack on agricultural producers from Holland and the United States to Sri Lanka and beyond is closely tied to the United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals and the UN’s comrades at the World Economic Forum (WEF), numerous experts told The Epoch Times. Indeed, several of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are directly implicated in policies that are squeezing farmers, ranchers, and food supplies around the world: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/un-world-economic-forum-behind-global-war-farmers-experts Cattle inventory has dropped to its lowest level in years as it continues to decline: https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/beef-prices-set-surge-further-farmers-sell-cattle-herds AS PLANNED: Western sanctions against Russia are the most ill-conceived and counterproductive policy in recent international history. The economic war is ineffective against the regime in Moscow, and devastating for its unintended targets. World energy prices are rocketing, inflation is soaring, supply chains are chaotic and millions are being starved of gas, grain and fertiliser. The west and its peoples have been plunged into recession. Leadership has been shaken and insecurity spread in Britain, France, Italy and the US: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2022/jul/29/putin-ruble-west-sanctions-russia-europe In 1959, Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba and immediately removed all guns from citizens. His mass-murdering communist regime went door to door to force citizens into turning over their firearms. Totalitarianism and gun confiscation are always intertwined. The most disturbing part is that it's already happening to our neighbors in Canada and war could soon be coming to the US. On Friday, the US House of Representatives passed an assault weapons ban (217-213 vote included 215 Democrats and two Republicans, with five Democrats voting against the bill): https://www.zerohedge.com/political/canada-unveils-mandatory-ar-15-buyback-program-us-house-passes-assault-weapons-ban Communist China threatens to shoot down communist Pelosi's plane (communist Jews from both nations are eager to bring the US into war to collapse America once and for all, that's also why they are hell-bent on disarming the Western world): https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/pelosi-leading-delegation-asia-taiwan-stop-not-clear It’s an open secret that China is buying up American homes in large quantities, but investors from Beijing recently have been aiming towards a new target for their real estate ventures, reports indicate. Moving beyond only making purchases in states like California and New York, Chinese investors are buying up vast swaths of real estate in Florida — a state that has made headlines in recent years for opposing COVID-19 lockdowns and adopting other right-of-center policies at the state level: https://dailycaller.com/2022/07/29/chinese-investors-buying-real-estate-florida-desantis/ Big Banks to adjust for communist Great Reset, will discriminate against certain businesses when loaning: https://townhall.com/columnists/justinhaskins/2021/03/30/how-big-banks-are-planning-to-force-americans-into-the-great-reset-trap-n2587085 Gazprom suspended its gas supplies to Latvia due to "violations of the conditions of purchase", Russian energy giant Gazprom has announced Saturday in a statement posted to Telegram: https://www.barrons.com/news/russia-suspends-gas-supplies-to-latvia-01659168606 A massive explosion has taken place inside Russia proper, after an ammunition dump in Bryansk, Kilmovo Region of Russia was apparently hit by Ukraine. The map below shows the location of the attack, inside Russia itself: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/ukraine-strikes-russia-territory-with-himars Experts of the United Nations pledged support to help officials in Ukraine investigate an attack on a prison in Olenivka. Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, said in a statement, Ukrinform reports with reference to the Voice of America: https://www.voanews.com/a/latest-developments-in-ukraine-july-30/6680090.html The Russian military had destroyed two counter-battery radars of Kiev forces which were supplied by the US, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on July 30. The first radar, an AN/TPQ-36A, was destroyed near the settlement of Nikiforovka in Donetsk, while the second one, an AN/TPQ-37, was destroyed in the outskirts of the settlement of Novovontsovka in Kherson. The MoD didn’t provide any details on how the radars were destroyed: https://southfront.org/russian-army-destroyed-two-us-supplied-counter-battery-radars-in-donetsk-kherson/ On July 26, a fire broke out at an oil depot in the Budyonnovsky district of Donetsk as a result of shelling by Ukrainian militants. Ukrainian troops fired three missiles of the American HIMARS MLRS at an oil depot in Donetsk, the representative office of the Donetsk People’s Republic at the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime (JCCC) reported: https://southfront.org/ukrainian-forces-hit-oil-depot-in-donetsk-with-himars-video/
7/31/22 NOTICE: Further updates will be postponed for the coming few days, will be doing off-grid war drills with my family!!! Food Banks Across America Report Record Demand, Record Shortages And Record Inflation: https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/food-banks-across-america-report-record-demand-and-record-shortages 50,000+ people are tracking Pelosi's WWIII jet: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/china-holds-live-fire-drills-taiwan-us-carrier-group-nearby-pelosis-plane-en-route ▲ MY COMMENT: Better be prepared, I think the communist Jew cabal is bringing the US into a world war where we are being set up to fail! Remember China is their model for future population control after all! America better pray they don't get their way. 'Los Royuela' is a family classified as 'far right' in Spain that has spent three years denouncing corruption in Spanish institutions financed through a series of Masonic lodges with foundation based in the US where their contact would be Patrick McDowell. Through this network of Masonic lodges they finance the construction of a new Zionist State where George Soros would appear as a weighty entity in the financing of the movement. On this occasion, 'Los Royuela' provide us with a list of transfers made daily during the month of June 2022 on alleged income worth $4,500,000 out of a total of 100 million euros per month from the George Soros organization for Zelensky through the National Bank of Ukraine. The account would be: DE05504000005040040060 of the National Bank of Ukraine, owned by UNITED 24, a platform created by Zelensky, for a total of 100 million for the purchase of weapons for the Ukrainian army: https://archive.ph/epT04 ▲ FLASHBACK: Nuland-Pyatt 2014 Ukraine Coup Leaked Phone Call: https://rumble.com/vwjn3v-2014-ukraine-coup-victoria-nuland-geoffrey-pyatt-leaked-phone.html ▲ FLASHBACK: Israel’s Secret Plan For A Second Israel In Ukraine: https://web.archive.org/web/20190507221825/https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2014/12/03/israel-secret-plan-for-second-israel-in-ukraine/ ▲ FLASHBACK: President Volodymyr Zelensky announced his goal for Ukraine is to turn it into a "Greater Israel." Ukraine will not become a "liberal" state in the near future, and the issues of security will become our number one priority, said Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, per NV reports: https://web.archive.org/web/20220405201512/https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=63003 It appears as though Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is about to become a much longer, multi-year operation. The leader of the newly ‘liberated’ Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, has called for the liberation of “all Russian cities” in Ukraine, which includes Odessa: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-07-30-massive-escalation-russias-invasion-of-ukraine-all-cities.html Ukraine denies UAV attack on Russian Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol: https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/07/31/ukrainian-uav-russian-black-sea-fleet-sevastopol/ Saturday, July 30, Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence published updated figures of combat losses inflicted on Russian forces since the beginning of the war, including the destruction of more Russian tanks: https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/07/30/russian-tanks-destroyed-by-ukraine/ Russian troops are using aviation in order to assault the positions of the Ukrainian military in Donetsk Region: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3540494-enemy-troops-assault-ukrainian-positions-use-aviation-in-donetsk-region-general-staff.html
8/1/22 through 8/4/22 [offline]
8/5/22 Part 1 The United Nations Paris Climate Agreement is already being put into action around the world, as communist criminal oligarchs use governments to capitalize on their controlling visions and monopolistic investments. In their pursuit for total control, the global elite look to play ‘god’ with the Earth’s resources and environment, while micromanaging human activity, destroying farms, threatening sovereignty, and reducing the population. These insane climate controls will inevitably reduce crop yields, deliberately destroy animals, and cripple small farms. The Dutch government estimates they will have to shut down 11,200 farms and kill livestock owned by 17,600 farmers: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-04-paris-climate-agreement-already-threatening-small-farms.html JIM STONE COMMENTS: THE FARMERS ALMANAC IS PREDICTING A SEVERE WINTER. THE FARMERS ALMANAC IS ALWAYS RIGHT. So the farmer's almanac is predicting a soak and freeze. And it is probably correct, historically the Farmer's Almanac has been EXTREMELY accurate at predicting how winters and planting crops are going to go. Will 2022 bring Biden's "Dark Winter"? I would not be surprised. This prediction comes as OPEC has told Biden they will refuse to increase oil output to handle American shortages, but we all know how that could be dealt with - by simply allowing American oil companies to drill as needed, which Trump had going at full speed only to have it all shut down by Biden. There is a motive to the madness, BET ON IT. Weimar echoes: energy rationing kicks off in Germany: https://www.centromachiavelli.com/en/2022/08/03/germany-energy-rationing/ While the EU remains determined to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, a shortage of energy and food is forcing the group to ease sanctions. The EU has already added exemptions to its sanctions to reduce disruptions to essential goods, while the USSA is now pushing an oil price cap instead of an embargo: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/why-west-easing-its-sanctions-russia German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently announced that his government is investigating the possibility of not shutting down the country’s last three nuclear power plants this year, contrary to previous plans and the campaign promise of their coalition partner. The worsening consequences of the artificially generated European energy crisis through political blunders could mean a serious loss of face for the Green Party, whose politicians and intellectuals have been demanding the shutdown of nuclear power plants for many years: https://rmx.news/germany/german-energy-turn-could-fail-together-with-the-greens/ “The issue of the risk of power cuts in France does not date from the war in Ukraine, and on several occasions in recent years, RTE, the EDF subsidiary responsible for transporting electricity, had warned of potential risks of power cuts. France has committed crazy amounts of money to renewable energies and, at the same time, neglected the maintenance and development of our nuclear power plants. Nuclear reactor shutdowns due to corrosion problems are a consequence of this situation. In 2021, our country was an exporter of electricity; this year we will have to import a lot. Our leaders’ lack of long-term vision, as they did not see this energy crisis coming even though it started long before the war in Ukraine, has led us to an absurd situation where we will have to consider electricity rationing for the first time in 40 years.” https://www.lefigaro.fr/vox/economie/oui-nous-allons-manquer-de-gaz-et-d-electricite-et-notre-facture-va-exploser-20220722 The chance of “widespread civil unrest” occurring in the UK as a result of people being unable to afford to pay their bills due to the cost of living crisis is “inevitable,” according to one campaigner. With energy prices set to soar even higher in October as a result of the sanctions on Russia, many Brits have resolved to refuse to pay their bills as part of a growing backlash some are comparing to the poll tax riots: https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/widespread-civil-unrest-looming-uk-over-cost-living-crisis
8/5/22 Part 2 Moscow is assessing the possibility that a Washington DC agency played a part in the creation of Covid-19. In a press briefing on Thursday, the head of Russia’s Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces, Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, claimed that US-backed bio-laboratories in Ukraine had been conducting questionable research and clinical tests on Ukrainian citizens, and that “over 16,000 biological samples, including blood and serum samples, were exported from the territory of Ukraine to US and European countries.” He went on to explain that a statement from Jason Crow, a member of the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, who warned Americans that their DNA samples could be used to create targeted biological weapons, caused Russia’s Defense Ministry to “take a fresh look” at the origins of the Covid pandemic. “Taking into account the interest of the US administration in the study of narrowly targeted biological agents, such statements force us to take a fresh look at the causes of the novel coronavirus pandemic and the role of US military biologists in the emergence and spread of the Covid-19 pathogen,” Kirillov said: https://www.rt.com/news/560246-usaid-covid-origin-moscow/ Moscow perceives as inevitable the arrival of a multipolar world order, which would replace a brief moment of US-led unipolarity that emerged in the 1990s: https://www.rt.com/russia/560133-world-west-breakup-irreversible/ Russia’s central bank has called on Russian manufacturers and non-financial service providers to convert their dollar and euro holdings to “friendly” currencies such as the Chinese yuan: https://www.rt.com/business/560235-russia-dumping-dollar-euro/
8/5/22 Part 3 In a new interview published Thursday in the South China Morning Post, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his wish for a direct conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping: https://www.scmp.com/week-asia/politics/article/3187580/volodymyr-zelensky-seeking-direct-talks-chinas-xi-jinping-help?module=lead Russian forces shelled the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant for the second time in the last few hours, with three shells hitting the site of the plant: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3544437-russian-forces-shell-zaporizhia-npp-for-second-time-in-past-few-hours-energoatom.html In Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian military liberated the village of Dibrivne in the Izium direction and moved the front line: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3544224-ukraines-armed-forces-liberate-dibrivne-village-in-kharkiv-region.html The Russian government is sending data to the UN proving that it was not involved in the attack on the Elenovka detention center, in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Moscow alleges that it was the Ukrainian forces themselves that operated the attack in order to prevent confidential information from being revealed by the prisoners during the court hearings. It remains to be seen whether the case will be investigated by UN observers: https://southfront.org/russia-sends-data-to-un-proving-kiev-attacked-detention-center/ Russian-led forces claimed new victories near the city of Bakhmut. The offensive is being carried out from various directions. On August 3, the DPR People’s Militia confirmed control of the villages of Semigorye and Travnevoe located to the south-east of the city. Advancing from Svetlodarsk, Russian and DPR units reached the town of Kodema. On the south-eastern outskirts of Bakhmut, Russian-led forces are advancing from Klinove. Clashes continue in Vaselaya Dolina while Zaitsevo remains under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On August 4, Russian assault groups entered the city of Bakhmut from the eastern direction. Units from the Wagner group are operating in the area. The Ukrainian defense collapsed under heavy fire from Russian artillery. Ukrainian forces also suffered heavy losses after a failed attempt to counterattack Russian positions in the town of Pokrovskoe located on the eastern outskirts of the city: https://southfront.org/ukrainian-defenses-collapse/ A Russian warship has entered the bay of Sevastopol with what appears to be a “burnt side” after an alleged Ukrainian missile strike, as reported on Friday, August 5: https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/08/05/russian-warship-enters-sevastopol-bay-with-burnt-side-after-possible-strike/
8/6/22 Part 1 Criminalization of political opposition hits the USSA under communist-democrat regime: https://newspunch.com/experts-warn-alex-jones-show-trial-sets-precedent-for-silencing-independent-media/ Supply Chain Problems Will Persist Because The System Is Being Sabotaged: https://alt-market.us/supply-chain-problems-will-persist-because-the-system-is-being-sabotaged/ Without decentralized mining of raw materials, local manufacturing, locally sourced goods, local food production and locally integrated trade networks there can be no true stability. All it takes for the system to implode is one or two crisis events and the economy’s ability to meet public demand stagnates. The system doesn’t completely stop, but it does slowly shrivel and degrade. The war in Ukraine has been the go-to scapegoat the past few months for supply chain disruptions, but these issues started long before that. Years of central bank stimulus and fiat money creation have triggered the inevitable landslide of inflation/stagflation that alternative economists have been warning about. Price inflation is a direct contributor to production declines and supply chain disruptions because costs continually rise for manufacturers. Also, wages of workers cannot keep up with rising prices, inspiring many employees to quit and look for work elsewhere, or attempt to live off of government welfare. All of this leads to less supply, or slower production and thus, even higher prices. We were right, the corporate mainstream media was wrong (or they lied): https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/supply-chain-problems-will-persist-because-system-being-sabotaged If California cuts off water to farms, ALL of America will face food shortages: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-05-california-cuts-water-farms-america-food-shortages.html More Americans are living paycheck to paycheck as inflation persists: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-05-americans-living-paycheck-to-paycheck-inflation-persists.html Deliberate Destabilization Continues As Biden's Government Releases Foreign Terrorists Into America: https://www.theepochtimes.com/biden-admin-evacuated-hundreds-from-afghanistan-on-us-watchlist-whistleblower_4645177.html Corruption Scandal Hits UPS Over Damaged And Disappearing Goods: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/firearm-companies-say-packages-shipped-ups-being-damaged-disappearing-reports Huge swathes of the British public aren't going to be able to afford their bills this winter. Average families with two working parents will be in fuel poverty: https://www.zerohedge.com/personal-finance/uk-gas-crisis-set-plunge-british-pound-historic-lows-ubs-warns Above-average temperatures throughout Germany are pushing power prices to new records as utilities reduce electricity output in western Europe amid the worst energy crisis in decades. Customers of Germany's EnBW will see an average of 31.1% increase in electricity bills from Oct. 1 due to utilities pushing along soaring energy costs to end users, Reuters said: https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/german-utility-enbw-plans-31-electricity-bill-hike-report-2022-08-05/
8/6/22 Part 2 Amnesty International has in a surprise shift placed its human rights scrutiny on Ukraine in a fresh report released Thursday. It immediately sparked a firestorm of criticism as both Western pundits and Kiev officials themselves blasted the findings as unfair. The Amnesty report said investigators had found evidence of Ukrainian forces launching strikes from within populated residential areas, as well as basing themselves in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages in three war-torn regions of the country from April through July: https://www.amnesty.org.uk/press-releases/ukraine-military-endangering-civilians-locating-forces-residential-areas-new The head of the "occupational administration" of Kherson, Volodymyr Saldo, was taken to the hospital in serious condition after the assassination attempt: https://ukrainetoday.org/2022/07/13/the-head-of-the-occupation-administration-of-kherson-was-hospitalized-in-serious-condition-after-the-assassination-attempt/ Russian troops continue to open fire on Mykolaiv Region. One civilian was reported killed and five injured in the urban-type settlement of Bereznehuvate: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3544930-russians-launch-artillery-strike-on-mykolaiv-region-casualties-reported.html The Ukrainian military has engaged two command-and-control posts of the Russian 76th Airborne Assault Division and 49th Army in Chornobaivka: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3544614-in-ukraines-south-defense-forces-hit-six-russian-ammo-depots-c2-posts.html Russian air defense forces shot down five Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and intercepted three Grad rockets and three Tochka-U ballistic missiles in the past 24 hours in their special military operation in Ukraine: https://tass.com/politics/1489933 On 5 August, Russian occupiers seriously damaged the nitrogen-oxygen unit and the combined auxiliary building at the Zaporizhzhia NPP. There are risks of hydrogen leakage and emission of radioactive substances: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/08/6/7362137/ ▲ UPDATE: Russian and Ukrainian forces accused each other of firing rounds near the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Enerhodar, but ISW cannot independently determine which party is responsible for the incident: https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-august-5 Ukrainian officials confirmed that Russian forces are using Iranian-provided drones in Ukraine. Russian forces conducted unsuccessful ground assaults on settlements south of Bakhmut. Russian and Ukrainian forces exchanged heavy artillery fire in Pisky, suggesting that Russian forces are unlikely to have full control of Pisky despite Russian claims. Russian forces conducted several limited ground assaults to the north, northwest, and southwest of Donetsk City: https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-august-5
>ukrainian news sites as sources
>>38861 >this level of vatnigger cope Remind me again how long did it take for Coalition Forces to btfo Iraq in the first Gulf War, and then btfo them again in 2003? >especially when you're proceeding with caution and trying to minimize civilian casualties Damn dude, so I guess Bucha didn't happen nor did that video of some Buryatian mongoloid commiting a warcrime on a Ukrainian soldier, must have been teh famed khohol fake eh?
>>38861 They stopped proceeding with caution about two weeks ago. >>38886 >He thinks coalition forces gave a fuck about citizens 7 year olds weren't listed as enemy combatants for nothin', anon.
>>38886 > I guess Bucha didn't happen nor did that video of some Buryatian mongoloid commiting a warcrime on a Ukrainian soldier, must have been teh famed khohol fake Yes on both accounts.
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>polish shitstain thinks he's relevent Lmao. The only thing keeping polacks from getting assraped and Katyn'd by Russians is their servitude to NATO. Without them they're just discount Ukrainians with the same uppity attitude that will get Ukraine cut down to size.
>>38886 Gulf War took barely a month because Iraq was (and still is) a third-world shithole with an air force in name only. they were also up against literally every western country on Earth and trying to defend a piece of land the size of Connecticut. >Bucha perhaps he's wondering why would they feed a man before gunning him down in the street? war crimes are a slav pastime, they've most likely been committed by both sides equally, and as the war gets more desperate less and less laws of war will be followed by both sides. although the very notion of "war crimes" itself is a complete 20th century fabrication, along with the idea of "human rights". at best it can be played out as game theory: expect whatever you do to their men to be done to yours as well
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>>38845 The salt would be literally Biblical, considering Russia is (at least a pretender to) the last fortress of Orthodox Christianity in modern times, and Zelensky is a blood member of the Synagogue of Satan. Imagine the White House having to explain to Israel why gentiles sold out the life of a precious Chosen to the minim. The spin Americans would have to put on this could power enough wind turbines to replace coal and gas.
so are vatniks going to push all the way to kiev? if yes, are they going for the meat grinder experience? do they really want jewlensky gone this badly?
>>38896 The official Russian plan is to train Ukrainian volunteers from incorporated territory to enact regime change in Kiev. Currently, the Russian army's not!war operations are to prevent, in their eyes, an ethnic genocide, and also to cripple Ukraine's military. Insert "Minks agreements give donbass the right to secede" somewhere in there too.
>>38898 >Insert "Minks agreements give donbass the right to secede" somewhere in there too. did they really? looking through the text all I see is "let them have local elections" unless that's what i'm supposed to be looking for.
>>38913 That is what you are supposed to be looking for. Ukraine had a shit fit about it because the implication was they could hold a referendum to decide to become an autonomous region of Ukraine (E.G. pay taxes and get conscripted but otherwise function as Chechnya does to Russia) which Ukraine had a shit fit about.
>>38914 bet they wish they chose Door #1 now lul
>>38914 >>38915 I mean you give your country to a comedian and expect him to deal with diplomats like a politician would.
>>38916 part of me wants to believe this is all an elaborate practical joke, like the vatniks are going to encircle Kiev but stand down right before they move in as Paddington gets a note from Putin simply saying "prank'd lol"
>>38892 >newfag doesn't know about the Pole Strelok who pointed out that Coalition forces were overstretched and vulnerable to a flanking offensive by Iraqi forces during Desert Storm, which was why the US anxiously pressed for a political solution that kept Saddam in power while it still had the advantage
>>38809 >respond by accusing of the thing they got criticized for Where have i heard that one before? sounds awfully familiar
8/7/22 Part 1 They would not listen, they did not know how. They would not listen, they’re still not listening now. Perhaps they never will. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, so it is in the days of Eurosodom and Gomerica: https://thesaker.is/the-decline-and-fall-of-the-western-empire/ China readies nukes: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/urgent-china-moving-nuclear-missiles-in-public Russia readies nukes: https://www.rt.com/russia/559929-putin-update-zircon-missiles/ The supply chain crisis is going to accelerate into winter as stagflation persists. Price inflation will remain high. The US is indeed officially in a recession today. Two consecutive negative GDP prints IS a recession, this is a fact that no one can change, including Joe Biden, Paul Krugman or Wikipedia. Reality does not answer to these people. The system is breaking, and certain people greatly benefit. A regional conflict with China on top of the Ukraine war could be the perfect smokescreen for a financial and supply chain collapse that was going to happen anyway. But when the mainstream media talks about the triggers and culprits, they’ll never mention central banks and political corruption, they will only talk about Russia and China: https://www.infowars.com/posts/supply-chain-problems-will-persist-because-the-system-is-being-sabotaged/ ▲ FLASHBACK: How The Ukraine Conflict Is Designed To Benefit Globalists: https://alt-market.us/order-out-of-chaos-how-the-ukraine-conflict-is-designed-to-benefit-globalists/ The US-led drive to isolate Russia through sanctions has not succeeded, as half the countries in the Group of Twenty leading global economies refused to sign on, Bloomberg reported on Friday. Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey have not joined the sanctions that were adopted by the US, UK, EU, and their allies Australia, Canada, Japan, and South Korea. Some nations, like China and South Africa, have openly criticized the restrictions. The G20 nations account for around 85% of global economic output: https://www.rt.com/business/560298-us-sanctions-russia-failed/ With Russia’s tragic invasion of Ukraine, the world’s energy system has been thrown into tumult. Clashing geopolitical dynamics and disrupted supply chains have created a full-blown energy crisis. Ongoing fuel shortages and pressing climate concerns require a balanced solution that is sustainable, reliable, and innovative. Fortunately, there is a proven energy source that checks each one of those requirements. The United States can promote global energy security and strengthen its national security by accelerating the deployment of innovative nuclear energy technologies. The United States has a long history of leadership in developing nuclear technologies, and there has been significant progress made in recent years to realize the potential of the next generation of nuclear power right here at home. The benefits are tangible and significant: nuclear energy ensures both domestic and international access to a carbon-free, reliable, and secure baseload energy source, which is critical to maintaining service, avoiding societal disruption, and decreasing our reliance on foreign fossil fuel sources: https://nationalinterest.org/feature/case-nuclear-how-us-can-bolster-global-energy-security-203992 ▲ MY COMMENT: Increasing nuclear energy would put less demand and strain on oil and coal for sure, but the US no doubt will still heavily rely on fossil fuel for commuting as we have a massive country with very well spread out populations. I've addressed some of these issues here: https://archive.ph/daI3t As for "decreasing our reliance on foreign fossil fuel" that is exactly what Donald Trump was doing for America before Biden came into the White House and canceled all the major domestic oil and gas leases: https://archive.ph/asbqh
8/7/22 Part 2 Biden’s “Inflation Reduction” Act Would Allow IRS To Hire Up To 87,000 New Employees And Raise Taxes: https://www.dailywire.com/news/bidens-inflation-reduction-act-would-allow-irs-to-hire-up-to-87000-new-employees-raise-taxes-report You Know It's Bad When Bernie Sanders Mocks Dems' "So-Called Inflation Reduction" Act: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/you-know-its-bad-when-bernie-mocks-dems-so-called-inflation-reduction-bill The energy crisis that is unfolding in Germany and other parts of Europe has prompted Austrian oil and gas company OMV AG to halt all crude product deliveries indefinitely: https://www.naturalnews.com/2022-08-06-german-oil-shuttered-deliveries-excessive-speculation-stockpiling.html If Germany falls into recession, businesses could jump ship: https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/markets/if-germany-falls-into-recession-businesses-could-jump-ship/ar-AA10nPRy UK hits double digit inflation, long and sharp recession: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8RDH14GiWio/ The resistance is growing as more than 75,000 irritated people in the UK have pledged not to pay their electricity bill this fall when prices jump again. Don't Pay UK believes 6.3 million UK households will be pushed into power bill poverty this winter, with millions more feeling the stress of out-of-control inflation: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/revolution-has-begun-75000-brits-stop-paying-power-bills-amid-inflation-storm Vulnerable Ukrainian women and children are likely being trafficked into sex slavery and domestic servitude in the United Arab Emirates, defence experts have warned: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11088451/Ukrainian-women-children-trafficked-UAE-sex-slaves-warn-defence-experts.html
8/7/22 Part 3 More than 80 mercenaries from Zelensky’s International Legion and 470 Ukrainian personnel have been taken out, Moscow said: https://www.rt.com/russia/560370-konashenkov-update-military-operation/ "In the Voznesensk area of the Nikolaev region an arsenal that stored 45,000 tons of ammunition recently supplied to the Ukrainian Armed Forces by NATO countries has been destroyed,” the ministry stated, adding that Russian forces eliminated five other ammo depots: https://www.rt.com/russia/560405-russia-ukraine-depot-nato-strike/ Ukrainian Armed Forces marines have destroyed some 15 Russian soldiers and an enemy arms depot over the past day according to Ukrinform, the press service of the Ukrainian Navy: https://www.ukrinform.net/rubric-ato/3545491-ukrainian-marines-destroy-up-to-15-russian-soldiers-arms-depot-in-donetsk-region.html Rumors have it a Russian Lieutenant colonel, Gorban Nikolai Alexandrovich, who served Assad's military in Syria was killed in Ukraine: https://twitter.com/killedinukraine/status/1556032576833421312?s=21 A Russian talk show host claimed that 100,000 North Korean “volunteers” are ready to assist in Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine: https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/ukraine-situation-report-army-of-north-korean-volunteers-reportedly-ready-to-help-russia Russian forces launched a new wave of forced "mobilisation" on the Russian-occupied territories of Donbas on 1 August in order to staff mobilisation reserve units: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/08/7/7362210/ Ukraine. Military Summary And Analysis 06.08.2022: https://rumble.com/v1f0kb5-ukraine.-military-summary-and-analysis-06.08.2022.html
>>38948 >>38949 >>38950 Why are you dumping your diary here, and why are you changing IPs between every post?
>>38952 His /shelter/ thread got locked. He was dumping in an independent thread so I merged him over here, so if he's still using this thread then the system is working as intended. It's fine... Probably. >>38950 I'm not gonna ban you for posting news, but do you mind either sticking to "one IP" or putting something generic in the name field so anons can filter if they want to since these are walls of text?
>>38886 >Remind me again how long did it take for Coalition Forces to btfo Iraq in the first Gulf War Kuwait is the size of a city >and then btfo them again in 2003? Technically they didn't, and to be fair they committed massive amounts of war crimes against civilians aka operated at pleasure and will. Also Israel had munched tons of the equipment before with their bombings of jet fields and oil reserves. It still took some months. >so I guess Bucha didn't happen It didn't >that video of some Buryatian mongoloid commiting a warcrime on a Ukrainian soldier A soldier is not a civilian nor was the two dudes who got stabbed in the eyes and then had their throats slit by an angry guerilla
Any word on the vaunted Kherson counter offensive? I was seeing a lot of suggestion that if it were still going to happen at all (as opposed to the rumours that it had collapsed before it even began), it'd go off today.
>>38964 The Russians found where they were staging and hit it hard ~2 weeks ago, so it had already collapsed before it even started. Which makes three attempts to launch a Kherson offensive; it's a blackhole for Ukrainian forces. It's clear that the U.S. and Britain want to retake Kherson to gain more control over the black sea to the point that the eastern fronts are suffering from supplies being diverted. With the 2nd vid from >>38843, (Nikolaev is Mykolaiv unless I'm mistaken) the Russians are the ones that are making gains on that front so a Ukrainian offensive is even less likely.
>>38970 >With the 2nd vid from >>38843, (Nikolaev is Mykolaiv unless I'm mistaken) the Russians are the ones that are making gains on that front The reports I heard were that the traffic jams were because Ukrainian officials were locking down the city and banning people from entering or leaving, so that anyone still trying to move could be presumed to be a Russian agent and also so if the Russians approach the city, they have meatshields.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPo77lUv-Js Old news: >Nikopol has likely already been reduced to ruins due to Russians shelling anything that even LOOKS like a military target getting near the nuclear power plant >Russians knocking out troops North of Kherson in massive numbers >Ukrainians gave orders to start an offensive operation towards Kherson >Mechanized brigades and marine corps refused to follow the order outright >Russians have begun a counteroffensive towards Nikolaev >Pirske is still being cleared >Russians declared they took the farms outside of Marinka >Ukrainians are trying to counteroffensive in Sverodonetsk area despite not having the forces to do it >Ukrainians pushing back in Izium Didn't really watch the rest as closely as I should but Dima's hungover voice made it seem like it was probably not important/just speculation.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2iv_zPBMjo >Russian MOD's mapping is now somewhat accurate >Rumors Ukraine is pulling armor out of Dnipro and Chernihiv towards Kryvyi Rih >Pisky/Pirske is a meat grinder >Russians getting ever-closer to Bakhmut >Developing a pincer there >Russians are foregoing tactical gains for humanitarian gains near Bakhmut >Ukraine allegedly still has an airforce (how?) >Also mentioned Izium is turning into a meat grinder again due to Ukrainians fighting like hell to take back territory
Open file (1.21 MB 1200x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>38961 >Technically they didn't
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s39p_eqD94s Mostly just listened as background noise, but it sounds like Ukrainians are doing political purges in Nikolaev going through people's phones and such. Ukrainians are picking up lots of reserve troops around Chernihiv/Sumy. Rumor is that Ukrainians are going to use this reserve forces in order to attack Russia proper in order to force the Russians to stop their offensive. Doing so would trigger the CSTO which would be really fucking stupid. Apparently each Oblast has promised Putin to conscript a brigade to support the war effort in order to maintain their autonomy/sovereignty. Dima thinks this will be a new phase of the war with Russia either overwhelmingly pushing forward on the current front or possibly attacking Sumy/Chernihiv with these autonomous forces.
>>38993 >Doing so would trigger the CSTO which would be really fucking stupid. I'm surprised Ukraine hasn't tried harder to do this, if it wanted to scare the West into believing that Russia is on the war path against all of Europe. Ukraine sure is half-assing a lot of this war. Except for killing civilians and unarmed prisoners.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U87imtAWIMQ Mercouris talked a bit about humanitarian politics and such. Thinks it's a sign of the Ukrainians becoming increasingly reckless/desperate. >>38997 It's still a massive gamble that looks less and less appealing with each day of the war. There's always the likelihood chance that Ukraine won't receive any more support if it becomes a clearly unwinnable war due to Belarus/Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan/Tajikistan becoming involved.
Open file (98.04 KB 556x481 FZlk9JOXgAE2ab6.png)
>>38964 >Any word on the vaunted Kherson counter offensive? Take your pick.
Open file (80.10 KB 242x317 1640298467391.png)
Bumped some threads to disingenuously get this one to page 3. New thread can be found here: >>39006
>>38992 After seeing the aftermath even Sadam's staunchest opponents agreed he was right and many of the officials are in Iran's pocket. US did succeed if we count the objective being "avoid Israel being attacked in the next few years" but not in the "regime change" because even in Sadam is gone his ideals are practically there, just without the money because the fields were bombed and now Iran manages some of them, although i think the US/"Canadians" also grabbed some.

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