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fat/lain/: Serial Experiments Lain stream party starts Wed, Sep 22 at 3:59am UTC

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Requesting Boards Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:54:24 No.3 [Reply] [Last]
Self-service board creation is disabled. Anon.cafe doesn't grant boards to anyone who asks, but perhaps we'd like to host your board. Broadly, we'll consider boards that aren't duplicated elsewhere on the webring but we weigh up a variety of factors. Being comfy is a plus! But, in the end it comes down to our private decision. Please review the Global Rules before you request a board. Please also be certain that you are willing to carry out the duties of a board owner. Boards whose owners do not log in for more than two weeks will be marked inactive and put up for claim. Boards that remain dead for an extended period and/or demonstrate a failure to thrive may be deleted. If you'd like to run a board on anon.cafe, please create an account and then post in this thread with: >The username you created >Board URL (e.g. /meta/) >Board name >Board topic >Would you like the board marked SFW (i.e. no explicit or other adult-only content, even behind spoilers)? >Is your board brand new, or a re-creation of a board from the past? >Do you have posters already eager to post on your new board, or are you hoping to attract them after it is created? If the latter, where do you expect to draw them from? >Does your board substantially duplicate or overlap with any other board on the webring? If so, what is so different about your board that you want to make another one? Please specify if you are requesting a board for use as a "bunker", which is a board that will remain inactive and only be used in case your main board hosted elsewhere becomes unavailable. We request that bunker boards remain delisted from the board list and top boards so that we do not pollute the webring with many inactive duplicates of boards. To delist your board, go to Board Management > Settings, check the "Don't index on top boards and board list" box, and click Save. Delisted boards can still be read and posted on, so you can still distribute your new bunker's address to your anons. If your main board becomes inaccessible or you want to turn your bunker into your main board, feel free to relist it by unchecking the aforementioned "Don't index on top boards and board list" box and clicking Save. Please note that because delisted boards can still be posted on, their owners are still expected to log in regularly and clear them of spam or rule-breaking content and that delisted boards whose owners do not log in for some time will still go up for claim as normal. If you keep your bunker clear of spam and rule-breaking content, it will remain unlocked so that posts can be made at any time. If spam or rule-breaking content accumulates, the board will be administratively locked and will only be unlocked by request. By the time we see an unlock request and act on it, your anons may already have been unable to use the bunker for some time. A tidy bunker is a ready bunker.
Edited last time by root_admin on 07/29/2021 (Thu) 06:51:39.
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>>15145 >bitcoin wallet Should you eventually wish to donate, Monero might be more cost-effective if you can access it since the present Bitcoin transaction fee is the equivalent of about US$2.00 as of this post, meaning a donation of 1,500 JPY would deliver only about 1,050 JPY of hosting cost after taking the transfers in and out of our Bitcoin wallet into account. This is bad; we'd like to accept other more efficient coins, but our provider only accepts Monero and Bitcoin at the moment. >This doesn't fall under money laundering, right? It's hard to imagine such a simple chain of custody counting as laundering, which in any case usually concerns money that has been obtained illegally in the first place. But it would of course be wise to check the laws, regulations, usual practices, etc. in your jurisdiction.

Open file (43.59 KB 480x320 there's your problem.png)
Meta^2 Anonymous Board owner 09/01/2019 (Sun) 02:35:28 No.1 [Reply]
How /meta/ Works /meta/ is a board for discussing anon.cafe's present, future, and past. Please stay on topic. Board meta discussion should be posted on the boards concerned. What We Run Backend: LynxChan 2.5.9 (https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/) Frontend: Customised branch of XanderLynx (https://gitlab.com/alogware/xanderlynx)
Edited last time by root_admin on 07/01/2021 (Thu) 12:54:30.

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Community Announcements Anonymous Board owner 05/21/2020 (Thu) 16:31:32 No.13261 [Reply]
Sometimes boards do things and think that it would be nice for other boards to know about it. Every week - assuming there are events - we'll post upcoming events in the global announcement slot as smaller community announcements. If you'd like your event to be added to the rotation, post here with your: >Board >Event name >Event thread >Event date and time (please provide time in UTC at minimum plus whatever other timezones you'd like included) Board owners may suppress community announcements without also hiding all global announcements if they desire by using custom CSS to hide class "community-announcements-board-owners-feel-free-to-hide-this". I've taken the liberty of making /otter/'s Ottercine otter movie night the first event we announce. Good job, /otter/.
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Open file (16.52 KB 225x344 lain.jpg)
There's a Serial Experiments Lain stream party on 2021-7-22 3:59 AM UTC (midnight EST July 21st ) at https://cytu.be/r/thelainstream/ Thanks to the anon who directed me here, but I have no board to attribute.
>>15055 Here's a /lain/ on the webring https://fatchan.org/lain/index.html
>>15056 Thanks
>>15055 Due to a proofreading error, the stream will be hosted again at the same time on 2021-9-22 (midnight EST September 21st), sorry to all the anons who got the wrong memo. I'll be back leading up to then and definitely not make a mistake that time.
>>15055 >>15117 One week left! 2021-9-22 3:59 AM UTC (midnight EST of the night of the 21st)

Open file (134.76 KB 560x420 probably true.jpg)
Anonymous 05/22/2021 (Sat) 14:35:28 No.14798 [Reply]
Somebody please make /lit/ anywhere on the webring that isn't fucking /tvch/. I will use it, I swear.
I own /pdfs/, though I had made it on Julay waaaay back on the first migration. If you want to, you can use that as a lit hangout
>>14798 >>14799 There's /pol/ here too if you read the board's name
make /co/ and /lit/ here
>>14828 Can I have the name?

Open file (6.69 KB 261x183 1512050461566.jpg)
Getting more people on anon.cafe Anonymous 02/26/2020 (Wed) 14:36:33 No.10445 [Reply] [Last]
>20 unique users have posted in the past 24 hours. Seriously, this place needs some more users. It's painfully slow. Other major sites on the webring get several hundred easily. What can we do about this? We have the boards. We have the content. What are we missing?
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>>13443 >Im pretty sure thats run by acidman. Nah, they're run by the remnants of Fatchan's staff after Tom pussed out from Esther's deplatforming.
Invite leftist political imageboards to join in.
why can't i say n1gg3r5 on /comfy/?
>Invite leftist political imageboards to join in. yeah, no, the entire mainstream internet is your safe space fuck off
>>15112 you can

Open file (74.55 KB 1726x711 zchan shilling.PNG)
Anonymous 07/06/2020 (Mon) 22:59:47 No.13392 [Reply]
Can we please blacklist Zchan from the webring?
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>>13710 >>13711 >>13713 How'd these norms get here?
>ZZZchan was brought online by the feds once Zchan died. It was an ideal replacement to monitor IPs and track anons posting there. If you posted on /fascist/ or /dup/ among the same times you posted on any ZZZchan board you are being monitored and tracked. Writing style, time of posting and IP tracking are all in place. Don't trust Lynxchan's security, it's amateur compared to the feds tracking abilities. >They are on the ring and they are taking up positions so they can track more anons. Trust no one and nothing. The feds run game nights to catch your Steam username, install keyloggers in the pirated games and capture player IPs, they have cytube channels to track you across multiple platforms and get your IP if your VPN hiccups. Cytube had a problem with IPs leaking to images hosted else where, which is how many of the Gunt stream got doxxed, feds are still using it on many channels. When feds raid email servers like cock.li or visit people like Mark they aren't always looking for specific people or threats. They build a giant data web using alternative image boards, streaming websites and e-mail providers. Webring admins are compromised and silenced, warrant canaries don't exist on the webring because of this. >My friend was just arrested under suspicion of domestic terrorism. He was shown posts he made on ZZZchan and alog.space. Gahoole isn't the only one getting fed visits. You have been warned..
>>13711 >>13710 >>13713 >4chiggers >>13900 >baseless conjecture God damn do I feel like I dodged a bullet not using this site. If I wanted 4chan schizo cancer I'd be on 4chan.
>>14179 >bumping a dead thread to reply to lies and shitposts Why?

Please remove 8chan.moe from your webring following list. Blacklist optional. Anonymous 05/12/2021 (Wed) 05:13:35 No.14384 [Reply] [Last]
As it stands, anon.cafe is the only site in the webring that is following 8chan.moe. Other sites have blacklisted the site in history for numerous reasons. This site is currently the only site in the entire webring that is following 8chan.moe. I'm here to convince you why you should stop doing that. 8chan.moe has been extremely unpopular amongst anons across the entire webring for numerous reasons. It's getting to a point that it is impossible to ignore the complaints. Please hear me out entirely. First is the fact that after many months and several lies, they have absolutely no interest in conforming to webring standards. They are one of the only sites in the webring that has failed to conform to fair practice in the webring by failing to fully implement the webring plugin. Very few sites have failed to do this, and the other sites are for the most part rather small. 8chan.moe however, is the largest site in the webring currently with the most activity, and they have failed to implement the webring after several months of being asked to. They have no interest in joining the webring properly. If you don't believe me and need proof, please read this thread: https://8chan.moe/site/res/1880.html Several months ago you blacklisted 8chan.moe from your site because they failed to properly implement the webring. They still haven't committed to fully and properly implementing the webring. When people complain, they ignore it. They have never been interested in properly implementing the webring. All they care about is that people from the webring get advertised to visit 8chan.moe and they have never had the good faith to enable the webring GUI on their site. It has been several months and they have not fixed it. They won't even respond to it anymore. The second biggest complaint is that they harbor Mark. Mark is known for bringing the press and other undesirables to anything he inhabits. The fear is that this could eventually infect the rest of the webring. However, without proper integration to the rest of the webring, this is honestly unlikely, but it is still a complaint that is raised. The third and most recent complaint is that 8chan.moe has begun to allow content that is not legal in the United States and is very likely not legal elsewhere. The United States is usually considered the pinnacle of free speech and even their limitations, such as the DOST test, are echoed around the rest of the world. This is what caused 8chan to be delisted on the only other site they were listed in the webring. Pic related. The fourth and final reason is just plainly that you cannot trust the word of Acid. He has made so many numerous promises to correctly implement the webring and even at the beginning he started the webring with some "peering agreement" thing which backfired at him. He decided to reverse that decision as soon as he became bombarded with webring users who complained at him. However, due to a lack of complaints about his extremely bad-faith nature and his flat-out lies about his intentions, his site has been allowed to be included in a substantial part of the webring for months now. It's time to remove his site from the webring and stop trusting him. My hope is that you will remove him from your following list which will remove him from the webring. I hope nobody in the future is ever suckered into adding back 8chan.moe. Thank you for reading this post.
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8moe censors your posts if you beat the moderators in an argument. Curse them and their eternal faggotry.
>>15092 >being this new The issue started on the original 8/v/, and was one of the main reasons the site went to shit (together with the early spam attacks).
>>15093 >(together with the early spam attacks). That's a newfag excuse, the real technical problem was the /a/ bot that slowed down both iterations of the site. The problem of use was moderation in the big boards but this dissipated quickly when using the alt boards.
>>14581 >generic Sci-fi forum that had multiple offshoots that are even worse off. >quest faggotry and "timeloops" Spacebattles? Found my way to it during its latter half and lurked it when I had nothing better to do. Seeing their pseudointellectual politics tripe makes a man desire to purge in lead and fire.
>>15093 The issue? What? I am talking about something that happened to me on that board around the time of the 2020 riots. If they have been pulling that sort of stunt since 8/v/ that is news to me since everything seemed okay until that stupid Christchurch shooting ruined the site forever.

The New Imageboard Charter - A Webring Microcosm Anonymous 07/16/2021 (Fri) 08:10:34 No.15025 [Reply]
For too long the webring has been influenced by the whims of /tech/ wizards and xenophobia rather than by those who wish to have fun with like-minded individuals. The purpose of imageboards has always been a gathering point for discussion and creation of OC, and yet increasingly we see the webring eroding away as boards find themselves unable to retain users as bad actors continue to abuse the naturally reclusive nature of anon to force those who hold out into tighter-knit communities that continuously eat away at their own userbase in the hopes of maintaining the illusion of an organized state of affairs that simply no longer exists, and shutting up any dissent to this status quo. 8chan is dead. 4chan is controlled by the enemy. The anonymous alternatives outside of the webring are generally cancer, and the deep web and peer-to-peer websites will always be too niche. The old gods of lulz have lead to a warlord-like state that is not conducive to generating discussion, while the bastions of culture and historical precedence we have held up as the new gods of the webring have failed to provide us with a means of retention as they cannibalize their own and grow increasingly corrupt. We talk of fallbacks and archives, and yet in the midst of a new season of anime boards like /animu/ and /a/ are at all-time lows during the cusp of a new season, with core members of the old 8chan stronghold being chased away from even engaging in the webring over technicalities and us-vs-them mentalities. Some even go so far as to violate the essence of the webring at the mere mention of outsiders appearing, while others actively stab their counterparts in the back to hold onto these few users that still hold out for a brighter future. What do we have to show for our preservation of the old guard? Absolutely nothing. A dying userbase across a scattering of websites where even those who considered themselves defenders of this status quo are unable to come to grips with the reality that they are a dying breed, or who try to stand stoicly in the face of death when they could so easily roll out of the way of the death blow because they lack the courage to face the future head-on. When others notice these things and address the elephant in the room, they are smacked down by their peers like crabs in a bucket, or the /tech/ wizards who lord over their serfs look upon them with disdain and cackle about how they can always start their own imageboard whilst smacking down any attempts by the serfs to rise above their masters with ridicule and scorn, as was seen first-hand by many after the fall of Julay last year when several attempts at a better tomorrow were snuffed out, entirely ignored after pledging technical support, or mocked by the "elite" in charge of the most popular webring websites. I'm not here to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but I won't play around with formalities and putting on appearances to suck up to the current "heads of state" as they be either. If I thought this was a problem that could be fixed by money I'd be more than willing to throw four figures worth (USD) at the problem, but the only solutions money can buy require time and investments, as well as a willingness on the part of either the acting front-runners of the webring (something they would never agree to given the radically different approach I propose) or third parties that would naturally not be trusted. The fact of the matter is, when an organization of any kind is faced with a looming, imminent death, they have three choices: 1) Surrender. 2) Die like dogs. 3) Adapt.
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>>15043 >Time will tell, but something similar is going to have to be absolutely necessary at some point unless you want the Internet to be gatekept by hostile companies and governments. /thread.
>>15045 >Also, ultimately you'll always be at the mercy of some infrastructure, because routing is a bitch. At an even more fundamental level, electricity itself. While we'll all certainly have more immediate problems on our hands once the globalist kikes/Marxists literally pull the plug on us all, still, comms will be a near-the-top-of-the-list agenda item. Anons expertise with encrypted, low-bandwidth, shortwave and other RF spectrum technologies will be vital to bootstrapping a People's Global Meshnet or similar. But power itself is the fundamental prereq for such a thing.
>>15050 >actually I magically blank out meme pics as soon as they enter my sight >this is why I can't recognize an overt insult that has been popular for half a decade >I'm totally not a newfag, I swear >look, I say nigger nigger nigger, that's what imageboards are about! Lol
>>15053 Thank you for proving my point
Open file (1.43 MB 400x480 Sips_in_Baka.mp4)
The project is currently off. After gathering responses, I believe that the time for such a website passed about a year ago and that the current environment is not conducive to what I could consider my "end" objectives. As it stands I was first and foremost looking to create a new Japanology board free of the current restrictions of the two most prevalent webring options, but I believe interest has leaned away from "a new /a/" and more towards "not smug" or "not PLW." Trying to not be something is not the culture I seek, and while fracturing a userbase further would surely accelerate what I consider an ongoing issue, it would ultimately not bear the sort of fruit I aim for and would attract the malicious sorts of anons I don't want rather than the creative freedom for OC to flourish that I do want. I will continue exploring the options available, but it's not worth the time, effort, doxxing, etc. that would inevitably take place given the current cultural climate. There is definitely an interest in something new, but it's not the sort of interest I'm looking for. Still, I promised an anon I would respond on Wednesday/Thursday so in spite of that I will address anon's concerns. >>15030 >moderators who moderate the wrong things because they try to ban malicious intent but insist on writing it down as objective definitions of things someone might do. I tend to be fairly fluid with moderation to attack intent over form, but I do like to have as objective of a system as possible since I do not trust others easily, nor expect others to have the same standards as me. >You're also implying some kind of new-4chan which is returning to a single point of failure the same way markchan does by being wannabe-8chan I didn't think I was implying something like that. Perhaps it could be interpreted as a "new /b/" in the sense that /b/ was largely a point of entry for many people into other parts of the website, and similarly I was envisioning a website that acted as an Ellis island to pull folks into the webring as a whole. I planned to explicitly host a page (with pictures) dedicated to teaching anons how to start their own imageboard from scratch. >2: don't post in a malicious way, and take it easy. I fundamentally disagree with your second rule and would replace it with "have fun" since that phrase has been disgustingly twisted to fit the malicious demands of others. I'd also addlurk more, but I don't think we're in conflict on this point though. At least not directly. >>15031 >What I've learned in the nearly 5 years of the board is that you simply have to have moderation of some kind if you want a board to survive. Same as with a town. You have to have the sheriff, or the townsfolk will be severely abused by bad guys. As someone who has moderated over the last 5-6ish years as well not saying where since I still moderate for a couple boards and don't want this pet project tied to them, I've learned almost the opposite. You need law and order of some kind in the sense that someone must have the power to shoot the criminal in the face since the criminal of the internet can't be subjected to a lynching the way a small town or large city can (outside of doxxing, which the current userbase of the webring is not inclined to do properly), but I see moderation as equivalent to the sheriff that inevitably and openly abuses his authority, and thus by default must be shat on at every turn to prevent him from ever growing an ego. And thank you for your service with /robowaifu/ as of this time. >>15033

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog Anonymous Board owner 09/02/2019 (Mon) 15:52:13 No.18 [Reply] [Last]
If you notice something wrong that isn't "it's slow", post about it here. If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here.
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Open file (186.14 KB 964x1152 global reports.png)
>>15017 Global reports seem to be coming through. What did you see that suggested that the report didn't go through?
>>15018 For me I keep getting an "invalid captcha error when reporting them. It seems that it returns a failed captcha but is still sending the report. Per chance is the block bypass equirement for this board enabled?
>>15018 Can confirm it's working now. Thank you for that
Open file (7.98 MB 640x360 Attack on Gachi.mp4)
Random video test. Seem to be having issues with >R9K prevented you for posting an item.
Open file (40.53 KB 350x350 Spo1.png)
Hallo there, i wanted to mention that in the board /x/ a meta thread i made to post some of the assets, like the board's logo PNG image, disappeared. Early in the board's life some other threads and posts also puffed out in thin air and while i joked at some point that the board was haunted, there really is some sketchy things going on. Might be some memory problems or something? because i can now confirm 100% it's not users deleting their own posts or images not loading, the threads and posts i made are simply not there anymore.

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