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Open file (196.97 KB 870x594 ng'ok.png)
3D resp Stormtrooper 01/27/2020 (Mon) 05:12:37 No.2177
I'm working on something... Thoughts?
Open file (123.89 KB 846x530 kintan strider.png)
>>2177 Nice dejarik pieces.
Making a race based off the inhabitants of tumblr?
>>2179 Thanks, but its not actually meant to be a dejarik project. I'm doing a "creatures of the galaxy" thing to see how many animals and monsters from Star Wars I can make during my time off and hope others can use them as a resource for games, animations or whatever. If I make enough of them before my time's up, I might go the easy route and just make them part of a mod for some crappy Bethesda game. I'm working on a krayt dragon right now, and I'm thinking about making a greater krayt dragon after its done, but the vast number of legs has me concerned.
>>2184 Oh, neat. That's certainly a bit bigger in scope than the Dejarik table project I thought it was going to be. What you have so far is pretty impressive. Looking forward to seeing more.
The Greater Krayt Dragon's proving to be a bigger challenge than I thought.
Open file (147.80 KB 672x545 borhek.png)
The Greater Krayt Dragon's fifth pair of legs was proving to be a pain in the ass, so I decided to take a break from it for now and do a Borhek instead.
Open file (1.54 MB 1920x806 Grass Trekker.png)
Currently doing a Grass Trekker now. I'm also frustrated with the possibility that I might have to redo the Greater Krayt Dragon from scratch... Unless no one minds that it only has 8 legs. After I finish the Grass Trekker I'll take a crack at making a Gorax. And after that I'll be open to creature requests if anyone has any.
>>2273 I think no one but the most hardcore autists will notice that the number of legs would be off, I certainly wouldn't have. You're doing good work, Trooper, and I'm really impressed. Keep it up!
Open file (91.60 KB 799x589 Grass Trekker.png)
>>2280 Thanks. So far the Grass Trekker is turning out well, but its taking longer than I expected. So far its been about 5 hours. All the other models minus the Greater Krayt only took about 3 to 4 hours to finish.
Open file (108.87 KB 658x568 Grass Trekker.png)
Grass Trekker's done. On to the Gorax.
Open file (699.35 KB 956x590 Gorax.png)
Gorax is almost done. Just gotta make the arms hairier and finish up the feet. Also should I give it a bandolier made of skulls or not?
Open file (148.67 KB 590x689 Gorax.png)
Gorax is done. Now I'll be taking requests for anyone interested. Reminder that I'm only doing creatures and monsters right now. I may make an exception for some semi-sentient aliens though.
>>2298 How about Wraid? Or some of those tatooine enemies from super star wars? https://invidio.us/watch?v=cxBqGTh4LQU
Open file (147.69 KB 819x427 tuskcat.png)
>>2321 A Wraid should be easy enough. As for the SNES game, the scorpions and sandworms should be easy enough to do since I have a pre-existing reference to use as a basis. I could also probably make a Sarlaac too, but doing the beak mouth or worm mouth would be a pain in the ass. Also here's a Tusk Cat. It was easy enough to do since I had a pre-existing reference to go by.
Open file (153.45 KB 783x560 Wraid.png)
Open file (34.21 KB 340x444 340.jpg)
Open file (38.25 KB 594x409 latest.jpg)
>>2323 It took longer than I expected what with some unexpected turbulence on my end. But I should be done with the Wraid by tomorrow.
Open file (115.51 KB 723x535 kintan strider.png)
>>2178 Also I decided to redo the Kintan Strider's feet too.
I know nothing about 3-D modeling but this thread isn’t getting enough attention for all the autism you’re putting in. Cheers trooper.
Open file (256.80 KB 1140x387 Wraid Beta 1 & Beta 2.png)
I've made two versions of the Wraid. One with a carapace/shield on its head to resemble its KOTOR design and one without it and more detail on the face to resemble its updated design. Which one do you all prefer?
>>2401 I think I prefer the head carapace version honestly. Probably since it's the more familiar depiction to me.
Open file (454.52 KB 1241x586 Blurrg.png)
>>2435 Alright. Also I'm in the process of making a Blurrg. Feedback is appreciated.
Open file (52.78 KB 300x200 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2440 I always forget those came from the Ewok films. I've always associated them with those mounted clones from Galactic Battlegrounds. I swear the installer for that game had a render of them somewhere.
Open file (1.25 MB 1615x556 Blurrg.png)
Open file (30.94 KB 400x300 latest.jpg)
>>2441 Blurrg is done. Next I'll be tackling a Boar-wolf which may be more challenging since there aren't that many references, concept art or even clear pictures of it. But if anyone has any good HD pics of a Boar-wolf, I'd be grateful if you could share them.
I just want to say you're doing really great work here, anon.
Open file (1.32 MB 1596x760 Boar Wolf.png)
The head took a long time to get just right. Had to redo the whole thing 3 times. The body should hopefully be easier.
Open file (159.13 KB 756x552 Boar Wolf.png)
Boar-wolf is done. Any suggestions on what to do next?
Open file (319.86 KB 600x422 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2461 I know it's not as obscure as some of the other stuff you've done so far, but maybe an Acklay?
Open file (875.23 KB 1298x700 Choreamno.png)
>>2462 Acklay? Easy. Although the reason I'm focusing on obscure ones is because there's already plenty of 3D models online of the more popular aliens.
Open file (152.20 KB 740x594 Acklay.png)
>>2462 Oddly enough it only took me an hour to make but getting the digits on the claws just right took hours. Still needs more detail.
Open file (243.99 KB 1147x509 Sandscorpion.png)
>>2321 Just finished my first Super Star Wars enemy. The Sandscorpion. Since it turns into smaller scorpions when killed, I added baby scorpions over its body to show that maybe its young are very protective of their parent. Either that or the queen of the species has the smaller males constantly protecting her.
Open file (303.39 KB 1238x747 Acklay.png)
>>2473 Also the Acklay is fully baked and fresh out of the oven.
>>2482 Either that or the female always carries her babies with her. Whatever. Fuck it.
This is some great stuff. >>2298 >Reminder that I'm only doing creatures and monsters right now. That's a pity. I could go for some droid and vehicle renders. Otherwise I have some creature suggestions: -Ysalamiri -Vornskr -Voxyn -Hssiss -Gizka -Giant firaxan -Terentatek -Storm beast How long do you have to do this stuff? I may come up with more suggestions later only to come back to this thread and find that there's nobody home.
Open file (681.73 KB 1401x601 Divto.png)
Divto is done. >>2487 >How long do you have to do this stuff? Until March. >That's a pity. I could go for some droid and vehicle renders. Otherwise I have some creature suggestions: I could probably make an exception for a few droids I guess, but I hate doing vehicles. >Ysalamiri Easy. >Vornskr Easier. >Voxyn That's gonna be a tough one, but it shouldn't prove too hard if I use the Vornskr as a basis for it. >Hssiss So many symmetrical spikes... But since its essentially a spiky iguana and I already have an iguana model, it shouldn't be too hard to make. >Gizka Are there eyes just ears or big holes with eyes in them? >Giant firaxan Easy. >Terentatek Surprisingly not that hard. A Gundark would be more challenging though. >Storm beast I actually love those guys, but they might not work for my project, unless they can survive outside of Malachor V. Majority of these should be easy and only take about 3 or 4 days. But before I keep going, could anyone suggest some invasive species? Like those Gizka things which find their way everywhere? Or something like Banthas which show up on every planet?
Open file (158.08 KB 498x615 double gonk.jpg)
GNK power droid maybe?
>>2490 What happens in March? Will you come back after it's done? Are you going to put textures on any of these? >droid exception How about we get some Dark Troopers? Maybe even some hypothetical Phase IV Dark Troopers, but I don't know if you're up to trying original works. >invasive species I think gizka pretty well count as this, but I'm sure somebody will have something else. >I hate doing vehicles. Any particular reason for this?
Open file (87.69 KB 543x601 GONK.png)
>>2490 Basically just a block with buttons. So it was no real problem. >>2491 Business, maybe and yeah. Textures are a piece of cake. Dark Troopers really wouldn't fit into the project too well. Its too "natural" and in the middle of nowhere for them. >Any particular reason for this? Too much symmetry and neatness for my liking. I only plan 1 or 2 ships and that's just for crash sites.
>>2492 >the project What exactly is this project? It sounds like something more than just a collection of nice renders, though it seems that we'll be getting that too. >Dark Troopers really wouldn't fit into the project too well. OK, maybe some other kind of droid then. It seems like the droids you're looking for are either more avant-garde in appearance than your typical droid or something more utilitarian like the gonk droid that a ship might have for use in an emergency and therefore wouldn't look very remarkable. If it's something out of the ordinary that you're looking for, I'd recommend the X-1 Viper Automadon and the YVH droid. The World Devastators might also be considered if you want to try some vehicles because each Devastator is unique, as are the early model Mon Calamari cruisers and Yuuzhan Vong ships.
Open file (235.42 KB 411x370 Ckmzfe8WkAIourv.png)
>>2492 I love you
>>2489 Mynocks. I suppose sarlaccs probably count as invasive species since they apparently show up on any planet due to spreading through spores or whatever. Potentially that sandworm from jedi academy as well.
Open file (48.97 KB 432x126 ClipboardImage.png)
Realized I haven't seen these depicted much elsewhere. Vaapads don't get much reference other than a lightsaber fighting style, and Bursas are near non-existent outside the gungan campaign for galactic battlegrounds.
>>2506 Tauntauns may not be invasive but they have adapted to several different climates on different planets.
>>2507 Wampas also seem pretty adaptable thanks to genetic engineering according to Shadows of the Empire, since they've been commonly exported to other planets as animal labor or gladiators. There's even swamp wampas, jungle wampas, giant wampas, cave wampas and cliff wampas.
Open file (579.19 KB 1608x1146 Mynock.png)
Open file (731.57 KB 1440x539 Bordok.png)
Open file (243.45 KB 828x417 Derriphan.png)
Open file (1.08 MB 1470x559 Vorshak.png)
Open file (335.05 KB 923x313 Greater Krayt Dragon.png)
Some more finished ones so far and one attempt at trying to make the dumbest looking creature look somewhat less ridiculous. The Mynock was a huge pain in the ass because its wings just kept bugging out. Might have to redo it entirely since its such a nasty piece of crap.
Open file (1.04 MB 1224x676 Wampa.png)
Open file (481.95 KB 1062x477 Mynock.png)
>>2512 Fixed the little bastard.
>>2512 I don't recognize the bordok or vorshak. You're being very thorough about this. I didn't suggest the mynock or wampa because I wanted to go for things that don't already have lots of work done for them.
The Vorshak looks pretty good. If you start the Mynock over, you could try making the wings a bit larger, they look a bit small. Also, for curiosity's sake I'd like to see one or two models with a texture.
>>2513 I feel like that lightsaber needs replaced with a censored benis
Open file (414.23 KB 740x414 Ewok.png)
Open file (678.36 KB 1226x658 Blobbe.png)
Tremendous pain in the ass. Also if it wasn't obvious enough, the main setting is Endor. Initially I wanted to make it Ithor, but there's not enough sentient activity down there what with all the fucking hammerheads living in satellites.
Open file (1.28 MB 1630x573 Terentatek.png)
So far so good.
Open file (124.40 KB 723x591 Terentatek.png)
Just need to give it some teeth, eyes and more spikes.
>>2573 Looks like it could be a good model for the sanic movie
Open file (401.04 KB 290x253 Soynic.gif)
>>2573 It looks nice but the chin needs to be smaller and make the spikes more like horns so as not to invoke that Sonic the Hedgehog look. Then again you could use this model for some memes before changing it.
>>2552 You still haven't told us what the project is, but there were lots of other places you could have picked, like Dxun or Kashyyyk. >>2574 >>2577 Chuckles the Terentatek DLC when?
>>2579 Fuck, this is retarded, I feel like some autist would actually want this. I might kill myself from the cringe.
>>2579 Kashyyyk would never fucking do. I needed some place remote, super primitive and chock full of biodiversity from across the galaxy. Dxun would've been a nice choice except that while it does have a large range of dangerous creatures, it still pales in comparison to Endor's stupidly large number of invasive species, which is only possible thanks to all the space arks navigated by complete retards that kept crashing their over the millennia because of Endor's fucked up gravity. I initially wanted to use Ithor due to probably having even more biodiversity, but it wasn't remote enough and Ithorians are absolute "no fun allowed" pussies in regards to letting visitors go around fondling the moist green folds of their precious Mother Jungle. As for the project I already gave a gist about what it might be above before, Revanite. >>2184 Primarily, its just a bunch of SW 3D models of creatures that have never been done before to be used as free resources in whatever project anyone might ever want to make. Which is why I had to choose a planet with plenty of biodiversity from across the galaxy instead of just a lot of local fauna, since making models of only one planet's fauna would severely limit their usage. Secondly, if I finish up enough models in time (March is my deadline) I'll implement them into a mod for an easily modifiable game that converts the location to Endor. >>2579 >Chuckles the Terentatek DLC when? >>2580 >Fuck, this is retarded, I feel like some autist would actually want this. I might kill myself from the cringe. I refuse to do this. But thank you everyone for permanently ruining Terentateks for me. Now I can't unsee them as mutant Sega Hedgehogs.
I am not sure where i am in the internet. I have a neato server and would like to add some of these models as npcs.
>>2483 That is one purty Acklay.
Working with a group of developers to make star wars npcs a thing to rival the boss npcs out there. Iroconian#6255 on discord. Hoping your time is well invested.
Hi there, great work on these creatures. I've been looking everywhere for a 3D model of the mynock so I can convert it to a 3D-printable version. Are these available as files for download?
And also, it would be awesome if you could do one of the Orray, the creatures that the Geonosian picadors ride in the arena in Attack of the Clones.
Hey, I like making Legends stopmotions with action figures. I have always wanted to do a Star wars bounty hunter stop mo. Could I possibly download the model to the Borhek?
Where did these fags come from?
God damn bro I'm just trying to get some fuckin models. I tried to rip them from bounty hunter but I couldn't. Found your shit when I was looking up the first boss in Bounty Hunter. I'm not trying to piss you off. I make Stopmotions and I want to have some models.
Sorry if this gentile offends your toydarian greed.

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