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Open file (636.13 KB 1920x1080 1411594111053.jpg)
Separatist Canon: Writefaggotry Thread Stormtrooper 04/08/2020 (Wed) 07:58:23 No.2828
Welcome to the Sep Canon writefaggotry thread, here is where writers can go to contribute to the continuation to the old Expanded Universe. You can write, share, and check continuity in this thread. >What is Separatist Canon? Separatist Canon is an attempt by anons of this board to continue the Expanded Universe that was unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view) aborted by (((Disney))). As the torch has been handed to us as fans, we must abide by the the rules that the likes of Zahn, Luceno, Stover, and Reeves used to keep Star Wars alive during it's lull between the OT and PT. Thus we must establish ground rules so that we can hold ourselves to our predecessor's standards of quality. >Rule 1 - Don't contradict G-canon. The Saga is the base of this entire enterprise, and it is ultimately at the heart of everything we do. >Rule 2 - Work together to connect our stories together and keep our facts straight. The main strength of the Expanded Universe was its inter-connectivity and the collaboration behind many of it's writers to not just write stories but expand on the vision of a galaxy far, far away that George Lucas envisioned for us on the silver screen. Obscure references, loose ends, and the occasional retcon make our stories better and close to what was published before the Dark Times. >Rule 3 - No Disneyshit allowed. The very idea behind Separatist Canon is that we reject everything Disney has done to Star Wars, and what other people like Dave Filoni have done to the timeline. Therefore TCW (the 2008 series), all of it's tie-in material, and anything Disney has published since the buyout (yes this includes Tarkin and Marvel 108).
Open file (65.10 KB 308x382 SunGuard.png)
Anyways, since I made the thread I might as well contribute to it first. Since I myself have trouble writing narratives, I figured I could write an article in the style of Abel G. Pena's Hyperspace articles. Let's get started. The Crimson Robes - The Emperor's Royal Guard Despite popular conception, the Imperial Royal Guard's origins predates the establishment of the New Order itself, and was also intertwined with the Banite Sith Order. Forming out of a rebellion against Echani Command in 1153 BBY, the Thyrsians would fight against the Six Sisters (along with Begali). For centuries the Thyrsian people would wage war against the Echani for their independence. The rebel special forces became known as the Sun Guard, and fought several times against the Echani, until the Pact of Almera recognized Thyrsus's independence and the war concluded. The men of the Sun Guard, most of whom had been fighting for most of their lives, found themselves lost and out of work so many turned to mercenary work. They became bounty hunters, gladiators and guns for hire, eventually becoming rivals with the Mandalorians, developing a rivalry through many skirmishes. The most famous of these skirmishes came in 402 BBY, when the two groups were hired by rival claimants to Sintheti's Horned Throne and fiercely fought each other for three years. Stellar Legionnaires in heavy black armor and wielding their revered Thyrsian Pikes would fight in the cramped catacombs against dangerous Mandalorian warriors clad in beskar'gam fueling the groups hatred for one another. Over the centuries the Sun Guard would become obsessed with prophecy, that the galaxies salvation would lie in the "the son of suns". Attracting the attention of the Sith Lord Darth Plagueis, the Guard were hired to serve as guards to the Dark Lord's private retreat on Sojourn and began turning into a Sith-aligned cult. Eventually, Darth Sidious later orchestrated the ascension of Thull Wulain to the position of Supreme Sun Guardian (the highest position of the guard), who then swore allegiance to Sidious. Using them as his own personal guard and assassins, they were involved in covert operations, eliminating senators, obtaining Sith artifacts, and guarding his Coruscant lair during his bid for power. They also served as occasional sparring partners for Sidious's apprentice, Darth Maul, and some in the Guard were even considered as the prime clone template for the Grand Army of the Republic. However, despite the upper leadership of the Guard being Sith pawns, their mercenary attitude was still alive at the time of the Clone Wars. Several Sun Guard Legions were employed by the CIS and other clients during the war, such as the 2nd Sun Guard Legion, who were defeated by General Somahol during the Liberation of Wode, while other rogue Sun Guard Legions led a campaign against the rampaging Mystral Shadow Guard, pushing them back to their homeworld, Emberlene, and orbitally bombarding the planet. As the war dragged on and Palpatine's plans began moving to it's final stages, he arranged for his then apprentice Darth Tyrannus to dispatch Asajj Ventress to purge the group's mercenary elements and leaving only those who were strong or loyal to the Dark Lord. Many of the Guard's leadership, who were in on the purge, would survive and make up the top of the power structure of the Royal Guard following the Declaration of the New Order, with Thull Wulain becoming the first Sovereign Protector. (Part 1 of ???)
>Restarting this thread with only 7 posters on the entire board >This is actually a good day after the wreckage of 2 migrations Still, maybe this will help get people to come back. We used to be pretty consistently in the top 5 with at least 20 people here most days. One of the things we talked about was excluding any time travel from the sepcanon. I had a couple of ideas for the TOR thread that used it, but nobody else seemed to like it. I'm fine leaving them out if it makes it easier for the actual writers. On the other hand, the entire concept of making your own separatist canon is like a timeline fighting another timeline to be recognized as the true timeline, and I mentioned that in the last thread. On the subject of other banned things, I can understand a hard ban on Disney's garbage because it explicitly overwrites the old EU and it's just plain shitty anyway, but the TCW series is at least nominally intended to fit in the old canon even if they didn't do a terribly good job of it. I wouldn't be against remaking the entire CW era using some of the concepts from all the disparate media set in this era and making a more cohesive whole of it to make it fit better with the rest of the EU, especially since it's already established as a thing outside of this material. My problem with the TCW series is its lack of an overarching storyline. I wanted to at least have them use the Dark Reaper project from the TCW GCN/Xbox vidya for something and maybe some other tie-ins to other works from the period, but we didn't get so much as one fucking fighter tank, just a 5-second cameo from Delta Squad. I'm also not quite clear on how you're going to do this when both RecAnon and the 200 ABY guy are absent. RecAnon has come back after breaks, but the 200 ABY poster hasn't been seen in over a year.
Open file (896.89 KB 1471x409 chart.PNG)
>>2830 >time travel Outside of existing examples in canon, time travel should be banned. The only way time travel can be accomplished is being in stasis for prolonged periods, a hyperspace accident sending you forward in time, or viewing events past and future shatterpoints through the Force without being able to interact. And even then I don't want it too common because the setting isn't built for it. >the entire concept of making your own separatist canon is like a timeline fighting another timeline to be recognized as the true timeline It's not my own timeline, the idea is that the whole board collaborates to make more Star Wars content using the old EU as a base, since Disney will fuck up any "Legends" content or Star Wars in general. We work with each other and follow the rules the old author's follow to fill in the existing gaps in the timeline, close open plot threads, and maybe use our autism to create new works. >but the TCW series is at least nominally intended to fit in the old canon even if they didn't do a terribly good job of it The thing about TCW is not only does it not fit with the timeline of the EU, it doesn't follow with the films which is a big no-no. Filoni only got away with it because he Lucas's name stamped on the credits. In addition to that too much of subsequent material relies on references on novels, comics, and games that TCW decanonizes and even if you adjust the dates to fit TCW content in it takes out most of the books and comics in that time period while evaporated the connection to later material. However, I think the best approach to take is to leave stuff from TCW that is referenced in later works (Mortis in Fate of the Jedi, TCW vehicles appearing in several comics) and recanonize them with our own rewrites that fit better with both the EU and the saga, while leaving the stupid shit behind like Anakin taking an apprentice 2 weeks/months after Geonosis or Darth Maul somehow surviving being cut in half and falling down a plasma reactor shaft.
>>2829 >They became bounty hunters, gladiators and guns for hire, eventually becoming rivals with the Mandalorians, developing a rivalry through many skirmishes. >becoming rivals >rivalry >MRW It makes a nice summary, though your prose needs some work. Do you mean to go in-depth on each part of their history in subsequent posts?
>>2831 An image that isn't for ants.
>>2832 >tfw missed that shit too howembarassing.png Ah well, I'll be archiving and editing this anyway so we can distribute it as a pdf file. The idea for each part is to take a look at the history in bite sized chunks, Part 1 going over the Pre-Imperial origins and Part 2 covering the Imperial Era until the Imperial Civil War. Then it will all be compiled into one article.
>>2830 >On the other hand, the entire concept of making your own separatist canon is like a timeline fighting another timeline to be recognized as the true timeline, and I mentioned that in the last thread. I see it more as purging the canon of corrupt, contradictory elements. one should be able to look up Star Wars material without having to mentally block out Disney/Filoni cancer. given that they had the gall to shift the dating system to The Force Awakens, it's more important than ever to set up a proper Star Wars canon. this makes it more convenient to navigate the real stuff, and helps emphasize the difference between Star Wars and Disney Wars. >but the TCW series is at least nominally intended to fit in the old canon even if they didn't do a terribly good job of it. Filoni is proto-Disney and should be proscribed. that said, if you want to borrow ideas/events/etc from TCW, this should be allowed, provided you discard the rest, and weave the borrowed material into separatist canon.
Open file (961.43 KB 1000x1534 1448184311412.png)
>>2860 >Filoni is proto-Disney No, it isn't. That said, TCW breaks too much canon to be considered canon, but is still enjoyable. Much like, as in the OP, Tarkin (wait, was Marvel 108 good?) is non-canon, being published after the buyout, it's still worth reading on its own merits. Only a fool forgoes content, or only consumes content, because of superfluous details such as where it came from, or if it was made for little girls or male adults.
>>2828 I remember there being a decent argument for the Exile being male. Does anyone remember what it is? Quite frankly I can't see the Exile being anything other than male and it is really frustrating that the Exile is considered female because of an off-hand remark in a guide book (speaking of which, is the guide book actually a good, legitimate source for fans or is it something like a throw-away book you'd give to kids at a Scholastic book fair?).
I miss 200 ABY anon.
>>3047 Iirc, female exile was from some card game.
Open file (134.40 KB 574x730 NOT for ants.jpg)
Open file (10.56 KB 259x194 FOR ants.jpg)
Open file (138.45 KB 1200x680 NOT for ants2.jpeg)
>>3101 cringe >>3047 That's my argument and any sane person's argument. The Male Exile is clearly the superior choice for a variety of reasons >Space Jesus Best looking model in the game, don't @ me faggots that dress as ladies and dance for big slug trannies, that's gay >Men are better than women There's an entire book about it written by a formerly cool guy that's a huge dickhead >Atris Atris' relationship with the Male exile is mariana trench deep in comparison to the shallow retard drivel for the female one, the male Exile actually had a relationship (probably not fucking but teetering awful close to that level) and it wounded Atris deeply when he decided to go save the Galaxy rather than sleep with her, they were extremely close in every way prior to the Mandalorian Wars, giving a massive emotional background to their reunion on Telos and completely explains all the otherwise unwarranted vitriol she shows for you Female exiles get some shit about "she loved you... AS A CHAMPION! you were everything she couldn't be" So in this case we have to pick between a scorned lover or a woman pissed off her role model did stuff she herself wouldn't do. You choose >Handmaiden The Handmaiden is the single most important part of this. The handmaiden is male gamers ONLY, and she is 20x more important to the story than the fucking Disciple who's boring as fuck and a chore to listen to. The Handmaiden is the daughter of Kreia (Arren Kae + Traya = Kreia, plus Kreia does her best to avoid her and if you look at their faces they're awful similar, one's just wrinklier) which is an important connection to the MOST IMPORTANT companion in the game, Kreia, (second only maybe to ya boy Atton) plus the Handmaiden is connected to Atris, one of the antagonists, and the Handmaiden has a fucking arc. She goes from being a cunt to you to being curious about you to willingly handing you said vulgar term for vulgar thot stuff, she opens up to you out of her curiosity for you and because you have answers she seeks about the Force and all that And when she decides to be trained by you it's actually important because it has an impact on the story, leading to Atris' hate for her which ends up being another straw on Atris' camel face, I mean back, that helps her along to snapping and falling to Kreia's influence. The disciple has NONE of that And then there's Kavar, your old master/not master, who's relationship with the male Exile seems much more like a father-son one (With TSL installed you get extra dialogue) where the female Exile's too busy dancing for a hutt to care about saving the Galaxy Then there's the promo art, which shows a male exile EVERY SINGLE FUCKING TIME The Male Exile's story is much more fleshed out because of the relationships he has with NPCs and the unique companion to the gender in the form of the Handmaiden, who destroys the Disciple because he's boring and shit and hamfisted into the female story because Obsidian didn't know what to do with her because the male one was just so fleshed out
You know, this thread might be just the place to discuss the Winry Models, Sethuryans, and Ecathoms. Bumpan to poke at later.
>>3856 Oh god the Ecathoms, I suppose I should work on them some more and post what I have shared then. I originally realized that an ion based anti-starfighter frigate would work wonders for anti-piracy as a non-lethal alternative to simply blasting every smuggler or blockade runner there was. I also then realized just how skilled the gunners on the Devastator were as to not accidently blow up the Tantive IV and how bad that could have been if they had. In response to this, I studied how the stetting lays out ship statistics and what would be a realistic design within the setting. The end result was what I dubbed the Pilum class Frigate, a 310 meter long frigate, with a large array of ion weapons and a fighter compliment. Having done this, I then set about writing what originally suppose to be some background fluff, but owing to copious amount of alcohol and autism, ended up becoming not just an entire species, a but a small stellar empire comparable in size to the Hapes Consortium. I ended up deciding to make them as associated with ion weaponry as the Mon Calamari are for shielding technology. Searching for some inspiration, I eventually settled on making a moth humanoid species, taking the scientific name for the Imperial Moth, Eacles Imperialis, and mixing it up until I was happy. taking a bit of a wild swing here, I ended up creating a history of them spanning from the times of the Rakatan Infinite Empire all the way to the aftermath of the Yuzhan Vong War. I also found a good spot in the galaxy to put them where they would be out of the way and not drastically affect the setting in such a way where they would cause any radical changes, Putting them Galactic Northwest of Coruscant, directly south of the Redoubt. Would /sw/ mind if I sperged on them here for the anons here to judge if they should be in this separatist canon? I realize that they are a tad bit out there in comparison to the rest of the more grounded creations here, but I feel as if they could fit regardless.
>>3862 Well,i personally have no problem with that..still who am i to decide. >>3102 Anon makes good points for the exile to be male and i too have always considered that to be the "cannon" of SWKOTR >>2828 I think there are some stuff from the 2008 series we can savage and considerer cannon, atleast most stuff prior to season seven that is. Just because the Mouse stole it, dosent mean we shouldnt be able to use it ourselves.
Open file (20.39 KB 286x479 Sun Guard.jpg)
>>2829 Ah the Sun Guard, one of my favorit "mercenary" militia faction in all of SW, sad that there isnt a lot of stuff for them. Still, i wonder how most of the star wars prequels would have played out if they went with the sun guard as the template for the GAR...
>>3864 >Ah the Sun Guard, one of my favorit "mercenary" militia faction in all of SW, sad that there isnt a lot of stuff for them. The Sun Guard and Jensaari deserved more love tbh
>>3862 I'd love to hear about them. No sense in making something if you don't share it, right?
Just a tidbit. The Zann Consortium advances their research with Ysalimary and develops a form of special forces. Each trooper is equipped with a fully enclosed set of body armor, armored nutrient harness with accompanying ysalimari and a personal stealth field generator. En masse these troops create a large force neutral zone and are a dangerous threat to any force sensitive individual and many other opposing forces. They are also equipped with personal shields instead of stealth and assigned to heavily populated areas such as spaceports in order to prevent subversive assets such as Jedi from infiltrating their areas of operation.
>>3989 FOC got Ysalmiri wrong. They looked like Kath hounds ripped straight from Kotor instead of being the hound sized salamanders they really were in canon.

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