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Open file (135.55 KB 1000x294 BeforeTheRace2B.jpg)
Open file (7.40 MB 720x540 SW Droids intro.webm)
Open file (3.15 MB 720x540 SW Droids outro.webm)
Star Wars: Droids Cartoon 08/15/2021 (Sun) 03:57:20 No.5151
Join R2D2 and C3PO in their wacky adventures in this old 80's cartoon, each Saturday I will upload the next episode.
Open file (13.25 MB 720x540 SW Droids 01 part1.webm)
The dynamic droid duo are dumped with the trash and are immediately salvaged by two poorfags.
Open file (15.64 MB 720x540 SW Droids 01 part2.webm)
The team does their best to rescue the fatso and C3PO uses his legendary bluffing skills.
Open file (13.55 MB 720x540 SW Droids 01 part3.webm)
The whole gang manage to escape thanks to teamwork and a little bit up luck.
Open file (142.75 KB 444x440 how horrifying.png)
>>5154 >The whole gang manage to escape thanks to teamwork and a little bit up luck. Spoilers
Open file (51.62 KB 600x468 1624661918089.jpg)
>>5156 >Spoilers
Open file (8.47 MB 720x540 A droid's life.webm)
Open file (133.38 KB 720x540 Sad C3PO.webm)
C3PO has a hard life.
Open file (358.53 KB 1301x2008 StarWarsDroids1-00FC.jpg)
Open file (583.67 KB 1304x2015 StarWarsDroids1-01.jpg)
Open file (331.13 KB 1315x2001 StarWarsDroids1-02.jpg)
Open file (359.27 KB 1262x1997 StarWarsDroids1-03.jpg)
Open file (330.85 KB 1301x2005 StarWarsDroids1-04.jpg)
It is Wednesday, lets have a comic about the dynamic droid duo. They are being sent to new master in a droid transport ship and people argue that droids have it bad.
Open file (338.66 KB 1315x1997 StarWarsDroids1-05.jpg)
Open file (363.49 KB 1311x2008 StarWarsDroids1-06.jpg)
Open file (336.86 KB 1276x2001 StarWarsDroids1-07.jpg)
Open file (359.92 KB 1283x2008 StarWarsDroids1-08.jpg)
Open file (327.17 KB 1308x2005 StarWarsDroids1-09.jpg)
Is there anything more evil than paying taxes to a filthy xeno? I would gladly pay taxes to the Empire, but not to some non-human.
Open file (341.50 KB 1293x2015 StarWarsDroids1-10.jpg)
Open file (380.09 KB 1325x2008 StarWarsDroids1-11.jpg)
Open file (352.11 KB 1287x2001 StarWarsDroids1-12.jpg)
Open file (351.24 KB 1304x2019 StarWarsDroids1-13.jpg)
Open file (341.59 KB 1275x2001 StarWarsDroids1-14.jpg)
>>5189 If only the council would had half the courage and determination of the boy, they would had purged the xeno from the planet by now.
Open file (316.39 KB 1301x2008 StarWarsDroids1-15.jpg)
Open file (325.01 KB 1311x2005 StarWarsDroids1-16.jpg)
Open file (348.22 KB 1276x2011 StarWarsDroids1-17.jpg)
Open file (351.89 KB 1279x2011 StarWarsDroids1-18.jpg)
Open file (384.58 KB 1279x2008 StarWarsDroids1-19.jpg)
And an Epic fight against good vs evil begins.
Open file (372.44 KB 1297x2008 StarWarsDroids1-20.jpg)
Open file (302.14 KB 1290x2008 StarWarsDroids1-21.jpg)
The story ends. I guess at the end of the day, droids and humans must join forces to fight the xeno menace.
>>5193 >I guess at the end of the day, droids and humans must join forces to fight the xeno menace. As it should be
Open file (12.97 MB 720x540 SW Droids 02 part1.webm)
Is time for your weekly droids dose. The gang are fixing their spaceship and decide to visit Kea's mother. Also droids have to use a separate line and yet at the same scene a droid goes crazy causing a mass panic. What did the writer meant by this?
Open file (15.82 MB 720x540 SW Droids 02 part2.webm)
Kea is a filthy rebel she was too good to be true, also freedom is everybody fights.
Open file (13.28 MB 720x540 SW Droids 02 part3.webm)
The gang use teamwork to save the day, also R2D2 has a crazy accuracy skill.
Open file (65.68 KB 405x299 1616075853516.jpg)
>>5158 All the flashbacks to destroying Gungan villages in order to save them... No wonder he got his memory wiped.
>>5263 I actually laughed with one of those YouTube fan redubs, one that put 3PO as deranged mass murderer. Even if the Chuck " Farting" Wendig was involved.
>>5192 The art for this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Was expecting something really awkward like those other Star Comics. The cover also makes R2 look completely different but he looks fine in the story.
>>5276 I guess since it is a kid's comicbook and none of the main human cast is in the issue, they have the liberty of drawing the characters as cartooney as they want. I like it that way, since it is more relaxed and comfy, compared to the Old Marvel comics, but maybe I'm bias because I read a lot of Asterix & Obelix comics back in the day.
Open file (357.13 KB 1301x2011 StarWarsDroids2-00FC.jpg)
Open file (327.10 KB 1301x2011 StarWarsDroids2-01.jpg)
Open file (324.05 KB 1311x2011 StarWarsDroids2-02.jpg)
Open file (352.59 KB 1279x2005 StarWarsDroids2-03.jpg)
Open file (321.66 KB 1307x2011 StarWarsDroids2-04.jpg)
It's Wednesday so lets have another comfy comic. Another issue another adventure for our DDD and right out the bat we get a great advice, never say rude things about people that can hear you. I want to blow my top in Nikki if you catch my drift.
Open file (307.12 KB 1297x2011 StarWarsDroids2-05.jpg)
Open file (281.38 KB 1304x2015 StarWarsDroids2-06.jpg)
Open file (269.26 KB 1290x2008 StarWarsDroids2-07.jpg)
Open file (331.43 KB 1290x2005 StarWarsDroids2-08.jpg)
Open file (320.39 KB 1290x2005 StarWarsDroids2-09.jpg)
>Perfume Yep, more worldbuilding than the nuMarvel comics. Ah damn, the eternal enemy of humanity... Filthy Xenos.
Open file (340.44 KB 1315x2005 StarWarsDroids2-10.jpg)
Open file (306.46 KB 1301x2005 StarWarsDroids2-11.jpg)
Open file (319.74 KB 1307x1980 StarWarsDroids2-12.jpg)
Open file (315.60 KB 1287x1991 StarWarsDroids2-13.jpg)
Open file (324.48 KB 1311x1987 StarWarsDroids2-14.jpg)
Remember kids, it's better to have a blaster and not need it, than to need a blaster and not have it.
Open file (400.80 KB 1283x1997 StarWarsDroids2-15.jpg)
Open file (339.44 KB 1293x1937 StarWarsDroids2-16.jpg)
Open file (308.54 KB 1315x2008 StarWarsDroids2-17.jpg)
Open file (295.93 KB 1311x2005 StarWarsDroids2-18.jpg)
Open file (302.43 KB 1301x2011 StarWarsDroids2-19.jpg)
Xenos using droids should be illegal!
Open file (359.10 KB 1293x2008 StarWarsDroids2-20.jpg)
Open file (340.70 KB 1297x2008 StarWarsDroids2-21.jpg)
Open file (356.86 KB 1319x2015 StarWarsDroids2-22.jpg)
Open file (3.99 KB 211x209 FrommFamily.png)
And another adventure ends. I find the part of the perfume attack extremely funny for the fact that Tig Fromm have three holes on his nose.
Open file (13.66 MB 720x540 SW Droids 03 part1.webm)
Another Saturday, another episode, have fun.
Open file (13.53 MB 720x540 SW Droids 03 part2.webm)
The gang is in trouble again with xenos, humanity eternal enemy.
Open file (14.34 MB 720x540 SW Droids 03 part3.webm)
F to the Fromm Gang.
Open file (736.48 KB 1946x3023 StarWarsDroids#3-00FC.jpg)
Open file (863.40 KB 1898x3028 StarWarsDroids#3-01.jpg)
Open file (842.93 KB 1977x3017 StarWarsDroids#3-02.jpg)
Open file (809.55 KB 1956x3028 StarWarsDroids#3-03.jpg)
Open file (934.74 KB 1946x3012 StarWarsDroids#3-04.jpg)
It's Wednesday, so that means a new DDD adventure comic.
Open file (794.24 KB 1951x3007 StarWarsDroids#3-05.jpg)
Open file (818.25 KB 1956x3001 StarWarsDroids#3-06.jpg)
Open file (821.44 KB 1929x3012 StarWarsDroids#3-07.jpg)
Open file (704.37 KB 1935x2991 StarWarsDroids#3-08.jpg)
Open file (644.92 KB 1919x2991 StarWarsDroids#3-09.jpg)
>non human idolizing non human criminals Typical non human behavior.
Open file (664.81 KB 1961x3007 StarWarsDroids#3-10.jpg)
Open file (771.00 KB 1919x2996 StarWarsDroids#3-11.jpg)
Open file (786.49 KB 1961x2975 StarWarsDroids#3-12.jpg)
Open file (781.73 KB 1909x2986 StarWarsDroids#3-13.jpg)
Open file (752.14 KB 1919x3007 StarWarsDroids#3-14.jpg)
Spare the rod, spoil the child. Luckily he got a reality check in more ways than one.
Open file (668.67 KB 1956x2996 StarWarsDroids#3-15.jpg)
Open file (664.71 KB 1945x3001 StarWarsDroids#3-16.jpg)
Open file (800.60 KB 1967x2996 StarWarsDroids#3-17.jpg)
Open file (838.67 KB 1935x3017 StarWarsDroids#3-18.jpg)
Open file (820.74 KB 1909x3017 StarWarsDroids#3-19.jpg)
R2D2 crotch attacks never fails.
It warms my heart when xenos fight each other.
>>5352 He's not human?
Open file (88.70 KB 436x581 Hybrid.jpg)
>>5360 >human >muunike nose >elf ears
>>5361 Sephi?
>>5355 >furfag zygerrians Gross.
>>5361 I almost thought this guy was Arrogantus.
You mind story timing the droids comic from Dark Horse after youre done with this?
>>5381 Yeah, that is the idea, there is a bunch of C3PO and R2D2 comic adventures, so I plan to story them all, since they are not too many.
Open file (12.91 MB 720x540 SW Droids 04 part1.webm)
It's saturday, get ready for your weekly DDD dose.
Open file (11.65 MB 720x540 SW Droids 04 part2.webm)
The Fromm Gang are catching in their last chips, will it be enough to get revenge against the superior humans?
Open file (16.69 MB 720x540 SW Droids 04 part3.webm)
Open file (57.62 KB 640x480 1453335562620.jpg)
The arc ends. Droids are humanity best friends.
Open file (83.64 KB 800x822 4dpc293syoc71.jpg)
Open file (571.53 KB 1988x3028 StarWarsDroids#4-00FC.jpg)
Open file (723.34 KB 1871x2964 StarWarsDroids#4-01.jpg)
Open file (788.51 KB 1945x2991 StarWarsDroids#4-02.jpg)
Open file (774.83 KB 1909x2996 StarWarsDroids#4-03.jpg)
Open file (749.52 KB 1956x2996 StarWarsDroids#4-04.jpg)
It's wendnesday, so get ready for your droid dose.
Open file (795.10 KB 1961x3017 StarWarsDroids#4-05.jpg)
Open file (788.34 KB 1961x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-06.jpg)
Open file (685.02 KB 1898x2980 StarWarsDroids#4-07.jpg)
Open file (759.10 KB 1919x2991 StarWarsDroids#4-08.jpg)
Open file (635.42 KB 1946x2996 StarWarsDroids#4-09.jpg)
Xenos endless conflict between themselves always put a smile in my face.
Open file (585.46 KB 1956x2996 StarWarsDroids#4-10.jpg)
Open file (829.71 KB 1919x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-11.jpg)
Open file (835.56 KB 1930x3007 StarWarsDroids#4-12.jpg)
Open file (760.62 KB 1892x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-13.jpg)
Open file (880.03 KB 1957x2986 StarWarsDroids#4-14.jpg)
They jumped into the void, they have found the ultimate peace and comfyness. At least they didn't end up in the Otherspace.
Open file (740.67 KB 1930x2996 StarWarsDroids#4-15.jpg)
Open file (835.03 KB 1946x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-16.jpg)
Open file (851.50 KB 1946x3007 StarWarsDroids#4-17.jpg)
Open file (862.80 KB 1951x3007 StarWarsDroids#4-18.jpg)
Open file (893.53 KB 1924x3012 StarWarsDroids#4-19.jpg)
Open file (955.38 KB 1929x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-20.jpg)
Open file (917.67 KB 1914x3001 StarWarsDroids#4-21.jpg)
Open file (818.16 KB 1941x2986 StarWarsDroids#4-22.jpg)
Open file (846.71 KB 1903x2991 StarWarsDroids#4-23.jpg)
Open file (9.65 KB 213x255 1429725838791.jpg)
>want to see what happens next? >buy the other comic line, goy >mfw
Open file (13.30 MB 720x540 SW Droids 05 part1.webm)
Our dynamic duo embark to a new adventure full of friends and evil xenos.
Open file (15.65 MB 720x540 SW Droids 05 part2.webm)
>Muh shekels keschels Filthy xenos, at least someone is putting the xenos were they belong, in the manual labor force.
Open file (18.48 MB 720x540 SW Droids 05 part3.webm)
Jann is too good for this galaxy, he should had dumped the xenos, except for the subservient ones.
Open file (18.12 MB 720x540 Dancing with a qt.webm)
Open file (208.62 KB 720x540 Dancing.webm)
>you were born to early for qt robot girlfriends
Open file (283.86 KB 665x550 DD-PLAYBOT copy.jpg)
>>5474 ooh bby
>>5474 Droidette Dance Instructor, maybe.
Open file (107.97 KB 777x1081 d__aww_jenny.png)
>>5474 >you were born to early for qt robot girlfriends
Open file (396.29 KB 972x1503 00.jpg)
Open file (318.46 KB 921x1383 01.jpg)
Open file (273.54 KB 918x1374 02.jpg)
Open file (306.93 KB 900x1365 03.jpg)
Open file (262.36 KB 936x1323 04.jpg)
That comic cover is very misleading. Anyway, its Wednesday lets have another comic of this adventurous droids.
Open file (279.95 KB 918x1380 05.jpg)
Open file (282.71 KB 918x1314 06.jpg)
Open file (239.76 KB 915x1377 07.jpg)
Open file (271.50 KB 915x1362 08.jpg)
Open file (276.19 KB 897x1371 09.jpg)
The dynamic droid duo is no more, how will R2-D2 survive without C3PO?
Open file (267.37 KB 921x1344 10.jpg)
Open file (272.34 KB 909x1368 11.jpg)
Open file (328.20 KB 921x1401 12.jpg)
Open file (248.34 KB 906x1368 13.jpg)
Open file (262.63 KB 924x1374 14.jpg)
Treason against the fair and benevolent king! He is too kind if you ask me, a human siding with filthy xenos to betray his own kind should be punish with death.
Open file (290.57 KB 912x1362 15.jpg)
Open file (259.23 KB 909x1380 16.jpg)
Open file (260.71 KB 912x1368 17.jpg)
Open file (305.79 KB 918x1359 18.jpg)
Open file (250.05 KB 933x1365 19.jpg)
Windjammer needs to learn a lot about this cruel universe full of backstabbing xenos.
Open file (263.03 KB 900x1374 20.jpg)
Open file (301.96 KB 909x1377 21.jpg)
Open file (301.46 KB 924x1359 22.jpg)
Open file (251.21 KB 912x1365 23.jpg)
Remember kids, never relax when around xenos. I thought R2D2 and C3PO story were disconnected, but I was proven wrong, hell I thought the whole tax thing was related to the shipment Windjammer was transporting.
Open file (14.91 MB 720x540 SW Droids 06 part1.webm)
Its time for episode 06, with special appearance of Kylbo Ren.
Open file (16.01 MB 720x540 SW Droids 06 part2.webm)
Xenos can't do anything without the help from humans.
Open file (16.50 MB 720x540 SW Droids 06 part3.webm)
The xeno rituals make no sense, but I guess its logical since its made by xenos.
Well, looks like they are going to story time A New Hope.
Never trust xenos.
There is nothing more comfy than a droid having a human master.
Those are some weird looking bantas.
The beginning of the end.
Open file (18.68 MB 720x540 SW Droids 07 part1.webm)
Get comfy, its saturday cartoons!
Open file (12.48 MB 720x540 SW Droids 07 part2.webm)
Someone is getting some jungle fever.
Open file (19.37 MB 720x540 SW Droids 07 part3.webm)
It's a trap, Kylo Kybo Ren!
Open file (303.09 KB 972x1503 00.jpg)
Open file (326.25 KB 885x1359 01.jpg)
Open file (327.95 KB 921x1353 02.jpg)
Open file (300.77 KB 909x1359 03.jpg)
Open file (313.34 KB 915x1368 04.jpg)
Comic Wednesday is here!
Open file (307.46 KB 918x1353 05.jpg)
Open file (298.52 KB 912x1356 06.jpg)
Open file (276.32 KB 921x1362 07.jpg)
Open file (310.13 KB 903x1359 08.jpg)
Open file (307.78 KB 918x1362 09.jpg)
Watching Alderaan getting blew up never gets old.
Open file (306.10 KB 921x1362 10.jpg)
Open file (279.89 KB 915x1371 11.jpg)
Open file (316.50 KB 909x1371 12.jpg)
Open file (335.92 KB 906x1365 13.jpg)
Open file (247.94 KB 918x1363 14.jpg)
Open file (315.44 KB 903x1365 15.jpg)
Open file (283.04 KB 913x1363 16.jpg)
Open file (280.11 KB 921x1369 17.jpg)
Open file (296.02 KB 912x1351 18.jpg)
Open file (300.36 KB 903x1371 19.jpg)
Open file (289.75 KB 904x1378 20.jpg)
Open file (342.59 KB 903x1359 21.jpg)
Open file (274.15 KB 918x1365 22.jpg)
Open file (277.53 KB 903x1347 23.jpg)
The end is almost here.
Open file (13.96 MB 720x540 SW Droids 08 part1.webm)
Poor C3PO, they blame him for everything.
Open file (11.57 MB 720x540 SW Droids 08 part2.webm)
Kylo Ren, I mean Kybo Ren is back with a vengeance.
Open file (17.50 MB 720x540 SW Droids 08 part3.webm)
Kybo relaxed.
Open file (759.93 KB 1946x3039 StarWarsDroids#8-00FC.jpg)
Open file (649.52 KB 1903x3017 StarWarsDroids#8-01.jpg)
Open file (606.80 KB 1956x2991 StarWarsDroids#8-02.jpg)
Open file (616.43 KB 1935x3007 StarWarsDroids#8-03.jpg)
Open file (690.35 KB 1945x3001 StarWarsDroids#8-04.jpg)
Lets finish this. Nope, your eyes don't deceive you, the empire already has TIE Interceptors.
Open file (707.93 KB 1925x2996 StarWarsDroids#8-05.jpg)
Open file (800.75 KB 1930x2996 StarWarsDroids#8-06.jpg)
Open file (734.19 KB 1909x3012 StarWarsDroids#8-07.jpg)
Open file (760.85 KB 1903x2970 StarWarsDroids#8-08.jpg)
Open file (710.52 KB 1909x2980 StarWarsDroids#8-09.jpg)
With some crazy R2D2 moves and luke using the force to use a turret the gang manage to escape.
Open file (649.41 KB 1940x2996 StarWarsDroids#8-10.jpg)
Open file (667.00 KB 1914x2986 StarWarsDroids#8-11.jpg)
Open file (673.79 KB 1946x2943 StarWarsDroids#8-12.jpg)
Open file (752.78 KB 1919x2996 StarWarsDroids#8-13.jpg)
Open file (569.51 KB 1951x3007 StarWarsDroids#8-14.jpg)
R2D2 and C3PO never get time to rest.
Open file (634.67 KB 1919x2980 StarWarsDroids#8-15.jpg)
Open file (714.07 KB 1972x2996 StarWarsDroids#8-16.jpg)
Open file (636.72 KB 1946x2986 StarWarsDroids#8-17.jpg)
Open file (674.89 KB 1988x3002 StarWarsDroids#8-18.jpg)
Open file (656.48 KB 1930x3001 StarWarsDroids#8-19.jpg)
>ywn be Vader's wingman
Open file (607.23 KB 1930x3023 StarWarsDroids#8-20.jpg)
Open file (697.28 KB 1909x2991 StarWarsDroids#8-21.jpg)
Open file (570.32 KB 1956x3007 StarWarsDroids#8-22.jpg)
Open file (640.00 KB 1924x3007 StarWarsDroids#8-23.jpg)
And this is the last comic of Star Wars Droids... or is it?
Open file (2.09 MB 1235x869 I TOLD YOU HAN.png)
Open file (1.69 MB 966x858 Vader's wingmen.png)
Open file (1.17 MB 887x631 Tarkin's smile.png)
Open file (15.88 MB 720x540 SW Droids 09 part1.webm)
Jann doesn't get to be in the academy, but that damn xeno brat did, the human struggle is real.
Open file (15.87 MB 720x540 SW Droids 09 part2.webm)
Spare the whip, spoil the xeno.
Open file (13.68 MB 720x540 SW Droids 09 part3.webm)
Coby is still a spoiled brat, I hope he gets molested by the 3 finger xeno. Another arc ends, how many times will C3PO's and R2D2's heart is going to break? And no, Jann did not orchestrated everything to get Coby's place in the academy.
A little bit late for the comic, but is better than never. This comic was made in Spain, luckily I found a translation, seems like the spaniards just made some short stories of the duo, not giving a single fuck about story, but it still a comfy read.
Open file (1.09 MB 1514x2000 3B. The Stolen Ship.jpg)
Open file (991.77 KB 1520x2000 4A. Sabotaged Droid.jpg)
Open file (1.06 MB 1523x2000 4B. Sabotaged Droid.jpg)
Damn, R2-D2 is a moving deus ex, but sometimes goldie has his moments to shine.
>>5632 I never knew that R2D2 had blasters installed. Guess T3-M4 got that inspiration from somewhere. Would have been nice if that was explored in the clone wars or some point after ANH.
Open file (1.00 MB 1514x2000 6B. The Secret Disk.jpg)
Open file (964.09 KB 1447x2000 7A. The Cloud.jpg)
Open file (1020.48 KB 1525x2000 7B. The Cloud.jpg)
Open file (552.13 KB 335x318 1481916494418.gif)
And thats all she wrote. I wish the droid comics had a longer run and had the same artist. The art in the beginning fit well with the whole comfy theme.
>>5634 Is funny how they say R2-D2 stunned the guards, because they need to keep the whole story kid-friendly, even thought R2-D2 has the longest kill count.
Open file (15.97 MB 720x540 SW Droids 10 part1.webm)
A new arc begins, its good to see that the droid duo manage to get another human master, as it should be.
Open file (15.65 MB 720x540 SW Droids 10 part2.webm)
Looks like his family sucks at being merchants, I wonder (((who))) is to blame.
Open file (19.17 MB 720x540 SW Droids 10 part3.webm)
>Salvagers >Pirates They should have used the world 'Privateer' instead. Well, the villains are set and the droids are exploring a whole new solar system.
>>5639 Those stormtrooper helmets remind me of the clone stormtroopers in TFU with their ski goggle shaped visors. Why don't they ever have E-11's like in the movies in these older cartoons? Even Boba fett didn't have his blaster and had that super long stun gun instead.
>>5642 I guess the whole "muh gun violence in cartoons!" shit. I do like the stormtrooper's staff, you can shot and beat up xenos with them.
>>5644 >stormtroopers with laser staves. >unused xeno brutality memes Oh the weird shit of the EU that was overshadowed by the good...
Open file (448.86 KB 1332x2048 01.jpg)
Open file (529.13 KB 1332x2048 02.jpg)
Open file (794.40 KB 1332x2048 03.jpg)
Open file (681.31 KB 1332x2048 04.jpg)
Open file (545.13 KB 1290x2048 05.jpg)
Since the old droids comic is done, I will post this CY+2 comic. How bad could it be?
Open file (597.91 KB 1332x2048 06.jpg)
Open file (758.25 KB 1290x2048 07.jpg)
Open file (688.41 KB 1332x2048 08.jpg)
Open file (937.38 KB 1332x2048 09.jpg)
Open file (809.46 KB 1332x2048 10.jpg)
Oh no! He relaxed!
Open file (751.76 KB 1332x2048 11.jpg)
Open file (672.30 KB 1332x2048 12.jpg)
Open file (781.05 KB 1332x2048 13.jpg)
Open file (739.82 KB 1332x2048 14.jpg)
Open file (831.95 KB 1332x2048 15.jpg)
I liked the first story, it was very cute. The only thing that I didn't like is that it starts with 3 DRK-1s and ends in 3, one of those droids should be dead by now. So far so good, could they keep the momentum?
Open file (736.49 KB 1290x2048 16.jpg)
Open file (828.18 KB 1332x2048 17.jpg)
Open file (728.11 KB 1332x2048 18.jpg)
Open file (790.92 KB 1332x2048 19.jpg)
Open file (574.22 KB 1332x2048 20.jpg)
R2-D2 had a hard life.
Open file (720.56 KB 1332x2048 21.jpg)
Open file (659.52 KB 1332x2048 22.jpg)
Open file (747.80 KB 1332x2048 23.jpg)
Open file (715.93 KB 1332x2048 24.jpg)
Open file (694.93 KB 1332x2048 25.jpg)
A funny comic, but is R2-D2 really that much of an asshole? Zapping the WED Treadwell happened out of nowhere. Well, lets see what the next one brings.
Open file (738.28 KB 1332x2048 26.jpg)
Open file (719.08 KB 1290x2048 27.jpg)
Open file (637.98 KB 1332x2048 28.jpg)
Open file (786.31 KB 1332x2048 29.jpg)
Open file (684.73 KB 1332x2048 30.jpg)
Oh vey!
Open file (13.29 MB 720x540 SW Droids 11 part1.webm)
Roon stones are pretty popular this season.
Open file (15.39 MB 720x540 SW Droids 11 part2.webm)
Is Mungo going to get Jungle fever?
Open file (18.98 MB 720x540 SW Droids 11 part3.webm)
Never relax around xenos.
Open file (761.46 KB 1024x1534 001.jpg)
Open file (108.04 KB 1024x1536 003.jpg)
Open file (182.52 KB 1024x1536 004.jpg)
Open file (456.19 KB 1024x1536 005.jpg)
Open file (431.10 KB 1024x1536 006.jpg)
Its Wednesday comic day! Star Wars: Droids Special >If you're asked to write a Star Wars story (really, these things can happen), you'll likely wind up consulting more Star Wars comics, novels, and reference books than you can lift, all in an effort to maintain continuity and produce an excellent product. We haven't even started the comic and my heart is already getting hit hard.
Open file (119.84 KB 1024x1536 007.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 1024x1536 009.jpg)
Open file (117.68 KB 1024x1536 010.jpg)
Open file (639.35 KB 1024x1536 011.jpg)
Open file (652.88 KB 1024x1536 012.jpg)
And a new adventures begins!
Open file (684.10 KB 1024x1536 013.jpg)
Open file (646.95 KB 1024x1536 014.jpg)
Open file (742.59 KB 1024x1536 015.jpg)
Open file (665.60 KB 1024x1536 016.jpg)
Open file (602.26 KB 1024x1536 017.jpg)
IG-88 is not fucking around.
Open file (763.38 KB 1024x1536 018.jpg)
Open file (757.40 KB 1024x1536 019.jpg)
Open file (560.46 KB 1024x1536 020.jpg)
Open file (610.42 KB 1024x1536 021.jpg)
Open file (712.23 KB 1024x1536 022.jpg)
Open file (776.54 KB 1024x1536 023.jpg)
Open file (739.27 KB 1024x1536 024.jpg)
Open file (724.65 KB 1024x1536 025.jpg)
Open file (685.93 KB 1024x1536 026.jpg)
Open file (594.69 KB 1024x1536 027.jpg)
>IG-88 bullying R2-D2 How rude!
Open file (646.32 KB 1024x1536 028.jpg)
Open file (685.11 KB 1024x1536 029.jpg)
Open file (759.85 KB 1024x1536 030.jpg)
Open file (693.55 KB 1024x1536 031.jpg)
Open file (800.70 KB 1024x1536 032.jpg)
>A white family Maybe the droid duo have found the perfect masters.
Open file (866.84 KB 1024x1536 033.jpg)
Open file (781.22 KB 1024x1536 034.jpg)
Or maybe not.
Open file (14.84 MB 720x540 SW Droids 12 part1.webm)
Open file (14.87 MB 720x540 SW Droids 12 part2.webm)
Finally, xenos are good for something.
Open file (14.61 MB 720x540 SW Droids 12 part3.webm)
He might have jungle fever, but he is alright.
>>5694 I though you said the series was over and you had no more to share?
>>5701 When did I say that?
>>5702 After you posted the last issue of the comics.
>>5703 Well, there are still some episodes left and a more comic issues.
>>5694 That niggerbot is just too hilarious to look at.
Open file (718.65 KB 1024x1536 037.jpg)
Open file (721.42 KB 1024x1536 038.jpg)
Open file (742.14 KB 1024x1536 039.jpg)
Open file (708.32 KB 1024x1536 040.jpg)
Open file (649.05 KB 1024x1536 041.jpg)
After a short hiatus, lets continue with more Droids comics.
Open file (683.44 KB 1024x1536 042.jpg)
Open file (648.52 KB 1024x1536 043.jpg)
Open file (650.70 KB 1024x1536 044.jpg)
Open file (673.26 KB 1024x1536 045.jpg)
Open file (747.05 KB 1024x1536 046.jpg)
The xeno, humanity eternal enemy.
Open file (676.13 KB 1024x1536 047.jpg)
Open file (675.43 KB 1024x1536 048.jpg)
Open file (664.70 KB 1024x1536 049.jpg)
Open file (679.32 KB 1024x1536 050.jpg)
Open file (771.48 KB 1024x1536 051.jpg)
>absent father and mother >steals from his own family >deals with xenos A formula for disaster, will he learn the lesson?
Open file (773.80 KB 1024x1536 052.jpg)
Open file (696.68 KB 1024x1536 053.jpg)
Open file (676.84 KB 1024x1536 054.jpg)
Open file (633.68 KB 1024x1536 055.jpg)
Open file (585.38 KB 1024x1536 056.jpg)
The experience of almost dying is a good way to kick some sense into him.
Open file (631.25 KB 1024x1536 057.jpg)
Open file (640.58 KB 1024x1536 058.jpg)
Open file (716.60 KB 1024x1536 059.jpg)
Open file (684.62 KB 1024x1536 060.jpg)
Open file (758.01 KB 1024x1536 035.jpg)
All in all a good chapter, its nice to see that the kid saw the error of his ways.
Open file (13.37 MB 720x540 SW Droids 13 part1.webm)
>The Empire is not retardly evil Best star wars show.
Open file (11.75 MB 720x540 SW Droids 13 part2.webm)
Open file (19.95 MB 720x540 SW Droids 13 part3.webm)
>Admiral Screed waits for his men to board the Imperial shuttle before evacuating Best Admiral. Another arc ends, and R2-D2 and C3PO lose another master.
>>5748 You’d think that the rebels would have at least noticed two droids carrying important info leaving the fleet.
Open file (668.44 KB 1024x1536 061.jpg)
Open file (1.10 MB 2048x1536 062.jpg)
Open file (734.51 KB 1024x1536 063.jpg)
Open file (794.47 KB 1024x1536 064.jpg)
Open file (664.20 KB 1024x1536 065.jpg)
Lets get on with the next chapter.
Open file (674.97 KB 1024x1536 066.jpg)
Open file (624.56 KB 1024x1536 067.jpg)
Open file (660.52 KB 1024x1536 068.jpg)
Open file (629.05 KB 1024x1536 069.jpg)
Open file (607.71 KB 1024x1536 070.jpg)
Filthy xeno pirates, when will the Empire purge them all?
Open file (706.66 KB 1024x1536 071.jpg)
Open file (670.78 KB 1024x1536 072.jpg)
Open file (706.26 KB 1024x1536 073.jpg)
Open file (646.98 KB 1024x1536 074.jpg)
Open file (708.04 KB 1024x1536 075.jpg)
I find it interesting that the pirates actually follow a Pirate Code.
Open file (677.96 KB 1024x1536 076.jpg)
Open file (773.62 KB 1024x1536 077.jpg)
Open file (741.12 KB 1024x1536 078.jpg)
Open file (761.49 KB 1024x1536 079.jpg)
Open file (791.43 KB 1024x1536 080.jpg)
With good piloting and a little bit of luck you can do anything.
Open file (708.39 KB 1024x1536 081.jpg)
Open file (687.48 KB 1024x1536 082.jpg)
Open file (814.90 KB 1024x1536 083.jpg)
And another day is save, thanks to pie. I still don't trust them
>>5761 >Swoops can sustain altitude like a snowspeeder This makes me unironically want a swoop racing game. No fuck that kotor swoops on rails and "rocketboost into a cliffside" Jedi Knight bullshit. Something like Episode 1: Racer but with more customization.
>>5768 There was a swoop racing section in the Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game.
>>5773 >"rocketboost into a cliffside" Jedi Knight bullshit SOTE's swoop section was also ass.
>>5774 Git gud.
>>5775 Faggot
Better late, than never, eh? Here is the last episode, a prequel for the last arc.
I have seen R2-D2 get bullied a lot, but in this case he got BTFO. Also, more C-3PO suffering.
A droid that eats droids, how perverse! Also, NTR in my star wars? More likely than you think. Who is better? Tomboy T-series droid or Slut S-series droid?
She deserved it.
And that is all she wrote. Pretty good series, with nice arcs and fun characters.
Open file (430.02 KB 720x540 Let it burn.webm)
Open file (549.76 KB 1024x1536 084.jpg)
Open file (1.28 MB 2048x1536 085.jpg)
Open file (695.35 KB 1024x1536 086.jpg)
Open file (722.41 KB 1024x1536 087.jpg)
Open file (575.03 KB 1024x1536 088.jpg)
Its been a while since I posted a comic, lets change that. Well, we start with the duo going for a simple pick up, what could possible go wrong?
Open file (722.87 KB 1024x1536 089.jpg)
Open file (767.71 KB 1024x1536 090.jpg)
Open file (655.59 KB 1024x1536 091.jpg)
Open file (649.01 KB 1024x1536 092.jpg)
Open file (708.80 KB 1024x1536 093.jpg)
Never relax in a place full of xenos.
Open file (625.85 KB 1024x1536 094.jpg)
Open file (672.69 KB 1024x1536 095.jpg)
Open file (682.35 KB 1024x1536 096.jpg)
Open file (626.82 KB 1024x1536 097.jpg)
Open file (727.34 KB 1024x1536 098.jpg)
>a droid purging non-humans A sight for sore eyes.
Open file (673.81 KB 1024x1536 099.jpg)
Open file (780.76 KB 1024x1536 100.jpg)
Open file (660.31 KB 1024x1536 101.jpg)
Open file (643.14 KB 1024x1536 102.jpg)
Open file (805.58 KB 1024x1536 103.jpg)
>Droids fighting droids for the amusement of xenos How perverse.
Open file (682.38 KB 1024x1536 104.jpg)
Open file (756.37 KB 1024x1536 105.jpg)
Open file (747.71 KB 1024x1536 106.jpg)
Open file (2.69 MB 320x180 1454799922341.gif)
When will the Empire stop the xeno's sinful hand?
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