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Open file (44.70 KB 600x450 pcfish.jpg)
zzzchan technical difficulties Anonymous 09/08/2020 (Tue) 18:15:17 No.2394
sturgeon here, somethings gone wrong with the proxy server. It's intermittent now and I'll be keeping an eye on it while I try and find the cause of the issue. I've also made a minds account : https://www.minds.com/sturgeonfish/ I'll be posting on minds once they get around to sending my confirmation email.
>>2394 It looks like it's the proxy server's host fucking up how ipv6 is handled. This might not even be my fault. I'm going to be switching away from the current host.
>>2395 Site is up, turns out it wasn't my fault this time.
Open file (36.64 KB 1199x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2394 >sturgeon here STURGEON, WHERE ARE YOU?
Open file (15.62 KB 807x260 sWhKRoktBw.png)
Open file (29.96 KB 747x491 gondola monitor.png)
I hope we don't lose anything.
>>2547 >>2550 Hey what do you know? Just after 2 months! This is it boys, zzzchan is dead, like zchan and fatchan before. You're free to come to 8chan.moe now.
>>2552 But what if I was already there?
>>2552 I'll fall on my sword before I do that.
Geez, it's like mark's gypsy nomads are being followed by someone who wants to have them for eternity :^)
>>2552 >>2553 Dilate, Mark.
>>2556 Suck my jewcy bunghole.
Open file (48.90 KB 603x498 z.png)
Don't worry guys everything will be great
Open file (159.41 KB 480x273 aZumanga-2pph.png)
>>2559 NO, THIS IS HORRIBLE! Now blacked.moe won't be able to absorb an additional 2PPH!
>>2561 I can't tell if this is supposed to be a dig at 8kike or snoozechan
>>2562 Why not both?
ZZZchan is back. Let us go, my fellow ziggers. :^)
>>2561 2 pph is actually a lot. Imagine two entire people visiting your board and posting on it, in under 60 minutes. Unbelievable.
>>2566 >2 pph is actually a lot. Imagine two entire people visiting your board and posting on it, in under 60 minutes. > Unbelievable. maybe if you're /geimu/ :^)
>>2566 >>2567 >Slow single topic board >2 posts every hour, 48 a day >1 from a new poster and another from an old one >Average 20 IDs a day, all unique posts adding something >Peak 3PPH activity on weekends, occasional posters visiting >320-350 fresh posts a week I'd buy that for a dollar
>>2566 >imagine two entire people as opposed to partial people?
>>2568 This
is it down or is it just me?
Open file (464.19 KB 474x360 apity.webm)
>>2593 I'm getting 502 Bad Gateway as well. Shame, that.
Open file (6.17 KB 578x94 ClipboardImage.png)
>server starts timing out >a while later becomes unreachable I was about to start panicking but sturgeon is still alive atleast.
>>2593 >>2594 It's back up for me
>>2596 I'm still getting Error 523
Open file (18.12 KB 259x224 happy.png)
Seems to be up now
What happened?
>>2626 Arm yourself zigger
>>2625 >getting so assblasted over being baited onto the wrong server after scraping multiple game night threads they nuked the site
>>2628 Don't worry, this is why we recently recruited /japan/. With their military might we can retaliate 10 fold. /japan/ REPORT IN
spaghetti nigger=spaghetti code
lynxtranny code=spaghetti code
>>2631 anon.cafe jschan edition when
>>2629 >implying japan isn't behind this one They've already nuked one /v/
>>2633 Are you trying to tell me this is in inside job?
>>2634 Rampant drama, a mysterious poster, ending with a /v/ getting taken down, mods being accused of the big gay too many (((coincidences :^) ))) I don't actually think its /Japan/ and sturgeon will probably report the problem soon. My honest bet is a outage, because even if the shell is down he can just use a new proxy server.
A friendly reminder Take it easy.
>>2635 I think you're a BBC connoisseur trying to sow dissent in the zigger ranks. /japan/ are our greatest allies.
>>2629 Hello /japan/ here we don't know what's going on. A preemtive retaliatory strike against both /cow/ and blacked.moe is already on the works.
>>2638 This will be fun to watch from my safe zone.
>>2638 Godspeed
>>2638 Mark's in the 8moe discord thread going wild and he's also sperging like crazy in the official /v/ discord. I don't look at it often so I can't yet tell if he's taking any responsibility, but he does have his Russian friend in the chat with him atm. Will update later.
do I go to sleep or stay awake for happenings?
>>2643 Dunno. I was going to play more Tsukihime but this drama just happens all of a sudden after I finished doing some stuff.
>>2644 Which route are you on?
>>2646 I just finished the Ciel route. I'm going to do the Akiha route next.
>>2645 >normie shit
>>2648 >>2641 >Implying discuck isn't normie shit The least you could do is post pics or something.
>>2649 That was not what I was implying.
Open file (8.25 KB 78x88 1597099622914.gif)
>>2647 Is Ciel the only route you've done so far? And are you going in blind or using a 'route table'? I wouldn't blame you if it's the latter. I eventually got sick of picking dead ends. Anyways, I think you'll enjoy it. It's a very good classic visual novel. Ciel best girl, Akiha close second. >>2649 He's calling you out for saying normie (which is ironically in and of itself a normie term) instead of normalfag or normalnigger. Sorry for spoonfeeding him, guys.
Open file (4.36 MB 2090x2350 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2648 You're right, I just grabbed some random picture.
Open file (216.00 KB 640x380 crying jellybean.png)
>melon's leaves start drying up >zzz goes down
>>2651 >Is Ciel the only route you've done so far? Nah I did the Arcueid route way earlier. Ciel is best girl so far. >And are you going in blind or using a 'route table'? I was picking choices blindly at first, then when I got stuck somewhere in the Arcueid route, I decided to consult the route map included with the archive (I was being heavily retarded, I don't know why), Then I went blind during the Ciel route. >Anyways, I think you'll enjoy it. Yes I am enjoying Tsukihime. It's really good.
>>2651 >>2650 Nah, I want actual screencaps of the sperging of mork. It'd be funny, but I'm not willing to actually go into a shitscord server to check. Which is what I was making fun of you for. From my reliable sources, Sturgeon actually just confirmed that the hosts for a proxy server say it was an outage. He's moving it around as we speak, expect gorious zch dynasty to be back up shortly.
Open file (19.42 KB 460x213 outage.png)
Thank you for participating in our military practice drills. You may go back to your regular shit-posting.
>>2641 I thought rumors of dicksword were greatly exaggerated? Got caps?
>>2394 >sturgeon here STURGEON, WHERE ARE YOU?
board back up BOARD BACK UP
Open file (586.42 KB 661x900 1577372149386.jpeg)
>>2638 hello also /japan/ here we're having a perpetual civil war so please be patient
Open file (36.64 KB 1199x384 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2394 >sturgeon here STURGEON, WHERE ARE YOU?
Sturgeon here again, forgot that I never linked the new external comms here. https://freespeechextremist.com/Sturgeonfish We will be fine, the proxy hosts are having outages and this is out of my hands. We will be fine once they sort their shit out
>>2664 You did link your fedverse profile earlier in the thread.
>>2665 Been awhile since I checked here. >>2638 oh ffs we are not under attack, calm down. This is a technical issue with my providers and nothing else. We are not the only site being affected by this.
>>2666 >Raining on Tengu's parade >Satanic trips
Site's back again.
Open file (330.81 KB 600x600 eh.png)
>>2666 >we are not under attack But that's just boring.
A reminder that sleepychan might go on and off constantly until some time has passed. Take it easy
>down again
>>2668 Gone again.
>>2668 >>2671 >>2672 It may be up and down for a while, from what I've been able to find out there was a somewhat major fuckup.
>>2673 I also managed to ssh into all proxies while they've been up, there's no abnormality with the servers themselves. I took backups just in case.
>>2666 >not just letting tenguniggers tear /cow/ and acidchan.mark a new asshole Let them all kill each other off.
>>2675 I don't like board wars and if they're going to do that anyway I don't want it to be over a non-existent attack.
Open file (198.38 KB 765x1080 2019-01-07 19.27.58.jpg)
>>2654 >Ciel is best girl so far. This is probably the most unpopular opinion among those who have read Tsukihime. Not that there's anything wrong with her, but I she was so often at the bottom of people's lists and polls that a joke about it was made in Carnival Phantasm.
Open file (160.93 KB 850x1200 remove curry.jpg)
>>2677 remove curry REMOVE CURRY FROM PREMISES
Open file (77.39 KB 644x910 Cawfee.jpg)
Melty thread soon?
Open file (176.20 KB 800x677 1604066186213.jpg)
>>2677 I can't explain why she's the best because I've mostly forgotten her route, but when I finished playing it, I remember thinking she's the best because She is the only girl who truly cares about you and could spend the rest of her life with you as a lover, her route doesn't leave you or her dead/deformed, she's an agent of the church, and there's some satisfaction in bringing joy and pleasure to the life of a girl whose only known pain, not counting Kohaku In short, she's pure and definitely wife material.
Open file (115.25 KB 1077x799 roa and the chalice.jpg)
>>2682 Enjoy your wife.
>>2684 This is the peak /japan/ quality post.
>>2680 How does one host melty without using their ip address?
So while sleepy is down, can I have a greentext about why the cake kike is having a meltdown?
Open file (201.17 KB 1029x699 zigger_ip_plan.png)
Open file (80.60 KB 888x623 niGGer_spergout.png)
>>2687 >zzz/v/ fridey gamenight >8chan.moe /v/ scrapes the gamenight thread like usual >apparently the scraped gamenight OP has a fake IP for a game server, first pic related >8moe niggers sperg out about it, second pic related >suddenly zzzchan goes down (the admin says that the proxy hosts he uses are having major issues) At least that's what I can comprehend. I didn't pay attention to /v/ fridey night until the site went down.
>>2686 use a relay service in the MBAACC pack
>>2687 He’s in his discord channel on the official /v/ discord, ask him there
>>2688 <cake kike FUcCK, I didn't read correctly.
Open file (335.80 KB 563x311 1587526570375.png)
>>2638 You're all niggers. It will be fun laughing at you agents of chaos from a safe distance.
8moe user here who's been on the /v/ discord that mark uses, I can confirm this outage IS NOT random at all and is in fact a deliberate attack on zzzchan. More on this later.
>>2653 NIG, GER NO!
>>2694 And I'm here looking at the dashboards for my own proxy servers reading the notices that my hosts are having outages. Stop trying to stir shit.
Open file (602.01 KB 688x523 8.png)
>>2694 >Sturgeon says it's simply an outage <hey guys, trustworthy anonymous poster here, you see, the thing about this outage is that... it's an attack. Proofs? Dude, trust me. I use discord after all. I know more than the hosts.
>>2696 stop taking the fucking bait it was us, the /japan/ cabal the whole time, we were doing a complicated sigil magick 5D group ritual in an effort to make more sokuniggers join the designated thread and for someone to finally make a melty thread but it backfired resulting in one burn victim, one succubus frantically running away from the scene (hope she doesn't rape me later) and a dead fucking board personally I blame the jews
>>2698 most plausible explanation so far
Open file (163.52 KB 324x286 stolen.gif)
>>2697 >hero of the people who prefers to stay anonymous to protect his identity tells uncomfortable insider truths <hey guys totally sturgeon here it's totally an outage even though I'm not even identifying myself. I know more than eyewitnesses.
Open file (852.37 KB 500x281 (You).gif)
>>2700 >The official zzzchan account of freespeechextremist isn't proof that it's really sturgeon
>>2694 >>2696 >>2697 >>2698 >>2700 >>2701 Stop fighting, Embrace the Peko
Open file (611.41 KB 900x975 arc ciel kisses.png)
>>2702 burn all vtubers
it's back
Please Respond https://zzzchan.xyz/meta/thread/1160.html Please Respond
>>2706 plz rezpong :---DDD XDDDD
Open file (93.13 KB 221x221 1603023528494.png)
Open file (65.57 KB 366x401 img_020.png)
>Host is experiencing another outage
Open file (130.67 KB 720x960 Clownpiece panicking.jpg)
>>3007 Any Idea as to why? Is it Mork's wrath for zzzchan's recent growth in PPH?
>>3008 I told you guys that this shit would happen. The fat kike always plays dumb until he's close enough to give you a kosher surprise. Expect a note of resignation from the site owner in a couple hours.
Open file (171.41 KB 908x1169 ClipboardImage.png)
not a zzzchan-specific problem. huge outages across google, cloudflare and other internet services.
>>3011 >Bugmen DDoS So zzzchan's host is anti-sinitic?
>>3011 Holy shit is the internet pearl harbor finally happening?
>>3010 What does the fat kike mark have to do with zzzchan?
>blacked.gov joins the webring >totally organic influx of complaints about rules that were set several months ago on /v/ and haven't changed >suddenly site goes down yep, nothing to see here guys, it's just another coinkydink that happened just during a very convenient shitstorm haha. I'm sure no one wearing a tiny hat is celebrating and rubbing hands right now.
If sturgeon up time mirror pasta/seagull up time then we have around 10hr wait before anything happen.
>>3018 seems to be back also it seems /v/ has a new meta thread so prepare for gayops
>>3015 I forgot Jewish people exist and they celebrate cultish rituals.
Why in gods name did anyone think adding fbichan.mark was a good idea? Everyone, EVERYONE knew this kind of shit would be the result but they went and did it anyway. Why are imageboard admins always such self-sabotaging retards?
>>3025 >was a good idea? Nobody actually sane who knows about them thought so. The fact the anoncafe admins haven't permanently blacklisted them calls their motivations into question imo. They certainly were around to see all the bullshit antics of that cakefat fuck, both during and after his tenure at 8kun.
>>3026 >their motivations into question imo. On the board: >zzz/japan/: Latest Sokunigger Tournament starts December 26th, 21:00 UTC. >cafe/icup/: The GCUP is coming! Tentative Start Date - February 13th, 2021. I think their motivations are pretty blatant at this point. What's another controlled opposition going to anyways, FBI watchlist us?
>>3026 >>3029 Perhaps not eberryone cares about mark. Using this site almost daily for the past year I certainly never noticed him.
>>3030 > Using this site almost daily for the past year I certainly never noticed him. If your first assertion is true, then the second one, by definition, is not. Do you think he was all hurr-durr i'm de cakefat nigger where all ur white wimminz at? Insidious snakes do their evils deeds under the cover of dark friend. But he is actually pretty easy to pick out b/c he has little in his repertoire, and used the same basic bullshit pandering he used all the way back to 8ch/v.
>>3031 >If your first assertion is true, then the second one, by definition, is not. Yeah, it is.
Open file (7.35 KB 325x136 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3042 fug :DD
Open file (25.98 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>3042 >>3043 Nevermind, it's back. It's sure nice to panic for no reason. Also nice eye 'ere.
is it down?
Open file (58.46 KB 1424x887 down.PNG)
>>3066 It's down for me too
Open file (63.71 KB 500x430 panic.png)
News just came in, the admin was vanned and server confiscated
Open file (103.45 KB 600x600 proof.png)
>>3071 Where the hell would you be getting these "news" from anon? It's not like Sturgeon or zzzchan are especially notable outside the webring.
>>2394 it's down currently but then while bored and trying to find somewhere else I realized that anon.cafe doesn't list zzz boards anymore on it nor is that webring showing anywhere? is everything being shoah'd? >had to allow cookies as block bypass with id not working Modern Internet is such garbage.
>>3074 If a webring site is offline, it isn't listed on the webring for any sites. If it does come back up, it will be listed on the webring again unless the site has an outdated webring plugin like PLW for example.
Seagull here, sturgeon is sleeping and has no idea what the site is down right now. Probably yet another host outage, I doubt it's something serious.
>>3074 When anon.cafe loads other webring member's board data, it rebuilds it's whole board list from scratch. Therefore if it can't reach someone's boards, they won't show up. This is true for most/all websites in the webring. >had to allow cookies as block bypass with id not working Welcome to lynxchan. It's also hilarious how you need a captcha to post, but then it refuses and tells you to complete the same captcha except for bypass reasons, and then gives you a second captcha when you try to post again.
Open file (17.28 KB 220x245 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.gif)
>>3077 >Sleepychan admin is sleeping How adorable.... BUT IT'S FUCKING NOT THE SITE IS FUCKING DOWN NIGGER WAKE HIM UP
>>3078 >Welcome to lynxchan anon.cafe should just move to JSchan at this point just to ditch the tranny spaghetti code. I remember the admin was considering it in >>>/meta/ but there are no tools to migrate from LynxChan to JSchan yet.
>I remember the admin was considering it in >>>/meta/ Here is the related post. >>>/meta/13843
Open file (220.13 KB 500x500 mario.png)
>>3094 Not just any ziggers, and not even a double ziggers. But goddamn a TRIPLE ZIGGERS.
>>3075 >>3078 It's back flashing colors again and zzz is working again. Emergency ogre. About cookies, off and on it worked. Maybe with tor on my potato is too slow to solve it before it renews with the 'ID' 75 percent of the time to paste into the captcha field.

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