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Open file (159.38 KB 472x419 1503041170481.jpg)
Vous ne pouvez pas apprendre le Français Student 09/15/2019 (Sun) 11:05:22 ID: d0511c No.18
Thread dedicated to the French language >Resources TV5 Monde's free French language program https://langue-francaise.tv5monde.com/ Complete French Grammar by Fraser and Squair https://archive.org/details/completefrenchgr00fras/mode/2up Progressive French exercises, principally on verbs by J Reynaud de Lamartinière https://archive.org/details/progressivefren00lamagoog/mode/2up Chardenal's French exercises for advanced pupils https://archive.org/details/chardenalsfrenc00chargoog/mode/2up Grammar exercises https://www.lepointdufle.net/p/grammaire.htm https://conjuguemos.com/activities/french/grammar/1 Much, much more http://www.utm.edu/staff/globeg/gramm.shtml >What we need Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language
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Open file (581.49 KB 800x2800 France_tv_guide.jpg)
Greatly appreciated, brother. I'm still not updating the OPs because I'm kinda busy but I'm trying to build this up slowly but steadily. I already have some books to share, too.
You can understand more French without a single day of study than you can of any gook language even after five years of hardcore study. So do you really need to study French?
It depends on your mother tongue.
As a frenchfag you can understand most other romance languages because of the similar roots and grammar.
Open file (170.64 KB 850x835 spaghetti chen.jpg)
J'ai apprede un peu de le francais dans la ecole mais j'ai oublie beacoup de ca. Comment peu je commence encore un fois? Quel literature francais c'est bonne pour un etudiant de le francais a lire?
Je te corrige : "J'ai un peu appris le français à l'école mais j'ai oublié beaucoup de choses. Comment puis-je m'y remettre ? Quel livre est bon pour quelqu'un étudiant le français"

Sinon, je te conseille de lire "Le Petit Nicolas". Cela s'adresse aux enfants mais c'est justement ça qui le rend accessible.
Merci beaucoup, anon.
Open file (52.36 KB 320x289 collection rpg fr.jpg)
J'ai l'intention du lire cette blog ici:

Du jeu vidéo de rôle Français.
Je me suis jamais particulièrement intéressé aux JDR français. Par contre, j'ai déjà cherché quelques trucs sur l'histoire du jeu vidéo français, dans les années 80-90. La chaîne de TV Arte a fait une série là-dessus justement. Je sais pas ce que ça vaut mais je laisse ça ici.
Un bonne livre que j'ai trouvé est 'Faibles et Légendes du Japon' si vous êtes intéressé dans sujets weaboo.
Merci beaucoup Anon (étudiante?), Désolé, lynxchan déteste mon navigateur mais je voulais retourner.
Nan c'est ma langue maternelle. J'aime bien aider les personnes qui veulent l'apprendre.
If you have a Mac then get the application Antidote. It's the best software in its class for any language https://www.antidote.info/ although languagetool is a decent free alternative that works for any language https://languagetool.org/
Camus has some good short books
>>160 I come from a romance language so sadly I'm already tired of the enlightened XXth century stuff. English has done good by me but I've dawdled on 'can't do' gutter for the French language, and I know there must be an amount of francophone works that I can enjoy just fine. This use case is also convenient with the current shut-in mandates across the globe. Thinking of trying Féval's 'La Vampyre', it's got an audiobook on Librivox.
>>166 based
https://julay.world/cl/ Suggesting this today before the culling, which will happen tomorrow. May download the whole thing and share them here, so that people can practice.
>>141 Peux tu me recommander des youtubers francaises?
Why is the French word for computer "ordinateur". Why did they not just go with "computeur". Now I understand France has a fancy language academy and is snotty about keeping the language "pure", but you'd think that if they were that invested in their language the retards would have known that "compute" originates from 17th century French "computer" in the first place, even though the word fell out of usage in France itself by the time the word "computer" was coined in English. In conclusion, though it's an English words, the roots of computer are 100% French. Practically every single language in the world uses a variant of "computer", France could have easily just used "computeur", but instead the snotty ignorant "on hon honing" faggots had to go and make up a retarded sounding word that doesn't even make sense in the context of computing. Computers compute instructions, not "order" instructions. TLDR; The French are snotty stuck up ignorant faggots for rejecting a word root for being "English" when it actually originated from French, and Latin before even that.
>>431 >Why is the French word for computer "ordinateur"? Blame IBM's advertisement department. computer sounded similar to calculatrice and IBM wanted show that it could more than calculating, it was something that could things in order, So the name just stuck.
Any good french channels on yt for improving listening? For now i am watching le figaro videos.
>>471 Interested with this too. Paid lessons are hard on me. My target is learning French so I can express my children story in French without having to go through English.
Michel Thomas foundation course on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Ki0McBVHP4 anyone aware of any good francophone forums/boards anywhere? tried frchan but it's almost dead except for the coomers and drug addicts
>>522 Bumping this request. acrimonie was a good French imageboard but it just shut down.
>>531 Through not much searching I've found https://www.akane-ch.org/ Currently only 3 posts, but maybe directing some traffic that way will help it gain some activity Only alternative seems to be creating a board on 8chan.moe or elsewhere
Resources updated.
>>588 Hi everyone! I am the author of the Akane imageboard engine. The website is pretty recent and it's hard to find active users, besides some friends to test bugs. However I moslty use my web server as a sandbox place to do some shits in PHP that I don't really take seriously. It's cheap so It will stay online, you are free to use it as you wish. Imageboards aren't popular at all in France. People use forums most of the time. The most popular one is jeuxvideo.com Every attempt at making a french speaking imageboard failed, I tried too and I failed as well. Anyway, thanks for passing by. I'll continue my visit of this website!

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