Science and religion Sperit 05/12/2022 (Thu) 06:58:41 No.10949 [Reply]
So I have been lurking on Christian since 8chan was relevant and I have been wanting to start a science and religion discussion. I have read a few things about how particle physicians believe that there is something beyond out level of reality, however there are also a ton of people that don't even understand that there are concepts beyond even our understanding of matter. Like I've had debated with people where I would claim that there could be a being that exists beyond out perception of matter and they just say shit like "if it is there then why haven't we found it yet?" Like we are bound to material so ofcourse we can't see it or interact with it. Idk tho that's just sort of me ranting. What do you all think?
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>>11600 >stop caring about board quality Antichrist jew.
Scientific bump
>>11624 >start caring about board quality Antichrist jew.
Open file (139.60 KB 233x342 Screenshot_5.png)
Science has essentially proven at this point that a de-facto God of some kind must exist >The universe is not infinite, but had a beginning >Even the theories which propose events preceding the big bang are proven to have not been infinite, but have a beginning, and a first cause >Anything which is contingent cannot bring itself into existence >Atheists talking about "something can come from nothing" misunderstand the application of quantum physics & most physicists agree their theories are garbage presuppositions I recommend pic related
>>13779 law of conservation of energy proved atheists wrong over 300 years ago

Open file (148.32 KB 1125x1113 IMG_2543.jpg)
Anon 04/06/2022 (Wed) 08:13:23 No.6652 [Reply] [Last]
Post here when you visit /comfy/ Thread #6 Underwater Edition Previous >>4886
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I've not posted here in a while. I hope eberryone's having a good summer so far.
Open file (56.46 KB 640x636 2022 summer flavor.jpg)
Just woke up again and I'd like some ice cream right about now
Open file (158.10 KB 1279x1536 eggboy.jpeg)
hi /comfy/, haven't been here in a while, a lot of things habbened in my life, but i'll try to check this place more often, it's one of my fav boards ^^
>>7082 Welcome back! >a lot of things habbened in my life I hope it's good things
Open file (131.06 KB 1024x683 emerald-coast.jpg)
Open file (300.58 KB 1600x1066 41378111892_80bb11d62c_h.jpg)
Open file (38.58 KB 500x400 f2f02245.jpg)
Makes me want to play Wave Race again.

On the lack of an Infinity Cup CLERMONT FOOT 63 Board owner 02/25/2022 (Fri) 22:38:22 No.2934 [Reply] [Last]
Scroll down on this post for a list of teams participating in the next cup Currently 30 Teams have joined and 2 need to complete their teams to participate Submissions are still open (if a team won't finish their export we will just replace it) but even if we reach the maximum number, extra teams will still see some action! Alright folks, I've waited for what it feels like an eternity and I've yet to receive any message from SKF, so it can be assumed that he's permanently MIA. Given that, I want to have a chat with you guys on the realistic chances of getting this show on the road. For starters, given how low the webring is interconnected compared to the last couple of years, I think it's in our best interests to ignore the "only webrings + 8ch" rule that was previously imposed. This means that we'd unban teams that used to cause problems (/leftypol/, /cow/) as well as allow any imageboard that feels committed enough to participate as their own team (as opposed to individual boards). This would in turn bring us a bit more viewership and participation than the old cup, which basically had just three boards editing wikis and rosters with custom models and whatnot. I want this tournament to feel like a party, not just a circlejerk. Secondly, we lack a lot of resources. To have a tournament, here's the bare minimum we need: >Min. 1 Host, in charge of running and streaming the game >Min. 2 Color Commentators (both to check eventual rigging and to monitor both chat and game), a host could double as a commentator >Min. 2 riggers to check that stats are appropriately loaded in >Min. 1 guy to record >Some anons advertising in a non shilly manner the event I sadly cannot be a reliable host as I can run PES, but the time zones when I could stream are kind of limited so at best I could offer token support. Finally, there's the issue of the game. We could still use PES as our baseline, and just take the exports from previous years and add and modify teams as we please. On the other hand, I think having some other game to use would also help dissociate our group from the 4chan Cup. I say this cause with PES we require a minimum of 8 active teams, whereas I don't know if other games can fit the bill or even allow for easier access to modding tools.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 06/13/2022 (Mon) 08:16:26.
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>>3494 This is what I can see at this point. Let me know of any impactful mistake. Three most unresponsive so far highlighted. Board Team validity Contact history /2hu/ Valid Responsive >>3396 /a/ Valid Expression of interest in June /ac/ Illegal Responsive as of June /art/ Valid Responsive >>3488 /bmn/ 3 subs Responsive as of April /britfeel/ Valid Responsive as of April >>>/britfeel/4010 /christian/ 2 subs Responsive >>>/chrisitian/13761 /cuckquean/ 3 subs Responsive as of June >>3432 /dup/ 1 sub Responsive /egy/ Missing kits No responses on boards, no contact since March >>2441 /eris/ Valid Responsive >>3496 /f/ Illegal Somewhat repsponsive, contact from April >>>/f/ /fascist/ 5 subs EoI in March >>2997 , unresponsive to a thread

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (363.36 KB 1200x1200 computerMeneer.jpg)
Call Center Anon's Adventures Thread Anon 02/12/2022 (Sat) 02:15:48 No.6362 [Reply]
>Be spic-boy in spic country >Wanna stop being a n337 >Know how to speak the engrish because of my chan posting career >Apply to different jobs >Engrish Call-center calls me back >*got le job* >it's literally being paid to be bullied by anglo-clients while strictly following guidelines So, this is the beginning of my adventures, my dear friends. Eberry day I work I will post at this thread what happened.
Open file (848.73 KB 4000x3683 NONEEDTOCALLIUSELESS.PNG)
I'm OP. Hello frens, will tell you what happened today. >Be having a call with boomer >Say to boomer I must verify his account so he can cancel >"oh yes i can send it to your cellphone, it's a text message with a verification code" >boomer agrees >"okay, I sent it to you, you can check your cellphone right now to see if it arrived" >boomer hangs up immediately to check his text messages on his phone >mfw boomer clients I also gotta say that my first call today the guy who I was attending got quite frustrated and he said "ur engrish sucks" to me in that pretty murrican snobbish way. It was pretty unkind; I wrote on the interaction report that he was unkind so next time anybody who has to handle this guy will know he was pretty unkind to me. Though, I'd think it coulda be quite frustrating when trying to cancel your subscription but the process is pretty messy and the guy who has to attend you won't even speak right; we all gotta blame the tribe who "outsourced" the contact-center services to third-world country corporations in order to save more shekerus at the expense of the customers' experience. I don't really like this job and I'm even getting into this kind of mood where I can't enjoy a thing because the fact that I will have to get into this hell tomorrow again won't leave my mind, but I want to stay in that job for at least two months so I can save enough shekerus; am asking help from heaven. I will make this thread as long as I can; it will be both my motivation and my way to cope with all of this. My goal is to desensitize myself from this whole call-center thing and for it to become just another clock in and clock out from a boring and repetitive job that I won't suffer at, and also bring some funny stories to you; wish me luck frens. The kind vs unkind score today was: 10 kind people to 2 unkind people. I also felt like punching somebody today.
>>6363 >My goal is to desensitize myself from this whole call-center thing Best of luck, anon. I'm not sure if I could handle that kind of work, but try and remember it's like you said >strictly following guidelines The unkind people are only frustrated with the situation and you shouldn't take it personally. I hope you can get the shekerus you need and come away from the experience with some good stories to tell. If you can keep it up, I look forward to reading about your posts. Also, if you call a number in the US and some autist answers by speaking random Japanese phrases, that might be me. Whenever I suspect a telemarketer I sometimes will open with random Japanese phrases that I know because I am a weeb. Spanish, for example, does not stop them because they usually have a Spanish speaker that they can transfer the call to, but with Japanese telemarketers will become confused and give up and I find it amusing.
>>6362 I got fired from a call center because my boss listened to a call where I was being rude to a customer and basically called me out for treating customers differently based on their race. (I was being patronizing to sheepskins, but in my defense they literally were quacking stoopy and couldn't understand basic things so I slowed down my speech for them to hear but apparently it was really demeaning or something).
Hey OP. Are you still around? Hows the work life going for you now?

Open file (1.90 MB 2736x3648 comfycirno.jpg)
So anons, how's your life going? Anon 07/09/2021 (Fri) 20:33:28 No.5219 [Reply] [Last]
Me, I'm thinking of getting the ASVAB because well... I don't exactly know where to go in my life than just being a neet and I don't want that. Might as well make my self useful huh
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Open file (181.11 KB 700x500 1641024497824.gif)
My college is so badly administrated it makes me wanna drop out of my career. I shouldn't do it, but I am so quacking tired, why can't they make eberrything right? Why make your students have to put up with so much bureaucratic bullcaca? Why lie to your students that what they've done is registered in the system? I wanna blow my brains out, this career is my main way out of the rut I am in now but the absolutely poopy administration makes me wanna drop out
>>7076 Can't you just transfer to another colledge?
>>7076 Not really, where I live other colleges don't have the career I am doing and they're far more expensive. I just hate it. They're gonna make me waste six months of two subjects I already did because of the terrible administration, but I have no other alternative to the place I am studying right now.
This post >>7079 is meant for this post >>7077
>>7079 Hmm then I don't know... You probably already tried eberrything I could think to suggest so I can only tell you to hang in there and don't let something so stoopy change what you want to do with your life.

Would Neanderthals have been able to go to heaven? Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 16:07:53 No.13488 [Reply]
They had a very complex material and ritual culture, which implies some form of consciousness and perhaps even knowledge of god and the hereafter. Could such beings be said to possess immortal souls, and if so how will they be judged on the last day? This was before Christ, so they would probably be virtuous pagans.
5 posts omitted.
Open file (82.20 KB 564x664 1480036262133.jpg)
>>13510 >argues something out of left field to cover up the fact that he is a race denialist God made races by His design and you will never change that by pretending they don't exist. You don't need to dig up old bones to go outside and look at people. That Neaderthals aren't around today is doubtless because they were marked for extinction between the pre- and post-Flood world as the offspring of the unholy miscegenation that took place in Genesis 6.
>>13516 >race denialist oh so youre one of those types are you? do different "races" exist? Yeah, people change based off environment, this is easily observable in animals, its called "micro evolution", theres another word for it but i cant remember. Still the same species tho (unless youre suggesting that each race is a different species which not only contradicts common sense but also the Bible which upon further review you are) basic science proves that evolution is impossible, even Isaac Newton who was born over 300 years ago knew that to some degree and its been a scientific law ever since Émilie du Châtelet advanced on Newtons work in the 1700s and developed the law of conservation of energy. ofc theres the exception of Nephilim but thats a topic for another time. And as already stated there is no biblical evidence suggesting God ever made anymore than one race of humans and even if he did the flood would have wiped all but noahs out.
>>13519 Adam was the first WHITE man. The White man was given the Earth to tend. Jesus Christ came to save the White race. All other races are subhuman species or demons. End of story.
Open file (2.05 MB 1067x858 #mfw bullshit.png)
>>13775 shut up
>>13775 Adam was the first BLACK man. The Black man was given the Earth to tend. Jesus Christ came to save the Black race. All other races are subhuman species or demons. End of story.

Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
among us thread Impostor 07/06/2022 (Wed) 22:40:49 No.7084 [Reply]
sus thread

Open file (2.76 MB 432x640 spies in disguise.gif)
sussy baka thread Impostor 07/06/2022 (Wed) 22:31:23 No.2432 [Reply]
among us thread

Open file (145.94 KB 750x750 Riddler-Logo-22.jpg)
Anonymous 07/03/2022 (Sun) 17:06:41 No.13709 [Reply]
Who is 666?
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>>13725 assuming this is accurate, so what?
>>13758 He probably doesn't know but there was a legend in the Roman Empire in the late 1st century that Nero hadn't died and was going to reclaim the imperial throne.
Open file (108.79 KB 680x498 1656354832690-0.jpg)
Open file (457.12 KB 534x543 1650583951139.png)
Open file (2.68 MB 2402x3162 1656641649346.jpg)
>>13758 so what? I don't know they are just the synagogue of satan that don't know how to count and hate lice.
>>13728 If anything it would be putin. zeliensky's just a comedian. And gates is just a programmer
>>13772 >gates is just a programmer

Open file (56.30 KB 637x469 sittin.jpg)
RE: bait thread 06/20/2022 (Mon) 03:52:51 No.13087 [Reply]
Because I'm not bumping the obvious race bait thread. Note to BO: This isn't another "race focused" thread. This is just me not replying directly to the that thrashy thread and leaving this smart option available for other people to take it >>13057 >Indeed. Good thread. You're responding to a guy who may have posted a CP honeypot here a few days ago. You do realize that right? >>13058 >Why does this thread have so many posts? Let me see 1) OP is samefagging and ignoring everyone like someone payed to spam this nonsense. Which has been reposted for years 2) OP has people samefagging to make it "appear" that we're arguing and having a discussion. Nobody who's authentic on this board is even bumping that thread anymore 3) Actual lurkers who just don't hide the thread and bump better threads to slide that OP's cancerous thread which the mod has still not deleted for some reason 4) board drama I guess. People have the option of hiding and ignoring it. Or just doing what I'm doing right now and not replying directly to OPs post.
13 posts omitted.
>>13163 That sounds awful
>>13634 >Reminder that Alessandro Valignano (and Marco Polo for whatever that is worth) declared the Nipponese to be "white". They only ceased to be "white" due to nutty Victorian pseudo science classifications. Yeah, but you're still replying to a payed board slider so yeah
>>13156 >mexico >tundra Say what
>>13643 it is
>>13658 >>13763 >>13764 You still bumping your dead thread?

Open file (222.66 KB 854x1280 1651557983664.jpg)
Anonymous 05/03/2022 (Tue) 06:36:11 No.9971 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like we've stirred up the hive.
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>>13660 Thank you for the laugh. I haven't thought about Chowder in ages. "Rada" is a word specifically mentioned to be equal to murder. Christ says that use of it should be punished in the greatest manner possible. It translates to an extremely harsh "worthless".
>>13384 >honestly im not even that excited about the ruling itself im actually more excited about the movement of protecting churches from communists. Can I get a quick rundown?
>>13753 just people going out and protecting churches. i dont know the detail i just heard that thats what some people were doing after the decision
David from Acts17Apologetics has an interesting perspective to why Roe vs Wade was overturned, TL;DR the weaponized victimhood has given the feminists enemies instead of sympathy and if you treat people as enemies ( specifically judges of the supreme court) they will eventually become your enemies.

Open file (542.36 KB 1024x702 ClipboardImage.png)
daily checkpoint Anon 06/04/2021 (Fri) 20:07:23 No.4977 [Reply] [Last]
what did you do today? and how was your today? and date
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Saturday vs Sunday Thread Anonymous 06/30/2022 (Thu) 16:41:38 No.13628 [Reply]
Here is a thread to discuss whether or not Christians should worship on Saturday or Sunday. Started this thread because the Meme Thread got derailed.
13 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>13697 i am God's plan whatever that may mean.
>>13662 >You should look around that site I linked before No thanks, not interested in SDA schizo stuff >Christ warned about teaching for commandments the doctrines of men Amen, and since we have already established the 1st day Sabbath from the text of holy scripture we must conclude the 7th day sabbath is a tradition of men which is against the commandment of God. Today is the Sabbath, brothers. Remember to keep it holy.
Open file (638.06 KB 777x3333 Sabbath-1 - Copy 2.png)
>>13628 still a WIP, wanted to add some section for the strong's references and reword some of it, but here you go
>>13697 Pretty sure this place is a honeypot, wonder how long until the feds get board and just flood it with CP and arrest people who visit when they do
>>13767 Seems like this board(and the entire webring) died. I tried advertising the board, and it got up to 36 users, but I guess people don't care to stick around. Hope it becomes revived. Need a place where people can't delete comments they don't like.

Open file (276.86 KB 785x1000 calm.png)
comfy soyjak thread Anon 03/20/2022 (Sun) 13:55:51 No.6552 [Reply]
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Modern /retro/ material that actually does it right Fellow Time Traveler 08/06/2020 (Thu) 18:36:27 No.768 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a new thread without a tonne of broken images. Have there been any new forms of /retro/ media (could be movies, games, anime, websites, etc.) that wanted to look old and actually succeeded? There's an artist called BlueTheBone who makes "retro"-styled animations, cheesecake, and porn. Like any modern hack, he overdoses on visual clutter and uses filters that don't actually resemble the time period he's trying to emulate - but despite that, I think his style is consistently decent. If he relied less on computers and filters, then I think he'd be a much better artist, but that goes without saying for most contemporary artists. The really weird things happen when he tries to make modern character designs and media look old, like pic 2. It isn't exactly wrong, but there is something perplexing about viewing characters and series that were developed specifically with modern aesthetics in mind.
91 posts and 64 images omitted.
>>2406 >I plan to cover render settings in a future article along with other "good practices" for saving time A good part to include for sure, there's no doubt countless useful tricks and tweaks. >One popular trick to save time was drawing the entire scene by hand on graph paper first Interesting, that reminds me of how game sprites were designed way back before general purpose art software. Visualization is such a key skill for this kind of thing. >I use "virtual" graph paper on GIMP, haha You're living the raytracing life! >Beautiful. You're on a roll lately! Thanks! POVRay is good fun. >a better way to go about this is by using a height field That's a great tip anon, would've saved me writing this:
>>2404 That reminds me of a video I watched last year. The channel is mildly cancerous but they usually have insightful things to say about VFX. Their goal to recreate old school Tron effects using semi-old 3D technology is genuinely pretty impressive. The VFX for Tron were apparently done mostly using math and spreadsheets to plan out where objects would go and how they would appear on the screen.
>>2401 A prelude to that podcast written many years prior: Not much new but some nice links inside.
Open file (53.15 KB 703x234 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2422 It's actually him wow
Open file (183.13 KB 640x480 mona.png)
So that's where Vigo is hiding. Source:

QTDDTOT Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 15:32:23 No.6836 [Reply] [Last]
Questions that do deserve their own thread. You know the drill. Questions that don't deserve their own thread go in their own threads. Questions that do go here.
495 posts and 73 images omitted.
What are we supposed to do about the demons(non-whites and women)? Last time God flooded the lands to get rid of them. But He hasn't done anything yet since then, and the demons have flooded the whole world. When will God get rid of them, and what does He expect us to do about them? Does He want us to just distance ourselves from them and endure the suffering?
If even a single prophecy from a "prophet" doesn't come true, then it means they're a false prophet, and god isn't working through them. The same applies to god. If he doesn't show he exists, then he isn't real. If god doesn't show his existence today to all of us, then he doesn't exist, or is much weaker than he advertises.
>>13723 >What are we supposed to do about the demons(non-whites and women)? Why do feds come up with the dumbest things to post >>13724 Romans 1:18-22 you can read to the end of the chapter too if you want
>>13612 > I like the Geneva but it doesn't include the apocrypha. WRONG The Geneva 1560 does aka the version that translates "the" in the NT normally, e.g. "the Christ" instead of the Geneva 1583+ that includes a revision that changed it to "that Christ".
I don't suppose you have any statistics that show atheist or non-religious people having a concentration of pedophilia?

Asian Wife and "Tradition" Anonymous 05/05/2022 (Thu) 14:54:40 No.10229 [Reply] [Last]
Why do /pol/cels act like marrying a Christian Asian girl is against tradition? In Christian tradition, you are supposed to marry a Christian woman who is virgin and will submit to her husband, not a slut or infidel who will rebel against her husband's authority. If the choice is between an "agnostic" feminist white woman with multiple "partners" who will be the most untraditional wife ever and a Christian Asian girl who is chaste and wants to fulfill her role as a woman and wife, the /pol/cels would still claim the white woman is the correct choice in the name of "kids who look like me." Even some supposedly tradcuck Catholics will cite Tobit or some other apocrypha against marrying a chaste Asian Christian and settling for the white slut. Nobody can quote a relevant verse from the New Testament. From everything I can gather, there is no material or religious documentation from this millennia that says marrying a Christian wife of another race is against tradition. Not even liberals consider Asians and Europeans to be different and constantly make laws against both in the name of diversity for darker races, stating East Asians are adjacent to white people. The far right says East Asians are honorary Europeans. I know most of /pol/ has no truth to their words and just shill for ethnostates, but is there any legitimate and truthful documentation that states two Christians, a European and an East Asian, are going against tradition by marrying?
157 posts and 56 images omitted.
>>13058 Because it draws the ire of /pol/ and the fake Christians that twist Scripture to conform with their worldview. Notice not one person in this thread has answered OP. They just ridiculed him and even wished him death.
Reminder that Alessandro Valignano (and Marco Polo for whatever that is worth) declared the Nipponese to be "white". They only ceased to be "white" due to nutty Victorian pseudo science classifications.
>>13060 That's nice an all, but isn't this a fetish thread? Wmaf is a sexual fetish. Its fine if you happen to like an asian woman and get married, but specifically fetishing them seems sinful to me.
Open file (665.01 KB 750x1334 1618676515480.png)
>>13658 >fetish thread Did you read the thread at all? Did you even read what OP was asking?
>>13634 Japanese Korean, and Chinese were all considered white until science became secularized.

/christian/ Meta thread Anonymous 07/25/2020 (Sat) 09:38:59 No.144 [Reply] [Last]
Hello and welcome all to /christian/, the new church of the cafe. I'll be taking over from the old owner, so if there's anything you want to tell me about the board, go ahead and do it here. In addition, I'm looking for a few mods to maintain the status of the board. If you're interested, please, contact me at to let me know.
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>>13757 According to the /icup/ wiki it's They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love: I was going to nominate Our God is an Awesome God (Techno Mix):

Open file (217.73 KB 1280x614 doggie_corgi.jpg)
Comfy Youtube Channels Anon 01/09/2022 (Sun) 04:16:39 No.6265 [Reply]
Hey anons, what are your favourite comfy youtube channels? Mine are: Doggie Corgi Steve1989MREInfo and Hodge Podge What are yours?
18 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (34.60 KB 700x366 cute700.jpg) A channel about ambient music, if that is your thing like me while doing something else in the background.
>>6265 >>6852 that channel is beautiful! The Soul of Wind is another
>>6265 I like pokemon challenges so Jrose11 is berry comfy

Open file (14.67 KB 326x278 born_to_save.jpg)
Defeating sexual desires Anonymous 11/04/2021 (Thu) 19:15:55 No.1789 [Reply] [Last]
Hello anons. My heart is somewhat heavy as I write this, I do not have anyone that I feel comfortable sharing this with so I am coming here under the cover of anonymity to exchange my thoughts and seek yours on this subject. Given that: Masturbation is a sin Sex outside of marriage is a sin Engaging in prostitution is a sin As a man I have a natural sex drive I would like help and advice on defeating my sexual desires without committing sin. If I abstain from masturbation, I can refrain from engaging in sexuality for around a period of a week with little difficulty. After that initial 1 week period, it starts to encompass my whole life. I have an erection when I wake up every morning, and I get more throughout the day, at least one an hour and more if I have to interact with any girl under 30. I pray for help in keeping the sexual thoughts away, but it feels like I'm fighting a losing battle and I will relapse at some point no matter what. The longest I've been able to abstain from anything sexual was when I was an atheist and I lasted around a year. After a period of a few months, paradoxically my whole life was concerned with sex, I was not having orgasms however the only thing I had on my mind every day was "I need to find a girl to have sex with" (which never worked), everything was secondary to that. It culminated with me getting cock-teased by a girl I was exchanging with for around a week, getting fed up when I realized I was just getting taken along for a ride then seeking the services of a prostitute, which broke my abstinence and made me lose my virginity, if that concept even exists for a man. I regret the choices I made. After this chapter in my life, I concluded that the healthiest thing to do was to masturbate once a month to get it out of my system and to be able to live my life without being entranced by sex all the time. Eventually I relapsed and was engaging with porn at least 10 times a week, until I found the faith which helped knock it back down to something more reasonable like 2-4 times a month. However, sin is sin and I would like to be fully rid of it. I know that the simplest answer is to marry a girl, whoever that does not appear to be possible for me (it appears that my fate is to be an incel which I've come to terms with), so it seems like I've come to an impasse. I can't masturbate without committing sin, and I don't have a way to relieve myself of those sexual desires legitimately. However, if I don't relieve myself of it, it quickly starts to take over my life (I had begun to call the action of masturbation "satiating the beast" in my head). I don't know what to do. I remember seeing this anon who castrated himself on old 8chan years ago and thought he had lost his mind then, though now every day I start to understand more and more why he wanted to be rid of his sexual desires. Additional question: Why did God give me (and other men) such a strong sex drive and at the same time put me and a lot of other men (40% of men under 30 reported no sex in the past year in a study around 2018 I believe and that was before the corona lockdowns which must have made that number shoot up even more) in an era where it is extremely difficult to rid yourself of this desire without committing sin?
194 posts and 52 images omitted.
>>13734 u r gae
>>13729 always assume it is a man until proven otherwise. you can avoid this with 100% success by not watching porn at all.
>>13735 Wife(female)
>>13740 It wasn't a video it was a picture I found while looking for something else. I wasn't really thinking about porn at the time my excitement just got the better of me.
>>13742 This website hosts porn.

Open file (376.86 KB 1372x1049 changelog.png)
Bugs, Issues, and Changelog, #2 Anonymous Board owner 10/21/2021 (Thu) 06:34:30 No.15218 [Reply] [Last]
This is the second thread in which you post about things you notice that are wrong that aren't "it's slow". If something is fixed or changed, it'll be posted here. Previous thread: >>18
69 posts and 12 images omitted.
>>15550 We don't publicly comment on particular bans, but we would like to thank you for wording your ban appeal so politely.
>>15218 Tor daemon needs a restart Anons seem to be experiencing DNS issues with the website.
Open file (75.02 KB 223x469 1654078130883.png)
I don't know what happened, but I thought I should report it anyways just in case there's something I should check in the background that I don't know about. It sounds like a creepypasta but I don't know what the fuck happened. While typing out a response on /k/ earlier, my phone screen suddenly locked up and started glitching out, returning to a previous point in my typing. It let me finish typing the post and post it after a captcha, but it periodically would lock up and go back to that midway point when it first started glitching. After submitting my post I closed out of Brave and closed the tab containing /k/ upon reopening Brave. Then, randomly roughly 15 minutes later while reading a book in a different Brave tab, the screen locked up and displayed the /k/ thread again in the exact same place despite being on a different page. Even the URL changed to show even though I had closed the tab. I promptly killswitched my internet, disconnected from my VPN located in Sweden, and reconnected from a Slovakian node that I intend to also swap as soon as this post is posted. It could have been a cache/memory bug, but I have memory to spare and this incident legitimately has me spooked to the point where I don't want my VPN connected anywhere in Europe just in case. If there is anything I should check out in the event of it happening again, please inform me.
>>15619 We're not aware of any issues affecting our authoritative DNS entries, though it's possible that OpenDNS isn't faithfully forwarding our records for some reason. Very strange. >>15621 That's spooky, although it doesn't sound like anything that would come from's site itself. Having a browser's tabs switch without user input would be some combination of user error, a fault in your browser software, or some fault/malicious activity in your phone itself.

Music of the 1990's and 2000's Fellow Time Traveler 09/08/2019 (Sun) 01:14:23 No.14 [Reply] [Last]
>These guys think they're bad because they walk slow...
92 posts and 57 images omitted.
>>2342 I think I read that Bjorn Lynne has used a Kurzweil sampler in the past, but I'm not sure for what music specifically. You really can't go wrong with a Roland JV-1080, which was a synth that was all over the place from the mid '90s into the early 2000s. They can sound pretty corny, but sometimes that's just what you want. They're also capable of making really nice pad sounds. Here's a demo of a patch set some guy made that shows its more futuristic side: They should still be pretty cheap too, although even digital vintage synthesizers aren't as cheap as they used to be.
pretty cool underground nu/alternative metal channel -
I hated emos and everything emo back then, but I love it now.
>>2429 I hated it then and still don't like it. That song's okay though. It has a pleasantly glammy feeling to it.

Open file (106.79 KB 800x640 crazy taxi.png)
Comfy vidya thread Anon 06/27/2020 (Sat) 15:23:10 No.1760 [Reply] [Last]
ITT we discuss video games that possess the comfy factor. For me it's all manners of RTS games, taking time to gather resources and build a cool base is great fun. Driving games are cool too, I have fond memories of pic related (although I was pretty bad at it as a kid).
122 posts and 72 images omitted.
Open file (178.55 KB 900x661 full.jpg)
Open file (179.83 KB 400x261 Populous3-city.png)
god games are one of the comfiest genres imo doshin the giant is a nice simple one. i also love the aesthetic of populous: the beginning. recently i've been playing some modded minecraft
>>6881 >i also love the aesthetic of populous: the beginning. That's a highly underrated game. I just played a level from Undiscovered Worlds not that long ago, and the game popped into my head again today. Apparently there are still people playing multiplayer, but I've never tried it.
>>6882 yeah there's a decent little community that plays regularly at they have a matchmaking application, and there's another singleplayer version they have somewhere on there with some little extra patches etc
>>6814 reject modernity, embrace minecraft tradition anon.
i don't have a new game to recommend but i just bought a gamecube and luigi's mansion this weekend and i'm stoked

Open file (156.29 KB 1200x1439 Jesus fren.jpg)
Meme Thread Anonymous 05/11/2022 (Wed) 11:43:06 No.10900 [Reply] [Last]
Please don't let this one die.
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Feds just ruled that they are going to continue to provide abortions on federal land in red states. How long until the state arrests a baby murderer or some whore who wandered off-base with a warrant for her arrest? They're also pushing to end the filibuster which is perhaps one of the stupidest things I've heard from them in a while. I guess they're hoping they can push the overton window before populist Republicans win in November. This either ends in fascism or civil war.
>>13636 >This either ends in fascism or civil war. Republicans are too pacifist to make things physical which basically means we're heading toward authoritarianism (im assuming thats what you meant by fascism)
>>13636 but this is a threads for memes, ive got a thread on Christian cultural revolution if you want to post it there or we can make one on Christian politics.
Clicked the wrong thread in the catalog. >>13638 No thanks.
Open file (536.44 KB 512x418 peter.webm)

Open file (38.38 KB 327x623 full_body-14-004.png)
Open file (33.06 KB 327x623 full_body-14-003.png)
Open file (47.54 KB 327x623 full_body-14-002.png)
Open file (35.34 KB 327x623 full_body-13-005.png)
Open file (59.38 KB 324x623 full_body-13-002.png)
Doll-like Robowaifu design framework Anonymous 07/04/2022 (Mon) 00:23:16 No.343 [Reply]

Open file (176.47 KB 1242x1229 TCG.jpg)
/TCG/ - Teencore General /fa/g 04/22/2021 (Thu) 04:15:51 No.257 [Reply]
Post and discuss teencore fashion. Reminisce on your high school days. Any subculture accepted.
5 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>258 what are those pants called? parachute pants?
>>311 those goth jncos? i think they were called trip pants
>>311 Bondage pants.
Open file (39.69 KB 186x547 HATE.png)
>>261 Same.
>>339 >overcoat >black t-shirt >combat boots That was my style alright.

anon 04/12/2021 (Mon) 21:20:05 No.4179 [Reply]
Tea or coffee?
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>>4179 T. Coffee tastes like caca and is bad for your health. Only fags drink it.
>caffeine That stuff will kill you.
>>6160 It makes me alive
Open file (54.22 KB 751x675 proxy-image.jpg)
A rough black coffee with picrel when waking up. 1 or 2 cup. Tea in winter the rest of the day (Morrocan mint, earl grey) if needed. Herbal infusions in the evening (Mint, poppy, sage).
Open file (433.65 KB 748x576 EitZeqSX0AEI-vs.png)
I like both but only drink either like once or twice a week. I like black and orange tea and I recently got some dark chocolate coffee that's pretty good.

Fellow Time Traveler 04/15/2020 (Wed) 02:12:08 No.536 [Reply] [Last]
Aesthetics thread Missing files >>1594
Edited last time by GOAT on 06/29/2021 (Tue) 13:42:48.
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>>2410 Nice work, I especially like #2 and #4 as they're the most authentic looking. #1 is a little too modern, #3 is nice but I'm not sure if it counts as metalheart. >we Who?
>>2410 I like the second one, and I normally don't like the metalheart look.
>>2411 thank you! i appreciate the feedback a lot. and yeah, we use the "metalheart" term but there's actually a shit-ton of various references we're working with so, yeah, probably goes further the borders of metalheart. as for the >who? , it's Mike Sunday, graphic designer and creative director from Toronto, CA. nice lad!
>>2410 While none of them are bad art, they don't really remind me of the original metalheart. The original metalheart usually has overtones of metalic colors, and undertones of one of the different colors of tempered steel. Blue, cyan, and purple are common. Pic 1 - looks to photogenic, doesn't have the CGI render look of the 00s Pic 2 - color scheme looks too retrowave and the palmtrees give it an organic feel, whereas metalart has a very synthetic, space, futurist look to it. Pic 3 - has a hand sketched look to it, not the high contrast CGI render look Pic 4 - looks the closest but looks washed out All of them seem to lack the grids, text, and every-other-line blinds effects. Hard edges are also lacking
>>2427 Super useful post. I've been looking fore something like this for a while.

"Oh those who sell themselves for the race" فلان 06/08/2022 (Wed) 00:40:35 No.385 [Reply]
What exactly did they mean by this? I thought Islam was supposed to be a race neutral religion but I guess not.
2 posts omitted.
>>388 He says سباق which means race as in competition.
>>389 Reminds me of this.
So what race are they referring too when the narrator says: "Has the river gone dry or has our race become sterile?" Paraphrasing a little here, but I think its supposed to be arabs since they mention arab youth later on. >>391 What is that?
>>392 Who mentions that? That wasn't in the video you posted, unless I missed it. Note that Islam denounces and opposes distinguishing or discriminating people by their race. Allah says in His Book: "O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware." (49:13) Narrated Ibn 'Umar that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) gave a Khutbah to the people on the day of the conquest of Makkah, and he said: "O you people! Verily Allah has removed the slogans of Jahiliyyah from you, and its reverence of its forefathers. So, now there are two types of men: A man who is righteous, has Taqwa and honorable before Allah, and a wicked man, who is miserable and insignificant to Allah. People are children of Adam and Allah created Adam from the dust. Allah said: O you people! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is the one who has most Taqwa. Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware (49:13)." (Tirmidhi 3270, Grade: Hassan) >What is that? Arabic 2nd person pronouns. Singular masculine, singular feminine, dual, plural masculine, plural feminine, in that order.
Open file (284.17 KB 1280x720 vlcsnap-00006.jpg)
Open file (255.39 KB 1280x720 vlcsnap-00007.jpg)

Anonymous 07/02/2022 (Sat) 14:01:39 No.13664 [Reply]
It's fun to observe normies debate about the Bible and it's origins. It's like a mini /Xian/ , you have on guy on Sola Scriptura, the Muslim and his heresy, and people kissing the papacy's ass. What are your favourite hidden books / scriptures?
>>13664 why dont people just read the greek and hebrew translations? We have entire Bibles that have been translated from the greek and hebrew texts that are practically 100% matches to things like Strong's Greek Concordance and that are completely free as PDF's online yet people choose to use other translations. i dont get it, do people just like the fancy words more? The Bible isnt a poetry book (minus Psalms) its meant to tell you things.
>>13667 Because there are different Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that have conflicting wording.
Open file (792.88 KB 1072x603 impossible.jpg)
>>13664 The Thospel is based and redpilled. Those with hears shall hear.
>>13667 I do prefer to read the Septuagint

Open file (493.95 KB 1275x1650 ClipboardImage.png)
A Christian Cultural Revolution AntichristHater69 04/11/2022 (Mon) 20:20:44 No.7790 [Reply] [Last]
The boards been feeling kinda dead lately so i figured i would make a thread addressing a important issue i dont see often talked about, the idea of a Christian cultural revolution. I want this thread to be both a place for discussion and coordination on how we accomplish our collective goal of destroying the current demonic culture and establishing a new Christian one. Keep D&C to a minimum. Cultural focus points: Abortion and Sex Mass Media Gluttony Poverty Tactical focus points: Dispersion of Ideas Methods and Tactics Organizing
92 posts and 31 images omitted.
>>13675 >There should be a christian tv station where we show live footage of heathen idols and scriptures being slowly desecrated on camera. Christians saved up lots of Pagan and old European artifects and idols for study. It would be foolish to behave in such a way, and would probably just be seen as petty
>>13685 yeah what Anon suggested is pretty retarded. Im all for burning pride flags, thermite bombing baphomet statues and attacking abortion clinics because while not the most effective it does actually have some effect on the world. Burning pride flags forces gays back into the cave which minimizes the damage they can cause to society, defacing baphomet statues sends a message to satanists and alike to back down and destroying abortion clinics ends child murder but targeting other religious groups doesnt really do anything. Sure you're shutting up religious opposition but other than keeping Christianity the dominant religion (which is dying to atheism not Islam or Buddhism btw) it wont lead to much change. Not to mention most of those religions (with the exception of Reform/Liberal Jews) are basically on our side on most of the issues.
>>13688 You have problems >Burning pride flags forces gays back into the cave which minimizes the damage they can cause to society, They won't care >defacing baphomet statues sends a message to satanists and alike to back down They really won't care >and destroying abortion clinics ends child murder but targeting other religious groups doesnt really do anything. People would just get it in secret. Like in Russia > other than keeping Christianity the dominant religion (which is dying to atheism not Islam or Buddhism btw) How are you a mod here again?
Open file (98.79 KB 750x1000 download (13).jpeg)
>>13689 >They won't care they will care (and do everytime it happens) >They really won't care they will especially care (those statues are worth a couple grand) >People would just get it in secret. Like in Russia no they wont lol but even if they did its better than state sanctioned child murder >How are you a mod here again? i applied first
>>13690 also child murder is legal in Russia, aswell as the entire rest of the world minus Africa and the middle east

Open file (100.97 KB 409x599 Duerer-Prayer.jpg)
Daily Prayer thread Anonymous 06/27/2022 (Mon) 05:05:17 No.13398 [Reply]
Didn't see a thread like this in the catalog. Wanted to start a prayer thread here. Post anything you would need help with or want prayer for. And let other anons help out.
2 posts omitted.
>>13398 my unrequieted lovee has drived me to hate the woman interest in and separating my self from some people of the church, i really want God to help me find the way out of this
Open file (123.66 KB 250x250 Eve-garden.png)
>>13433 disregard hoes they consort with snakes.
>>13433 It happens. Just forget about her and move on
Open file (630.31 KB 357x200 Rust.gif)
It was really awful abysmally last month. Literal high school idiots showed up in my life again to start as much trouble with me as possible. And they don't leave me the heck alone no matter what I do. They follow me around every single day. I had so many stuff to pay off it was crazy. Things are pretty bad and I don't see it getting much better. Maybe praying would help me out. I don't know
>>13645 Also, I haven't been in high school since well over a decade. These people from my high school have nothing going on in their lives

Du kannst nicht Deutsch lernen Student 09/17/2019 (Tue) 21:46:40 ID: 14e499 No.30 [Reply] [Last]
Thread dedicated to the German language

German With Ease
>What we need
Sites and resources to help newcomers learn the language

Also, I do apologize for the lack of stuff, I'm trying to make the board more colorful but just bear with me for a while longer.
Edited last time by AlphabetSoup on 09/19/2019 (Thu) 20:06:27.
52 posts and 9 images omitted.
>>569 Funfact: the dialects of Switzerland have their own vocab and grammar, although if you already know Hochdeutsch, you can pick up Swiss german quite easily. The Swiss dialects are part of the same "dialect continuum" (Alemmanic) as the German spoken in Baden-Württemberg, Alsace, Lichtenstein, and the eastern part of Austria. Also, the Alemmanic German has its own wikipedia The german swiss subreddit (reddit.comr/Schwiiz) is entirely in swiss German There is a "zürich dialect" grammar books in this folder.
>>564 wrong and retarded take by either an idiot or a butthurt bavarian/austrian. No, northern german and southern german dialects aren't even close to being unintelligible to each other. Only a few people in the south believe that because I guess they specifically are too retarded to understand northern german dialects somehow and think it works the other way around
Open file (1.53 MB 1500x1633 Deutscher_Bund.png)
>>643 >Austrians aren't Germans Why didn't anyone tell them that when they joined the German Confederation?
Open file (1.03 MB 1472x2001 german gun laws.png)
Translate pl0x.
>>643 Austrians are like the kids who hate their parents and deny them despite using their name and being practically a genetic clone. Sad!

Songs Anonymous 03/17/2022 (Thu) 22:21:05 No.5979 [Reply] [Last]
Do you have any christian music recommendations? Personally I really like anything that orthodoxmemesquad posts on youtube. Also Elfen lied intro song called lilium is very beautiful.
70 posts and 53 images omitted.
Open file (433.69 KB 2606x1737 dubliners.jpeg)
One of my favourite bands in general are The Dubliners (Irish Catholic) Other than that I listen to chant playlists on Spotify, some Mumford and Sons (Anglicans I think) and Johnny Cash
imagine if Eminem made a song similar to Stan but it was about what God must feel watching His greatest creation torture and kill itself to death

>>11175 Phones and computers don't have souls. they are just temptations. which means they are from satan. no one should post images on the internet or engage with it in any way. goodbye bros.
>>11175 There is a woman living inside you right now.
Bump for Christ-chan.
>>11080 Women have souls, but they shouldn't usurp the man's authority neither in marriage nor in the churches. That said, the man has no right to ask of his wife anything that goes against God's will and there's much more to this that would show wives aren't being wronged in any way, but I don't really feel like typing it all out and getting scripture references and everything. I don't think there are many married people on imageboards anyway
Open file (43.94 KB 600x600 lgbtq.jpg)

Open file (15.44 KB 256x256 download.png)
Open file (19.34 KB 256x256 download.png)
Open file (486.92 KB 568x454 Untitled.png)
satanic global conspiracy in ancient times Anonymous 06/30/2022 (Thu) 00:48:44 No.13610 [Reply]
Tell me about the satanic global conspiracy, specifically in ancient times before Christ. How can we prove that non-christian ancient religions were satanic (besides them not being Christian)? I was talking to ta pastor who said that God allowed angels (that God called Gods peculiarly) to rule the nations, and Satan deceived those angles, when Jesus came he took the rule of those angels.
>>13610 well we cant prove anything definitively ofc because we dont have access to the resources needed to do such a thing but from what research i have done i can say quite confidently that satan worship was widespread in ancient times especially during the times of Babel. in fact i have an entire thread dedicated to it errors and all: tl;dr tho (atleast from what i have gathered and hypothesized) is that all the other demons died either during or before the flood and satan was the only one left (probably due to his supernatural ability which the other demons didnt have, as evidenced by various verses in the Bible). After the flood satan yet again tried convincing humanity to follow him, he somewhat succeeded and began convincing some people to worship him. Satan wanting to take over the world and corrupt the beings within it likely tried to bring the demons back, my guess is that he experimented by having demons posses animals (like goats etc) and having them fornicate with human women, experimenting along the way. goddesses like Ishtar and god's like tammuz would become deified personifications of these "rituals" which were later replicated via ritual prostitution and beastiality (depending on the culture) Interesting enough tammuz is supposedly related to enki which to my understanding is basically the devil who had a kingdom on earth at Babel. Over time alot of the traditions got spread out, re-interpreted etc. From there things kinda become a dead end atleast for me since i largely lost interest but an interesting place to pick up from would be greek and asian mythology since the greeks had prometheus who seems to mimick satan and many of the asians (particularly the chinese) seem to reference things like creation and God in elements of their old language and religion.
I feel that the LORD tried to reveal Himself and offer His friendship to several peoples, who began migrating from Mesopotamia, from Africa, from Europe, Canaan and the Altay. As those people tended to accept the LORD's majesty (i.e. developing a monolatristic fervour), the Spirit of the LORD drove them to the Levant, fleeing from idolatrous, polytheistic members of their native communities. When the revelation is concretised in the Levant, through the work of the Patriarchs, Hell began to target the people of the LORD by seducing their neighbours into idolatry and other abominations. When you read about Philistine or Moabite religions, for example, it becomes quite obvious that their gods were, really, demonic agents, bent on destroying the People of the LORD.
I also don't suppose you know any good books on ancient satanism?
>>13614 this is all just theory btw, so if youre wise you wont take it all too seriously

Open file (88.94 KB 600x600 Psalter.jpg)
Praying the Psalms Anonymous 05/19/2022 (Thu) 20:55:49 No.11364 [Reply]
What do you guys make of using the Psalms as a prayer book? I'm an Orthodox Christian and just recently purchased a pocket sized Psalter (pic related, it's the one I bought from Jordanville), and decided to incorporate the Psalms into my daily prayer life. Do any of you pray the Psalms? Have you considered it? Do you use the Septuagint or Masoretic Texts as the basis for your Psalter?
8 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>11435 The pic I shared in OP is the Psalter that I own; it uses the Coverdale translation as well, slightly augmented to fit the Psalter structure that the Orthodox Church uses. They are sorted into "Kathismata," which consist of generally 3 psalms, with interspersed Orthodox prayers, followed by more Psalms. The monastic rule of praying the Psalms is organized that they would pray the entirety of the Psalms in one week normally, and they would pray the whole Psalter twice a week during Great Lent. I, being a layman and also bogged down by sins of laziness and apathy, obviously do not keep this rule. Generally I'll just read some prayers, recite 3-8 Psalms, and close in prayer.
>>11689 It's a true delight to read, isn't it? It may be the most beautiful writing ever put to the English tongue. I feel sorry for any ESL-kun who can't appreciate it. If you follow the BCP properly, you are supposed to get through the entire psalter every month but there are certain psalms that are read more frequently. Here's a comparison of Psalm 51. 50 for you >Coverdale/Great Bible/BCP Have mercy upon me, O God, after thy great goodness : according to the multitude of thy mercies do away mine offences. Wash me throughly from my wickedness : and cleanse me from my sin. For I acknowledge my faults : and my sin is ever before me. Against thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight : that thou mightest be justified in thy saying, and clear when thou art judged. Behold, I was shapen in wickedness : and in sin hath my mother conceived me. But lo, thou requirest truth in the inward parts: and shalt make me to understand wisdom secretly. Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean : thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Thou shalt make me hear of joy and gladness : that the bones which thou hast broken may rejoice. Turn thy face from my sins : and put out all my misdeeds. Make me a clean heart, O God : and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from thy presence : and take not thy holy Spirit from me. O give me the comfort of thy help again : and stablish me with thy free Spirit.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>11364 No it makes me feel jewish
>>12509 aloha akbar shalom my brudder
The psalter is good reason to learn classical Hebrew. The perfection of the hymns becomes evident syllable by syllable. Surely, the Hebrew language does NOT belong to the Talmudic 'Israelites' of today any more than it belongs to the followers of the Messiah.

Open file (785.78 KB 1940x760 jos explained part 1.jpg)
Open file (369.41 KB 1938x515 jos explained part 2..jpg)
Open file (77.14 KB 540x361 1572121168418.jpg)
Joy of Satan Ministries Anonymous 05/31/2022 (Tue) 23:51:43 No.12140 [Reply] [Last]
Hello /christian/ I recently found this cult called Joy of Satan Ministries thanks to a friend of mine. I honestly find it interesting because of the number of years this site has been on the Internet (JoSM was created in 2002) and because of their ideas which are very strange. The main thing is that they believe that some kind of Pleiadian called Satan created mankind, that all the pagan gods are the same, and that the reptilians created Christianity. They also believe that all major religions were created to take spiritual power away from Gentiles. Apparently a lot of his ideas were taken from another weirder site called "Luciferian Liberation Front" which from the design of the site I can tell was around a long time before. Honestly I really don't know if everything the site says is true, I've talked about this with other people and they tell me that a lot of what the site talks about is bullshit but there are still other things that might make sense to me. First, what is the possibility that Christianity was created by some other civilization that is hostile to ours and that there is no creator god of the universe, if not that it existed from nothing? I don't know, when researching the site I ended up asking myself that question many times. I also clarify that I do not endorse the site nor did I make this thread for the purpose of spamming, I am really curious if there is a possibility of this being true or just a psyop. (Their main page) (A forum related to JoS) (the "Luciferian Liberation Front")
67 posts and 11 images omitted. Going into all of it would take forever, so I'll post this and let you do your own research. >>12582 This anon was right, I was taking the verse out of context because I thought it was a full on confession that he was lying. So that was pretty bad on my end. However there is still evidence that shows Paul isn't to be trusted like his contradictory conversion's and 2 Corinthians 12:16 saying he caught someone with Guile.
If anyone does think Paul changed Christianity, that's true he had an impact on it. Unlike all of Jesus' disciples Paul was a well-read religious leader, he knew the scriptures and in many ways understood Jesus better from that perspective and he constantly uses the scriptures to point out what he is talking about. We have nothing to indicate Paul was rejected by the Jerusalem Church, according to Luke he was embraced. God really didn't allow any indication to survive that the 12 Apostles rejected him? They didn't. And even in Paul's letters he commends people for comparing what he writes against the scriptures that would be including the Gospel of Matthew already. I'm not sure I agree with Church revelation and evolution past the death of John the Apostle but we know the Church did evolve in a major way at least once at the Jerusalem council 50 AD and this was officially done by Peter and James and the other elders, not Paul. Paul was a grunt at that point and just brought the council's decision to Antioch. Later he became the Apostle of the gentile. On Paul people say faith salvation came from him. Despite the fact Jesus constantly says things like whoever believes on him will have everlasting life and the work he wants you to do is believe in him. Also the Holy Spirit can come BEFORE or after or during water baptism, why I keep hearing water baptism is automatically associated with receiving the Spirit I do not know. Have they ever read Acts 10:47 in their life? Water Baptism was a ritual for non-Jews who wanted to be Jews, because gentiles were considered unclean, Peter and James didn't even want to eat with Gentiles. John the Baptist came and said no even you Jews better start washing up too. I can't think of anything Paul said that isn't true, Paul was against people identifying themselves by their preachers, like him and Apollos. He said you are all from Christ not from Paul. People will say, but James had different theology and Paul changed it. The two earliest surviving Church letters, James' letter to the Jews 44AD and Paul's letter to the Galatians 49AD it's no secret they had different theology, they may even contradict each other. But neither of them are Jesus if that's the whole argument and in the end everyone agreed in 50 AD of a more faith based interpretation and clearly Peter agreed gentiles didn't need circumcision and frankly I believe Peter was saying gentiles didn't need any of the law of Moses. Which people also accuse Paul of inventing that he wanted to get rid of the law and Jesus was all about the law. Part of the reason there's a difference in Paul and James is simply because of the way Paul got saved and we see that throughout the church today always. Paul was saved not of works AT ALL, he was met by Jesus and then a few days later believed. So of course his perspective is going to be a lot of talking about faith and grace because what great grace he was given. Part of the problem is what "the law" is and what that meant for a 1st century Jew and what people mean when they say that. There's no doubt Jesus promotes salvation by faith and he encourages doing good deeds, being sinless. Jesus forgives people's sins and heals people based on their faith multiple times and this was before the Holy Spirit was even coming onto them. Now Jesus promotes the law and the Pharisees teaching of it. He does also say the law would pass away when all is fulfilled which was done at the cross. But even otherwise, when Paul talks about living under the law he literally means being a Pharisee, returning to Judaism is to be under the law. Someone who is trying to get saved by the law when Paul proves it has always been since Abraham about faith first. The law has always condemned people to Sheol because no one is perfect under the law. Jesus allows us to escape that judgement. That doesn't mean we can go and do evil and break laws. Paul says, "Is the law sin? God forbid." But going back to the law and sacrificing goats for the remission of sins is a rejection of the cleansing of sins by Jesus' blood. The new covenant which Jesus began which God said he'd give to his people.
>>12868 And a side note "well it's all about what Jesus said." Jesus gave authority to his Disciples and told Peter to feed his sheep and then of course the touchy verses about the rock of the church and keys of Heaven and all that. He told his disciples to go out and preach the Kingdom of God, yes we should compare what they say against what Jesus says. Jesus clearly trusted his Disciples, trusted them enough that he had them write what he said and preach what he said, Jesus was on Earth for 3 years and wrote nothing of himself. He trusted his Kingdom. He said he would use his Disciples, he says that John would tarry not doing much at all. Why? Because he knew he had use for him 60 years later to write Revelation.
Daily reminder that YHWH is an evil being that wants to eat your soul.

Open file (25.84 KB 512x507 apu.jpg)
fear of eternity Anonymous 06/29/2022 (Wed) 04:41:49 No.13533 [Reply]
subject says it all, since i was a kid (born and raised catholic) i've had a fear of the very essence of eternity. both with god and seperated, i understand that i shouldn't fear it but i do, I've asked for priests advice during confessions, I've fasted, I've tried to pray as much as i can and I just feel like its all in vain (even though i know it not). I've never stopped going to mass weekly (I try to make latin mass as often as possible too) please help me frens this has been crippling my life for as long as i can remember, I'm hyperventilating just typing this and its always in the back of my head giving me a sense of dread if i'm not actively freaking out about it
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>>13533 dumb frog poster also you wont be freaking out about eternity in the afterlife (unless you go to hell) so why be a bitch about it now?
>>13562 i dont want to bitch about it, i just cant calm myself down about it >>13548 it never ends not that ending would be any better
Open file (53.51 KB 575x306 ClipboardImage.png)
How does the Hilbert Hotel make you feel?
>>13562 >Unless you go to hell There is no afterlife if you go to hell, only a waiting period until you get obliterated from existence.
>>13602 Why don't you believe what the bible says?

Open file (98.77 KB 349x500 garden of eden icon.jpg)
Genesis + Biblical Creation Anonymous 12/26/2021 (Sun) 17:45:50 No.2178 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for discussion and the sharing information critical of evolution, old earth, attempts to allegorize the early chapters of Genesis, etc. I will be posting some basic info critical of (Neo-)Darwinism shortly.
313 posts and 71 images omitted.
>>13529 i kinda went on an autistic rant here. anyways, whether they genetically recreate our "ancestors" or not the law of conservation will forever be a thorn in their side since autistic ramblings aside its still not physically possible that a ape could turn into a human no matter how many billions of years you add to the timeline and even if you said that apes didnt turn into humans they just gradually took the shape of us it still wouldnt make any sense. Even taking mutations into account (which are almost always net negatives) the only viable way for a mutation to become a dominant gene would be for two people with the exact same mutation to breed, otherwise it just decreases in prevalence with every generation.. The only possible way you could create an ape out of a human or vice versa is if you used modern science to genetically butcher the human (or ape) body into taking the form of the ape (or human) body and even then that would require careful and well thought out design and the likelihood of that happening in nature would be slim to non especially considering the vast nuanced differences between the two. And really aside from our mental capabilities humans are largely inferior to apes. Our arms are less versatile and less strong and are smaller in length, our teeth arent as sharp which makes eating foods like meat more of a challenge, our fingers arent as long which makes it harder for us to grab and hold onto things, etc etc etc. The only real "evolutionary" advantage humans would have gained over apes was our increased brain power which makes the likelihood of this evolution even less likely since the logic of evolution relies upon the idea of natural selection which implies that the traits chosen would all be positive. If that were the case then we would basically just be monkeys with smarter brains. In other words the only way for humans to exist is if the entire universe just conveniently managed to trip over itself and cause a huge clusterfuck multiple times over the course of a couple billion years which at that point sounds more like an excuse to just not believe in God than proof of evolution. and thats without getting into the fact that if humans evolved from apes THEN WHY THE FUCK DO APES STILL EXIST? tl;dr evolution is stupid and makes no sense.
Open file (621.80 KB 768x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 1302x1600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (153.08 KB 474x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>13534 and just to put into perspective how radical of a change it would be to go from an ape to a human, heres a picture of a human and a chimpanzee
>>13529 >>13534 .this is supposedly cron-magnon an early human. Idk about you guys but it looks identical to modern humans to me. Pretty much. They mixed assaulted and raped with Neanderthals whom had raly pretty eyes and light face features and that's where modern humans come from
>>13537 or its just a human skull that scientists dug up/recreated and gave a funny name
if humans came from apes then that means we should share the same base DNA just like how all the breeds of dogs share the same base dna with wolves (im sure "base dna" isnt the right term but whatever). if thats so then scientists should be able to take away all the "human traits" (eye color, hair, height, skull shape etc) and whats left should be the exact same as an ape. am i correct?

Open file (77.96 KB 800x655 1521577129072.jpg)
Computers Thread Fellow Time Traveler 08/21/2020 (Fri) 04:41:24 No.803 [Reply] [Last]
Looks like none of the images in the catalog work. Let's get a fresh thread in here, focused on computers! I don't have pictures at the moment to share, but I got lucky today and picked up a nice big beige computer case. I'm assembling a new personal computer from parts that I got deals on, found in the junk heap, or that I was given by friends. So, I guess it's not really a /retro/ computer, but it will be in a /retro/ case, and I plan to get an adapter which will let me use a 3.5" floppy disk drive in there. The adapter plugs into the floppy pins, and presents a USB interface to the motherboard. That adapter is under $10 USD. In fact, I've seen an adapter card that will do the same but for 5.25" floppy disk drives. So, when I have more money, I should be able to have not only a 3.5" FDD, but a 5.25" FDD in my system, running alongside new solid state drives, Blu-Ray disc drives, and of course a few regular hard drives. It should be pretty fun. Again, no pictures yet but I will share with you guys when I can. For now I'll just post one from my collection. What have you guys been up to?
95 posts and 40 images omitted.
>>2254 Imagine the cost of the computer they're using. It feels strange to see 3D CGI when the average computer from that time barely had 2D and mainly used text mode for everything.
I was searching for a clear trackball mouse and found a good thread.
Open file (928.61 KB 2399x1895 CAA-front-back.jpg)
Open file (101.77 KB 1024x1004 retrofuturistic.jpg)
>Alpha Architecture, lecture by Richard L. Sites and Dirk Meyer Excellent lecture. Makes a lot of correct predictions of the future and explains some good goddamn design.

Dicerning the Filioque Anonymous 05/04/2022 (Wed) 11:17:18 No.10061 [Reply]
I am trying to discern the truth of the filioque. But before I can discern whether it's doctrinally acceptable, I need to figure out what it actually means. It seems to me there are three different ways to understand the Filioque, as I have diagrammed. Which one is correct? All the apologists seem to take the "through the son" position, but that's not what the Catechism says. Am I reading the Catechism wrong? Also, I am not convinced the filioque can be waved away as a language issue. If it were a language issue, why is the filioque said in the Roman Rite in English but omitted in the Byzantine Rite in English ( Why does the Roman Rite include the filioque in all languages except Greek? Greek can't be the one unique language with the problem, because it is both included and omitted in other languages depending on rite. Either the filioque itself is heresy or rejecting it is heresy; as at the Second Council of Lyons (1274) Pope Paul VI condemned those “who presume to deny that the Holy Spirit proceeds eternally from the Father and the Son.” But even then, Pope Paul VI's condemnation came in 1274, almost 200 years before Florence defined it. So if he understood the filioque the way Aquinas understood it (Option 2), is his condemnation even applicable? What is even going on here?
29 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>10907 Tell OP.
>>10891 >>10892 >>10915 >Both "the Latins" and "the Franks" are accurate. That appears to be the "through the Son" position taken by Aquinas. However, the priest I spoke with said Aquinas is wrong. Frankly, the priest was very dismissive of the Angelic Doctor, rejecting Thomas' use of "philosophy." However, he did say the understanding of Council of Florence is "as close as any human can get" to understanding the Trinity. So I guess that's that. When I asked the priest after mass to explain it to me, he immediately rolled his eyes. He didn't really seem interested in talking or explaining the discrepancy between Aquinas and Florence. It was a pretty bad experience tbh. I mean, as representative of the Church, an ordain priest, I kinda feel like he should not be so quick to dismiss a question about what Catholic doctrine is. I guess as my next step I'll start reading the minutes of Florence to see the discussion there.
Open file (298.31 KB 1366x768 Trinity Relations.png)
>>11117 Is it dissatisfactory to you for an answer to be that the Nicene Creed, Apostle's Creed, and Athanasian Creed confess the same truth even though subsequent theological elaborations disagreed? The Athanasian Creed was in use in the West even prior to the addition of the filioque to the Nicene, in fact, the addition of the filioque in light of it seems redundant. The Eastern Orthodox Fourth Council of Constantinople banned edits to the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed of 381, but permitted the usage of local creeds, thus the confession of the Athanasian Creed would not be anathemized and being that it was only ever in Latin, is free from accusations of tampering. And of course, Vatican II dropped it from regular liturgical use like so many other ancient traditions of the church.

Slovak Student 03/05/2021 (Fri) 18:47:47 ID: 2abc67 No.442 [Reply]
Slovak language is one of the worst to learn t. born in slovakia. Resources Introduction A multilingual site to learn Slovak Bratislava University online course Slovak grammar video playlist "We Speak Slovak" webcomic

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Edited last time by Rikki on 12/10/2021 (Fri) 17:16:19.
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>>448 >Sometimes there are two grammatically diffrent sentences that mean the same thing. I am not avare of those, can you give me some examples?
>>463 Zlý psi, zlé psy. Is one of the few and let's not forget that rules mostly around i/y are so complex that sometimes you've got to break them.
Open file (37.76 KB 319x343 1624478585389.jpg)
you keep telling that yourself just like polacks and czechs
Resources updated
What's the difference between it and Czech? What difference is there between Slovaks and Czechs generally?

Comfy Animals Anon 03/01/2020 (Sun) 01:38:33 No.10 [Reply] [Last]
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Open file (9.52 MB 600x600 a212b31e84.gif)
Snek in the nut house.
Open file (769.55 KB 1000x575 ClipboardImage.png)
Starting in an hour
Open file (864.59 KB 500x294 Otter.gif)
>>6886 I wasn't able to come due to being too late and I had to go to work early.
Open file (619.42 KB 2288x1707 comfyseatotters.jpg)
>>6886 otters are /comfy/

Open file (320.98 KB 1311x569 baptist autism.png)
Prots and Catholics = Cain and Abel? Anonymous 06/26/2022 (Sun) 20:39:07 No.13373 [Reply]
Abel gave great offerings to God and gained His favor. Cain gave meager offerings to God and was envious that his brother enjoyed more of God's blessings. The Catholic Church has accomplished many great deeds and spread the word of God to the corners of the earth. They build great cathedrals, make beautiful art and sing beautiful music to glorify God and as a result God has blessed The Catholic Church with power, influence, and a long legacy. Protestants on the other hand seem to be more concerned with what God can do for them rather than what they can do for God and as a result their church is scattered, disorganized and largely irrelevant on the global stage. They are also filled with a burning hatred for their Catholic brothers and besmirch their name at every opportunity calling them evil pagans because they dare be more successful.
13 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>13521 >what's wrong with a homosexual pervert kissing muslim men's feet
>>13546 are you sure it's muslim? Either way Jesus says to love your enemies and your neighbor.
>>13573 "Love" doesn't mean sexualize, pervert
>>13594 You're a retard.
>>13615 >I have no argument and i must post.

Open file (106.71 KB 1366x715 og-image.jpg)
Open file (151.47 KB 402x517 PES14_positions.png)
Open file (195.04 KB 2048x2048 Template.png)
Create-a-Team thread CLERMONT FOOT 63 02/28/2022 (Mon) 10:02:55 No.2945 [Reply] [Last]
In order to clean up the catalog a bit, you can use this thread to talk about the new teams you want to add to the cup and general management of the rosters. MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (PES 2017 rules) >A link to the board for which you want to submit a team >16 (max. 23) Player Names (the first 11 shall be the starting lineup) >Player positions (see second picture), with at least one Goalkeeper >Player medals, which are used to determine which players should be the strongest in the team (1 Gold player, 1 Silver player, 2 Bronze players) >Among the starting 11, you must select one to be the Captain (they get a bonus to their stats) >A team logo (just use gimp or photoshop or >A minimum of two Kits, which are the shirts that your main players and your goalkeepers will use (if you're feeling really lazy, you can just make a recolor of the main kit and call it the goalie's), we would also appreciate a third one for the Away games; use the third pic as a base Used to be necessary, but if you got any problems you can just let us rig it: >Player cards and roles, refer to >A Team Strategy, refer to >A set of player heights, refer to the rules >3D models of your players, or at least face edits / photos: Rules for the matches:

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>3454 If the new orange gk /monarchy/ kit is okay.

Open file (3.06 MB 4485x2560 KJV.jpeg)
Anonymous 06/28/2022 (Tue) 11:47:47 No.13477 [Reply]
What makes the King James Version so special?
It's not gay. That's mostly the reason. But it is not perfect. The Old Testament of the King James is nothing special but the New Testament is because most translations no longer use the New Testament manuscripts that the KJV did. So it stands out. Also late middle English is a richer language. For example "thee" is a singular version of you and "ye" is a plural version of you. Some other stuff. But it's easy also to misunderstand late middle English for us. Some people might say the manuscript versions don't matter, which is kind of true, though clearly the angel in Revelation seems to think it matters whether or not anything is changed in the books. The King James was based on earlier works as well, the English Bible took a while to fully form. But we live in a KJV protestant Bible world. Doesn't matter what you believe if you buy just about any version of the Bible it'll have the protestant canon and in many ways try to harken back to what the English world is familiar with the KJV. It's a very good translation usually when you come across translation issues and get to the bottom of them you find the KJV got it right where many other translations failed.
KJV accomplished the feat of being "the most direct" translation because King James was autistic about the discrepancies between the English, German, and Latin versions of the bible, and NKJV managed to take that and put it into terms that anybody can understand without a strong theological background and without diluting the substance more than is absolutely necessary. They aren't the best but they are better than anything that was released before and most translations made since.
Cultural tradition. If we're talking about archaic translations, the 1599 Geneva is pretty much objectively superior.
>>13508 proofs?
>>13508 You got any examples to share with the class or are you just being contrarian?

Anonymous 06/20/2022 (Mon) 14:36:29 No.13113 [Reply]
>most depictions of the apostles show them in old age as serious looking men with grey beards >if they lived into the 60s AD they were probably in their 20s, at the maximum their 30s, if not younger when they were with Jesus because the age of adulthood was lower in ancient times
19 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>13410 Roman Judea is in the Northern Hemisphere. Also "showing your mom something" is different from "asking your mom to meet your boss." Low rates of marriage out of love would be offset by a society having arranged marriages as was the case in ancient Judea. A third of men passing on their genes could be due to higher rates of infant and general mortality and probably moreso than marriage. In addition the Bible documents a lot of barren women that could only gave birth because God performed a miracle. If you were married and your wife couldn't give birth or did give birth but your children died your family line would die out regardless. However people did age faster in the past due to hard living so that is a good justification.
Open file (408.03 KB 750x678 1655661526390.png)
>>13413 Or to put it more clearly, even if they were literally in their 20s, they were would have physically and mentally been more like a modern person in their 30s.
>>13413 Sugar buns, I love you, but please provide correct counter-examples, without relying on a view of a modern layman, or I'll green text my future responses too. >Polar bears are inhabitants of Northern hemisphere just like cougars are >Not showing your one and only mum your new boss for life >arranged marriages could save you from getting cheated on by a woman >considering how mundane the village life was you to would not ever have called your mum and your neighbor to show them the equivalent of a modern day alien from the sky >everyone suddenly becomes mature and smart when reaching certain threshold >not thinking about procreation when looking at matured 13yo Southern women >not thinking about kindergarten when looking at 17yo Northern women >Modern men become bald by 20 because life is not stressful at all >there were no children at heart before this and this only very decadent age >there are no and never were men and women abstaining from society >there are no autistics, no mentals, no introverts at all! never have been before! everyone lives in a society! I can name each and every neighbor in my 30+ story building! I understand that this concept is foreign(pun intended) in a modern world, but people used to be very skeptical about foreigners for thousands of years before. You have had to literally earn their trust. Just like Jesus did you know: reviving a guy, healing a bunch, that stuff. If you're used to this in your daily life that means you're working in medical department, but you know well that medical guys are getting compensated quite generously for their mundane work. My rant ends here.
>>13489 None of these points even matter since I ended up agreeing with you on the main point so you are just looking for a dispute in a closed thread.
>>13489 >arranged marriages could save you from getting cheated on by a woman Do you know what Levitical law prescribed for this or are you just another cafeteria Christian

Anonymous 06/20/2022 (Mon) 17:27:16 No.13117 [Reply]
I want nothing at all to do with this world, but I don't really know how to live in this world with the problems I have against it. >Employment means income tax which funds all manner of abomination and would likely subject me to antichristian "diversity/tolerance/sensitivity training" and might even try to compel me to "bake their cake" so to speak. >Land ownership means property tax which funds lies and antichrist indoctrination for the youth in public schools or abominations like "drag queen story hour" in public libraries. >Car ownership means the state-mandated insurance racket, which is tolerable IMO, but I have no reason to drive without a job (I can walk to what I need from where I live currently) I know Christ said render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, but I just have a hard time with knowing that my labor or land ownership would mean tax funding for Satan. I don't want to be idle, but I also don't want to help Satan deceive and destroy through taxes if possible. Anyone have any advice on this? or some wisdom from the scriptures that comes to your mind that might help? Is it just something we have to accept while living in this world?
20 posts and 2 images omitted.
Open file (91.50 KB 1200x631 the demons of waco.png)
>>13401 >Romans 13 commies shot first, unprovoked.
Open file (93.73 KB 1200x631 hrethrth.png)
>>13407 edgy
Open file (31.39 KB 450x298 1625261484563.jpg)
>>13416 >>13407 wouldn't be the first time
>>13468 based pic

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