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Open file (100.00 KB 960x720 drinking_buddies.jpg)
/k/anteen IX Strelok 11/06/2022 (Sun) 09:56:27 No.43407
Welcome to the /k/anteen! This thread is a catch-all for general discussion that doesn't really belong anywhere else or might be off-topic. Previous iteration: >>32080
I was also considering to use an /ak/ image for the OP, but it's hard to find one. Although at least I've learned that many Japanese artists associate western bars with bunnygirls.
Open file (5.65 MB 3554x1999 Artist Polilla.png)
Open file (472.39 KB 1614x1931 AK.jpg)
Open file (2.45 MB 1900x2533 Red Market Crownpiece.png)
Open file (626.06 KB 2045x1918 Gopnik no Ken.jpeg)
Open file (1.80 MB 9000x4262 Dororo Travel.jpg)
>>43409 Gelbooru has lots of gun girls. Tags to consider when searching for /ak/ include "firearm" "kalashnikov_rifle" "bullet" "bulletproof_vest" "russian_text" and/or "-rating:explicit" so you don't get a bunch of porn in your face while searching.
>>43412 I have a bad habit of randomly leaving out words when typing in English, what I wanted to write is that it's hard to find a good /ak/ picture of some anime girls sitting in a bar. Not to say that there aren't any passable ones, but I'd rather not waste too much time autistically experimenting with tags and going through page-after-page of this stuff.
So apparently there's supposed to be both a full moon and a blood moon eclipse over the entirety of the United States the night after the midterms (8th going into the 9th). How crazy do you think it's gonna get and how many blood sacrifices will be made by the establishment that night?
>>43429 >both a full moon and a blood moon eclipse It's physically impossible to have a lunar eclipse on anything but a full moon.
>>43431 Brah I'm just a dumb city nigger who doesn't into astronomy. Coolio.
>>43429 >how many blood sacrifices will be made by the establishment As many as the amount of people who will die in the war in the borderlands+the infanticides commonly known as "abortions"
Correction: Blood moon in approximately 11 hours. It'll "begin" in 9 hours and finish in about 13.
>>43429 They're already gearing up for another big middle finger to any retard who still thinks voting matters. If cuckservatives had any balls shig would get really fucking crazy.
>>43449 If Republicans win bigly what would be your response?
>>43450 That would depend on if the refaglican reps that get in are neocons or not.
>>43453 In other words your responses are premeditated and can be safely ignored.
>>43454 Huh? Do you not think ahead about these things? Sounds more like you're preemptively butthurt because you don't expect it to go well either and aren't looking forward to me or someone like me shitting on democracy for the sham it is.
Open file (571.27 KB 394x363 yuzu shrug.png)
>>43455 I maintain a positive outlook until given a reason to think otherwise. Right now I can "see ahead" and while I certainly won't get everything I want, nobody ever does in politics and the future looks bright.
>>43456 I was just speculating about things getting crazy for the "blood sacrifices" if cuckservatives found their dicks and balls and was going to leave it at that, this fag (you?) >>43450 >>43454 decided to get uppity about a dumb hypothetical.
>>43455 The point is that you're basing your reaction purely on the result, making it meaningless. You're going on about "conservatives finding their balls" implying a violent response to a presumed defeat. But I have no doubt that if the candidates you dislike least all won, and those you dislike most argued fraud against them, then suddenly the election would stop being a "sham". As far as you're concerned any election where the candidate you back wins is legitimate and any election where the candidate you back loses is fraudulent. You don't care about which is true, but instead only which you would prefer to be true. That's always the case with this shit. Just like how 2016 was definitely rigged all the way up until the result came out, then its integrity was suddenly impeccable and all the accusations of meddling were practically treason. It's all so damn tiresome.
Open file (3.96 KB 71x41 DUP..png)
>>43464 2016 was the result of lefties refusing to step outside of their echo chamber and truly believing that dup would be btfo before ever taking office. then when he won they tried to push the "muh hacked election" narrative into overdrive (when all they could really prove was that Russia paid for faceberg ads that were pro-dup, whch they tried to spin has hacking). then when 2020 came around they went into turbo overdrive manipulating voting laws and abusing mail-in ballots to hell and back to ensure that bidup would be crowned king, then painted convervacucks as batshit crazy paranoid conspiracy theorists that tried to overthrow Our Democracy(tm) in a violent insurrection (glorified shitpost where a handful of overweight pigs died of heart attacks). i really don't care what happens at this point, we're all going to end up in a special kind of hell anyways, I just can't wait to see how hard they cheat this year.
Open file (6.73 MB 1920x1080 The dup song!!.mp4)
Open file (107.30 KB 1103x761 ClipboardImage.png)
Libertarians take Missouri, Calling it! www Nah it's just one county reporting in with early voting of 7 votes, 5 for libertarians, but this was pretty funny.
>>43473 IT'S TIME!
>>43473 in 2016 there was one county in north dakota early in the night where mr. aleppo was leading, everyone started memeing PRESIDENT GARY JOHNSON. i think he'd be pretty good as king of usa
>>43476 I'm still waiting for Jeb's comeback.
>>43464 >But I have no doubt that if the candidates you dislike least all won, and those you dislike most argued fraud against them, then suddenly the election would stop being a "sham". Nope, I've been saying democracy is a sham since long before dup, and I'm right about you being preemptively butthurt looks like. Fucking armchair psychologist faggot, pretending to be smart but still thinks his vote matters when laws are bought and paid for regardless of popular opinion.
Oh no look an almost carbon copy of the 2020 presidential bullshit complete with numbers that don't add up and sudden spikes in blue team votes. Regardless of whatever banner these rats are running under you have to ve a fucking idiot to not see we are a literal banana republic now, your vote is shit paper at best.
>>43483 Cry harder, niggerpill.
Georgia has runoff elections because neither candidate achieved 50% despite their best rigging (Dem won last time on a stimulus package to niggers but libertarians spoiled the vote), and Kari Lake has standing to challenge in Arizona if she doesn't gain 30k votes in deep red areas with some 40% still uncounted. Unless there's a sudden shift elsewhere, those are currently numbers favoring team red.
Kari Lake up to only a 12k difference in numbers. Polling trackers have taken numbers down periodically and won't show for the Arizona gubernatorial race lol. Realistically if team red gets the house that's good enough for a setup for 2024. The biggest thing was to take away Democrats' budgetary power and oversight committee power. If Republicucks win too much this year then people will blame them for high gas. We'll see what happens with the Senate though. I'm torn since I don't want them to win the Senate for staging reasons, but I do want them to win the Senate so Rand Paul can go toe-to-toe ripping Fauci a new one in a senate hearing. If there's a red senate, then people will blame Republicans for high gas even if Biden is vetoing everything. Then again normalfags are already blaming Republicans for high gas even though they lost control of congress and can't even obstruct properly outside of Thomas and MTG calling for recorded votes to force Democrats to vote no.
>>43489 How's it feel to get ass-raped the second time and love it? That's basically what this election is. Enjoy your dictatorial America, retard.
Reminder that a majority doesn't mean anything since all it takes is one or two guys in suits to be paid off to vote the other way when it's most important. Senate being deadlocked or one party having a majority only by two as it looks right now is exactly what the powers that be want, a permanent deadlock and a false dichotomy where nothing gets done.
>>43489 >niggerpill christ I'm starting to hate faggots that screech niggerpill ar everything morethan the spamming retard himself. Fucking idiot, not having faith in blatantly rigged banana republic elections isn't being niggerpilled it's not being delusional.
>>43514 >>43516 >>43517 Really twisted your tits there, didn't I? Look dude (singular), Republicans won the way they were expected to win. They've got the house which is control over budgetary and oversight committees. There was no path to a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate so control of the Senate would have only given Rand Paul the ability to question Fauci as head of the Senate medical boards. MTG is going to be taking a leading role in overseeing the Red team kangaroo court. Republicucks didn't get their red wave so they have to actually consider their results. The age of Orange Man is over and the age of Floridaman, the great unifier of America-first and Establishment holding on for dear life, is beginning. Get over it. America-first has still won the Republican party but fraud narrative candidates overwhelmingly lost bigly. Everything else will be icing on the cake if the Republicans get it, but Republicans won, get over it. There's a few toss-ups that would help (like Kari Lake winning the governorship of Arizona and royally fucking the Biden Admin over by declaring a state of emergency) but this is still a victory. Maybe try fixing the procedural shit instead of screaming "FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD" like a bunch of fucking orange man dick-sucking retards. Your preferred fat balding orange man sold out to China, endorsed the vaccine, and can't shut the fuck up about 2020 to the point of losing in the jaws of victory. Republicucks didn't lose Pennsylvania because of fraud, they lost Pennsylvania because they let Trump endorse fucking krill oil salesman Oz over the America-first candidate in the primaries and didn't go after clear electioneering in Philly because Trump has a hate-boner for Project Veritas. Take the W and come back with something more substantial in 2024 before you embarrass yourself any further, niggerpill. Whatever comes next comes next but I'm getting sick and tired of fat boomers crying "fraud" because they didn't win as bigly as they would have liked. The meme war is back on with Musk. '24 is your redemption arc so you better be able to dish it out against DeSantis and stop with the unfunny DeSanctimonious jokes that nobody likes, faggot.
Open file (67.69 KB 768x1024 Smug Drunk Ogata.jpg)
>>43516 As for this point, there is no such thing as a deadlock senate; if it's 50/50 it goes to Harris. Learn how government functions. That aside those issues can be addressed as they come up, and it was going to be a "one or two" person difference either way like the polls predicted a month ago. Republicans only had a 1 in 33 chance of getting that "majority" you're jacking off to. A bill still has to pass both the house and the senate, and Biden is continuously alienating the traditional Union Democrats in favor of the Commie-Tranny pedophile bloc so there's an increasing number of Dems helping out the Pubs and supporting "I'm just trying to make people's lives better fuck your IdPol" DeSantis. Politics is not winner-takes-all has never been winner-takes-all and you should count your blessings that the system is more or less deadlocked for two years. Just take the win and celebrate instead of shitting on the floor, bro.
>>43518 >I'm not mad you got mad I'm pretty fucking frustrated and not going to read the rest of that no doubt retarded shit essay you have written up. Dig in your heels all you want, America is dying regardless of your delusional adherence to a clearly broken and corrupt democratic system. Can't wait to see your types cheer on continued billion dollar donations to Israel in the midst of rampant inflation though. Fucking stupid ass, I am mad as fuck right now you are right about that.
Also Golden Kamuy is homo shit.
God dammit I really am fucking furious. FUCK I want to hurt you so bad.
>>43523 >I am mad as fuck right now you are right about that. I just don't know what were you expecting or hoping for? An immediate kick off to Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo?
How are these jackasses still alive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3UrwPCeYeN8
>>43518 >age of Florida Man He would probably be worse about the Israel issue. He punishes private companies and vows to be "the most pro-Israel governor in America". He also pushes for sanctions on Russian oil and harsher sanctions on Iran. He's sympathetic to medical marijuana, a slippery slope that leads to recreational legalization. He has a boomer-tier anti-communist stance and approved a bill that made a long dead Soviet holiday about victims of communism and required schools to devote an entire class period on this day to the horrors of communism. He supports harsher background checks and red flag laws. He's a Catholic and doesn't actually care about illegal immigration, protecting Cubans and Venezuelans and pushing for Spanish to practically be the second language of Florida. If Mexico were to become more unstable, especially when MORENA fumbles, he would likely be one of the first to call it a humanitarian crisis and push for America to deem illegal Mexicans as refugees. If Brazil falls into Venezuela-tier, he'll do it for them too.
Open file (391.14 KB 799x1114 Questioning Nignog.jpg)
>>43532 A) I'm not a white nationalist so I don't care about race or Jewish schemes I care about whether those Jewish schemes and that racial shit is happening in a legally defined process that others can replicate. DeSantis supports playing fair and isn't any worse than Donald "please let me suck daddy AIPAC's chode" Trump. B) You're comparing him to an ideal that is still 10+ years off on America's overton window. I'm more concerned by the immediate and existential threat that is the gommie transnigger bullshit infiltrating our country. On that end he's doing enough compared to the average Republicuck. You can't just compare DeSantis to Trump in one instance and then try and then go off the deep-end with platitudes that mean nothing to 99% of the population because he's not a perfect political match to your fringe ideology, my dude. If you can't be realistic about these things then what's the point? I care about securing my immediate future and prosperity first and then dreaming about my perfect unelectable political philosophy second. Are you seriously trying to tell me Biden is better than DeSantis?
>>43533 You're taking it too far. I never insinuated that Biden is better than DeSantis. Almost any political candidate below 50 is better than Biden. I haven't given any platitudes, because I'm not the other anon you were arguing with. DeSantis has consistently bent over backward for Israel and Cuban and Venezuelan refugees and does so at the cost of American business. The quotation provided is direct. I didn't mention any ideology or white nationalism, only that he's a Roman Catholic and blind anti-communist who would accept refugees from any unstable country with a left-leaning government, especially those in Latin America, and treats Hispanics as a protected class. This earns him a solid block of Hispanics that keeps him afloat in Florida. His stances on progressive indoctrination in education are simply the most actionable and outspokenly radical out of many other politicians with similar views. I made no comparisons to ideals and stated his positions and my perception of their outcomes on the federal level.
>>43536 The Israel thing isn't unique to DeSantis it's a feature bug of American politics. Unless you're black, sucking Israeli dick is a prerequisite to the big kids' table. The Cubans and Venezuelans being brought in hate gommunism and are by ideologically closer to conservatives than the average white liberal urbaner or welfare nigger that wants you dead and the only shame is that we can't do a 1:1 exchange. I've found the entire ideological argument about Cubans in particular is always a thinly veiled ethnic argument. It doesn't cost the American businesses a fraction of what the open border with Mexico costs them, which he wants fixed. It's more important to address the gasoline fire before bitching about the crack in the engine. Similarly with the education system, liberals don't have kids they have yours. Fixing the education system is necessary right now to avoid yet another generation of angry incels and mentally ill sluts, and home schooling/charter school initiatives are preventing a total ideological replacement in the next 40 years ensuring the overton window can only move back towards a conservative outlook. DeSantis is not a perfect candidate he's a field surgeon because the country is currently bleeding out and needs advanced care. He's actually electable. Give me a name of someone better who could actually have a chance in hell to win a presidential run. "Shooting up the whole system" is not an option even worth entertaining right now. War is hell.
Open file (33.47 KB 540x503 varg_hold_up.jpg)
>>32080 >/k/anteen Attempt VII >>43407 >/k/anteen IX
>>43532 >If Mexico were to become more unstable, especially when MORENA fumbles, he would likely be one of the first to call it a humanitarian crisis and push for America to deem illegal Mexicans as refugees. To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south and turn us into a colony or whatever
Open file (8.06 KB 306x234 El Mencho.jpg)
>>43549 >To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south and turn us into a colony or whatever No.
>>43476 >mr. aleppo That was one of the best dad jokes I've ever seen anyone make.
Its Polands independence day! Which is funny since all decisions are made by our foreign masters and we are american vassals.
>>43589 Polski Stronk!
>>43544 I know that it is mandatory for white people to work in politics in America, but he openly said he would be the highest and seems rabid in proving this, which is what the business comment was about. Cubans and Venezuelans may be ideologically closer to Roman Catholic American Conservativism, but they slum up neighborhoods and act only slightly more grateful, voting steadily for candidates who kowtow to them. "Angry incels and sluts" are more of a societal problem that no one will really speak out on due to a national obsession with personal freedom. As for an alternative, Abbott could be a choice. He's unfortunately older, still supports Israel, hasn't done much about education, and has some retarded views on police, but he has a practiced hardcore stance against illegal and refugee immigration, doesn't support red flag laws, and wants to reform America's constitution. It would be better if the Republican Party formed a unified stance (i.e. Abbott's immigrant hard lining with DeSantis's education hard lining), but the system doesn't allow that.
>>43549 >To be completely honest at this point many mexicans just wish for the burger army to roll tanks down south Wrong. But i would like generalized civil skirmishes so rural areas could be cleansed of both cartels AND government like what happened in Michoacan for a short while until civilians were tricked to believe in fed amnesty only for their leaders to be imprisoned/poisoned for bogus charges and the feds/CIA installing cartels again
>>43407 I think your wallaby has autism.
>openly murder someone you dislike >sue to force the public to deny that you ever did it What did he mean by this
>all those precious leads are drying up or completely gone with blatant mail in fraud >literally exact copy of 2020 Just voooooote, convention of staaaates which requires vooooootes will save us, voooote it wooooooorksssss vooooooooooooooooooote It's truly shocking that anyone especially gun owners still falls for this farce. The sooner you and your fanily/friends abandon these games the sooner you and others can form a self-governing society to undermine the feds.
>>43655 It's a literal tar-baby, and one intentionally by design. 'Damned if you do, damned if you don't' is the old adage pertinent here. On the one hand, not voting simply plays directly into the hands of the kikes and their globalist cabals. On the other hand, voting slows down the rate of inevitable collapse that's coming in the West (and therefore all advanced nations). Which to choose? Speed it up, or slow it down? That's the only real choice the Western Tradition has today. But don't despair Strelok, Satan and his little band aren't winning in the end. God will laugh them all to derision before dinking them off into eternal fire.
>>43656 Who said I'm despairing?
>>43657 It was merely rhetorical by way of encouragement, Strelok. Bad guys always fail in the end--especially ultimately so. This little band of usurpers & destroyers we all deal with today won't be having a fate any different from their father in this case, either. So take heart! :^)
Open file (48.07 KB 424x600 3737174.jpg)
>>43658 >Bad guys always fail in the end--especially ultimately so. Why did the bad guys win WW2 then? Real life isn't an anime.
>>43660 >Why did the bad guys win WW2 then? They certainly did, no arguments here. The 'proof is in the pudding' as they say. But, which part of 'especially ultimately so' was the hard one? Maybe your mom is an anime?
>>43660 >germans massive rulecucks, if hitler won his successor would be power hungry military dictator with possible side of infighting, honor autism everywhere >allies jews the final pill on WW2 is that both sides were bad in their own ways avoiding nuclear war in cuba was an act of god, USSR getting perestroika'd was an act of god and neither of us are god to see what the alternative to today is
>>43662 I'm not sure the USSR was worse than today's America...
Open file (305.32 KB 1280x720 Consider Glasses.png)
>>43655 Maybe instead of shouting fraud which everyone is sick and tired of, you should focus on getting rid of mail-in ballots as unconstitutional in the first place like Florida did.
>>43663 Certainly, maybe the USSR wasn't worse than today's America, but the USSR didn't have the additional 30 years of subversion and insane nonsense the post-Cold War world did. Considering the tribe controlled the USSR just as much as it did the West, had the USSR won the Cold War I don't honestly think the USSR would be any better off in 2022 than the United States are today.
>>43658 Oh I see you're being passive aggressive because you think I'm "niggerpill" for mocking the fact you're stupid enough to still buy into democracy and are mad I wasright about it being 2020 2: 2022 boogaloo.
>>43664 Oh sure sure I'll just vooooooooote that into law.
>>43667 If you haven't noticed they have a hard time rigging local elections, and it's local legislation that decides those things. You niggers get mad that people aren't playing fairly but when it's pointed out you can ballot harvest in 39 states too (and the ones where it's illegal favor Republicans), then suddenly it's somebody else's problem or we need a war (that you conveniently don't intend to fight in). Act like an adult and have some personal accountability for once in your life.
Open file (145.98 KB 1920x1080 1635640190591.jpg)
>>43666 I'm right here and that's not me, Satan. My point still stands that you won the house and you might win the Senate. There's definitely shady shit and procedural shit that can be fixed, but you're angry that you didn't get revenge. That just means you didn't want it badly enough. Lemme give you an example. Instead of screeching about cameras at X location going out, how about you focus on this common scenario: >Suburban woman has three voting-age kids living at her home jobless or underemployed >"Alright, alright, I don't care. We are filling out our ballots!" >"Mom I don't care, it doesn't fucking matter-" >"WE ARE FILLING OUT OUR BALLOTS!" >"Alright mom, fine, the fuck do you want me to vote for?" >"Vote Democrat!" >4 ballots go in the mail for D from one low-information bitch This scenario plays out all over America giving Democrats an edge, hell one of the cunts on The View was bragging about doing it, because you're too busy focusing on fraud to focus on legal procedural issues that could actually be fixed. People listen to the procedural shit. Normalfags are sick and tired of your god damn fraud narrative and you're NOT going to co-opt and piggyback off some other organization to get your civil war so learn to fix the system instead of trying to establish a minority government through violent means. Even Pappy Hitler figured this shit out; that's what he was imprisoned for originally. Here's a procedural pitch for you that don't involve the fraud narrative but still solves the underlying problem... >"The constitution clearly says that there shall be an election day, not an election week or election month. People should have to personally submit registration in order to receive an absentee ballot in advance of the election, else they have to show up the day of during approved times. It's not about people's votes being worth less, it's about making sure that everything is procedurally fair and handleable in a timely manner. Florida showed that you can only have absentee ballots when requested and still have free and fair elections that are counted before midnight." You get something like that through local legislature and I guarantee you Democrats won't win another election for the next two or three decades regardless of how urban the population is. That's an achievable goal, jackass.
And if you still insist it all has to be about fraud then here's something else you can do. Go to an urban center and say... >"Hey, I'm here as part of an independent organization, have you filled out your absentee ballot?" >"Oh you haven't? Please fill it out or please tell me how you would like it filled out and I'll write it down in your case file" >Show them a fake ID saying you're with some independent election commission >Ask them to leave the envelope unsealed because normalfags are fucking idiots (unless they are suspicious in which case tell them to seal it) >Use a hair dryer/a wet sponge to unseal their ballots >Check to see if they voted the way you wanted >If they didn't, use the cross-out method if legal else throw the ballot in the trash >You can harvest thousands of ballots in an afternoon going door-to-door in a couple apartment complexes between a couple dudes That right there is legal in essentially every urban center in America and what happens to nigger voters, so get crackin' next election if you really care.
Honestly, if you seriously think you can vote yourself out of third-world rapefugee invasions, decaying cities, parasitic pedophile oligarchs, a supercapitalistic monoculture subsuming genuine folklore and values, and environmental destruction, then you're either the most idealistic man in the world, in which case I could almost admire your naivete, or you're high as fuck, in which I case I want what you're smoking. I think the best way is to hunker down in small self-sufficient closely-knit communities and build up a parallel society from there. Admittedly hard for the average imageboard autist, but the only way imo.
>>43668 Nah I'm perfectly willing to fight and I don't think things would be any different if the uniparty colors were switched around, I don't know why cunts like you are so incapable of comprehending the possibility that people have utter disdain for the entire US government. You act like you can, but you clearly don't when you have to assume I'm [opposite team from you] to even make a counterargument. Eat shit. >>43671 There's no point in talking to any of these tards, they're now talking about local legislature when local elections have been just as corrupt for just as long as national elections. Pointing any of this out means you're a niggerpill coward and blahblahblah because considering maybe the constant and blatant corruption isn't fixable by voting is stupid or something. It's great how they'll accuse you of being a democrat in the process too, so these fags are probably delusional qboomer tier niggers to top it all off. They never elaborate on what is supposed to be done either, everything they say you should do requires vooooooooting, but as the past couple of years should have proven beyond a doubt it's that vooooooting means jack shit. >>43671 "Get crackin'" huh? Get crackin' doing what exactly you geriatric coward? If you honestly still think putting a slip of paper into a scantron machine or poking a screen is doing something you're a fuckin idiot, I bet you don't even show up to local meetings for your precious local legislature like you claim you do. Otherwise you'd realize they're just a microcosm of federal politics complete with mealy mouthed compromising form gopcucks and full blown kill whitey rhetoric from leftists.
Oh have fun with that house senate and presidency btw, maybe we'll get an actual gun grab soon and then we'll see how many of you faggots can sling the "coward" word around.
>>43669 Why not streamline that with mandatory voter IDs which are only usable on the day of the election or to file an absentee ballot form, expire every two years, and are opt-in via tax forums or some other existing federally- or even state-controlled system?
>>43678 Because then that would make fraud harder, and fraud already doesn't exist apparently so what's the point in making it harder if the fraud isn't real? America is a country that's all about ballot box stuffing disguised as democracy disguised as a republic, it has been this way since at least just after the civil war if not before.
Open file (29.72 KB 200x200 4.png)
>>43675 >I don't know why cunts like you are so incapable of comprehending the possibility that people have utter disdain for the entire US government Because I used to and then I grew up and realized everything else sucks a lot more.
>>43683 >oh grow up I see we're at the "I'll condescend and call him a child because I have no actual argument" stage. I can agree to disagree, if you're truly this delusional about American political systems being better than 3rd world there's no point arguing.
Open file (4.81 MB 1800x1200 Read the line.png)
>>43693 >Oh grow up I'm sorry you read it that way but maybe you should since you're interpreting everything I've said in the last week as a personal and hostile attack against you, anon. I'll repeat myself in a different phrasing to make it more clear. I used to have utter disdain for the clusterfuck that is the US government. I still do to an extent, but Canada, Western Europe, Asia, Russia, and the entirety of South America post-19th century have convinced me that we're real fucking lucky to have this absolute clusterfuck since all of the alternatives are 10x-1000x worse than the dystopian hellhole we live in. I "grew up" and realized that any government brought in by a coup would be a banana republic at best and a dystopian bug-tier nightmare more than likely because of Murphy's law. I do not expect to be "the winner" if war were to break out although I certainly hope "my side" would be if we're going to the true banana republic/warlord phase, and I do not have the desire to go out in a blaze of glory like I did when I was a punk-ass teen/early 20s faggot. To repeat myself, everything else (including whatever gets put in by a coup/war) sucks a lot more.
>>43697 No I'm done, I realize I'm screaming at a wall. It's not my time you're wasting with your voting farce anyway so there's no reason to even say anything to you in the first place.
>>43712 Ok. Well I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, anon.
>>43473 Speaking of LoLbert chances did that one LP dude in Wyoming hold his seat? Really makes me wonder if turning that into a mini Free State project would actually be worth it or not. I dunno just find a bunch of people who want to larp as cowboys or even become real cowboys.
Open file (6.90 KB 800x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (749.98 KB b10522d.pdf)
Open file (336.57 KB 1280x720 very_tired_anya.jpg)
What went wrong?
>>43739 The Irish Republic is made up of those guys that abandoned a giant chunk of their country to the Brits, and they took the first chance to get rid of the Church they could, thanks to socialism which is partly the Churches' fault, due to not supporting the fight for independence much. The IRA lost. Gay commies won.
>>43739 >>43743 QUIS SEPERABIT up the U.D.A.
>>43743 >took the first chance to get rid of the Church they could It took about 70 years, which might be a few decades longer than you're guessing. Socialism wasn't much to do with it either, unless when you say socialism you just mean things you don't like.
>>43747 I mean that the government was always socialist-y and therefore had a materialist bent - a lot of the rebel groups did too, and that was the result. Thus, once they got a chance to weaken the Church in popular conscience with the fag child molester scandal, they took it and ran with it.
>>43758 ireland is a weird country. they're a corporate tax haven yet they had rent controls - which failed comically
Whats the best way to not get conscripted? Should I cut off my left hand or will they still make me die as a slave soldier?
So orange man is running for president. I'll let the king face the challenging Floridaman in the primaries since I'll never vote again vote for either, but he needs to be able to beat Floridaman in the primaries if he wants to keep his crown. Both are good, but I'm annoyed with Trump shitting on populists while not taking jabs at the establishment Republicucks. If Floridaman doesn't run for 2024 he'll never be relevant outside of Florida ever again so he needs to run. Next year is gonna be hell when we hit $20/gallon gas.
>>43739 The assassination of Collins by the British government took out all of Ireland's fighting spirit and defanged it.
>>43818 >I'll never vote again I'm there too. I didn't actually vote this last election. I made a promise to myself that I would vote for Trump exactly twice, just to see if an outsider could fix, change, or shift the system in any meaningful way. Well I got my answer. I don't see any point voting for Republicans because >they'll never stop with foreign wars >never stop with foreign aid >never restore freedom of association >never repeal any of the infringing gun laws >never unfuck entitlements, including social security >never really be pro freedom or stay out of people's business >never really secure the border or repatriate illegitimate immigrants >never do anything to prevent fraud in elections >never lower taxes >never stop with the "the Dems are the real racists pls vote for us" bullshit >NEVER ACTUALLY REVERSE ANY OF THE BULLSHIT THAT IS FUCKING THE COUNTRY >etc. Obviously there's no way in hell I'd vote for Democrats. So from now on I'm taking George Carlin's advice about voting. >Next year is gonna be hell when we hit $20/gallon gas. But anon that's not important the the American public. What's important is being able to kill unborn children instead of just keeping it their pants/keeping their legs together.
>>43826 >They'll never stop the foreign wars There was escalation but no new wars under Trump. Abraham accords made sure the Muslims and Jews were getting along more or less. >Never stop foreign aid Most of those are bribes and I'm less concerned about this political issue so long as needs at home like pre-flu $2.30 gas is available. I can willingly compromise on this one since bolitigs is about compromising to get what you want where you can until the red lines are reached. >Freedom of association They aren't gonna have a race war my dude. That was never realistically on the table. >Never repeal any of the infringing gun laws Republicans want a sunset clause with five year protections/limits right now. >Never unfuck entitlements It was a pyramid scheme from the start and nobody is gonna get it unless everyone has lotsa babies. >Never stay out of people's business Compared to the last several presidents it was a move towards that. >Never really secure the border or send them back Nah, but it was good progress for the first time in some 30 years with the illegals going back on their own. Immigration was net negative. >Never do anything to prevent my nonexistent cope He talked about things to do last night. He flat-out said mail-in ballots were unconstitutional and that we need national voter ID laws. It's a start. >The Dems are the real racists They are. If you're a white nationalist you should be voting Democrat since they want to murder black babies post-viability and enforce the National Wocialist agenda. Republicans have historically been about principle, not race. >The rest Don't make me break out the pill word so you can screech that I don't agree with you 110% of the way, anon. >But that's not important It will be when the suburban moms who did this to us are selling themselves on the streets for a can of spam and traditional gender roles are restored to make ends meet. I'll have no sympathy for them at that time since they get what they voted for and I've got my emergency rations/trade goods.
>>43834 Boomer cope: the post
>>43838 >Cope Just a healthy separation of ideals and expectations grounded in reality. Insert man who plants trees quote here. Turning the trainwreck around to the nearest repair station is still preferable to setting the gas tank on fire and shooting half the passengers because they insist on continuing the trip towards the cliff. Even if the passengers need a taste of reality they still have a functional purpose if they can realize reality before it's too late. Don't worry I fully intend to jump out of the car and take the damage if it looks like rolling off the cliff is inevitable.
>>43834 >They aren't gonna have a race war my dude You're young, you'll come around my lad.
>>43842 >They are gonna have a race war my dude You're young, you'll grow up soon my lad.
>>43842 I don't know, man. I mean on average blacks are more violent, but all of my friends with a handful of exceptions were Black, Mexican, or Jewish growing up, and we were all a bunch of dweebs regardless. The race component holds enough sway to buy a gun when living around 'em, but not enough to enact Southern sunset street rules.
Been enjoying listening to this /k/nife collector autist as background noise when I'm doing shit around the house with blue tooth headphones. Bonus is he's on platforms other than YouTube an Goolag because I hate big tech obviously since I'm here and have Manjaro Linux installed because fuck Microsoft too. https://odysee.com/@Metal_Complex:7 https://odysee.com/@Metal_Complex:7/you-think-you-know-what-overbuilt-knives:8 >>43476 > mr. aleppo was leading, everyone started memeing PRESIDENT GARY JOHNSON. I think LP's are delusional and Gary was sabotaged by Fox, CNN, and MSNBC over muh Aleppo as though other shit for brains politicians knew where that was either on a map or even gave a fuck about it prior much like how only now do politicians care about Taiwan, I'm sure some do but most are just grifting fucks. LP's as well as Libertarian minded independents too need to focus their resources a lot more on local state elections where they actually have a shot at winning as seen in a few past events. No one's just gonna hand them the Oval Office which is shielded from us plebs by copious amounts of machine politics, let's not forget both Trump and Biden were selected long before they were elected to be media darlings and that's before you take into account foreign influences throwing their hat in the ring such as Aipac, Saudi Opec, and the CCP who have all sorts of fuckery tactics at their disposal. I'm critical because I actually want to see them succeed more. >>43739 >What went wrong? Vatican Jesuit string pulling and the European Union but mostly just France, Mainland Germany Austrian Germans are excluded from this, Spain, Sweden forcing their bullshit unto potato land. The Czechs and Finish are alright though as far as EU;SSR members go. >Note I'm an Americunt so my world views pertaining to Europe is based off exaggerations, stereotypes, and various bin dat knife memes. Non the less I like to think I'm one of the more knowledgeable Americans when it comes to politics outside my country.
>>43862 >Google Twitter and Tumblr.png Nice. >also Bin that knife, citizen!!
>>43862 >demonic pope crap Y'know, I'd never realized just how the Pope's throneroom does in fact look like a voracious mouth complete with fangs when looked at from that angle, Strelok. Interesting. This passage jumps immediately to mind on seeing that shot: >"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it." https://biblehub.com/matthew/7-13.htm
>>43862 >Trump and Biden were selected long before they were elected to be media darlings <Trump <media darling Plainly you hadn't reached cognizance by 2016, Strelok (at least if you lived in the West during that election era). The (((media))), and every other Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov institution were going out of their fucking minds over Bad Orange Man(tm).
Open file (147.34 KB 1024x636 dup btfo.jpg)
>>43818 i'd love for dup to come back
>>43879 fucking shit site submitting my post before i'm done i'd love for dup to come back BUT only because i'd love to see how hard it makes the lefties seethe again. but at the same time seeing how much conservacucks chimped out over the actually illegitimate 2020 election results i'd like to see them go for round 2 on the capitol again.
>>43880 >2020 election fraud is somehow more significant than 2008 election fraud because it happened to change who wore the king nigger hat Why are americans so obsessed with presidents?
>>43882 >Why are americans so obsessed with presidents? For the last thirty years arguably 50, American Presidents have used executive orders to completely trample on the legislative branch while the judicial branch has let them do as they please. The American President has effectively become something of a king instead of a civilian commander-in-chief to keep the military humble/subservient to the people.
>>43818 Obviously, it's futile, at the face value. The trucks to carry extra paper are still available, and if fecebug could ban mentions of a certain mathematical law once, it can do this again, no big deal. It may (or may not) somewhat protect him or goad the oligarchy into acts of self-inflicted de-legitimization again. >>43826 > they'll never ...do anything outside the Overton Window allowed to them. Therefore, will never do anything that could move them dangerously close to a genuine opposition, rather than merely Outer Party of the clowns. And even when they are so distressed they actually want to do something more bold, they don't have a faintest idea as to how. After all, they are used to fake politics, not real politics. www.unqualified-reservations.org/2008/06/ol8-reset-is-not-revolution/ 2008, ffs.
Since I figure /k/ would be the best place to ask this, I'm considering getting a diesel car or truck once I save up some shekels, but I'm unsure of the logistics of owning one and using biodiesel on it. I believe I've read somewhere that you don't have to use a modified engine to use biodiesel, but it would have to be an additive like ethanol is to gasoline. Is it a good idea to do something like that, or will I just have to rely on regular diesel regardless of price?
>>43895 Diesel trucks can pull harder than gas trucks meaning your engine doubles as a backup generator, but something to keep in mind is that any kind of ethanol/biofuel mixture is not good on your engine. It's like the equivalent of eating nothing but white bread with processed salt-meat sandwiches and ramen noodles- they'll get you through the day but it'll wreck your innards eventually. Same concepts apply with biodiesel in your truck if it's not going through regular maintenance and repair ($$$ or a lot of time) or special filtering/distillation processes that make the biodiesel just as expensive as regular diesel.
118th congress has put forward the documents to investigate Joe. For those who don't know how the process works, the House of Representatives has budgetary and subpoena powers. The makeup of committees is determined in a 3:1 setup (as an example the January 6th committee had 2 Republicans to 5 Democrats). There are too many populist Republicans for the establishment branch to do as they please so they have to negotiate through the populist Republicans for committees and they have to either negotiate with populist Republicans or Establishment Democrats for passing a vote. If they do the latter, populist Republicans have already said they will demand role call which puts it on the record that the Establishment Republicans voted for XYZ which can then be used against them in two years during primaries if they don't side with Populist Republicans during a potential Trump presidential run. It's not quite "having them by the balls" as it is making them dig their own graves if they don't march in lockstep with the populists by blackmailing them out of their seats in the next primaries. The compromise was populists agreed to let Kevin McCarthy be the speaker in exchange for listening to their demands. If you want to say "Republicucks never do anything" I won't fault you, but this is effectively them doing something right now in a way that has never been done by Republicans before so I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt until they give me reason not to trust them. They either have to turncoat or kowtow to Populist Demands to keep their cushiony seats and it's got them sweating like pigs.
>>43895 Isnr diesel ridiculously expensive in burgerland and you might even face shortages?
>>44013 From my own perspective the republican party has had their voter base finally get fed up with the controlled opposition act. So now they're electing populists that promise to actually fight back. I suspect they will actually fight back because if they don't they'll be replaced next election by someone who will. Plus a lot of them may as well be equally fed up and genuinely want to see this through. The fact that they are formalizing charges and starting an investigation speaks volumes itself. Although I suspect if the investigations into biden become too much, they'll declare him mentally unfit and remove him from office. >>44021 It's about 6$ a gallon and gas is about 3.70$, at least where I live. And there is a shortage of diesel.
>>44021 Under normal circumstances diesel is cheaper than gas because gasoline requires additional refining while diesel can be pulled from a simple distillation of crude. The primary benefit of a diesel engine when diesel is high is that it can basically take any hydrocarbon-based fuel source that can combust. Your diesel engine + alternator doubles as an electrical generator. In theory you could run a diesel engine off a wood gasifier if you really wanted to. The reason diesel is more expensive right now is because chink flu killed non-commercial demand for diesel while commercial demand kept pace, so when demand came back all at once for non-commercial use it shocked the system and diesel prices skyrocketed since everyone needs it now. Also the government started taxing it because farmers need diesel and red dye fuel laws prevent the feds from going after the farmers for diesel taxes. Red dye fuel is selling at basically regular gas prices but lord have mercy on you if you get caught using it by a county sheriff or the IRS in a non-industry vehicle since they'll throw the book at you and then demand back taxes for "average demand" for however many years you've owned the vehicle even if you only used it once.
>>44027 It isn't quite that bad here. It's a little more than dollar over gas when it used to be 20 cents or so. This isn't at actual truck stops though.
Open file (154.29 KB 1821x238 Gas Colors.PNG)
>>44021 diesel is usually slightly more expensive than regular gas. on rare occasions (maybe less than 5% of the year) diesel is cheaper than unleaded.
Open file (590.48 KB 1000x718 1550375479309.jpg)
On Friday at 20:30 EST I'll stream the third adaption of Tuntematon solitas. I'll post the link later.
>>44108 Neat! Look forward to it Strelok.
Open file (558.82 KB 512x512 screamingloli.gif)
https://odysee.com/@UpperEchelonGamers:3/this-is-the-dark-future-of-finance-cbdcs:6 Some guy did research into govt documents about the possible coming glownigger crypto. >Will take all of your assets if you're considered a "terrorist". What a dystopia a glowcoin future would be.
>>44139 While this certainly has the potential to be cyberpunk living nightmare bad, the US has to jump through so many hoops to get this plan to work. It's almost like making a new currency. Just think: >What stops people from just not using the new government issue shitcoin? Sure, someone may crash the petrodollar on purpose, but trying to outlaw "paper" money (or even reducing it's popularity) is crackpot tier pipe dream, even in a post-collapse scenario. >What if someone else shorts their new shitcoin that they can't hold accountable? What if another government (Russia) shorts their new shitcoin? What if I short their new shitcoin? >And if other countries do that too: what stops me from going Doomp Eet on THEIR shitcoin as well? You don't know how much money I have, nor do they. Sure, it hurts government workers who may or may not receive their new paycheck in these assets. So before you have a panic attack from this and die from stroke, consider that CIA/NSA hires literal bronies and furries to do their bidding. They couldn't get a grip on understanding fucking 4/pol/ and had to resort to literal "paid researchers" in their field who couldn't get a grip on it as well. The people in charge took picture related and treated the whole thing completely unironically. So no, I do not think we'll get cyberpunk dystopia solely because bureaucracy and wagecucking are not completely conductive to what globohomo wants. What we may get instead would be entire countries getting Bogged.
>>44144 >>And if other countries do that too: what stops me from going Doomp Eet on THEIR shitcoin as well? You don't know how much money I have, nor do they. Sure, it hurts government workers who may or may not receive their new paycheck in these assets. Rich people still don't care because they hold other currency/assets and likely have enough leverage to pick and choose on how to get paid.
>>44144 Anon, that's an edit. >>44139 >>44146
>>44147 curses, my master plan was foiled again
>>44144 >What stops people from just not using the new government issue shitcoin? Probably the same thing stopping people from using alt-currencies for the last thirty years in America. The only difference between bitcoin and the ten or so predecessor alt-currencies that were in circulation before being snubbed was that they couldn't track down the creator of bitcoin to imprison and/or kill him (they certainly tried though). >but trying to outlaw "paper" money (or even reducing it's popularity) is crackpot tier pipe dream Anon there's places in my town that stopped accepting paper money almost a decade ago. It's more likely than you think. >What if someone else shorts their new shitcoin that they can't hold accountable? Do you really think a government-backed shitcoin doesn't have central controllers behind the scenes for just that scenario? The entire point is that gubmint shitcoins aren't any more real than digital banking currently is.
>>44027 > So now they're electing populists that promise to actually fight back. I suspect they will actually fight back because if they don't they'll be replaced next election by someone who will. Or by someone who will… promise this, too. They ran exactly this show for decades already. They only need to update their Tough Talk rhetoric for a slightly more edgy version. It’s puzzling. Here you assume individual competition controls them. Why? They are not independents, they are (Outer) Party people. So the party oligarchy is what controls them… why not “don’t be too greedy, let bro have his turn”? Also, why do you think these clowns have a faintest idea of how to actually fight back? Or that even if they somehow grew enough of spines and brains to try, they would be allowed to do so? They are merely specialized actors. Their “power” is de facto decorative, much like “power” Queen of England has. Which is why what Trump did was the only thing he could do with “power” actually available to him: goad the real powers into repeated and convincing demonstration of the fact that POTUS is but a figurehead position (after Roosevelt, that is). But if POTUS does not matter, not a single elected talking head in USA matters. And if none of them matters, all “politics” performed by them is but a circus show. Monkey business. Noisy distraction.
>>44160 Sounds like a whole lot of FUD.
Open file (92.20 KB 1142x765 1.jpg)
Open file (64.62 KB 1154x612 gun build.png)
Are videogames considered haram here? Are there any kind of listings of different kinds of firearms and/or their parts and/or how they work? I'm thinking of making a videogame where you build/upgrade guns out of parts that you scavenge. The guns won't be realistic at all and even handguns will be built from several parts, but I want inspiration about what kind of guns and components there could be. I'd also appreciate advice on how a gun should be built, I'm not into guns enough to really know. Pic related is some brainstorming, my current idea is that you start from one of many bases which determine what kind of other components can fit into it. The part I'm most unsure about is the striker and receiver since I don't really know what makes a gun go and how you could believably upgrade those parts, I was hoping you could upgrade the piston or something to turn a pistol into a machine pistol. Additionally I'd like to let you do stupid meme things like attach 4 lasers for additional accuracy, so if there's any weird mountable accessories, I want to know.
>>44160 (>Outer) Party people NRX?
Is Risky Crisky a glownigger op?
Open file (37.17 KB 692x390 2.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (66.27 KB 468x477 FiOETU4UcAE5DUi.jpeg.jpg)
https:// knowyourmeme .com/news/new-details-show-club-q-shooter-anderson-lee-aldrich-was-former-lolcow-nick-brink https://archive.ph/WsRoZ New Details Show Club Q Shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich Was Former Encyclopedia Dramatica Lolcow Nick Brink >After initial reports that Anderson Lee Aldrich did not have any social media or online presence, people began to dig more into the past of the Club Q shooter in recent days, leading to an interesting wrinkle appearing. <In court filing paperwork, two important things were discovered, with the first one being that Anderson Aldrich is requesting to be referred to by they/them pronouns, which caused an immediate visceral reaction online when people heard about that detail. >Perhaps the most prominent reaction to that information came from CNN, when the anchors found out live on air that they had to change their pronoun usage, and didn't. This caused a lot of confusion online, as people began to argue about how serious the non-binary aspect is, and if it's merely an attempt at skewing narratives. <Watch in real time as CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota sees her network's narrative on the Colorado Springs gay night club shooting come crashing down. She was speechless that the shooter identifies as "non binary": "I don't know what to say about that." >The 22-year-old accused of carrying out a mass shooting at a gay club in Colorado Springs identifies as non-binary, uses they/them pronouns & "Mx." Left-wing activists immediately blamed Republicans & critics of trans ideology for the deadly shooting. <the fact that left-wing media sources are taking the club Q shooter at his word re: identifying as non-binary is horrifying and signals that these people call themselves allies and yet can't even begin to grasp the tactics of the new right. the essence model will suffocate us all >The club q shooter immediately identifying as non-binary with no previous evidence and right wing media immediately taking that as fact is proof that no one who is anti-lgbt gives af about logic. Just whatever comes out that is convenient <The second thing that was unveiled after the court filings was that Anderson Lee Aldrich isn't the original name of the shooter, who used to go by Nicholas "Nick" Brink before they changed their name in 2016. >According to initial findings by the Washington Post, in their earlier years dating back to late 2015, Nicholas Brink was a lolcow (in a similar sentiment to Chris-Chan) on Encyclopedia Dramatica with a particular emphasis placed on who their family is. <While before the familial focus was placed on the grandfather, who is a California assemblyman, Nick Brink's familial focus has now largely shifted online to their father, Aaron Brink, who was a former MMA star whose post-wrestling career involved being on the television shows Intervention and Divorce Court in relation to his career in adult entertainment when he was known as "Dick Delaware." >A gay dude that uses the pronouns they/them who’s father is a porn star with the stage name “Dick Delaware”shot people at a gay club and Democrats are blaming Republicans. They’re reaching hard, and it’s backfiring. <Former UFC fighter Aaron Brink, father of the Colorado Springs Club Q shooter speaks out. "We're Mormons, we don't do gay." >The father of the Club Q gunman is a pornstar named ‘Dick Delaware.’ That is all… <Nick Brink was severely bullies as a child over his father‘s criminal record. When Nick was 15 he petitioned a Texas court to legally change his name to Anderson Lee Aldrich. According to CBS NEWS Kens5, the photo below is the murderer and his mom. >CBS news also tracked down their father and interviewed him yesterday, during which Aaron Brink said he thought his son died by suicide until six months ago after his ex-wife called him in 2016 to tell him their son changed his name and killed himself. <"I thought he was dead. I mourned his loss. I had gone through a meltdown and thought I had lost my son," Brink said. "His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor." https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Anderson_Lee_Aldrich https://archive.ph/K734Z '''This page contains spoilers — important plot secrets and/or conclusions may be revealed. For example, HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HAD AN ED ARTICLE FOR YEARS AND SHOT UP A GAY BAR BECAUSE HE WAS TIRED OF ALL THE "HARRASSMENT"!!!'''
Open file (916.45 KB 945x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>44211 Well that narrative makes more sense but I still want to beleb it was because of pic related. Sorry I think they deleted their twitter because of the national attention on their degeneracy, so I can't find the original but I know this was real.
>>44226 >All ages drag brunch Why haven't anyone blasted that place before?
>>44211 ><Former UFC fighter Aaron Brink, father of the Colorado Springs Club Q shooter speaks out. "We're Mormons, we don't do gay."
>>44245 They've been doing it all over. It's child grooming. They take established gay clubs in Conservative/Military cities (like Club Q) and then they normalize drag stripping before trying to pass it off as "family friendly" when it's literal definition child grooming. If you ask the average normalfag about drag they think it means crossdressing and don't understand that drag is stripping "performance art" worse than gogo dancing. Because the gays are embedded into the local community the cognitive dissonance makes them not think about it. It's normalized child predator rings training little boys (and some little girls) for prostitution in plain sight and it's disgusting. >>44285 Exactly.
Sen. Murphy proposes not funding police departments that don't enforce gun safety laws, such as the red flag laws Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy proposed withholding funding from law enforcement agencies that refuse to enforce gun safety laws. The Connecticut senator's comments to CNN on Sunday was in response to a string of recent mass shooting, particularly the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, which left five people dead. Colorado officials said the 22-year-old suspected gunman should have triggered the state's red flag law, but officers at the El Paso County Sheriff's Office refused to utilize the red flag law. "I think we have to have a conversation about whether we can continue to fund law enforcement in states where they are refusing to implement these gun laws," Murphy said on Sunday. "I will talk to my colleagues about what our approach should be this problem, but 60 percent of counties in this country are refusing to implement the nation's gun laws. We have got to do something about that." The suspected gunman in the Club Q shooting had previously threatened his mother with a bomb in 2021, an incident that could have triggered Colorado's Extreme Risk Protection Order that permits a judge to temporarily seize one's firearms if they are a serious risk to others or themselves. However, the sheriff's office in El Paso County declared itself a "Second Amendment preservation county" in 2019 and refused to exercise the red flag law, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. "What we have, I think, learned in Colorado is that the county in which the shooting happened is a so-called Second Amendment sanctuary state," Murphy said. "The majority of counties in this country have declared that they are not going to enforce state and federal gun laws. They have decided that they are going to essentially refuse to implement laws that are on the books. That is a growing problem in this country." When asked directly by host Dana Bash if Murphy wanted to "withhold money for law enforcement," he said senators are "going to have to have a conversation about that." "Do we want to continue to supply funding to law enforcement in counties that refuse to implement state and federal gun laws? Red flag laws are wildly popular, right?" Murphy said. "This is a choice to allow this to continue to happen. The laws that we're talking about passing, red flag laws, assault weapons bans, they're wildly popular. I mean, they're not actually that controversial outside of Washington. And I hope that, this year or next year, we will finally be able to do something." https://www.businessinsider.com/sen-murphy-not-funding-police-departments-dont-enforce-gun-laws-2022-11 https://archive.ph/a2z0b
>>44289 >Gun states don't get federal funding Too bad this dumbass senator forgot that budget lies with the house, not with the senate. If they want to start a civil war by hyper-polarizing states to be anti-fed, then so be it. Connecticut has no jurisdiction in my home county and can fuck off.
>>44288 Sweden yes! checked >>44291 >Too bad this dumbass senator forgot that budget lies with the house, not with the senate. To be fair it's not like he pushed an actual bill in the senate: >senator's comments to CNN on Sunday aka virtue signaling
>>44289 >The laws that we're talking about passing, red flag laws, assault weapons bans, they're wildly popular. Doubt if most people read and understood the implications of these laws that they would agree with the Senator. Especially the types who want to defund the police.
>>44288 >They've been doing it all over. It's child grooming. No shit, that's what people do with their children. The fags, like always, just just can't keep it behind locked doors.
>>44307 >Their children Fags don't have children. They have yours.
>>44309 >It's my child and only I have the right to groom them Like clockwork >Fags don't have children. They have yours. If you're losing a culture war to literal faggots then your children are probably better off with aids and bloody assholes than inheriting whatever the fuck is causing that.
>>44344 Keep projecting, faggot. You're not getting my kids, pedo faggot.
>>44353 He's saying that if your culture is incapable of removing faggot pederasts because of how weak it is, then it doesn't really deserve to exist anyways. It's survival of the fittest.
>>44353 >implying he has fathered children

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