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Open file (828.24 KB 1864x731 goodbye.png)
Goodbye Star Wars. Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 00:53:35 No.2959
It is the end of an era, the final bastion of pre-disney wars comes to an end today, and on may 4th of all days, which is appropriate i suppose. Say what you want about the Clone Wars but it was the final remnant of the old Star Wars, the bridge between the old and new, and with it's conclusion comes the conclusion of the old good ways. It was a little disappointing to be honest. The ending gave off this vibe of hopelessness and sorrow and like something good has come to an end. Which is fitting because it is true, both in their universe and in real life, so that's it, that is the end of the old Star Wars. It's gone now forever… I don't mean to sound like a dramatic soyboy faggot over a fictional universe, but yeah that is the end of pre-disney Star Wars. whether you were one of the first to see it in the theaters those 42 years ago or you grew up with the prequels It has been a wild ride and an honour anons. I know i am going to sound like a fucking cringelord for what i am about to say but i thought it would be the only proper way to sign off and say goodbye to a franchise that filled our childhoods with joy. May the force be with you, always.
Open file (599.92 KB 1198x668 1567563348109.png)
>>2959 I despise TCW, but the fact that TCW Season 7 and The Mandalorian were some of the best things about new canon, along with Tarkin and the new Thrawn trilogy, is pretty damning to the Disney era. Where Star Wars was a license to print money as much as 5 years ago, now the (((chosen parasite))) have sucked the life dry of the Golden Goose. People aren't even mad anymore, they just don't care. Every conceivable thing about Star Wars from the ships, the lightsaber duels, the soundtrack, and most importantly the characters have been twisted and mangled into something monstrous and ugly. Piece by piece, every film, comic, book, and video games have consistently undermined the legacy of George Lucas. Now it's in the gutter and future generations won't care, only autismos like us who remember when it was good will care.
Open file (71.19 KB 181x185 1479882094868.png)
>>2959 >Say what you want about the Clone Wars but it was the final remnant of the old Star Wars That's debatable. A lot of the original scripts went unadapted and Filoni edited and changed these considerably from what they originally were. Only episodes that even remotely resembled their original depiction were the Bad Batch, and even those were censored to a degree while the following arcs were completely changed from the ground up. They even made Ahsoka on par with Maul ffs and even had her beat Maul unarmed. And all of that is without mentioning that they kept adding references to Disney stuff via namedrops and cameos. They also screwed over the voice actor who was going to play Ahsoka's deleted male companion.
Open file (66.16 KB 640x640 let go.jpg)
The one bright side to this chaotic shitfest is that most of the faggots I know are saying that they can stop pretending to give a fuck about Disney.
>>2964 Every one will abandon the franchise, the EU fans hate it, the OT Boomers hate it, the Reylos hate it, the Ahsokafags hate it, the Karens will abandon it after the Baby Yoda meme becomes stale, and then the progressives will abandon it when the franchise becomes irrelevant and produces no cultural capital to carry on their agenda.
>Say what you want about the Clone Wars but it was the final remnant of the old Star Wars No it wasn't. Filoni wars was two steps away from the shitshow that is Disney wars.
>>2959 Asshoecunt's adventure with the mexican drug dealers was boring trash and those two can't voice act for shit, probably because they're real mexicans. Episode 11 was ruined with that "I am the force" shit from disneywars. Also, I never realised how much asshoecunt looks like a nigger
Open file (71.19 KB 300x301 mp.jpg)
The final season of TCW was bad, the tone was all over the place and you could feel the Story Group's hands in the narrative, Disney and Furloni have turned the show into Ahsoka Wars because they desperately want her to be the face of the brand. That said, the last two episodes were pretty good and I really like the visuals and the atmospheric synths for the soundtrack. I wish they would make a kino show like that but it won't happen. We all know what is coming: another Space Aladdin animated show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJrEkTEkE4Q
Why did you post this thread on /co/?
>>2976 Indeed.
>>2978 I thought it would fit there as well.
Do any of you realize the resurgence in love the Prequels and old SW have been getting? You're hardly alone, even if those people still like most of what Filoni has done and/or the occasional Disney product like Fallen Order. Don't pretend you're the underdog. Being the underdog is like being the Rebels, and that's gay. You have the numbers, so be the Empire, the overdog, so to speak.
Sorry i forgot to put this in the thread but i may as well add it here. Vader walking away from the helmet symbolizes to me of walking away from the old ways. Both in their universe and in real life. In my point of view. Perhaps it was unintentional but that is how i took it.
>>2986 Of course we are not the rebels in this situation. We are Naboo it´s also gay I know and the ones screwing us are the equivalent here to the (((Trade Federation))). These ones with the allowance of the governments to push this craps and save them with the money of all if they see the Phantom menace of bankrupting for the failure of their products. >>2988 They still hammering us with that crap of "let the past die, destroy it if you must" in hopes that we will be forced to accept their OC crap. Probably that´s what the mouse was trying to telling us with that shitty ending.
>>2989 Yes that is probably what the cunts were going for, fuck them, legends is cannon and disneyshit will always be nothing but fanfiction.>>2989
Open file (1.07 MB 1280x854 lucas_stupefaction.png)
>>2959 >>2974 Speaking of "fedora-tippers" and "cringelords", the fag pseud Canuck is back at it again with pseudo-intellectual /lit/ nigger faggotry. Watch it and maybe you'll learn something! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-a7x5N2eVFE https://invidio.us/watch?v=-a7x5N2eVFE
>>2991 >the fag pseud Canuck is back at it again with pseudo-intellectual /lit/ nigger faggotry. I don't want to vomit today.
Open file (495.05 KB 500x375 MrW5mUX.gif)
>>2991 Honestly you're being overly negative. The guy does a good job at explaining his hypnosis and how it relates to starwars.
Open file (9.16 KB 255x373 nipah~.png)
>>2994 Honestly I'm not. You don't know him like I do. I showed him and made that point about learning something precisely because he is still worth watching some of. But I insulted him because he's still an ass. And a frog-Canuck.
>>2994 *Not to mention >unironically suggesting that yidsney/Abrams/Rian had any idea how the Star Wars universe works
>>2991 I don't want to derail this thread any further and frankly if everyone wants to discuss his faggotry a thread dedicated to it would serve better perhaps but did he starve himself again for this shit? I haven't kept up with him since he made the god awful trap video, but it feels like his pretentiousness got even worse since then with 2nd pic related. Granted I only half paid attention to the video when it released since I had to deal with other shit at the same time, but I could at least pick up when he was spouting bullshit (Grey sith being another example). Couldn't do a full critique of it right now. Granted, nothing will ever touch the levels of shit that the loli video did with how he took an argument that is simple to do, and completely fucked it up with bringing 3DPD shit into the argument, using Zizek bullshit to give a justification, and then ranting about the DemoD video for no real reason.
Where did Filoni even come from? I never heard a peep about him before TCW.
Open file (11.25 KB 480x360 fanta & sperm.jpg)
>>2976 >Space Aladdin animated show indeed. friendly reminder, if you fellow nigger faggots haven't already been ready to move once the webring shuts down, cruise over to https://8chan.moe cheers
>>3035 What?
>>3035 Julay is keeping /sw/. Also that shit hole is run by Mark.
>>3035 Get gone, vulture.
Star Wars is not gone. It is not over. You'll see, it'll be back, grown from the culture of true fans. A better theme park than disney can make, with sabacc and Twi'lek dancers. I'm still going to make it happen.
>>3037 nice, i was mistaken about julay, i thought all of the sites were getting shut down. thanks for clarifying
>>3039 Ah, I remember you. After all, you do play enough Roller Coaster tycoon to know what you're doing, right?
>>3034 Avatar: The Last Airbender: Book One: Water. For some reason, people with anime avatars (heh) tend to hate on it I suspect because they tend to react to things on emotion, e.g. "it's an anime-like so it's shit", but it's actually really decent. Not perfect, but unlike TCW—which although could be absolutely amazing when it wanted to be good (never mind obvious EU ass-rapage), could be pretty shitty when it didn't—its bad episodes were at least "okay". I don't know how much influence Filoni had on it, however, and the question of George's influence on TCW is something I'm curious about in turn, as well as why Filoni only directed episodes in the first Book and not the other two. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Avatar:_The_Last_Airbender_episodes
>>3012 I also do not wish to derail the thread, but I don't think he starved himself this time. But, how did you know he fasts?
>>3049 I just know too much about his retardation. Let's leave it at that.
>>2959 >I don't mean to sound like a dramatic soyboy faggot over a fictional universe go ahead and feel something for it anon, you're allowed to be passionate about things you enjoyed, we wouldn't all be here if it didn't mean something to all of us
>>3051 Petsnew? Well, if you are Petsnew, I hope you're doing well.
>>3053 I'm not the anti-gun BR, but you are half close in the sense that I know about his twatter account. But I haven't kept active tabs on him in over a year, and I only checked on what stupid shit he was saying again because of the new video. Hell at this point the only reason I'd care about what he says is if he gets off his ass and makes a higurashi video where he gets everything about it wrong.
>>3046 Damn right. I've run into some hurdles but haven't given up. It may take a decade though. Hopefully disney will be dead by then, or at least have relinquished their grip on Star Wars. It'll be a fun place.
>>2959 >the final bastion of pre-disney wars kys furfag
Star Wars will live on, but it's up to us the anons to carry the torch. hopefully we can re-organize, and at least get Baobab Archives up and running finally (ie a SW wiki with no Disney allowed).
>>2962 >They also screwed over the voice actor who was going to play Ahsoka's deleted male companion.
>>5216 Feloni selfinserted in a episode as a non-white mechanic scoundrel that would be a romantic interest to Ahsoka. When the episode finally aired in muunikeney+, they deleted that character and added the most retarded niggers. It was the longest and awful arc of the whole show.
>>5217 As hard as it is to believe, Clown Wars had waaay worse arcs than the Chicano Sisters trip. This one was tiresome and a waste of time, but at the end of the day completely innocuous. Then you have other episodes that are just as tiresome and awful, but also happen to be fundamental to the series and Star Wars as consequence
>>3619 Based Tortanic chad.
>>5223 Is been a while since I saw the Clown Wars, which arcs were worse than the nigger sisters? Ignoring the damage they make to canon.
>>5230 >literally everything to do with Mandalore >literally everything to do with Dathomir >literally everything to do with Maul >literally almost everything to do with Padme >Mortis
>>5232 I said ignoring the canon shenanigans.
>>5234 Yup.
Open file (138.01 KB 1280x540 70588.jpg)
>>5232 >>5241 >Mandalore I prefer to watch a planet full of white people than 2 retarded Koruns >Dathomir What is wrong with purging women? >Maul Poor Maul he deserved better, but I would still watch him suffer than 2 Koruns >Mortis What is wrong with Mortis? It had beautiful sights, pic related. >Padme What happened to her? I don't remember anything about that.
Open file (88.91 KB 570x735 disappoint.jpg)
>>5246 >animators give her a boob window >no cleavage
Open file (36.90 KB 500x500 C1WnZA7UkAAKO6V.jpg)
>>5246 Mortis will never not come off as the dumbest fucking thing I have seen in my life. It's basically the sparkledog of Star Wars. >what if we took this unknowable, fundamental Force of the universe and personified it into a nuclear family? >my Light Side Force goddess OC donut steel who can turn into a griffin!!1 >my Dark Side God who literally cries blood is so misundetood! It’s just his nature, it’s not his choice he has to be like that1!!! <shoots Dark Side rays that automatically turn you evil on the spot >he is called the Father because Anakin doesn't have a dad. Do you get it. Do you fucking get it. >acksually, both the Jedi and Sith are equally wrong. Are we going to provide any substantial reasoning to justify this cause? Nah. <literal YingYang symbology in the middle of a sci-fi setting full of aliens >let's undermine Anakin's entire moral dilemma in RoTS because the orange Wesley Crusher needs to have the personification of the Light Side stuck inside of her >ah but don't worry, we made them forget everything that just happened! Except not really lol
>>5296 >Filoni's The Clone Wars will never not come off as the dumbest fucking thing I have seen in my life. It's basically the sparkledog of Star Wars. ftfy
>>5296 >Mortis will never not come off as the dumbest fucking thing I have seen in my life. They were used again in the Rebels cartoon along side Felony fursona.
>>5296 Didnt they used those Mortis guys in the latest EU books linking it to that Abeloth creature? It's not so hard to deal with those. They are just Force manifestations/aliens strong with the Force with delusions of divinity. The mere fact they were planet bound proves that they were not that powerful or important. Darth Nihilus was a much powerful entity.
>>5304 Yea the mortis family are easy to deal with and make salvageable since the last book has them not actually be the Force itself unlike in TCW. So there's that. Still the whole Mortis arc like most of TCW was just plain badly written. And the whole evil Ahsoka thing was just so terrible and hokey. Even Anakin's vision of his own future was like a lamer version of the one from Genndy Wars.
>>2959 So long and thanks for all the space fish and grogs.

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