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Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog, #2 Anonymous Board owner 10/21/2021 (Thu) 06:34:30 No.15218
This is the second thread in which you post about things you notice that are wrong that aren't "it's slow". If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here. Previous thread: >>18
>>15453 Can we see the keyword list?
>>15454 No; we're forcing spammers to attempt to modify their payloads by trial and error, and in so doing make it more troublesome to spam Anon.cafe. The only way we can think of for a legitimate poster to be hit by an autoban is to be parodying a spam post so closely that it's practically the real thing, or for them to post a hashbanned picture (all of which are in any case would get you banned).
>>15453 You should add all of those COVID documents spam posts to the keywords
Open file (438.34 KB 414x532 smug anime girl.gif)
>the spammers accidentally appealed their ban >>15456 We're updating parameters as we go. There will be a bit of back-and-forth as we swat their various payloads. There's always going to be a trickle that makes it through the system; we're just making it so that they have to work harder for their pittance.
>>15457 Godspeed Admins, your efforts are much appreciated! :^) >t. bunker BO
Back from another spot of downtime, this one caused by kind.moe's HTTPS certificate suddenly changing to what looks like a domain parker or other shady domain, causing an uncaught exception that crashed our LynxChan worker processes. We've blacklisted them from our webring plugin and removed them from our spider cache, so we're back. Apologies for the interruption.
>>15461 Wait, another site going down brings us down too? How does that happen?
>>15463 It is a very silly thing to have happen, yes. The webring addon we use isn't exactly bulletproof, and neither is LynxChan's worker process management. The webring addon doesn't catch the particular HTTPS exception thrown by a name mismatch, this crashes the worker running it, and LynxChan didn't restart it.
It seems the webring addon found another way to crash LynxChan's workers, but did not produce very much useful output to help us narrow down or reproduce the issue, so there is little we can do except do more logging and see what we catch. Apologies for another interruption.
>>15465 I mean, it's fine. Just do your best with the site and we'll be here
Can someone try to upload a PNG? I keep getting that it is an unsupported format when I try.
Open file (342.91 KB 1080x862 1325464789654123.png)
We had a spot of downtime there because our host performed maintenance on the part of their infrastructure that housed us, but the maintenance ran over-time. We're back.
We've noticed more posters who are being forced to split their longer posts up. As such, the 5,120 character limit per post has been increased to 20,000 characters.
>We've noticed more posters who are being forced to split their longer posts up. As such, the 5,120 character limit per post has been increased to 20,000 characters. Thank you jesus
Open file (269.07 KB 234x249 1467414901639.gif)
Open file (56.32 KB 700x434 nicesu.jpg)
>>15492 Appreciated.
>MongoError: Argument to $skip cannot be negative help i can't post
there was ID I saw that was able to be filtered on /k/ but it seems to be before it fully loaded. is there a add on that I need to filter by id (ip and or useragent?)?
Open file (19.08 KB 848x226 filter by id.png)
>>15519 I cannot understand your question, so I will answer what I think your question is. If you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, you may filter by ID by clicking the crossed circle icon and selecting the Filter id option. This won't appear if you do not have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Useragent strings are not involved in the calculation of IDs; only IP address and thread number is used to calculate the hash from which IDs are taken.
>>15520 thankyou.
>>15520 One more question. are the posts of boards that have activated post id that does not have post id, are they BO or mods?
>>15522 On boards with post IDs enabled, those without an ID are either using the onion relay, or they are from before IDs were enabled since the feature does not reveal prior history to users.
I noticed that a specific node of mullvad VPN had been banned that I mentioned in the appeal but will not expand on further. I believe this to be a specific and targeted attack on that node but I have no proof on the matter. I have since changed to a new "standard node" for consistency, but I would still request that said node be unbanned in a few weeks' time since that is the node with the highest fidelity for me and the spammer should go away in due time justifying the node's unbanning.
>>15550 >said node be unbanned in a few weeks t.spammer Kys mudslime
Open file (230.80 KB 613x816 1640626355711.jpg)
>>15551 Anon I have regularly used that node to post on anon.cafe for the last six or seven months. As I said I have moved to a different node. That one was the best one for streams because of fidelity, however it's not as if it's a great loss if I have to use a different one.
>>15550 We don't publicly comment on particular bans, but we would like to thank you for wording your ban appeal so politely.
>>15218 Tor daemon needs a restart
https://smugloli.net/support/res/1+50.html#q11644 Anons seem to be experiencing DNS issues with the website.
Open file (75.02 KB 223x469 1654078130883.png)
I don't know what happened, but I thought I should report it anyways just in case there's something I should check in the background that I don't know about. It sounds like a creepypasta but I don't know what the fuck happened. While typing out a response on /k/ earlier, my phone screen suddenly locked up and started glitching out, returning to a previous point in my typing. It let me finish typing the post and post it after a captcha, but it periodically would lock up and go back to that midway point when it first started glitching. After submitting my post I closed out of Brave and closed the tab containing /k/ upon reopening Brave. Then, randomly roughly 15 minutes later while reading a book in a different Brave tab, the screen locked up and displayed the /k/ thread again in the exact same place despite being on a different page. Even the URL changed to show anon.cafe even though I had closed the tab. I promptly killswitched my internet, disconnected from my VPN located in Sweden, and reconnected from a Slovakian node that I intend to also swap as soon as this post is posted. It could have been a cache/memory bug, but I have memory to spare and this incident legitimately has me spooked to the point where I don't want my VPN connected anywhere in Europe just in case. If there is anything I should check out in the event of it happening again, please inform me.
>>15619 We're not aware of any issues affecting our authoritative DNS entries, though it's possible that OpenDNS isn't faithfully forwarding our records for some reason. Very strange. >>15621 That's spooky, although it doesn't sound like anything that would come from Anon.cafe's site itself. Having a browser's tabs switch without user input would be some combination of user error, a fault in your browser software, or some fault/malicious activity in your phone itself.
The /k/ admin is being a fucking faggot again.
>>15624 lol he deleted my comment calling him a real peach too, hilarious. Guy needs to be reigned in. A simple question about what happened to 16chan, a board which has a /k/ as well, should not provoke such a womanly response from him. Do pray tell, is he Indian or Anglo, his FAFO rule is overly vague which seems like an Angloid thing to impose. Regardless low testosterone is in play there.
>>15625 i am a 16chan "oldfag" and saw those posts on cafe/k/ you're referencing while floating around shipwrecked. have to say i may not visit for long if that is the kind of moderation i can expect.
>>15624 I responded to you in the meta thread. I responded to you as anon at first suggesting to use the right thread and your response amounted to "lol can't be bothered" so why should I be bothered to let you run about treating the board like /b/ shitting where you eat? Besides, site owner already discussed this with you back in April (yes, your ban record goes back to April still, I don't hold that against anon until he acts like a cunt). >>15626 I'd take boomer fudds who get prissy over the word nigger over a rapefugee who can't learn to keep meta questions to the meta thread, QTDDTOT thread, or /k/anteen and out of the fucking Ukraine war thread. Bye, Felicia.
>>15625 I don't think I issued a single ban for the entire month of June (maybe May too) that wasn't for spam, so clearly the problem is (You).
>>15627 One petty, emotional response followed by another. >Bye, Felicia. Disgusting.
Open file (315.93 KB 480x360 Bye Felicia.mp4)
Open file (6.80 KB 200x200 comfy.png)
>16chan crybabies who have no respect for other communities leave anon.cafe and smug again Comfy.
>>15628 No the problem is you putting your gay little redtext edits in my posts and outright deleting others. Dilate
>>15636 >Gay little redtext edits I don't edit other posters' posts, my dude. Period. If you are referring to ban messages, then how new are you? >And outright deleting others There's a time and place for ban messages and a time and place for deleting egregious posts to make a point and not allow shit-stirrers to drag others into a conflict. >Dilate Grow up instead of losing your shit over a warning ban. If I actually wanted you gone I'd ASN permaban your ass like I do to spammers.
>be me >leave for two days because posters were mad i didn't do my job >board improves in less than one day >day two, board is still improving >get bored after gay orgy so decided to come back >post my nudes for all to see >not clean up all the bait and slide threads scattered around the board >go get food(semen) >come back to see a bunch of niggers (hot) fucking me all over the place Im left with two options in this case, either leave dicks alone and discontinue to allow nigger dick to exist in my ass or just ban everybody i suspect of being a homophobe. Consider this a warning. if you have a gripe with my sexuality then bring it to my attention in a constructive way otherwise deal with the consequences of your poor decisions.
Please clean up /islam/, it's full of CP links
There's something with with a ban on /k/: >>>/k/38904 I was posting bareback, so it's not just two anons on the same VPN node, and I'm the only one on my local network. Some metaposter in a thread I never opened got banned, and I'm getting blocked by the ban too. Supposedly it should only apply to the captcha bypass ID, but evidently that's not working properly.
>>15840 >Tied to the captcha bypass ID The two posts were under the exact same post history with the exact same bypass ID when a range ban was issued, if that assists in identifying the alleged problem.
>>15841 >were under the exact same post history For what it's worth, my public ID, as opposed to the back-end one, from the connection caught by the ban has stayed the same through the entire current Ukraine thread (6a95cc), and there have been no posts I can see with that ID that are not mine. Likewise in the ww3g thread.
>>15842 Yes, that was the one the original ban was issued based on (why it was an 8 hour ban instead of the default 3 day ban usually used). I usually screencap but this was a rare exception where I was phone-moderating so I failed to do so. Intent is to swap from ASN bans to 1/2 octet bans where the alleged issue should not arise again. Should it do so, email me.
>>15843 >the original ... 8 hour ban Wait, so the week long one wasn't the only one "I" got? The most recent post I made, and the only one I made today, was >>>/k/38883 and nothing after that until I saw the week long ban message (the first anon.cafe ban message I've seen, hence my confusion over its format). That was less than 8 hours ago, so I'm not sure where the 8 hour ban fits in.

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