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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Strelok 02/10/2023 (Fri) 01:42:57 No.47519
Will China persist much longer as a leading power? Why or why not?
>>47519 Kek, thanks for outing yourself as the troon we all knew you are. How's the weather in Langley? delet this.
right now it seems like the big three powers are in a state of flux, and China is in the lead. If burgers can't get their shit together and start fixing their internal issues (which nothing short of civil war 2: electric boogaloo is going to solve at this point), kicking out their corrupt jew overlords in DC, and taking a step back from the global stage for a decade or two to fix all their internal bullshit first before trying to unfuck the rest of the world, they're done for. if Russia BTFOs Ukraine once and for all (knocks out Jewlensky and uses Ukraine as a buffer state with NATO) then they'll be the ones on top; NATO will be their bitch. However if they decide to pull out and still leave Zelenskyy in charge (highly unlikely, but still possible), they'll be a laughingstock and will have wasted a large amount of their military capacity for a comparatively small portion of land. China seems to have finally gotten their shit together and stopped with the zero-COVID retardation and might try their hand at Taiwan if the US gets distracted enough for the reasons listed above. If they succeed, they're the new global power, no contest. If they lose, they'll be an even bigger lolcow than Russia for failing to take an island the size of New Jersey. Xi has won his internal power struggle and has consolidated power around him. However is still seems dissent and apathy is still prevalent among the bugmen and they're more than willing to just let the whole system come crashing down if they decide they're done with it (despite how strong "muh great firewall" is I would bet most if not all chinks know about what really goes down in their government and everything they've covered up over the past few decades) Personally I don't see USA getting out their current retardation. Russia is the frontrunner but not by much. China is on the fast track to numba wan.
An unmanned aircraft was just shit down over Alaska. This time at 40,000ft, so commercial airliner heights, which is why they shot it down so quickly. They're report that it was the size of a small car, and haven't said it's a balloon, so seems like it might be a drone. They're still reporting the origin as unknown but given recent events there's an obvious guess.
Open file (78.31 KB 1280x720 hawaii_chinese_lasers.jpg)
>>47519 Chinese satellites are scanning Hawaii with lasers: https://archive.is/Ny7dQ >On January 28—the same day a suspected Chinese spy balloon was detected by the U.S. off the coast of Alaska—a camera watching the night atop a mountain in Hawaii caught a series of green laser beams darting across the sky. >Lasting a matter of seconds, just as it turned 2:00 a.m. local time (7:00 a.m. ET), footage from the camera caught the bands arcing left to right, footage shows. While the owners of the camera initially supposed it was a NASA mapping satellite, the U.S. space organization has said that it was not them, suggesting it may have been the Chinese. >The camera—looking out from Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano—is attached to the Subaru Telescope, and is a joint venture between the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ). >On January 29, it posted the footage on YouTube, suggesting that the beams could have come from a remote-sensing laser altimeter from NASA's ICESat-2/43613 satellite, launched in September 2018 as part of its Earth Observing System with the goal of measuring and monitoring the impacts of climate change. According to NASA, it is able to emit 10,000 pulses a second. >However, on February 6, the description of the video was updated with a new explanation for the curtain of light beams over Hawaii. Citing Anthony Martino, a deputy project scientist working on the ICESat-2 mission, the NAOJ note said the lights were "not by their instrument but by others." >"His colleagues, Dr. Alvaro Ivanoff et al., did a simulation of the trajectory of satellites that have a similar instrument and found a most likely candidate as the ACDL instrument by the Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite," it added. "We really appreciate their efforts in the identification of the light." >According to Orbital Focus, a satellite orbit monitoring service, at 2:00 a.m. local time the Daqi-1 satellite was likely passing overhead and was the "probable culprit" and was on a north to south trajectory that "fits the left-right motion of the video." inb4 Pearl Harbor 2 Electric Boogaloo
>>47551 >Pearl Harbor 2 Electric Boogaloo If so, this time the USSA is fucked. China has industrial supremacy this time around... and the USSA has been intentionally destroying itself according to the Satanist protocols. Why else have a dementia patient as (((their))) puppet pres.
https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34778597/ >5/6G can cause 'covid' (and interact with vax nanotech)
>>47523 Is this a bot?
>>47546 And now another, this one over Yukon.
>>47598 Did Trudeau just provoke an alien invasion?
>>47599 Don't worry, we asked the US to shoot it down for us. Little word on what either of these two are, except that they're lower-altitude and smaller than the first balloon that everyone has confirmed is Chinese, and the defense minister says the latest was "cylindrical".
>>47598 >Yukon Isn't there just a bunch of chugs and nothing much else out there?
>>47603 Sure, but that's the route the Chinese take. Enter over Alaska, then down along Yukon and BC, then swing east as it reaches the US. The fact that there's nobody important out there is, presumably, part of the reason NORAD was willing to shoot it down without fretting about the debris landing on someone.
>>47604 But why would China send more if they are so easy to find and shoot down? Why do they even need them to spy on the continent, don't they have actual satellites not to mention all the software and hardware backdoors they reportedly have to computers, phones and telecom equipment. Something's fucky here.
>>47606 >don't they have actual satellites Satellites and aircraft have different uses. A satellite makes on brief pass, and then it's gone. A balloon can linger for much longer. Also, testing NORAD's attentiveness (reportedly these balloons have gotten through gaps in monitoring). And TO an extent making them relatively easy to find can be an end unto itself.
>>47604 Then why didn't they blow the last one out of the sky when it was spotted over Montana instead of letting it drag its inflated cock across most of the mainland USA? The population density is about the same there.
>>47606 >don't they have actual satellites? No, and yes but actually no. There are only a few (hundred) orbits that a satellite can consistently be in without smacking into another satellite and destroying everything, and the current rules on satellites were created to protect the "first come first served" crowd who bloated the globe with satellites (namely America, Europe, and Russia). China doesn't have very many satellites with orbits that pass through North America, and the further away you are from Earth the harder it is to transmit data/the less accurate the data can be due to limitations of penetration. A starlink satellite can pick up better signal because of its closeness to Earth, but anything it transmits can be hit with man-in-the-middle attacks or other less obvious flaws that would result in the enemy obtaining any information you take in (which has been used against the Ukrainians by the Russians when Ukraine was using Starlink to map out Ukraine leading to Russia testing out a new defensive weapon that's selling like hot cakes because it causes permanent damage to satellite lasers/lenses if they try spying on an area where it's active. tl;dr- "Anything you collect is given to everyone who wants it hard enough." All of this culminates in your choice of act-of-war spy jets or thinly disguised spy weather balloons if you seek to collect, say, cellphone usage data to determine where a hidden military base is since you can collect all the data discreetly without a signal and then either drift back home to provide the data or send a transmission once. As a guy who filmed the Venezuela riots at one point noted during this incident, when they were running from the cops after filming a riot, his work phone suddenly buzzed with a spoofed number of a friend claiming that he needed to call him right away because the FBI needed to get ahold of him. Obviously he didn't answer the call until he was back in America, but what had happened was the Venezuelan government was aware he was a journalist at the riots and had sent a spoofed text to try to get him to call someone back in America in order to trace where he was through Venezuelan surveillance of cell towers/overhead satellite data. If you collect all the call data from cell towers then you can get cell phone numbers which can be used to roughly trace a map of American infrastructure (and spot secret facilities by the "dead zones" if there's traffic around them creating "holes" on the map.
>>47607 >(reportedly these balloons have gotten through gaps in monitoring) If you are referring to Canada, yes, if you are referring to under the Trump Administration, four senior officials have come out and called bullshit outright on the unsourced claim (the corporate media's "source" is "an anonymous official").
China is now preparing to shoot down a UFO of its own near the port city of Qingdao.
>>47623 NORAD beat them to it again, this time over Lake Huron.
I wonder how much these balloons cost China compared to the price of an AIM-9X, and the fuel and maintenance cost of an F-22 sortie.
>>47626 I don't know what either of them cost but I reckon a balloon is two to three orders of magnitude less than an F-22 sortie.
>>47630 China shouldn't even bother with the spy tech, just write NIGGER really big on the underside of the thing and the USAF will work itself into country ending deficit blowing them out of the sky to avoid hurt feefees.
The one over Lake Huron took two missiles to take down, because the first shot missed. They're not sure where it eventually exploded.
>>47635 This. I like the way you think, Strelok.
Open file (124.36 KB 900x1043 11m3MEME130223.jpg)
Open file (605.18 KB 1000x750 ClipboardImage.png)
>>47710 watch the sky
>>47705 Hey man, if we ever see one smash into an apartment building I can cross "Military Jets hit residential buildings" from my "America is a third-world country" bingo card. Although I've already got bingo twice based on the last 2 years alone, I should really quit playing.
>>47770 when you say "hit" do you mean "shoot a missile into one" or "crash into with no survivors"? because the latter has happened several times.
>>47784 Image related. >>47770 You do know crabs are cold-blooded right?
Open file (6.17 MB 1920x1275 ClipboardImage.png)
If China can avoid direct involvement in any WW3, China will absolutely dominate the world at this rate.
>>47794 I don't believe that at all nor do I see any reason to, especially since they're dancing closer and closer to starting shit with zogmerica by the day. If all they had to do was avoid war they're going about it in the most retarded way imaginable.
>>47799 You obviously don't know much about modern china. Butt yes, the same could be said about the Third Reich, if they simply consolidated power within their borders while focusing on spycraft and technological supremacy the world would have been theirs in one or two generations max. Rising powers almost always jump the gun.
>>47800 The EUSSR and USSA are imploding according to a (((grand design))). What other power can possibly compete with the PRC?
>>47801 Yes the PRC is a (((golem))) butt I'm not sure they take orders from the Rothschilds anymore. Frankenstein stopped listening to master.
>>47800 >become a world power with the power of worse economic planning and brain drain than the literal USSR sure thing goy
>>47802 I would guess this is a fed?
>>47803 This one too.
>>47794 China has a demographic time bomb that they can't seem to fix because they fucked with their population for so long and a demoralized younger generation in addition to that. They are currently running on the momentum they had up until the global coof scam and are trying to fool the world that they are currently in a good position so enough retards will actually believe it. Globalist kikes are just trying their best to prop up Xina because they determined its the model they want for global governance due to the control over their own population they are able to exert. They will ultimately fail because chinks are retarded and are even less meritocratic than fucking burgerland and will be unable to maintain it for long.
>>47807 >>47806 >>47803 >>47802 >>47801 Eat shit. >>47800 Care to explain what I don't know instead of being vague? Because I can't see the chinks pulling ahead even if they managed to survive the total collapse of their number one frenemy considering they have trouble feeding themselves without massive imports and are also dealing with a dwindling worker population as well as increasingly frequent peasant uprisings. At least not without jumping through schizo hoops or being a niggerpill retard by making vague claims of eternal joos win forever sads bads :^(.
>>47810 >by making vague claims of eternal joos win forever I'm making the very-specific claim: Jews will dangle from lamposts all over their current 9-eyes enclaves, and probably not long from now. OTOH, China, for all it's issues, is far more resilient and will actually fare rather well, relatively, during the upcoming collapse caused directly by your (((non-existent))) globalist kikes, and the highly-corrupt sonofabitches that ever let them get a stronghold in the first place. Hope that was specific-enough for you, friend.
>>47813 It wasn't specific at all, all you did was repeat yourself and not elaborate on anything, faggot
>>47810 I don't have time for people that are this unaware. Listen to some Alex Jones, he's normie controlled-op butt there is real info on his show: https://odysee.com/@AlexJonesChannel:c/14Feb23:8
>>47823 So you don't know anything. No I'm not going to watch an Alex Jones video because I actually go and research shit for myself instead of getting water filter grifters to explain things for me, take it all without even considering the grain of salt that I should be taking it with, and then run to /k/ to be a condescending fuckwit. "Butt" I'm sure you think it's all unenlightened rants no matter what I say.
>>47831 I'm pretty sure you're being epin trollerered by a phone nigger.
A possible source of the balloon shot down over Yukon has been identified: a hobbyist club from northern Illinois.
>>47891 >be norad >radar looking for missiles and bombers >didn't notice china balloon slowly drifting in from north until visible from ground >panic and re-calibrate radar to balloon setting >holy hell, jack! the goddam sky is full of them! >spend $millions sending fighter jets to shoot down... >amateur weather balloons The whole world is laughing at you, 'murica
>>47895 >acquire budget >profit
>>47895 Everyone's been laughing at us for like 30 years yet a lot of the rest of you keep following us into this retarded abyss for some godforsaken reason.
>>47907 The shitabyss, Randy.
>>47907 >a lot of the rest of you keep following us into this retarded abyss They have to otherwise their energy infrastructure gets mysteriously sabotaged.
>>47941 That one was actually the Norwegians.
>>47942 But (((who))) do you think a) they were working for during those wargames, and b) sent the actual destruct signal, Strelok?
>>47831 Oblivious niggers are oblivious don't have time for them nya~
>>47954 Thanks for making yourself easy to filter at least, ignorant dumbass.
>>47956 You're calling him ignorant, but you're the one burying your head. The collapse is clearly happening as intended and you and every other lemming assigning blame to the puppet government instead of seeing (((those))) behind the curtain are just making it worse for all of us. Will you continue to play along with the narrative when CBDCs roll out and enslave you in the goy matrix? When you are denied food for having wrongthink? When all the white nations like Canada and the US are intentionally allowed to degrade to genocide Amalek and replace him with low IQ browns who won't question? Must you starve on the street before you wake up and realize that the entire thing is a sham? Poor bastard, no wonder we lost and must now face these final tribulations - that such denialism could exist.
>>47969 Oh it was niggerpill all along, I should have known from the utter refusal to actually converse about anything.
>>47975 please do not feed the schizos
>>47976 Yeah you're not wrong I shouldn't do that but does anyone else even post here anymore? I see way more /pol/ tier posts being made and avatar niggery while the actual weapons threads are basically dead in the water. I really only pop in anymore to check the Ukraine thread every now and then, and even that has gotten boring as fuck.
>>47969 This.
>>47969 >Must you starve on the street before you wake up and realize that the entire thing is a sham? The responses: >>47975 >>47976 Uh, that's a "yes" it would seem.
On the subject of balloons, what can China possibly do with a balloon that can't be dine with a satellite? Or even like Google maps?
>>47987 A satellite can't read the thread faggot; this was already asked.
>>47987 It's not so much that IBCM's aren't superior to balloons in a lot of ways but rather that military balloons are 'cheap' at least when compared to capable IBCM's anyway. Also it's a good way for Beijing to test the West's will to actually defend Taiwan in a hypothetical war. Balloon warfare isn't anything new either, they've been in military use ever since the French invented them.
>>47980 >Uh, that's a "yes" it would seem. At some stage you probably just have to stop caring and let them all rot. If you can locate widows (60+yo, authentic widows who've served God faithfully) & orphans to help during DOTR, fine. The rest have intentionally crafted their demise by swalloping it down hard from organizations that hire such as this: >>47985 They've earned their doom, Strelok. Just let it go is my advice.
>>47990 >since the French invented them Maybe. Maybe not.
>>47989 He's trying to get the thread steered away from the ignorant schizo niggerpill retard derail.
If anyone seriously thinks the USSA can defeat the PRC at this point, without using nukes, they are a lost cause. USSA society is undergoing (((planned))) demolition. Meanwhile the PRC is a Han supremacist eugenicist technocratic military-state (teaching elementary students how to put together handguns ect) with an epic global spy network that easily infiltrates the West while the reverse is not true. The PRC is like Imperial Japan in WW2 but 10x bigger, and while the USSA has better technology than in WW2, in every-other way, it has declined. Kissinger's greatest success as a kike lord was to get his puppet Nixon to open the gates so that all the USSA technology and industrial power could be transferred to the PRC... a state that (((they))) planned to use as the manufacturing hub of their NWO. Thankfully it at least appears that the PRC has broken ranks with the (((NWO))).
>>48072 gr8 b8 chang now go build another ghost city made out of paper mache and poorly mixed concrete
>>48072 >PRC... a state that (((they))) planned to use as the manufacturing hub of their NWO Given the present state of manufacturing and trade balances I'd say this was overall a success. But as >>48084 said, it's all castles built on sand.
>Thankfully it at least appears that the PRC has broken ranks with the (((NWO))). Perhaps >Thankfully But that's jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.
>>48072 I certainly concur that it's basically impossible for the now pure-diversity west to overcome in any straight-up military engagement, and the longer the delay before the ultimate confrontation the less-so. Nukes are a suicidal game for anyone at this stage of things, but I'm quite sure both sides are working hard in their plans to decapitate the other. Simply-put, the west no longer has either the talent nor the willpower to carry out a grueling conventional jew world war. China OTOH, is basically rabidly chomping at the bit to unlease the kraken hounds. I predict the west will meet a humilating defeat by the Han. First with their naval fleets, and then on the ground. And ultimately: their utter destruction, at least for the us.
>>48099 >the west will meet a humilating defeat by the Han protip: the Han don't exist retard. The mainland Chinese are a pack of mutts that the CCP dubs Han to promote social cohesion
>>48103 Who cares, same difference. Even were you actually correct.
>>48103 No point in responding to the fedora tipping sageschizo niggerpill.
>>47519 economically, sorta, militarily, probably not. The chinks are really bad at waging war. Sure quantity is a quality all of its own, but even by that standard they are really bad turning quanitity into any kind of quality. The chinks have been taking Ls through their entire history, and thats largely against other chinks. Any foreign power they have been exposed to have always devastated them, no amount of larping as a serious "western" style military will fix that I think. Their economy is alright, but is very reliant on our(the US) economy. The issue is that while they have made significant investments in the recent decades to become more resilient in case our economy dies, at a basic level, their success economically has always been tied to us and thus cannot be untied in such a relatively short period of time. If the US economy decided to completely leave the server, then I dont think the Chinese economy will be sticking around for much longer. Their recent alliance with Russia and attempts at building a parallel system to the West is a good investment, but it is to young rn to be much of use. tl;dr their economy is very mid and to young to survive detatching from the US and their military is a meme and always will be a meme because chinks are a meme race blighted to always be top dog only as a regional power
>the nation of huezns that gets into swordfights instead of firefights with poos for fear of nuclear exchange will totally btfo a country that has more nukes than them by an order of magnitude As of right now the absolute worst thing that could happen to the chinks is if the USA started courting India and/or SEA nations and began replacing China with poos for their manufacturing because the chinks can't afford to maintain their military without massive amounts of burgernigger cash and resources being sent their way in exchange for cheap shitty plastic crap. All of Western Europe combined wouldn't be able to provide enough for them to stay afloat without America. Now if they keep colonizing the shit out of Africa they can probably hold out, but that's assuming some opposing glowniggers don't decide to start a shitload of revolutions and civil wars on a continent that is already infamous for easily being pushed into revolution and civil war.
>>48130 >Swordfights Stick fights
>>48130 >ut that's assuming some opposing glowniggers don't decide to start a shitload of revolutions and civil wars USA and USSR already did that to Europe, colonization is no longer a thing however, can't do that twice, especially when people are seeing their living standards rise. USA glowops endgame for South America also failed, so while it's a plausible prediction, I doubt it will succeed.
>>48135 >colonization is no longer a thing however China has literally been colonizing Africa for decades. >USA glowops endgame for South America also failed, so while it's a plausible prediction, I doubt it will succeed. It still turned the continent into an unmanageable fucked up mess which would be the whole point in regards Africa. Fuck I have zero patience for anyone on this board anymore. Fuck FUCK
>>48136 >China has literally been colonizing Africa for decades. Not actual colonization though, just trade and influence. >It still turned the continent into an unmanageable fucked up mess No, they did that to themselves and most are siding with Russia, plus BRICS, so glowops engame still didn't work. >Fuck I have zero patience for anyone on this board anymore. Fuck >FUCK Just calm your autism down anon, your ego is getting the better of you.
>>48136 The Chinese don't try to turn niggerland into a Chinsect hive though, they build just enough to strip mine the place. Can you call that colonization?
One thing I don't understand is why China is building all these enormous hi-rise cites that are entirely abandoned, save the token perimiter security personnel?
>>48142 Because China is like everywhere else in the world and people will abuse loopholes that make them more rich since "there is always a bigger sucker."
>>48143 OK, but I hardly see the connection. What advantage is it to the government for these brand-new ghost cities to exist in the first place?
>>48142 It's a combination of factors. It serves as a soviet style work-for-the-dole dig a hole and fill it back up forever (which serves as welfare, enables corruption, creates the impression of lower unemployment, all the usual), but importantly for the chinese economy it creates something they can say has value (it doesn't) and so say that their currency has value (it doesn't) which allows them to import goods. >>48117 You're wildly overestimating the stability of the chink economy. They tried using domestic resources more and lessening trade with australia (I can't remember if it was a push for a more nationalized strategy or they were getting lippy over something racist that got said down under, maybe a taiwan thing) and it barely took months for their industry to be in danger of collapsing. There this idea that china has resources, both in chingland itself and out of africa, but e.g. the coal they do have, while plentiful (not really actually that plentiful relative to their population and the purported scale of their industry) is shit tier and barely keeps the lights on while spewing an insane amount of pollution into their environment. They need to import quality coal (from australia, mostly) for steel production; they can not do this and create garbage pig iron, and they probably will when their economy starts to give up the ghost if they turn insular in the great insectoid screeching that will follow, but that's not going to solve any of their problems except on paper. Likewise, their infrastructure is just bad. Just like india, having the resources needed to generate power doesn't mean that you can generate power or that you can get it to where people are consistently. There's no reason for the infrastructure not to be bad, considering how deeply corrupt and authoritarian the state is and has been for so long and how many purges have gone through and how politicized most every sector is, and this leads into them not being able to get things out of the nations that they buy land in. There's a perception that china is large and powerful in terms of global influence through military power because of belts and roads and their militarized infrastructure spread out all over the place and how it'd be hard for e.g. the US to contest them in the sea when they have so many ships being built (and the US doesn't) and so many installations, but actually it's not like they're able to maintain their infrastructure (and hence, probably, their ships) in these peacetimes and it's not like a china that's actually perceived internationally as engaged in hostilities with the US would be able to maintain control of the infrastructure they've built in third parties not because the US would seize it but because the gooks whose land it's built on would.
>>48152 Like >>48154 pointed out. Most investments are banned in China so people don't have a way to store cash like they do in America and storing literal cash is understood to be suicidal in China in the few instances where paper money is still used. To get a wife in China because of one-child policy, you need to own a minimum of two houses to find a bitch. Government needs their GDP numbers up. Housing is the only place you can legally invest. They aren't gonna get rid of a sweet deal that (currently) lines their pockets. Three Red Lines was the Chinese government trying (and failing) to fix this shit.
>>48154 I stand corrected. Your post unlocked the part of my brain referencing all of the Chinese economic blunders that I was forgetting about, must be Chink propaganda brain waves. That as well as the fact that everyone ive ever talked to about working with the Chinese in order to get raw materials always talks about how it is a nightmare and they always send over a ton of shit quality stuff. The people are highly dysfunctional and are always trying to backstab each other. Probably a result of never being a Christian society and being simple bugmen slaves forever. The modern Chinese are, as many people forget, just the conglomeration of the remaining tribes that somehow avoided the Mongol rape hordes that deleted most ancient chinks. After that, these tribes were specifically bred by their own leaders to be a better slave race of people. They have SEVERE issues built into them, and its not even random negative traits like Africans or Indians have. >>48142 they do this specifically to gaslight their own economy into not collapsing. It is make-work that keeps certain sectors busy. They build all of these fancy high-rises, many of which go unfurnished on the inside and then either let them sit, or collapse them to rebuild them. The average chink lives in a shack like he always has while big sky scrapers are built around him that nobody lives in, like a big shell
>>48154 >>48158 I see, that makes sense -- especially the investment angle. Thanks Strelok.
>>48159 >they do this specifically to gaslight their own economy into not collapsing. It is make-work that keeps certain sectors busy. Yeah that actually does make sense. I read a book by Robert A. Heinlein called The Door into Summer that had a similar idea about luxury cars. They'd create them at great expense (but without any motors in them), then at the end of the year smash them all, unused, in compactor then recycle them. Lather, rinse, repeat.
What if America/Thailand attacks Myanmar, possibly with Indonesia/India's help and fucks with both Russia and China while commandeering temporarily taking over the Japanese oil rigs?
>>48187 That would require America giving a fuck about Burma. The only thing I care about Burma for is that they still also use miles
>>48187 The Thailand Royals/Generals would be idiotic to ally with the USSA at this point when they could be the 'Switzerland' of WW3.
>>48084 I'm Aryan dumbo. >>48085 Sure the CCP has failures, but they appear small compared to the (((intentional))) USSA failures. >>48099 Realistically, I don't see how direct fighting between the PRC and USSA wouldn't lead to nuclear war unless the USSA 'leadership' already planned to surrender according to certain (((protocols))).
>>48142 Same reason the USA builds their houses out of fucking cardboard. Money
Open file (170.65 KB 1784x2000 1628414801119.png)
>>48130 >began replacing China with poos Replace street shitters with spics and this is already happening to an extent. It's lookin more and more like the entrenched global order in general and the Chinks in particular have jumped the shark and are on their way out Mite get breddy intertaining for a while gents, strap in
>>48254 >entrenched global order >chinks Is this bait?
Open file (228.06 KB 700x394 1629991933964.png)
>>48259 IDK, probably?
>>48259 I think he means the Globohomo, Strelok.
Open file (970.98 KB 2480x3508 1629968288825.jpg)
>>48267 Correct. I prolly coulda phrased it better though apparently.
>>49604 >Only tangentially related but china has brought up banning export of rare earth metals as retaliation to these de facto chip sanctions the U.S. has been trying to put on them. They can but it won't do much. Either this turns into Russian oil all over again with the US imports processed rare earth from China through their allies that are trade partners or trade-adjacent with China (and China is forced to make the same stupid decisions Europe made about bullying friends if they want the ban to have an effect) or it ends up hurting China more in the long run because it encourages production outside of China in response to hawkish behavior. >we have no processing capabilities Trump was working on that right before he got booted from office. There's a few processing facilities set to open in the next 6-12 months scattered across the continental US in anticipation for this event which was expected. They have been working on this in the private sector since 2020 when it was de facto closed down because of Chink flu. You are correct that this will force the public sector to compete with the private sector for limited resources so I wait to see how the US government will quell the zombie hordes when a goyphone costs $11,000 because of government contracts, however that will largely be a temporary situation. Everyone compares China to Russia or America, and in terms of using quantity as a quality of its own they are the same, but in terms of natural resources China is largely a desert shithole without anything except trees, metal, and many mouths to feed, whereas Russia has raw goods (wheat, lumber, ore, heavy sour oil) and America has replaced their raw goods with refined goods (electronics, refined metals, light sweet petrols, etc.). China has to rely on their finances and cheap manpower as a selling point the same as India; Russia and America and Brasil do not. >>49615 Fluorescent provides all the benefits of incandescent at a fraction of the energy. >Muh mercury The plastics and soy will kill you first.
Open file (1.12 MB 800x7800 yellow1.jpg)
>>47519 YELLOW PERIL chyna is assho nuke them all
Taiwan Strait: top EU diplomat calls for European navy patrols https://archive.ph/BVFUn >Josep Borrell says safeguard would show Europe’s commitment to the ‘absolutely crucial’ area >“That’s why I call on European navies to patrol the Taiwan Strait to show Europe’s commitment to freedom of navigation in this absolutely crucial area,” he wrote. >“It is not only for a moral reason that an action against Taiwan must necessarily be rejected. It is also because it would be, in economic terms, extremely serious for us, because Taiwan has a strategic role in the production of the most advanced semiconductors.”
>>49640 At this stage, it clearly would be a higher-good if China displaced the Jewnited Snakes as the dominant global power. So meh.
Open file (430.85 KB 1200x840 mao-kissinger_sm.jpg)
>>49783 >Jewish CCP replacing the Jewnited States >better
Open file (84.06 KB 680x443 Uncle Sams boots.jpg)
>>49786 >be USA >poke and prod the Middle East for decades >wonder why the rest of the world hates you now >cry about homophobia and call all your critics war mongering oligarchs while being completely oblivious to your own hypocrisy >be China >poke and prod your southern neighbors for decades >wonder why the rest of the worlds hates you now >cry about Sinophobia and call all your critics imperialists while being completely oblivious to your own hypocrisy Yeah pretty much they're both niggers.
>>49783 Ideally America and China will kill each other leaving the Iranians and Russians to inherit the earth. >>49793 To play devil's advocate, China's goals are all local and regional to opening up the pacific to avoid sanctions and strengthen their global allies. That's not to say they should be allowed to do so, but rather that their goals are pretty mundane. India and China have basically stopped fighting outside the occasional border dispute because like the 100 years' war between France and Britain the two have realized they make more money trading than fighting over some mountains.
>>49794 >leaving the Iranians and Russians to inherit the earth Ah yes, because 2 irrelevant countries with no meaningful produce but oil can totally project power beyond their region.
>>49798 If fire gave us the ability to smelt ore and jump human technology by leaps and bounds, those fancy little hydrocarbons which we will be reliant on for at least two more centuries unless humanity adopts fission instead of pussyfooting around are the reason we can process more than half of our synthetic chemicals today. If humanity banned/ran out of oil tomorrow, roughly 2 billion people would die in a month. Grain and oil define the modern human existence. Go sell off all your electronics and be a subsistence farmer if you don't like that.
>>49799 >those fancy little hydrocarbons which we will be reliant on for at least two more centuries Aren't (((they))) banning hydrocarbons?
>>49800 Now you're starting to get it when I talk about the WEF depopulation agenda. It's not that they have a literal depopulation agenda albeit I believe they do but rather that all of their actions will have the end result of global depopulation regardless of intent.
>>49786 Definitely so. The greatest thing about China is they still have those 40+ organ-harvesting RVs that go around their circuits, and they still kill faggots there if you're too aggressive about your faggotry. Win-win.
>>49799 The Saudis and Benizuelans still offer better value for their oil, and your shithole countries won't last for the 2 centuries before some other great power crushes it and take the oil for itself.
>>49804 Saudis are relying on Russia for security guarantees. Beniszuela is conjoined to Russia at the hip for gibs to keep them from total economic collapse. Where did you wander in from, 2019?
>>49805 >Saudis are relying on Russia for security guarantees Yeah that explains why they're surrounding themselves with US hardware. >Beniszuela is conjoined to China at the hip for gibs to keep them from total economic collapse Fixed that for you.
>>49800 Honestly, they're just trying to make a buck off of new tech and hedging against the world's depleted oil supplies. Their depopulation "agenda" is just the manifestation of their desire to control this most vital resource (fuel) and direct its use to their benefit. To you, they've got a conspiracy to murder billions. In their eyes, they're just cutting costs because they own the world and its theirs to do with what they want.
>>49841 >In their eyes, they're just cutting costs because they own the world and its theirs to do with what they want. So yeah, a conspiracy to murder billions then?
>>49843 I'm referring to motivation, and you're referring to consequences. If someone had a conspiracy to burn down a building to collect insurance money, carried it out one night and the janitor died in the fire, you wouldn't classify that as "a conspiracy to kill the janitor?" No, you'd say that they didn't take into account the janitors life and acted with indifference to his safety. Motivation vs consequences.
>>49853 >You would say That they committed manslaughter and would be charged accordingly. The insurance fraud part actually raises it to second degree murder.
Back to the subject of oil. Western billionaires want to control oil, but they're losing access to all of the channels they used to have. The Saudis have cut ties with the US. Russia has been singled out as the west's enemy and won't be selling to the west until Russia wins the war in Ukraine this summer. And at that point they'll be negotiating on Russia's terms. Iran has oil and has also been singled out as an enemy. They won't be selling to them. Venezuela is in the same position as Iran and has taken measures to prevent western meddling. Haiti has recently been said to have oil reserves and is the only odd man out. Should they throw off the yoke of imperialism, then the west will have to come as an honest buyer to all oil-producing states. It's about time we lived in a multipolar world.
Open file (154.40 KB 944x962 ClipboardImage.png)
Have you ever had a plan that worked SO WELL the first time that you decide to repeat it withe the other nuclear power that you are hostile towards? https://web.archive.org/save/https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/taiwan-says-its-talks-being-brought-under-us-nuclear-umbrella https://web.archive.org/web/20230529025212/https://news.antiwar.com/2023/05/28/taiwan-says-its-in-talks-on-falling-under-us-nuclear-umbrella/ >Taiwan Says It's In Talks On Being Brought Under US Nuclear Umbrella >Taiwan’s foreign minister said last week that the US and Taiwan are in talks on the possibility of the island being brought under Washington’s nuclear umbrella, a step that would make a catastrophic war between the US and China much more likely. >Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu made the comments before Taiwan’s parliament, the Legislative Yuan. Wu declined to detail the talks when pressed if Taiwan had asked the US to bring the island into its nuclear umbrella. >Regarding the discussion of this issue with the United States, it is not suitable for me to make it public here," Wu said, according to The South China Morning Post. >Many of the US’s allies are considered to be under the protection of the US nuclear umbrella, including Japan, South Korea, and every member of NATO. >Giving such a guarantee to Taiwan would mean the US could use nuclear weapons if China invades the island or if war breaks out by other means. According to the SCMP report: > As Washington and Beijing ramp up their military signaling on Taiwan, the self-ruled island has started to discuss what was once unthinkable – to come under the US nuclear umbrella that has successfully protected Japan, South Korea and Australia for decades. > The debate was set off after Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu suggested on Monday that the island had been in talks with the United States on the nuclear umbrella issue. >Such a guarantee is unlikely to happen in the near term as it would require a radical change to US policy. While President Biden has vowed to send troops to intervene if China attacks Taiwan, the official policy on how the US would react to a Chinese invasion is still ambiguous. >But the fact that the idea is being discussed will be viewed as a major provocation in Beijing. China has a no-first-use policy for its nuclear arsenal, but US policy leaves open the option to use nukes in response to a conventional attack.
>China purging foreign ministers >China purging nuclear missile program managers >China purging defense ministers >Not demotion purges but Mao-style disappearance purges >Top CCP leaders getting blackbagged What the fuck is going on in China?
>>55659 CIA Glowniggers are being run out of town on a rail? After all Usurper-in-Chief has been dancing to the war-drum tune of his handlers. A) JewSA/Natto isn't going to start Jew War III over the former Ukraine, and they are now targeting all their globohomo buildup towards doing it over gay anal + child sexual mutilations in Taiwan instead. Simple as.
>>55663 The people being purged were party loyalists who've worked for the CCP for decades, not inserted glowniggers.
>>55659 >>55674 >>55663 it's a bit hard to tell but a bit both. There's pretty severe resistance to Xi in the party echelons right now so he's pulling a great purge like Stalin did. Mixed in that is a bunch of CIA deep cover moles who have been "uncovered" (read: Someone had dirt on them). How much of the latter is true obviously, is up for debate since the evidence is classified. The fact that the anti-corruption bureau (read: worst of the FBI) got clowned on hard by local social media was one of the indicators. Currently there's a lot of CPC guys selling people to the golden triangle area with no gov jurisdiction and harvesting their organs and selling women into prostitution. I think kidneys are about 1,000 USD a pop. The major Epstein guy behind this somehow managed to escape four operations to catch him and managed to van the undercover women sent to take down his org. A few major female streamers (think like twitch thot amoranth but more clothed and dancing only) with several million active followers literally got vanned to Cambodia and died of STDs after a few (2?) months. Supposedly they didn't want her to be useless so they drugged her to sleep and let guys run an endless train on her.
>>55677 I believe you, but why did they go after the female streamers? Sounds like an unnecessary way to draw attention.
>>55678 >Unnecessary It's not like the Chinese gov is going to bomb Cambodia because there's a popular female streamer being sold as a prostitute unwillingly. Their response is "We asked the Cambodian gov and they said they can't help". Cambodia is state with little government (ancap almost) and buying child sex slaves is a thing there. Plus these schemes generally target the peasant / noveau-rich without brains. Did you really think they're going to pay you 5x the median wage and have you work 3 days a week in Cambodia? Some other scheme that was recent is they kidnap a friend of yours, get you to meet the friend in China, and you get vanned and sold because the China-Burma/Thailand border is so porus nobody will notice. In that area the cartels outgun the cops and the army at times. There's also limited goverment control, and what "government" there is on the same side as the crime orgs. Plus, the kidnappers are Chinese, the ringleader is Chinese and is probably a higher up (former) CPC functionary, and if you talk about it on social media and highlight her case they won't outright censor you now, they just note that it was "foreign disinformation". If you get to be a really big thorn they just wack you silently since social media in China requires your phone number, State issued ID, and facial recognition to work. Think of it as CIA shipping crack to the US, or if Epstein was a plant by the CIA to influence congress. The new law (roughly translated to) "National guidelines on protections of personal information and privacy in internet transactions" is like PATRIOT and does the exact opposite. It requires for online commerce to verify your ID and phone number to an account to combat cyber crime and identity theft, and requires facial rec to purchase from anything electronic connected like a vending machine. You can get denied from purchasing bottled water by the machine if your credit is too low. It's very easy to figure out where are now with that data if you can obtain it illegally. And like anything, there's always a price to sell. Foreigners don't require facial recognition but that's just a soft block onto them from keeping you from stuff they don't want you to buy. It's not like you're going to escape the skynet system in China outside of maybe Manchruia or remote ass Qinghai, even then if you show up to a village they'll ping you.
>>55679 I forgot to mention, another incident was in Chiang Mai (?) they kidnapped 20 Chinese women (including like 4 undercovers) because the hotel they stayed at drugged the entire hotel group's food. Thai police went to get the CCTV recordings and they're all gone because "muh system broke" and the hotel owners and crime staff all vanished before the raid, the only ones they are holding probably didn't have an idea. Yes, women only tour groups are a thing in China. Being a man won't help since they just sedate you and harvest all your organs and throw you in a ditch.
Open file (416.14 KB 850x2353 graf zeppelin slave.jpg)
>>55677 >>55679 Maybe I'm a bit of a traditionalist but I actually like the idea of buying a wife. Wasn't that common during Roman antiquity? Imagine being a Roman soldier who just came back from fighting in North Africa against Carthage and you pass by the slave markets in Rome. The first thing you see is a beautiful large breasted Germanic woman in chains with her body out in the open. She's on sale but due to Germanic women being fairly common in the slave markets, no one wants her. Well, no one except you. I know my autistic fan fiction of the Roman Empire is really off topic but buying my cute conquered Germanic wife from a slave market sounds really hot. >tfw you're not a roman soldier who got back from North Africa and passed by a slave market to buy his new wife. >>55680 That sounds legitimately disgusting. What do you think happened to those women? What is the ultimate fate of women who are captured like that in those particular incidents? Are they kept as indefinite prostitutes? Killed and harvested for organs? Blood sacrifices?
>>55682 >Maybe I'm a bit of a traditionalist but I actually like the idea of buying a wife. It is a nice, traditional, idea. But just like they say, 'you can take a nigger out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the nigger' -- you can't take the pozz out of a modern Western woman. Slavemarket or no, if she's already undergone a life of jewish brainwashing, she'll be useless as a wholesome companion. A useful breeding machine perhaps, but you'll have to remove your kids from her presense upon weaning if you want them to grow up sane.
>>55682 >Where do they end up? The Chinese goverment's own investigation said this: The women end up as either prositutes, or bait as scammers to their friends/randoms to lure more people in. The men generally end up as work slaves in scam call centers, miners, or just hav etheir organs harvested (1 lung +kidney) and thrown back in China. There are rumors that some woman are forced to surrogate, no proof of that one, but I can see it happening with the current culture. The other one is that some end up being used for illegal "high end" tech production. Think of the cartels paying engineers to build/design narco subs but you're not being paid. >>55684 >modern western women TBH I've had better experiences with western women than Asian ones. Then again maybe because all the latter are goldiggers.
>>55685 >The other one is that some end up being used for illegal "high end" tech production. Think of the cartels paying engineers to build/design narco subs but you're not being paid. You writing cadence makes that sound as if these slutty women are being used to R&D high tech. Lol. >TBH I've had better experiences with western women than Asian ones. You clearly have little experience with the sexual marketplace of young Western women today.
>>47519 no, cos their economy is crashing like the 2008 GFC
>>47800 Rising powers come and rising powers go, yet China endures forever.
>>59257 >China endures forever Communist China killed real China forever though, and genetically speaking the Han Chinese died out centuries ago and the bugs you see nowadays are comparable to Brazilians.

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