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Open file (249.78 KB 620x800 mouse story time.jpg)
Anonymous 12/28/2022 (Wed) 00:47:16 No.16065
What the hell habbened to /comfy/ ? So sad it closed... Not comfy.
I was just wondering the same thing.
>>16065 What? They really are gone? I don't recall any warning to that effect, in fact I just wished them Merry Christmas on the 25th.
>>16066 I'm quite sad because even if this board was not really active I enjoyed a lot coming there. I just don't understand how it could have been closed without any warning. I really feel an important piece of anon.cafe just vanished in the void. Anyway, BOs have there reason, we must accept and face it.
To the Anoncafe Administration I'd like to put in a formal request that you restore the board /comfy/, and assign it to a new BO. It's quite unfair for a board's owner to abruptly terminate a board for no apparent reason--particularly with no advance notice. Now in the history of sites & boards this kind of thing isn't all that unheard-of, and the typical remedy has been to restore the board under new management, as I've requested.
>>16069 I second this. Comfy was important. And to the original BO, hope you're all right and thanks for having maintained this little corner of comfyness here. Anywhere you are, godspeed.
>>16069 Request made in the proper thread. Someone needs an account here and be prepared to take over the board in case they agree to restore it, Anons.
>>16072 I got an account here as I run a little board on the cafe. I can claim ownership if they decide to restore the board.
>>16068 I agree. I check in every day, even if I don't post that much.
>>16073 Thanks Anon, you're a real bro. AFAICT, the Anoncafe #Root pays attention at least a couple times a week. Now I guess we just wait. >>16071 Yeah, I hope he's OK. >>16068 >>16074 Maybe be more active in the future this New Year then, Anons? That's always an encouragement to the BO, as well as the rest of the Internet you know.
>>16075 >Maybe be more active in the future this New Year then, Anons? That's always an encouragement to the BO, as well as the rest of the Internet you know. I don't have anything of value to say most of the time.
>>16076 >I don't have anything of value to say most of the time. Then just communicate, Anon. Even Eeyore & Puddleglum both had bits of wisdom to share, right!?
>>16075 I used to drop a post almost evryday. Nothing really valuable but some kind words and cute animals. I just cant' fill the board with meaningless caca jsut for the sake of the PPH. Slow boards are not a problem.
>>16065 >/comfy/ is gone Oh no. OH NO! Please we have to have it back!
I am not comfy anymore
Open file (1.23 MB 2000x1200 crying 2hu.jpg)
>>16081 No one is.
>>16069 Apologies, but this isn't possible thanks to some very, very bad luck. Normally, we keep two complete backups of Anon.cafe's database. The oldest one was deleted to make room while the newest one backed up, leaving one complete copy at all times. However, Anon.cafe's database has very recently become so large that two copies can't fit on our backup server any more. We were in the process of having the backup server's space expanded, but in the mean time had to run with one copy only. Unfortunately, the backup that was running before /comfy/ was deleted failed, leaving no good backup for us to restore /comfy/ from. That's how it is. /comfy/ cannot be restored. Sorry.
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
>>16083 That is unfortunate. I have another proposal for you, though not as convenient. I am the author of the imageboard scraping software BUMP. I have some offline copies made with that software that I would be only too happy to post in whatever fashion you'd care to up to anonfiles.com or any other online file service you'd care to. Would you be willing to consider this approach Admin? This board means a lot to the Internet in general, as you're likely well-aware.
>>16084 Does your software include a convenient way to load the copies it's taken back into a LynxChan 2.5.14 database?
>>16085 It does not. I need to support all major IB server types as well as Lynxchan. It's simply a raw scrape of all JSONs (catalog & threads), HTMLs (Catalog & threads), and all media files (by threads), as provided by your site across HTTPS requests via cURL.
>>16086 Thank you for the offer, but if we'd have to write any restoration code ourselves then it's not practical for us to use.
>>16087 I'll happily rewrite any JSON re/pre-parser for you of your files if that will make your scripting task any easier?
>>16088 It would not. As you know, Anon.cafe's run on a volunteer basis and at the moment we simply can't spare the time. Sorry.
>>16089 I understand. Then I'd request that you simply spin-up a new board by the same name, and assign it to the anon who already volunteered to take the /comfy/ helm in the board request thread, Taulier. We'll take it from there, Anoncafe.
>>16090 Done. Taulier now has ownership of /comfy/ reborn.
>>16091 Thank you kindly, Admin. You saved the day yet again. Cheers & Happy New Year. >t. Chobitsu
BTW, the full set of archive files have now been posted. >>>/comfy/34
Hi, oldbo here. I'm doing fine, thank you all. But image boards being a world of idleness, temptation and distraction, I'm choosing to withdraw from it, I won't have a part in it anymore. On that account I shut down 2kind and deleted /comfy/ too. I know I shouldn't have taken those boards anyway. So I mulled over it for a while and then just decided to be drastic. And I'll probably shut down more of the boards I'm running except where I see a benefit. That's all, and good night
>>16109 What other boards do you run? Just so any other anon can take over those.
>>16109 Nice knowing you're fine BO. Despite closing /comfy/ was not a good move imho as it's an important place on the cafe (and internet in general) I can understand your decision. Anyway thanks for having maintained this place before me. Take care of you ol' BO and godspeed. t. Taulier
>>16109 Glad you're OK Anon, stay well. BTW, do you know anything about /late/ by chance?
>>16109 It would have been nice if you'd given prior warning, but thank you for the work you've put in.
>>16113 /late/ looks like it's RIP too. It's a shame because it was a good distraction from the rest of the world. (I wish I saved some of the music shared. It made great late night playlists.)
>>16173 At least we have it here.

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