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/retro/-Where the 90's and 2000's Live On CaesarDude 09/06/2019 (Fri) 23:05:29 No.1
Alright, this is meant to be a successor to /y2k/ on the old 8chan, however I have expanded it to include both the 1990's and the 2000's and NSFW content is allowed, provided it's actually related to the purpose of this board and doesn't violate any of the site's core rules.
2 GET Missing file >>1700
3 GET Missing file >>1701
>>3 Not gonna lie, DMC3 was an awesome game. It's in a close second only to the first DMC itself IMO. Also, anyone here remember Dino Crisis? That was one of Capcom's forgotten gems. Well, the first two games and the Gun Survivor spin-off anyway. DC3 sucked balls and killed the franchise. Hmm, now that Capcom has finally done the impossible and made Resident Evil good again, they can bring back Dino Crisis? Missing file >>1702
Alright, after seeing how the Late 2000's thread has turned to shit, I figured it's time for a new rule. 1. No incessant political sperging or conspiracy theories. Unless the subject is directly related to current political trends (like comparing current media to media from the 1990's and 2000's) then it's not wanted here. Keep /pol/ confined to /pol/ (or /fascist/, as it would be in our case)
You guys wanna watch some TV? https://www.my90stv.com/ Missing file >>1703
>>117 Not gonna lie, that shit is awesome
That's absolutely fantastic.
>/trannypol/ detected
>not including the 80s
>polnigger detected
>>225 The 80's were overrated as fuck. Music was good, but 1980's nostalgia is an even bigger dead horse than 1950's nostalgia was at its peak. But I could understand having 80's nostalgia in a single containment thread or maybe there could be an expansion to include 80's stuff too, since the board used to be 2000's only on the old site, but now it's 90's and 2000's.
>>273 >The 80's were overrated as fuck. Nah. The '80s were the cultural peak of the late 20th century.
I nominated /retro/ for the attention hungry games (>>>/meta/2663) honestly I've never cared for board contests like these before but I really wanna see this place get some activity. The BO is still taking nominations at the moment but in a few days the real autism games will start. Why the fuck is sage disabled? Missing file >>1704
>>278 Neo80's faggotry had its decade, the future is now.
>>335 >Neo80's faggotry had its decade The Reddit-tier neon-grid-pattern crap is a serious oversimplification of what was actually going on culturally in the '80s. >the future is now. Then I'll live in the past.
>>337 >Then I'll live in the past Well, this is certainly the right board for doing just that.
>>337 >The Reddit-tier neon-grid-pattern crap is a serious oversimplification of what was actually going on culturally in the '80s. this and >Then I'll live in the past. this. I just bought a Sony Sports Walkman from someone, he'll send it in the post. It should be arriving pretty soon, it's a WM-F45 I believe. Should be a hell of a player! It's even water resistant. You can dunk it and it'll be fine, so it's perfect for the gym. Missing file >>1705
I was going to make a football board, with an archive thread of past football players and their skills, but in light of recent events i will make it some other day/year. Here's an extract of an old VHSrip i found, it was going to be the OP file but i supposed it would fancy being here, just for the kicks. Man this thread had more posts IIRC. Missing files >>1707
>>575 Something about that washed out VHS video made me feel warm inside. Got any more VHS rips?
>>575 >Man this thread had more posts IIRC An autist who shall not be named managed to become BO of /retro/ and nuked the board, Robi did his best to restore it but the backup was missing the last hundred posts or so.
>>575 it did have more posts. some retarded shit happened though... >>373 to re-post what was lost, yes it arrived in the mail (like 4 months ago) and it's still going strong! Sony really made some good stuff.
I changed the CSS to Nineties Cheese to give the board a bit of a unique look, but if anyone doesn't want it please say so.
>>594 How about this? 400GBs of horror/action movies from 80s/90s, all VHS rips. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:553cd207f5601ddb9e6aa78082dc7602c390e6c6&dn=vhs&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.openbittorrent.com%3A80&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fopen.demonii.com%3A1337&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Ftracker.coppersurfer.tk%3A6969&tr=udp%3A%2F%2Fexodus.desync.com%3A6969
>>887 Sweet, thank you! I was actually looking for this, it was posted on another board (or another IB not sure) and I forgot to save its magnet.
>>887 I'd download this if I had a bigger hard drive.
Are we finally moving here? This board is in desperate need of some CSS btw, maybe the new BO can transfer the theme from Alogs?
Open file (647.14 KB 1793x1369 screenshot2.png)
>>989 Perhaps you will enjoy this theme I made back on 8chan. I don't know if it will work here though https://pastebin.com/raw/nXJ1md1c
>>989 I added the futaba theme for that early imageboard feel. But we can use the 90s cheese theme if thats what everyone wants. >>990 Looks cool, and looks like it works. Let me know if you guys like this one or not.
>>994 Eh, it doesn't look quite right. The code needs to be modified for Lynxchan. I might have time to look into it in a few days, if you don't want to do it.
Possible alternate banner image from /comfy/.
Well looks like our files aren't getting restored after all. I could nuke the entire board and repost everything manually but I don't have the time or the autism to do that. >>996 Go ahead man, it would take me forever. >>1006 Thanks I added it.
>>1044 >Well looks like our files aren't getting restored after all. Care to spell out details for us all, BO? What happened exactly?
>>1045 >The download keeps cutting off halfway through, but even if we could download it we probably wouldn't be able to use it - we prefer having a live board to scrape from. We only migrated /retro/ because it was relatively small and easy to do with existing tools.
>>1051 Looking at the bright side at least that gives us excuse to repost them and discuss them again
>>1051 Well, that's interesting. I assume 'we' in this case is the Anoncafe Administration? Also, how exactly does the 'scrape' from a 'live board' (Alog/retro/ ?) happen do you know? Are the JSONs pulled, the HTMLs, or what? Also, what download 'keeps cutting off halfway through' I wonder?
>>994 Nineties Cheese author here, I'm personally not a fan of the new theme and am using the default Yotsuba. Ideally I would adapt NC for anon.cafe but only if the other anons are interested. Just my 2c.
>>1067 I agree, although I might like the new theme if it looked the way it's supposed to.
>>1067 >>1068 As much as I appreciate the cheese I would really like a proper Windows 98 theme.
Well then let's see how the 90s cheese looks on anon.cafe. >>1056 No idea, but the archive was uploaded to anonfiles and I usually have the same issue when I try to download larger files from there.
>>1044 https://pastebin.com/raw/v4f5M1iR I done it. But this CSS looks very good too.
>>1113 Looks good. Might need a few tweaks though, I'll try to do them when I have time. >>1114 I can see what you were going for, but there are too many beveled buttons where there shouldn't be, and also some misalignment in certain elements like thumbnails.
As you may have noticed, I've been restoring missing files and posts from the archive. Looks like the .ogg file format isn't allowed on this site, I asked them to allow it so I'll wait and see what happens before I start converting everything to mp3 lol
Open file (1.05 MB 320x240 1373229844787.gif)
>>1427 Thanks.
>>2 Missing file
Open file (89.18 KB 1280x720 dmc3.jpg)
>>3 Missing file
Open file (239.79 KB 1024x768 regina dino crisis.jpg)
>>4 Missing file
Open file (215.19 KB 1155x699 tv.jpg)
>>117 Missing file
Open file (193.37 KB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>334 Missing file
Open file (67.19 KB 750x1000 wm-f45.jpg)
>>373 Missing file
Open file (3.00 MB 340x280 VHS Summer 2000.webm)
>>575 Missing file
Alright I think that's everything. I know it looks bad but there was no other way to have our files back and a lot of posts didn't make sense without them.
>>1708 Thanks for all the effort BO, I feel your pain. >t. fellow BO
>>1708 thanks man, we appreciate it.
Any way to restore vidya's thread OP pic?
Open file (131.43 KB 1395x375 asdf.png)
>>1768 No OP pics in the backup, but I could probably find a few of them on archive.org
>>1768 No. Lynxchan has no way to change/add to any post's images, only spoil/delete them, at least at the BO level.
Open file (47.98 KB 500x500 PSX.jpg)
>>1779 Does it have to be the exact same pic?
>>1781 Is this thread lying to me then? >>730
>>1795 >immediately just impugning others Lurk moar. That post was made by Robi back on the previous incarnation of /retro/ on Julay World, after it became nuJulay. Any files that didn't get moved over in the transition would re-appear if someone just posted them anywhere, b/c hashes==same. Pretty well spelled-out in the 'lying' thread you linked, friend.
>>1796 Just delete the thread if it's so woefully outdated and misleading, instead of relying on people having to read mountains of text to get some crossboard meta dramashit nobody has any interest in, ya nigger.
Why delete the Retro Ad thread instead of changing the name to "contain" the topic?
Did you or OP delete the 1990s thread?
>>1844 That thread was a shitfest. >>1846 Wasn't me. Either OP deleted it or he got a global ban.
>>1881 Aww and I was planning on saving a lot of those retro ads too.
>>1881 >That thread was a shitfest. It only had 3 or 4 posts, calm your guns you buffalo
Happy new year /retro/! I wish the board wasn't so dead
>>2155 Me too. I don't know how we can get more either.
>>1881 Can we do something about this captcha? It's pretty buggy, I don't know if this is up to the BO or someone else, but this block bypass stuff is getting pretty annoying. We have too little traffic as it is, lowering the inconvenience to posting will help.
>>2180 I can turn off the captcha for posts, but I don't think i can do anything with the block bypass.
>>2193 Okay, thanks for letting us know.
I like this board's style.
What's with all the missing files trashing every thread and the leftover empty posts?
>>2467 The answer is literally in this thread. Lurk moar
>>2468 This is such a messy way of handling it
>>2469 There was no other way.
>>2155 I feel you there
Hello anons. I made the CSS for this board back in the Julay days, but over time I have grown to dislike it. I think it's not authentic to how 1990s websites looked and mixes modern styles with retro ones... For one it's too colorful and the colors are desaturated, plus it heavily uses icons in the form of Unicode glyphs, which modern operating systems automatically convert to emojis. Also it scales horribly on mobile, something I didn't care about when I first designed it. Ironically now I'm away from home for most of the day due to work so I'm using my phone more, and I ended up just reverting to the Yotsuba CSS theme because this one is just so uncomfortable to use. But the thing I hate the most is that it doesn't work well on LynxChan, specifically the captcha whose field is half hidden and the buttons that lost their icons. Ideally I'd prefer if anon.cafe migrated to JSchan like other IBs on the webring, but if that's not possible then a new theme from scratch is due... This is, of course, a gargantuan task so I'd love to get the consensus of anons here beforehand. >do you like the current CSS theme? >what do you like/dislike about it? >if a new theme was made, how do you want it to look? >is the BO still active to make changes to the CSS? A new theme is not a sure thing but let me know what you think regardless. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas /retro/ !
>>2743 >but let me know what you think regardless I think you should do as you see fit Anon. I'm not a close-knit part of your community only having met you all back on Julay. However, it's apparent to me that you both think more about this probably than others, and understand /retro/'s particular issues here better than most. Hope that helped, Anon. Cheers :^)
>>2743 Usually i only browse at home as i see it anathema to do in public or away so not a lot of problems in my case. I do like it but i can see it being helped with some minor usability fixes, being modern in some instances i don't mind as long as it works better, vast majority of us back then would have liked some features we have as long as it didn't meddle with the "purity" of the concepts/intentions... at least in my experience and by that i mean "same thing but faster/better" rather than "faster but different and lacks x" >Lynx vs. JS I agree there, still because you are the CSS creator i also agree with anon above, you are the chief there and if there was an actual problem we should pinpoint it very well to communicate it properly.
>>2744 Merii kurisumasu.
Open file (609.38 KB 1200x1158 highanddry.jpeg)
Open file (144.62 KB 900x720 hwododo.jpeg)
Hello to all the Time Travellers, love what you guys are doing here. No pandering; I believe anachronism is the highest form of rebellion. I'm Newt (no relation to Jewt), the new owner of /agdg/ - pardon my avatarfagging. I wanted to reach out to this community and extend a formal invitation, actually more of a request for assistance, to come post on /agdg/. While posting activity is at the time limited to pretty much myself (I'm doing the 2.5D isometric ARPG/CRPG) and a few others, I'd like to think that we're representative of the typical anon's indie game you'll see on the board - reasonably-scoped with a throwback style. Platformers, RTS, ARPG, shoot-em-ups, beat-em-ups, very much '90 to '05 era. I would appreciate it if anyone interested in developing games in a retro style (or any game really) could drop by and check us out. Don't worry if you have nothing to show yet or don't even know how to get started, just drop in the meta thread and say hi and what you'd like to do or what you're interested in seeing and I'm sure something will be able to straighten you out. I personally can help with 2D game development using the excellent and free Raylib - https://www.raylib.com/ - incredibly easy to get started with and powerful. Other anons may be able to help you out if you insist on using a modern engine. >but dead board tho Tell me about it. No really, I'm trying to get things active again and I'm open to any and all suggestions. I have ideas for more discussion topics and board activities as well, but I can't do everything myself. Anyway, come on over. Thanks for your time.
Open file (65.60 KB 237x328 1600718253878.jpg)
>>2937 >Unreal Tournament Good luck with your board.
>>2939 Thanks for the support.
>>2940 I unfortunately can't assist in any meaningful way since I know nothing about making a game or programming, but I hope the board does well.
I've got an assorted collection of imaginary retro tech concepts, including home computers and (I think) consoles, which thread should I post them in or would it warrens it's own thread?
>>2992 Make a new art thread (or call it whatever you want). We've been posting in the same threads for a year or more now.
>>2992 Are they from the 90s or 2000s? Then post them in the vidya, computer etc threads. Otherwise just use the "Modern /retro/ material that actually does it right" thread.
/retro/ was hit by a slide attack. Since it didn't have a thread limit set or Early 404 turned on, all threads were completely wiped. Luckily, we had a backup of this particular board. This copy of /retro/ is from early June. The current Board Owner now has control of /retro/ back, although we turned on Early 404 and set hourly threads to 1 while we had control to restore the backup. The anti-slide features are there, so please use them. Next time, there might not always be backups, or the backups might not be restorable.
>>3176 Bless you for having a backup Admin, thanks very kindly.
Open file (36.91 KB 700x445 Sad Cat.jpg)
>>3176 what monster would do such a thing
Open file (40.53 KB 680x709 advised dog.jpeg)
>>3176 Damn, just seen the news about this. Stay strong /retro/ and keep up the good work. t. another BO
>>3176 Thanks admin, shitty that someone did this but fortunately it doesn't look like any OC was lost. Let's keep it going anons, long live /retro/!
>>3178 >what monster would do such a thing Two words Anon >memory >hole When certain elites want to degenerate targeted groups, they go after their history, their heritage, as one of the first things. If you forget your past and who you are as a people, then you are much more easily manipulated into swalloping any old lie they want to send down the pike against you. 1984-101 tbh. We've seen it before in various way, and they'll send their goons troons out to do it again. But you have plenty of power in this regard against them if you're proactive about it, knowing the evil they'll work ahead of time. This is why I advocate backing up your entire boards locally. Either using cURL, wget, or BUMP. Then if something happens to either your board, or even your whole site, you can rebuild it again from scratch.
>>3183 bitch please it was obviously some bored nigga looking to shit things up just because >This is why I advocate backing up your entire boards locally. this is good advice however
>>3188 Sure, just like it was 'just some bored nigger' who usurped 4cuck years ago, or who organized 2 (two!) redflag gayops to destroy it's spiritual-successor, 8ch. Who coordinated attacks against Julay when it was the rallying point for everyone. And now, Anoncafe is in their sites, seemingly.
>>3183 >This is why I advocate backing up your entire boards locally. Either using cURL, wget, or BUMP. We use https://gitgud.io/Codexx/channel_changer because it can restore its local copies back to a LynxChan database if needed.
>>3192 Thanks Admin, I'll look into it's code.
So are we just restoring the remaining lost files manually? I'd like confirmation before re uploading those fakie retrocomputer concepts because I don't want to get in anyone's way.
>>3194 That's what I've been doing. I saved all the "Modern /retro/ material that actually does it right"posts in a text file (without the images, naturally; all I have are the file names) from before that faggot finally managed to slide it off the board. The problem is that I don't have the images to go with your post. I can repost other people's stuff if they don't want to post them again, but things might get complicated with the way some of the posts are responding to images that aren't up anymore.
>>3197 >>3197 Should I reupload them to that then? It shouldn't take too long. I might even find some more in the time of it.
>>3200 Yeah, maybe you can start with the missing files for now. Then maybe I can reformat and post the replies if people want me to.
Open file (6.08 KB 200x291 1689557419290.jpg)
>>3176 What the fuck. This is like the third(?) time the board got destroyed. Thanks for the backup, at least we didn't lose everything this time. There were some complaints about the captcha a while ago so I just made posting as easy as possible. Huge mistake, apparently. And thanks for reposting files anons. My backups are older so I can't help out this time.
Is there any interest in being friends with wapchan? A few people over there brought up the idea, and they seem like a like-minded site.
>>3247 I've never heard of wapchan before. What's the deal with it?
>>3316 It's a retro anime imageboard that also has boards for discussing other older media like video games: https://wapchan.org/ One of the admins over there said months ago that he'd try to reach out to /retro/, but I don't know if anything ever came of it.
>>3176 Wtf! Even the most obscure imageboards get raided by useful idiots. They really want 4chan to have the monopoly to English imageboards since they cant control smaller altchans like they can with 4chan and big altchans. Now i understand why some anons refuse advertising good niche imageboards at 4chan.
>>3460 It was s0yjak.party who raided us. I didn't really have much against them before they did that.
>>3469 8/10 breddy gud
Happy Thanksgiving, all. Any pleasant memories of Thanksgivings past?
>>3505 Thanks Anon. Happy Thanksgiving! When I was a child, our family usually had something of a family reunion. I always got a yuge drumstick, and had fun playing with all the cousins.
>>3508 You're welcome, anon. Ours was the same way throughout those twin decades. Aunts, uncles, and cousins all came to Grandma and Grandpa's house for every kind of delicious thing (especially the dinner rolls and gravy). Today something similar happened at my nearby uncle's house because of arrangement at the old place. The only real difference is a few key absences, but there were plenty of other relatives about.
>>3509 >dinner rolls and gravy I've always gone straight for the rolls and mashed potatoes. I've never been much into turkey or ham.
>>3510 Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and rolls were and remain the essentials on my plate. I'll get at least one hearty drumstick to gnaw.
>>3468 These fuckers hate competition. They'll even target brand new small imageboards.
>>3516 The best revenge, then, is posting well.
>>3468 Da fuck! I was auto-banned at anon.cafe/retro just for mentioning said image board!
>>3610 What's this about the Lonely Hearts Club board?
>>3610 I had the same thing happen to me in the past on another board, which is why I threw the zero in there.
>>3517 So, what shall we do for Christmas and New Year's, if anything?
>>3623 I have a few ideas but with the size/speed of the board they may not be feasible (unless it's a joint thing with other IB(s)... >movie night >vidya night >drawpile >collage/mosaic
>>3623 >>3625 Please help coordinate with other anons on the event thread, Anons. >>>/christmas/2984
>>3625 I would definitely be interested in someone starting up a netplay retro vidya night. Maybe we could brainstorm some ideas to get one started.
>>3629 That sounds like a lot of fun. Some console emulators have netplay, though I've never looked into old DOS/Windows (or even Amiga) netplay before.
>>3630 What games to start with?
COME TO THE 2023 /CHRISTMAS/ FESTIVAL Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons! >>>/christmas/
Open file (203.10 KB 302x434 1344312211261.png)
Are there any plans to keep the board going somewhere else? We could give Wapchan some more activity, I guess. I'm going to miss this board.
>>3657 Yeah we need to start thinking about migration possibilities. Ideally keeping threads intact rather than having to completely start over.
>>3657 >>3658 Please come help us solve this together, /retro/ : >>>/shelter/4994
>>3657 Good news then >>>/shelter/5090
Is there a /retro/ archive I could download?
>>3661 I don't know, you could ask Chobitsu on the /shelter/ thread for backups
>>3657 >>3658 You could request a board on zzzchan, I'm sure the admins there would love to host /retro/
>>3657 >>3658 >>3659 >>3660 >>3661 >>3662 >>3663 I made a new thread since I think this is serious and should catch people's attention. >>3664
Open file (20.97 KB 320x311 Roy.jpg)
>>1 Missing file

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