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Open file (448.81 KB 982x695 1510241959211.jpg)
Anonymous 09/06/2020 (Sun) 12:35:14 No.1391
SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL PRO OTTER ORGANIZATION Are (You) doing enough for otters? They need your help, anon. If you know more, post them. Global groups: International Otter Survival Fund https://www.otter.org/ Otter Specialist Group http://otterspecialistgroup.org/ USA/Canada: Friends of the Sea Otter http://www.seaotters.org/ Sea Otter Foundation & Trust https://www.seaotterfoundationtrust.org/ France: Le Groupe Loutre de la SFEPM https://www.sfepm.org/le-groupe-loutre-national-et-relais-en-region.html Germany: Aktion Fischotterschutz https://aktion-fischotterschutz.de/ Italy: Lontra Italia https://lontraitalia.com/ UK: UK Wild Otter Trust http://www.ukwildottertrust.org/ Sweden: Myranatur http://www.myranatur.se/ Czech Republic: http://www.vydry.cz/ Africa (all): African Otter Network https://africanotternetwork.org/ India: Wild Otters https://wildotters.com/ Pakistan: Pakistan Wildlife Foundation https://www.wildlife.org.pk/ Japan: Ramsar Center Japan http://rcj.o.oo7.jp Japan Wetland Society http://www.j-wetlands.jp Philippines: Palawan Otters https://palawanotters.wordpress.com Brazil: Projeto Lontra Ekko Brasil http://ekkobrasil.org.br/ Colombia: FundaciĆ³n Omacha https://omacha.org/
Edited last time by ppaperman on 09/06/2020 (Sun) 12:45:39.
What do otters taste like?
>>1394 Haven't tried it myself but it's supposedly not very good.
Does the site keep going down for anyone else?
>>1394 >>1395 Go lick one and find out.
>>1400 Official word's here >>>/meta/13584
What do we do if the cafe dies?
Open file (194.32 KB 320x480 Doug Shablowski.png)
>>1408 I dunno, tidy the lawn? Until someone suggests a bunker, you're welcome to revive this thread https://erischan.org/b/res/1378.html
>>1408 We go back to 8/otter/
We love You, thank You so much
>>1411 Who are you?
River Otter Ecology Project https://riverotterecology.org/
Open file (89.70 KB 922x573 otters_archs.png)
>>1409 >Until someone suggests a bunker, you're welcome to revive this thread If you need to, /otter/ is entirely welcome to create a regrouping thread on /robowaifu/ . Also, I regularly keep a full backup of your board (have for about a year now), so if you ever have to recover from a disaster just shout out to me there as well. >t. /robowaifu/ BO
>>1436 Thank you Johnny.
>>1436 Thank you for your service
>>1437 >>1440 Nprb, glad to help. I love otters and you guys are fun too. I visited with you on your movie night.
I think otters are the only thing everyone in the webring can agree on
>>1453 the love anons have for otters really does stand out from all the drama. through otter, unity
>>1456 *some anons love otters. I'm not sure most of them care or understand.
>>1507 We must spread the otter.
>>1508 l-lewd
Open file (43.74 KB 720x819 1596926311392.jpg)
>>1511 Huh? It's not lewd. It's justice.
>>1402 Where could I find an otter to lick?
>>1556 Otters are everywhere anon. Just go outside and pick one up.

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