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Open file (81.03 KB 720x404 boba cucked.jpg)
Stormtrooper 01/27/2021 (Wed) 15:25:40 No.4016
Boba Fett? More like Cucka Fett!
Open file (241.22 KB 929x570 1608354510917.jpg)
>>4016 It's ok, Boba has a new gf anyway.
You've got to be shitting me, is this some disney shit?
>>4019 Just some jewtube clickbait.
>>4031 To be fair it's completely within the realm of possibility for yidsney try and turn Boba Fett into a cuck because he's a popular character.
Open file (401.07 KB 683x1170 Big sunguard.png)
If Boba was a Thyrsian instead of a prissy mando they both would've been honor killed
>>4037 Based golden boys
>>4043 Based on what?
>>4019 I think this is from Blood Ties, a Dark Horse comic from around 2012 following the son of a clone deserter who runs into Sintas Vel. A Stormtrooper storytimed it on old /sw/, if I recall correctly it was a pretty good read.
>>4057 All storm troopers are irresistible to women.
Open file (61.53 KB 640x576 1438556846373.jpg)
>>4016 >More like Cucka Fett In more ways that one. Disney Asks for Slave I Rename to Boba Fett’s Starship https://archive.md/2021.06.28-010946/https://www.jedinews.com/collecting/articles/disney-asks-for-slave-i-rename-to-boba-fetts-starship/
>>4628 I remember when this was just a Robot Chicken joke.
>>4630 Do you have a video of that?
>>4628 Do they not know the ship class as an actual name?
>>4744 Boba Fett's Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft? That's a mouthful Well Boba Fett's Firespray Class Interceptor makes sense and is marketable
Boba was an absent father that married that kiffar and then was exiled >Sintas Vel was a female Kiffar from the planet Kiffu, who became a bounty hunter at a young age. It would be during her career as a bounty hunter that Sintas would meet fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett, whom she fell in love with and later married when she was eighteen years old. The two lived together for three years on the world of Concord Dawn, where Fett took a job as a Journeyman Protector and Sintas gave birth to their daughter, Ailyn. Their time together would come to an end when Fett's superior officer raped Sintas, leading Fett to kill the man and be subsequently exiled from Concord Dawn. Fett and Sintas divorced over the tumultuous incident, and Sintas was left to care for their daughter alone. At least he killed the bastard.Also i don't read Disney crap anyway.
Open file (1.99 MB 400x300 1431566240467.gif)
>>4892 I didn't know people got raped in Star wars.
>>4896 Denning wrote three whole books about killiks forcing brainwashed people into fucking each other to increase the drone population for the hives. The Vong in the comics were said to actually not just enslave and kill heretics, but rape them too. And one comic also had an imperial officer try and rape a female officer after she tried to kill him. Also Ben Skywalker got some pretty sweet non consenting Sith girl action although I think she gave him a little cock and ball torture too. SWTOR also has some rape. There's also a few alien species that rape the opposite sex.
>>4900 Why i find grans particularly repulsive? Seriously, something on them its simply not right.
>>4900 Remember that vong torture rack? Looked like rape as well.
>>4901 The flesh toned skin, four ears, and three phallic eyes kinda give them more of a mutant feel than an alien feel. The three tits tho is probably the only non fucked up thing about them but knowing how fucked up the gran are, they may have like 4 torpedo-like nipples on each tit.
>>4915 On the top of that... that freakish goat face.
Disney Star Wars Officially Renames Boba Fett’s Slave I https://archive.ph/8PaI3 >Boba Fett and Firespray The absolute state of muunikeney.
>>5200 Isn't "Firespray" just the in-universe name for the class the starship itself is?
>>5200 Cringe and not Boba pilled. All the other Bounty Hunter ships get both the name of their model and their nicknames. But Slave I just got the axe.
>>5201 Yep, Firespray-class starship.
>>5200 >Boba doing that Salt Bae salt pouring guy Funny.
Open file (441.41 KB 427x539 eybvt8mvfqy51.png)
>>4016 Another reason why these pieces of shit should've been purged by the jedi.

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