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Open file (125.85 KB 260x375 Soccer_Cover.jpg)
On the matter of the Infinity Cup Fellow Time Traveler 03/01/2022 (Tue) 11:05:40 No.2233
I've just checked out their catalog and it seems they'll be having another go at the competition soon(ish). We used to play as /y2k/ back in the ole cup, but I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in this, at least before I give them the word to add our team. I mean, I will probably watch it regardless, but I thought it might have been weird to tell them to add a team just for one person.
I remember rooting for it, shame their formation sucked and they got rekt. However this implies that the three of us that check this board once a day, if that, will be willing to make a competent team.
>>2233 >>2234 Now how does Infinity Cup actually work?
>>2235 heavily modded PES soccer where each team is a board with custom jerseys/anthems/goalhorns/models compete in a bracket match to be ICUP king.
>>2234 We can just use the OG team and change the formation a bit. I frankly know very little about soccer, but from watching the cup, it seems to me that matches can go either way even with highly popular teams.
>>2233 I would love to watch it, just don't change any players or songs, because that y2k team was fucking perfection.
Hello /retro/, ICUP 7 is still being worked on, and progress is still steady, but we need your help. If you have a good PC enough to run PES 2017 and to stream it, or if you are willing to commentate, please contact us at anon.cafe/icup/. Currently we have three potential streamers, but the more the merrier. In regards to your team, it is currently valid. For extra fun, I recommend uploading portrait images for each player (to replace the empty icons in the Game Plan view) here. They will be square (transparency encouraged) and about 75x75px in game, so consider pictures that will look good when downsized. You can also try and find 3D models in case we have extra time to add them. Finally, if you are capable of doing 3D modelling, creating OC, working on the wiki or just helping in any way possible feel free to reach out as well.
>>2435 I'm too dumb and lazy to do any of this shit but at least our logo should be updated >>1381
>>2454 Do you have the template for it as well as anything else in there? I could do it quickly.
>>2456 No, but there is an earlier logo here that might be easier to work with

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