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Open file (44.70 KB 600x450 pcfish.jpg)
zzzchan technical difficulties Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:15:17 No.2394
sturgeon here, somethings gone wrong with the proxy server. It's intermittent now and I'll be keeping an eye on it while I try and find the cause of the issue. I've also made a minds account : https://www.minds.com/sturgeonfish/ I'll be posting on minds once they get around to sending my confirmation email.
>>3407 Cope, trannygull how come your site isn't up yet? We win.
>>3406 >>3408 So what happened? Did seagull forget to clear out his server cache again?
It's over sleepy bros... time to serve out jew master at blacked moe.
Come back zzz!
Esther came back, zzzchan is dead.
It's over guys, I spoke to sturgeon and he said his servers got hacked and he can't do anything about it so he's pulling the plug forever. We bet on the wrong horse bros, all is lost and now our only choice is going to 8chan.moe back to where we all belong. I'm sorry things ended up this way but it was bound to happen eventually. See you on https://8chan.moe/v/
>>3409 I'm just a mod man, not the owner
>>3414 Any news from sturgeon? Did anything weird/suspicious happen prior to the downtime?
>>3415 He's probably sleeping or working. I'm not aware of anything suspicious before the downtime as I was asleep
he woke up and acknowledged the downtime 20 mins ago
>>3413 >using a place that 1000% literally censors over half of it's posts Both that site and kun don't count as imageboards.
>>3418 Use geimu
>>3419 Right after I will use (you) as my onahole, eden.
Open file (367.99 KB 500x562 0.png)
can't flippin believe the triple z is gone for good this time guess this is our home now huh
its up
Open file (67.07 KB 1093x481 tvchfag.png)
Some emojiposting nigger on tvchan /dunk/ claims responsibility for the downtime, wouldn't be surprised if he actually did spam /v/ during midnight and Sturgeon was awake to mitigate the damage by morning.
>>3424 Emojitroon is still around? I thought the mods took care of that nigger for good.
>>3425 Can't do much against VPN abuse unless you go the rulecuck route and ban them altogether. Bans don't mean shit to some people.
Open file (6.81 KB 965x42 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3424 There was no noticeable spam before downtime t. gorillion open auto-updating tabs
>>3427 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzchan!
Open file (264.06 KB 1500x1500 malina.png)
I can't believe zzziggerchan is fucking dead.
Open file (5.79 KB 225x225 Janny_monitors.jpg)
>>3777 Isn't it funny how this happens 2 days after someone dared to post OC?
Open file (73.96 KB 540x558 1fb804.jpg)
502 connection timed out on both clearnet and hidden service?
Open file (300.58 KB 460x375 ClipboardImage.png)
Hello, fellow anomalous, it is I, Surgeon. I just wanted you to break the news and let you know that ZZZchan is done for and I don't plan on running it anymore. Yes, it is true, you heard it here first. ZZZchan is dead. Also, my Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS) is scheduled for the weekend and my neo-vagina will be ready for use from Monday onwards. Thanks for using my site which was actually an IP scraping CIA operation, you stupid fucking losers. You should've used the much safer https://8chan.moe instead, which by the way is the last bastion of free speech on the internet and the true and only inheritor of 8chan's legacy. I love Jews. Salutations. - Surgeon, Ex admin of zzzchan.xyz xe/xer
>>3780 Yes goy, 8chan is full of feds! Don't use it! Come to Zzzchan where cloudflare reigns over all and we even have our own yellow anon epic OC! Plus you get some wicked cool drawings of a baboon ass vita chan, deviantart style quality! You like vita chan don't you? You're not an un-epic newfag are you?
Open file (58.15 KB 280x154 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3780 Seagal here. I can confirm this is the real Surgeon and this post is all 100% true. I too will be upgrading to the much safer, and trustworthy https://8chan.moe as Acid (very generous gentleman worthy of trust) promised that I will get to moderate /interracial/, a job for which I am truly stoked for. I would like to extend my gratitude once more to both https://8chan.moe (the last bastion of free speech on the internet) for giving me an opportunity, and Mark Mann, for no particular reason I just think he's a great guy and we should be thankful for all he's done for us in the past years. See you there, guys.
Open file (4.88 KB 924x45 15 hours.png)
You will never be white.
>>3781 Let me fuck you Eden, for God's sake my testicles are so full of hot cum they've reached critical mass, I feel like they're gonna cause some kind of nuclear disaster if I don't ejaculate into your womb. Please, let me fill stuff you full of semen like a Thanksgiving turkey... PLEASE!
>>3781 >>3786 Is it really that weird that I want a relationship with you? I just get excruciatingly hard when I think about you. I kid you not but sometimes I'll be in bed trying to sleep and get struck by thoughts of meeting you and porking your pussy raw in a mating press and then I cannot bear the horniness anymore so I rub one out using that fantasy. Is there any way I can get a contact of yours? I know you want it. I bet you touch yourself to my posts. I know I do.
>>3781 >>3786 >>3787 Hell, I even gave you my TOX ID, I'm putting myself out there for you, and you don't even throw me a tiny bone. Are you shy maybe? That's fine, we can all get a little shy, but would it be really that hard for you to overcome that shyness for a moment and give me a chance just this once? I swear I'm a really nice guy.
>>3783 fuck off Eden
is it down or just me?
Open file (5.67 KB 168x148 1602800652814.jpg)
>>3836 fix it then
>>3837 I'm not a fish, dummy.
>>3838 did I fucking stutter?
I bet (boogeyman) did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Open file (5.68 KB 902x56 0.png)
>>3840 you could've stopped being butthurt at any point in time but you made the conscious decision not to. and thus your butt remains hurt still. many such cases, sad!
Bravo Nolan
Open file (398.58 KB 802x616 happy.png)
It's up again
It's fucked again
Fish here, we're back. I had to make an entirely new proxy from scratch. Multiple eastern European hosting companies are currently down and took all of the existing proxies with them. I'm just gonna go international at this point. I'll have to fiddle with a few things in nginx so if it flickers I'm actively making changes.
>>3845 Yeah I wonder why.
>>3846 Almost like there's a war going on.
>>3845 >Multiple eastern European hosting companies are currently down Not just Eastern Europe hosting companies that are down. Russia is very big country and many Asian countries are routed though Russia but things are changing for the worse. The west trying to isolate Russia by any means necessary, this means internet cables will be slow cut off from Russia. These sanctions put Russia more cut off the rest of the world then Soviet Union ever was. Russia is becoming North Korea tier very quickly
Doing some tinkering, site will dip a few times but thats from me .
I'm guessing the issues right now are related to a large chunk of the internet being inaccessible including Smugloli, several non-image board sites and (according to Twitter trends while searching for news there) Discord. Claims seem to blame Cloudflare issues, which their Twitter account confirms.

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