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Open file (656.18 KB 1200x501 1AA1a4ulm (2).jpeg)
ayy lmao Stormtrooper 04/21/2023 (Fri) 17:24:56 No.6599 [Reply]
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>>6606 Definitely a troon.
I want to suck Ahsoka's feet.

Open file (1.09 MB 788x1315 Taborr-Hasbro.png)
Stormtrooper 05/03/2023 (Wed) 21:03:44 No.6612 [Reply]
>be nu-Jedi >constantly have to face masked, Inquisitor type retarded villains Why?
Because inquisitors and like filled the niche previously occupied by "dark jedi" ,"wannabe be sith dark jedi" and "sith splinter groups"
Open file (254.87 KB 247x610 pronouns.png)
>pronouns You can't make this shit up
>>6614 Its the new shit wokepedia got into.

Open file (137.91 KB 1600x1202 ben-kenobi.jpg)
ITT: Scenes only you can remember Stormtrooper 04/06/2023 (Thu) 21:22:19 No.6585 [Reply]
>"Who's the more autistic? The Autist or the autist who follows him?"
The autist who enjoys yidsney.

A new hope on repeat Hans score 200,000+ 08/29/2021 (Sun) 00:52:46 No.5315 [Reply]
We're gonna need to create another galactic panic to cover up what extreme measures are required to start this episode all over again before it gets out of control. The news is going to get crazy again! I can't wait to have my mind blown by this political roller coaster. Lots of people are going to go broke, hopefully even record numbers. The empires got some super extreme tormenting to get on with to teach the republic yet another lesson. Such hard work these rebels demand. Rebel scum don't stand a chance.
>>5315 >Rebel scum don't stand a chance.
Open file (50.32 KB 800x679 dolan.jpg)
>>5315 Imperial pls

Roger roger Stormtrooper 03/06/2023 (Mon) 14:51:31 No.6556 [Reply]
Post in this thread, roger'd.
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Oh no, I've been roger'd
>>6565 How does one go about not getting roger'd?
>>6568 Be the Roger Doger!

Open file (342.38 KB 638x477 One struggle.png)
Random Discussion Stormtrooper 03/14/2020 (Sat) 17:17:52 No.2730 [Reply] [Last]
Since this board is dead Anything goes in this thread. As a starting topic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even if they were controlled opposition, were they in the right? How would things have gone if, somehow, the CIS were allowed to become independent?
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Open file (925.19 KB 512x384 droid mg.gif)
>>2730 This >>5718 Last I checked the CIS army was mostly comprised of cheap mass produced droids and them some voluntary planetary forces and some mercs too where's the Republics main army is comprised of indoctrinated child slave soldiers born in test tubes and given high doses of THD in order to make them 'grow' faster. The very fact that the Republic could conceive and rationalize such a concept clearly indicates that they're objectively evil and only further justifies clause for independence of which they were denied because 'reasons'. Not surprising of course, as though imperialists need reasons to torment their occupied victims.
>>5054 >Blah blah blah blah Shut up space commie
Open file (1.39 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)

Open file (12.22 KB 318x159 download.jpeg)
/ani/ Stormtrooper 06/15/2022 (Wed) 00:32:52 No.6166 [Reply]
A thread for the TRUE star of Star Wars, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader.
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Open file (106.17 KB 815x275 irreg2341.jpg)
Open file (59.98 KB 730x260 irreg0462.jpg)
Open file (107.16 KB 815x275 irreg1879.jpg)
Before the grand Sith-storm: Jedi order sweeps galaxy for Force-sensitives, who mostly end up not reproducing. It drives the whole “light side (except-there’s-only-Force) / Dark Side” tug-o-war. The nu-Sith edgelords actually worth a damn tend to be their students turned to “heresy”. The last (but not least: remember those “voices screaming in unison”? It reflects in the Force!) problem: the greatest organization of Force users is a bunch of arrogant, self-righteous mind controlling assassins… which probably affected the common attitudes toward them and Force users in general. The second greatest group of visible Force users are mostly ranting bloodthirsty lunatics. The likes of Revan don’t pop up in every other generation, after all. After Anakin’s misadventures: The Jedi order is destroyed. The surviving Jedi are those who managed to blend in, they remember and can teach techniques, but cannot possibly see the traditional Jedi hubris as desirable or even sane. Most “Sith” emo-butchers are destroyed as well. The most famous and respected Force user (and also Anakin’s descendant) now (after facing both “certain point of view” and Palpatine) without a good reason won’t trust followers of either tradition any farther than he can throw one. So… is there a reason to think Anakin did not fulfill his supposed destiny of “restoring balance of the Force” mostly right (if not perfectly)?
>>6538 I always felt it worked even when Luke's new order was reasonably sized, since it openly rejected a lot of the traditions that were traditions for their own sake and forced a lot to be learned from scratch.

Open file (46.54 KB 960x540 riyo_chuchi_cw.jpeg)
Claim your waifu Stormtrooper 01/08/2020 (Wed) 21:57:48 No.1687 [Reply] [Last]
Claim your star wars waifu. For me, its the blue one.
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Open file (29.56 KB 260x239 Latara1.jpg)
>>6541 Lol, nice. She's an Endorian?
>Tfw always had a thing for muslim women

Open file (1.35 MB 1640x1640 CloneDC15A_-Fathead.png)
Open file (16.36 KB 500x231 Dh-17.jpg)
Open file (40.44 KB 720x420 Dl-44.jpg)
Open file (117.57 KB 865x1024 E-11_NEGWT.jpg)
Open file (518.89 KB 1600x1200 Hothbattle1.jpg)
Imperial /k/ommando Thread: No Lightsabers Allowed Edition Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 17:53:32 No.1504 [Reply] [Last]
Time to talk about blasters, slugthrowers, and other non-lightsaber weapons and designs. Which is the most practical, powerful or aesthetically pleasing? What would you take with you when the Day of the Rebellion comes and SHTF? Superweapons are also allowed but only the weapon, all fleet discussion goes in the ship thread.
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>>5116 >designed to deal with blaster bolts Common pistols/carbines are one thing, but… We have seen a single hit from high-powered blasters (like Han’s “Imma outlaw on the run, no time to shoot you twice” piece or Leia’s holdout) even to chest plate result in a mission kill (though not confirmed fatality). > and kinetic stuff Shrapnel from blasters hitting anything solid seems the most common type of “deadly projectiles” in SW, so yes. Slugthrower projectiles presumably are comparable, though not omnipresent. Add to that NBC and electronics. But all this adds weight. Which is why… >perforated by arrows launched by teddy bears Again, vulnerable spots. These suits don’t include overlapping solid protection on all sides. Wasn’t one stormtrooper dropped by blaster shrapnel to the rear of neck joint (when Leia hit a wall behind him)? So the plate (white parts) may well resist anything short of high-powered blasters or sledgehammer grade impacts to the head. The joints (black parts) are much weaker.
>>6399 I wish I'd thought to train that voice AI on Ian's videos, and had "him" read out that commentary.
>>6537 Well if anyone did, that stray "yards" would need to be replaced by a proper "meters". Glad someone liked it though.

Open file (765.61 KB 497x517 latest.png)
Stormtrooper 01/26/2023 (Thu) 18:48:51 No.6527 [Reply]
What was Nu-Maul's plan?
I was about to make a top surgery joke, but there's no way yidsney will ever let a pedophiletranny be a villain.
To become a third power in the Clone War to his own ends and kill Sidious.
Be a kingpin?
something..something... revenge

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