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Open file (41.52 KB 496x317 Drawfags.jpg)
Critques Anonymous 05/14/2020 (Thu) 02:01:43 No.91
Post your artwork-in-progress here, other anons offer advice for it.
Open file (254.24 KB 991x1215 ClipboardImage.png)
Making this as my second post because I don't want this being seen by everyone, what should I fix in this before I go any further?
>>92 Your drawing is lacking pretty much any structure and your proportions are way off. I would recommend going through loomis.
>>92 Perhaps you should start by replicating real life models and then moving on to dynamic poses One way to get a good dynamic pose though is to apply weights and curves to the character. If She's running, part of her body would weigh downward while the rest would lag behind.
>>93 could you elaborate further?
>>95 I'm just going to assume you're a artist who drew it. Anyway so if i look at your drawing I get no feeling of depth from it at all. The big reason is because you're drawing 2d instead of 3d. Like for instance her head is just an oval there's no feeling of a 3d form at all, this is because you're symbol drawing instead of drawing form. You've drawn contour lines all over the form but they don't actually conform to any form underneath they're mostly straight and don't wrap around the forms that are supposed to be there. Andrew loomis' fun with a pencil starts to teach you to draw with 3d forms so that's why it's always a good place to start for any beginner. I hope this helps but if it doesn't, go through some of the recommended beginners books in the pastebin they'll give you a good starting point.
>>96 Looking through the resources what I mean when i referred to pastebin is this: https://hubpages.com/art/how-to-draw-learn Go there and read through it.
>>96 yeah I tried to add more depth but realized halfway through it how flat the whole thing turned out to be. i've had the same problem with my past drawings as well
>>98 Do more loomis and drawabox exercises and you'll more instinctively draw your figure more 3d.
>>92 >>98 just be patient with yourself anon. don't take this kind of criticism personally. it takes time to develop a good eye in art. you plainly already have a reasonably competent composition going, now develop it further. There's one key to success in art: Just.don't.quit. It's literally just that simple. Good luck Anon.
Open file (3.25 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (59).png)
>>92 Digging through julay /loomis/ and I've found out about this game from Jerma, how the hell did they make it so responsive for its times?
>>157 that's exactly why I wanted to draw her, it's an obscure character that I couldn't find any art for and if it turns out shit I won't feel bad because it's not someone I care for
>>187 I know this feeling too well, I agonizingly drew an autistic character meme for two weeks and then I never have the courage to show it off, even though I posted it online already I'm too ashamed of it
>>260 >share any OC on imageboards >get doxxed
>>264 This is why you set up 2 alternate identities and have all the leads from there point to one more alternate identity.
>>101 it gets increasingly difficult to not quit when you keep trying to break away from reading books and actually drawing, only to get told to go back to the books again
>>284 The books often have exercises though and you should be drawing along with the books eventually as well to try and break down the information.
This might help codify something. Consider Heinlein's Rules for Writers: >You must write. >You must finish what you write. >You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order. >You must put the work on the market. >You must keep the work on the market until it is sold. >(added by others) You must start the next thing. Therefore, Rules for /loomis/ers >You must draw. >You must finish what you draw. >You must refrain from re-drawing, except after much time and improvement. >You must show your work to others. >You must keep showing your work to others. >You must start the next drawing. >>284 That's just how it works. You practice, you study, you improve. You never get to stop studying or practicing.
>>286 >must refrain from redrawing >must put the work on the market Pretty harsh to be honest
>>287 Yes.
>>286 >You must finish what you draw. >You must refrain from re-drawing, except after much time and improvement. >You must show your work to others. >You must keep showing your work to others. A-at least I've got the other two down
Re-imagined Seiga in a chinese dress. She's looks like this. I'll color this later, too lazy at the moment. Greetings from /animu/
>>444 pretty nice man. Although The fur on the cloth might be a bit over worked since it kind of feels like a dirty line to me. I'm also a little confused about what's happening with her legs, like her hips are turned slight sideways but her legs look like they're following the hips but then turn towards the camera. I think tidying up of the cloth lines and generally making it clearer which way the legs are turning would be better.
>>444 This is absolutely pretty!
>>450 >>453 Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the legs should be move a bit to front to make it more apparent.
>>444 Hello /animu/! Nice work lad.
Open file (3.90 MB 4960x3506 G-tan 3.png)
Haha grievous-chan This is my take on the 2003 grievous
>>525 cool and interesting poses although some of the anatomy is a little broken in some of them particularly the knee area could be worked on, but at the same time I do like how dynamic the poses are perhaps pushs them back a little just so it doesn't feel so awkward. I like how dynamic and flowing your lines feel too.
>>526 I also thought the poses are pretty gud, but anatomy is broken. For example in he top right pose, I'm not sure how that thigh is supposed to connect to the pelvis.
Open file (712.61 KB 843x1440 face2.png)
Open file (173.43 KB 598x637 3.png)
Open file (517.14 KB 960x1056 face.png)
How do I make skin look less plastic? Right now I'm hitting the deepest depths of the uncanny valley dead on every time I try realism.
>>602 Depending on the race of the subject, add yellows when light hits the skin and reds/blues where it is shadowed instead of straight black.
Open file (165.42 KB 467x596 aaa.png)
Open file (41.24 KB 477x596 ss.jpg)
>>603 Thanks mate, I'll keep that in mind. I've got to say I severely underestimated how hard this was going to be, there's so much subtlety in coloring a face I've never recognized before. I'm kinda tracing pictures of better artists while autistically using the color picker and taking notes, I feel like a tiny baby artist.
>>602 skin is matte, it's soft and absorbs light instead of reflecting it. places where the skin can be harder like the nose tend to get it the most, but not so much anywhere else unless the person is oily or wet. Reflections on the nose and corners of the eyes are best used sparingly but to great effect.
Open file (607.59 KB 1387x1615 20220709_080416.jpg)
How to do nice caustics, translucence, highlight , reflections given the objects in 3d space? Since somethings looks so abstract to do

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