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I fucking love NABOO Stormtrooper 03/25/2021 (Thu) 10:47:20 No.4283
I love it so much in fact that I had to buy an old Xbox to play the shitty Obi wan game, and now I've finally managed to get pic related to work on Win10 and it's pretty entertaining and comfy. What are some good Naboo content, bros?
>>4283 Doesn't the nuBattlefront 1&2 have naboo maps?
>>4288 >>4283 Yes the palace ground floor and the main street with several blocks leading to it are in Nufront 2.
Yeah yeah I've played the nu battlefront, ok, but it would be so great to have actual SINGLEPLAYER gaming in this photo realistic area, geez just put some NPCs in there talking about the politics, the queen and some shit. Or imagine if you could also wander to the swamp area, underwater, etc, god we'll never have nice things anymore.
>>4291 Well, you could always rip the models from the game and make your own scenery.
>>4293 mmm I don't think it's even possible for now, but yeah maybe with the simpler models of Battle for naboo or original Battlefront. You know, a comfy Naboo rpg playing like in the TPM game.
Open file (1.93 MB 1920x1080 Gozanti crusier.png)
Open file (1.53 MB 1920x1080 B-Wing.png)
>>4294 >I don't think it's even possible for now I don't know about the whole map, but there is frosty that rips models from the game. https://frostytoolsuite.com/downloads.html There are a few forums that dedicate time ripping models.
>>4283 This download contain a bunch of stuff from Naboo from Battlefront II 2017 drive.google.com/file/d/1bI_BdfN9jKDOLp4XJ4DZ09aLdPPeAFY0/view
LEGO Star Wars allows you to wander Naboo
Galactic Battlegrounds has everything from infantry to siege artillery and watercraft.
>>4283 You can try gmod. Also try looking for mods of the games that already hve Naboo content.
>>4404 This is will be most painful
Open file (469.75 KB 488x488 B1 Commander.gif)
>>4283 >buy an old Xbox Cringe, just find a good emulator to work on Loonix. >Win10 Blue pilled, stop using shitty spyware operating systems. At least make the glowniggers work a little harder to collect your data. >>4291 BF2's Naboo is pretty fun, to bad your guaranteed to always lose depending on which side of the map you start off on because of that one corner of death where all the AI just goes full retard mode.... even more so than usually.
>>5717 W10 is spyware. They stole one of my armor designs and reworked it into the Halo Infinite MK VII armor.
>>4404 >galactic battlegrounds Most EAW mods like Fall of the republic and Republic at war just copy pasted most of the unit dialog from it. The ships use voice lines from the Republic Air cruiser unit. Corey needs to get rid of that faggot who voiced the rebel star destroyer carrier. Actual meme cringe voice acting.

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