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Stormtrooper 06/22/2022 (Wed) 18:08:31 No.6188 [Reply]
>>6201 So it fits in perfectly with the rest of the nuwars garbage.
They basically copied that Rebels cartoon which in turn copied "Purge" comic.
Just because a piece of Disney media is less shit than average, doesn't mean it's good.

Open file (64.79 KB 900x900 channels4_profile.jpg)
Stormtrooper 06/27/2022 (Mon) 00:38:37 No.6210 [Reply]
What are some kino anti-Nu wars Youtube channels?

Open file (259.32 KB 675x1114 this kills the mouse.png)
THE VERMIN IS DYING Stormtrooper 09/16/2020 (Wed) 17:08:46 No.3574 [Reply]
https://archive.md/pICww 91% YOY, from $5.4 billion to $460 million
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>>6068 >because guys like Mozart and Michelangelo were patronized by the nobility and clergy, who demanded a high standard. You can't demand a high standard; you can't actually enforce standards of quality on an artist in the sense that you'll get something meeting that standard. The same reason you don't pay someone to make you a non-ornate table and then risk getting a pile of splinters, but you do risk getting a pile of splinters if you commission a table without being involved in it's design applies in almost every case of artistic innovation or genius; there is no second (or third) party to comment on the functionality of the design before it's completed because it's breaking new ground nor are there fungible tables to serve as replacements or to buy outright. I guess the equivalent of buying a pre-existing table would be the church continuing to use the same hymns as it had for hundreds of years for many cases. >SJW media, on the other hand, can fuck around and churn out trash while still being funded. The difference is in discipline, I think. But the SJW media can easily be serving the purpose for which it is being funded. There's both agenda driven trash (trash to outsiders, I guess) and incidental trash. I agree with your analysis of moldbug's point: >The meaning I took is that proper patronage enforces high standards on the recipient. But that point is wrong. Patronage should be practiced with discipline, but the discipline is on the part of the patron who must make judgements about the character and earnestness of the artist. The artist is never actually restrained and for good reason: the entire point of funding them is that they are acting outside of the domain of competence of the patron.
>>6069 You make good points. I guess the "zombie economy" is really an issue of the wrong creators/producers being patronized? Anyway, I'm reading the introductory texts on there, and I'm seeing a solid analysis of neo-colonialism and the fictions we live under.
>>6067 >>6068 First, it's not a true charity either, since the patron does receive value from it: a status boost. Second, it's still a patronage relationship, so the principle applies. Let's conduct a little mental experiment: Michelangelo starts consuming funny shrooms recently imported by sea, and abruptly switches his genre to crustacean porn (look up "lobsta girl" sometimes, with brain bleach within easy reach, of course). Since it's not early XXI century USA at all, this gonna cause trouble. Including loss of face for the Patron of Arts, through no fault of his. If the patron noticed this before too late, what we could expect in this situation? Assuming we have a good idea of the era (via books like The Machiavellians by James Burnham or History of Florence by Niccolo Machiavelli himself). Most likely, the patron's men would gently abduct Michelangelo and quietly move him to some village far from foreign hallucinogenic substances and painting supplies for a while. The unfinished "innovative" work would accidentally catch fire, fortunately put out before anything else is damaged.
>>6067 >>6069 >>6156 If Isaac Baruch is anything to base things on, I suspect patron and artist would more likely be sharing drugs than anything.

Open file (612.98 KB 1920x1456 3798475389749.jpg)
Open file (340.30 KB 1200x1640 sww-104uk-09.jpg)
Open file (330.50 KB 1200x1641 sww-104uk-10.jpg)
George Lucas is an autistic genius Stormtrooper 06/11/2022 (Sat) 01:58:09 No.6155 [Reply]
I was reading the old black and white version Marvel comics, so it had a lot of ads, other comics and interviews. One of those interview was of Harrison Ford talking about the first movie and say the line that normalfags parrot left and right when they bitch about George Lucas writting. >"There were times when I issued a threat to tie George up and make him repeat his own dialogue. I told him: You can't say that stuff. You can only type it." And they stop there, but I was surprised that there was more. >"But I was wrong. It worked ... Star Wars was not my film and it was not a performance performance, if you know what I mean. But Han Solo was a plum part as far as I was concerned ... George is a genius." So everytime I watch a normalfag parrot this quote I get fucking cancer, and it got me thinking. What else are they wrong about George in relation to his work?
George Lucas has great ideas, but he needs other people to shape and guide them, eg his wife's editing magic creating the Battle of Yavin. Sometimes he accidentally gets it right. For example, lightsabers -- he gave the villains red sabers, and the protagonists blue sabers, which was supposed to be cheesy and on-the-nose. But actually it's not, because it has the dramatic effect of distinguishing opposing factions, in a stage-play sort of way, and is a form of artistic license. Lucas didn't realize all that, but he still had an accidentally great idea.

Open file (202.06 KB 855x436 star wars shieeet 1.png)
Open file (64.81 KB 1200x800 sith dew it 1.jpg)
/sw/ humor thread Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 05:04:36 No.3927 [Reply] [Last]
post them star wars memes
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>>6074 Pretty good shit, but start using invidous for muuntube links. https://api.invidious.io/ https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GQhKBn42XcU
Open file (557.64 KB 1668x2417 FOj0TQjXIAEY5re.jpeg)
Fucking normalfags can't get nothing right.
Open file (2.33 MB 1668x2417 fuck jewkraine.jpg)
Open file (59.59 KB 640x360 2343443.jpg)

Galactic Starcruiser Hotel Stormtrooper 02/23/2022 (Wed) 18:34:16 No.5918 [Reply]
This is the designated shitting thread for the amazing Disney experience of the brand new Hotel Galactic Starcruiser ride voyage! For the low low price of $6000~ish, you will be able to board the Halcyon a beautiful spaceship that is older, has seen more combat and is much much important that THE Millennium Falcon! Its been involved with the High Jedi era, clone wars era and even hosted Han and Lea wedding after they blew up the second death star! Now sit back and enjoy the ride. This whole thing is a trainwreck, but damn I wish I could get my hands on that Halcyon model.
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>>5941 well yes, the merchants at Disney are trying to rip off their fans harder than ever. I could see this being $400, that would be reasonable. paying 20x that amount is insane.
Open file (524.57 KB 1911x814 355.jpg)
'Windowless bunker': First reviews of Disney's $5,000 'Star Wars' hotel are in https://archive.fo/BiSAh >Ahead of its grand opening, the first reviews for Disney’s eye-wateringly expensive “Star Wars” hotel are beginning to roll in. >the biggest complaint is that rooms are small and cramped. Standard rooms have a queen bed, bunk beds and an additional pullout sleep space, which means it is theoretically able to sleep five adults. But most reviews agreed it would feel tight with even three people, especially considering the bathroom only has a single sink. And unlike other luxury hotels, there are no typical amenities like a pool or spa. Looks like the muunikes in disney didn't pay the bloggers enough credits. Disney’s new ‘Star Wars’ hotel includes a ‘tricked out’ suite that costs up to $20K https://archive.fo/cjjvl >A stay at the hotel does not include alcohol, which runs around $13 for beer, $11 and up for wine and $23 for specialty drinks, or any fun “Star Wars” themed-extras, the report said. For instance, it costs $99 minimum to hire a photographer for a portrait or if you want to sit at the head of the captain’s table in the Starcruiser’s Crown of Corellia dining room, you’ll need to cough up an extra 30 bucks.
Open file (1.01 MB 2000x988 No refunds.png)
Open file (369.78 KB 569x445 laughingtwileks.png)
https://notthebee.com/article/disney-has-no-clue-what-star-was-actually-is-do-they- >According to Disneyland News, the company is looking to understand why their first fully immersive hotel experience was so bad that no one wanted to book a stay. >Essentially, they're paying even more money to try and find out why their Star Wars hotel was, seemingly a flop.
Open file (118.04 KB 765x1280 qASgtUJGTl4.jpg)
>>6153 >Take an idea that didn't was founded for the park and make it into the most expensive hotel ever >Don't make a study if people are going to spends huge stacks of shekels on it >Its from the sequel trilogy >It fails Are the muuns getting retarded?

Open file (117.31 KB 1200x628 1653832831649.jpg)
Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Stormtrooper 05/29/2022 (Sun) 19:05:07 No.6093 [Reply]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=9viSXP20deY Oh, shit.. is dat AHSOKA TANO??!
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>>6132 >Ahsoka was amazing since she was a little girl >all those seal's claps Disgusting.
A Dooku anthology seems appropiate knowing how utterly underdeveloped he is, but Ahsoka? She was essentially the protagonist of TCW already and is getting her very own series. Literally anyone else would have been better.
>>6149 But Dooku wasn't a strong independent woman who don't need no man. Have (((they))) made Ahsoka a dyke yet?
>>6150 I don't know about disney books/comics, but in the cartoons she is just a lonely hermit, that need a good dicking. And she is implyed dead at the end of the disney trilogy.

Open file (153.01 KB 455x596 read a book slimo.jpg)
Request thread Stormtrooper 01/01/2020 (Wed) 03:35:14 No.1487 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Request SW material you want like torrents, downloads, links or whatever of games, books, comics, etc.
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Open file (1.25 MB 1000x558 SSDscale.png)
Anyone got the Star Wars: The Official Figurine Collection issues by De Agostini? The mega only has issue #20.
Anyone know the best place to pirate Fallen Order from? fitgirl takes literal eons to install and codex doesn't work without fucking with the system clock
>>6119 >fitgirl takes literal eons to install Can't you wait a few eons? Because that is the one I was going to recommend.
>>6119 Why not pirate Jedi Academy instead? Won't take long and I'm sure it's better than Fallen Order.
>>6119 I donwloaded a game from here and my computer is not mining bitcoin, so I think is safe. https://repack-gam es.com/star-wars-jedi-fallen-order-free-download-v1/

>>6099 Given that the alternative was incompetant to the point it was easily overthrown by the destruction of three planets nearby each other despite having decades to rebuild, yeah Sheev did nothing wrong.
>Sheev Nope, that's Disney crap >Frank Augustus Cos Dantius Dashit Cosinga Palpatine Now... that's better, that's the good stuff >did nothing wrong But he did, his Endor trap was utterly retarded, guess 20 years snorting dark side stuff without nobody telling him to slow down fucked up his mind. At least during the Republic days he had to control the intake...
>>6102 It didn't matter if the trap worked or not, he only wanted Luke.
>>6105 >not whisked Luke away to Coruscant immediately, lock him in the Imperial Palace and then took all his sweet time to convert him >had to put some stupid show with the DS superlaser instead of using the full firepower of the imperial fleet stationed there together with the DS >even the junior navy officers facepalmed when ordered not to attack >his "entire legion of best troops" fell to some really stupid "disguise" deception and teddy bear tier tactics >they had to handwave the imperial fleet losing after DS destruction to some battle meditation BS even when they still had tactical superiority Nope. Palpatine got stupid and lazy after 20 years as emperor. Plagueis had to actually got drunk to be murdered, Palpatine got high on his own dark side farts or whatever
>>6113 The whole show of the DSII and his friends being in danger was necesary to convert him to the dark side. If he was successfull, the DSII destruction and everyone else dying would mean nothing, since having a new apprentince was more important.

Stormtrooper 05/16/2022 (Mon) 16:13:38 No.6055 [Reply]
Why is she such a slut, bros?
Because leftists really like sexualizing underage children.
>>6058 who doesn't? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
>>6055 Bratty Jeedai is in need of correction......!

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