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Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
Open file (240.36 KB 360x450 Grand Bog Vaiken.png)
>>3198 Quick rundown on this?
>>3199 The eceleb has been basically making this same video every 2 days or so - https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=OajtFYNtk78 Though we would all like something like this to happen, this is not how companies work and it's just preaching to the choir. Yidsney would never admit a mistake.
I used to enjoy Doomcock's content back when it was real popular to bash TLJ, he seemed to be the voice of reason and his no-compromise stance appealed to me. But after TRoS came out and died with a whimper, a lot of these Fandom Menace channels started reporting any stupid rumor as truth (despite their disclaimers) to keep the shekels rolling in. Remember, alot of these guys had a boner for Filoni despite his canon-wrecking bullshit, still hate the prequels, and don't give a fuck about the EU or what happened to it in 2014. These consoomers walked right up to the theater and gave JJ Abrams money to defile our dreams. And now they want you to buy their TLJ t-shirts and give them money. Fuck these grifters.
>>3205 Exactly. All these ragetubers are fencesitters who only criticize NuWars in this instance because it triggered their manchild nostangia autism, not for any actual reasons. I've yet to see a single fucking "sequels critique video" from anyone that even addresses - let alone criticizes - the fact that NuWars exists solely to cram as many wommyn, niggers and other mutts in them for virtue points. They can't say it despite it being so fucking blatant because they are themselves leftyshits. Every time they bring up some woke stunt casting they always have to remark how they in fact love strong wommyn and niggers, and how this strong wommyn or a nigger from another film is actually great!
>>3207 >Every time they bring up some woke stunt casting they always have to remark how they in fact love strong wommyn and niggers, and how this strong wommyn or a nigger from another film is actually great! Funny enough that even doing all that faggotry the "people" that defend nuSW will still call them sexist, racist, transphobe, pedophobe, alt-right, nazi, trump supporter or varying combinations of those.
>>3208 Even funnier is that people who defend NuWars didn't watch Star Wars and most likely didn't watch NuWars either.
>>3198 He is so full of it. I used to like him when he used to just do reviews or share news. Now all he ever does is make fake clickbait and talk about his popularity and subscribers. He's just another e-celeb faggot now. It'd be nice if what he said was true, but anything he says usually isn't. So in a way, he's just jinxing it. >>3207 Most of these ecelebs also used to suck Disney dick and loved the crap out of garbage like The Farce Engorges until it was no longer popular to do so. Only one out of all these youtubers who started this Fandom Menace nonsense who actually hated Disney and the sequels from the start were E;R and World Class Bullshitters.
>>3212 The bandwagoning is indeed palpable. All these faggots, most of whom are shills anyway, were singing praises to Cuck Awakens, heralding it as a masterclass and "better than the prequels". A lot of them even defended the Last Jewdie. Now you routinely see them group all NuWars as bad, disappointing etc., because of the growing popularity of ragetuber ecelebs who shit on the NuWars as their day job.
>>3215 That Geeks & Gamers guy also used to defend TLJ until he realized it was costing him subscribers.
>>3217 >Geeks & Gamers Pure soy cringe, have him filtered.
Is there any video guy worth speaking of who doesn't think Filoni the best thing since sliced bread?
>>3224 No. All video guys are tasteless lefty soys.
>>3224 The ones that don't generally aren't making clickbait videos about the latest disney shit.
Open file (94.51 KB 862x138 1.png)
Open file (104.61 KB 862x138 2.png)
Open file (86.04 KB 862x138 3.png)
These fags are the other end of the spectrum. Constant videos about "Disney is in trouble guys! Any day now!" are as cringy as anyone unironically liking the SoyWars.
>>3232 The ones that don't generally aren't making any videos tbqhwy.
>>3233 >Is Disney in SERIOUS Trouble? >? Will Disney World CLOSE Again? >? Forced to SELL OFF Asia Them Parks?! >? >Rumored Not a single definitive statement. I get that they want yidsney to eat shit, but unless something actually happens they're kinda just setting themselves and people that listen to them up for disappointment when (((they))) bail out one of their favorite propaganda makers.
>>3251 Yeah the Mouse is just too big to fail sadly.
>>3251 So far (((they))) haven't many attempts at a bailout just yet and the pussies in the White House seem hesitant about it for once what with this China deal. But apparently Disney at least lost 5 billion the other day. Not much though.
>>3224 Only one who doesn't suck Filoni cock in any particular way is RK Outpost. He's also the only one who hates Ahsoka despite viewer backlash.
>>3261 5 billion isn't bad. They know there's more to come.
>>3207 ok sjw
>>3275 What? Are you retarded or something?
Open file (119.07 KB 591x673 doomcuck.png)
>>3199 Doomcock is an alcoholic youtuber who makes up "leaks" and insider infos. He's like Mike Zeroh except that people believe his bullshit. The guy claimed several times that Alex Kurtzman was fired from CBS in 2018, that STD was cancelled after the second season, that "Star Trek Picard" would be a miniseries, that the animated show "Lower Decks" didn't exist (it got released today), etc.
>>3281 Sounds like he just wants to look important.
>>3207 Critical Drinker is someone I have seen mention the wokeness before but it's pretty milquetoast.
>>3285 Critical Drinker is one of the more tolerable ragetubers - which isn't saying much - since he at least has a decent gimmick of a drunk Scotsman and doesn't just read news articles or sits before a camera to give you his hot take.
Open file (1.37 MB 1423x609 y6.png)
>>3296 It's funny that this rumor is circulating now. I remember sharing that view of the future of Hollywood on 8ch a couple of years ago. To me, it's going to be like this: >no more new actors >the actors who are currently in the business and are making successful blockbusters will sign some kind of contract to 3D scan their face so that it could be saved and used in future productions after they're gone. >Hollywood will only hire voice actors who can emulate the voices of famous actors and do the mocap/facial animation. We saw it in Rogue One, it wasn't perfect but the technology is here. Imagine if they make new movies with Peter Cushing, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Audrey Hepburn , John Wayne, Dean Martin, etc.
>>3298 Sure. It's just that we're saddled with creatively bankrupt people to direct it right now.
>>3298 The problem isn't that they're gonna do it but that it's all gonna be mega pozzed garbage about niggers and faggots. CGI Harrison Ford can't say no to sucking big black dick on screen for diversity.
>>3276 says the sjw
>>3310 Do you even know what theat word mean you absolute retard?
Open file (116.50 KB 862x138 Screenshot_2020-08-11.png)
>>3321 >"insiders" >refuses to check if the so-called "insider" is actually an employee or just a random 4chan anon who is fucking with him
Open file (143.64 KB 1710x900 download.jpeg)
>>3304 /thread. And in case anyone is wondering if this stuff can really be done, we were already doing it successfully back in the '00's. Anon here knows exactly where it's all going to be driven by the globalists. >t. professional Character TD www.ted.com/talks/ed_ulbrich_how_benjamin_button_got_his_face
>>3324 There are no insiders, he just reads shit off the imageboards himself.
>>3328 Even imageboards have more accurate info than Doomcock. I honestly suspect he just makes shit up as he goes along.
>>3328 >>3344 No question that the stronk, independynt Kennedy is poison to everything xir touches though. It's an easy dog whistle to blow for Doomcuck.
>>3346 That's true. You can pretty much say anything you want and some of it will ring true eventually just because of the sheer number of retarded things Kennedy has done.
Just another clickbaiter with "super real" leaks from "super secret totally legit" sources.
>>3251 I would say that Disney is in trouble financially. The closure of the parks for 6 months was an economic hit for them and with everything being pushed back due to corona, they had no new streams of revenue. But in comes Disney+, people will actually pay $50 a month, even some of these fandom menace guys will pay just so they can make videos about it. That's what steadied the company I think. The other news however, is that Disney was forced to take out more loans to cover the interest payments of the debt in the short term. It'll be interesting to see how/when they pay that back now that the parks have partially reopened.
>yeah dudes, Favro is totally on our side. Mandalorian is such a great property xD
>>3377 >"Favreau watched my videos guise" Jesus Christ, he's pulled the same schtick with Kurtzman. The guy thinks that Kurtzman throws a tantrum everytime someone mentions Doomcock.
>>3377 >a bold and innovative new production approach Am I the only one that's hoping the second season of the mandalorian is a complete shit show stuffed with woke shit just so I can enjoy the tears of all these retards that were so quick to suck Favro's cock just because his show wasn't as bad as the nuTrilogy?
>>3382 Yeah he has classic eceleb syndrome. >>3385 I didn't watch the first season so I couldn't care less about the second.
>>3385 Going with the CY+6 normalfag standards, they will hate it if they do something retarded like in the last season of game of thrones.
>>3377 All these idiot youtubers have been doing the same thing. This should be more than proof that Doomcock doesn't believe anything he himself says and only just parrots what people want to hear for more views. The guy's disgusting.
>>3393 You can actually make good case that he's a Yidsney shill that's shilling for Mandalorian, a new ongoing property, by shitting on the already done and therefore irrelevant NuWars.
>>3394 I don't think he's a disney shill. He was shitting on the nuTrilogy while it was still ongoing and disney would have a lot more to lose by those doing poorly then the mandalorian. I think the cock sucking Favro gets is because the show isn't a complete dumpster fire like the movies and they want to show that they don't just hate SW, so they latch onto it like it's a return to form despite the show being mediocre at best.
>>3396 >He was shitting on the nuTrilogy while it was still ongoing Planted in advance when they knew the Soyquels were flopping.
>>3394 He hates the Mandalorian. I remember him being drunk, saying that he wanted Baby Yoda to die. Ironic since he has only watched the first 5 minutes of the first episode and he already had a final opinion on the show. He's doing the same thing with the Lower Decks show, a Star Trek spin-off. He makes 2 or 3 hour streams based on the first 5 minutes of each episode, just to say how much he hates the show. He has become a joke.
>>3397 >Planted in advance A little on the conspiratorial side. But that doesn't mean you're wrong. When did he start shitting on the nuTrilogy? If he sucked TFA's cock and then started shitting on TLJ when it shit the bed, I can definitely see why you'd think he was a plant.
>>3397 >implying Iger's Disney-Lucasfilm thinks that far ahead
>>3412 >Implying Yids don't scheme
>>3418 >implying that they scheme competently
>>3423 If they couldn't scheme competently "muh six gorillian" wouldn't hold so much weight in so many countries.
>>3425 You forgot that they had help with that. A very self-interested, star-spangled help. To say nothing of virtually all factions within Germany turning against Magic Mustache Man by the end.
>>3423 >They are so incompetent they run the world.
>>3427 They run shit because they are allowed to. "You get the Jews you deserve," so the saying goes.
>>3428 They run shit because they scheme and plan, retard.
>>3429 >because they scheme and plan >what are dispensationalists, if not fag-enablers
Open file (106.27 KB 862x138 Screenshot_2020-08-25.png)
>It's coming guys, it's coming. Any day now. I swear, Yidsney is super anti-SJW now, they care about fans and canon. I'm telling you.
>>3426 >Disney Execs have listened to my live-streams guys, they've seen your anger. They will change course, change is on the way. >My my anon source inside the corporate structure and I am in no way a pro-Disney shill being paid by a faction inside the mouse house that wants you to believe that our corp is listening to you again when we're really not.
>>3438 It's basically the Obama poster with "Change" written on it at this point. We're just supposed to believe?
Open file (475.47 KB 1280x720 Dont worry.mp4)
>>3439 It's really a perfect formula to keep your audience clicking on your videos.
>>3438 >"Woke Disney is ending, I swear" I guess no one told him about the Phase 4 of the MCU, the live-action Little Mermaid and more Disney Wars productions.
>>3446 You don't get it. He has a source, okay? Disney is based and redpilled now, they're gonna segregate all the niggers.
>>3426 >You forgot that they had help from other Jews for that
>>3438 Can someone just kick this guy's ass already? He never says anything of value. Just lies upon lies. >>3443 Martin is a hack, but a hack who knows how to milk money from idiot cattle.
Open file (115.67 KB 862x138 Screenshot_2020-09-01.png)
kek, I guess it's Star Trek time now. But the pattern remains the same >I have super insiders and they always tell me what you want to hear.
Open file (646.58 KB 1280x1196 Disneyfag_.png)
>>3438 The "brand is on my side now" larp is pretty pathetic
>>3495 >rumors Yeah I think I'll wait until (((the faggots that ruin everything))) actually get the boot before I celebrate.
>>3495 >another video based on a 4chan thread
What's even worse is the fucking mouth breathers who believe in these shills and their "secret sources"
Open file (142.78 KB 1920x2400 E4a3aboA.jpg)
>>3198 >>3443 Well, I thought Dummkopf was whoring for shekels since we are in a propaganda movie drought thanks to the hand rubber's "Chinese" plague but I suppose his behavior could be more sinister than that and he could be a slightly smarter disney shill, after all most of these e-celbs not only supported the mandalorian but have done so in an over the top very artificial sort of way that makes them appear very disingenuous... I'm not sure how effective Doomsellout's lies are since I think most people are done with disney wars, I don't believe mandolorian pulled in everyone they lost (I never saw it nor will I) and it certainly won't last not just because disney is inept but TV series like these tend to become stale & cheap very quickly. In addition disney has an over powering need to pervert the narrative subvert expectations therefore it might end worse than Got and also I don't think the fans of mandalorian are the loyal sort it strikes me more as a collection of normalfags (disney + was free for many people) believing the hype, childless women/soys reacting to baby-replacement product 66 aka baby yoda. In any case I don't believe any media platform will rollback the anti-White & anti-Man demoralization "woke" propaganda especially now that these huge corporations have thrown their support behind insurrectionists or their current attempts to push the wakanda actor as some sort of important person as if his character from that fictional movie was real or relevant so expect more "Fuck you audience™" ugliness on the silver-screen. >>3281 never trust e-celbs or junkies.
>>3500 Kuckwolski has turned into an ayy-log. He is trying to take down Doomcock by sending him fake insider infos just so he could make "Doomcock EXPOSED" videos. It's pathetic.
>>3198 Couldn't you have said it in a less shitposty 4gag way, OP?
>>3510 Are you retarded or something?
Open file (46.91 KB 627x529 send help.jpg)
>>3520 >a complete normalfag leftyshit trolled Doomcuck Suicide is the only way out.
Open file (27.04 KB 378x756 tiddies.jpg)
>>3521 >Simpering YT leftyshit gets mad no-one likes nu-media. >Picks low hanging fruit e-celb revenue whore to direct rage at. >"Proves" something everyone already knew unscrupulous e-celb whores have no scruples. >Claims FM™ believe in the Illuminati "conspiracies theories". >Makes no effort to understand FM™ is only exists as a grift on YT because no one liked the films (there is a market to milk). >Talks down to his audience, even his own. >Tries to distance self from bitchute & half-chan while still freely admitting to using them. >Cringe buzzword usage"alt-right",a group which doesn't exist. >Tries to link doomsellout to omg ...NAZIs!! WTF is this the 1940's? >Thinks having Nationalist view points is somehow wrong & some sort of slander. >Meanwhile cooperate & government sponsored burn loot murder is openly murdering whites for existing. >clownworld delivers a new low & doomsellout now seems less scummy despite being a shekel chasing drunken liar. Youtube needs to go tits up soon or end monetization so these retards are forced to get actual jobs preferably some place "vibrant & diverse™".
>>3524 >doomsellout now seems less scummy despite being a shekel chasing drunken liar in what reality
>>3525 >A prostitute making bank from dummies. >A CY+5 (male Karen) cultist protecting cooperate IPs from said prostitutes is also a YT celb. Its not hard to see why.
>>3524 >doomsellout now seems less scummy despite being a shekel chasing drunken liar. what? >>3526 what?
Open file (2.40 MB 1656x924 1471462585509-0.webm)
>>3524 >doomsellout now seems less scummy despite being a shekel chasing drunken liar. Apparently he's going to stop making reviews of Lower Decks because they don't get enough views. It's totally not because people are tired of his angry rants, it's because no one watches the show, lol
Open file (282.10 KB 350x500 Ketcoom.png)
Open file (100.00 KB 862x138 55.png)
>>3529 lol
Open file (157.28 KB 1096x201 u.png)
These are getting really pathetic at this point.
>>3567 >reveals >like anyone didn't already know they had no plan >like jewjew himself didn't admit that there was no plan years ago
>>3567 The man is a fucking clickbait whore. Anyone with half a brain should know that a hack like JewJew Abrams never has a plan. He's nothing but a box full of hot air. For a guy who claims to be familiar with the Abramsverse films, these people seem to have conveniently forgotten what a hack JJ was with Star Trek when he came around to make a Star Wars movie.
>>3577 Jar-Jar's mystery box infamy stems all the way back from Lost days.
>>3579 >Lost Way longer than that: Alias.
>>3580 Nobody watched Alias. Also >way longer It intersected with Lost.
Open file (14.12 KB 1339x52 jjjjjjjj.jpg)
>>3536 Nobel?! Star trek was always degenerate & poorly written agitation propaganda hence all the pro-fag /gender bending, Miscegenation, marxism/communism, feminism Pr, the childish & lazy use of of entire planets for cheap "wish fulfillment" : planet of the gangsters, wild west,nazis, etc. He is having a drunken break-down over something that from day one was pushing the very sjw ideas he professes to oppose. >>3567 Everyone knew for years, DC can not claim credit for this. At best I think the last holdouts that still believed in the rat and its non-existent plan were TFA consumers fans before TLJ came out. After TLJ's release even the dumbest consumer realized there was no plan for the sequel films.
Open file (111.80 KB 862x138 767.png)
>BASED Mandalorian™! >Hey, did you already watch Mandalorian™? >Watch Mandalorian™, it's BASED and anti-SJW!
>>3584 Doomcuck hates the show but he didn't even watch it.
>>3585 >Doomcuck hates the show He, and the rest of the Fagdom Menace loves it and shills for it.
>>3587 He's only talking about The Mandalorian for the YT algorithm and based on stuff happening outside of the show. He's Quarterpounder tier. Doomcuck is the only one who hate the show.
>>3588 who gives a flying fuck what he actually thinks about that garbage. The point is he shills it.
Open file (34.47 KB 1070x886 f.jpg)
>>3589 >>3588 They all shill it because reddit liked the madalorian & and reddit is where youtubers get their opinions & fans from. Furthermore their support for Mandalorian while attacking the films & other low hanging fruit allows them to further their bullshit claims of an internal power struggle within disney & lucas arts despite mandalorian being more of the same shit from disney this time with better less clumsy PR.
>>3593 I figured retarddit would have lapped up the sequels. Were they just mad because the white women didn't get blacked?
Open file (398.38 KB 790x625 ds.jpg)
>>3594 reddit was pro-disney/disney wars films until TLJ was released. The more lucid imbeciles who post on reddit worked out that TLJ was actually an insulting horrible ripoff of a film so naturally they posted criticisms & were rewarded with swift bans. Interestingly enough it was about that time when youtube starwars/disney criticism channels started getting big. After the rise of Chad Palpatine's bastard granddaughter Skywalker it became acceptable to hate the disney films because enough normal people disliked the series the politically motivated hold outs had to relent or face the fact that they are out of touch with reality. They of course invented excuses why they don't like the disney films: It was not leftist enough, no gay black guy & jew pilot, Rylo failure, rey is related to someone,no rose tico, black guy character was "wasted" , nu-male ryan johnson who shit on mean old nazis had his film retconned, rise of skywalker allegedly pandered to fans (which ones? nobody liked it),etc~
>>3285 Drinker's alright but I feel like his videos are too surface level, which is the same issue as I have with E;R. His streams are pretty fun background noise though, especially the movie ones like Predator 2 or Commando. >>3584 >all this bullshit celebrity dicksucking the moment they even appear to be not "woke" I'm sick of this retarded twitter culture I want to wrestlefuck Carano.
>>3601 Funny that none of the retards that hop on celebrity cock the second they come off as slightly less woke then the rest of (((hollywood))) realize that no one gets to even work in the entertainment industry without being an extreme left pedophile parasite.
I really LOVE when VIDEOS have titles like THIS!??
>>3605 ANON rumored to LOVE VIDEOS that have CLICKBAIT titles?!?
Can someone just smash Doomcuck's stupid mask already?
>>3608 >>3611 RACIST SJW anon wants to VIOLENTLY ATTACK Doomcock!
So what about his reddipol persona? Has anyone watched it?
Lot's of sjws infecting this place since /cow/ said that kraut is now based, Son of Tiamat was right.
>>3608 >>3605 >>3613 I'm so sick of clickbait titles. >>3617 You mean the one where he dresses like a nazi with a gas mask?
>>3634 Go take your ecelebs back to cuckchan, faggot.
Open file (54.36 KB 858x400 Thumbnail.jpg)
>>3635 Anon is SICK of clickbait titles! | Ecelebs are OVER I think I shitposted too hard because I have a terrible headache now
>>3634 Nigger, think about it. Doomcock doesn't give two shits about anything except fame. He makes up bull shit constantly and nothing he ever says turns out to be true and he hides behind criticism by pretending to fight for a greater good. He is an opportunist and a typical Eceleb attention whore.
>>3634 >if you don't suck e-celeb cock you're a SJW Nigger, are you just pretending to be retarded or did your parents feed you paint chips when you were growing up?
>>3635 >You mean the one where he dresses like a nazi with a gas mask? Yes
Open file (88.20 KB 862x138 uiu.png)
this faggot actually gonna take credit for the layoffs
>>3660 He's playing a dangerous game.
>>3660 >company lays off low level employees after major financial loss >OMG SEE GUYS MY RUMORS WERE TOTALLY RIGHT It's almost that's exactly what any other company would do.
>>3666 >Be on celebration podcast of another youtuber >spend thirty minutes talking about a faggy star trek is muh love video you made and how your leaks were not believed at first but then people apparently sucked your dick for it
>>3660 Fuck Doomfag. Rumors of Disney losing cash and letting employees go has been around for months. This is the same retard who claimed he was right about Rise of Skywalker's plot despite none of his leaks being right.
>>3683 What did his "rumors" say about the Ruse of Soywoker's plot?
Open file (165.27 KB 1096x201 hj.png)
Honestly, the rest of the Fagdom Menace is just as cringy, if not more so.
>>3685 I like Jessie but she got thicc now that she's with the guy from WCB.
>>3686 >Jessie /who/
Open file (187.62 KB 1096x201 y6.png)
But I thought Yidsney was on "our side" now and super mega anti-SJW?
>>3704 >children of blood and bone You can almost hear the author huffing farts just from reading the title.
>>3704 What book even is that? >Young Adult fantasy >NIGERIAN-AMERICAN Young Adult Fantasy Oh joy.
>>3706 I honestly can't imagine what a nigger young adult fantasy would be about besides the typical "white people are bad" and/or WE WUZ KANGS type of shit. Actually does any nigger fiction not fall under either of those?
Open file (6.49 KB 780x67 Untitled.png)
>>3708 Take a wild guess what any faggot who would willingly call themselves X-American would do.
>>3709 As always, niggers are limited in defining themselves to just being niggers.
Open file (107.33 KB 501x585 doom-merchant.jpg)
>"I've seen the first 2 minutes of The Mandalorian, I hate it. I hate baby yoda, I wish I could curb stomp that little piece of shit" * a few months later * >"I've decided to watch The Mandalorian and I love the show and Baby Yeed. I love it so much that I will make a review of the first season in 3 monetized videos and it totally has nothing to do with the algorithm and the fact that the second season is airing at the end of October"
>>3711 Like clockwork.
>>3711 >Doomcuck Merchant Like poetry. I can't believe this piece of shit has managed to rake up so much e-fame. Fucker doesn't even use decent clickbait or even use verified news. Just bogus rumors which people later claim was somehow true. None of his fucking leaks were true yet people pretend he was right about Fall of Skywalker's plot. Only thing he was right about was the movie being shit and nothing more.
>>3713 >Only thing he was right about was the movie being shit Something literally everyone who's not a braindead troglodyte already knew when yidsney bought the franchise.
>>3711 This makes me wonder; does he cosplay as a dime store Doctor Doom to hide a kike nose?
>>3716 He once wore a luchador mask on Geeks & Gamers and he has a rather prominent hooked nose.
>>3717 I'm sure it's just a (((coincidence.)))
Open file (92.62 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Now Doomcuck is whining about The Mandalorian, he says that the show is doomed because his 2 monetized videos didn't get enough views and of course he's got a "source" who told him that only 50K people have watched the season premiere.
>>3719 Get a look at that schnoz! >>3722 He is bullshitting to the extreme. However, its no mystery that the season premier didn't pull in too many views. Most weren't even aware it aired as Disney made no attempt to promote the episode outside of the early trailers. There's no exact numbers though, so Doomcock simply read the news and pulled a number out of his ass to look more professional.
>>3517 Are you?
>>3725 >responded after 2 months >with a no u I guess you are retarded.
>p-people don't watch Mandalorian? >y-yeah, fuck Mandalorian, I always said it was shit!
>>3731 Shocking that a show that's only claim to fame is being mediocre in a sea of sewage doesn't have much of a shelf life. Really breaking news there.
Open file (152.50 KB 261x295 1434959359674.png)
>>3731 finds out about the mandalorian >oh wow! this is bad guys! I'm not watching it mandalorian gains a following and shills >guys i think i need to give this show another chance. its not bad! mandalorian's ratings tank >er g-guys I think I spoke too soon, hehe. The show is actually pretty bad. I don't know why I thought different. Please stay subscribed! How does this piece of shit keep getting views?
It's almost like Mandalorian was just a meme redditors trended because of #babyyodaXD and #bobafettxDD and nobody is actually interested in watching it for a second season.
>>3734 I think he and the rest of geeks and gamers are floating off the e-fap audience. why there's an e-fap audience to begin with is baffling to me.
>>3736 >e-fap audience The what now?
>>3732 Yeah but you also have to remember that the first season aired before Rise of Skywalker. That movie probably killed the enthusiasm for the show.
>>3731 Anyone got the viewer numbers?
>>3737 A bong and a furry talk about shitty star wars reviews(but not really) for 5+ hours at a time.
>>3740 sounds like hellish nightmare
>>3740 >5+ hours at a time Kinda low balling it aren't you?
>>3742 That's the lower limit I suppose.
>>3743 Isn't the average like 10-12 hours?
>>3744 If we're talking actual content where they aren't looking at memes, fucking around with retarded stories and jokes and forced laughter it's more or less an hour.
>>3745 Why would anyone watch that?
>>3747 Part of a weird religion where enjoyment is a sin?
>>3747 Because normalfags are retarded niggers.
This is off-topic, but >>3199 >>3198 >>3281 >>3520 >bogposting >"cringe" >wojak >oof I too, love 4channel memes! >>3729 >>3517 Please kill yourself, you and the rest of the rapefugees.
>>3764 *And, fuck doomcock, I suppose. >>3747 Don't know but I do believe it's why that redditor faggot is so slow to get reviews out.
I thought he said Kennedy is all but fired and Yidsney is now super anti-SJW? It's almost like he's just preaching to the choir or something.
>>3764 >>3765 >waited almost another month to respond with a no u How retarded can you be?
>>3794 I know all these retards get hard over the thought that Kennedy will et the boot, but even on the off chance it happens yidsney will just replace her with another diversity hire.
>>3801 These people and their audiences have the memory of a goldfish. If it ever happens they'll go WE DID IT GEEKS AND GAMERS WE SAVED STAR WARS and then when the new hire fucks things up the whole thing will start again.
Open file (105.89 KB 1096x201 Screenshot_2020-11-28.png)
>>3801 The Fagdom menace just keeps falling apart. Their one claim to fame was that they have super deep insider info that Kennedy is gone and BASED Favrau is now running the how.
>>3801 >even on the off chance it happens yidsney will just replace her with another diversity hire. Yeah, they will probably replace her with her VP, who used to be JJ's personal assistant at Bad Robot.
>>3817 I wonder how will Doomcuck spin that in his favor.
>>3820 >NEW person in charge of LUCAS FILM things will finally CHANGE new rumors say
Open file (154.55 KB 1096x201 Screenshot_2020-12-16.png)
>>3836 Wait, are the SEQUEL TRILOGY films going to be ERASED(rumor)?
>>3837 Yes, that's what cuckchan my informant inside Disney said.
Open file (325.55 KB 720x480 smug sith.png)
>>3836 >Trust me this time guys! I swear I'm right this time! 33rd time's the charm!
>grrr kennedy
>>3888 (checked) Kennedy is finish!
>>3888 I really doubt Kennedy cares they didn't humiliate Luke in the cuckdalorian. As long as she can hold onto the job she's way underqualified for I'm sure everything else is just lip service to landwhales and soyboys.
Open file (154.12 KB 1096x201 doomcock - YouTube.png)
>>3892 No, you don't get it. We almost won, sequel trilogy will be erased, Kennedy will be fired, SJW will be BTFO. Grrr. Any day now.
Open file (175.48 KB 1920x1080 k.jpg)
So the Fagdom Menace spergs are celebrating this despite raising a stink earlier how using CGI doubles is immoral and bad and all that. But I guess it's okay if it - in their mind - "btfos disney" and is totally erasing the sequel trilogy. Really high morals here.
>>3894 I still dont know why they are happy, isnt Old Luke still going to try kill his nephew in his sleep? Is not like the sequels didnt happen.
>>3894 These hypocritical idiots are acting as if Luke is somehow saved or that this was a middle finger to Kennedy. Its the most obvious fucking bait imaginable to ensure ratings and give people the illusion of change for the better. The Mandalorian's already made references to TLJ, RO and TFA, with the same episode that had Luke even having a reference to Rey.
>>3897 >>3894 I'm guessing it's some form of I CLAPPED I CLAPPED WHEN I SAW LUKE
>>3897 They're all saying how this is "the future" of Star Wars. Regressing back to regurgitating the OT fanservice is future to them.
>>3899 >They're all saying how this is "the future" of Star Wars Well they're not wrong. Yidsney continuing to milk retards nostalgia for shekels with shit is exactly the future of Star Wars.
>>3902 And these retards gonna eat it all up and praise Yidsney for "saving Star Wars".
I like how these brainlets think that Yidsney is at all concerned with their tiny circlejerk when 99% of normalfags don't even know that NuWars are made by different people and are perfectly happy to pay their shekels. But no, Yidsney will change its policies based on the opinion of a bunch of internet goobers.
>new trilogy announced <we promise it'll be different this time goyim >retards get excited and give yidsney billions of shekels <those movies were shit and we're angry about it >enough times passes for yidsney to memory hole how bad the last set of movies were >retrun to top My guess is in about a year or so we'll see another movie announced and the retardation will start again, with none of these brainlets figuring out that the best way to protest Yidsney raping Star Wars is to not pay to see the shitty movies.
Open file (167.35 KB 890x269 y.png)
>>3910 >guess that it'll be a year before yidsney can run this grift again >3 hours ago I really want to believe normalfags at least have enough of a short term memory to still remember the how bad the last movie was, but who am I kidding? Everyone's going to act like Fage is going to save SW until the movie comes out and it's just as trash as the others and the whole fucking cycle starts again.
>>3917 With Dup getting BTFO and america going full left expect every piece of media to get extra woke. The next Star Wars film will not have any white people.
>>3919 >The next Star Wars film will not have any white people. I can see why'd you'd think that, but the kike producers wouldn't want to have nothing but ugly niggresses and gooks to rape on the casting couch. There will be at least one okay looking white girl.
>>3924 >There will be at least one okay looking white girl. Not a single one in the NuWars, so..
>>3919 The Lucasfilm employees on Twitter already said that was their intent for the next film since Rise of Skywalker came out. The idiots now want the next film to be made by an all woman team, mostly the hackettes that made Wonder Woman 1984.
>>3925 Eh, the cum rag they had playing Ray wasn't awful looking as long as she had makeup on and kept her mouth shut. At least average enough for JewJew and Ruin to run a train on. But even ignoring all that that a below average white girl is miles better then an "attractive" sheboon.
Open file (96.59 KB 1382x2048 1578745390010.jpg)
>>3933 >the cum rag they had playing Ray wasn't awful looking
>>3934 Sexist INCEL makes fun of Daisy Ridley - Has the Femdom Menace gone TOO FAR?
Open file (378.96 KB 1476x2160 stz2o3fifv041.jpg)
>>3934 Oh come on, she was kind of cute. Hot? No. But sort of cute
Open file (1.46 MB 2750x1692 bb7a67_7251022.jpg)
>>3952 No. Park Ray is cute. That thing is hideous.
Open file (96.59 KB 1382x2048 run.jpg)
Open file (620.61 KB 1920x1376 1588615601043.webm)
>>3952 The only thing I'd like about Rey is the deleted scene where Captain Phasma shows her who's the boss of this gym. Never knew why they cut that out, it had better choreography as a lewd scene than the entire sequel trilogy's fight scenes.
>>3952 Can't close her fugging mouth and for an english girl, her teeth arn't great either. >>3953 Dunno how she'd look without makeup but she is photogenically cute.
Daisy Ridley is trash, and this is coming from someone who got called Jewish for defending Kelly Marie Tran.
>>3967 >Kelly Marie Tran /who/
>>3968 She's the fat asian who essentially went "if you kill your enemies they win"
>>3967 Why would you defend that shiteast asian? She´s as much of a feminist cunt as the rest of the new crew involved in Disney Wars.
>>3969 wew, that anons needs to kill himself then, what a faggot
>>3970 >>3971 She was uglified for TLJ. As I said at the time, she's not so bad otherwise.
>>3973 >fat ugly chink is "not bad" jfc, grow some taste
>>3976 I'm not saying she's good (in fact, the girl who got killed off early in TLJ is better), but she's better than Daisy Ridley and the admiral holdo woman (who makes me flaccid).
>>3977 literally just as bad
>_ _ _ _ will erase sequel trilogy any day now! He's still going on about that even when proven wrong, jesus...
>>3982 >Disney announces two shows based in the Rey Palpatine era >still features Disney crap on all their new timelines Sure Doomcuck. Whatever you say.
>>3983 even other Fagdom Menace alumni are already agreeing that the whole "internal battle" over Star Wars in Yidsney is bullshit and Kennedy is one of the most powerful producers in pedowood right now. But no, Doomcuck's "sources" - that is cuckchan shitposting - state otherwise.
>>3982 But it's just a rumor bro, so that means it's fine if I repeat it.
>>3992 His audience must truly be retarded. They believe this shit religiously and start shitting on anyone who says otherwise.
the only way to erase Disney Wars is for George Lucas to buy back the IP for pennies on the dollar and retcon the whole thing.
>>4005 >the only way to erase Disney Wars is for George Lucas to buy back the IP for pennies on the dollar and end the whole thing. ftfy
I was listening to a podcast about Rocky 4 where Doomcast was involved, I never thought anyone would take the joke of making pretentious assumptions about otherwise stupid shit seriously >uhhh yeah rocky 4 is actually about the avarice of western society and man vs machine
>>4007 >I was listening to a podcast about Rocky 4 where Doomcast was involved why?
>>4008 Because his youtube channel is called Overlord DVD and not Doomcock, and I didn't realize the dipshit with the annoying voice was for a bit.
Open file (120.12 KB 772x384 1566892894779-2.jpg)
>>3198 >They're totally going to remake the series new guys. Totally confirmed from my sources this time. He really is a Shill for Pro-Disney this time. Why bother with these people/
Open file (293.83 KB 584x480 Doomcuck.png)
>>4012 He really is
>>4014 >you had fans with you again, & you had good will because of (((Favreau))) Only a retard would have any good will for yidsney for any reason. >@Robertiger, are you oblivious to the hatred being spewed at fans in the name of identity politics from Kennedy and her puppets? Only a retard would think he cares if Kennedy shits all over fans. >Do something FAST, Or you'll lose us ALL. FOREVER. Only a retard would still be holding out hope after yidsney bought SW.
>>4014 The sad Tigger webm just makes it extra gay.
>>4014 The whole "YOU'LL LOSE US ALL FOREVER" shit reminds me of those ironic "We're gamers, we don't die, we respawn" images.
>>4028 I'm surprised they haven't called it StarWarsgate or some shit already.
>>4029 The holdocost.
Open file (315.65 KB 1072x457 cringecock.png)
We're reaching cringe levels that shouldn't even be possible.
>>4061 Is he recycling thumbnails? I saw the one of The Mouse in a trap in another one of his videos at some point.
>>4062 the same way he's recycling talking points I guess
>>4061 >deckard was a replicant! No fucking shit retard the ending proves that and destroys the mystery
>>4062 Why not? The lazy fuck's videos are just him recycling the same footage of him pointing and moving his hands in the same manner over and over again. All he does these days is just record over the same footage.
Who cares if he's kinda cringe boomer? most important he's rallying a lots of normies against shitsney, that's all that matters.
>>4086 >w-who cares >normies Go back to r/doomcock, faggot
>>4088 I really don't care, but you on the other hand seems as triggered by doomcuck as any disney shill seething about "fandom menace"... Strange.
>>4086 Normally that would be fine. But the problem is that he's rallying them under false information. And a tower built upon a weak foundation is doomed to collapse more easily against the opposing force.
>>4086 The issue isn't him being a cringe boomer, it's him being a liar peddling nothingburgers.
>>4089 >I-I don't care >y-you triggered! >d-doomcuck is actually based! fuck off back to reddit, you stupid nigger >>4093 >>4094 >unironically replying to a shill
>>4099 lol what an exageration, you sound like an hysterical zoomer full of estrogen, little faggot. You could shill for disney on cuckchan.
>>4100 >zoomer >n-no u >do I fit in yet You were told to fuck off back you stupid nigger
dibsney is absoute ass and we should stop at NOTHING until their grip on sw is destroyed much like alderaan.
Open file (3.05 MB 1423x4433 h.png)
There has been some drama with him, all these videos calling him out. I guess Fagdom Menace kicked him out?
>>4541 The fact it took them this long to get sick of the constant rumors and sources always turning out to be bullshit says a lot.
>>4541 All of that started because some e-faggot called his normalfags followers retards or something. Then all hell broke loose.
>>4542 He still has paypigs even after all that, they go and downvote all those videos, kek
is he on suicide watch I wonder
>>4577 Probably not. He still has loyal paypigs so he gets paid to tell them about "rumors" and "insider info" that he makes up or reads on 4cuck. Even with people shitting on him in kiketube videos it's pretty cushy.
>>4581 Maybe I should do it too if it's so easy to bamboozle normalcattle out of their shekels.
>>4583 Might be worth trying at least. You have to get lucky to get enough e-fame and get the grift rolling, but once it is it's pretty easy.
>>4605 The best thing about it is that once normalcattle starts grifting, they never stop and will defend you for eternity unless you straight up kill a nig or something.
what a fag
Open file (228.35 KB 1002x458 trty.png)
>>4673 Autism
Open file (792.64 KB 1071x1127 hfg.png)
>there's now an entire segment of youtube dedicated to shitting on doomcuck lel
Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? Also, how active is everyone here?
>>4846 >Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? As fake as a 15 dollar bill. >Also, how active is everyone here? Like 5 anons more or less.
>>4846 The guy has never been right about anything. Everything hes gotten right was long after someone else confirmed it.
>>4846 >Whats his overall hit/miss accuracy on his rumors? So far he only got one thing right: the Episode 9 leaks but they were already on Reddit and 4chan weeks before he made the video claiming that it came from his trusted-sources-that-he-can't-verify.
>>3281 So... this guy is some SuperShadow type?
Open file (1.12 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4851 >Supershadow, Now that is a name I haven't heard in a long time.
>>4855 /who/
>>4858 Don't tell me that you don't know who was, or not even heard about SuperShadow... for kriff's sake...
>>4878 >omg, don't you know some zceleb?? no
>>4886 He was an ancient figure from the 2000s who was like the Doomcock of his time. He made all sorts of fake evidence to prove he spoke with Lucasfilm people and actors who worked on the prequels and made all sorts of claims like knowing Darth Maul's real name which even some italian translators used. The guy was eventually ousted as a fake by pros and others at Lucasfilm who revealed everything he made was bull. He ended up apologizing and fleeing from the net forever. Guy was probably the first super big Star Wars eceleb.
>>4890 sounds fun
is he still talking how Kennedy tots lost when she's the CEO of everything now?
>>5841 You don't get it, bro. He heard a RUMOR from an ANONYMOUS source that CLAIMS to be a Disney insider that said Disney is really mad at her this time and are totally going to boot her out. It's basically confirmed that she's gone this time and that Star Wars is saved.
>>5841 Yes, but she doesn't have any power! And remember that Feloni and Favreau are saving star wars!
>>5841 Yep and he's still talking about the Disney/LF internal civil-war-that-totally-happened-guys.
>>5857 >the Disney/LF internal civil-war-that-totally-happened-guys I get that people want to believe shit like this, but didn't sequels make billions? Yidsney doesn't care how shitty the movies are as long as they make money so there's no logical reason they'd get rid of her as long as the sheep keep lapping up the shit.
Open file (1.79 MB 1563x935 Doomdock.png)
>>5841 Let me check. >Still the same shit Wowie.
This reminds me, how come the people who actually put out the half decent content take years to upload shit? Mauler's a long winded cunt sure but he was nice to listen to, E;R's pretty much fell off the internet, Voxis Productions seems to be in a perpetual state of illness or his PC dying on him and hackfraudmedia's also fell off the internet. The one thing these all had in common is that they were really nice background noise to listen to while doing something and someone like Voxis or E;R's humor was a nice change of pace too.
>>5863 I figure it's a combination of decent content taking time to make, how muuntube rewards putting out a ton of low effort trash and how muuntube punishes anyone that doesn't tow the party line. Imagine taking a month to write, record and edit something you think is amazing and a few hours after uploading it it gets demonetized and muuntube basically shadowbans the video all because you said or showed something that the bots thought was wrong think or because you were already on the naughty boy who said Trump wasn't literally Hitler list. And then when you go to appeal it your appeal gets rejected immediately by some fat blue hair who bother didn't watch the video. I figure it would be hard to keep the motivation to continue.
>>5862 >gets the same amount of views on every video good cattle
>>5867 It amazes me he still has an audience after two years of what seems to be the same content. You look up at posts made in 2019/2020 in this thread at his thumbnails and he's still selling the same WOKE IS OVER IN HOLLYWOOD, SJWs DEFEATED IN HOLLYWOOD, KATHLEEN KENNEDY IS TOOTHLESS drivel.
>>5862 he seems not nearly as bad as the bigger Nu wars channels that sperg endlessly about their out of context republic commando SFM fanfiction
>>5869 >he seems not nearly as bad sure, doomcuck
So from what I can tel he’s re-about-faced and says that the book of boba finale was horrible and now he’s one of the fans yidsney needs to won back, despite sucking the dick of the 2 mandalorian episodes in the middle of the season. He seems pretty retarded.
>>5862 Doomcock is alright for the most part. He's provided good insights into the importance of shared mythos and pop culture, and why vandalism against it is such a serious offense. However, I have no idea why he hasn't completely written off Disney. As of his video a few days ago, he's STILL offering them endless second chances at redemption. idk if he's delusional, or just doesn't grasp the situation. Disney Wars is completely rotten and cannot be saved. For that reason, I hope Kathleen Kennedy remains in power, because I trust her to run this evil parody into the dirt. Sometimes you must destroy and rebuild. While nu-canon must be burned down for Star Wars to advance, it may be possible to salvage bits and pieces of it, as long as 99% is discarded. For example, I think Kylo Ren would work great as a dark side version of Rango Tel. I'd also like to see bbq Porgs as a delicacy.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>5886 >Doomcock is alright for the most part. He's provided good insights into the importance of shared mythos and pop culture, Go back to cuckchan and kill yourself
>>5886 >Doomcock is alright for the most part. Doomcuck, or as I like to call him, "Doomnigger" is a fucking normalfag that feeds other more retarded normalfags never ending rumors. Just like any muuntuber they all say that they hate CY+6 pozzed entertainment because it sucks, but they would be OK with pozzed entertainment that is fun to watch. Two guys fucking their asses? A-OK as long as the story is great and engaging. I want to have pity to them, but they deserve everything they get. >He's provided good insights into the importance of shared mythos and pop culture, and why vandalism against it is such a serious offense. Of the videos I have seen, he comes out like a normalfag that wants the good old days back when movies where fun and they accepted the propaganda/diversity, because they were getting brainwashed. I know that not all movies were made to push an agenda. >However, I have no idea why he hasn't completely written off Disney. Because if he doesn't watches Disney content or any pozzed content in CY+n, he has nothing to bitch about in his muuntube channel. >Sometimes you must destroy and rebuild. Under who? Disney? WB? Microsoft? Come on Anon, it would be pozzed shit, hell it turned into a clusterfuck thanks to The Clone Wars 3D show. The only way to save Star Wars was to make it Public Domain so that any idiot can have a crack at it. >I think Kylo Ren would work great as >Kylo Ren Even if you change all his background, that damn face looks horrible and the (((nose))) doesn't help. If I would keep something, it would the ships and stuff, since it looks like they still haven't fired the guys that makes the vehicles, since some look nice.
>>5886 >Doomcock is alright for the most part >I think Kylo Ren would work great You should reduce the amount of soy and semen in your diet immediately.
kek, I'm not disappointed >>5915 honestly, I can't think of anyone today who could do justice to Star Wars except the fans. There's too much rot and decay in our institutions. Good points on Kylo Ren, I guess you could throw out the shitty design +nose. Really I just like the idea of a Dark side Rango Tel, a guy who tries so hard to be the real deal, but can't live up to it. That's the exact impression I get from Kylo Ren, which is why I thought of repurposing him that way. However, you could just do this with a new character without the baggage. for the record, I don't want any sort of pozzed entertainment, such poison doesn't belong in a healthy society. and yes, those ships are alright. >Because if he doesn't watches Disney content or any pozzed content in CY+n, he has nothing to bitch about in his muuntube channel. that explains it. >>5917 will do, but did you read the rest? Kylo Ren always felt like a LARPer, even though he's presented as some sort of new Vader, which he fails at being. That's where I was going with this, but again, it might be better just to toss him out and start anew. I still want BBQ porgs though. >>5914 but really, he had a manifesto video where he made solid points on how things like Star Wars are shared myths that provide cohesion and identity to society, and the devious nature of vandalizing this. even if he's retarded & gay in other ways, some of it is valid.
>>5915 Gozanti is a background ship from TPM and present in the EU. Only thing that's Disney is the ability to carry a pair of TIEs. That's good for variety, since there's not many options for its roles (relatively slow ship with a small number of fighters to cover it, and some cheap carrier to let pirates and customs launch some fighters), but hardly a Disney creation. >>5886 Kylo Ren's best parts are just a worse version of Jacen Solo's worst written parts.
Open file (284.27 KB 480x471 ClipboardImage.png)
I have to admit I find his "rumors" entertaining. In just the general, "behind the scenes damage control story" kind of way. Do I think he is telling people what they want to hear? Absolutely, but part of me want to believe the lies I guess.
>>5947 >but part of me want to believe the lies I guess. The whole "KK is losing the civil war and Felony and Favreau are going to save star wars"? Even if that was true, the stuff that FF had done for star wars is mediocre at best or down right retarded.
>>5948 none of it matters, it's all completely pozzed. whether one strain of HIV triumphs over another is a moot point.
Are any of these star whores-focused youtubers, regardless of which side they're on, even worth shit? It appears to me you either have blatant shills on either side or you have long winded cunts who think they're hot shit at writing because they liked certain capeshit movies a bit too much and think padding their videos with near hours of nitpicking(literal nitpicking, not just "they don't like it so their complaints are nitpicking!") the already known to be shit sequels makes them intellectuals.
>>5947 go back to reddit and kill yourself faggot
>>5955 >youtubers >worth shit go back

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