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/v/ - Viverridae Anonymous 11/26/2021 (Fri) 20:38:43 No.1218
Welcome to /v/! An experimental thread in line with other animal-themed threads/boards. Viverridae are one of my favourite families, and I think they at long last deserve their own space. My favourite viverrid is probably the Binturong. What's yours?
>African civets figuring out how to drink milk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARiXo_GwteY
Genets are the most diverse genus in the family Viverridae, with 14 to 17 different species. Here's a nice story about a genet from /comfy/.
More Binturongs, which are also known as Bearcat despite being neither bear nor cat.
And this is the banded palm civet. Just looks really cool.
Some fun facts: >The word Binturong has an unknown meaning, the language it came from is now extinct. >They mostly eat fruit despite being classified as carnivores. >They live in the trees and rarely come to the ground. >They smell of popcorn. >You can tell their age by the length of their whiskers. >They have a prehensile tail.
This is the Asian palm civet, the same animal used for Kopi Luwak production.
>>1227 People are literally consuming this animal's poop.
>>1223 Stripey.
Open file (47.25 KB 526x394 Kariega4-AngieGoody.jpg)
>>1220 Some genet facts: >Tail as long as or even longer than the body >Often kept as a pet >Retractable claws help it climb trees, but often hunts on the ground >Lives almost exclusively in Africa >40-60cm long
These things just look like cattier raccoons.
>>1231 You're getting the idea.
They sure have that masked and stripey look. They might just be the feliform raccoon equivalent.
Open file (52.41 KB 580x447 unnamed (1).jpg)
The Norwegian and German words for Viverridae translate to "sneaky cats".
Open file (262.13 KB 706x471 civetroll.png)
Civet roll.
>>1237 Huh, some weird thumbnail.
Open file (211.17 KB 2000x3008 longcivet.jpg)
>>1240 The same image, but smaller...?
>>1226 >>The word Binturong has an unknown meaning, the language it came from is now extinct. I guess it means Binturong.
I didn't even know these guys existed.
>>1234 Why are they so sneaky?
>>1245 The more you know, the civet
Open file (166.39 KB 1199x810 Linsang.jpg)
The linsang used to be considered a viverrid, but now it's its own family.
Open file (435.60 KB 800x467 334887.jpg)
>>1373 Prionodonts are closer to cats than to viverrids. Always confused them with that guy here >>1223. This guy is more distantly related to cats and civets than the later are to each other. As a matter of fact it's the most living-fossily carnivore if not placential in current existence. It's extremely noteworthy that it survived to this day and judging by the look in its eyes it knows it.
>>1374 Looks cool, what is it?

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