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Open file (1.72 MB 1200x1368 this sucks.png)
Stormtrooper 11/19/2020 (Thu) 19:04:43 No.3770
So how much do things suck today troopers?
Open file (71.19 KB 181x185 1479882094868.png)
>>3770 A lot.
>tfw no trooper gf
>tfw no palpatine's sloppy seconds
>>3773 kek/10
Open file (766.98 KB 1000x562 yoomer.png)
>army trooper That reminds me that i don't remember seeing those guys in action besides that Rebellion game for PC.
>>3778 They were in Empire Strikes Back with even imperial officers dressed as army troopers. They were also in Shadows of the Empire and I think in Galaxies. Battlefront had imperial officers dressed as army troopers too.
>>3779 ESB always made me think that the Imperial Army was mostly tank pilots who drove/hovered APCs with a heavy weapon mounted. I had always figured Stormtroopers as separate like the Marines, I'm not sure why.
Open file (52.40 KB 514x640 WES_imp-sourcebook.jpg)
Open file (1.59 MB 4000x687 WES_imp-sourcebook-2.png)
>>3780 The old EU definitely established Stormtroopers as being their own "branch" that was like a mixture of the SS and the Marines. A good source for this is the old West End Games Imperial Sourcebook, which went into incredible detail on the Empire in general and the Imperial military in particular, including Orders of Battle for both ground and space forces. The Imp Sourcebook actually created a lot of the early Imperial canon for the EU.
>>3780 >>3786 Actually here's a screenshot of the page describing Stormtroopers.
>>3786 I thought Compforce was the SS analogue.
>>3793 That's a good point. Actually COMPNOR as a whole is sort of an SA/SS analogue since they're tasked with enforcing party doctrine. They even have some internal organizations that mirror SS equivalents (e.g. the ISB is sort of like the Reichssicherheitsdienst). I guess Stormtroopers would be like the Waffen-SS? I can't think of any other comparison.
>>3778 >>3779 I think they were also in EaW, but I haven't played it in a while.
>>3787 Sadly stormtroopers are fucked by the highest source, the movies themselves. Movie stormtroopers are just a step from being bumbling fools. If they were at least half of the ones described in the EU...
>>3800 What? The ones on the Tantive and Tatooine (except Mos Eisley) were competent, as well as some on the Death Star. And the ones on Hoth were destructive as fuck. The ones on Endor were a joke though.
>>3800 Going to echo >>3802 on this one - Stormtroopers weren't portrayed as incompetent until Endor. They completely wrecked the security team onboard the Tantive IV and annihilated the Rebels on Hoth. Their famed inability to aim comes from so-called "fans" not paying attention during ANH - everyone seems to have missed Tarkin's line establishing that the Stormtroopers were missing on purpose in order to allow the Falcon to escape the Death Star.
>>3805 Already in Bespin they were incompetent. They allowed the rebels to escape. There wasn't an order to allow them to escape like the DS. Vader demanded the prisoners to be sent to Executor, Calrissian betrayed him and the stormtroopers couldn't stop 3 people from escaping. Vader had to have people to deactivate the Falcon hyperdrive just in case to have any chance of recapturing then >Endor Endor alone would be the only example needed. It was a critical target, the very shield generator that protected the DS were the Emperor himself was stationed. They had the superior numbers and a defensive position. There was no way they could that disaster to happen. Even more "an entire legion of my best troops" as Palpatine had claimed.
>>3786 Well, WEG did autistically named almost everything in the star wars universe.

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