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"The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war." - Otamin

Open file (412.63 KB 1391x1076 SHTF OP.jpg)
SHTF GENERAL:HANDY GRAPHIC EDITION Strelok 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:50:36 No.5569
2 months before the election. US is on emp, coup, internet blackout, power blackout watch for the next 6 months. Imagine that some or most of this applies to Europe and Austrailia/NZ as well. Best of luck on your preps, don't neglect your networking.
Open file (821.48 KB 1200x2101 Spotting Infiltrators v2.png)
>>5569 Ok, I'll bite.
Nothing to contribute, but if you have some time to spare, this site has some pretty good information on it Ignore the pole shift stuff, its wrong. http://ps-survival.com/
>>5592 >Leftist list about how to spot Infiltrators >more than half of the points that make an Infiltrator are just "the person is more popular/successful than me and doesn't listen to what I have to say" >the points left over are just Leftist denial of their wrongdoings and crimes
Open file (224.31 KB 720x755 runningfordummies.jpg)
Open file (591.10 KB 600x3282 shittierpvcsneaky.jpg)
Open file (85.21 KB 403x537 yourlimitsnerd.jpg)
>>5952 Do you have the original source for that last image? Text-heavy images should not be stored as a jpeg.
>>5955 sorry stelok it was on julay
>>5957 Oh well. Could just remake it I guess.
Open file (315.84 KB 403x537 yourlimitsnerd.png)
>>5959 idk if this is any better. i tried strelok
>>5961 It doesn't matter anway, I was just saying if you had it. Making it into a png after it's already been compressed into a jpg will not magically bring the data back lad.
>>5990 Fraid Im technologically inept strelok.
>>5961 hopefully this formatting won't turn out too reddit tier, but i tried to make it less cancerous than a large text block >high altitude at 15,000 feet. >what are you smoooooking????? That statement that they have more red bloodcells is partially incorrect. Having more redblood cells is actually a cause for alt sickness in people. High altitude dwellers in Asia Mainly Tibet/Nepal, not sure if Indians have high denisovan ancestry, E. Asia doesn't at least have double the nitrous oxide in blood and double the blood vessel density in the limbs (esp the arms) in ADDITION to the EPAS1. NO2 casues vasodilation which is thus responsible for the increased bloodhound. Obvious the gene has its tradeoffs. I'm not geneticist so I don't understand the whole part about EPAS1 inhibiting reproduction (something about Hybrid incompatibility). Also, you probably don't want to suffer health issues at sea level probably (Tibetans can and will get a sort of "oxygen poisoning" if they stay at sea level for too long and it supposedly leads to cardiovascular issues if the chinese paper is to be trusted. Personal experience warning, you might drop dead before me at higher altitudes. Strelok, I've been at 19,000+ for a day before. You need to acclimate and it IS partially dependent on genetics outside of the EPAS1 gene and be physically fit and not too tall or male no women on /k/ lets be honest. Although even in alpine populations below 16,000, the genes in the Tibetan population still have issues coping with cardiovascular issues (heart attacks will kill most males in range age 35-45 in Tibet. The hardest transition is around the 10,000 feet area to be honest (3000 meters), average people have their heart rate skyrocket to around 110 and the O2 oxygenation drop to the low 80s on a good day. I had a heart rate of 75 and a O2 of 96. Personally for the average strelok without muh superior alpine genes and isn't a fat fuck, I think the highest effective combat altitude would be around 14700 feet (4500m). Sure you can carry a combat load possibly up to 16400, but take it from someone who was physically who acclimated well, I could barely run past 16,400 feet. And at 17,000 its a nightmare, it felt like trying to run with pneumonia and walking badly through ice. I have bradycardia and hypotension, and at that altitude my heart rate was damn near 87 resting with 130s/90s at 17,000 with only a regular set of clothes and some water on me.. Thankfully in burgerland we don't have that much of a altitude shitshow here except in california. Also, unless your from Papa New Guinea or Tibet aka high Denisovan anscestry you won't have those genes. Basically non-existent in most europeans unless you're russian or maybe finnish. > tl;drUnless you live in Alaska, leaflandl injun territory, or south central spicland mexico proper not the southern US you only need to worry about mount whitney in commiefornia at 14,505 feet.
Open file (167.41 KB 1270x726 kit advice.png)
Open file (773.51 KB 2000x1339 Packing an ALICE Pack.jpg)
Open file (615.85 KB 900x1136 SHTF radio guide.png)
Open file (348.73 KB 1600x1200 1533178261319.jpg)
Open file (570.41 KB 809x1432 DIY FAK.png)
>flood detected Fuck off.
Open file (1.64 MB 2329x2994 DIY water filter.jpg)
Open file (117.58 KB 1000x1000 fm.jpg)
Open file (931.35 KB 2160x2880 prep.jpg)
Open file (239.03 KB 576x1209 roll.jpg)
dug around for a minute. have way more. may be fucked to post them later.
Open file (109.23 KB 836x851 how to make C1.jpg)
Open file (368.07 KB 800x1600 how to be a nigger.jpg)
Open file (1.57 MB 1608x8078 1587603877503.jpg)
>>6273 >blocks your jihad
Open file (60.84 KB 589x1774 bolt weight blowback.png)
>>6437 >not a spark-gap jammer Son, I am disappoint. Infographic not related.
>>6220 Damn, thats some niggershit/lowblow. Great to know just in case ZOG creates a hyper totalitarian government and I am too pussy to fight back directly. Great material
>>6216 This chart confuses me, is it saying that standing 25yds away from a target, with your gun sighted to 500yds you will hit the target in the area its knees would be? That makes no sense. Could a strelok explain what the fuck this chart is on about, because i must be retarded.
>>6737 Judging from the graph at the bottom, the distance of the target and the impact at that very distance is color coded accordingly, meanwhile the zero for every single pattern is over the respective target.
Open file (506.84 KB 754x1000 Lost-Armalites-1.jpg)
Open file (231.37 KB 737x1000 Lost-Armalites-2.jpg)
Open file (242.45 KB 748x1000 Lost-Armalites-3.jpg)
Open file (236.20 KB 750x1000 Lost-Armalites-4.jpg)
Open file (236.93 KB 745x1000 Lost-Armalites-5.jpg)
Open file (46.47 KB 400x400 Stone Knife.jpg)
Open file (88.75 KB 1021x1562 img-0049.png)
Open file (97.88 KB 468x593 rm1rbn8d2yi.jpg)
Open file (970.94 KB 843x2000 chadblock.png)
Open file (96.47 KB 469x727 lockpick tools.png)
Open file (404.29 KB 800x1200 1434172903526.png)
>>6485 >Damn, thats some niggershit/lowblow. That is what sabotage has always been, the resistance in WW2 didn't act any different for the most part.
>>6878 The combination padlock thing is neat, but there's so much play in some of those locks that it's almost impossible to say what value it sticks at to within half an increment. When I tried it on an old one I had, even knowing the third digit was 30, the first two goes around for Step One it seemed to have clearly stuck on 29. it was only the third try that it stuck in the right place, and everything else worked.
>>6485 >>6924 > the resistance in WW2 didn't act any different for the most part. Correct. Just look at the OSS "simple sabotage" manual.
Does anyone have shit on diy mres.
Open file (35.15 KB 450x662 Edibility Test.gif)
Open file (51.06 KB 800x468 should i eat this.jpg)
>>7119 All i got are some tips and tricks on eating garbage/wild plants.
newfag here sorry for shitting up your fine board I've gotten increasingly paranoid as of late to what the jews have been up to with all their lockdowns and propably future vaccine enforments and shit. I'm really scared. What's the cheapest and easiest way to make an emergency backpack? you have some charts and shit not gun stuff just general prep as I'm euroocuck like is this backpack decent? 40L might be too small https://www.ebay.de/itm/BUNDESWEHR-GEBIRGSRUCKSACK-40L-NEU-BW-JAGERRUCKSACK-ARMEE-ARMY-OUTDOOR-RUCKSACK/221752737149?hash=item33a17e3d7d:g:S94AAOSwoPdfH9Yl? aah I'll die anyway with my autistic retardation
>>10184 fren has one of those, it's pretty good. It has no frame or hip support however so I would recommend getting the German square folding sleeping pad to firm the back. otherwise pack it smartly to keep form. As for having no hip support. Just don't make it too heavy. See https://t.me/paxaryanaboot/21
>>7129 You should really, really, really grab a book and read how to identify plants as well. Queen Anne's Lace gets confused with hemlock, Avacado trees are poisonous (but the fruit isn't). Persimmons (Diospyros spp.) can be edible depending on how ripe it is and if it's astrigent or edible if non-astringent (and some species cannot be eaten).
Open file (989.97 KB 1600x1200 autism pack.png)
>>10185 thank you, anon. I don't have telegram right now so I can't access the link. >It has no frame or hip support however so I would recommend getting the German square folding sleeping pad wouldn't it be cheaper to buy a backpack with frame then? What did you pack in there? What are the essentials, so that everything fits in the 40L backpack? >>10187 Thank you for the recommendation for edible plants. As for where to live I heard about bushcraft 101. Do you think that's any good? A tent would only be a temporary solution I guess. I needa build some kind of cabin not to be skinned alive by boars and shit.
>>10296 >>7129 oh well I didn't make the edible plant post. hought you replied to me. But still helpful anywys of course
>>10296 >chinko poooo-er cadmium heavy metal contaminated tea >no medicine NGMI >>10184 Just buy a comfortable oldschool tower backpack with a thick belt section, the more stuff you can fit the better.
>>10302 >chinko poooo-er cadmium heavy metal contaminated tea yes, that's propably what will kill me first. lol https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33000694848.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.7ece3c00YKTexi&mp=1 found this funny chink backpack. Looks quite decent to me. Has no frame unfortunately. Or can I put an aftermarket frame on it or something?
>>10296 >bushcraft Depends heavily on the region. If you live up north (eg; Wyoming) expect to get fucked. Down south maybe, you'd need to read up on edible plants in your area and the range they are expected to be in. You can boil dandelions for tea, alongside some other plants like mint. Get yourself a reliable mechanical watch if you don't have replacements for the quarz watches, be prepared to tune the watch since they tend to loose a few seconds every week.
>>10302 I live in europe. I saw a thread on 4chan from some american guy who was posting about how he lived completely in the wild and built a cabin there only driving out to buy canned food sometimes.
>>10325 >>10296 Bushcraft 101 was written by a guy from Ohio
>>10323 >the bag is $23 >65L I bet something on the bag will break stitching, buckle, zipper or just a hole in the actual material the very first time you ever come close to the 65L capacity. Though if it does brake who gives a fuck it only costed you $23, and you can just buy a decent quality one later on.
>>10333 yes. this one has 85L. >>10331 Do I really need that much? Assuming it could really withstand that much...
>>10331 Wow what the hell for 85L for 25 shekels and free shipping? LOOOL doubt it can take 85 for a long time but deal worth a shot So either it's really cheap junk or they are reselling chinko army mass production, which is probably an indicator of quality i mean look as it's even got chink camo patterns. >>10336 I mean it's your bug out bag right, you want to be able to bug out as many bags of earthly possessions as possible so that you can rest assure live as safe as you can for a while.
>>10339 I will give it a shot. will definitely post back when the shit arrives
>>10336 >Do I really need that much? What do you plan to use it as / carry in it? If you're gonna only gonna be using it as a 1 - 3 day pack, then no. If you're gonna be carrying a shitload of gear and equipment for a long time, then yes. but like I said, I doubt it can carry half of the 85L for any distance with out fucking itself one way or another Although it does have good reviews so and it is only $26. I cannot find out what fabric the ruck is made out of though >>10339 >you want to be able to bug out as many bags of earthly possessions as possible so that you can rest assure live as safe as you can for a while. No. Or at least I don't, I'd like to keep it as light and as small as possible for a few reasons: 1. The lighter it is the faster you can move obviously 2. The smaller it is the less attention you attract
Open file (291.74 KB 538x887 layering.png)
Open file (278.36 KB 535x752 packing backpacks.png)
Open file (431.78 KB 498x871 packing list colthes.png)
Open file (633.82 KB 539x856 sleep condersations.png)
Open file (584.82 KB 534x751 sleep system.png)
>>10296 >should I get the pad The "German folding pads" cost about 25 USD to 20 Euro. They aren't the best for sleeping on but they are very nifty to pack and like I said keep the pack structure good for that pack. Not going to spoon-feed you on price comparisons. >cannot read telegram see pics >bush craft books as far as bush craft go, try try try to get a local one if you are going to use it for id'ing plants. You do not want to Christopher McCandless yourself.
>identifying other /k/ommandos Nah.
>>10343 >in re pack material It MIGHT be canavas but I doubt it. Searching up the company registry in china shows empty and no chinese site can be found which leads to one of three conclusions: 1) Fake seller selling 0/10 shit 2) Real seller but selling some sort of high end stuff that was made for foreigners that was extra or didnt pass QC 3) Not registered company in china which sells stuff to le westerners and is strictly for exports 3 and 1 are most likely. To get items from 2 you don't see them on aliexpress, you need to actually go to the flea markets in China or know the seller personally.
>>10407 >not identifying them >not wearing a disguise >not feeding them cum brownies when you earn their trust >not teaching them a valuable lesson about opsec before changing your disguise and disappearing
>>10411 >It MIGHT be canavas The 65L bag is canvas according to the specifications, which I do believe and the brand name is Kendome. The 85L bag is nylon doesn't say which type of nylon though and the brand name is also Kendome. If I were OP, I would buy the 65L bag because it is canvas. The 65L bag wold also be more practical because 99% of the time, he will only be using ~45L of the bag.
Open file (676.25 KB 800x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>10415 >>10411 yes. I'll go with the smaller bag. The 85 one is propably shit. Still I found another bag which looks quite promising. So which you think would be better? The new one I found has two side pockets and is also available in 70L, don't know much about the materials used though and it doesn't have the cool chink army camo. 65L bag: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33000694848.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.125f3c00jV5uMB&mp=1 60L - also available in 70L: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32964040061.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.125f3c00jV5uMB&mp=1 >>10378 Thank you anon, maybe I'll restore my Telegramm account and join the groups. I thought of the layerd clothing too. I just put rain proof clothing on the picture.
>>10496 Well it's both canvas. But I meant the thickness of the fabric
Open file (528.96 KB 2872x1951 beijing-subway.gif)
>>10496 >in re the other bags. strelok, I deal with this type of chinese shit all the time because I'm the americhnk that goes there to buy cheap shit that is sold at a 300% markup in the USA and the only thing I can say is this. The zippers will break in about 1-2 years The pack itself will last for 1-1.5 years of daily use tops. I wouldn't bet on it holding any weight well The inside nylon that keeps the sections apart are usually the parts that break the easiest. If you live out where there's a shit ton of sunlight, these packs are not for you. They have been treated with low quality petrolieum based stuff so the pack just kinda breaks under intense UV light. Pic is a completely unrelated map of the beijing subway, missing the military importance of stops.
>>10507 >I deal with this type of chinese shit all the time because I'm the americhnk that goes there to buy cheap shit that is sold at a 300% markup in the USA See. I coul buy something really expensive that is maybe partly produced in europe or I could go for the cheap shit that I could buy the same chink shit in some store - makes no difference because they are just reselling the same crap. >low quality petrolieum based stuff so the pack just kinda breaks under intense UV light. There is not much sun in germany I have no real plans for use for it anyways. I thought about going to an errand to Harzgebirge or something or as an "emergency backpack" I'm a NEET loser autist and don't have enough money to burn on stuff I won't be using much anyways, so 20$ is not much it's worth a try.
>>10507 >because I'm the americhnk that goes there to buy cheap shit that is sold at a 300% markup in the USA Does the rule hold true that chinks are terrible especially in business to deal with and are trying to jew you the whole time? Please share some experiences would be interesting
Open file (72.68 KB 680x584 c94.jpg)
>>10509 >european shit isn't better strelok, in regards to that, you can find some really good quality shit thats completely made in europe. The chinese shit you buy at a store in europe passes QC, whereas the aliexpress shit doesn't. >petrolieum based product issues You should be fine unless you live in libya or the southern USA. >>10510 I believe it would put easily into two phrases, "Cultural differences" and "tribalism" Cultural differences as the chinese (not the western educated ones in Singapore, those are different, somewhat true for taiwan/ROC) consider contracts not to be as binding as the west. Let us just say a theoretical example with a US-China companies in regards to import/export of agriculture to Chinese comsumer shit. let's say the agreement just theoretically set a limit of 50,000 tons per year. The american would not try to sell more, or would seek a renegotiated contract with the chinese if he intended to sell more. The chinese man would simply sell more because he believes that the signing (the intent) is more important than the minute details. Think of it as the us goverment fucking redefining the 2A and the 4A via the judiciary without the consent of the people "Muh living document" doctrine. There are specific regional differences though, southern China is more likely to jew you out of shit than northern ChinaManchuria will also jew you because its Chinese detroit, except and entire damn region, especially if you go to Shandong or Shanxi province, those proviences still have people in clans willing to murder children from wedlock because they consider it pious and a slight against all man (Confucious has a lot of sway in those states). Examples of stereotypes that are somewhat true: >most untrustworthy: Henan people they all got aids too from selling blood with reused IV, also Kaifeng had literal jews. >dumbest: Hainan unless you aren't a 5ft 1 manlet because that means you're some sort of gov exile >the intellectuals and leaders: Hunan >old and european struck up (think new yawk) like: Shanxi, Shaanxi Due to the fact we wuz imperial capital n' sheet, same applies for city of nanjing and Chengdu >literally jews in the buisness sense: Shanghai >Muh confucian thought and muh conservationism: Shandong >Muh precision: Qingdao germans did a number on the city >Muh texas (reee independence even if mostly Han) of China: Sichuan >Muh deeply spiritual and fuck the government: Tibet >Muh detroit: Manchuria >muh injuns: Miao (Hmong), and muh uigurs >model minority: Mongolians the irony >in re:tribalisim Keep in mind there are huge cultural divides in china. Namely the following: North south divide defined by the Huai (Hwai) river (Biggest indicator: Rice versus wheat in food) Sichuan is special. They are Han, but basically distinct from N/S divide because they are hemmed in by mountains and basically act like quebec >pic semi related Significantly regional differences from the rest: Xinjiang (Muh moderate head choppers), Tibet (Not really Han), Yunnan (Rainforrest in mountanous terrain and clusterfuck of various ethnic groups. Makes jugoslavia look nice) ANOTHER North south divide by the Great wall (literally called 关外, or "outside the gate", anything north of that was not considered properly "Chinese" historically, esp Manchruia as it was only settled by ethnic han recently 19th century). Chinese is written, not spoken. Many local dialects are mutually intelligible to their regional dialects. Unless you speak said dialect fluently, people will shit on you and try to fuck you over. Dialect also plays a role in how feared you are. eg; a male with a hainan dialect is considered a piece of shit lazy slob with no intelligence, wheas if you speak with a true (not the standard mandarin beijing dialect) beijing dialect people are afraid of you because you likely have been from beijing for 3+ generations and have power, wealth, or both. If you don't look like your chinese Han (or in some places, non-han) you're gonna get shit on regardless, grab a chinese person you can trust and let them do the heavy lifting unless you want to get fucked like tyrone rams your ass in prison.
>>10496 I would personally go with the second bag in the 60L version because: 1. On the 65L bag, the Canvas looks like shit quality probably why it's only $20. While on the 60L bag it looks like ok quality. 2. On the 65L bag, it has elastic on the side, which I personally don't like because I always get holes in the mesh. I carry my water bottle in the there too, which will sometimes fall out if I run and jump with my bag or throw my bag. 3. I like the design of the bag eg. pockets. It also doesn't have the chitty chinese flag on the bag
>>10514 You been to some places. Pretty interesting stuff with cultural differences and such. >Confucious has a lot of sway in those states Surprising that confucius n'sheet stil has influence on some regions then. I thought they all were part of those god damned collumnists. But I guess it's too simple to just disregard the whole of the country as a soulless bughive as many polacks seem to believe. Also I don't think tibet belongs to china, anon. >>10515 Yes I'll think it over. But I guess you're right.
>>10514 >strelok, in regards to that, you can find some really good quality shit thats completely made in europe. The chinese shit you buy at a store in europe passes QC, whereas the aliexpress shit doesn't. I meant it more in the way that it's not worth it spending a lot of money on it for my perpose.
>>10516 >confucious That's why mao was so adamant about destroying cultural relics, because he viewed it as promoting social stagnation. He wasn't entirely wrong in that aspect, but you can see a resurgence of confucian though today in the CCP ironically and it will ultimately kill the party. >tibet belonging to china It's a complex issue, arguments can be moth made for and against, but it's a very recent addition to China (~18th-19th century) if it is to be considered part, kind of like Manchuria/Mongolia. The western equivalent would be Brittany in France (It's not as powerful as scotland). In 10 years it'll be fully Chinese though. The tibetans are like the European french, being replaced infront of their eyes by foreign immigrants. >dispelling the muh han is single ethnicity myth China proper in the historical sense by definition of the classics (Records of the Grand Historian or shijing) is considered anything south of the great wall, east of the Lintao County in Gansu, and not including Yunnan and either the nine or twelve provinces. China in an ethnic "Chinese" (Han) sense is current day with the removal of Tibet. Modern ethnic "Han" are more like the definition of American whites. An admixture of Han (original chinese), the various Nanman tribes south in Sichuan/Yunnan, Mongolian, Jurchen decent. In some places in China you can see the original blooded Han Chinese. Good example is Qufu, those "Han" Chinese families with close Confucius descent are much taller, and much more different in morphology than the average Chinese person. My personal belief is that Xinjiang was actually Indo-European (supposedly the Aryans that the germans may have been looking for). The Tarrim mummies have light hair and the Yuezhi/Wusun (and later Tocharians) are have noted in the records with an interesting description in Jiaoshi Yilin: "Among the barbarians in the Western Regions, the look of the Wusun is the most unusual (foreign). The present semi-barbarians (they lived in cities so not complete barbarians) who have green eyes and red hair, and look like lighter macaque monkeys, are the offspring of this people." There is another description in an earlier work I think but it sums up the group as "Red haired, sun like hair, height around eight chi (~2.2- 2.7 meters, historical unit of measure around a foot)"Sadly, these groups ended up becoming muslim uighurs. Tibetans are not indo-european and are devosians. They have some interesting genetic traits not seen in Chinese people nor Europeans (higher tolerance of nitrogen in blood, certain rare genes not found in Europeans) as well as interesting European like traits (skin color, teeth color). "Han" Chinese (And Japanese/Korean) teeth color is not white, rather this, light yellow rice color like yellow (Khaki but lighter), not sure why but genetics is the guess. Where do you think they got the obsession of white porcelain from? >>10517 Long as it suits your purpose strelok sage for massive offtopic
>>10520 Thanks for the effortpost. >but you can see a resurgence of confucian though today in the CCP ironically and it will ultimately kill the party Isn't the commie party is trying all kinds of ways to supress them religions more or less successfully by just mass genociding? Christianity is taking quite off there too, some day it's probably inevitable that it will run them over, I guess if they can't completely controll it. Sorry to OP for going so far offtopic. Although it would be interesting to get further enlighned by your wisdom, strelok.
>>10520 Is it accurate to think of modern China as what would happen if Germany took over all the Germanic areas around it (so the Low Countries, Scandinavia, and Austria, and in those times also the Baltic area) in the previous century and tried to make everyone German, then a thousand year passed? I mean that outsiders would think about the people living there as one ethnicity speaking a single language because they are all descended from the same common ancestor, but they were already utterly different before their supposed unification, and those thousand years didn't do much to get rid of those differences. Not to mention that quite a few non-Germanic peoples would end up living in the fringes of such an empire. So, is it an apt comparison?
>>10522 >religion Yes. But Confucianism is not a religion although it has religon and cult like tenancies. It's more of a code of ethics and aline of thought (It is really not comparably to anything in the west). The closest analogy would be liberal thought (?) If it can put as such. Confucianism is like progressiveness in US/Western politics, with the astute difference it is good at creating a stable social system (but NOT government, as it leads to stagnation and eventually downfall). Think of it as social roles with feudalistic type tenancies. Much like how westerners get ripped off in china, the converse is true. There are social barriers due to these ingrained societal differences that make a true understanding of this through text impossible. Blackstone's ratio is important to the US due to the foundation of anglo-saxon and later common law legal doctrine. Such a proposal in China would be met with complete and utter disdain at the ridiculousness unless you bothered to roll with the Daoists (who are, actually, very close to classical liberal thinkers, aside from their religious versus the classical liberal psuedo-religious bent) The west allows "free" exchange of ideas because it takes the proponent that the person is smart enough to come to a logical conclusion that of which idea is best, and thus arrives at the conclusion that people can arrive at conclusions that are logical. The confusian ideal is that people are inherently stupid, and that select people are smart and ought to decide for the plebian masses. Good examples of this is in military thought: 『千军易得,一将难求。』 Which roughly translates to, "Thousands of (soldiers) are easily obtained (to form an army), yet one general is hard to beg for". Or a common saying that appears historically, 『无学之辈,安敢放肆』"An uneducated generation (referring to a class of people in this case), how dare you be so presumptuous?" The issue with the classic liberals adopting ideas such as standardized testing from China causes these unforeseen influence of these confucian elements. One of these is the creation of this educated scholar-gentry that does not have a job, depends on the government, but expect to be treated like a high ranking bureaucrat Hint: FUCKING MODERN DAY COLLEGE PROFESSORS AND GOV WORKERS. cont in next post....
2/2 >>10522 >>10524 >Großdeutschland Reich is equivalent to china Similar but different. Alphabetic languages causes irreconcilable divergence if local differences are not crushed with an iron fist in regard to spelling and grammar (see: we wuz kangs n'sheet creole, versus southern english, versus british english) The more apt scenario would be early roman empire incorporation of barbarians or maybe England (not Britan) incorperating Wales, Anglo-Saxons. China has possibly imho one of the best assimilation rates in the worlds historically, no ethnic group that has invaded china proper (not counting modern era) has lived to be actually be a significant power in it's own right ASIDE from the mongolians, and look at their status now, relegated to one country that isn't even a regional power. A look at the timeline: pre Qinchina is a clusterfuck and nobody bother to properly do their research and figure out which group is which >Unified china under the Qin, language and measurements standardized, death of the competitors to chinese characters known as seal script (Competitors are Bronzeware script and bird-worm script) >Han dynasty simplfies script again because shits too complex, yo. Forms clerical script Xiongnu (Assimilated or pushed westward, becames the huns that indirectly ended pax romania), assimilated by the end of the Northern/Southern Dynasties >Jie, Di, Qiang, formed the sixteen kingdoms era in 266, assimilated to a "Northern" dynasty of Chinese imitators in 420 >N/S dynasties, Ethnic "Han" conquered by Sui/Tang northern aristocracy, but the north gets assimilated >adoption of regular script (zhengkai) by everyone, again diverging because politics >Sui/Tang era, reform and standardization of language (again) >An lushan rebellion is led by a barbarian, beginning of uprisings because new barbarians got brought in >collapse of Tang, five dynasty ten kingdoms, emergence of the tangut and Liao (khitans) >Song reconquers china to loose it again cause lol its military is shit (corruption in Song is a really big issue) >Formation of ethnic states again, Western Xia are Tangut, Liao are Khitans, Song is "Han" >Tangut script is invented, being one of the few langues where you regress in accessibility, the ruling emperor didn't want his people to become "Han". >Jurchens and Khitans just borrow chinese chachters >All get massacred by the Mongols, form the Yuan dynasty >Ming dynasty comes around, assimilates the Khitans (but forget a small band that eventually become the Manchus) >Tangut were destroyed as a state by the mongols, but assimilated sometime after 1502. Tangut script goes extinct around the 17th century alongside Jurchen and khitan >Ming standardizes forms again, decided to meme on monogols >Qing comes in adds replaces the ming, adds a second language (Manchu) that is forgotten by the early 20th century >Qing memes mongols into vassals >republic of China is formed, tries to reform to traditional chinese because Zhengkai is too damned hard to write, Mogolians never assimilated in monoglia proper but elsewhere they are >Civil war, ww2, commies win, say fuck you and make simplified Chinese because STILL TOO HARD TO WRITE FOR UNGA RICE FARMERS >Manchus cease existing to be a real ethnic group by the end of the Qing. The two common themes if you can't tell is that letting in immigrants en masse is disastrous, and that in order to keep "China" as a concept united you must periodically ramrod stalin tier genocide and reforms (Esp in the language department). Mongols in most of china outside of Tibet/Inner mongolia don't speak chinese, you can only really tell by the fact they aren't lactose intolerant and their face structure is very, VERY different higher fat concentration on cheeks, can eat meat all day and not get sick unlike regular Han chinese. At the same time, Chinese has been simplified from 16 to 8 to 4 tones (the Hakka people actually speak the 8 tone, regular chinese speak 4) because mongolians couldn't into using 16 damn tones. I can read Qin dynasty Small seal script from ~207 BC with some difficulty, I need a dictionary for Bronze script (~1046 bc). English didn't exist until the 5th century and we can't even understand old english. Nobody knows how to read oracle bone script aside from linguistical geniuses.
>>10378 I don't even need a thick parka or whatever. A fleece pullover, tshirt and raincoat will suffice then?
Open file (874.60 KB 250x197 Star_517bd8_1148702.gif)
>>10378 That's retarded, why the hell is it always combat oriented when in an actual real world breakdown scenario where everything is fucked you'll literally be the richest man in your local community getting pussy only by the virtue of bartering a bunch of bic lighters, meds or food. And if you don't have a car or base retreat somewhere having a big backpack doesn't hurt and is especially pertinent. Really low energy unfed people aren't going to muster up to do pvp sessions vs (((the bourgeois))) in fucking minecraft, enough time down and a hell of a lot of cattle normies retards will literally go to the inward-fenced FEMA camp because daddy zog is handing out grub
>>10527 Does one have to learn all that to become a wholesale chink shit merchant?
>>10560 No. But you get looked down upon if you can't read the older scripts well, it basically kinda puts you into the uneducated white trash tier. You'll do well as a wholesaler regardless, the elite/middle class will shit on you though and snub you.
>>10561 Ok, now that's interesting, anon. With what kind of people do you talk? Like I have no clue what it would be like to wholesale buy this stuff. I thought you would go to shenzhen or something once a year, make some contracts with some companies and that's it. It all seems a little more complicated than I initially thought. Bought the backpack and some other shit, like an alcehol stove. Excited to see how this thing works. Will post some pictures when the stuff arrives after waiting in some mountain of consumer shit in some cainao shipment facility.
>>10527 Good posts sir Chinaman, do you happen to know any legitimate under the radar marketplaces similar to aliX? The problem is that my country has started autotaxing said goods on aliex, I'm shopping there to save not to get ramshackled by BS.
>>10564 Would be interesting in that too. JewU will intruduce autotaxing next year too.
>>10562 The issue is that they won't do buisness with someone whos an obvious foreginer, or try to rip you off. I can pass as one so I literally walk up to the flea market sellers, and buy from them, you've gotta look for the roving (gipsy like) merchants who sell out of the shitty vans. Those are the ones who are trying to "quickly" dispose of the stuff that was overstocked etc. >how do I meet up with people You won't have much luck strelok. China works around Guanxi and is extremely nepotistic, you will get nowhere unless you do lots and lots and lots of bribery. Shit goes nowhere in China without knowing a few CCP officals you can grease the wheels. Because in China it's not (socially considered) bribery if you treat someone to a dinner, and its considered courtesy to give a gift when meeting for the first time. Like I said, get someone you can trust (likely someone from your country who was natrualized and isn't an obvious glow) and get them to help you. >>10564 and >>10565 unfortunately no. The reason shits all getting taxed is because the CCP wants that money too. Part of the issue is Xi's social net (specifically the healthcare portion) got stretched pretty badly in the whole COVID-19 thing and he needs the revenue (which is why he's desperately hoping trump doesn't pull some sort of miracle out of his ass and win another 4 years). Best bet is what I said earlier, get a chinese person whos natrualized and isn't an obvious glow its really obvious whos a glow in the US/west tbh, just not to americans and europeans professors that aren't married, job focused, women that are attractive, people without direct family (parents/children) in the country they are in who goes back to china to care for relatives often (or buisness), and just ask them to buy something for you there and say you'll pay them a bit extra if they bring it back Chinese do this all the time, every time I go back to mainland lots of people ask me to bring baby formula from distant relatives, friends, and people who want to extend a relationship to you eg; buisnessman who wants to sell his cheap shit in the US, but he needs someone stateside and doesn't want to pay taxes
>>10564 >mp4 His movies are always great fun. That one was especially so.
>>10565 Haha, yeah that's the world we live in in. If it were up to me I'd have everything made in Europe not made in china by underpaid slave factory workers but without power what can one do... That marketplace is so damn good for obscure parts and items that stores either 1)refuse or 2)do not sell or 3)charge outrageous scalping markup prices for. I bought some good boots here https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32948660045.html?spm=2114.12010610.8148356.7.faa74a9dgeLxTO damn amazing and comfy boots leather is unkillable. They also sell some tac apparel but i have no xp with this from there. >>10567 Thanks but I don't know any chinese lol. Actually I'm pretty sure wish has been untainted so far, ill just have to check. By the way is it true that if chinese fail their SAT they are basically condemned to be factory workers? They have an irrevocable, permanent SAT score IIRC. >>10568 It was fuggin epic
>>10570 >Chinese SAT (Gaokao) Warning, long spiel incoming You have two exams like these. The first is the middle school SAT, zhongkao, which determines which high school you go to, since education in china is only manditory to 8th grade (6+2) If you do badly on the gaokao, it severely limits which school you can get into. It also discriminates by the distribution of an era (eg; Beijing score mean > Tibet, and therefore easier for tibetan to get into good school). If you thought affirmative action in the west was bad, the gaokao makes it so a tibetan can get in by basically passing how to read and write to the best schools in china. The issue of the gaokao versus the SAT is that there is no end to the scope, in otherwords, they can, and will quiz you on some completely obscure literary piece from the Han dynasty that never popped up before. Because much more learning is required to read and write in chinese versus english, basic literary profficency is achieve in 6th grade ish. The math/science portions don't have as much as the bullshit regarding "obscure" bs. but for example, gaokao format for literature Required: News and documentary verse, modern poetry, narrative prose, ancient (before Song prose that is not poem), scientific articles, Sui Tang poems, Yuan Qu (song), Song Ci (freeverse poem), traditional songs, Han wei 6 dynasties poems, famous novels (1,2,3 sections), literature and art thesis (it asks some incredibly hard questions depending on year), bibliography of ancient people **this is actually really hard, because there's just SO many and its complete memorization, missing a major will loose point. Three example questions given below: Write the description of Zhao Yun from the late Han dynasty in Sanguozhi. Answer (translated): "Zhao Yun, Courtesy Zilong, From Zhengding of Changshan. Height around 8 chi, died in 229 (you have to give the traditional date not the BCE/CE, but I forget). Posthumorously known as "Mariquis of Shiping". Served under Gongsun Zan before joining Liu Bei, fought bravely at Changban, saved (his) liege's heir. Known as one of the 5 tiger generals, remarked by Liu Bei to be full of courage (daring)." Romantsized in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, " Cite the origin of the phrase "He who is wicked in many ways, shall end himself" Ans: Phrase originated from Zuozhuan in the spring and autumn period. At the beginning of , Zheng Wugong married Yushen (and said Wu Jiang . Sheng Zhuang Gong and Gong Shu Duan Zhuang Gongmao was surprised by Jiang's family, hence the name "Waisheng", which was then evil . Ai Gongshu Duan, want to establish it, urgently please Yu Wu Gong , Gong Fu Xu. And Zhuang Gong ascended the throne and requested the system (8). The public said: "System, Yanyi is also , Uncle Guo is dead , Tuoyi is fate ." Please (imperial uncle) , let it live, and call it "My uncle from the imperial capital." Ji Zhong said : "The capital, the city crosses a hundred pheasants (14), and the country is harmed. The system of the first king: most, but one of the participating countries : middle, one of five; small, one of ninth. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to bear it (16).” The public said: “Jiang wants to do it, how can he eliminate harm (17)?” He said: “How tired of Jiang's ? It’s better to do it earlier. So (19), there is no enlightenment to nourish the vines. The vines are difficult to figure out . The vines are still inevitable, and the king’s favorite brother?" Gong said: "If you do more wickness, you will end yourself eventually. Recite and explain the poem, "Seven Step poem" and state author and date comprised, write an explaination of the usage of the poem et al. Seven Steps Verse, written by Cao Zhi, first attested in 430. People burn the beanstalk to boil beans, filtering them to extract juice. The beanstalks were burnt under the cauldron, and the beans in the cauldron wailed: "We were originally grown from the same root; Why should we hound each other to death with such impatience?" People burn the beanstalk to boil beans, The beans in the pot cry out. We are born of the selfsame root, Why should we hound each other to death with such impatience?" this is a rough translation from wikipedia, it would be considered INCORRECT because it merged several commands and sentences, you MUST keep the original four would structure exactly. I'm not bothering to explain it, they've used rare ass shit from some obscure tang poem before and my parrents and I all went "What the fuck" because it was so obscure you'd need to major in Tang poetry as a masters to actually know it existed lol. >tl;dr, Imagine telling the average american to recite classical latin, and pull obscure works out of your ass that are so rare you have never heard of them, and doc them points if they made a single miss spelling, then, make sure they have 1 hour to do 30 of such questions in WRITING only.
Open file (38.17 KB 846x476 nhk_misaki_horror.jpg)
>>10572 >>10572 >At the beginning of , Zheng Wugong married Yushen (and said Wu Jiang . Sheng Zhuang Gong and Gong Shu Duan Zhuang Gongmao was surprised by Jiang's family, hence the name "Waisheng", which was then evil . Ai Gongshu Duan, want to establish it, urgently please Yu Wu Gong , Gong Fu Xu. And Zhuang Gong ascended the throne and requested the system (8). The public said: "System, Yanyi is also , Uncle Guo is dead , Tuoyi is fate ." Please (imperial uncle) , let it live, and call it "My uncle from the imperial capital." Ji Zhong said : "The capital, the city crosses a hundred pheasants (14), and the country is harmed. The system of the first king: most, but one of the participating countries : middle, one of five; small, one of ninth. If you don’t do it, you will not be able to bear it (16).” The public said: “Jiang wants to do it, how can he eliminate harm (17)?” He said: “How tired of Jiang's ? It’s better to do it earlier. So (19), there is no enlightenment to nourish the vines. The vines are difficult to figure out . The vines are still inevitable, and the king’s favorite brother?" Gong said: "If you do more wickness, you will end yourself eventually.
>>10572 And people pass that shit? how did it get so autistic?
Open file (149.35 KB 1000x712 fc0e-inhcycc1600432.jpg)
>>10575 >welcome to 5000 years or recorded fucking history in high autisim. This is one of the more famous phrases from Zuozhuan. the modern chinese explaination is bout 3x longer than the classical chinese verse because the classical chinese verse not only had to read fluently, you had to rhyme in a certain tone and verse manner or else you'd be laughed at for being a vulgar plebian. Finally, if you get the chance read the english translation of Zuozhuan and Spring and Autumn Chronicles, it gives a lot of insight into where the US is fucking headed tbh. >>10576 >how did it get this autistic. It's always been this autistic. The original imperial exams were standardized to question about spelling, theory (relgious/goverment), liteary, and military skills. Writing one word wrong in an entire 900 charachter poem or your entire essay meant you were automatically disqualified for the high/mid level positions if not the lower ones as well. There's a famous story about a man called Fan Jin who fucking fails for 20 years straight, and when he FINALLY, FINALLY gets a mid level post he goes insane and murders his wife (I think). It originally had five levels from lowest to high was at the village->district->provincial->state->national->palace (palace meant you could become like secretary of state where national meant governor, etc.). Mind you, the most important distinction is from plebian to village (technically not village but county ish since rural back then) since it exempted you from physical labor, coporal punishments (to a degree), access to government facilities, and in some cases a subsidy sounds a lot like academia almost .... I wonder where western universities got he idea from? There was also an imperial exam for military, where it tested martial skills, these were not held in high regard relatively speaking since you can have 10 men overpower one, but the scholar can command an army. I'm ging to quote wiki since its basically right and I'm too lazy to translate: >Emperor Renzong of Song decreed special examinations for the purpose of finding men capable of "direct speech and full remonstrance" (zhiyan jijian): the testing procedure required the examinees to submit 50 previously prepared essays, 25 on particular contemporary problems, 25 on more general historical governmental themes. In the examination room, the examinees then had a day to write essays on six topics chosen by the test officials, and finally were required to write a 3,000 character essay on a complex policy problem, personally chosen by the emperor, Renzong. This shit was so important, in traditional chinese folk culture there's two dieties dedicated to the tests, the "civil diety" and the "martial diety" (it depends on your locality, usually a famous historical hero) >pic related, Wen Tianxiang is a famous statesman from the Southern Song from Ji'an, Jiangxi and would likely be one of the "Civil dieties" in the local temple if it still stood. Also bassed cause he refused to serve the mongols When the west copied the standardized testing, they failed to realize that it is inherently (almost completely) contradictory to the western concept of debate and rhetoric exams of your peers. Voltaire was a great philospher, but he did not understand the implications of the standardized exam system (and he cannot purely be led to blame). Modern day Gaokao and zhongkao have tighter security than the TSA in the US. You have to be accompanied to the restroom, all electronics are confiscated, and you're patted down (and sometimes they search body cavities because people made specialized devices in their contacts/ear canals etc.
>>10628 > it gives a lot of insight into where the US is fucking headed tbh. Any chance you could give us the tl;dr in an on-topic way Anon?
>>10629 >tl;dr It's a disease of the mind that has infected the entire body. A famous saying goes, "If heaven wills you misforture, you might be able to survive, if you will yourself your own misfortune, you deserve not to live". We're currently the latter. The federal government seems strong, but is truly weak, soon there's going to be some sort of major rebellion, which won't succeed, but will weaken the feds enough that it forces them to tell states to start drafting people. In words of Liu Bei in the ROTK novel: "Both of you are great gentlemen, but to you kneel yourself under the feet of others, is that not a waste of talent? The yellow turban are arrogant and fleeting, but the central government is weak and without power. People say that a world in disorder causes the apperance of heroes, yet this horde of heroes are also the new leaders of the world, to pledge yourself to others before you can be sure of the victors, is that not foolish?" Ironically, they then became sworn brothers because Liu Bei was a distant imperial relative We're in for a really, really rough ~50-100 years akin to the five dynasty and ten kingdoms era or the sixteen kingdoms imho (read up on the violence it had, China lost anywhere from 30-75% of the population in the three kingdoms, and even more later on). Unbridled violence and cruelty, but also a time of great "advancement" (depending on who you ask) in social and technological thought.rand I desperately wish that the concept of western civilization in what streloks perceive, survives this tumultuous period Remember that arab spring was set off by some poor ass dude self- immolating himself because the cops took away his livelyhood** Remind me to find to get the poorfags guide to gear posted later since this is a massive sage
>>10570 I kinda didn't like the movie. I think I didn't approach it from the right angle. It's just a weird movie. whatever. >leather boots nah, I don't wanna be some moral snob or whatever but I always feel bad when I see how chinks are treating animals. So I don't buy it. There's good artificial leather. or maybe just buy shit you really need well consumerism is tiresome. Have been working on selling lot of shit. >I'd have everything made in Europe not made in china by underpaid slave factory workers but without power what can one do The main reason everything is so expensive is that ZOG is taxing the shit out of you and the big companies - paypal, amazon... - are just going to Luxemburg or something. Right now I'm making around 200 a month by selling chinkshit to normies
>>10572 >>10628 >>10630 >tl;dr, Imagine telling the average american to recite classical latin, and pull obscure works out of your ass that are so rare you have never heard of them, and doc them points if they made a single miss spelling, then, make sure they have 1 hour to do 30 of such questions in WRITING only. I wouldn't have thought chinese are required to be this well versed in their own culture. I thought it would be quite the opposite. May it be the commies are trying to make up for all the culture they have destroyed in their reign? But merely learning things by heart won't help in creativity which is the reason for the gap in innovation? Where do you think the chinese are headed demographically? You think they await the same fate as us? http://mouqawamahmusic.net/red-china-is-jew-china-the-disturbing-origins-of-chinese-communism-and-the-deepening-chinese-israeli-ties-of-today/ You may not believe in muh jews but you can't ignore how the us has influenced the creation of red china. They have basically rebuild all the infustructure and shit. I have heard they have passed some questionable laws. >We're in for a really, really rough ~50-100 years akin to the five dynasty and ten kingdoms I always feel pathetic when I see how dependent I am on the government. I'm a loser autist and not even capable to prepare my own food. How will I survive if shit really hits the fan? tfw I will never get that invested in something as you got in china and history. How long did it take you to aquire all that wisdom, Anon?
>>10575 I didn't grasp anything of that. Am I just too retarded?
>>10635 >>10636 >But merely learning things by heart won't help in creativity which is the reason for the gap in innovation? Culturally speaking, you aren't going to see any innovation from China the same reason you aren't going to see any cultural innovation from the West: the culture itself simply stopped developing, because it simply explored everything it could, and there is no room to create anything truly new. It doesn't mean that e.g. there isn't going to be any good music written in the West any more. But Western music reached its end with Wagner, and so all new music pieces are bound to be built on something that already exists. As for technology, that is a different matter. It relies as much on the collective effort of countless men working for centuries as random autists geniuses who can't help but come up with something that completely changes the game. I'm not saying that there is nothing to this whole ˝Asians can't into innovation˝ meme, but it seems to be as much of a structural and cultural thing as genetics. >>10637 I also have a hard time understanding most of that.
>>10640 >hard time understanding It's not really translateable to english in a readable without MAJOR, MAJOR explaination.
>>10640 >because it simply explored everything it could, and there is no room to create anything truly new Laughably ridiculous. As far as the West goes, the soyim niggercattle have simply rolled over the Illuminati and allowed their lands to be overrun by brown hordes. FFS, they even handed over their keys to women of all things. Those two effects guaranteed a cratering of the overall population IQ and even the ultimate destruction of the civilization as has happened every time they occurred to great empires of the past. I can't speak to China or the East in general, but certainly it seems to me from my admittedly limited perspective on them that they are headed down the exact same path as the West, simply b/c of greed and idolizing us. Sad.
>>10636 >invested in chinese history anon, he's fucking chinese, this retarded shit is part of their regular curriculum. western sinophiles of that caliber all died off after the boxer rebellion
>>6864 >police need to physically search around Not anymore. The USA has admitted to using drones to bomb USA citizens on foreign soil. If some shtf tyranny happened ON SOIL then they'd do that here, using the all seeing eye to choose the victims. It's why everyone is on 'a list' over shit. So they can be on the drone's shitlist. Thinking you can battle against the modern tech is naive. There's an all seeing eye. Even wifi is designed to penetrate your house to see where you are, silhouettes. Will you ever live in a world where people get shot for having a microwave device of any kind, because I really doubt it. If not, you're potentially watched by some sniper-bot in the sky that has a wifi eye on ya. That's reality. If not there'd have already been like ten revolutions since the 1990s. The prison system got sooo huuuuge. It's stupid that there's no activity, but then you remember how often terrorist attacks are stopped. Most are domestic. So don't post naive newfaggoty caps anymore.
>>10636 >how long did it take u to learnt this shit. Decade and a half and nowhere close to done. I suffered a pretty bad illness and couldn't go outside for a few years (Or least not longer than 30 minutes because I'd relapse). Mind you, this shit is mostly standard circulum in China but I read the originals to avoid ccp propaganda. >>10705 >spoiler If there's one thing My parents didn't fail yo teach me in life, is that sooner or later I'm going to have to pick a side and fight my country of birth (The US), or my country of ethnicity (PRC). Might as well study both in depth. I always got laughed at in school since my english was terrible until my parents moved to the rural US because they hated Chinese people who weren't Westernized (oh the irony). My parents chose their side and I chose mine. We don't talk anymore ever since my grandfather died angry at them (he was the last of the true western liberal in China since he was educated by protestant priests from the west and not even a decade torture could shake his beliefs). Brutus executed his sons and his brother in law for attempting to conspire against the republic. I know not if I match my grandfather or Brutus is dedication. Only those who try to resist temptation know how strong it is. Kudos if you recognize the author who wrote that.
>>10731 It keeps happening!
>>10732 It's fine as long as he doesn't censor us for politics or going 1488
>>10733 I mean the site says the post was written by me, and that is most certainly not the case.
>>10732 I suggest you ask the site admin on the meta board, I've already posted the issue to check we weren't literally right next to a gun store or something. >>>/meta/13780 Anyways, back on topic. If you want to discuss this further just send me a reference to the fascist (or whatever board you fancy that's not /k/). Does anyone have an infographics on primitive steelworking in case I need to make my own blade?
Open file (82.42 KB 625x626 not_even_bait.jpg)
>>10572 >If you thought affirmative action in the west was bad, the gaokao makes it so a tibetan can get in by basically passing how to read and write to the best schools in china Is this some 4D chess to entice the smart tibetans into getting brainwashed in a (((university)))?
>>10779 Not really, its more of the statistical standard distribution meme. Han makes up 93% (used to be 98%) of the pop so its to try and get smart minorities into school. The issue is, those are exceedingly rare dude to relative population ratio, and for tibetans the most honorable thing is to become a monk, not a professor.. Anyways, massive offtopic sage at this sage.
>>10640 So if I'm reading your posts correctly, your understanding of tang era poetry determines if you can get into a good engineering program? And this isn't a new thing either? I knew that chinese education was heavy on rote memorization of specifics, but I never thought it was this bad.
>>10914 "Technically" they weight the scores by catagory. An engineering college is going to weigh math scores higher. But when everyone has a fucking perfect poetry score, you'd better have one too. >t. cousin almost didn't get into a good college due to fucking 1 point in Song prose. >Chinese innovators They exist but you basically need to be searching for a needle in the ocean (Chinese version of "needle in a haystack")
>>10724 Modern tech can still be beaten with low life nigger tactics. Drone controller goes to a bar during his time off, then some strelok decides to go ape and mugs the guy while shanking him to death with a shiv. For added usage, paint yourself in blackface to confuse the drones. The easiest way to wreck a government is for the population to just act like niggers.
Open file (86.55 KB 465x154 25 days.png)
-- 25 DAYS REMAINING -- No matter what happens: Chinese invasion, coup by Trump (really more like an attempted coup by Biden), etc; bad things are coming. They will happen on January 20th, 2020. Be ready.
>>11405 Absolutely jack shit is going to happen. >Chinese invasion Chinese love Biden. >Coup by Trump With who? The military leadership is pro-Biden and enlistment are the biggest welfare whores on the planet/aren't going to give up their benefits rattling sabers. >Coup by Biden He already has Secret Service on his side. The only thing of any value you said was: >bad things are coming. But that's been true for some time regardless of who was in office.
>>11411 >Absolutely jack shit is going to happen. Screencapped.
How do I find people to network with, without sounding like a total crazy person and risk them calling the cops on me?
>>11492 it all depends on what your goals are. if it's something like mutual defense, start observing and researching your neighbors. Search the internet for social media profiles, criminal records, political and business associations, ect.. Older neighbors can give you good intel on the others; help them bag leaves or shovel snow. I've gotten a lot of mileage out of Christmas cards too. Once you build a rapport with the worthwhile neighbors you can ease into sensitive topics of discussion and planning. even if it doesn't pan out, who wants to shoot the nice guy who helps old people and sends cards? Less likely to dime you out too.
Just got my backpack. The inside material is kinda cheap - only some kind of foam with thin nylon stuff. Hope it won't tear that quickly. The outside fabric is surprisingly thick canvas. The backpack has plenty of outside pockets to put all sorts of things in. As you can see on the pictures it has no sort of stabilization unfortunately. Those german mattresses suggested are not really long enough for the 60cm high backpack and I already have a mattress, so that would be unnecessary weight. Any idea what to put inside of there to make the backpack more stable? Still don't know what to do with it. I'm retarded and autistic. Have no experience whatsoever with hiking and shit. If I were to go to the next highest mountain range I would have no clue where to sleep and stuff. I mean I have a tent and also got this water boiler so could live on instant ramen or something. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share.
Open file (123.82 KB 717x961 1609819922715.jpg)
is chinanon still here? that was an interesting talk maybe you could take it to some better suited place. I would like to know more of your wisdom about history and customs and stuff.
Open file (20.17 KB 1536x1536 5514968901673.jpg)
>>11704 >If you have any suggestions, feel free to share. Looks kinda small, but definitely big enough for a one day hike. Check if can you fit your tent and sleeping bag inside or attach it on the outside. You should also have a sleeping mat to put under your sleeping bag. You should carry a spare set of dry clothes or socks at least. Take enough water, a knife, lighter, flashlight, some bandages. Ramen kinda takes too much space, instead take canned meat, instant coffee or tea, cigarettes, candy. Dress according to weather and don't kill yourself.
Open file (8.38 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210105_145028.jpg)
>>11713 >Looks kinda small it's 70L... Looks pretty huge for me. Maybe it comes off small on the pictures. >Check if can you fit your tent and sleeping bag inside or attach it on the outside It has those clips for attaching things to it but it could also fit inside - couldn't fit much else inside then though.
Open file (8.08 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210105_145024.jpg)
Open file (9.10 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210105_145205.jpg)
Open file (8.19 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210105_101812.jpg)
Open file (8.27 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20210105_101822.jpg)
>>11705 He should probably be in the east asian general
>>11705 >are you still here you mong Yes. I lurk the riots/ pajeetening threads. >how do I know this isn't a gay op? I'll translate that picture here >>11717 >maintenance instructions its more like an advertisment lol >We are glad that you purchased Chaoyue shoulder backpack premium product, the product is of excellent quality, stitching is silky (feel), quality is of best available, the product is made to be resistant and (anti) slip, color vibrant, with its specialty of high construction and natural (weave), and will not easily gain mold, when using this please refrain from being close to high heat, high water (rain), humidity, heavy weight (pressure), abrasions, tearing, microbial (exposure), and chemicals, (untranslatable shit about how wearing it is confortable), the surface skin uses high tech clearner fucking dish soap construction to be washed, and then used a layer of polishing to form another layer, finally store in a cool and dark place. Yes. That is one large run on piece of shit sentence, yes, thats technically, technically, correct in Chinese. No the person who wrote it has no literary skill and is a hack.
>>11720 Oh. Thank you mr. chinaman. Guess that's a much better translation than what first pic says still no clue what it means though (that it won't withstand shit?) >>11717
>>11726 It doesn't translate well.. It's supposed to tell what the fuck this product is good at. with the legal disclaimer like most medications that doing X may shorten its life fuck you faggot, I'm a burger born and raised, I just decided to actually learn history to avoid repeating it.
>>11727 >fuck you faggot, I'm a burger born and raised whatever you say chinaman
Open file (6.68 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20201231_171156.jpg)
Open file (8.53 MB 5248x3936 IMG_20201231_171017.jpg)
>>11727 forgot pics of the kettle and portable gongfu set. the kettle works fine. Takes around 20min to boil when it's cold outside you like your classic raw puerh? i'll just ignore the fact that you called me bad words
Open file (48.94 KB 768x693 fancy.jpg)
>>11732 I think this candle holder would go well with your porcelain.
>>5569 I have a ham radio license, but should I buy a CB radio as well? If SHTF, I would imagine more people would use CB because it is more easily availiable
>>11732 It wasn't directed at you. >no brewing tray >no scent cup >no covered cups 0/10 would not visit again jokes aside its pretty decent and this isn't china. I suggest you grab a pair of metal stainless tongs
Open file (82.73 KB 500x733 1609599112775.jpg)
>>11847 It's just a cheap portable set that fits well in the backpack, was the first gaiwan I bought also. I don't use it anymore because I have fallen deeper into the tea rabbit hole. Already got small tea tray, several gaiwans and a yixing pot. But it's worth the taste definitely.
Open file (570.41 KB 809x1432 DIY FAK.png)
>>5569 >US is on emp, coup, internet blackout, power blackout watch for the next 6 months. >coup Kek, just re-read your OP text again. Apparently the preparations for that little contingency failed and the coup d'état was undertaken quite successfully. Thanks again for the thread OP.
>>12758 You've misunderstood. Of the listed events, a coup is the one we got. This will inevitably lead to the violence, infratructure failure and social order breakdown that the contents of this thread are meant to prepare you for. The only way in which the value of this thread has changed, is that using this knowledge to survive is no longer a matter of "if", but rather "when."
>>12804 >Of the listed events, a coup is the one we got. Yes, that was exactly my point >...and the coup d'état was undertaken quite successfully. And thank you and everyone for this thread. The Bolshevik usurpation of the legal, Constitutional authority of the United States is happening right now, quite obviously to everyone whether left or right. This plainly isn't going to happen the way the globalist elites had planned, because just as obviously, this isn't 1917 Russia. Mr. Bones wild ride is just leaving the platform now.
>>11762 If SHTF, who would ask you for a licence?
>>12808 > If SHTF, who would ask you for a licence? Everyone else who does (or did when the FCC still existed if S really HTF) have one. HAM radio operators are assigned callsigns with their licenses. That's how HAM callsigns are unique.
>>11491 >>11405 eh, wasn't entirely wrong, but off by 14 days
>>5569 >op's graphic >tac scorpion gear FUUUUUCK NO! That shit is NOT nij rated, and cannot pass laboratory testing. M193 and M855 alike out of a 20" barrel zip right through it. It's way too thin, and it's a clear case of "too good to be true". Only time I'd wear that shit is if I was some min wage security guard and needed pistol protection, which it probably affords (spall is still going to rip you up though so even then a surplus soft vest is still probably better). Spend a little more for RMA, an actually NIJ rated and lab tested plate. Their Level IV Ceramics are top notch for the price range, NIJ rated (meaning QC you can trust your life to), and $135 per plate. They have a cheaper, non NIJ rated but still independent lab tested steel plates that protect from most 5.56 threats and cost $75 per plate. Don't cheap out on this shit, armor is already a tradeoff between mobility and protection and if you go with garbage like Tac Scorp or AR500 you aren't even getting the protection and still weighing yourself down
Do you have a comfy place innawoods somewhere streloks? If not, why not?
>>14336 >maps for ants Thankfully he's created a zoomable version of the data. https://mapsbynik.com/maps/census0pop/
The best SHTF defense is a working community that's off-grid before SHTF.
>>14353 Seems like a reasonable position except for one small point: I can't think of a single one. Even the Amish aren't 'off-grid' today.
>>14339 its a good recourse but not entirely accurate. for example the entirety of FT Knox is listed as unpopulated blocks. probably not the ideal place for stomping around and doing autistic innawoods shit.
>>14411 Yeah the situation on the ground will always be the most important deciding factor. For example, the boundary zone surrounding LAX in the cap I posted is 'empty' but hardly suited to a /comfy/ innawoods experience.
>>6881 Armor bit needs a change or at least a clarification. LAPG lvl 4 armor only weighs as much due to using a foam ring on the outer edge so for example a 10x12 plate is more like an 8x10 leaving parts of your lungs unprotected. A better choice would be the admittedly heavier (7ish # per plate) HESCO 4401 or the 210 series usually found for ~300$ for 2 plates but sales are common bringing them to 260-270 regularly. The performance of the LAPG is pretty good but it's too small for actual coverage for average people and while it would cover a smaller framed person well now you have to deal with the size making them a turtle. I know it blows the budget for a poorfag guide but the armor bit is arguably more important than a cheap baofeng and old ebay helmet especially if your SHTF concerns are defending your house, neighborhood, or family store. >but what if jogger head shots you I've got no real argument besides head shot probability vs your torso and joggers love dracos these days so ot wouldn't matter if that's what they used.
Open file (355.14 KB 1088x608 HidingaBody.jpg)
>>10628 >Finally, if you get the chance read the english translation of Zuozhuan and Spring and Autumn Chronicles, it gives a lot of insight into where the US is fucking headed tbh. Just if anyone else is interested, I searched for the title mentioned by our resident Chinese strelok and found a translation, though I haven't read it yet: https://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=836BB3D4ADAB7EB0B16F3E7DEF9D59C1
Open file (228.56 KB 1236x794 1587393147-3.jpg)
Open file (426.49 KB 1500x960 1587393147-0.jpg)
>>5596 Honestly I do like most of the first 30 because most men who can into military/Political stuff makes me want to talk to them. I RUE the day where I have to talk to some man about faggot TV or something mundane.
Open file (93.82 KB 700x526 Also Olga.jpg)
>>10549 >That's retarded, why the hell is it always combat oriented when in an actual real world breakdown scenario where everything is fucked you'll literally be the richest man in your local community getting pussy only by the virtue of bartering a bunch of bic lighters, Hello! faggot! Man who had to barter here, No lighters will no gain you pussy, Wanna know what can earn you pussy? Food and warm water. I am so sick of you fuckers who think women will put up with hobo bum tier living. Fun fact you fucking cunts! You cannot keep a women if she can go someplace else with more comfort. Any way STALKERs! Learn to work together or die alone. Heil Hitler o/
>>14841 Full book?
Open file (84.10 KB 750x987 1599514518048.jpg)
Open file (86.95 KB 682x362 582764056.jpg)
>>15148 >>15149 Open a window, take a deep breath, get some fresh air inside. Eat something. Pick up some of that trash, take a shower, do some exercises, get some sleep. You can download an audio for guiding breathing exercises or you can download an audio book, The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi perhaps? Take it easy, man.
>>15148 Take a walk innawoods, sit on mossy rock and talk to Bumblebees. And take out your trash goddamnit.
>>15148 Step 1: Clean your room. Step 2: save the books in the do/k/ument thread and the one the strelok is writing. Step 3: BREATHE.
>>15148 >>15149 Stop being such a drama queen. Even if the lockdown causes issues of work and other sources of stress, at least take the time to enjoy the isolation. It's rare to be able to spend as much time in solitude as the past year has allowed, so make the most of it while it lasts.
Open file (325.29 KB 860x1279 smile.png)
>>15148 Go to church.
Open file (37.30 KB 448x542 Morse_Code.jpg)
Open file (108.68 KB 550x495 mirror-instructions.jpg)
Open file (327.84 KB 800x1019 medium_Terrorist-Bomber.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 760x595 lockpick.png)
Open file (2.78 MB 1173x4609 house in a van.png)
Open file (211.43 KB 1040x662 Fougasse_charge.jpg)
Open file (234.91 KB 1141x827 Hiding from Drones.jpg)
Open file (804.38 KB 2704x1348 DIY crossbow.jpg)
Open file (323.37 KB 600x1725 black powder.jpg)
Open file (2.09 MB 1388x3482 black powder.png)
Open file (1.51 MB 1930x4340 ATF rules.jpg)
Open file (252.02 KB 1280x1280 alarm triggers.jpg)
Open file (815.32 KB 1280x6069 assembling ALICE LBE.jpeg)
Open file (348.73 KB 1600x1200 1533178261319.jpg)
Open file (2.27 MB 1604x996 1429584202398.png)
Open file (50.93 KB 1491x936 1429582763664.gif)
Open file (811.80 KB 1308x2732 1426887926608-0.jpg)
Open file (239.29 KB 1024x1578 1426888489117-0.jpg)
Open file (899.33 KB 770x5634 1427241152274.jpg)
Open file (418.27 KB 736x2350 bob essentials.jpg)
Open file (2.54 MB 2171x4053 MakingIron.jpg)
Open file (149.03 KB 764x731 MusthavesBOB3.png)
Open file (121.00 KB 960x774 MosquitoControl.jpg)
Open file (458.37 KB 1025x3159 PotassiumNitrate.jpg)
Open file (78.25 KB 1148x1720 1432433581613.png)
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Open file (158.60 KB 640x969 1432433697884.jpg)
Open file (687.37 KB 1151x1579 1432433743693.jpg)
Open file (124.71 KB 800x2962 DIY alcohol stove.jpg)
Open file (21.17 KB 429x415 1432502211614.jpg)
Open file (645.85 KB 1208x2579 1432502273199.jpg)
Open file (1.39 MB 1600x1225 1432793592344.png)
Open file (911.88 KB 2100x2856 Shortwave Radio Guide.gif)
Open file (85.96 KB 690x905 1434229083162.jpg)
Open file (10.08 KB 600x321 easy xylem filter.jpg)
Open file (404.29 KB 800x1200 1434172903526.png)
Open file (1.02 MB 2533x3750 1434161683935.jpg)
Open file (220.01 KB 1304x767 1434220476113.jpg)
Open file (105.91 KB 989x579 1434220561771.jpg)
Open file (138.98 KB 1189x891 1434220640683.jpg)
Open file (130.55 KB 1292x753 1434220270844.jpg)
Open file (217.62 KB 1281x761 1434220395227.jpg)
Open file (481.32 KB 1000x3240 k glyphs.jpg)
Open file (79.96 KB 636x776 hobo_signs.jpg)
Open file (475.07 KB 587x2612 choose the right pack.jpg)
Open file (37.25 KB 685x346 Best before use by.PNG)
Open file (34.71 KB 839x558 What goes in the kit.PNG)
Open file (273.86 KB 1248x941 tac symbols.png)
Open file (72.48 KB 1176x485 Soap.png)
Open file (615.85 KB 900x1136 SHTF radio guide.png)
Open file (38.17 KB 851x600 Serious Boo-Boo kit.PNG)
Open file (560.80 KB 792x3458 radio 101.jpg)
Open file (536.58 KB 2000x1652 radios.jpg)
Open file (384.35 KB 1062x771 punching.png)
Open file (41.39 KB 754x518 parallel_hez_cells.png)
How safe would a boat be in the event of things getting bad? Unless people have planes and submarines actively searching for you, could it be feasible to be out on the water and survive on fish as well as anything else you have packed? A change of clean clothes and underwear might be a problem after a little bit now that I think about it. You'd also likely have to grow some fruit to prevent scurvy while you're out at sea.
>>15633 >Hügelkultur 101.jpg Interesting. I didn't know anything about that till now Anon, thanks.
>>15961 >Surviving in a boat on fish Only if you're eating the entire fish for phosphorous/key nutrients, and staying close to land since you're not going to catch much in open ocean, and most boats aren't "seafaring" in the sense of being able to cross large bodies of water. I'd say possible with frequent resupply stops in a total societal breakdown scenario, but that otherwise the local navy/coastguard would either shoot you or confiscate your boat (since surviving in international waters would be difficult). Seasteading has been a thing for a while and 1st worlders consistently get charged with treason or other high crimes every time they attempt it.
>>15998 I'd be more worried about (non-salt) water tbh. In all honestly though if society breakdown occurs I wouldn't be surprised if they (Some factions of the military, or well connected) got some RTG/fission reactors and just placed on a rig with hydropontics. Be hard to reach them, but at the same time good luck getting supplies and keeping the machinery running.
>>15998 >seasteading leads to treason charges Land of the free, eh? I guess the law won't matter much in a societal collapse, so it's not like I'll have to worry about that anyway. As for your point about eating the whole fish, I'd better do some reading on how to properly survive at sea. If our country gets to a point where living on land is too high of a risk, the ocean is where I'm headed. >>15999 Maybe something could be started on an oil rig. A lot of planning would have to go into even approaching it, though.
>>16000 It was less about where it was (in this case Thailand, not America), and more about the fact that seasteaders tend to not pay taxes (since they are in international waters) and don't want to be beholden to the laws of any nearby countries. In the case being referenced the couple had parked the house about two nautical miles outside Thailand's water borders and by all rights were not in Thailand's territory, but they were doing so for less than the price of a house in America while being poster children for other groups to make far larger projects (such as businesses) that are only beholden to international laws. That tends to scare governments since competition of any kind keeps them from having a stranglehold on the economy/people/etc. >>15999 Turning salt water into potable water is actually not hard, it just becomes increasingly expensive the more water you want to purify. Most seafaring vessels have some sort of water maker on board and dehumidifiers can make water just fine in humid climates.
>>16001 Ah, my mistake. When you said firstworlders I assumed you meant Americans being prosecuted for attempted tax evasion.
>>16001 Ironically, the only sort of people in the current world who /can/ do this without getting shat on by nations is some sort of state or psuedostate entity (Think ISIL but run by angry mormons or cohesive group). At the end of the day it is probably why we don't have long term undersea bases, the government is damn near scared to death of a group of civvies up and leaving if they get their shit together (you don't have to have a perfectly closed loop system since you can produce water and oxygen). In comparison, the space barrier to entry is so absurdly high, and so dependent on people back planetside. >in re water purification I know, the energy cost is a pretty big issue imho, aside from nuclear I can't think of any resource subsurface (geothermal/tidal maybe unless your at depth) that can be used effectively. Surface oil rigs are probably gonna get yeeted by hurricane/typhoon season. Life there would suck if you were a mindless consumer, nothing goes to waste, many things are recycled, cramped and chemical air smell like MIR station. Maybe when Russia goes full broke again streloks can chip in to buy the three remaining typhoon SSBNS for resupply? >world goes up in flames >roving deathhoards of urbanites in every country >some civilized people say fuck it and leave instead of staying in brazil/south africa tier shithole. >Goes any claims abandoned Russian 941U, US Ohio, or 955A. Conver VLS tubes to cargo pods. Loads massive amounts of material and machinery, piloted by streloks and techfags before the purge >base is built with ROVS or is mined out of the ocean rock >new stable country estabilished that does trade with third world shitholes buy selling weapons, rare earths and machinery for raw materials until they have another set of cucks ruin it like bioshock again. We'd need real improvements to hydropontics systems compared to current ones though, gotta be able to grow tree/grain crops properly and figure out how to solve disease spread without splurging in pesticides.
>>16003 I think hydroponics are going to become a lot more accessible in the next couple years since big cities are looking to turn abandoned skyscrapers into vertical farms to save on food shipping costs. Similarly windmills are actually fuel efficient when you get about 20 miles out at sea compared to the crapshoots on land. l since you can build them bigger to handle larger winds generating more power overall (filtering and maintaining is a nightmare though). >Crop disease Traditionally you would grow different crops at the same time to handle any shortages or deficiencies caused by these. This only really becomes an issue when you get into farming for groups larger than a small hamlet (50-100 people).
Remind me to put together some sort of graphic on crops..... >>16007 The issue with hydro is cost mainly (You need college grads to run this shit at the larger companies because burger hs chemistry actually its math is a joke). Mainly because dipshits are too idiotic to understand how oxidation and reduction reactions go, EC, and pH are calculated. >Traditionally you would grow different crops at the same time to handle any shortages or deficiencies caused by these. This only really becomes an issue when you get into farming for groups larger than a small hamlet (50-100 people). Waterborne generalist diseases are an issue. Root rots come to mind. Other issues include distributing the nutrients evenly It's what one would call a "first world issue", instead of designing a complicated injection system just pour it in smaller quantities spaced out between the lot. Bacterial content (Lack thereof) also is an issue although the new MBBR (Moving bed biofilm reactor) is a nice step forward. Still, a bit lacking in grains/fruits/nuts in diet. I guess you could theoretically run a set of the following: Rice, vegetables, non tree fruit Tomatos, Kiwifruit, Allegheny chinquapin Castanea pumila (It's the only dwarfing "tree" nut crop that I can think of.... Potatos and yams aren't really grown well underwater, and wheat doesn't do well with that high of a water content. Our best bet is some sort of GMO/ bred rice, either deep water Asian varities or some american rice varities. The issue to the latter is the semi-domestication (it's one of the most recent domesticated crops) issues such as shattering, stratification requirements and low density planting. No issues with veggies. Tree fruit probably be mainly pomergranate (It's not too tall). Rip pollination though, have fun hand pollinating unless you want to wear beesuits all day (maybe a stingless bee species would work who knows).
>>16003 >Disease Proper sterilization, keeping the growroom perfectly clean. Basic stuff that is already being used. >Hydroponics Aeroponics. Look it up. It saves a lot of water, delivers good results, and it doesn't have the problem of needing to change out the water medium every few weeks.
Open file (97.23 KB 816x1056 CW REF.png)
Open file (220.58 KB 1056x816 radio guide.png)
You guys don't know how much it warms my heart to know that this thread is alive. Since 8ch died, this is the only place where I find my general survived. To show my love, here are some of my new creations I will be distributing to my local AOR. All these will print into A4 paper and are as info dense as possible for their content. Please please please, continue your preps. Sources say that hyperinflation, drought, blackouts (tech, internet, power) arson, and more jewish color revolution crap will start this summer in order to keep people from being made aware of voter fraud in the US, and corona fraud and vac problems in the EU/Asia. God bless and protect your wonderfully silly people. Any input will be appreciated.
>>16008 >Mainly because dipshits are too idiotic to understand how oxidation and reduction reactions go, EC, and pH are calculated. Isn't that just college chem 102? It's not anything hard, it's just niche enough (chemistry/agriculture/biology/medicine basically) to not be learned unless needed? >Waterborne generalist diseases are an issue. I had started thinking about that shortly after posting that, and you're correct. >Tomatoes I'm not sure about those. Traditionally tomatoes were a small berry-sized fruit of a nightshade plant that grew in the Andes mountains. They need fucktons of sunlight but relatively cooler spring temperatures to grow well, so you'd need a pretty costly sunlamp and active cooling mechanism to grow them without soil. >Potatos and yams aren't really grown well underwater, and wheat doesn't do well with that high of a water content. Thankfully wheat has one of the best calorie-to-area ratios of any crop on earth so you can do a lot with very little dirt. While not as great, potatoes, yams, and tomatoes can all be grown with very little space. A four square foot space allocated for potato growth will produce about 100lbs of potatoes per harvest. Yams and tomatoes need a little more space but are similarly efficient. Ironically skyscrapers would still be the best place to "farm" tomatoes because of their sunlight/cooling needs since they only need minimal soil and hanging pots outside windows would be the perfect shading mechanism for the building and place for the tomato plant.
>>16380 >College chem 102 Which is basically HS AP chem. People are still dumb though. Still can't tell you if adding in X might have adverse reactions due to no ochem (I find ochem to be quite useful for hydropontics if you're working with chemicals) if you'reusing non-standard chemicals (read: SHTF and you ran out of mass produced calcium carbonate). >tomatoes I almost agree, the only issue would be the vine growth, I had to pull damn near 50 yards of a single vine out one season (and that greenhouse had damn near 100 of them) and that pissed me the fuck off. There's high temp tomatoes in breeding programs now so we'll see. I've seen a paper on a set doing fine in W. Texas. I think North American Wild Rice (Zizania palustris) is an interesting candidate, requires cold and water when growing. Perfect for a shithole like Toronto or Vancouver's skyscrapers (Or anyone where along the US-Can border) It's not as good as regular rice but it's also only got domesticated in the late 19th-early 20th. >potatoes and yams I think what WOULD be intresting, would to run a hydropontics set in a multi story (7+), and then run wheat or millet on the rooftop, I don't like putting trees on rooftops mainly because tree roots are incredibly destructive.
bumping this since its useful
I'm glad I saved this thread from page 8. Makes me realize how underprepared I am.
Open file (170.12 KB 1024x576 Seed Gun.jpg)
i have a small back porch with about a 7ft fence around it, I could probably have a few pots outside and grow stuff. how would I stop bugs from eating all my shit? and is buying grocery store seeds a bad idea? i've heard they're shit quality.
>>25703 >how would I stop bugs from eating all my shit Depends on what you're growing. Some crops attract pests like a magnet. Others are functionally immune.
>>25703 Either building a greenhouse, poisoning the food supply, or introducing whatever eats the bugs into the ecosystem would be my guess on how to go around solving that particular issue.
>>25703 >how would I stop bugs from eating all my shit? like >>26121 said depends what you grow and where you are mint and rosemary are solid choices, grow without fuss, keep bugs/mice away. >grocery store seeds a bad idea? maybe or not, a very broad generalization. if there's a specialty garden store try, they should be able to give you locale-specific advice on what grows well and known pests
>>25703 >how would I stop bugs from eating all my shit? The hippy answer is "with plants and tender love/care" while the modern answer is "with pesticides." The conventional wisdom is to use both. Plants that naturally drive off insects: (both added to the soil or grown) >Basil keeps away flying insects >Bay leaves keep away cockroaches and ants >Chives keep away rabbits and mites >Chrysanthemum (all types not just the Japanese type) keeps away virtually all bugs >Dill keeps away mites and aphids (keep it away from tomatoes) >Garlic keeps away slugs and aphids >Lemongrass contains citronella (keeps 'skeeters away) >Lemon Thyme has the same effect but attracts bees >Marigolds keep away aphids and rabbits but smell bad >Catnip and Mint will scare away mosquitos but attract stray cats >Petunias prey on insects that predate tomato crops >As does thyme >Osage oranges scare off all sorts of insects with their fruit and also serve as effective hedging >Lavender keeps out flying insects >As does rosemary >Nasturtiums repel most leafy green-eating bugs (other than slugs) >Geraniums repel grasshoppers and leafhoppers and some variants (like those used for citronella oil) repel mosquitos >Floss flowers also repel flying insects Insecticides: >Anything containing Spinosyn A/D >Neem seed oil (margosa oil) >Anything containing Cyfluthrin for long-term protection >Bacillus Thuringiensis is a bacteria good at killing leaf-eaters like caterpillars >Bacillus Popillae is a good bacteria for worms and grubs >Insecticides containing pyrethrins >Insecticides containing Piperonyl butoxide Rule of thumb is you should buy the insecticide designed to kill the specific insect you don't like if you can afford to, because broad-spectrum stuff kills everything and your garden is an ecosystem.
>Grocery store seeds? Just make sure to get "heirloom" variety seeds. Yes they cost 10x as much but that's because the plants are designed to continuously sprout year after year so if you take care of them and set aside some of your bounty for regrowing, you should get new crops every year. The catch is they won't produce nearly as much food per crop and they are easier to accidentally kill than traditional grocery store variety. Keep in mind conventional grocery plants can still sometimes re-sprout but at most you get 3-4 years out of them before they will just naturally die from genetic damage.
Convection heater made from an ammo can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZnayOUQN28
>>26195 Heirloom plants are pre-modern crossbreed varieties more than anything. Many of these modern crossbreeds were selected for looks and yield rather than taste. Tomatoes are particularly badly hurt by this, trading most of their taste for bright red coloring.
>>28198 They've also typically been bred to not be able to reproduce outside of lab conditions that your average Strelok isn't going to understand while heirloom varieties just need cross-pollination whether with a paint brush or via flying bugs.
http://safeandreadymeals.com Patriot Supplies is running a deal for about the next twelve hours on their 90 day food supply for about $750. I heavily suggest you buy one. I didn't back in January when it was $500 and now I'm spending $250 more. It's basically all "add hot water" meals. Obviously you should source your meals and only crack these open in an emergency. It basically comes out to $3/meal and the food stays good for 25 years (probably longer since they are basically MREs). I highly suggest Strelok buy one moving forward given even the powers that be are confessing that there will be food shortages come this Autumn. Winter is coming is no longer going to be a meme, it's going to be the cold harsh reality as it was for thousands of years across the earth. Learn how to can, pot, and pickle foods now. Grow a garden if you can, no matter how small, even if it's just a few plants in your windowsill it's better than nothing. This isn't me being a prepper (even though there is nothing wrong with prepping), this is not me shilling Patriot Supplies, this is me looking at what inflation has done and what it is going to do in the next few months, and telling anon that he should buy this now if at all possible. If nothing else you can trade the food for gas, ammo, or whores when the real belt-tightening starts.
>>5569 >shtf thread >ctrl+f fasting >no matches wtf? Get fat fit and practice fasting. A thin man dies of starvation before a fat man goes hungry.
Open file (10.03 KB 200x211 Hmm.jpg)
>>30233 what would a complete collapse look like? the U.S. has no adjacent enemies (competent ones at least), the closest threat is an ocean away and held together with duct tape, and we produce so much food annually that the only realistic hit would be a decline in exports (however that assumes King Joe isn't going to give it all to the hohols). The supply shortage at the start of the scamdemic was mostly just paper products because of a feedback loop of retardation. There is still food on the shelves here (albeit twice as expensive, thanks Joe) and I can't see any realistic scenario where it will go away.
>>30267 >>30233 I just really worried what this will do to supply lines, not even worrying the food prices, the pandemic has thought me that most people don't care that much about food prices or even toilet paper but Nike shoes and ps5 getting delayed for months. People are so used to having everything shipped to your house the next day without thinking about it.
>>30267 I don't know what a complete collapse would look like, but the problem isn't food becoming unavailable, it's food becoming stupidly expensive. America has basically been salting the earth using chemical fertilizers en masse to produce crops that are largely thrown out, and I've noticed produce being less premium over the last couple months while prices increase. If shortages get any worse than this, civil unrest aside everyone's gonna be spending half or more of their paycheck on food if you can even find food on the shelf. I would rather have food supplies on hand in case we reach that point, since it's good for 25+ years and I would willingly eat most of the things on the menu even if I prefer fresh produce. In the event of a nuclear war if I survive I'm going to have to make some tough choices and if I don't survive, at least I'll have benefitted whatever poor schmuck comes along and finds the remnants of my food cache.
>>30302 >16ch Which is owned by a pedo j ew that datamines people. Fuck that site
>>30267 >what would a complete collapse look like? It would look like what you see when you look outside your window. Are you still able to buy your own home and raise 6 kids on an average salary with your wife not working? Can you still leave your the front door of your city house open while you go out to the shops without fear of being robbed? Are you able to speak your mind in public without fear of any repercussion? Complete collapses take generations, so you're unlikely to notice if you're expecting Amazon Prime speed delivery of a Walking Dead apocalypse. Back on topic: Everything has (at least) a dual use. Look at the things around you with this in mind. This idea can save a lot of weight in a pack if necessary. (Redundancy for critical items excepted of course).
>>30355 >Are you still able to buy your own home and raise 6 kids on an average salary with your wife not working? Historically grandparents would raise children until they were old enough to work at which point they would join both the man and the woman in work. Children were considered a work asset/income source for the household which is why you wanted a lot of them. The Boomer generation was basically the only time in human history where that was possible. >But women worked in the kitchen- Processing the goods that their husbands worked for into sellable goods or non-perishable goods for winter. Otherwise the women were out in the fields with the men. >Can you still leave your the front door of your city house open while you go out to the shops without fear of being robbed? This has nothing to do with collapse and everything to do with government-provided welfare ponzi schemes that require importing foreigners because the domestic population has already reached equilibrium and isn't producing infinite children. >Are you able to speak your mind in public without fear of any repercussion? That has never been the case in world history. We've just changed out concepts of honor and public/private face for concepts of social justice and social media. >Complete collapses take generations, so you're unlikely to notice if you're expecting Amazon Prime speed delivery of a Walking Dead apocalypse. This I agree with. We started the process in America in 1860, sped it up in 1913, and went tits-up in 1933. >Everything has (at least) a dual use Yes. I would say a flathead screwdriver and a knife are such examples of essential tools to have due to dozens or hundreds of uses.
>>30377 >Historically grandparents would raise children until they were old enough to work at which point they would join both the man and the woman in work. Children were considered a work asset/income source for the household which is why you wanted a lot of them. I'm not exactly well informed on the matter, but isn't that a cyclical event? basically goes something like: >Cost of living (or whatever 'cost of living' represented historically) is low. >People have lots of kids. >That means lots of young people working or helping their family and society. >Due to the population boom, wealth is less evenly or more thinly distributed. >Life gradually becomes more costly, causing people to have less kids. >With less kids, there are more old people and not enough births to replace them, causing many people to either work until they die or become a burden to society. >Within a few decades/a century, the older generations die off and the young-to-old ratio eventually reaches a balance. >Wealth is more evenly distributed. >"Cost of living" becomes cheaper. >People start having more kids. >Rinse and repeat. This is all ignoring specific historical events or natural phenomena, such as war, droughts, famine, plagues etc. But this is the impression I get from a passing glance at the subject and would love to learn more. For instance, I read some time ago that the birth rate issue in Japan is essentially self-correcting as long birth rates don't drop to catastrophic lows (which is basically what is happening in Worst Korea). The same applies to certain European countries, except the governments are working towards replacing white populations with cheap immigrants as a short-term solution. Although even third world shitholes are supposedly starting to have less kids because having tons of kids to send to work and help the family is no longer worth it unless your wife or wives can pump out 10 or so babies in about a decade.
>>30380 The cycle you deacribed has worked like that since about the WWI generation. They were the last one raised under the old "rules of society" with many of their men and (in the case of Europe) grandparents being killed early. This combined with Women's empowerment from industrialization + war (women no longer had to learn "processing" skills because they could use money to buy what they did not have thanks to farming machinery) lead to the WWII generation being raised by women (substituting for dead grandparents and war-disabled fathers) fulfilling uncommon niches and instant gratification in the form of instant/dried/freezer meals that were, originally, about the same price as homemade meals or even cheaper with none of the processing thanks to economies of scale. The loss of these processing skills and the permanent inclusion of women in the industrialized workforce meant that grandparents could live out their end-days leisurely and since those grandparents largely had their parents/grandparents killed in the preceding war, they did not understand the role fully. This lead to a cultural shift that coalesced in the 70s/80s with sons putting fathers in nursing homes and the like. >Wealth distribution Wealth can be created or destroyed since it's not a constant. Land is a constant and zoning laws restricted agrarian land to rural regions and housing to urban and suburban centers (suburban centers being the "last stand" by the upper class (now known as the middle class, "whites" but that's not the whole story) to separate themselves from the paupers (mostly "blacks" but again that's not the whole story). Whether due to lack of utilities, child labor laws, lack of cheap mobility, everything being cheap, or lack of luxuries (probably a combination of all five) along with losing the "processing skills" generations, people did not know how to live on their own without relying on their income to supply them with what they need leading to the results you described. In the absence of ponzi schemes like welfare, yes, populations will stabilize within a generation or two within this industrialized framework so long as they do not reach catastrophic lows (like Worst Korea and Russia). I call welfare a pobzi scheme because welfare requires each successive generation to either be more wealthy than their parents or more numerous than their parents, so as soon as that stops happening it collapses. That should have happened for first world countries in the 70s/80s, however governments ran on welfare to win seats and thus began the process of unsustainable loans and inflationary interest rates (taxes on the poor) in order to prop the system up. THAT should have collapsed around the mid 2000s but once more the generations that see austerity the same way as four letter words brought in immigrants en masse to prop up the broken system. It seems they are going for a "great reset" to keep this strategy going a little longer, but that can only result in either hyperinflation as people lose faith in the financial systems, or someone (presumably China, America, the UK, and/or Russia at the moment) being offloaded with global debt in order to allow the current gears to keep turning since debt can be fiat or resource based, and eventually fiat debt becomes resource debt when allowed to go on long enough (which is why Russia wants payment for oil/gas in gold or if gold isn't possible, rubles). As you mentioned,
Ah, forgot my book. If you didn't read it as a kid, this book is pretty much a historical testament of the "pre-industrial" world during a time of swapping to the industrialized new world order.
Open file (772.94 KB 1050x4808 PERSEC.png)
Open file (140.59 KB 1498x947 COINTELPRO.png)
Open file (1.11 MB 2740x628 Claymore.png)
Open file (92.93 KB 1113x655 48 laws of power.png)
Open file (565.53 KB 996x3088 pemmican.jpg)
Open file (168.92 KB 482x1415 Power and Control 1.PNG)
Open file (102.78 KB 500x500 fuck vegetarianism.jpg)
Open file (184.40 KB 792x1224 1436615204460.png)
Open file (308.03 KB 800x753 1436599687673.jpg)
Open file (667.08 KB 3600x4500 1436603469713.png)
Open file (268.15 KB 600x2930 1436603524142.jpg)
Open file (796.36 KB 620x3625 1436604759338.jpg)
Open file (610.83 KB 1314x972 1455527771723.png)
Open file (292.25 KB 900x1200 1433061460523.jpg)
Open file (254.92 KB 870x1378 1433303827003.jpg)
Open file (113.83 KB 700x606 1433303763630.jpg)
Open file (474.71 KB 736x2563 1433304119126.jpg)
Open file (198.60 KB 744x1052 1433303902563.jpg)
Open file (147.03 KB 536x894 1433303982481.jpg)
Great infographs Strelok, please keep them coming!
I have faced the facts and my current lifestyle is completely anti-Natural, if not degenerate. I have a good,white-collar job..from my laptop, i live in the capital of my country(ie; a (((shithole))) I have honestly made the following plan for within 10 years, id like /k/omando input here; >partake in Man sports even tho I will get beaten up,, but I need the pain and bruises(rugby, vale tudo, dog brothers,etc) I know i'll never get an amateur fight,but I need to spar hard for its intrinsic hood >I need to learn firearm marksmanship and hunt/fish. I want to become an unironic trapper/hunter/lumberjack >learn how to handle cattle,herd cattle, breed,etc.. dogs,sheep, goats,pigs.chicken I really want to disappear from society and become a Militant of egoistical natural-ism. But I also feel I should embrace a kind of life of extreme sports and hard spars .. any advice ,insight,or "thats retarded youll die" wake up calls?
>>33590 As someone who has trained a lot of many different matial arts, I highly recommend you start with judo. It is an intense contact sport, but very safe, so even beginners go hard. You will probably start sparring as hard as you can from the very first lesson, which cant be said of any other martial arts I know of. It is a very good way to get used to being in a fight. Everyone should wrestle with their sons, fathers and friends.
Open file (90.94 KB 1050x700 One.jpg)
Open file (148.27 KB 600x450 two.jpg)
Open file (16.80 KB 319x213 three.jpg)
Open file (407.01 KB 1333x1000 five.jpg)
Open file (765.20 KB 1632x1224 four.jpg)
>>33590 Does your country have Pony Club? Or some equivalent? In the states, more-or-less only little girls partake in PC membership, but the parents spend lots of money seeing their child succeed -- it's like little league but for girls. Anyway, if you're not the only adult male riding, then joining a club and leasing someone else's horse means you'll be much less likely to screw up in a way that would see anybody hurt. Advantages of horseback riding are that you actually have to work pretty hard to stay out of the horses way, and volunteering at the barn, in addition to earning good will and making friends with "outdoorsy" people, is that you will learn to adapt to the seasons, as livestock are an outdoor, no-structures sort of endeavor. Bring in hay in the late spring, buy bedding in bulk, yes that's how many tons are needed to be ready for an unexpectedly long winter. After your first ride in the rain you'll appreciate the weather more, and naturally learn to notice the details of the sunshine, and the clouds. Goats are pretty easy to care for ... usually. They also die easily, though not quite so surprisingly easily as horses. Once you have bought some land, built a fence, and a barn, start with goats, or cows depending on the property, and the fences. Horses are great to have around; halfway between a companion animal like a dog, and an ox that make better walls than doors. But they're the hardest of the livestock animals to take care of successfully.
>>33935 I have bad cat and horse allergies, my eyes and nose get watery and itchy so I can't see shit when I am near horses let alone horse riding. Also horses will stare at you when squeezing and make sounds with their noises as a response. I don't know if horses are agitated because of my sneezes or if I misreading the situation.
>>30783 you know there are other protein rich plant foods? (I'm not talking about soy) And when it is vegetarianism and not veganism we are talking about here, there are easy ways to get protein from milk products
>>11847 The backpack is still good. I wouldn't use it for hiking or other outdoor activities since it's way too large for that, but for transporting loads of books and laptops etc. it's working fine. Thank you chinkanon if you're still here
Open file (7.13 KB 320x320 1465797446980.jpg)
How do I make an efficient bugout bag with a 40L- bag with no frame.
Open file (1.02 MB 1284x1252 1649908235364.jpg)
>>11713 Spam singles (foil > cans), Knorr pasta / rice sides, jerky, trail mix, Sailor Boy "crackers" (COTS hardtack, essentially), hard cheeses, dried vegetables and fruits, peanut butter, small bottle of Tabasco for subpar or off-but-(hopefully)-still-safe food. Candy, jerky, trail mix, all that kinda shit can help take the edge off hunger for a long time without needing a halt. Good shit. Fuck carrying water. Well, I mean, carry a liter or two depending upon your environment, but mainly carry a good RO filter like a Sawyer, with sterilizing tablets and boiling as backups. >socks Fucking this, absolutely. I keep like three pairs. Also, foot powder.
>>11713 I remember posting that. time sure flies . btw sauce on anime grill pixel art pls
>>5592 I lol'd at #51. >>5596 It looks like they have a Trotskyite problem. As usual. >>6220 Old “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” is much better. Especially since it includes more subtle fun: . . . (a) Organizations and Conferences (1) Insist on doing everything through “channels.” Never permit short-cuts to be taken in order to expedite decisions. . . . (3) When possible, refer all matters to committees, for “further study and consideration.” Attempt to make the committees as large as possible–never less than five. (4) Bring up irrelevant issues as frequently as possible. (5) Haggle over precise wordings of communications, minutes, resolutions. (6) Refer back to matters decided upon at the last meeting and attempt to re-open the question of the advisability of that decision. (7) Advocate “caution.” Be “reasonable” and urge your fellow-conferees to be “reasonable” and avoid haste which might result in embarrassments or difficulties later on. (8) Be worried about the propriety of any decision–raise the question of whether such action as is contemplated lies within the jurisdiction of the group or whether it might conflict with the policy of some higher echelon. . . . (b) Managers and Supervisors (1) Demand written orders. . . . (7) Insist on perfect work in relatively unimportant products; send back for refinishing those which have the least flaw. . . . . . . (10) To lower morale and with it, production, be pleasant to inefficient workers; give them undeserved promotions. Discriminate against efficient workers; complain unjustly about their work. (11) Hold conferences when there is more critical work to be done. (12) Multiply paper work in plausible ways. Start duplicate files. (13) Multiply the procedures and clearances involved in issuing instructions, pay checks, and so on. See that three people have to approve everything where one would do. (14) Apply all regulations to the last letter.
>>34833 Not him and don't have sauce on that specific image, but I think she's that psychotic bitch from Nikki Mirai, if that helps. >>34877 So basically be an annoying ass boomer to kill (((globalism))))? The irony.
>>30799 > head heat losses Yes. The classic pro advice was to always try keeping at least your head as dry as possible if your ass lands in cold water for whatever reason. Wet head will lose as much heat as the rest of your body. >insulating pad Placing an old blanket or something like that on the tent's floor helps both with heat insulation and uneven ground or clumps of grass. Short grass under the tent adds at least some air gap. That's 3 soft layers under the bag, 2 of them somewhat airy. >>34912 > So basically be an annoying ass boomer to kill (((globalism))))? Back then, be a nitpicker to suffocate Nazis. But any socialism is vulnerable to its own bureaucratic cancer.
Open file (126.38 KB 480x800 1637820380862.jpg)
>>34936 Pity it was apparently more effective against the good guys. Guess it's up to us now.
I bought a Lifestraw and the water tasted sweet, is that normal?
>>37164 >I bought a Lifestraw and the water tasted sweet, is that normal? It probably is. I don't know what exactly is contained within the filter itself but i imagine it has various minerals and elements that could effect the taste of it. I know some organ meats can taste different for that reason.
>>37164 Lifestraw is basically just a set of capillary tubes, so while it will stop microbes, it won't filter sugar/salt. If you were testing it with tap water, that does sound a little strange. >>37183 It's basically a compact sand well filter. It'll remove microbes and some chemicals (so a river), but water unfit for human consumption (such as milling machine lube/coolant) will not filter through it.
>>34833 She's Toga Himiko from Boku no Hero Academia.
>>37183 >>37283 Yes it was with tap and the LifeStraw I got was the sack bottle.
What kind of materials could be useful to make ghetto/shitty post-apocalyptic armor? Would gambesons with plate work as well?
>>37350 Oh it's that marvel tier capeshit show
>>37470 what are you worried about going up against? if youre worried about edged weapons, bows, spears, etc then thin sheet metal plating will do the trick except against bows which will likely punch through it. Id recommend using something like 22 or 26 guage for most of the armor then reinforcing your vitals will thicker steel. If you live near rural areas try asking some of the farmers if you can have their old used up tilling disks, those are great for armor. Also be weary of blunt weapons like hammers and clubs, your armor wont do shit against them. if youre worried about bullets then i would personally recommend you dont bother with armor at all since the only viable tactics in that scenario is either guerrilla tactics or armoring the building youre staying in. Maybe a helmet or at most a 3A vest to stop handgun rounds.
Open file (164.99 KB 525x700 1636554848705.jpg)
This is only barely on-topic, but I had a dream the other night that I crashed my motorcycle in the Cascades or somewhere during the initial event of some vague, possibly nuclear SHTF scenario and ended up befriending a fucking grizzly bear who woke me up after the crash knocked me unconscious by licking my face like a dog. Like, to the point of collaborative hunting/fishing/foraging and me tending to her injured paw at one point. Shit was pretty cash son.
>>37470 Bathroom tiles. It's not silicon carbide but porcelain can absorb a lot of energy.
Just in case nobody knows where to find physical maps. Images and PDFs, including historical maps, at https://ngmdb.usgs.gov/topoview/viewer/ Prints for sale at https://store.usgs.gov/ They also have an allegedly time-limited test where you can select a 1:24k map if you want better coverage of a location near a map boundary, it requires an ideally non-temp email since there is a queue. https://topobuilder.nationalmap.gov/
>>37953 isnt "level 5" ceramic suppose to be the best? if SHTF id just raid the police station and slap some hardened steel/ceramic on the vests. provide i dont get shot 500 times upon entering the building.
>>37966 It's also extremely heavy. As is pretty much anything above IIA/Some III variants that cost an arm and a leg. There's a reason politicians only have suits and undershirts rated for IIA when they "bulletproof" clothing and why modifying a car to prevent anything stronger than that is extremely expensive (and miserable in hot countries).
>>37975 yeah thats why i dont really bother with armor. for most SHTF applications its unnecessary.
Open file (331.58 KB 1383x2048 1631177085356.jpg)
>>37966 There is no NIJ V. Ceramic >>>>> steel though, you're right about that part. Haffu-chan used to have a /bag/ (Body Armor General) that was breddy gud, but I haven't been back there since they started rangebanning my VPN for some fucking reason. You might check there if you're interested in picking up some armor, or just learning more. I think they had a pastebin and some infographics, IIRC; I'll poke around my HD and see if I have any of it for you. >>37975 No. Just no. >>37610 >Also be weary of blunt weapons like hammers and clubs, your armor wont do shit against them. Now I'm wondering about the viability of COTS viscoelastic panels as used in high-end motorcycle gear. Hmm...
>>38001 >There is no NIJ V. Ceramic not NIJ, hardware store rated. I think they have a level 5 hardness for store bought ceramic. >Now I'm wondering about the viability of COTS viscoelastic panels as used in high-end motorcycle gear. Hmm... good idea, most impact resistant armors like motocycle pads or riot armor should be good for blunt and edged weapons, steel reinforce them and they should protect against arrows and spikes too.
Anon got any good bean recipes? I've tried everything I can and I still hate beans outside of soup.
>>39003 Have you had spiced beans and rice burritos?
>>39029 Refried bean and rice burritos are tolerable but not good and I can stomach them with cheese or sour cream. I can do whole beans in a burrito if it's got the full shebang (meat, rice, salsa, stir-fried veggies, etc.), but plain beans and rice burritos are no good, in fact it's easier to stomach them in a bowl at that point.
Open file (886.96 KB 1000x1383 1643943770919.png)
>>39030 Hunger is the best sauce, PickyAnon. Lard and seasonings are your fren, is basically the only other advice I have; although if you do like bean soup, why not just invest in a shitton of stock (I guess you might say you'd be stocking up, ehhh?) and stick with that? You're basically gonna have to mix legumes and cereals to reliably get enough complete protein unless you have the space to raise animals. >>38007 >not NIJ, hardware store rated. Oh okay, that makes a little more sense.
Open file (377.93 KB 5172x3448 refried beans.jpg)
Open file (60.26 KB 800x526 corn syrup.jpg)
>>39003 >>39030 I'd recommend making some pinto beans and then putting lard when you are refrying them. It's a traditional way to make them if you're Mexican. I've had them before and they're quite good. I'd also recommend mashing them up as I've never personally eaten refried beans any other way. You can use a potato masher for this. One unfortunate fact about lard is that, at least in my area of the deep south, it is difficult to find. I blame the sugar and corn syrup companies for pushing their anti fat propaganda in the 60's and 70's. It's sad because as anyone call tell you, traditional southern biscuits were made with lard. I should mention that butter will suffice in place of lard for the beans but it's really not as good. Also, another tip to anyone reading this, if you have left over hamburger/ground beef you can make a really great upgraded bean dip with the left over meat and refried beans. Don't forget to make your chips either, they're a breeze to make. Simply cut up your own corn tortillas(or store bought) into quarters and fry them up in oil of your choosing. >>39033 Why do you keep posting Zelda on /k/?
>>39037 hes an attention whore ignore him if it bothers you
Open file (1.19 MB 1500x1406 robot kimono.jpg)
Open file (246.43 KB 500x667 intergralistchan.png)
>>39101 >>39101 He doesn't bother me. I admit I was baiting him by calling the image he kept posting "Zelda". I don't think he's that bad compared to the other personalities I've met on the web ring. He's definitely not Robot kun or Integralist kun. Sage for off topic
The great vegetarian lie is that "beans and rice" are a complete protein source when combined. It's anything but the truth. Both beans and rice are low in lysine and methionine and while you might get "subsistence" levels of protein from them that will keep you moving for a couple months, you really need to pair them with dairy or meat in order to get the full benefit of either.
>having a designated SHTF rifle with anything other than a pencil barrel i shiggy diggy
Open file (702.74 KB 957x577 1636078347717.png)
>>39295 >Both beans and rice are low in lysine and methionine Well, *that's* interesting. I'll have to look into that. My post here >>39033 was written assuming that Stre-chan would, as you put it, >pair them with dairy or meat in order to get the full benefit and use them (the rice and beans) largely to stretch his available stores thereof. What about buckwheat? I've read that the consumption of soba was apparently enough in itself to end an epidemic of malnutrition among the Japanese during the Edo period, and I've also read that it actually contains complete protein all on it's own. Is this true, or just more propaganda? There's also rabbit starvation, with which I'm sure most of you are already familiar, and which is not known to be fatal, but which you purrrrobably don't want the guy(s) providing your overwatch as you move up or the chick performing minor surgery on you in the field to be suffering from. And would you please mind quoting people you're talking to in the future? I'd love to pick your brain on the subject, since it seems you know even more than I; but I overlooked your post for over half a fucking month because you didn't quote me, or anyone else for that matter. >>39112 >I was baiting him by calling the image he kept posting "Zelda" lel, i'll admit you got my bp to briefly spike with that one, well done >>39806 lift moar you fucking twig t. 300wm gang
Wheat and buckwheat are one of the few grains with a complete protein chain. The catch is they are a bitch to grow on a small scale due to rot/mold, and the first to become expensive when food prices spike. There are concerns about digestibility and inflammation but these are generally non-issues unless you live a sedentary lifestyle. It's important to note that while you can extract the gluten (protein) from wheat/buckwheat, they are generally a low-protein source of food so they are only viable for completing the protein chains of other foods, not as a primary protein source itself. It's why breads back in the day contained a mixture of rye, oats, barley, and sometimes legumes like peas in addition to wheat.
Open file (731.17 KB 859x900 1629824033309.png)
>>40084 Huh. So what vegetable (grain) stores would you advise Anon to stock up on? To grow, to use daily, both? And what about fat/lipid compound intake? Obviously we can stock up on cooking oils, and grease our pans with a chunk of Spam or whatever if it comes down to it; but is there anything you have to add on that particular matter? Is there some nutritional failing of vegetable oils, for instance, of which we should be aware? Can we just raise avocados or olives or moringa olifera and be okay, or is there a biochemical reason that won't work?
>What kind of stores? Depends on what anon is planning for. Not every form of strife is civil war-tier. For shorter events, whatever is the cheapest. Beans and rice may not be a complete protein, but if it's all you've got then it's gonna take at least a few weeks if not months for malnutrition to really set in and if you are supplementing with meat/dairy you can reasonably live off of it indefinitely. >Oil Different oils have different shelf lifes. As a rule of thumb if you can't render fat from an animal for one reason or another, Palm and Coconut oil are hands-down the best choices. They're both high in the good kinds of fat, they both have modest heat profiles and low taste profiles, they're both fairly cheap in large (liter+) quantities, and while most oils go rancid after a year or two, both can last up to five years in sealed cold/dark conditions (indefinitely in the freezer). >Avocados Don't bother they require a shit ton of water and you need the right spliced branch to get edible ones. >Olives Olives require a fairly heavy processing to be edible/useful for oil. More than most people have the knowhow or space to do. As a rule of thumb I advise people to at bare minimum keep a 25lb bag of cheap grains (beans, rice, barley, wheat, etc.), a 5lb bag of sugar, a 2lb box of salt, 2-10lbs of cheese (preferably wax-sealed), a container of country time lemonade drink mix or tang (for vitamin C), a container of multivitamins, a container of instant coffee or tea, a box of aspirin, 25-40 gallons of water, sanitary wipes, and a few pounds of some kind of shelf-stable meat. It won't be enough in a civil war-tier scenario, but so long as you have means of boiling water that will be enough to thrive for a couple weeks/survive a month or so of civil unrest for one person if you stretch it, and it is affordable on a poorfag's budget.
>>40085 >So what vegetable (grain) stores would you advise Anon to stock up on? To grow, to use daily, both? Depends on where Anon lives since every environment is different. For instance quinoa grows really well here and is space-effective, but that is not so elsewhere. Some plants that I know grow well almost anywhere are... >Beets They need a little bit better soil but they are an excellent garden plant/crop. The edible variety is delicious, filling, and full of chemicals that are good for your blood, while the sugar varieties can be fermented into alcohol or have the sugar extracted. The non-sugar beets can also be fermented into alcohol but it will produce a very dry wine. The greens are also edible and good for you. >Radishes They grow in piss-poor soil and can be grown anywhere, and they make for an excellent addition to stews or salads. >Chard They get you your leafy greens and they also grow in piss-poor soil in basically all conditions. They also look pretty. Just break the cellulose complex up a little with your hands if you intend to eat them raw. >Rye It also grows in piss-poor soil and acts as a cover crop. It's more effective in colder climates but you can grow it basically anywhere. Millet is the equivalent to rye if you live in a hotter environment where rye struggles. Both grains can be used to make alcohol as well. Rye also counteracts the inflammatory effects of a high-wheat diet (why your ancestors probably ate it) and the pollen is allegedly good for your prostate. >Corn Corn isn't so bad when you Nixtamalized and the stuff basically grows anywhere. Just keep in mind corn is nitrogen-heavy so you may want to grow a nitrogen-fertilizing crop like alfalfa or soybeans afterwards. >Soy I know I'm going to get some faggot screeching for even mentioning soy but there is a time and a place, and there is a difference between home-grown "organic" soybeans and the xenoestrogen monstrosity that is conventionally mass-produced soy. Soy is a fairly complete protein source, adds nitrogen back into the soil (the most important factor), grows easy, and will keep you alive in an emergency better than most grains. A corn-soy crop rotation schedule will keep you or your livestock well-fed if growing on a larger scale (obviously like corn, for personal garden use it's stupid to grow it). >Runner beans They look pretty and they are a perennial plant (outside of colder climates where they act more like a seasonal plant) so they are a good supplementary crop and they add nitrogen back into the soil. >Crimson Clover and Winter Wheat These are mostly just cover crops to prevent weeds from growing in the garden/soil erosion, but both are edible and easily turned into green manure when tilling the soil. Crimson Clover seeds can either be ground into flour or sprouted and added to cold foods. The benefit of winter wheat is you can feed the grass to goats and other animals after harvesting if you don't till it directly back into the ground to act as fertilizer.
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>>40088 >>40092 Thank you both, gents. I'm pretty fuckin' hammered right now, but I'll read up on everything you've said and get back to you when I'm a bit more coherent/sober. You've given me a lot to chew on, pun intended. To contribute to the overall thread, my research indicates that bell peppers are suitably high in vitamin C, and easy enough to grow in most of the lower half of CONUS and (presumably) equivalent ecoregions. Eat 'em raw, though - cooking destroys C compounds.
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>>40095 fuckin' forgot to take the sage outta the name field after upbraiding some fuckin' faggot actual sage for double post

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