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Open file (202.06 KB 855x436 star wars shieeet 1.png)
Open file (64.81 KB 1200x800 sith dew it 1.jpg)
/sw/ humor thread Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 05:04:36 No.3927
post them star wars memes
Open file (456.18 KB 880x587 bothan idiots.png)
Open file (307.29 KB 1222x1054 I am the Congress.jpg)
Open file (40.88 KB 538x680 a0e.jpg)
Open file (42.59 KB 680x662 pocket sand.jpg)
Open file (244.94 KB 460x345 image0-37.png)
Open file (360.24 KB 1500x500 Diversity Alliance.png)
Open file (43.55 KB 1170x593 waaaaugh!!!.jpg)
Open file (34.85 KB 700x368 sith army knife 1.jpg)
Open file (48.58 KB 332x187 yoda pp crush ahegao.png)
Open file (104.93 KB 320x353 gamorreanfug.png)
Open file (68.72 KB 800x990 fresia crap.jpg)
Open file (54.15 KB 557x500 voort piggy.jpg)
Open file (62.05 KB 640x713 1610669783912.jpg)
>>3975 We don't need HEALING we need ROPE for intolerant bigots! 🤠🔫
Open file (36.54 KB 300x250 CaKgTngEs6-10.png)
Open file (1.81 MB 672x1864 kyle1.png)
Open file (1.44 MB 505x1212 kyle2.png)
Open file (402.22 KB 607x1798 kyle3.jpg)
Open file (319.90 KB 672x1630 kyle4.jpg)
Open file (2.93 MB 1243x1521 negro goode.png)
Dumping my folder of comedy
Open file (2.19 MB 1500x2592 dearhabro.png)
Open file (1.10 MB 2240x1320 freudian nightmare.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1200x1714 han soylo.jpg)
Open file (3.70 MB 1280x720 Techno Union.mp4)
Open file (179.79 KB 1508x895 skywalkerorsomething.png)
Open file (666.26 KB 720x308 star wars dindu.webm)
Open file (66.69 KB 596x586 baby yeed.jpg)
Open file (2.34 MB 1041x1600 a dream....png)
Open file (35.76 KB 857x652 SSI_RUU.png)
Open file (260.66 KB 540x540 dickbutt.png)
Open file (315.62 KB 540x540 High Art.png)
Open file (34.52 KB 575x349 654654987987654.jpeg)
>>4011 We should have saw it coming with the obvious Twi´lek fetish he has since ROTJ. If he wants that much to fuck a niggress. Why he didn´t choose a good looking one at least?
>>4013 >If he wants that much to fuck a niggress. Why he didn´t choose a good looking one at least? Because you don't fuck something that's fictional.
>>3940 We need more of these.
>>4023 no u
Open file (645.19 KB 620x960 imperial tv.png)
>>3927 credit to the real one that made this
>>4221 I'm not really into Star Wars any longer. Certainly not since Yidsney swooped it. Ever read Tolkien Anon? The elves had a recurrent theme "Fighting the Long Defeat". You guys are basically doomed to dealing with an ever-increasing supply of soytards like those useful idiots. Not trying to niggerpill /sw/ BTW, just commiserating with you. I keep you guys archived btw. I enjoy your board.
>>4247 It's now also happening with 40k and Warhammer Fantasy, everything becoming popular, especially nowadays, become pozzed. But Soy Wars was popular from the start.
Open file (296.15 KB 742x571 The emperor aproves.jpg)
Anyone got more like pic related?
Open file (267.39 KB 976x714 5-1.jpg)
Open file (385.46 KB 808x512 Firebird_Society.png)
Open file (49.99 KB 800x600 ECjYE2oW4AAG9lK.jpg)
>mfw reading about the Firebird Society I'm still amazed that kikeney hasn't made this shit canon.
Open file (610.37 KB 3200x3200 EMcGw-VWsAA8lRm.jpeg)
Open file (25.10 KB 1366x768 f03.png)
Open file (65.71 KB 2467x1474 307.png)
Open file (39.03 KB 1869x1182 236.png)
Enjoy, you know what to do.
Open file (625.82 KB 680x382 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (54.76 KB 1049x590 THINK_THRAWN_THINK.jpg)
Person wearing Chewbacca costume wanted in New Orleans in stabbing incident https://archive.md/RplKb https://inv.skyn3t.in/watch?v=tRJIv7Yc0p4
Open file (131.19 KB 739x1173 R2D2 had a hard life.jpg)
Open file (2.92 MB 540x304 wtf am i reading.gif)
>>4382 I was reading about Firebird Society it amazes me how different is West End Games (1997) and Wizards of the Coast (2010) descriptions. In the WEG version, they are loyal to the Empire and want to prove that women can fight for the Emperor, so they focus on fucking up the Rebel scum, they do "borrow" imperial equipment for that. In the WotC version, they would sabotage imperials that are sexist and misogynistic against strong and independent womyn, but they don't betray the empire to the rebels so its ok. What the fuck?
>>4423 Despite being only 14% of the galactic population wookies are responsible for 50% of violent crimes.
Open file (403.67 KB 660x400 cleaning2.png)
Open file (289.34 KB 616x318 cleaning.png)
Open file (1.31 MB 1429x1924 if only.png)
Open file (761.66 KB 1443x921 Merchant.png)
Open file (547.45 KB 1000x536 Starfighter.png)
>>4661 Rename it to Buck 1
Open file (366.51 KB 1102x826 george-floyd-lego.jpg)
>>4668 Kek. So even on the Cloud World, they were dealing fentanyl huh? He should have known better than to dip into his own supply though. Oh, well no real loss tbh.
Open file (28.81 KB 345x150 I can't breathe.jpg)
Got a craving for Old Republic content and decided to try out >TORtanic. Empire chat didn't disappoint.
>>4751 Wait 'till you get to Dromund Kaas, peak Empire chat.
>>4752 Yeah that screencap is already a week old. First thing I saw at DK was some guy ERPing with himself in Portuguese. Korriban, DK and Nar Shaddaa are all peak kino.
Open file (126.26 KB 604x454 1438818984010.jpg)
https://nitter.42l.fr/EAStarWars/status/1415702845718941701#m >normalfags were waiting for Fallen Order 2: The Trany Awekens game >mfw it is not going to happen I'm glad they are not getting another Star Wars game, but they where a good source for 3D ripping models.
>>4794 Finally some good news
>>4794 Now Fallen Order was that totally-not-another-fucking Dark Souls clone where the MC was a soulless ginger padawan and his master was an ugly sheboon, right?
Open file (101.84 KB 986x1021 Bs_6jc-xkqw.jpg)
Open file (69.27 KB 1280x720 465312132798.jpg)
Open file (60.99 KB 1200x675 465312312987.jpg)
>>4799 Yes. You want to know the kicker? The group does nothing at the end, they don't have any impact on the galaxy let alone a lonely sector. Hell, if I understand the story correctly, even if they died at the start of the story for some reason, the macmuffin wouldn't be discovered by the Empire and it would be hidden forever. >totally-not-another-fucking Dark Souls Don't forget they added not-Uncharted gameplay too.
>The token nigger knew more about star wars than the writers
>>4797 This isnt funny, it makes me physically ill.
>>4822 You want to know that worst part? He is in a spa in a vacation or mini-Holiday or something and the moment the trailer dropped he went into his hotel room and recorded his reaction while his wife was in the spa. He couldn't wait to finish his vacation with his wife and later record his dumb shit in his home. He became a fucking maymay and a laughing stock and what did he got out of it? Nothing, only a tweet from Mark Hamill and his jewtube channel is still nothing.
>>4823 >the moment the trailer dropped he went into his hotel room and recorded his reaction while his wife was in the spa That's not what happened. His wife's boyfriend wouldn't let him come with them and he had to stay in the room. He was probably just happy Jamal let him watch the trailer for whatever-the-fuck (((they))) called the last movie. I honestly don't remember off the top of my head.
>>4825 The movie was Star Wars: The Rise of Papatine.
Open file (62.87 KB 1000x878 meanwhile at disney.jpg)
>>4857 >captain sjw looks like a woman Completely unrealistic and very problematic.
Best movie.
>>4908 this is so retarded on so many levels. Robots/droids are tools top to bottom, they are purpose built to do work. Every ship, and most everything else, is personified and we have been calling ships 'her' since we first launched them from a carved tree trunk. The droid L337 was terribly written, named, and idolized by such morons. It also made me wonder about
>>4908 >>4909 Technically this could be. It makes sense that some of the droids that develop a personality don't want to live a life of servitude with no rights. Some of the EU material has already had this topic. But of course that idea is completely ruined by terrible writing here.
>>4908 Now here's something I've been wondering. Do people with soyvoices get that way due to an unhealthy intake of soy or is it just a coincidence that everyone that sounds like that ingests gallons of soy and nigger cum daily?
Open file (212.49 KB 1280x720 face.jpg)
>>4922 https://yewtu.be/watch?v=WD2UrB7zepo Never ending brainwashing into a controlled opposition. The soy just keeps him from waking up.
Open file (167.85 KB 1280x1024 gutless simp.jpg)
Funny how words change their meaning over time. Just a few years ago I didn't even notice that word but now I can't help but imagining some republic soldier watching Hololive on the Holonet.
Open file (125.90 KB 793x500 5if3jq.jpg)
>>4962 >Tolerating the Hutts Don't everyone tolerate the Hutts?
>>4963 Almost everyone. The only people in Star Wars who've gone against Hutts were the Rebels (Luke, Leia, etc in ROTJ) and Xim the Despot.
>>4964 >Luke, Leia, etc in ROTJ Does that really count as the Rebels "going against the Hutts"? That was personal, not in their capacity as Rebels, and the Rebellion would have left them alone were it not for one of their more prominent members being a career criminal who earned a vendetta against himself.
>>4965 Good point I guess. Xim the Despot seems to be the only SW character who was based on the Hutt Question. And he died thousands of years BBY.
>>4966 I can't believe Xim hasn't been explored as much as he deserves. He's literally Alexander the Great IN SPESS, idk how you couldn't like that. If SW wasn't in the hands of the Mouse, I would love to see a Xim the Despot EU novel.
Open file (242.76 KB 578x667 NEVER EVER.png)
>mfw Hutt genocide
>>4965 I assumed the post-rebellion government went against the Hutts in an attempted to clean up their crime syndicates?
>>4964 >>4965 They didn't moved against the Hutts, they moved against Jabba, a single hutt crime lord, who lots of rivals that would be glad that he was gone. If anything the Pius Dea crusades would be the ones who moved against >Contispex I would launch the first of what would be later known as the Pius Dea Crusades in 11,965 BBY, as a preemptive strike against the Hutts in the Outer Rim Territories. Contispex's successors would continue these conflicts, with at least 34 crusades having been completed by 10,966 BBY. >The Pius Dea Republic would also be engaged in various protracted conflicts with the Hutts throughout that millennium.
>>4971 Based and Goddess pilled
Open file (23.21 KB 400x229 9ae.jpg)
>>4969 It is a Republic tradition to ignore the Hutt menace.
Open file (785.45 KB 1600x1000 Rei bimbo.jpeg)
>>4985 Would have unironically been better movies then the yidsney shit pile.
Open file (133.15 KB 880x1260 5e9.jpg)
Open file (17.46 KB 659x700 shitty thyrsian.png)
Open file (609.81 KB 1130x1100 Jaster_Mereel_death.jpg)
Open file (309.12 KB 486x1000 indomitable death.jpg)
>>5034 Some Thyrsian thuggery to celebrate the new board
Open file (843.50 KB 514x755 Kordans check in.png)
>>4985 >markydaysaid
>>5059 Still preferable.
Open file (437.95 KB 736x888 1624403588019.jpg)
Open file (158.67 KB 497x1006 Qi'ra a shit.jpg)
>>5288 What am i exactly looking at? Also... did the artist traced or used some stock photo? Because it looks like.
Open file (1.04 MB 1988x3156 RCO014_w_1629326346.jpg)
Open file (946.87 KB 1988x3056 RCO018_1629326346.jpg)
>>5292 Remember the Solo's girlfriend in the Solo a Star Wars Story movie? Well, she is back and ready to kickass in Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters.
>>5295 >Vader >not crushing her windpipe on the spot >bothering to ignite his lightsaber to someone he immediately dismisses as a non person at all This is wrong in so many levels.
>>5295 Theyre trying too hard to keep people interested in their flopped movie.
Open file (1.08 MB 1988x3056 RCO015_1626290747.jpg)
Open file (1.16 MB 1988x3056 01.jpg)
Open file (550.63 KB 1988x3056 02.jpg)
Open file (1.12 MB 1988x3056 03.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1988x3056 04.jpg)
>>5303 Might as well post the whole thing, I love to share cancer with all of you. Han Solo, for some strange reason the most wanted person in the whole galaxy, even though he was just a space trucker turned rebel a few months or years ago. "Somehow" the Crimson Dawn manage to steal Han Solo frozen ass from Boba Fett! What is Crimson Dawn? It's the (((disney))) attempt to make a new space mafia group, Black Sun? The Exchange? No thanks! (((They))) are not going to pay royalties to old writers. The first page is from the second comic of SW: WotBH. I'm not going to upload the first two comics, because I don't have the stomach for it. >>5306 Is worse than that, they are doing everything they can to make the Crisom Dawn a thing in nuStar Wars.
Open file (1.24 MB 1988x3056 05.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1988x3056 06.jpg)
Open file (1.13 MB 1988x3056 07.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1988x3056 09.jpg)
Open file (1.31 MB 1988x3056 10.jpg)
>>5307 >Say that again, Calrissian. See what happens next. 10/10 writing right there.
Open file (1.12 MB 1988x3056 11.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 1988x3056 12.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 1988x3156 13.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1988x3156 14.jpg)
Open file (872.90 KB 1988x3056 15.jpg)
>>5308 Using blasters is to loud, but a wookie burning is less noisy.
Open file (933.06 KB 1988x3056 16.jpg)
Open file (965.00 KB 1988x3156 17.jpg)
Open file (946.87 KB 1988x3056 18.jpg)
Open file (1.18 MB 1988x3056 19.jpg)
Open file (979.95 KB 1988x3056 20.jpg)
Man! Qi'ra has some killer moves, she can fight toe to toe against Darth Vader! Look! He is cheating! I bet he would had lost if he didn't use the force like a pussy dick!
Open file (1.14 MB 1988x3056 21.jpg)
Open file (929.92 KB 1988x3056 22.jpg)
Open file (766.02 KB 1988x3056 23.jpg)
>>5309 Forgot to point out that he didn't burn Leia or punched her in the face. Oh no! He is going to kill Han Solo, I cannot wait to read the next comic!
>>5311 At least the art is alright.
>>5310 >I kill who i like Vs >I am not the Emperor. I do not kill for amusement like he does They ruined Vader.
>>5319 I think they wanted him to be more like Kylo Ren, so that they can say "Look, he is just like his grandfather!" type of shit.
>>5320 That's exactly what this felt like. This faggot ain't Vader. Its Kylo Ren larping as Vader. >>5317 Yeah but its like having Rembrandt or van Gogh make a painting depicting some wet dog turd. Sure its painted by people with talent but its still a fucking dog turd.
Open file (266.00 KB 387x376 ClipboardImage.png)
>vader being provoked by le ebin sick reddit burns >[strong female character] is so awesome she's holding her own in combat with vader >vader even talks about how strong [strong female characer] is >vader has to use the force to win against [strong female character] >vader wins?! against [strong female character]?! i can hardily believe it >vader throws a temper tantrum just like darth soy from the shitty sequel trilogy >but wait right before killing [strong female character] vader gets distracted Did a child write this? >>5317 >At least the art is alright. About that. Image related.
>>5319 Here is the full quote >I'm not the Emperor. I don't kill for amusement, only when it serves my purposes.
>>5322 >About that. Image related. Bro, after reading Kate Leth's Hellcat Run, The Unbearable Squirrel Girl and I Am Not Starfire, do you have any idea how low my standards for mainstream comics are right now?
Open file (78.78 KB 567x613 18.jpg)
>>5311 >Luke only has two huge teeth in his mouth and looks like a retard. They really hate luke, eh? >>5322 >About that. Image related. >>5324 The art is average, but it does get lazy a lot.
>>5307 Why does Vader want Han back after he let Boba have him in the first place?
>>5325 >strong wymn that was Maul apprentice >sassy space lesbian indiana jane Crap.
>>5295 What even is happening in those last 3 panels..?
>>5327 Something something plot. Something something Dark Side. >>5311 Why does he need a comm to talk to Luke if he's nearby? Didn't they already have a force bond on Bespin? And sure brilliant move there, cut down Han and cut all ties with the Hutts in the process while royally pissing them off.
>>5356 Boba Fett wants to kill Darth Vader, takes aim, but them remembers that Darth Vader can block blaster shots with his hand, so he gives up. Yeah, it is a waste of space and ink.
Open file (46.26 KB 306x513 1450989989049.jpg)
Open file (1.44 MB 1988x3056 01.jpg)
Open file (905.21 KB 1988x3056 02.jpg)
Open file (1.01 MB 1988x3056 03.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 3975x3056 04.jpg)
Open file (1.02 MB 1988x3056 05.jpg)
>>5311 But wait! There is more! Somehow, Luke has a yellow lightsaber. No, I don't know what the fuck is happening. I was running thru all the issues of this DIFFERENT comic (Yes different, this is the Star Wars 2020 comic which is 16 issues long, the one before is from the Bounty hunter wars something) and I stopped during the 8th issue, fuck that noise.
Open file (1.05 MB 1988x3056 06.jpg)
Open file (740.63 KB 1988x3056 07.jpg)
Open file (1.21 MB 1988x3056 08.jpg)
Open file (1.16 MB 1988x3056 09.jpg)
Open file (1.22 MB 1988x3056 10.jpg)
Isn't Qi'ra amazing? That is why we are using two comic issues showing the same awesome scene if Qi'ra fighting Vader, but with different perspective without adding anything of value to the story.
Open file (1.05 MB 1988x3056 11.jpg)
Open file (1.17 MB 1988x3056 12.jpg)
Open file (1.53 MB 1988x3056 13.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 1988x3056 14.jpg)
Open file (1.35 MB 1988x3056 15.jpg)
Remember the OT where all the Imperials were Koruns and hybrids? >be pirate parked next to a super star destroyer >her TIE fighters scratched me ship paint >attack him What could possible go wrong?
Open file (1.10 MB 1988x3056 16.jpg)
Open file (1.34 MB 1988x3056 17.jpg)
Open file (1.58 MB 1988x3056 18.jpg)
Open file (1.15 MB 1988x3056 19.jpg)
Open file (1.64 MB 1988x3056 20.jpg)
>super star destroyer destroys pirate ship How wude.
Open file (1.85 MB 1988x3056 21.jpg)
Is Luke Skywalker going to abandon his friends and let Darth Vader kill Han Solo? Find that and more by buying the next comics, goy!
>yellow lightsaber (((They're))) so incompetent they can't even get the color of the lightsaber right. Let that sink in for a minute. >OT luke: "they're my friends i have to help them" >yidsney luke: "lol sorry i can't do anything just leave it to mary sue"
>>5417 Don't be stupid. Disney is retarded and incompetent, but it's clear that it's not intended to be either the blue Skywalker saber, nor the self-built one he used in RotJ. Even the Bespin flashbacks are obviously him picturing his present self losing again if he were to face Vader as he is in the comic. Either it's one he acquired elsewhere before building his own or it's an incomplete version of the RotJ one that isn't green yet. You're probably supposed to buy some other book or comic for an explanation. But it's not them getting the colour "wrong" and it makes you look like an idiot to attack Disney for mistakes they didn't make instead of the ones they did.
>>5417 He got the yellow saber from someone else, at first I thought the same as you. They are trying to create their own nuExpanded Universe.
Open file (317.11 KB 1891x667 Qi'ra hates it.png)
Open file (191.80 KB 1891x667 Maternity.jpg)
Open file (292.74 KB 907x1496 RCO004_1631121356.jpg)
Open file (385.88 KB 994x1528 RCO019_1631121356.jpg)
Open file (365.48 KB 1854x764 RCO005_1631121356.jpg)
>>5404 I don't want to story time this comic, because I don't have a strong stomach, but here are some highlights of the new issue. >The gang doesn't want to fight Vader, because if Qi'ra, that is so fucking amazing at fighting, couldn't beat him, noone can! >Qi'ra masterplan was to piss off vader to show everybody how badass their criminal organization is >Vader doesn't kill Han Solo, it was all a bluff and decides to chase Luke in his fighter >Let me repeat that, Vader doesn't kill Han Solo to fuck with Luke and make him fall to the dark side Beyond retarded.
>>5479 >and the galaxy saw [...] that even the Emperor's greatest enforcer can be hurt. I like how even the leading Rebel figures who watched the fight, the ones ALREADY fighting the Empire, came away with the disheartening conclusion that "if even the great and venerable Lady Qi'ra couldn't hope to beat Vader, what chance do we have?", but meanwhile Queera is under some delusion that her getting completely trounced can become a symbol of inspiration and of proof that the Empire can be beaten. >Vader won't kill Han. He's too valuable a rebel target What the fuck does that mean? Him being a prominent Rebel is a REASON to kill him. Unless Vader plans to use him as bait to draw other Rebels into a trap, except he just did exactly that and wound up accomplishing nothing but looking like a fool for having his bluff called.
>>5480 Did you expect competent writing? (((Disney))) SW writing is like really bad fanfiction sans the 'fan' part.
Did we get another slug for a BO?
Open file (190.47 KB 1152x2048 Noone cared who I was.jpeg)
Open file (47.94 KB 319x478 Red flag.jpeg)
Open file (34.05 KB 828x978 im goin in deep.jpg)
Are YTPs allowed in this thread? Here is a series of YTPs made from Revenge of the Sith. It's a whole trilogy using almost the entire movie. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQhKBn42XcU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gP0s1Eh5wxs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hv3AgmaAohk
>>6074 Pretty good shit, but start using invidous for muuntube links. https://api.invidious.io/ https://yewtu.be/watch?v=GQhKBn42XcU
Open file (557.64 KB 1668x2417 FOj0TQjXIAEY5re.jpeg)
Fucking normalfags can't get nothing right.
Open file (2.33 MB 1668x2417 fuck jewkraine.jpg)
Open file (59.59 KB 640x360 2343443.jpg)
Open file (108.85 KB 504x554 1031-mango.jpg)
from “ Devilbear: The Grimoires of Bearalzebub”
>>3939 need moar sand memes!

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