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Open file (228.67 KB 1280x1280 3843147911280.jpg)
/meta/ - Maintenance access Anonymous 10/24/2019 (Thu) 13:30:43 No.22
/server/ suggestions, maintenance, questions and off topic discussion

This thread is not to be confused with the site /meta/
>>>/meta/ <-- Go here for board requests and other site related stuff
Keep stuff posted in this thread related to this board; /server/
Each post has an id number (which you can quote)
There's a relatively new thing in CSS3 which lets one style an attribute so one can style number id's using [id="#"] (with the # being the id number)
OK, I think I get it. I assume you have to go in after the post is made and reference it in the board's css file?
That's how it works
I've noticed that using commas will sometimes overwrite the other styles, so its better to style each thing individually, it can sometimes be a chore
I've noticed something recently I never did before about imageboards, namely that the board itself is composed only of the threads (OPs), and that each thread owns it's own posts as a sub-array. At least that's how the JSON for lynxchan works.
A) Do I understand this properly?
B) Does it work in a similar fashion for the way you're tweaking the CSS? I'm assuming so from your comment earlier about styling the OP affects the whole thread.
>it can sometimes be a chore
Can you write a tool to automate it?
Well the posts in the threads inherit the opening post, I asked Stephen Lynx about it and that's what he said
I like the challenge of styling and I'm not that good with javascript or similar, I mean I haven't made tools like that before, but it could be done
It might take me longer to do since I don't have much experience with that
Its easier for me to just copy and paste the lines
Open file (168.27 KB 1166x892 2019-10-24_10-19-11.png)
>Well the posts in the threads inherit the opening post
I'm assuming that's related to the styling, if so then I'm (also) assuming the answer to my question is yes. As far as the JSON's structural relationship goes, data for the threads are all contained each individually inside a json array object for the opening post. EG;

Hmm. Code blocks don't seem to be working as I expected. Let's try a pic related.
Ehh, probably still not so clear. Anyway the JSON tag "posts" is an array inside the OP, and contains all the data for each post as one element in the array.
I just went by the html, it has a structure (which the json may create) the divs have id and class then other divs within said divs can inherit from the parent div (which they are inside of)
OK, thanks. I'm still pretty new to this, but I've had to learn it fast writing the BUMP software heh.
I've been working with html, css and some programming for a long time
It shows. Good work anon. :^)
Not got a suggestion (yet), just wanted to thank the BO for keeping some smaller boards alive. Also the CSS here is crazy good, it was really disappointing how many 8chan boards (mostly populated ones) had no custom CSS, it really gives boards a unique flavor. If you'd ever consider doing an imageboard CSS guide that would be amazing, to my knowledge not a single one exists (there was a help thread on 8chan but it was useless and outdated).
I have a doubt though, are the threads created by users, or by the board owner?
Sure I'll see if I can make a guide for it
There was a /css/ board but the css on it was crazy, it was like animated rainbows which made it very difficult to read
There was a css thread on 8chan /boards/ which was more helpful but after Jim took over /boards/ became more obscure and less active
The styles on /server/ were all made by me, but you can make a thread and I'll attempt to style it, or you can specify in this thread or the thread you made how you like the style to be
I mean, some of them were adapted from styles from 8ch, but I made the adaptions so that they work on here
Edited last time by server on 10/26/2019 (Sat) 20:15:32.
>There was a css thread on 8chan /boards/ which was more helpful but after Jim took over /boards/ became more obscure and less active
That's the one I was talking about. It was a real mess jumping around trying to find stuff. I ended up being able to make something decent looking but nothing amazing like the CSS on /min/ or /32/.
I had bright styles mixed in with the dark styles on the test board I made before but it didn't look too good, I think its better if its mostly less bright styles on this board since the base theme is dark
Here's a simple CSS guide;
In most modern browsers there's now a thing which lets you distinguish elements of a web page. In Firefox based browsers this feature is under web developer -> inspector
On chrome based browsers;
I'm not sure about other browsers but they may have a similar feature if you look for it. Having this and using it helps in making better looking styles.

Another tool which is also helpful is this color rgb to hex tool;
With it you can get the color values to hex easily from a color you like, like if you take a screen and put it into ms paint and use sampling tool on it. Apparently Paint.net has this function in it natively so in the color dialog you just extend it out (more >>) and you can see where the R: G: B: values are and there's also a Hex: value.

Lastly there's these 2 pages;

What I usually start with is to save the page (File -> save page as) on a page which has a style I like. Just make sure it saves the whole page and the files along with it. That way I can open up the folder which contains the webpage files, like the .css files and study/edit them.
On an imageboard if it has a custom style, it usually either has the name custom.css or [nameoftheboard].css

Usually when one starts styling, the simplest thing to start with is to change the background color and text and its best to do the body first. Using the inspector tool in the web browser, you can actually change the css elements while on the page to see how it might look. Simply hover over a part of the page, click on it and the css lines should appear in a window for temporary editing to see how it may look.
Styles will cascade, which means that any styles you add after the styles in the .css document will usually overwrite the prior ones. Child elements inherit the parent elements.
This article explains it better;

If you need help with anything else just ask
Thanks, good info anon. Worth the wait tbh.
/server/ guide to CSS - http://archive.md/jLAGw
When an opening post is styled in this way it only styles as far as the text of the op until replies get posted
good idea.

i see. certainly each thread seems to look different to the untrained eye.
I've been looking at Javascript more lately
Apparently since Flash has been abandoned, HTML5 took over, but then I wondered what exactly is this HTML5 part which makes games and other web programs work? Turns out its mostly Javascript
Jquery makes it easier
I didn't know this until just now but apparently one can use javascript in photoshop
>one can use javascript in photoshop
I didn't realize that anon.


Hi anon,
I'm the admin from the /cyber/ board

Would you know how to steal CSS from an archived 8chan board and make it usable on this chan?

This is the old board I would like to steal the CSS from:

Yeah, I mean I already kinda copied it on here
8chan was running vichan so some of the names of elements are different from lynxchan (which anon.cafe, late.city and julay.world are using)
So it needs to be adapted, basically you'll have to make sure the styles fit the element names on here, like instead of div.post.reply its called innerPost (but you can just copy the style I have on the /cyber/ thread and remove all the square brackets [ ] and what's inside those brackets after you look up the linkQuote number of the op post on the /cyber/ thread in the stylesheet and every square bracket which has that number will have style relevant to you after it
In addition to that you can use the guide here >>258
that and that archived page you linked should be enough to adapt the style on this chan
If you need more help just ask
Not that anon, but thanks for the tips. I'm writing some software, and I plan on scraping HTML & CSS from boards and making them convertible between different IB sites. I'd appreciate any other details you'd care to share anon.
I started playing with modifying the 8ch /cyber/ style and may have made some improvements to it, I'll let you test it out /cyber/ anon if you're interested
Its all good, I took classes on html and css before, but css is pretty easy to get into, one can experiment with it for a while and get good results
Most of the work is just going through the elements and making sure they match so the html is actually being styled from its tags and not something that isn't in the html (like leftovers from another html) I never really got into javascript before so I'm relatively new to it, maybe it could work to write some scripts to replace elements automatically
Edited last time by server on 11/18/2019 (Mon) 19:44:14.
Thanks for the tips. I plan on writing the HTML very simplistically to begin with as I dip my toes in these waters for the first time. That should be some help along the way to help me not leave 'leftovers' from other HTMLs.
>javascript...maybe it could work to write some scripts to replace elements automatically
I'm using C++ actually and will be writing my parsers from scratch so if anything works the wrong way I can't blame anyone but myself heheh.

Thanks for the tips anon.
Open file (275.25 KB 1028x548 plexiglass-post-ideas.png)
I was experimenting with these for a style for /cyber/ but considered that it might be a bit much to have to watch those bright edges on every post, but the effect looks cool (I ended up making a less bright version of the edges for a modified 8ch /cyber/ style)
I meant like if copying over a CSS from a different chan, there might be leftover element stylings for tags that aren't on the site its being copied for. I think even different versions of lynxchan might have some discrepancies (different tags/elements in some cases)
>I'm using C++ actually
Right, anything that can change the file so that it matches would work
>Custom scrollbars are extremely rare and that’s mostly due to the fact that scrollbars are one of the remaining bits on the web that are pretty much unstylable. You can use JavaScript to build your own, but that’s expensive, low fidelity and can feel laggy.
I realize it's not what you're talking about, but it brought to mind the first time I saw a scrolling header on an imageboard was /templeos/. I thought it was so cool at the time tbh.
The quotes, new thread innerposts and catalog posts should look a bit better now
Hello /server/ plshlp I stole a css from mewch for /fa/ and I've edited it a bit to allow for any size banner and removed rainbow text.
I can't seem to figure out how to tell it to not capslock "/fa/ - Fashion" or "Dress to Impress", and this is really all I'm asking for help with. Perma phoneposter so bully as needed but if it can be done on a phone I'll do it.
Stole the css from here https://mewch.xyz/b/res/127.html#206
nevermind figured it out should have tried more inspect element before asking
Glad its back up but only to serve as a containment for those retards. Was really happy when it died the first time round
Sorry to pester you but how the fuck do I change the colour of the subject line? I've tried editing the colour where it says: p.intro span.subject { and I even added !important to the colour change in the hopes that would work. The CSS I'm using works fine on vichan, is it something to do with the global CSS and how do I overwrite it?
I'm glad I got to nab a css I like.
What board? Look around this boards CSS and see if you can find what you're looking for. You can also check out the CSS on >>>/otter/ >>>/lego/ >>>/cyber/ and >>>/r9k/ to see if you can find it.
Inspect elements
idk maybe this can help
/* Area for inputing text */
input, select, textarea {
box-shadow: none;
border: 1px solid #80002c;
border-radius: 0px;
background: #ffe6ea;
color: #80002c;
font-family: monospace, sans-serif;
font-size: 80%;
Please forget about it, I have fixed it now. Turns out I needed to add something, not change an already existing part. Board was >>>/lego/ by the way,.
You still need to fix the numbers so that they're not obfuscated in the background
Okay last time I asked a question I figured it out so hopefully that happens again but I'm stuck trying to figure out how to get the side catalog marked cell to display the same as a selected post does on >>>/fa/ . I've tried everything that's come to mind and makes sense to someone who first touched css a week ago, including copypasting the seemingly relevant lines and deleting anything else that defines borders for the side catalog marked cell but that only removes the shadow but doesn't put out a dotted border.
I was able to change the color of the side catalog marked cell with a few lines I grabbed off >>>/lego/ thank, and add the box shadow to all side catalog cells by copypasting stuff already in the CSS I'm using.
Ideally I want the side catalog to look identical to a thread, same background color, same look for unselected threads in the side catalog as how posts look in a thread - slightly darker than the bg solid line border and a 3px 3px3px box shadow this is already done, maybe I need to switch some colors but that's it, and the same look for the selected thread in the side catalog as how a selected post appears in a thread - dark field with a dotted border and no shadow.
Any tips or pointers about what I should be fucking around with or trying out or deleting would be well welcome
>trying to figure out how to get the side catalog marked cell to display the same as a selected post does
Something like this?
border: 1px dashed #80002c;
background: #eab5b4;
box-shadow: none;
Make sure you put it below other lines that affect that part (maybe the bottom of the stylesheet is the best) so the other lines don't overwrite this
>that css
>put it at the bottom
Thank you, anon, that was exactly it.
Open file (283.93 KB 1920x1080 1446774267769.jpg)
Happy holidays
The captcha being on everywhere right now is not my doing, seems like a spammer made every board have captcha on it now
What should I do with that /cv/ thread? If it is to be given a CSS I'll accept ideas here
>>667 yeah give it an infected as fuck css
>>667 I think giving it a red coat of paint with some yellow could fit
Okay css fixed and updated
>>670 looks great.
Hey there BO. So we don't really have a /robowaifu/ thread specifically for highlighting different designs, and frankly I'm not sure that the tiny number of us there atm are very talented in this area. We have lots of different images spread out and even a 'post ur waifu anon' thread, but yea, no. You obviously have some great design tastes so I thought I'd ask you about approaches.
>>672 I'll look into it I've shelved the fairy robot but could still work on it more later, its just that other things have taken priority for reasons
The site has been down and other things happened so I haven't been able to get on and post in a while
>>719 glad to hear you're back.
Open file (262.89 KB 1293x491 8kun-the-board-is-broke.png)
It broke, now this board may be more useful than the actual older board variants
Open file (1.42 MB 1080x1512 movienightkindv1.png)
Your friend /kind/ is hosting a Halloween stream if anyone is interested.
>>752 Its a bit late by my time so I might not make it, would've joined otherwise
The CSS on this thread is like the default lynxchan board theme >>672 I wonder what happened to /robowaifu/ at this point I'm unable to access that board
>>1264 >alogs.space/robowaifu Works fine for me
Board friends have been added >>1264 Apparently the webring link I was using was broken, the /robowaifu/ board is still up
>>1266 Maybe its time to pay them a visit I also noticed some new styles around
COME TO THE 2023 /CHRISTMAS/ FESTIVAL Hello, /christmas/ here. We want to invite you participate in our annual Christmas party again this year. It's already started, and the main stream will be from Friday 22nd, through Monday 25th : 3 pm PST / 22 UTC . Please come and share some Christmas cheer with your fellow anons! >>>/christmas/
>>1688 Yes I noticed Thank you for your announcement tho
>>1689 y/w Anon. Looking forward to seeing you there! :)
It has come to my attention that anon.cafe is shutting down trashchan has been suggested as a possible site to migrate to. It seems to be running jschan and not lynxchan, this might possibly break the CSS, maybe we'll have to start over
Also considering 8chan.moe since it is running lynxchan If anyone has another good suggestion or preference post it in this thread
Perhaps this multi CSS experiment on a single board has run its course.. I know it works on lynxchan, but I think it might not work with other imageboard variants Its difficult to find a good alternative to anon.cafe at this point, so /server/ might end up going down with the site. I might set up a different board on another site which doesn't run lynxchan, such as trashchan If it works to have multiple CSS's on trashchan then I might set up /server/ there, but I haven't tried to make a multi CSS board on anything but Lynxchan so I don't know if it will work.. I'm not sure what to do at this point
>>1732 >8chan.moe srsly
>>1734 It only came to mind because I can't think of another board running lynxchan right now.. That said I'd really rather not have a board on there I'm looking at jschan now and checking if I can work my CSS magic on it, if it works then I'll move /server/ onto trashchan, but if it doesn't then it might just be over
I managed to style a single post on trashchan, but the opening post might not style the rest of the thread like on lynxchan boards, I managed to change the font on the first post but not the background for whatever reason, it does work to change backgrounds on reply posts, I think the thread styling on /server/ does not work properly on jschan type boards, perhaps someone else can also experiment with it but I think its a dead end
I'm thinking that it may be an option to just make a new site and put Lynxchan on it and open up board creation But looking at it realistically, there wasn't that much activity on this board Still, it would be nice if I could help others keep their boards up on a site that isn't garbage
>>1733 You should ask the the admin, he seems competent enough to know if its possible or not
>>1731 >>1732 >>1733 >>1735 >>1737 >>1738 May I suggest you broach this topic on Trashchan itself, BO? https://trashchan.xyz/meta/thread/214.html#214 Clearly, supporting several different themes is already something that comes 'out of the box' there. [1] I suspect this is part of the basic package that Tom the dev created. [2] Additionally, the BO of trash/comfy/ has already dealt with some of the challenges of moving a LynxChan CSS over to a JSchan one (and quite successfully, I might add). Perhaps you can check in with him and see what he thinks, Anon? https://trashchan.xyz/comfy/thread/4607.html#4607 Regardless, I certainly recommend you give it the 'old college try'. No one here wants to see /server/ disappear. We all love your board(s)! Cheers. :) 1. https://gitgud.io/some_random_guy/jschan 2. https://gitgud.io/fatchan/jschan
>>1741 Thanks for the links >Clearly, supporting several different themes is already something that comes 'out of the box' there The thing is, I'm pretty sure that having an entire thread styled uniquely of other threads on a single board is not possible on jschan. I can style individual posts yes, but it just does doesn't work like it does on lynxchan as far as I can tell, sure maybe you can have multiple different styles but only select one at a time from a list, but that's different from the /server/ style I might not have an issue with moving a single style over, but each thread on /server/ is styled in its own unique style as you know. I think I pretty much need Lynxchan for this to work I just noticed wapchan is running on Lynxchan, but I'm not sure about moving there, its not part of the webring is it?
>>1744 You're welcome! >each thread unique Yes, I'm aware of the very-cool 'board' theming you have going on here. I love it! As to whether it's possible on JSchan or not, I'm clueless. I do recommend in particular you check in with Anonyme, the BO of /comfy/ there on trash. He's already migrated two boards (/ent/ being the other one), and he's familar with some of the design patterns needed for JSchan. Maybe he can give you some tips? >I just noticed wapchan is running on Lynxchan, but I'm not sure about moving there, its not part of the webring is it? No, and AFAICT there's pressure from /kind/ there to never join in the WR.
>>1745 I wonder why /kind/ doesn't wanna join the webring.. Anyway, Chobitsu, would you please help back up this /server/ board so it can potentially be migrated? I'm considering making my own imageboard site, but I've never made such a site online before. I've made an offline imageboard as an experiment and it worked, but making an online imageboard might be a bit more difficult..
>>1746 >I wonder why /kind/ doesn't wanna join the webring.. I think it's to attempt avoiding any e-drama? >Anyway, Chobitsu, would you please help back up this /server/ board so it can potentially be migrated? Sure thing! I'll update my archive (I already have you backed up and have for years now :^) and figure out where to push it to at some point soon-ish.
@BO update info: >>>/shelter/5576
/server/ is moving to trashchan.xyz for the time being I'm now apparently a garbologist
Open file (25.53 KB 512x384 hidekis_big_find.jpg)
>>22 >>1752 Heh, I'd say take it all with the convivial humor I'm sure that the domain was meant in. A little self-deprecating humor never hurt anyone! :DD > After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure!! > pic-related.
>>1753 You really have a Chobits picture for everything, don't you?
>>1754 Heh, what can I say? Chii is a very popular robogirl! :D

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