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Open file (120.89 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Stormtrooper 07/25/2021 (Sun) 14:32:23 No.4859
Do you think they will ever do anything with Swars ever again once this Yidsney shitstreak dies out? If they make another trilogy will it be a sequel to Yidsney trilogy? Will Geogre buy it back?
What if George will get Miura'd
Accept it... its over. Disney wont sell the franchise that soon. Star Wars is now a closed universe to those who don't like or accept Disney continuity. There is plenty to discuss for decades already. Also >>4860
>>4862 They will CGI him into the new trilogy
>>4859 >Do you think they will ever do anything with Swars ever again Obviously. SW is simply too big, sooner or later they will try to make another trilogy. They'll probably go for the same tactic (((die ewige Maus))) used to promote TFA. <"yes sure, many people didn't like the last trilogy but now we are going to give people what they really want!" >Will Geogre buy it back? Never. And he really shouldn't. Now matter how much they run it into the ground, they'll probably sell it at an even higher price than they bought it. George should just keep their money and take it easy. Would be fun to have him direct something though. Preferably once SW is owned by someone else but yidney will probably sit on it forever. He seems to enjoy that Mandalorian show.
>>4867 >Would be fun to have him direct something though. That would be terrible. Yidsney has absolute control over production and directors are just irrelevant figureheads. They already rejected his ideas for the new films. Having him fake-directing anything for Yidsney for them to parade his name as some brand of authenticity would be the final straw.
>>4869 It's about as unlikely as him buying SW back but I still think it would be fun. And I mean what I said. Him actually directing something and not something that is sold as "directed by (in name only)". >would be the final straw The final straw for what? Not like the current state of SW is still acceptable.
Open file (359.65 KB 1920x1080 1626623507347.jpg)
>>4869 >They already rejected his ideas for the new films The actual sequels were already half of that, and I don't think having Darth Maul and coombait Snoke as the big baddies would have added much, really. If you want to criticize the execution then that's a completely different matter.
>>4871 >The actual sequels were already half of that, Not really. Just a few basic bulletpoints survived, mostly mutilated in the ass. Individual story moments don't matter as much as their overall cohesion and the whatever elements they took from his original idea were just randomly thrown in with their own shit ideas, making fuck all sense.
>>4871 The pottery, the irony is that even despising the EU, all that "SW ends in RoTJ, the Emperor don't return, Luke never married" Georgie Boy used the EU all around >coomer for EU comic twi'leks >Solo kids >Luke going after Jedi Purge survivors >Leia as Supreme Chancellor
>>4859 (((They'll))) definitely do more with SW. Yidsney isn't going to stop until they're sure they've milked every cent out of the franchise that they can and normalfags are so retarded that as I understand it the last trilogy actually made a lot of money, so they're not going to stop anytime soon. As for what they'll do with it, my guess is going to be a soft reboot of their soft reboot and just pretend the sequels didn't happen. Regardless of what they decide to do it will inevitably be trash though. And I hope Lucas is smart enough to just stay out of this shitstorm. But I doubt yidsney will ever sell the franchise unless they're in dire straights which they will never be because they're one of the kikes' favorite propaganda outlets.
>>4877 I'm sure he thinks EU ripped him off.
>>4882 >But I doubt yidsney will ever sell the franchise unless they're in dire straights Isn't SW already losing money for them since they mismanaged it so badly...
>>4904 If star wars is not making shekels for them, they will just put it in their IP vault with the other stuff they own.
Open file (94.96 KB 430x600 you made this.jpg)
Open file (702.67 KB 1400x2100 ...I made this.jpeg)
>>4904 Because they were making very expensive movies, only made more expansive with re-shoots, that didn't make the money they had planned to make. But they can still leech off the older parts of the franchise and newer material that doesn't cost nearly as much. Yes, I know that the SW home releases have always used different cover art but these new ones seem especially bland and lazy.
>>4911 you can't make a non-expensive star wars film
>>4912 A film? No. A series or a game? Sure. At least those could be less expensive than a movie.
>>4913 >A series Same thing. >a game only big AAAA games sell nowadays
rip george
Jews are unstoppable
>>5077 Even they die, anon.
>>5082 "All things die, Anakin Skywalker..."
white slavers
george forgive us
>>5511 He won't.

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